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BECAUSE YOUR GARDEN NEEDS WATER. More enjoyment of the garden.

GARDENA IRRIGATION. High-quality products. Beautiful gardens.

GARDENA – the full-range supplier

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GARDENA offers everything you need for optimal garden care. Whether products for lawn-, tree- and shrub care, tools for soil cultivation, irrigation solutions or pumps – GARDENA’s assortment has it all. For a perfect garden.

The system concept characterises GARDENA’s products and is reflected in many product series. You can rely on our systems.

With GARDENA products, you care for your lawn all year round and keep it in excellent shape – regardless of the season.

Once GARDENA – always GARDENA.

GARDENA – your advantages 1. Quality GARDENA products are known for their extremely high quality and reliability. The entire production chain is subject to the strictest inspection cycles and quality guidelines. 2. Innovation/Technology GARDENA develops products that render garden work as easy and efficient as possible. That’s why the product portfolio is continuously further developed and optimised – with the latest technology. 3. Ergonomics/Comfort GARDENA places high value on the ergonomics of their products. They should lie comfortably in the hand and make garden work easier. 4. Service Should your product require repair or maintenance, the GARDENA Service experts are there for you.



Transport water

Distribute water

Automatic garden

When there’s no rain, plants need to receive water by other means. With the Original GARDENA System, you take water directly from the tap and transport it, e.g. with a hose, to where it’s needed.

GARDENA has the right products for targeted irrigation of plants. Simply connect a nozzle or sprayer to the hose and water plants in pots or beds. For lawns e.g. the mobile sprinklers are well suited.

Water day and night, even while you’re on holiday – you can easily set the time and duration with the GARDENA Irrigation System. Once installed, your garden is conveniently supplied with water.

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Irrigate with system

Control water

Pump water

Watering your garden with a GARDENA Irrigation System relieves you of the task. The Sprinklersystem conveniently irrigates the lawn and the Micro-Drip-System is ideal for hedges, beds and greenhouses.

With the GARDENA Irrigation Control Systems, you water your garden completely automatically. Simply set when you would like your garden to be watered and enjoy your free time.

Easily use water from cisterns, rain water tanks or wells for irrigating your garden – with the Pumps by GARDENA. There are also models suitable for draining and supplying water for domestic use.

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IRRIGATION. And your garden will green and blossom.

ore info at: All products and m m

Watering is important. Regardless of whether you would like to water by hand or by fully or partially automated means: With the GARDENA water supply, you choose minimum effort with maximum convenience.

Why water? Every garden and balcony owner wants a lush and healthy lawn, and thriving ornamental shrubs and flowers. When rain doesn’t fall and plants thirst for water, you can lend a helping hand. Because the more regularly plants are watered, the more lushly they will bloom and thrive.

How to water? To ensure that plants and lawn areas stay green and healthy even during longer dry periods or high temperatures, the right irrigation is vital. Regardless of whether you decide to traditionally water by hand or to use an automated system with greater convenience: GARDENA has the appropriate solution.

How often? Especially during the main growth period, plants need lots of water. Sufficient irrigation is important for plants growing in sunny or windy locations.

When to water? It’s best to water in the early morning. The roots are better able to absorb the water before the midday heat arrives. When you water in the evening the soil remains moist for a long time. But careful: This makes it great territory for snails and fungal diseases.

GARDENA tip Water deeply: it’s better to water less often but thoroughly. This allows the water to reach the deeper-lying roots. Please note: Water that is too cold damages the plants.

Transport water With the Original GARDENA System, you take water directly from the tap and transport it – e.g. with a hose – to where you need it.

1 2

(1) Threaded Tap Connector

(3) Extension Joint

Water Smart Flow Meter

For connection to the tap. Easy, problem-free handling without tools.

To extend the hose. Also for changing from 19 mm (¾") to 13 mm (½") hoses.

Article No. 901

Article No. 931

(2) Standard Hose Connector

(4) Water Stop

Thanks to the GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter, you can view the water consumption at a glance. That helps to save water and allows targeted irrigation of plants. It can be used as part of the Original GARDENA System at the tap, the sprayer, the sprinkler or the pump.




A simple pull quickly releases the connection to the hose.

Disconnect = automatic water stop. Connect = water flow. Without a walk to the tap.

Article No. 915

Article No. 913


Article No. 8188

Classic Hose

HighFLEX Hose


Classic Hose Trolley 60 TS

Comfort Wall-Mounted Hose Box 25 roll-up automatic


PVC garden hose with high- quality reinforcement. Secure use with the Original GARDENA System.

Does not kink, tie itself in knots and twist. Slides easily. Extremely pressure-resistant and keeps its shape. Power Grip for the optimal connection between hose and hose connector.

