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e u s s I y r sa r e v i n n 1-A Coming Spring 2011

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u h M o G a c i h C

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io n h s a F o Ch icag se d ! o p x E s Goodnes redits: kareckis & C r e v o C arah Za ages: S

Im orniak o Gosia G nce Manfred ia B l: e k d Mo rnia osia Go MUA: G di is a k a re c k an Hair: M tylist: Sarah Zrucki Label S o Fashionbe: Caroline B h Zakareckis o a r r d a r S a W tor: e Direc v ti a e r C

1 MARCH 201 Issue y r a s r e iv n n A

H S U H 12

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Editorial Staff


Editor N Chief/Ogi Merzier Executive Editor/Sarah Zakareckis Editor At Large/Redgi Woods Contributing Staff Editor/Daniel Guiterrez-Estrada Senior Beauty Editor/Gosia Gorniak


Assistant Beauty Editor/Stacey Kenneavy Fashion Editor/Xavier Lang Assistant Fashion Editor/Rebecca Grayson Food Editor/ Ethan Fern Layout & Graphic Design/Ogi Merzier Staff Photographer/Karen Spence Staff Photographer/Melinda Jane Myers Staff Photographer/Cassandra Silva Contributing Editors Arts&Culture Editor/Jennifer Steel Food&Travel Editor/Courtney Nzeribe Fashion Editor/Fatire Mica Jashari Fashion Editor/Heather Swick Contributing Writers: Paige Ashley Steele-Rollins Christine LeBrun Madison Dalton Denise Headrick

Daniel Ogi Steph



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table of


e u s s I y r a s r e niv n A 1 1 0 2 March

H S U H 12

Disclaimer: All images used in the publication are used with permission with no copyright infringement intended. Photo credits have been applied where applicable.

Hush Ch icago Magazine/February 2012/Issue 12 --2011Co pyrig ht/All Rig hts Reserved

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Fashion Goodness: High Noon/ "time to get a new skin!" page 14 to page-19 12 Looks/ "spring beauty trends that will get you noticed!" page 26-to page 35 Fashion by The Dozen/ Sarah Zak introduces you a Chicago Designer with many talents! Page 62-to Page 67

Fashion Goodness for Him: Runway Report/ Tommy Hilifiger, Spring 2011 Page 55 Hush On Trend for Him/ "The Colorful Preppy" Page 56 to Page 57

Regular Hush Stuff Next Hush: 44 Last Hush: 72

From Our Staff: Hush On Beauty with Gosia: Page 24 Redgi Exposes Luxury: Page 38 Ethan Says, Taste This Hush: Page 70 A Chicago HUSH EXPOSED: Page 58 Meet Comedian, Promotor and Stage Play Producer Mike "Big Mike" Woods

Cover Feature: Fashion by The Dozen! Meet Chicago Designer

Caroline Buroki page 62-to page 67

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high noon Is It Time For A New Skin? Words by: Redgi Woods Photo Credits Image: LT Norals Model: Aileen Tie Creative Director: Redgi Woods MUA: Gosia Gorniak Hair: Heaven Stewart Wardrobe: RefinDefined

Hush/Page 14

2. 1. 3.

One of the best ways to explore the new snakeskin trend is in a simple dress. Here are 3 examples of how you can take this exotic pattern to new levels by mixing patterns, bold pops of color and structural elements for the upcoming 2011 Spring Season, which will bring this traditional staple print into a era of modern chic times!

Our Editor at Large, Redgi Woods shows you how to rock the hottest new fashion trend, SNAKESKIN! The print takes on new shape! Its not just for handbags, wallets and footwear anymore! SNAKESKIN is the NEW NEUTRAL! Heres how to wear the trend in a unique and different way.

Look 1: Texture on Texture

we combined a black and white strip shoe and a patterned textured pendant necklace to the strappy dress which serves as a anchor for the look. Combining patterns can be a great way to neutralize the print and make it more

Look 2: Bold Pop of Color

versatile. for look 2, we went against the grain and paired this look with a bold pop of color. Going in a direction opposite of a traditional red will give the look more substance and make it more interesting to the eye.

