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JUNE 2013

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We give you access to a secure carpool matching service with a rapidly expanding community of members. It’s free and easy – just join up, find a match and share a ride.

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Contact FYI Magazine General Manager - NHBA Janine Brinsdon Editor Joseph Hoye Design Lewis Hurst, 021 14 66 404

From the Chair Welcome to our June/July 2013 edition of FYI and our thanks for your ongoing support. In this issue we feature some great events and an update on the recent success of the Vote Yes programme. Businesses and property owners located in the adjacent Commercial/Industrial area on the eastern side of the Northern Motorway were offered the opportunity to join us as members in an expanded North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID) operated by NHBA. The positive support received has created a significant milestone and a long term foundation for NHBA services to add value to members and create a strong voice for business in the development of Auckland with approximately 4,000 members. From a market perspective, the recent Budget release and a range of economic data are pointing to a stable and growing New Zealand Economy in the next few years. We are seeing good signs on increasing confidence and investment in business strengthening, commercial development and the creation of export capacity. The scale of growth in Auckland continues to create pressures on our City infrastructure which is highlighted as part of the Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan which targets a range of medium/long term strategies to meet demand. The Government have indicated that they wish to see the housing market addressed with the increase in housing capacity and support for housing intensification which will create opportunities in the residential/commercial construction and retail/service sectors as the City grows. Of concern are the drivers for growth in Auckland which appear to be more founded by the scale of the population creating opportunities for business/jobs to supply/service locals rather than create export capacity/incomes. I would suggest that this will continue to be a challenge for us that needs to be met by support for research and development of new business opportunities, particularly in conjunction with the Education and IT sectors. There is potential to create high value employment supported by export incomes from intellectual property based businesses that can scale up without the initial need for large scale capital investment. On the local front, vacancy rates in medium and larger scale commercial property remain at very low levels showing limited movement and potential opportunities for further property investment in this market segment going forward. Our recent events have been very well supported by members and the wider the business community. They included the 2Degrees business breakfast presentation by Malcolm Phillips and the NHBA Business Expo at the North Harbour Stadium. The Expo was over subscribed with 80+ exhibitors and over 500+ guests attending including Mayor Len Brown who has given us great support in respect of our programmes and ongoing development. Feedback from exhibitors and guests has been very positive confirming that real commercial benefits are being achieved by participants. Next years Expo will build on the success of this annual event with capacity for up to 100 Exhibitors. The event is a great showcase to businesses on the North Shore and the wider Auckland Region. Please register your interest early to avoid missing out on next years event. A special thanks to our Executive Team at NHBA for their efforts over recent months with a series of major projects and events being successfully delivered in a short time frame. On behalf of your voluntary Board and Executive Team our thanks for your ongoing support. We look forward to being of service to you. Yours sincerely,

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North Harbour Business Association F4, 27-29 William Pickering Drive, Albany PO Box 303 126, North Harbour 0751 Office 09 968 2222 Web

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman FYI June 2013 3

in brief

New Conference Centre For Auckland Skycity and the NZ Government have signed a Heads of Agreements to build the New Zealand International Conference Centre. The $315m development includes public convention and exhibition space capable of accommodating 3,500 convention delegates at one time, at least 780 car park spaces and a link-way bridge over Hobson Street. Based on current anticipated timelines, and subject to the passing of enabling legislation and a threeyear construction period, the NZICC is expected to open in mid/late 2017.

NZ Budget 2013 For Business Return to surplus by 2014-2015 • ACC levies to come down • Tax losses from R&D expenditure to be refunded - within limits •

New FYI Editor

Welcome on board to new FYI editor Joseph Hoye. Joe recently returned from six years overseas, where he worked as a freelance writer/editor. He has also spent 15 years in the packaging industry, dabbled in retail and flirted with hospitality. He takes a keen interest in the startup of SMEs and has never been known to turn down a good cup of coffee. If you have an event, a viewpoint or some old fashioned good news about business, just drop him a line via email: or mobile: 020 4014 0477. 4 June 2013 FYI

Density Well Done


uckland Mayor, Len Brown is encouraging Aucklanders to check out an example of “density done well”. A new report on Vancouver’s experience of urban intensification describes model “urban density”, says Len Brown. “Vancouver has many similarities to Auckland, including a central isthmus and low-rise suburbs spreading out from the central city. “The city faced many of the growth challenges Auckland now faces. They responded

with a similar approach to Auckland – planning for more density as well as allowing for staged growth around the edges.” The report summarises innovative ways that Vancouver increased density through ‘hidden’, ‘invisible’ and ‘gentle’ density, and discusses lessons on how intensification can promote more affordable housing and greater housing choice. The report can be viewed on

The National Safety Show 2013 and MHL 2013

Register online for free entry to the safety trade show as well as the material handling and logistics. Take part in industry seminars and exhibitor workshops. This two day event presents thousands of products and services for people who are responsible for or interested in workplace health and safety as well as solutions for people involved in supply chain logistics. ASB Showgrounds. 3-4 July.

