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Chainsaws Top-handle saws Chainsaws

Zenoah’s top-handle saws are very easy to handle in its well balanced body. The light weight and compact design gives perfect operability for the tree care users.

ONLY 2.2kg!

Compact and powerful. The world’s lightest.

Compact and powerful. Lightest in the class.

Displacement 18.3cm3 Power 0.6kW (0.9 Hp) Weight 2.2kg 20cm SP(8”)

Displacement 25.4 cm3 Power 1.0kW (1.3 Hp)CE     0.9kW (1.2 Hp)OPS Weight 2.9kg CE 3.1kg OPS 25cm SP(10”) / CV(10”)


25AP G2000T SP


91PX G2500T CE / SP G2500T OPS / SP 25AP G2500T CE / CV G2500T OPS / CV

Compact and dependable for light duty work.

G3000T Displacement 28.5cm3 Power 0.9kW (1.2 Hp) Weight 3.3kg 30cm SP(12”) 91PX G3000T / SP

Pruning,cross-cutting, and removing small to medium size branches from trees.

GZ3500T Displacement 35.2cm3 Power 1.5kW (1.9 Hp) Weight 3.3kg 30cm SP(12”) / 35cm SP(14”) 91PX GZ3500T / SP


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