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redits: Cover Cassandra Silva veline age: C

Im G ra Megan Model: sia Gorniak o MUA: G nae Moore n e T i Woods : Hair t: Redg i Woods s li ty S Fashion Director: Redg icago h e Creativ Bronzeville, C : n o Locati

Y R A U R B FE 2011 Issue 12

M o G Chica

a e H

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Editorial Staff


Editor N Chief/Ogi Merzier Executive Editor/Sarah Zakareckis Editor At Large/Redgi Woods Contributing Staff Editor/Daniel Guiterrez-Estrada Senior Beauty Editor/Gosia Gorniak Assistant Beauty Editor/Stacey Kenneavy Fashion Editor/Xavier Lang Assistant Fashion Editor/Rebecca Grayson Food Editor/ Ethan Fern


Layout & Graphic Design/Ogi Merzier Staff Photographer/Karen Spence Staff Photographer/Melinda Jane Myers Staff Photographer/Cassandra Silva Contributing Editors Arts&Culture Editor/Jennifer Steel Food&Travel Editor/Courtney Nzeribe Fashion Editor/Fatire Mica Jashari Fashion Editor/Heather Swick Contributing Writers: Paige Ashley Steele-Rollins Christine LeBrun Madison Dalton Denise Headrick





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h s u h t r a e H Disclaimer: All images used in the publication are used with permission with no copyright infringement intended. Photo credits have been applied where applicable.

Hush Ch icago Magazine/February 2012/Issue 12 --2011Co pyrig ht/All Rig hts Reserved

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Fashion Editorials

Fashion Hush

queen of hearts/pg 16 messy heart/pg 30 heart therapy/pg 36 broken heart/pg 58

Trend Forecast Report/Page 17

HUSHES REVEALED! The KID has Passion! Meet Film Director Nick Vasquez Page/52 She HEARTS your BROWS! Meet Chicagos Top Brow Specialist LaGena! Page/56 There is so much to HUSH to LOVE in this issue!

Meet The Designer! Drapes by Ashley Scott page/19 Crystal Wells page/40 See why we Teddy Atlas has the BIGGEST Heart! Page/44

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n e e u q

ls y hee e p p a str hes s and ain that t t! e o h c e rt hear elts/s ed b n! we are ver your h s i l l be io eo ts, em te in fash ip and rul n i r p y ina sh paisle e to dom ke owner a ur are s will soon t s trend


s t r a e H

Photo Credits: ImagesCassandra Silva Andrew Gruppe LT Norals Creative DirectorRedgi Woods ModelsMegan Graveline Gabe Fashion StylistRedgi Woods MUAGosia Gorniak HairTennae Moore LocationHistorical Mansion in Bronzeville/Chicago

Hush/Page 16

Paisley Prints, Embellished Belts/Shoes and Strappy Heels are sure to dominate in fashion! We are certain that these trends will soon take ownership and rule over your heart!

1. o es YSL Sh

Words by: Redgi Woods There are some dominating factors in fashion and not always do we play by the rules! Paisley prints in the spring/summer? I would have to say yes to that! Especially when paired with elements that can bring life to this classic and traditional print. Paisley prints are presented in neutral tones. Black/White/Cream combinations and brown/tans/oranges are very easy colors to add a pop to.

For Look 1: Add Fun to the Print! We have paired the print with a bright fuschia. Because the print is so heavy with texture, its important to keep the extras simple. Make up can also be used as an accessory. Add a rosy/soft pink cheek or lip which can bring some zest to this look.

For Look 2:

n Dior Christia



u Lulu G



2. $ Betisa


To p Sh

o p $10


Nordstorm $118

Add Regal ness to the Print! We played on the browns/neutrals in the print and went with gold as a eye opener. Gold (when worn responsibly) brings class and prestige to any look and it takes this look to the next level!