Things We’d Like To Know

North Harbour was the first area in NZ to receive UltraFast Broadband. Which of you are utilizing it? Is it noticeably faster? Has it changed how you do business? Is it just hype? Responses to

in brief

“No high-density for current suburbs.”



housands of Aucklanders have already had their say on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan, the rulebook that will help shape the way Auckland grows. It proposes how we will create great places for everyone to live and work, while protecting our environment and heritage. To ensure communities understand the proposed changes, local boards have held around 200 events across the region, including drop-in sessions, meetings in libraries and community centres, and community walks. Thousands of people have also visited where you can find out what the draft plan means for you, take part in the debate and give feedback via the online form. “We’ve been very pleased with the number of responses from Aucklanders so far,” says Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse. Feedback will be used to develop the proposed plan that will go out for formal consultation later this year.

“Free up land in Albany and Dairy Flat.”

“Probably the most important document for the next 30 years of Auckland.”

What Aucklanders have said: “The car, not urban intensification, is Auckland’s biggest threat.”

“Noise control is essential if intensification is to be permitted.”

“Dense housing + more efficient public transport = eureka!”

“We need to encourage people to get out of their cars and onto buses/trains.”

Housing simulator Approximately 400,000 new homes will be needed over the next 30 years. Visit to try out the housing simulator – an interactive tool that enables you to show us where and how you think this growth should happen. 

Celebrating Success For NH Business We like good news here at the NHBA and we think that FYI is a great platform to share your successes. If you have a success story from your business, let us know. We’d be proud to share it with the rest of the North Harbour business community. Here’s a great one to start the ball rolling.

Gateway For Italians

After 20 years of ownership, Steven Hudson has sold the gate automation company Auto Gates Limited to the Italian manufacturer BFT. As part of the deal, Mr Hudson has accepted fixed term employment with the new company to help facilitate the transition. He has relocated his surviving companies to Coatesville and secured BFT as tenants for the Bush Rd, Albany property. BFT srl incorporated the new company BFT Automation New Zealand Limited to trade here in New Zealand. BFT srl is owned by the public listed company Somfy – France. BFT is represented in more than 120 countries within the world and have branch offices in more than 20 countries. FYI june 2013 5


New charges will be much fairer says Watercare

Watercare has announced a new wastewater tariff for all Auckland businesses which will remove charging anomalies and bring greater fairness.

This is an issue of fairness,” says Board Chairman Ross Keenan. “Right now, some Auckland businesses are paying more than they should, while others are paying less than they should.” “Watercare inherited 44 different wastewater tariffs from the former councils and water companies, so at the moment the amount you pay depends on where your business is located. That makes no sense under an

amalgamated Auckland region and it’s simply not fair.”

Standardising “Standardising the wastewater tariff for our 22,000 non-domestic customers will not generate any additional revenue for Watercare,” says Mr Keenan. ”But we see it as our responsibility to address an important issue of equity, in the interests of business in Auckland.”

Change Mr Keenan acknowledges the new tariff will mean significant change for some organisations, but he says Watercare will support those organisations through the shift.

What is The New Tariff?

“Watercare will put in place a transitioning process to assist businesses to move to the new tariff,” he says. “The new tariff will be phased in over three years, and we will help businesses to identify the tariff that’s right for them.”

Time Frame This decision on the new wastewater charge was made after a three-month customer consultation process. The new tariff – which allows customers to choose the charging basis that best suits their business type and discharge volume – will begin to come into effect on 1 July 2014. Watercare will work with those customers to ensure they are allocated to the right tariff band for their usage and their business.