Length: 20 metres For moderate use. Max. pressure: 22 bar Warranty: 12 years

Length: 20 metres Medium to heavy-duty use. Max. pressure: 30 bar Warranty: 25 years

Convenient hose storage. Comfortable unwinding with any body height. With heightadjustable handle.

For medium-sized gardens. Even unwinding of the hose. A more reliable, secure and automatic hose roll-up.

Article No. 18002

Article No. 18063

Article No. 8000

Article No. 8023

Distribute water Regardless whether you would like to water a potted plant on the patio or supply water to your lawn: GARDENA has the right product.

Comfort Gun Nozzle

Comfort Multi-Purpose Spray Gun

Comfort Spray Lance

Garden Shower solo

For cleaning and watering with a fine mist. Infinitely adjustable water quantity. On/Off trigger with lock.

The luxurious all-rounder. For multifarious irrigationand cleaning tasks.

Ideal for watering with a large range. Comfortable handling through soft plastic components. On/Off trigger with lock.

A GARDENA garden shower can be easily set up in the garden and provides wonderful refreshment on hot days.

Hard jet, Fine mist

Soft spray, bubble-jet spray, hard jet and flat jet

Soft spray, mist spray and hard jet

Article No. 8100

Article No. 8106

Article No. 8109

Article No. 961

Comfort Large-Area Irrigation AquaContour automatic

Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx

Classic Circular Sprinkler Samba

Comfort Turbo-Drive Sprinkler

For areas with nooks and crannies and varying ranges for gardens and lawns of every contour. Can be individually programmed.

For small to medium-sized areas.

For round areas.

For large areas.

Area coverage: max. 350 m² Range: 2.5 – 9 m / 4 – 10.5 m Variable storage

Area coverage: 9 – max. 216 m² Adjustable range: 3 – max.18 m Width of spray: max. 12 m

Area coverage: max. 250 m² Range of spray Ø: 3 – max. 18 m

Area coverage: 75 – max. 450 m² Sector distribution: 20° – 360° Setting range: 5 – max. 12 m

Article No. 8133

Article No. 8127

Article No. 2060

Article No. 8144



h automatic Frost-proof throug lve drain va s.

Automatic garden Save time with intelligent technology and your automatic garden. Gardening can be made easier and you can use the time saved to e.g. spend more hours with your family or simply relax.

Why an automatic garden? You can leave your lawn on its own and enjoy your holiday without hassle. Because once you have installed the GARDENA Irrigation System, your plants will be conveniently supplied with the water quantity they need. And you’ll save water because the irrigation times and quantities are optimally programmed. The GARDENA Irrigation System is reliable, works punctually and gives your plants the exact amount of water they need. Water less often, more regularly and sufficiently. Save resources, promote healthy growth of your plants and enjoy your beautiful garden. The GARDENA Irrigation System is unobtrusively sunk into the ground.

Which system is right for me? Choose an intelligent irrigation solution that perfectly suits your requirements. For simple applications, a Water Timer will suffice. For more complex tasks, you can use a modular Irrigation Control System. A Water Computer is recommended when the desire for comfort is a priority. With complex irrigation areas, a direct programming or modular Irrigation Control System is ideal. Choose your perfect solution and let it rain as often and as intensively as your plants require.

GARDENA tip Intelligently combine watering elements for your garden: Use free water from the rain water tank, the well or cisterns with the GARDENA Pump Programme in addition to the GARDENA Irrigation System.

Overview GARDENA Systems


GARDENA Sprinklersystem

GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

GARDENA Pipeline

GARDENA Watering Controls

The convenient pop-up irrigation of your garden. Thanks to permanently installed pop-up sprinklers, your lawn will be irrigated where it is needed. Automatic drain valves protect against frost.

Irrigation with drip heads. Evaporation is very low and the water is efficiently supplied. For flower- and vegetable beds, hedges or shrub rows, in greenhouses or for potted plants on patios.

Water – like electricity from the mains. The GARDENA Pipeline is installed below ground and with a hose you withdraw water where you need it.

With the GARDENA Watering Controls, you determine when and for how long your garden is to be irrigated. Fully automatic – it couldn’t be more convenient.


itial , installation and in Help with planning ENA Sprinklersystem: RD operation of the GA om a.c en • www.gard g Systems” • Brochure “Waterin

GARDENA Sprinklersystem – Irrigate with system With the GARDENA Sprinklersystem, which is permanently installed underground, you irrigate your lawn conveniently using the pop-up function. Depending on the lawn shape, there are various pop-up sprinklers that distribute the water where it is needed. Once their work is finished, they disappear back into the ground. The result is a lushly green, healthy lawn.













Connecting Point

Turbo-driven Pop-up Sprinkler T 200

Pop-up Oscillating Sprinkler OS 140

Large-Area Popup Irrigation AquaContour automatic

Connecting Pipe

L- / T-piece

For underground connection of the Sprinklersystem.