For Look 3: Add Classic Red to the Print! We styled look number 3 with the classic paradox, red! Red, Black and White NEVER goes out of style! Never! This color combination works despite the presence of a textured print. Red attracts the eye in a good way! It brings excitement!

Rock N Repub

To p Sh

o p $10



Rock N Re

lic $325

public $37


Fashion HushThe Queen is wearing Paisley Printed Tapestry and Sheer Curtains $3.50(from Unique Thrift Store/Chicago), Vintage Ruby/Gold Clip Earrings $48(from www.outfitComplete. com), Bamboo Banga Headpiece $140(from www.ashleydrapes.c om) The Queens Subject is wearing Black/Red Heart Printed Satin Boxers (from Lover’s Lane/Chicago), Doc Martin Unisex Boots $120 (from www.workingperson. com)

Hush/Page 18

Here's another fashion HUSH!

We heart DRAPES by Ashley Scott! Words by: Ogi Merzier Chicago based accessory designer Ashley Scott believes that an accessory should be be able to stand alone yet compliment the rest of an ensemble as well as create a mood to directly reflect the inner most expressions of its wearer. This is the philosophy that is mentioned on the designers website With celebrity clients and retailers promoting her brand from New York to California, this Chicago HUSH is about to make a mark on the fashion industry! She has 4 collections under her belt to date. Her first collection, Dressed by Wallace for Ashley Scott, advertised to fashion lovers that there could be exuberance from the ear down. The 2009 MJ Collection had standouts which featured tassels and sequins that would have made the gloved one proud. The bee collection showed her range as a designer, as she incorporated button earrings into her line. The Bollywood Collection (her bamboo banga headband $140 is the crown featured in our Queen of Hearts spread) has a unique spin and uses metal elements as a key focal point. Get EXPOSED to DRAPES by Ashley Scott, she's another HUSH REVEALED!

1. Arular Headpiece $125 2. Bamboo Banga $68 3. Bamboo Banga $140

Hush/Page 19

Fashion HushThe Queen is wearing Vintage Sequined Belt $28 and Vintage Pearl Clip Earrings $30 (from from, The Queens Subject is wearing Black/Red Heart Printed Satin Boxers (from Lover’s Lane/Chicago), Doc Martin Unisex Boots $120 (from, suspendors/belts ranging from $0.50 - $2.00 from Unique Thrift Stores/Chicago Locations

Hush/Page 20

ites hes e s s ! t t u o Check HUSH trend at m for gre o uh e s .y w m w w m arfetc www.f c p www.l

ng Xavier La Words by:

and s d u t S , r e Leath rts rdware hu a H ! S E IK r 2011 Season, Spikes...Y me ing pring/Sum

is S brac so good th signers em e d f o y v l t s, a be g from be n i h t thanks to y r e v on ents on e cing fashi r o embellishm f s i d n ome! his tre d or go h t o s h oe s ! T r a h e m o c rs to trendsette ou n Loub Christia

o tnet.c theou 8 6 1 lt - $ Lion Be

5 tin $99


n Loub Christia

outin $


Hush/Page 21

Hush/Page 22

Fashion HushThe Queen is wearing Vintage Diane Von Furstenburg $678 (from - coming soon) Vintage Sequined Belt $28 and Vintage Pearl Clip Earrings $30 (from from coming soon) The Queens Subject is wearing Black/Red Heart Printed Satin Boxers (from Lover’s Lane/Chicago), Doc Martin Unisex Boots $120 (from, Suspendors/Belts ranging from $0.50 - $2.00 from Unique Thrift Stores/Chicago Locations

Hush/Page 23

Hush/Page 24

Strap One On! Words by: Madison Dalton The sexiness of the strappy shoe is hard to resist and who would want to avoid confrontation from them? Spring/Summer 2011 brings the return of showcasing the entire foot which will help to elongate the legs and give women a cleaner line which relaxes the eye. Thanks to Designers like Dolce & Gabanna (see xd pair below), we are seeing multiple straps and embellishments which change the direction of the once simple and elegant strappy shoe. Where can you find these strappy delights? Heres the HUSH on some of the best shoe sites that are now EXPOSED for your Fashion Goodness!


