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BUILDING THE FUTURE TO PRESERVE THE PAST Beyond our specialities of local ingredients, foods, beverages, knitwear, pottery and lace, you can always expect more from Fontana Cottage Industry with each visit. Our commitment to our heritage means that in the coming months and years, Fontana Cottage Industry will have a fully working honey distillery, an increased selection of regional wines and liquors and a growing line of handcrafted local produce as well as re-introducing the fine art of traditional Maltese Coffee making. We will always welcome our visitors with the friendliest of greetings and create a scenario for our guests to enjoy FREE samples of our produce. We end as we begun and invite you to journey with us into the future, so that you can experience even more of our colourful past.

Fontana Cottage Industry 2014  

Fontana Cottage Industry is the premier artisan & heritage crafts outlet on the Island of Gozo. Housed within the island’s old slaughterhous...