After an extended period of deliberation, Watercare has chosen a tariff which is a variation of Option 4, presented through its customer consultation process:

Pricing Plan

Annual fixed charge (per water meter)

Volumetric charge (per kL)

Suited to approximate annual wastewater volume

Low user plan



less than1,320kL

Moderate user plan



1,320kL up to 10,000kL

High user plan



10,000kL up to 88,310kL

Industry plan



88,310kL or more

6 June 2013 FYI


Calling all businesses to get behind a great cause


idsCan are really excited to be launching the first ever KidsCan National Mufti Day, a FUNdraiser in conjunction with More FM’s More Day, 9 August 2013. This inaugural KidsCan National Mufti Day initiative was initially promoted to schools, but with lots of keen interest from corporate companies it has now been opened up to businesses who are interested in taking part in this fun event. It’s easy to get involved, just use your imagination! Create a theme and dress fancy! Encourage staff to participate, have fun, and raise money all for a great cause. With More FM involved, there is also an opportunity for More FM to visit your workplace, so make sure your business stands out.

KidsCan is a charity, located in Albany that supports the education of thousands of disadvantaged New Zealand children, in hundreds of low decile schools nationwide. KidsCan gives food, clothing, shoes and basic healthcare items directly to children in need in partnership with the schools they attend. By supporting National Mufti Day, your business will help KidsCan to expand their programmes and support children that are waiting for their help. To register your business go to or for further information on KidsCan National Mufti Day or More Day, please contact Suzanne Keoghan at KidsCan on 478 1525 or

Dress Fancy for

Supporting Disadvantaged Kiwi Kids

A FUNdraiser for

Encourage your team to wear mufti or fancy dress on More Day, Friday 9th August 2013, and raise funds for KidsCan! Come up with a fancy dress theme for your team or get them to wear mufti. Your support will help KidsCan to help thousands of kiwi kids in need.

Register your business today at Who are KidsCan? KidsCan is a charity that supports the education of thousands of disadvantaged NZ children, in hundreds of low decile schools nationwide. We give food, clothing, shoes and basic healthcare items directly to children in need in partnership with the schools they attend. By supporting National Mufti Day your school will help KidsCan to expand its programmes to support children waiting for our help.

For more information contact KidsCan on (09) 478 1525 or email


From the word Go In his address to the attendees of the NHBA Business Breakfast in May, Chief Marketing Officer of telco 2degrees Malcolm Phillips gave a master-class on taking a business from 0 customers to over 1 million. 5 Keys To Business Growth

From The Start

• Take time to understand what

Malcolm took great pains to emphasis that Day 1 is important. There will only ever be one Day 1; make it count. Discover where you can make a mark. For 2degrees this meant concentrating on the prepaid market, handing out free SIM cards and halving the charges of existing telcos. It also meant being where the customers are: becoming and remaining customer-centric. Malcolm warned the audience to ignore Social Media at their peril. To be approachable, Facebook has been manned fulltime since 2degrees opened for business.

your customer wants

• Get the building blocks right • Establish quickly and maintain your presence • Your customer is key • Stay true to who you are Stressing the need to start as you mean to go on, Malcolm shared his insights into the rapid success of NZ’s third largest mobile network provider.

Overnight Success comes from Long-term Planning It may have taken 2degrees a remarkable 24 hours to gather 70,000 customers but it took 13 years of planning and $400 million of investment to get to Day 1. In that time, brand and message were fiercely debated. With US and UK backing as well as NZ investment, the temptation to create an homogenous identity was high. Given a choice of 2degrees, First Light and Pearl, the board opted for First Light as the telco’s name. It wasn’t until the late Eric Hertz came on board and vigorously lobbied for a more Kiwi-centric brand that the name 2degrees was finalized. Hertz questioned the identity of the telco’s customers: international or national? 6 degrees of separation may connect the whole world but NZ is, arguably, connected by 2 degrees.

Customers? It’s all very well having a product or service to sell but what is it that customers really want? It became evident from feedback on 2degrees’ competitors that customers wanted something uncomplicated. According to Malcolm, there was a feeling amongst the market that the competition overcomplicated many facets of contracts – making it difficult to switch providers.