Hush/Page 25

h s u hgosia on


I recently discovered a new Chicago based beauty brand that I’m in love with! I am willing to share my LOVE and expose it to you! Hand made Soap Bars by Barres de Bourgeois. My fav, One Luv, made from milk, honey and oatmeal. It’s a soap, moisturizer and scrub in one! Barres de Bourgeois soaps are great for all skin types and are made from from natural ingredients. 80% pure olive oil and the rest are essential oils.!

Fall In LOVE with soaps from Barres de Bourgeois! Top Scents: Bourgeois signature bar, sweet with notes of red clover, Antique Paradise frankincense and myrrh.


Its S ED! O P X OVE USH E ALL in L SH H r e F U anoth u to s a H Heres ng for yo urgeois i hi Bo somet arres de B with! ! ALED REVE

One Luv (my pick) made from honey, milk and oatmeal, smells delicious. Sweet citrus sunrise grapefruit and orange, packed with vitamin C. Great Gifts for LOVE day Feb. 14th!

Hush/Page 28

With LOVE day right around the corner, I’d like to EXPOSE another beauty hush, he should LOVE the way you smell! Finding a scent that works with your body chemistry can be easy if you know the right notes to look for! And her is a little hush when it comes to selecting a perfume, it takes perfume about a hour to reveal its true scent. So while shopping at the mall stop at the beauty counter first, spray your selections and then come back at the end of your shopping journey to choose the scent you like best!

s ’ a i gos

beauty PICKS 2.


Here are my picks for this seasons TOP SCENTS! 1. Coco Mademoiselle 2. Naomi Campbell 3. Givenchy Play for Her 4. Daisy by Marc Jacobs



Hush/Page 29

t h h s g i l t u o hsp M

t r a e H y s s e

Words by: Sarah Zakareckis Behind the HUSH.....During

our Mid-Year Editorial Meeting, (Sept. 2010) I came up with the idea for th Beauty Editorial. Our photo editorials are planned 6 months in advance on a bi annual basis. We plan a total 36 photoshoots for a full one year volume run of the magazine. We don’t reference other magazines, we don’t us inspiration board...the first thing that comes to mind is what we go with and we find a way to make that noti fit into the culture of the magazine. We were all excited about Heart Hush. We knew that this would not only a very fashionable issue, but more importantly it would be a very smart issue!

The concept behind Messy Heart is the smeared makeup representing how you feel when you are confused by lov The confusion ultimately leads to messy situations. Gosia Gorniak, (our resident lead makeup artist/senior beau editor) did the makeup to my specifications. I wanted a controlled messy look. When our love lives are dysfunctional, we still appear to be in control. The reds around the eye represents, the bleeding heart, the blacks and purples represent the bruising heart, the silver represents the cold heart and the yellow represen the hopeful heart. One of the things that you should know about our publication, is that there is always a HUSH behind a HUSH.

Hush/Page 30


his l of se a ion be

ve. uty


Photo Credits: ImagePrince Anyemang ModelAlexa Tipton Hair/Creative DirectionSarah Zakareckis MakeUpGosia Gorniak

Hush/Page 31

Next Hush:

h s u h 12

1 1 1 0 2 h Marc

e u s s I y r a s r e v i n n A r a e Y

Hush/Page 36

heart therapy She’s driven, she’s passionate, she’s emotional. She’s beautiful, she’s dangerous and she’s alone! What does a stylish woman wear while visiting her therapist in downtown Chicago to discuss matters of the heart? Our executive editor/creative director Sarah Zakareckis stepped up to answer that question as she reveals the HUSH on a Chicago based designer that overflows with Fashion Goodness! Falling in Love with Fashion Designer Crystal Wells could be a problem that you don’t want to have fixed! Another HUSH exposed!

