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==== ==== For GREAT Mobile Sites - click here ==== ==== The Mobile Phone Has 8 Exclusive Capabilities - It is probably the first really personalized of the communication mediums, which suggests that over half of us dont even talk on our mobiles with our loved ones! - We take our mobile phone just about everywhere. Almost six in ten of us browse mobile websites in bed. - A cellphone is almost always on!! - It can have a in-built payment mechanism. Some gaming and Television channels get paid virtually all their revenues from mobile payments via their mobile sites. - Cellphones captures the social context of online media. The overwhelming number of us that check in on all our facebook or twitter accounts just to broadcast which aisle of the supermarket we are in ! - Mobiles permit subliminal advertising which can be exceptionally powerful on a mobile site - A mobile is continually accessible, and with its in-built microphone, camera and video clip can produce subject material at will. This allows for significant creativity just about anywhere. - Mobile sites have undoubtedly the most precise viewer data. The reality is that almost 100% of the viewers on mobile websites may be identified Don't be fooled by looking at a smartphone and thinking that it is small and offers restricted use, at the time of writing numerous mobile phones use a qwerty keyboard, online video cameras, microphone, bar code scanners, movement sensors that may be utilised for gaming, and GPS which might be utilized for navigation, which may even replace the sat nav's we have now within our Chelsea tractor. 29% of all online access arrives from the mobile web and mobile sites, when compared with only 18% arriving via a personal computer. 53% of people searching use both media. Which means that over 80% of all people search via mobile devices. That is a phenomenal statistic, and unless your company is already set up with a mobile site, you can be left up the creek without a paddle. Local search volume" is increasing at a staggering rate, 50% year on year if we believe the statisticians. From 1 billion area searches in 2009 to a scarcely believable three and a half billion neighborhood searches in 2012. 80% of people research their online purchase prior to buying, even if they go to the shop personally instead of buying via a mobile site. Mobile browsers account for 21 million searches every month and are using a local mobile search on an increasingly prevalent basis. Why your company must go mobile using a mobile website: Current estimates are that there are around 124 billion websites on the net at this time, with

around 100 000 new websites going online every day, even though the volume of mobile sites is just about the ten million mark, which is only a tiny percentage of the total, at a measly 0.008% of total internet sites. That is not even a drop in the ocean or a needle in a haystack, but even more than that, it means that you are missing out on a huge opportunity if you do not have a mobile website for your business! ==== ==== For GREAT Mobile Sites - click here ==== ====

Mobile Sites for Mobile Phones  

Mobile Sites for Mobile Phones - why your mobile websites need to be seen on mobile phones

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