Identity Creation Malcolm acknowledges luck played a part in their choice of Rhys Darby as the face of 2Degrees. As his star has risen, so too has the telco’s. But identity is more than just television advertising. 2degrees sees itself as the telco underdog and strives hard to support other underdogs. It has bought wholeheartedly into the

Coming up in June: Drive revenue and reduce costs with webinars Join the NHBA team for lunch and the opportunity to dip your toes into the world of webinars with The Catalyzers. The Catalyzers share how webinars can change how you do business and increase your bottom line by using established virtual meeting, event and training technologies. It’s no surprise that webinars are “business as usual” in North America so it’s time North Harbour businesses were locking in the manifold benefits offered by webinars to drive growth in sales and the bottom line. 8 June 2013 FYI

By the end of this session you’ll know: • What is a webinar (including viewing webinar software interface) • When to use virtual meetings and webinars • Manifold hard and soft benefits of webinars • Case studies of success • Sectors and companies using webinars • Webinar software options available to you • How to fast track getting started with webinars

psyche of the average New Zealander, jandals and all.

Ongoing Challenges Every business has ongoing challenges. For 2degrees, staying true to a Kiwi identity is core to the brand. Identifying with and supporting the underdog is crucial. Phillips and 2degrees want to avoid at all costs becoming just another Kiwi telco in the public perception.

What Are The Rewards? After three and a half years of business, 2degrees can look back on some remarkable achievements. • 1 million customers in three and a half years • A quality 3g network • 94% of New Zealanders remember the 2Degree ads • Changed business with carryover minutes and shared data • 40 retail stores nationwide

Lessons Learned It can be easy to disregard the lessons offered by a large business like 2degrees. $400 million and 13 years planning may seem out of reach for a grass-roots business but the basics are transferable. Plan for success, work out who your customers are and what they want, blitzkrieg from Day One and stay true to your vision.


The Catalyzers Business Lunch Date: 26 June 2013, 12:30-2pm Venue: Millenium Institute, 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay. Bookings: Janine Brinsdon – NHBA General Manager Email: Phone: 021 212 4942 One representative per NHBA member, or Associate member is free. Additional tickets are $35 + GST. Non NHBA members are welcome - tickets available at $45 + GST. Further information can be found on the NHBA website –



Pinehurst School


ocated on park-like grounds in Albany, Pinehurst School is a world class, co-educational private school offering the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum from Primary through to Senior College. Every pupil is given the encouragement, nurture and individual care needed to realise high expectations, with students’ year after year achieving top honours in New Zealand and the World in CIE examinations. Offering small class sizes, passionate teachers and an extensive academic, sports and arts curriculum, Pinehurst ensures your child is able to make the most of a range of opportunities. Graduates leave with a globally recognised qualification, prepared to address life’s challenges as confident, well-equipped adults and with the option to study at any University in the world.

There are two upcoming ways to discover more about the school. First, drop in to the next NHBA After 5 event in June hosted at Pinehurst School. Alternatively, Pinehurst holds regular open days, providing visitors and prospective families the opportunity to visit Pinehurst and see the School in action. We welcome you to our next open day, where you can experience first-hand the warm and inviting atmosphere that is truly Pinehurst. OPEN DAY: Wednesday 21 August TOUR TIMES: Primary 9:30am Senior and Junior College 1:30pm. Pinehurst also welcomes personal tours. For further information please phone our Enrolment Manager Heather Mills (09) 414 0960 or book online today for our next tour at

SAVe THe DATe After Five

Date: 20th June 2013 Venue: Pinehurst School Bookings: Free attendance RSVP to Further information can be found on the NHBA website –

pArALLeL importinG

Parallel importing v Licensed Distributors – 10 years on This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the change to the Trade Marks Act 2002 (“Act”), which made the parallel importing of branded products legal in New Zealand. This doesn’t include music, films and software, which are subject to different restrictions under copyright law. What is parallel importing? Parallel importing is not to be confused with the importing of counterfeit products or unauthorised copies; what we are talking about is genuine goods bearing a trade mark, that are brought into the country by someone other than the local licensed distributor. Changes to the Act in 2003 made it possible for importers to use the trademarks associated with these goods provided that they have been put on the market somewhere in the world by the New Zealand trademark owner or with the owner’s express or implied consent. In 2011 the Act was amended further so that if the goods are put on the market anywhere in the world by an “associated person” of the owner, then a parallel importer won’t be infringing NZ trademark law. This widening of the provision is likely to prevent any creative structuring as to trademark ownership by licensees and international manufacturers.

Australian This can be compared with similar Australian legislation which allows parallel importers to use trademarks where the trademark has been applied to the goods with the trade mark owner’s consent. To attempt to defeat parallel importers in Australia, some international brand owners are moving their Australian trade mark ownership into another company which plays no part in the use of the trademark elsewhere 10 June 2013 FYI

in the world, so that theoretically the consent is absent. Such efforts are not likely to be successful here as the statutory definition of “associated person of the owner” is broad and includes a person who has “effective control” of the use of a trademark.