Look 3: Structural Elements

using structural elements with a pattern introduces a theme to the look and projects a strong statement. Look 3 tells fashionable admirers that you are strong and in control. A perfect look for a power outing event.

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Hush/Page 16

1. 2. 3. 4.

Ciara / 2011 AllStar Game Jessica Simpon / Los Angeles Lily Donaldson / Charity Event Kate Moss / London

high noon Celebs are rocking the Snake Trend!


2. 4.


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3. 1. 6. 2.



5. 7.



Infuse the Snakeskin trend into your current wardrobe with some fashionable items. Look for the skin in color, new shapes and embellished items. The trend also has put a new spin on footwear for men, this is not your grandmothers traditional snakeskin!

high noon 3

2 4 1

For these Looks for Men log onto: and/or

5 6

Looks Above: 1. Italian Embellished / 2. Wire Effect / 3. Envelope Clutch / 4. Snakeskin Babydoll Dress / 5. Golden Classic / 6. Emmanuelle Khan / 7. Dolce & Gabbana / 8. Rachel Leigh Bangle / 9. Hursley Park / 10. Donna Karen /

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M o G a c i h C

e n i z a G a

email us for rates/media kit:



h s u h

n o i t a d n u Fo Time! Erases

on beauty with gosia Hush/Page 24

Words by Gosia Gorniak

Foundation applied properly can make any complexion healthy and flawless. Foundation is truly an investment product and worth its worth in gold!

Choose a foundation formula based on your skin type. Different foundations will provide different types of coverage. When buying a foundation, test the product in natural light on your jaw line. The right color should disappear into your skin. Have a beauty consultant match it for you. This is one instance where help will come in handy. Prepare your face before you apply foundation. Always wash and moisturize your face, this way it will last longer and look fresher. A secret HUSH, apply primer before applying foundation, using a makeup sponge or foundation brush. Be sure to smooth it well along your jaw line and hair line and watch time simply melt away! Foundation usually will last up to 2 years.

Best long lasting foundations: YSL-Matt Touch Compact, long lasting for oily and normal to combination skin type. It will create a soft smooth veil on the skin. Chanel-Matt Lumiere, long lasting and blends beautifully into the skin, it also mats out shiny areas, hides imperfections. Will leave your skin even and radiant all day.

s ’ a i gos

beauty PICKS

Make UP For Ever Face and Body liquid Makeup, Long lasting, waterproof foundation, goes on smoothly and covers all imperfections. MAC Face and Body Foundation, long lasting, waterproof liquid foundation, gives your skin sheer coverage, helps moisturize and condition the skin, Nars Sheer glow Foundation, Hydrate your skin perfectly and makes it look brighter and more radiant. Bobbi Brown-Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, moisturizes and gives your skin glow, makes your skin looking healthier and brighter.

Here are my picks for the best foundation!

Hush/Page 25

h s u h

Our Senior Beauty Editor beauty Gosia Gorniak s d n e r t y shows us t 1 u bea twrend some w o o l


Ye l

d a h S

s k o o l e v l e w t creative ways to wear some hot beauty trends!

Hush/Page 26

Yellow will Whats Hot? make you Trend 1: t u s tand o Yellow Shadow from the crowd.

Image: Steph Heldrich Model: Brittany Clapper MUA: Gosia Gorniak Assisting MUA: Kim Schaffer Hair: Mandi Schneider Fashion Styling: Sarah Zakareckis Creative Director: Gosia Gorniak

Hush/Page 27

Our Senior Beauty Editor Gosia Gorniak shows us some creative ways to wear some hot beauty trends! Whats Hot? Trend 2: Thick Black Liner

RO T E R a Try e se h t n i look e s! m i t n r mod e

s k o o l e v l e s tw d n e r t y

h s u o n h

2 t d u n a be tre

k c i th liner k c a l b


Hush/Page 28

Image: Steph Heldrich Model: Chasity Burns MUA: Gosia Gorniak Assisting MUA: Kim Schaffer Hair: Mandi Schneider Fashion Styling: Sarah Zakareckis Creative Director: Gosia Gorniak

Hush/Page 29

Image: Steph Heldrich Model: Cyrstal Kauzlarich MUA: Gosia Gorniak Assisting MUA: Kim Schaffer Hair: Mandi Schneider Fashion Styling: Sarah Zakareckis Creative Director: Gosia Gorniak

is h c a e P Ripe he t n o t swe e cheeks!