Hush/Page 37

heart therapy by the books

Hush/Page 38

heart therapy in the chair

Photo Credits: ImagePrince Anyemang Creative DirectionSarah Zacakreckis ModelAlexa Tipton MUAGosia Gorniak Fashion StylingSarah Zakareckis Hair- Sarah Zakareckis

Hush/Page 39

Falling in Love with Fashion Designer Crystal Wells could be a problem that you dont want to have fixed! Words by:

Sarah Zakareckis Fashion by definition is a 'taste shared by many for a short period of a time', meaning that fashion is fleeting. Style on the other hand, is everlasting. As a designer, Crystal Wells strives to create styles that can be interpreted through the wearer as classic, timeless pieces. Using fashion history as a constant inspiration, she hopes to redefine personal style in contemporary life. Celebrating the female form through carefully crafted and tailored garments is her passion. Crystal Wells studied fine arts at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC specializing in art history and painting. She then relocated to Chicago to study fashion in 2007. Ms. Wells is currently attending the International Academy of Design and Technology in downtown Chicago. Ms. Wells showed her first collection at the event , “Champagne Wishes and Fashion Dreams� in January 2009. She recently had her collection on display at the Local Lookbook, a designer showroom and boutique for Chicago fashion designers. Wells has been featured in Chicago Social Magazine and as an up and coming fashion designer.

Hush/Page 40

r e h t a no hush ! D E S EXPO

heart therapy on the couch

Hush/Page 41

h s u h

M o G a c i h C

e n i z a aG

email us for rates/media kit:



Hush/Page 44

Hush Loves Teddy Atlas

Words by Ogi Merzier

Yes its true, we LOVE Teddy Atlas! There are 4 million fans who tune in, every week to ESPN2 so that they get a glimpse of Teddy’s passion for the sport of boxing. Meeting Teddy was a true dream! Interviewing him melted my heart especially when I discovered that there is more to Teddy than a passion for boxing, there is a true care and passion for people and the gift of life!

Perhaps he is controversial, strongly opinionated and lives by a code that is not complex but irreversible. Encountering one of my heroes on Jan. 7th at ESPN2's 13th season opener of Friday Night Fights in Las Vegas, Nevada was more of an experience than an occurance. Visually star struck, I couldn't hide my admiration. He saw that in my eyes immediately.

Tell me about what you do Ogi?, Teddy asked. I took a deep breath and managed to mention that I was the Editor N Chief of Hush Chicago Magazine. "Does that mean I have to HUSH, lol?" Out of my bag comes the December issue of Hush Chicago Magazine. Out of his mouth comes, this is a great looking magazine, this is “your” magazine, you started this with NO money, can I have this? Yes, I was truly in shock! My reply...No, you can't have this copy (my love spell clearly broken at that point) but I can send you one, it’ll be the Feb. Issue, which will have you in it! Would you be willing to let me interview you? Sure you can interview me, I can see your heart and that you care for people! I would love to interview with Hush Chicago Magazine! One of the great things about life, is that we get a chance to love. Not just each other. We get a chance to love the things that touch us deep down inside.

Hush/Page 45

The things that you decide to love, it’s up to you! It could be the deepest of things such as religion and it could be as light as lovin’ a smell or a particular sound. Still we are granted the opportunity to love. No one proves this theory true, Like Teddy Atlas. He

loves life!

Hush/Page 46

If you don't know who Teddy Atlas is, you should keep that on the HUSH! This award winning sports commentor, legendary boxing/sports trainer, author, actor and philantropist has a heart the size of a boxing ring! His true love (in my opinion) is not the sport of boxing that has made him famous. It's the love that he has for helping people and bringing the best out of people that makes him the best in his weight class!

I thanked Teddy for being true to himself and I thanked him for loving us all. Where there's a will, there's Teddy Atlas! Providing solutions with his Dr. Theodore A. Atlas foundation! Our 60 minute plus phone interview to my surprise did not reveal any "hushes" only EXPOSED the true heart of Mr. Atlas!