Circular sprinkler with infinitely adjustable watering sectors for individual area shapes.

Irrigation of rectangular and square areas. Convenient in handling, easy to install.

Range can be individually programmed; irrigates irregular lawn areas as suits their contours.

The water conduit of the Sprinklersystem.

L- and T-piece for connecting sprinklers.

Areas** up to 200 m2

Areas** up to 140 m²

Areas** up to 350 m2

25 m roll

Article No. 8203

Article No. 8220

Article No. 1559

Article No. 2700

Article No. 2722

Art. No. 2780 / 2786

** The operating pressure (bar) determines the watered area! The AquaContour performance data given were obtained with a pressure of 4 bar, and those of all other pop-up sprinklers with 2 bar at the sprinkler.

GARDENA Connection technologies Thanks to the “Quick & Easy” connection technology and the variety of installation elements, laying GARDENA irrigation systems is easy and flexibly possible for many demands and garden sizes. GARDENA Patented Quick & Easy connection technology for the sprinkler system



GARDENA Micro-Drip-System With the Micro-Drip-System, all plants – aside from the lawn – are irrigated in a targeted and water-saving way. Flowers or vegetables, field cultivations, greenhouse shoots or balcony- or patio plants are supplied with water through drops or a gentle spray mist. The soil is kept evenly moist without water evaporating, seeping or flowing away.












Master Unit 1000

Fertiliser Dispenser

Endline Drip Head, pressure equalising 2 l/h

Inline Drip Head 2 l/h

Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90

Connecting Pipe 13 mm (½")

T-Joint 13 mm (½")

Starter component of the Micro-DripSystem, reduces the pressure and filters the water.

For the targeted supply of nutrients to your plants. Large filler opening and level indicator.

For the irrigation of e. g. flower pots. Continuous water supply independent of pressure.

For the irrigation of e.g. flower boxes.

Flexible irrigation of very small rectangular and square areas up to max. 90 m². Suitable for vegetable and flower gardens.

The central supply line in the MicroDrip- System. Can be installed above- or below ground.

For branching off the Connecting Pipe.

Quantity: 10 pieces

Quantity: 10 pieces

Length: 15 m roll

Quantity: 2 pieces

Article No. 8310

Article No. 8343

Article No. 1346

Article No. 8329

Article No. 1355

Article No. 8313

Article No. 8361

GARDENA Pipeline The GARDENA Pipeline is permanently installed underground. You can say good bye to long hoses in your garden. Simply click on and use water on the spot.

Starter Set for Garden Pipeline

Water Plug

Spiral Hose Box

Starter Set for garden pipeline with Connecting Point, 2 Water Connectors and T-pieces.

Water tapping point installed above-ground with automatic stop valve.

Installed underground for water retrieval including 10 m spiral hose and classic spray nozzle.

Article No. 8255

Article No. 8254

Article No. 8253




Control water With the GARDENA irrigation control system, you water your garden completely automatically. Simply set when you would like your garden to be watered and enjoy your free time.

Water Timer

Water Computer FlexControl

Water Computer MultiControl

Water Computer SelectControl

NEW Switches off automatically.

Control panel can be detached.

Control panel can be detached.

With a detachable control panel. Simple programming through variable watering suggestions for 5 applications.

For sprinklers, MDS 1 Watering duration: 5 min. – 120 min. Start of watering: when activated Energy supply: mechanical

For sprinklers, MDS 1, Sprinklersystem Watering duration: 1 min. – 120 min. Watering frequency: variable Start of watering: freely selectable Energy supply: battery (1 x 9 V)

For sprinklers, MDS 1, Sprinklersystem Watering duration: 1 min. – 7 h 59 min. Watering frequency: variable Start of watering: freely selectable Energy supply: battery (1 x 9 V)

For sprinklers, MDS 1, Sprinklersystem Watering duration: 1 – 2 h 59 min. Watering frequency: variable Start of watering: freely selectable Energy supply: battery (1 x 9 V)

Article No. 1169

Article No. 1883

Article No. 1862

Article No. 1885

Soil Moisture Sensor

Rain Sensor electronic

Water Distributor automatic

Interrupts or prevents automatic irrigation when soil is sufficiently moist.

Interrupts or prevents automatic irrigation at the onset of rain.

For fully automatic control of up to 6 watering accessories (e.g. for flower boxes, lawns, potted plants, beds and hedges).

Compatible with the GARDENA Water Computers, Water Timers

Compatible with GARDENA Water Computers, Water Timers

Compatible with GARDENA Water Computer Master Control

Article No. 1188

Article No. 1189

Article No. 1197





Pump water To make convenient use of rainwater, you need a pump that reliably provides pressure. After all, your garden is to be evenly watered at all times. Simply use water from cisterns, rain water tanks or wells. The high costs of drinking water and responsibility for the environment make rainwater a good alternative. GARDENA has the right pump for every task.