Registration repeal At the same time as the “associated person” amendment in 2011, the provisions in the Act allowing the registration of licensed users of trademarks was repealed, so that there is now no public register of licensees. This means that an importer of trademarked goods may not be aware of other traders having contractual rights to use the same trademarks.

The implications So what has this meant for local licensed distributors – are their distribution agreements now not worth the paper they are written on? On the contrary, a solid distribution agreement has become more important than ever, as the main protection for licensed distributors is for their foreign trading partner to keep a tight control on the supply chain of their products. An agreement which requires the foreign manufacturer to actively take steps to prevent their other contracted distributors from selling to parallel importers will be of value to a licensed distributor, and will be of critical importance to a distributor with an exclusive licence

who intends to spend a significant amount of money advertising and promoting the trademarked products. Other legal tools that local licensed distributors have will depend on how the parallel imported goods are marketed and whether they are identical to the licensed products. For example, a manufacturer might make the same products slightly differently or package them differently according to the tastes and standards of the country they are intended for. If a parallel importer brings in goods that were actually manufactured for use in a different country, then they may not conform to New Zealand labelling standards, which could lead to a Fair Trading Act claim. Likewise, the products may not meet New Zealand safety standards. If the products are of a different or lesser quality to the product sold by the licensed distributor, then the licensed distributor may have grounds for an action in passing off. Similarly, there may be other intellectual property issues that apply, such as copyright. Of course, these may only be applicable in certain fact situations, so the strongest defence for a licensed distributor remains their contractual relationship with the overseas manufacturer/supplier, and the willingness of that trading partner to take steps to limit parallel imports. Jenny Watson Clendons. Barristers and Solicitors

one voice for LocAL business

one Voice a Step Closer

auCKLanD CounCIL bID PoLICY reQuIreMenT

% oF eLIgIbLe VoTerS who VoTeD


VoTeS In FaVour oF bID eXPanSIon


bID eXPanSIon baLLoT reSuLT aChIeVeD

36.5% 64.27%


the Northern Motorway, from Rosedale Rd in the north to Parkway Drive in the south, creating one of, if not the largest BID in Auckland. With all going to plan, the expanded BID will come into effect from 1 July, 2013. This will give businesses in the extension access to a powerful voice in decision making procedures for the region. The NHBA is already active across a wide range of business

initiatives, from crime prevention and regional transport issues through to networking and the promotion of member businesses. For members already in the BID, your voice is about to become even stronger. The NHBA would like to thank all those who participated in the poll and look forward to working with you in the future. Together we will provide a strong, relevant voice for local business and ensure that North Harbour remains the pre-eminent business district in Auckland. Keep checking the NHBA website for further updates as they happen. www.nhba

S EX P 2013





he One Voice For Local Business vote was a gratifying yes on the part of the two business districts involved. 36.6 % of those eligible took part in the vote and 64.7% approved of the expansion of the current North Harbour Business Improvement District – higher figures than the requirements set by Auckland Council under the Regional BID Policy (December 2011). The process is not yet finished as the vote has yet to be ratified by the Upper Harbour Local Board and ultimately the Auckland Council. Provided the ratification takes place, the expanded North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID) will include the eastern side of


Introducing Interior Designzone and West Tec Workplace Solutions as winners of the Business Expo 2013 Best Stand. With our extensive knowledge in the design of commercial interiors we can guide you through your office fit-out from client briefing; building consent, furniture manufacture, project management and final sign off. Have confidence that your project is being handled by experts. If you are upsizing, renovating, relocating or need a fresh new look for your space... ...let’s talk

m: 0210652576 e:

p: (09) 414 4435


p: (09) 415 8312

Address: 220B Bush Rd, Albany, Auckland 0626

nHbA business expo 2013

The NHBA Business Expo was held at North Harbour Stadium on 16 May 2013

12 June 2013 FYI

nHbA business expo 2013 FYI June 2013 13

NHBA Business expo 2013

Business Expo a success The 2013 NHBA Business Expo was held on 16 May at the North Harbour Stadium in Albany.