Ogi: OMG Good Morning Teddy! I thought you were going to call next week! Did you just get up? Teddy: I just got in from Vegas. I have been up all night, I haven't went to sleep. I was thinking, let me call Ogi and get this interview going. Are you ready? Ogi: Of course! Let's do it! We saw a nice card last night? Teddy: It was a great opener to (ESPN2's) Friday Night Fights. Those guys that fought gave it all they had and you have to respect that. They both had eyes closed by the end of the fight. Ogi: I'm not going to ask you about the Floyd/Pacquiao situation. I'm not going to ask you about anything in your past, our readers/viewers want the Hush! So I want to talk about the organization you started and it's recent accomplishments. Why did you decide to start the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas organization? Teddy: I did it for my father. He was a great man. My father was a physician and he actually founded two hospitals. My father had a great love and care for people. I was lucky enough to see that growing up. He would often make housecalls. People would ask him why he would go out of his way for people, why would he have coffee and cake with those less fortunate and he would say its the right thing to do.

Hush/Page 47

Ogi: so lets talk about the organization and what you do there? Teddy: we provide financial, legal and emotional support to people and organizations who are in need. We make dreams come true and we provide solutions! we do this all in the name of my father. Ogi: What would you say was your best moment in regards to the organization? Teddy: It feels really good to raise money to help other people. Every year I have this dinner, right before Thanksgiving and it’s a great event. One year we went to a huge school and this one little girl got her present and she kept asking the teacher if she could open her present, everyone looked at me and I said let her open it. She got a pair of toy glass slippers, she put on the shoes and said don’t I look just like Cinderella? I said you sure do sweetheart! She looked up at the teacher and said, my mommie told me there would be no Christmas, mommie was wrong! Best moment ever!

Hush/Page 48

Ogi: wow Teddy, that had to be an amazing moment! Teddy: It really was, it was one of the best!

Ogi: Its obvious that you are passionate about The Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, I’d like to know why you are so passionate about the sport of boxing? Teddy: Boxing really is a true metaphor for life. That’s the thing that I love about boxing is the way that it relates to life. Boxing can be difficult and at the same time rewarding. You find out that you can deal with a challenge, you find that you can overcome things. You find out that everyone has the ability to be great. It doesn’t matter how short you are, or how thin you are, it doesn’t matter what color you are, everyone has the ability to achieve greatness. We have gyms in areas to give kids all the good things that boxing can teach them. Ogi: Tell me about the 2 gyms that you have. Teddy: We are getting about 200 kids off of the streets with our gyms! One things that I want to mention about our gyms, is the computer rooms/learning center that we have there. The kids have to go into the learning center at least once a week. If they are not doing good on their report cards, then they have to go in the learning center 4 days a week! The gyms are working very well and it’s really helping the kids!

Ogi: what’s next for the organization? Teddy: I am hoping to get more sponsorship from corporations. I’m a little scared, because we get so many letters, we get about 200 letters a month. We need more donations!

Ogi: I have to ask you a question that I’ve always wanted to ask you..who is your favorite boxer?

Teddy: I would have to say that there are two guys that I think were the best boxers ever! The first person is Henry Armstrong. He was a monster of a man. He defended multiple titles within a two month period. They called him Homicide Hank, which is such a great boxing name. He had close to 300 fights and he was around during the golden age of boxing which is when they had the best fighters. I don’t think that anybody could do what he did. It was revealed that sometimes he did not have food to eat and he would fight when he was weak. The other person is Sam Langford. He fought in every weight class. He never got a chance to fight for the title of world champion, but if he did, I’m sure that he would have won that title. There is a great story about Sam Langford. I don’t know if it’s true or not and I really don’t care. During those days, they fought outside and they fought so many rounds that the fighters would bring a lunch. He brings five oranges to the fight and someone said hey Sam, you only have 5 oranges and he said that’s all I’m gonna need and he knocked the guy out in the 5th round!

