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Seeing red hushatorial (pg 12-15) Hush on trend (pg 16-18) Red heel appeal hushatorial (pg 22) Hush on celebrity meet amour genesis (pg 40-43) NEW FEATURE: Hush on home dĂŠcor (PG 34) New feature: hush on lifestyle (pg 36) Hush on beauty (pg 32) Editors note (pg 7)

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editors note

July is one of the hottest months of the summer, why not celebrate the heat with an issue dedicated to all things red! Red hush exposes the hush on one of fashions next it girls, be sure to check out the red hot host, amour genesis! Looking for a yummy treat? Try a red velvet macaroon! Move over cupcakes, there is now something to mac about! Thats a hush revealed! Xmas in july? Why not? Be sure to check out our hush on trend section to see a new trend that involves red and green with a touch of silver and gold! Jingle hush bells! RED HUSH GIVES YOU MORE! Red dĂŠcor, red shoes, and red HUSH-a-Torials! It May be time to start seeing red AND ITS TIME TO START SEEING hush Chicago magazine in print! Thats right, july 15th thru august 15th, hush chicago magazine will run a kickstarter project to take the the magazine into print! Be sure to visit for more details! We are looking forward to making some red hot hush-tory! Ogi merzier editor n chief hush chicago magazine

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MODEL SPOTLIGHT Image:: via facebook -

h s hu

RED equals


MONIKA Pietrzynska is now a hush exposed!

Our july cover model has a unique look that has her seeing the green light in terms of dominating the european and us fashion markets! Our red HUSH model spoplight belongs to you monika!

hush 11

hush 12

Robert binda

shows us that red and green is the perfect combination for a new high fashion trend that should have you seeing red!


RED Images: robert binda (credits page 43)

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hush 14

Hush 15



Time to expose the hush on a new fashion trend, xmas in july! It may seem as if wearing holiday colors in the summer

would be some what strange, but we are not the grench that stole fashion! Inspired by our seeing red hush-a-torial, here are a few looks to get you in a hot holiday fashionable spirit! Which look is your favorite?


july hush 16

2. 1.

? k c o r u o y d l u o w k o o l h c whi 4.


Hush 17

hush ON TREND From florals inspired by red to red sunglasses, hush on trend invites you to explore all that is intense! Start seeing red!

Hush 18

Right from the runway!

Right from the runway!

Right from the runway!

roses For Words: ogi merzier


florals for men is not a new trend, however it is a trend that never seemed to catch on in the states until now. More than just a floral printed tie, the floral print is turning up everywhere in menswear. We have selected a few looks to help you smell the roses and rock this trend!


Among the sea of sunglasses only red framed sunglasses will stand out. Inspired by Sally Lowenthal better known as Sally Jessy Raphael or   Sally  , Sally did something while hosting her own show. She put colored frames on the show business map and the fashion world. Little did she know that her red framed glasses would be forever her signature looked and a staple to the her character on the show. Those famous red framed glasses have inspired Hush to show the many twists and modern looks that are now available for this summer.

Hush 19

RED HEEL appeal Hush 20

Red shoes are a true staple in any fashion trendsetters wardrobe, we have the hush on the newest trend in footwear, the sexy stylish red shoe!

Hush 21


Greg adamski

Images: Greg adamski (credits page 43)

reveals the hush on the power of the red shoe. High fashion has a new red heel appeal.



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hush 24

hush 25

hush 26



hush 27









RED HEEL As necessary as the Sun, Red Shoes are a staple in any true fashionista  s ward  robe. The newest trend is the unconventional red shoe. The days of a plain red patent leather red pump are long gone!

appeal hush 28

Red shoes are now more exciting than ever! We have the HUSH on the looks that will make the fashion forward trendsetter in you fall deep in love and these shoes with   red heel appeal  will be a lover that will never ever disappoint you!








hush 29

h s u h ON BEAUTY It may be time to start seeing red when it comes to your daily beauty routine! Get exposed to some red hot beauty tools and a new beauty trend the red shadow. Be sure to check our facebook fanpage timeline to see a video of our gosia gorniak creating a red smokey eye! Where can you find more daily hush?

hush 32

Be HOT INSIDE AND OUT! ROCK THE RED EYE SHADOW! Words: gosia gorniak Red eye shadows can be scary, but they are great alternative for a fun and sultry evening beauty look or a fun Look during the day. How to apply red eye shadow? Its easy! Step 1: pick a shade of red Step 2: apply to the eyelid, but dont go over the crease. Step 3: add some white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. (for a little sparkle, add a little light pink shadow to the brow bone) Step 4: now you can add black eye liner and mascara.