businesses showcased their brands, with a diverse selection ranging from therapy services, security, social media coaches and convention venues through to business accounting and personnel resourcing. And the highly successful event drew over 600 people through its doors, 200 of whom sported a carry-bag provided by Classique International Ltd. NHBA General Manager, Janine Brinsdon said “the Expo proved another exciting day for North Harbour business. Exhibitor demand increased by 25%, supported  by an increase of visitors of 33%.” The event was attended by Auckland Mayor Len Brown, who spent time chatting with exhibitors and attendees. Fourteen seminars were held throughout the day. Xero founder Rod Drury gave insights into using tech to grow profit – particularly how cloud solutions can give smaller businesses an edge to compete with larger entities. Hannah Jemmett from Auckland Transport covered the future transport plans needed to enable North Harbour business to grow. Professor Ted Zorn, Vice Chancellor and Dean of Business Studies at Massey University (Albany Campus) shed light on the crossover between education and business – exploring how businesses can profit when working in partnership with the education sector. Hourly prize draws were held and the event concluded with a grand prize draw worth $4000 collectively. “We were delighted that the quality which was the hallmark of previous years continued.  We also received very positive comments about the friendliness and the strong business community atmosphere”, said Janine. “Visitors appreciated the range of exhibitors and free access to very knowledgeable seminar hosts.  The only negative comment was having to queue to register for the $4000 worth of major door prizes!”  she concluded. NHBA wishes to thank all who took part in making the Expo a major success, from the exhibitors and visitors through to the sponsors and the team working behind the scenes who brought the event together. A huge vote of thanks must go to North Harbour Stadium, without whom the Expo would have had no home. And a special mention to MiIT who stepped in with a loan laptop – cheers!

14 June 2013 FYI

EXPO WINNERS Hourly Draw Prizes Sponsor and Prize


$50 Bouquet from Edible Blooms

Lea Campbell from Opus

$50 Voucher from Wine & More

Hammed Toraneh from Master Maintenance

$75 Skincare Package from International House of Camille

Sam Harris of Skyhigh Fitness

Organic Greek Gourmet Hamper from Taste of Greece Food Trading Ltd

Fraser Harris from Kilian & Associates

Picnic Hamper from EmbroidMe

Heather Reid from Snowplanet

3 Month Gym Membership from Express Exercise

Mathew Thomas from Mello Technology

$75 Skincare Package from International House of Camille

Marcel Guy from City Nissan

NZ Sale Hamper

Julian Agustin Dapena from New Brew

Business Books valued at $105 from Action Coach

Ratan Prakash BCS Computer Solutions

Quality Hotel Lincoln Green $50 Restaurant Voucher

Wayne Williams from Safer North

Quality Hotel Lincoln Green $50 Restaurant Voucher

Diane James from The Alternative Board

nHbA business expo 2013

NHBA expo Prize Draw Saving the best until last, the NHBA Expo 2013 closed with a grand prize giving. Sponsors for the draw were:

Congratulations to the following winners.

• Melissa Markley of Bloom Hearing Specialists -– Colour Advert 10x3 colour with 3 columns from North Shore Times.

• Garth Nell of Link – Accommodation and Breakfast Package from Quality Hotel Lincoln Green.

• Greg Powney of Balloons Direct – a Snow Planet Family Pass

• Pam Martin of Positive Connexions – a Snow Planet Family Pass

• Phyllipa Randall of Employment Works – a Fishing Charter inboard Wave Dance for one from Buzz Events

• Jason Holdaway of FRANK – a Fishing Charter inboard Wave Dance for one from Think Creative

• Stewart Wright of Prosper – 1 Month of Free Chiropractic Care from Pure Healthcare Albany

• Charles Hayward of English Language Partners NZ – 2 x Corporate Box Tickets to a Breakers Game, courtesy of North Harbour Hyundai

• Sheri Whitmill of Leading Solutions – Addcom Telecommunications Equipment courtesy of GTL Networks

• Neil Kumar of Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd – Konfit Telecommunications Equipment courtesy of GTL Networks

• Julie Andrews of Waitoki Engineering Ltd – Addcom Telecommunications Equipment courtesy of GTL Networks FYI June 2013 15

DiGitAL spAce



ltra-fast Broadband (UFB) is taking over the country. The initial rollout is now almost two years old. Anthony Acres – Regional Digital Policy Implementation advisor with Auckland Council – hopes businesses in fibred areas have been investigating their telecommunications needs and talking to their service providers about their options.

What Does It Do? Fibre can deliver large amounts of data further and faster than the copper cables that traditionally deliver telecommunications services.