Ogi: amazing story, Teddy! Ok I have one more question, Did you see the movie the Fighter? Teddy: Yes, I did. I liked the film and I think that its going to win several awards, at the end of the its the story of a true fighter with lots of heart!

To learn more about the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas foundation and how you can offer your support, log on to

Hush/Page 49

h s u h

on trend for him

l a e R M en e v a h ! e l So


Hush/Page 50



Thick soles are not just for chuck taylors! Check out these kicks, which are now a HUSH REVEALED!

1) $90 2) $109 3)brownsfashion $165 4) $59 5) $72 6) $110




Words by: Xavier Lang


ing what If you are wonder is spring color to rock th ed to tell season, I’m inclin once again you that RED, is wear! RED HOT in mens HUGO Boss Designers such as ve current and DSQUARED ha express collections which extend the the way you can s primary hue far beyond it Zach Effr on and resources! Kanye Wes t rocking the color RED!




6.) 5.) 4.)


2.) 9.) Want the HUSH on these items? View the list of where to buy on our facebook fansite!

Hush/Page 51

Words by: Ogi Merzier

with up and coming wn do t si to y it un rt I had to oppo ve a direct Chicago ha t no While in Las Vegas, es do ck Ni gh Vasquez. Althou hired Writer/Director Nick proud to say that I am I e! .m e.. on ct re di ve a in sales position, a r fo d ie pl ap connection, he does ha ly al in y er job! When Nick orig I was managing ever at th Nick for his first ev e or st il ta re stopped by the heart! I had no openings. He at this kid had much th d ce ti no I en wh that's other week or so and It has became obvious that I was not wrong about the potiential that he has or his passion! Nick has starte d his own production compa ny in Las Vegas called LoneTube Productions. LoneTu be Productions (LTP) specializ es in short films, music videos and documentary pie ces. Unlike most production companies who stay true to the vision of the project onl y, LTP considers their work to be fan driven and encourages fans to become inv olved! On a mid-saturday aft ernoon, we met at Las Vegas' famous Fashion Show Mall for lunch at the Nordie's Cafe, where I got Nick to REVEAL his HUSH!

Ogi: OMG! It is amazing seeing you! I'm feeling a little old, because I can't believe that you were just 17 when I hired you to come on board at Wilson's Leather! Nick: Yes, that was my first job ever and you were the best boss ever! Ogi: Awwww, thanks Nick! I want to hear all about this production company! Are you trying to be the next George Lucus? Nick: I definitely have big career plans, and I would love to get to that level with my creativity. I have decided to move to LA for the purpose of my film career.

Ogi: What was the best part about doing the Smooth Criminal music video, I saw it on your site? Nick: What's interesting about the music video project is that I decided to do the video before Michael Jackson died. We started production right around the time of his death. I would the project was fulfilling a life long dream. I have always loved him as an artist for as long as I can remember and this was the perfect way for me to say that I appreciate him and the talent that he gave to the world.

Ogi: From Smooth Criminal, to Creepy Old People. lol! Let's talk about that project!

Nick: Creepy Old People was a student project that I did for school. It's one of those things that you don't think about, who thinks of Old People as Creepy, but they can be! Lol!

Ogi: I thought the premise of the short was spectacular. Your actors seemed to be very committed and that matters when your doing any project. Nick: My production crew consisted of three people, myself, Kelly Copeland and Zack Barbee. I also did the old age makeup in the piece. Ogi: very impressive, so what's next? Nick: I am actually going to make Creepy Old People into a full length feature. I'm looking to premiere the film summer of 2011. I've got some other things going on and I'm going to keep that on the Hush! I'll of course tell you off the record!

Ogi: Awesome, where can we find you and/or your work? Nick: Our website is www.lonetubeproductions.c

The kid Has Heart!