Hush/Page 30

h s u h on

s d n e r t y t 3 u d n a be tre

h c a e P ush beauty Bl

s k o o l e v l e w t Our Senior Beauty Editor Gosia Gorniak shows us some creative ways to wear some hot beauty trends! Whats Hot? Trend 3: Peach Blush Hush/Page 31

h s u h

s d n e r t 4 y d t n u bea tre e &


l p Pur Gold


tw e l v

e look s

Our Senior Beauty Editor Gosia Gorniak shows us some creative ways to wear some hot beauty trends!

Whats Hot? Trend 4: Purple and Gold Shadow Hush/Page 32

Image: Steph Heldrich Model: Brittany Clapper MUA: Gosia Gorniak Assisting MUA: Kim Schaffer Hair: Mandi Schneider Fashion Styling: Sarah Zakareckis Creative Director: Gosia Gorniak

s a e y e r u Give yo with w o l g regal d! l o G d n a Pu rple Hush/Page 33

Image: Steph Heldrich Model: Cyrstal Kauzlarich MUA: Gosia Gorniak Assisting MUA: Kim Schaffer Hair: Mandi Schneider Fashion Styling: Sarah Zakareckis Creative Director: Gosia Gorniak

ot n e r a Brows r jus t fo re! o m y n a arch ing Hush/Page 34

h s u h on

s d n e r t y t 5 u d a n e b tre

d e r e t l A

s w o r B


s k o o l e v l e w t Our Senior Beauty Editor Gosia Gorniak shows us some creative ways to wear some hot beauty trends! Whats Hot? Trend 5: Altered Brows Hush/Page 35

s ’ o g a c i h C New ion h s a F ! h s Hu Words by Redgi Woods There is a NEW Hush on Consignment! Chicago has welcomed a Luxury Garage Sale! Hush/Page 38

Best Friends since the age of 3... there is no wonder why partners in fashion Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal share a love for collecting!

Lucky for us a love for collecting stickers and fun erasers turned into a love for collecting shoes and handbags!

When Collections of fashionable items start to overwhelm a closet and then swallows a storage space, it may be time for a better idea...sell the unwanted items!

s e s o p x e

i g d e r

There is a new chic and modern online consignment service for Chicago style lovers, heres another HUSH EXPOSED, you will soon fall in LOVE with Luxury Garage

luxury The Chicago Fashion Elite are reaping the rewards! Luxury Garage Sale creates something very beneficial to us all!

Luxury Garage Sale will authenticate, research, price, inventory and photograph your merchandise. Best of all, you never have to leave your house, Luxury Garage Sale will come to you!

For more info on Luxury Garage Sale be sure to log onto: Hush/Page 39

h s u h

M o G a c i h C

e n i z a aG

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Next Hush: Hush/Page 44


s u o i g i el


April 2011

1 e u s s I 2 - Volume

Hush/Page 45

i g oxposes


Hush Chicago Magazine When the moment came to upload the very first issue of Hush Chicago Magazine, I knew that it would be a point of no return.....

Hush/Page 52

Words by: Ogi Merzier I wanted Hush Chicago Magazine to look unique and more importantly, I wanted the magazine to force the reader/viewer to make a decision of loving or hating it on first glance. It did just

Everything that could go wrong with the first issue did! that.

I remember thinking that the future of Hush Chicago Magazine would not be solely based on it's first issue. The first issue would be the basis of a commitment to presenting a new publication to the city of Chicago and the world. There is nothing pretty about how something comes to be, it's the journey of discovery throughout the life of what we create that makes it all worth it. Every issue of the magazine is presented to the reader/viewer in hopes of sparking a deeper thought. By the time we uploaded our second issue, we were fully committed to the publication and I came to the conclusion that I wanted Hush Chicago Magazine to be loved and never hated. I decided to not be influenced by what I thought other people may want to see from Hush Chicago Magazine, but to influence others from want we present in Hush Chicago Magazine! We are ready for many more years of Chicago Fashion Goodness, hopefully you are too!

