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3rd Edition Early Spring 2013


The Middle School “Eagle” Special points of interest: Featured Article: Peer Relationships from Scenic Bluffs Winter sports wrap-up Featured 8th grader interviews Mr. Fischer brings new life to E-Block with Goal Ball 8th graders complete County Tile projects FBLA involvements

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Scenic Bluffs Presents to Students on Peer Relationships The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have or will be shown a presentation from some of the ladies that work at Scenic Bluffs in Cashton. They will talk about self esteem and things that will help you through school, help you make friends, and make you an overall better person. The Scenic Bluff ladies will do different projects with the students. The middle schoolers will receive an outline of a person that is blank. The presenters will ask them to write things on the figure that they like about

themselves. Each student will get to pick the color of marker they want and the shape of the outline. The figure the student picks can have a square head, a triangular head, or a cylinder head. The ladies will talk to the middle school and ask them questions like “How many people have been bullied?” or “How

many people have bullied?”. The presenters will also have people come up and act out different bullying situations. After getting completely done, they give the students candy and thank them for their time. It doesn’t take very long and is a way to fix problems in school. By: Taylor Costello



Classroom Snap Shots Students Digging Deeper into NHD On February 7th, the eighth grade class, who are all participating in National History Day (NHD), headed to the La Crosse Public Library again. This time the kids were searching for any other sources they didn’t get the last time and pictures to use on their final projects. Pictures and photographs are cons i d e re d p r im a r y sources which the kids need as many as possible. The library was generous enough to again let us have free copies and prints. The kids only had a couple hours to get as much work done as they

could before they headed to the UWL Campus. Once they were on the school campus they were able to eat with the college kids at the Whitney Center. After they were done eating, the students received a tour of the campus and looked inside a dorm hall, co lle ge cla s srooms, the athletic center, and went into the Murphy Library to explore everything available. This was a great learning experience for the students. By: Harley Hundt

7th graders testing their experiments The 7th grades are still working on their science fair projects, but are further than before. Most of the 7th graders have moved onto starting or even finishing their overall experiment. They are also working on their tri-fold poster boards, adding color, information and pictures. Mr. Fernholz says that the information and the colors are a huge part of the posters. The colors have to catch the judges eyes and the information will help

with the final scoring. The judges not only ask about the information on the poster, but will also ask additional questions to see how much the student put into learning the most you can in the given time. With such little time the students are working hard and fast to get the experiments done. By: Taylor

Country Tile Winners!!!

Karlee Kirking Rose Adams

Angela Klinkner



Mr. Fischer brings Goal Ball to Cashton Middle School!

Classroom Snap Shots

Mr. Fischer, the 7th and 8th grade gym teacher, is holding a Goal Ball tournament during eblock for the Middle School students. The teams can consist of 3 to 5 people, and there is no limit to the number of teams that can be entered into the tournament. Goal Ball is played on a volleyball court with big goals on each end. Since Goal Ball is in the Olympic Paralympics, the

Country Tiles

sport is meant for the visually impaired, so each participant will be blindfolded. In order to keep the ball from going into the goal the players will have to dive to attempt to stop the ball, no worries you will have padding, and you will be able to hear the ball. To learn more see the signs around the middle school hallways. By: Olivia Pieper

Mr. Bakke’s 8th grade geography classes are working on their country tiles. Each student has to choose a country from North America and research it. The students will make a display on a ceiling tile, but only the best tiles will be put up around the room. All the students are required to research geography and history of the

country and have to pick three other categories to learn about which may include economy, education, language, daily life, or religion. The point of the project is to draw connections and learn more about other countries around the world. Mr. Bakke wants his students to see similarities and differences between our cultures and try to connect with other countries around the world. It’s really a neat process. By: Noel Schmitz


Olivia Pie


ie Tirado

Goal Ball Champions: (right to left) Hailee Harnack, Trinity Klingeman Larissa Unseth, Dana Leis, and CJ Leis