Why pumps? Water should be available everywhere in the garden. Why not use free rainwater from the cistern, rain water tank or well? Use it to irrigate your garden or for domestic purposes. With pumps from GARDENA, you can easily pump water to where it is needed, flexibly when and at the spot it is required. The pumps are easy to use, powerful and reliable. The pump is produced from eco-friendly materials. You make a choice for the environment and for quality. GARDENA Pumps have been around for 35 years.

GARDENA tip By collecting rainwater, drinking water consumption can be reduced by up to 50 %!

Overview GARDENA Pump Systems




Supplying Water for Domestic Use

Submersible Pumps and Dirty Water Pumps are drain pumps. They are used e.g. to drain water from the pool, pond, cellar or flooded excavation pits. With high operational safety, you can pump large quantities of water in a short time and prevent the worst water damages through automatic, fast draining.

With the help of irrigation pumps, such as Garden Pumps, Rain Water Tank Pumps, Submersible Pressure Pumps and Deep Well Pumps, water from wells, cisterns and rain water tanks is utilised. Your garden irrigation is even, powerful, convenient and reliable. And you’ll save drinking water and spare resources.

Electronic Pressure Pumps, Pressure Tank Units and automatic Submersible Pressure Pumps are used for supplying water for domestic use. Use water from alternative sources for flushing the toilet or the washing machine. You conveniently spare resources, save drinking water, and pump water.


mp Advisor: GARDENA Online Pu m co a. en rd

Pumping water Why not simply use water from a cistern, rain water tank or well to water your garden – with pumps from GARDENA? There are also suitable models for draining and water supply purposes.

Watering Comfort Rain Water Tank 4000/2 automatic

Classic Submersible Pressure Pump 5500/3

Classic Garden Pump Set 3000/4


Rated power: 500 W Max. delivery capacity: 4000 l/h Max. delivery head/pressure: 20 m / 2.0 bar Max. submersion depth: 7 m Power cable: 10 m (H05 RNF) Integrated Dry-Running Safety

Rated power: 900 W Max. delivery capacity: 5500 l/h Max. delivery head/pressure: 30 m / 3.0 bar Max. submersion depth: 12 m Power cable: 15 m (H07 RNF) Float Switch for Dry-Running Safety

Sprinkler connection capacity: 1 Weight: approx. 5 kg Automatic on/off switching

Sprinkler connection capacity: 2 Weight: approx. 9.6 kg Fastening rope: 15 m

Article No. 1742

Article No. 1461

Draining Comfort Submersible Pump 9000 aquasensor

Set comes complete with pump 3000/4, 3.5 m suction unit and 20 m 13 mm (½") hose and Original GARDENA System fittings Measured SWL (dB)A Guaranteed SWL (dB)A Measurem. uncert. (dB)A

78 81 2.5

Article No. 1717

Supplying Water for Domestic Use Comfort Dirty Water Pump 8500 aquasensor

Comfort Electronic Pressure Pump 4000/5 LCD

Classic Pressure Tank Unit 4000/5 eco


Rated power: 320 W Max. delivery capacity: 9000 l/h Max. delivery head / pressure: 7 m / 0.7 bar aquasensor automatically starts at a water level of 5 mm Max. submersion depth: 7 m Max. particle size: 5 mm Weight: approx. 3.8 kg

Article No. 1783

Rated power: 380 W Max. delivery capacity: 8300 l/h Max. delivery head / pressure: 6 m / 0.6 bar aquasensor automatically starts at a water level of 65 mm Max. submersion depth: 7 m Max. particle size: 30 mm Weight: approx. 4.0 kg

Article No. 1797

Rated power: 1000 W Max. delivery capacity: 3600 l/h Max. delivery head / pressure: 50 m / 5.0 bar Cut-in pressure: 2.0 bar ± 0.2 bar Max. suction height: 8 m Weight: approx. 11.0 kg Sprinkler connection capacity: 2 Special feature: LCD display

Rated power: 850 W Max. delivery capacity: 3500 l/h Max. delivery head / pressure: 45 m / 4.5 bar Cut-in pressure: 1.5 bar ± 0.1 bar Max. self-priming suction height: 8 m Weight: approx. 15 kg Sprinkler connection capacity: 2

Measured SWL (dB)A Guaranteed SWL (dB)A Measurem. uncert. (dB)A

Measured SWL (dB)A Guaranteed SWL (dB)A Measurem. uncert. (dB)A

Article No. 1765

75 79 2.6

78.5 81 2.2

Article No. 1753



More about GARDENA This brochure only covers a part of the GARDENA product assortment. On the Internet at, you will find the entire range and also useful tips for garden work and garden design.

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