What Can It Do? Businesses should investigate how they can do what they are doing better and more cheaply with fibre-enabled services – for example VoIP services and file management systems can greatly enhance productivity while internet television and video conferencing can truly begin to make a difference to customer experience.

If you don’t have a responsive and well designed website then you are missing out.

Where Is It Available? Chorus has completed its fibre to node programme. The next phase is bringing UFB from the node to the premises. Much of the Albany Basin and Wairau Valley is primed for UFB and switching over to the service should be a simple process. Anthony points to the Chorus’ website, which has a lot of information regarding timing, service providers that offer UFB, and other information that businesses might need to make decisions about their connectivity. At the time of print, there were nine service providers offering UFB in the Auckland region although the provider options in specific areas may be more limited. 16 June 2013 FYI

UFB and Small Businesses Small businesses have the most to gain regarding technology in their businesses – it has never been more accessible than it is today and these services used to be reserved for those who had a lot of money and in-house capability – small business owners can now pick and choose from a range of connectivity options and technology solutions based on their specific needs.

How Tech Can Help Anthony Acres points out that customers are increasingly reliant on web communication – if

you don’t have a responsive and well designed website then you are missing out. The same is true in utilising other online channels. Many people will search You Tube for practical help when starting a DIY project, looking for a particular product or service or even researching hotels and things to do during their trip of a lifetime. They will vent their spleen on Twitter when service is poor (and give praise where praise is due). They will like Facebook pages, allowing businesses into a slice of their personal life at any time of the day.

Look Your Customer In The Eye Overall, businesses should take the time to familiarise themselves with what is out there, and think about how these new tools and services could be purposed practically to their business models. In the past, much of how small business has operated depended on being able to look a customer or supplier in the eye – to take measure of them in person. UFB and the associated technology allows that to continue at both local, national and global levels. The person opposite you may in fact be sitting 9000km away but getting face to face with them now takes nanoseconds. UFB is only going to grow bigger and faster. It will change every facet of our lifestyles – in work, rest and play. It may even lead to rethinking the way some people do business.

Web 2.0

Social Media And your Business Social Media (SM) is another way of saying online communication... or perhaps online conversations would be more apt. People are already there online, chatting about their day-to-day events. And if you’re a business, there’s a good chance they’re talking about you... or trying to talk to you.

Twitter Facebook

Your niece is on it. Grumpy Cat is on it. Everyone is on it. More importantly, Air New Zealand is on it. So too are The Millenium Institute, 2degrees and Altura Coffee. What makes it so powerful? 1.1 billion users (March, 2013)

It’s not for the birds. Twitter is an essential way to maintain immediate contact with customers and prospects. It’s like texting but anyone globally can see it. Ergo, if you have a disgruntled customer negatively tweeting about you, then it pays to know what they’re saying. What makes it powerful? Brevity and transparency.

Pinterest Linkedin

This one’s not just for job seekers. LinkedIn is a massive publisher of business writing. It’s also where people are networking like crazy. What makes it powerful? Specifically for business.


This is where people showcase their passions and connect with like minded people. Involved in the marine industry? This is where hard-core boaties congregate. Android developers? Check. What makes it so powerful? Part of the Google empire.

Who Uses Social Media? Social media is where the big companies are. They reach out through a variety of platforms, gauging how well they engage with their customers. They market directly to the customer but they also (if they’re smart) create dialogue between themselves and their market. No one enjoys a one sided conversation.

SMEs But it’s not just a big business tool. Let’s say 200 customers choose to allow your business into their online space through Facebook or Twitter. That’s 200 people who are inviting your business into their personal space - 24/7. What would an open dialogue with 200 customers at any time of the day mean for your business? In his seminar at the NHBA Expo in May, Rod Drury of Xero said, “Small Business especially is word-of-mouth business. Small

Let’s say you make wedding dresses, high-end furniture or super-yachts. Pinterest is overtly visual. A photo of the Le Corbusier inspired chair your business just completed is a perfect fit for this platform, potentially drawing in lots of new leads. What makes it so powerful? Image-centric – a picture’s worth a thousand words.

“What would an open dialogue with 200 customers at any time of the day mean for your business?” Business owners talk to others, they hear things at barbecues. Social media accelerates that, so we’re very active on Twitter and Facebook and our blog. It’s a big part of what we do. It’s not a plaything that marketing people do on the side.”