Hush/Page 53

She HEARTS the Perfect Brow! Words by: Ogi Merzier

When it comes to beauty, any makeup artist (who is worth their weight in gold) will tell you that the brow frames the face! No one knows that like Lagena Cain-Obamado! Lagena is one of Chicago's

If you don't know about Lagena, you should keep that on the HUSH! She has an impressive client list and appointments are booked well in advance for her services. Her talent is in such demand that she has had clients wait for brow services for weeks while she was out on maternity leave! Yes they heart Lagena and after reading my interview with this Chicago beauty hush you will too!

TOP Brow Specialists!

Ogi: Thanks for meeting with us today!

Ogi: Of course, because you are a star!!!!! So how did this love for beauty start? Lagena: It's in the genes. My great-aunt was the first black woman in Chicago to own and operate a beauty salon. So beauty has always been around me! Ogi: While I was doing research on you for this interview, I saw that you have over 52 internet reviews (on various sites) for your work as a brow specialist. Does that surprise you? Lagena: It actually does! I take pride in what I do. I put all my heart into it! I LOVE making women feel beautiful and making them feel at their best. Ogi: What are some of the services you provide? Lagena: I do brow shaping, brow tinting and waxing.

Ogi: Where can we find you? Lagena: I am a Regional Trainer for Benefit Cosmetics and my base location in Lincoln Park. 852 W. Armitage. Ogi: So what does the future hold for you? Lagena: I would LOVE to own my a boutique. Something that would infuse beauty and fashion in a way that you have never seen before. I have some plans for that at some point in my career.

Ogi: Which celebs have the best brows? Lagena: Nia Long has great brows, also Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. Ogi: Enjoy your mango passion fruit tea! and thanks for interviewing with me today! Lagena: My pleasure, I LOVE Hush and I'm excited to be EXPOSED!

Lagena: My pleasure! It's an honor to be a HUSH! I didn't know that I was one! Ogi: Yes my love you are! Don't you just LOVE this place! The Bronzeville Coffee and Tea Cafe is so awesome! Lagena: OMG, I come here all the time! I grew up not too far from here. Ogi: Oscar winning actress Monique has been here, singer/actor Tyrese and Larenz Tate has also sipped from Bronzeville Coffee and Tea! Lagena: You wanted to meet where the stars hang out at? Lol!

Hush/Page 57

Hush/Page 58

hea rt bro ken

Images: Prince Agyemang Models: Karly Fox Talyssa Bradshaw Sanja Zrylic Creative Director: Gosia Gorniak MUA Beauty: Gosia Gorniak Kim Schaffer MUA Xfx: Gosia Gorniak Kim Schaffer Hair: Sarah Zakareckis Kim Schaffer Gosia Gorniak

February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month, this Disease happens to be the #1 killer of women in America.. if you think about it, that’s quite a few broken hearts! Chicago has plans to expose this unfortunate HUSH!

Hush/Page 53

Hush/Page 60

broken heart Words by: Rebecca Grayson

To bring awareness to National Heart Disease Awareness Month we decided to do a spread that showcases the realities that will occur to even the most beautiful women, young or old, regardless to culture if you don't take care of your heart. A broken heart can be mended, but there is no need to bear a scar, especially if you are practicing prevention! Here's a hush, did you know that february is national heart awareness month? here's another hush, did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in this country? Heart Disease is preventable and can be defined as many disorders that prevent normal heart functioning. Some are congenital (existing since birth) and some develop during a lifetime. Some affect the structure and function of the heart, while some affect the structure and function of the adjoining arteries.

Hush/Page 61

Broken hearts (Continued from Page 61)

Here in Chicago our fashionable Magnificent Mile is getting to the heart of things! Northwestern Memorial Hospital is partnering with some of the amazing students from Columbia College to display 100 5-foot-tall heart statues along Michigan Ave starting Jan. 31st. The Campaign is called "Hearts a Bluhm", in reference to Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. The project is meant to bring awareness to cardiovascular disease and to National Heart Month.

