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$1,700.00 per month

Our Essential Annual Marketing Plan is the marketing option considered essential for any company looking to begin or solidify their Brand. All successful companies spend on marketing but the industry elites create Brand Recognition that separates them from their competitors. The Essential plan blends your Branding needs with ongoing immediate marketing solutions. By evaluating your brand we tie your Call-to-Action Ad with your Brand Ad. The Promo Piece and Trade Show Handout continue the direction required to increase your exposure in the industry. Adding Content Management to your website along with the use of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and an E-Marketing Template your transition from “advertising” to branding and marketing is well on its way! How many phone calls do you get a day/week/month to advertise in a medium? Do you have the time or patients to do the due diligence, to figure out the cost per thousand, the right placement, cost and size? The Go-to-Agency option included in this plan will do all your work in this area and report back with clear numbers so you can make the right decision based on your needs and you never have to talk to a sales person again! Also included with the Go-to-Agency is understanding your business by researching both your industry and competition to best recommend a course of action and keep you focused for the year. Add to that round table discussions, up to date information keeping you in the loop you’ll get the full force of an agency at fractions of the cost.

ITEMS Brand Evaluation One Brand Ad One Call-to-Action Ad One Promo Piece Two Trade Show Hand Outs WordPress Website E-Marketing Template Social Media Set-Up Search Engine Optimization Go-to-Agency

Retail value: $29,985.00