Brianna Connelly





Athletic Alley Grapplers Seasonal Wrap-up The middle school wrestlers season has come to an end. They had a successful season. They have gone to several tournaments since January. They had many fun moments as a team. They enjoyed cheering each other on and playing Pfeiffer on the bus. Ben Wendland said, “ My favorite part of wrestling was wrestling with his friends and running.” Then Marcus Von Ruden said, “ I liked being able to

let out his aggravations in a civil manner.” The wrestlers hosted the final tournament of the year before regionals on Monday, February 25th. Many wrestlers, such as Dylan Campton, Gabriel Anderson, Brandon Klimek, and Noah Flock are going to regionals on March 9th and are hoping to get 1st or 2nd and move on to the state tournament on March 16th. By: Gabe Anderson

hing is n fi e th t u p ls ir g e 8th grad on. s a e s r e th o n a n o s e touch The 8th grade girls basketball season has come to an end, they finished with a record of 121, the one game they lost they lost by three point to Hillsboro, On the

7th grade girls finish strong!!! The seventh grade girls did a great job adjusting to middle school basketball. With an even amount of wins and loses they did a excellent job and enjoyed the season. At the beginning of the season the girls started out pretty rough, but pushed on and did the best they could. The practices at the beginning of the season were difficult and hard for many of the girls, but after hard work and a little extra fun they got used to the sprints and other things, too. They

Last day of the season which was a home game against Wonewoc and Royal, They had a team meal, with prizes in which you have to guess how many gummy bears and life savers were in a jar and gave the person with the best guess the candy. The Members of the 2013 Girls Basketball team are: Abby Wendland, Noel Schmitz, Harley Hundt, Olivia Pieper,

began to get used to the things that they were doing and so the coaches changed it up a little bit. They decided to change the sprints into ladders and then into half court layups into full court layups and even scrimmaging 8th grade vs. 7th grade. The ladies even started to learn 2-3 zone and 1 -3-1. They learned to play it and to play against it. Hope the season is as fun and exciting next year as it was this year. Nice job ladies! By: Taylor Costello

Rebecca Gronemus, Alexis Schroeder, Avrie Butzler,Breanne Huntzicker, Helen Flock, Emily Schaldach, Sierra Hanley, Brianna Connelly, Stephanie TiradoMendoza. By: Helen Flock



Club Corner FBLA STATE The MS FBLA worked for the Boys Basketball game concessions and that is now complete. The MS FBLA also teamed up with the 8th grade leadership to help raise money for Pennies for Patients, a fundraiser that raises money for children struggling with various types of blood cancer. This year there is a twist; the different grades in the middle school are having a competition on who can raise the most money for this worthy cause. If the whole middle school can raise $2,000, Mrs. Hutchens will shave her head, but if the middle school comes a little short she will color her hair. Just a little extra encouragement for the competition! By: Quinten Fre-

Student Voice Featured 8th Graders Jessica Winchel If you could trade places with anyone who would it be and why? No one I like being myself What is your favorite movie? Grown-ups What do you want to be when you get older? Nursing Assistant Advice for underclassmen? I know school can be very stressful but I promise if you put in the effort you'll do great! :) Give it your best job. And take it one step at a time. Brianna Connelly What is your favorite subject? Language Arts

If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be? Breanne, because she has goats and a pig Advice for underclassmen? Respect the older people. Don't hurt anybody. Say and think positive things. Listen to the teachers. Try you best. Never give up. Breanne Huntzicker F a v o ri t e C l a ss ? Social Studies Favorite Song? ABCs Advice for underclassmen? Be respect-

ful, always be nice, be helpful, stand out, be yourself. Karlee Kirking If you could trade places with anyone who would be be? African child because I could experience what it's like to be hungry and truly appreciate what I have living in the United States. If you could travel anyw h er e w h er e would it be? Europe Advice to underclassmen? Have goals set so you know what your going towards.

Gabe’s Giggle Gallery and other Very Important Stuff... Some Knock Knocks: - Knock knock! Who's there? - Doris Doris who? - Dor-is locked that is why I am knocking. - Knock knock Who’s there? - Yodelah Yodelah who? - Stop Singing!

Riddle of the Edition (Winner will receive a prize) If you choke a Smurf what color would it turn?

Bakke’s Thought to Ponder Half empty or Half Full???

Jokes for a good giggle Where does a king keep his armies? In his Sleevies (Mr. King)

*Please help contribute by filling out a joke slip on the “Eagle” board.

Middle School Picture Booth


Jose Ramirez, An thony Whitehea

and Ja n Ritter


smine F


Things to look for in next edition: Girls and Boys Track FBLA State Update Civil War comes to Cashton Country Boxes in Mr. Bakke’s class

Taylor C


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Swens o

n, & K ya

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