Hush/Page 62

So if you want to feel the love, take a stroll down the Mag Mile and enjoy the sight of statues that will steal your heart!

Hush/Page 63

s k c i p s ’ r o t i d e

heart r e h s give r e love i z e r h e t M s i e d shar ie f, Og n h a C s N d tren itor g i b s O u r Ed g Sprin f o o w to t ou! with y

trend set 1 --love theory

Hush/Page 66

TREND SET 1/love theory Love is definitely in the air this spring season! The trend that we are seeing is not just a reference to the heart, but a reference to the word L-O-V-E! Because love never goes out of style, neither will these selected trend based items. TREND SET 2/heart the dot Everyone's i's will be dotted this season! Yes, the infamous polka dot print in back in full force. We are seeing this trend on EVERYTHING! From teacups to bags and even in multi colored prints with bold bright color combinations. It's not your standard black and white polka dot, it's back to steal your heart!

trend set 2 --heart the dot

Hush/Page 67

. . . s sa y

n a eth Romance is alive and lives in the heart! Especially when you have Chocolate & Raspberries for truffles and martinis!

These are my truffles that I love to make and I also decided on making it into a martini. Let me know what you guys like more or if your really feeling in the mood you can make miniature versions of the truffles and use them as garnish on the martinis.

Hush/Page 74

taste this hush! DIRECTIONS Put the chopped chocolate TRUFFLES in a stainless steel bowl INGREDIENTS and set aside. In a small saucepan, heat the butter 1/2 lb. dark chocolate, and heavy cream to just chopped boiling and then turn off. 2 Tbsp. unsalted butter Pour the mixture through a 1/2 cup heavy cream sieve onto the chopped 3 Tbsp. raspberry chocolate. Gently whisk together the chocolate and liqueur, like chambord cream mixture until the 3 Tbsp. seedless chocolate is melted. Stir in raspberry jam dutchthe Framboise and seedless processed or unsweetened jam. Refrigerate the mixture cocoa powder, for for an hour or longer, rolling until firm.


1 part chambord 2 part raspberry vodka 2 part dark godiva 1 part baileys 4 raspberries for garnish cocoa powder DIRECTIONS combine chambord, vodka, baileys and godiva then shake well and put in cocoa powder rimmed martini glass, .skewer raspberries and put in martini glass.

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Hearts stomping the pavement? We are not sold on this one! sometimes you have to do things even when your heart isn’t it! This guy doesn’t look like he’s in LOVE! Lol!

1 t o h S p a n S . . . . h s u Last H

There is no place like home!

Yes we LOVE this PB&J wallet! If we could only lose the crust!

Now the fellas can have a pair of ruby slippers! Very MJ dont you think?

Last Hush.... Snap Shot 2

our editor’s heart to heart w/you

Do you remember the day that you lost your heart? Who did you give it to and how did you manage to find it again? When you found it, did you discover that it had never left you? Staying true to your heart and the things that bring passion to you is a very tough thing to do! When it gets rough, its usually time to run with your heart guarded of course. Will you give your heart to me for a hour? If so, Id like you to close your eyes and imagine what would happen if you took a chance. Now open your eyes and visualize that chance coming into a realization. Commit to it like never before! Take out a piece of paper and ask your commitment to circle yes if it is willing be yours and no if it just wants to be friends. Be sure to draw a few hearts on the paper for eye candy. Sit it on the table and a hour later become your commitment and answer yourself. Chances are your heart wont want to endure the rejection and if your heart likes the pain of rejection, then you can always keep that on the HUSH! Ogi Merzier Editor N Chief Hush Chicago Magazine hushchicagomagazine@gmail we heart reader mail!


h s u

o G a Chic

e n i z a G a on M

Hush Chicago Magazine/Feb. 2011 Issue/Heart Hush  

Heart Hush brings new meaning to the phrase..loving Chicago Fashion Goodness! February is action packed and we are aiming to claim your hea...

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