Hush/Page 9

Words by: Ogi Merzier The recent showing by American Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger gives men a new option in fashion and creates a new expression of style. Thanks to Hilfiger and newly appointed designer Peter Som, we will have a new fashion trend this spring, "The Colorful Preppy Man".

er g i f l i H y m m o T r e o h f T n a s U Gives orful Preppy M Col

1 1 0 2 g n i r p S

Clean lines in the shape of peg leg trousers, paired with conservative London-Eisque trench coats that offer balance to the man's frame, popped with color in the form of footwear, socks, belts and ties. Accessorizing has been a huge trend in itself for men's style and fashion. Peter Som went for it full throttle with this collection and did not

In addition to bringing us a collection that can be worn by a variety of American men, hold back or disappoint.

Som found a way to stay true to the classic style that makes Hilfiger a world wide brand and simultaneously moved the brand forward with a collection that introduces vibrant plaids, stripes and crisp cottons that look rich and well defined.

Hush/Page 55

h s u h

Take advantage of The Colorful Preppy Trend and

on trend for him

infuse plaid with pops of color!

Its Not Plaid and Boring, its Plaid and Exciting! This spring season in mens fashion we are seeing plaid infused with bold colors and in eveything from flip flops to wallets. We encourage you to incorporate plaid into your spring swag! facebook/hushchicagomagazine Hush/Page 56

l s e e i s n o a d xp

e style Words by: Daniel GutierrezEstrada Here's a look at some items that will help you anchor any look! Footwear for men is all about feel good hues! This spring get noticed!

Hush/Page 57

In stand up comedy it's all about the right timing. Chicago is lucky to have Comedian Mike "Big Mike" Woods here at the right place & at the right time!

Mike Woods is not only a stand up comic, he is also a comedy concert promoter. Mike has been responsible for bringing top talent to Chicago for your chuckling pleasure. I took the time to sit down with Mike in late January to talk about some of the projects that he is

on and for the record, working

Big Mike is right on time!

Hush/Page 58

a hush exposed....

Perfect Timing! Words by: Ogi Merzier Ogi: How are you? Long time no see! Are you excited about some of the things that you have going on? Big Mike: Ogi, how you doing? (in his comedic voice) Ogi: (laughing out loud) OMG Mike, I'm fine! Please don't start making my sides hurt! lol! Big Mike: Ok, I'll control it for the interview. Ogi: Thanks! Seriously speaking, I want to know about some of these projects that you have going on! Where are you doing stand up? Big Mike: I'm am doing stand up all over town! Mostly I travel, I do a lot on the college circuit and the best thing in the world is making someone laugh. Ogi: You are more than a one trick pony, you have recently started a new venture, tell us about that! Big Mike: I'm excited to executive produce my first gospel stage play. I have wanted to do this for several years now. I have put on several shows and I do those things annually. This means so much because

I have a real story to tell and I think that it will change people's lives.

Ogi: Can you talk a little about the play? Big Mike: The play will be based on a true story about a woman who endured a series of horrible tragic events. Most of us have to deal with terrible things, this is a part of life, but how many of us have to deal with a series of events back to back to back? I want to raise these questions. Could you still believe in God after something like that or would you completely lose your faith? Ogi: All of this sounds amazing! People need to be questioned from time to time. Speaking of time, when is the next time we can come to one of your comedy productions? Big Mike: We will have our huge show at the Marina in May. May 14th to be exact. This will be the first production from my Let's Laugh Comedy Show series. Tickets will be only $20 and $30 for VIP entry.

Ogi: How can people find you for bookings and casting information regarding the upcoming stage play?

Big Mike: I live where everyone lives, on Facebook! All the Hushers can hit me up at Micheal BigMikeComedian Woods.

Ogi: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me! Big Mike: The magazine is great Ogi! Thank you!