For more on where to buy red shadows and to see a video on the red smokey eye, log onto:

Get Inspired!

Red Tools equals a more beautiful you!


Words: kim schaffer Red is everywhere! It may time to bring the heat with some hot new beauty tools! Check out some of the tools that I am exposing!


1. Smashbox crease brush - $24 2. Aspinal of london - $85 3. Ghd scarlett deluxe - $165 4. Aveda bronzing brush - $55

editors pick:

4. 2. HUSH APPROVED! We love slice tweezers! $19.99

hush 33

Words: sarah zak Even home dĂŠcor is worth a pop of red every now and then. The color red is very extreme and has been known to increase heart beats! Its no wonder that red is the color of love. The color red will bring attention to any room. Red accessories will highlight focal points in your home and will surely be conversation starters during your next home entertaining soiree!

h s u h ON home Check out a few red accessories and get inspired to add a touch of red!

hush 34

Get Inspired!

editors picks Love this! Its time to see red! SPINAL SPIRAL CHAIR -$515

Its time to see red! outdoor set -$889

hush 35

Words: kristie sexton There  s a new cute, colorful, and tasteful trend going on that sweet lovers simply cant stop obsessing over. Of course, Im talking about the delicious macaroons!

h s u h

Even though these French- inspired treats have been around for a while, lately its as if people can  t get enough of them. Can you blame them? The inviting rainbow colors are hard to resist to the eyes and taste buds. But don  t let these kid  friendly colors fool you-they are made for any age.

ON lifestyle These sweet snacks are perfect for any occasion because they are easy to eat. The perfect party food, which takes less than three bites to eat. Macaroons are a free treat! Lucky for you, these treats are easy to make. Make them yourself for a casual night with friends, family or even a romantic date night. If you are feeling red, may I suggest Red Velvet Macaroons with cream filling. You can find the recipe for Red Velvet Macaroons on our Facebook page. Log onto: gazine

hush 37

Image: karl ray (credits page 43)

h s u h

ON celebrity

Words: Sarah zak She has been a part of the chicago fashion scene for about a year and a half, in that short time amour genesis has become a true fashion it girl! Ths uber chic, posh and glamourous is not only poised to take chicago by storm, she is securing a place in fashion and industry insiders are taking note!



host Amour Genesis!

Fashions next it girl is now a hush exposed!

hush 39

Image: karl ray (credits page 43)

SZAK: thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Most people know you from your show, The glamourous life (which you star in and produce) - what other talents do you have on the hush? Agenisis: thanks for having me! I actually write really awesome song lyrics and I sing! Dont tell anyone, thats a secret, lets keep it hushed!

Szak: what is the one thing that you can not live without? Agenisis: I absolutely cannot live without Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Parfum. It's the most classiest fragrance on the market and it always makes me feel so European and chic whenever I wear it!

Szak: whats the hush behind your name? Agenesis: Amour Genesis means "Love Genesis." Although my birth name is Genesis, I go by my offical business title of "Amour Genesis" because my brand is all about loving yourself, being confident and truly being happy with who you are both inside and out. Including "Amour" in front of my name shows other women how confident I am and how much I truly love being me despite what anyone else may think or feel. In turn this promotes my brand mission to empower other women and help them feel just as confident and loved as I am.

Szak: describe your personal style? Agenesis: My personal style is uber-chic, irresistibly glamorous, always sophisticated, elegantly posh and of course oh so fabulous. Szak: So whats next for amour genesis? Agenesis: Well there are a lot of things in store for me. I'll actually be launching my own signature drink line this summer, which I'm really excited for! I'll also be releasing a signature "Amour Genesis" cosmetic line, launching my first book, starting my own summer teens camp and hopefully being seen on the big screen more. And not to mention, I have big plans to relocate to L.A. soon and expand my brand internationally. So there's a lot in store and I can' thank everyone enough for all their love and support!

Want more hush on amour genesis? Log onto our facebook page!



host Amour Genesis!

Fashions next it girl is now a hush exposed! hush 41

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contributors JUly Cover Credits image by: robert binda HUSH-A-TORIAL: seeing red Images: Robert binda model: Monika Pietrzynska (AS Management) MUA/hair: Anna wrobel STYLIST: justyna gamon HUSH-A-TORIAL: red heel appeal Images: Greg adamski model: klaudia bulka/(rebel models) Feature: ) red hot host Images: Karl Ray model: amour genesis stylist/director: benjamin cottrell MUA: Yenuhen rangel hair: jay leandre style assistant: shane robert kalminski style assistant: rafi garcia For submission info, please log onto:

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