Hush/Page 59


fashion by the dozen

Hush/Page 62

2:00 12:00

12:00 12:00

12:00 12:00

s e s o p ex

12:00 12:00 12:00

h a r a s fashion 12:00

12:00 12:00

12:00 12:00


Hush/Page 63

Hush/Page 64

Vintage scarves and Wood Sculptures can only mesh in the o g a c i h C same sentence if Meet you are Chicago r e n g i s e D n o i h s a F Fashion Designer i k c Caroline Borucki! u r o B e n Caroli

Words by: Sarah Zakareckis

Borucki seems to have a knack when it comes to juxtaposing color, vintage and eclectic elements with feminine sophistication. This trait that shines blindly bright within her design aesthetic will ensure that this designer will be highly regarded on a world wide stage, Which has to be large enough to contain her talent. That won't be a easy task.

Hush/Page 65

Hush/Page 66

Borucki is a wood/fabric Sculptor, a fashion blogger, and an accomplished photographer. Her blog features images of previous fashion collections that display the designers reach into conceptual fashion design.

eral things can v se t a h t s u s , show Sarah Zakareckis ....including the 2 1 er b m u n e h t sing be displayed by u line Burucki! ro a C er n ig es D d our feature some pieces from

fashion by the dozen Borucki's personal style is nothing short of future Chicago Fashion Icon status. A vintage scarf and a belt is a must have! Borucki also fancies the likes of Chloe Sevigny and Agyness Deyn. What does the future hold for this obvious Chicago Hush? We cant tell you that! We are hoping that Caroline Borucki will show us that! Hush/Page 67

patt yrice coo ks.c


n a h et says... an Fern Words by Eth our 12 Hush h it w ce n a d r In acco it fitting to d n u o f I , e m e th ining trend, d o g a ic h C w e explore a n H! OON time HUS N a s e r e H ! brunch

Lokal located in the heart of the Wicker Park/Bucktown area offers the best brunch in town. It has amazing food, an awesome atmosphere and in the summer, a dog friendly patio.

Hush/Page 70

In the summers, you can spot me, every Sunday sitting in the sun with my 1 year old puppy and my lovely girlfriend, drinking bottomless mimosas. Thats right bottomless, every Saturday and Sunday from 9am till 3:30pm.

The menu ranges from potato pancakes with dill creme fraiche, caramelized onion, two eggs that melt in mouth to the chicken croissant sandwich with tomato jam, watercress, and shaved root vegetables. For those who are not much into champagne, you can order Bloody Marys instead for only a couple bucks more.

taste this hush! lets do brunch

Lokal has a great staff to provide topnotch service! I have never been unhappy leaving Lokal. The servers always bring Chi (my pup) her own bowl of water. The owner is also awesome, he is always helping out with anything that needs to be done, and stopping by tables multiple times to make sure everything is good, or to refill drinks. The Art work is beautiful; it changes every 3 months to showcase another local artist. Overall this is an amazing place to get rid of that Saturday night hangover while enjoying amazing food. LOKaL

LoKaL has Ethans European (Modern) W. North Ave. Stamp of Approval! 1904 Chicago, IL Taste THIS HUSH! 773-904-8113 Hush/Page 71

Gosia on Set for our cover shoot!

Vintage Clock Purse!

1 t o h S p a n S . . . . h s u H Last


Last Hush.... Snap Shot 2 Hush/Page 72


12 Editors Note

Here we are, celebrating a one year anniversary! Happy Bday to Hush Chicago Magazine!

I think that this issue will be the one that I will ALWAYS remember. Not because of the fact that it is our Anniversary Issue, but because of the fact that this issue is a true testament of what Hush Chicago Magazine is all about! The primary focus of this publication is to EXPOSE, mostly for the good. At all times we are forced to EXPOSE ourselves. When we do this, we find out what we are made of and I guess that it is safe to say thats the real reason that we HUSH each and everyday, month after month and now Im proud to say, YEAR after YEAR! Ogi Merzier, Editor N Chief hushchicagomagazine@

h s u h

Hush/Page 73


Hush Chicago Magazine/March 2011/12 Hush  

12 Hush Celebrates our one year Anniversary! Meet Chicago Fashion Designer Caroline Borucki and Chicago Comedian and Gospel Stage Play Produ...

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