The Possibilities Social media is about technology, yes, but it is fundamentally about human relations. From a business perspective, that makes Social Media all about your relationship with your customers… and your suppliers. You could quiz them on offering new product lines or pulling tired old lines, discover their pain points or perhaps just

make them smile. They in turn can express their pleasure (or displeasure) in your business – sharing it with their friends. They can get the inside scoop on sale items or special offers and they can quickly keep you abreast of new developments in your industry that you may not be aware of.

The Pitfalls Getting involved in every SM platform is not an option for most businesses. Social Media can suck up all of your time if you’re not willing to set up some guidelines and stick to them. Conversely, just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account without updating and

monitoring it is a dead end. You have to keep your followers engaged. But with the rise of smartphones, using Twitter or Facebook is just like sending a text or a photo via your phone to someone.

Is Social Media For You Will your business survive without a Social Media presence? Probably. But come back to an earlier question. What could you do with 200 clients willing to let you into a slice of their personal life at any time of the day? Follow us on Twitter: @NHBAOrg Like us on Link to us on LinkedIn FYI June 2013 17


Travel Smarter

In her presentation at the NHBA expo, Auckland Transport planner Hannah Jemmet gave an update on North Harbour’s transport plans


he said, “There isn’t the capacity to build all the roads necessary... we really need to think smarter about how we travel.” And thinking smarter is just what Auckland Transport are doing. Acknowledging Auckland’s predicted population boom and providing alternative means of transport to private cars has become a necessity.

Overview Over the next 30 years, Auckland is expected to grow in population to 2.5 million – the majority of New Zealand’s growth in this period will occur in Auckland. This population boom will predominantly occur within the existing confines of the city, leading to a more compact city. It is estimated another 400,000 homes will be needed to meet this growth. The key challenge will be in aligning the transport infrastructure with this growth. While peak hour journeys will increase , so too will inter-peak journeys. Growth in demand for public transport will be due to both business and leisure/pleasure. While the number of cars will definitely increase, the biggest growth will be in freight and public transport. Auckland Transport has projected a doubling of public transport boardings by 2022.

Theory of the Integrated Transport System There are 4 tiers to enabling Auckland to keep on moving • Look after what we’ve got. • Optimise what we’ve got. • Limit increased new demand through Travel Demand Management (TDM). As time and demand progresses, harder TDM measures may be justified eg: greater parking charges or congestion charges. 18 June 2013 FYI

• Building an infrastructure. There will be new developments although looking after what we already have will be the priority.

What’s Happening In North Harbour? Albany Highway Upgrade. Schnapper Rock Rd to the Albany Expressway –about 4km in length. • Provide sustainable travel choices. • Improve safety for all road users. • Ease congestion. The project will provide • 4 lanes of traffic. • Segregated footpaths and cycle-ways. • Where footpaths and cycle-ways are not possible, share-ways will be used. • Undergrounding of overhead communication lines. • Storm-water improvements. • Appropriate landscaping and urban design. • Intersection improvements. Total project cost will be around $70 million. Most landing purchases have already been made although there are a few legal difficulties to get through. Provided these obstacles are overcome, the project will start before Christmas, 2013 and will be a 30 month build.

Greville Interchange

• Western roundabout will be signalized. • A bus priority lane. • Work to start later in 2013. SH1Northbound

• Additional auxiliary lane between Upper Harbour Highway onramp and Greville Rd off-ramp. • 15 month project and estimated for 2015 finish. • Northern Busway extension.

Upper Harbour Highway

• To be upgraded as part of the Western Ring. • Improvements may include changes to signalized intersections at Unsworth, Paul Matthews and Caribbean Drive. • Improvements to walking and cycling facilities along Upper Harbour Highway. Bus-ways have been a big success but the need for improvements is being closely watched. The Albany Station car-park has already been extended. An additional 500 spaces were provided in 2012 but they were filled by their second day of operation. Albany Station car-parks now number 1100 spaces. Some of the pressure on the Albany Station should be relieved once the Hibiscus Coast Park and Ride opens later this year.

Freight Travel Last year Auckland Transport and NHBA commissioned a study on North Harbour freight travel. Generally, freight travel works well in the area as much of it is in off-peak times but population growth will have an impact in the future and the situation is being closely monitored.

Outlook With a finite land area and decisions taken to grow Auckland upward rather than outward, there will be many problems in shifting the population around, whether for work or pleasure. North Harbour is in a good position to counter the population growth and keep the area moving. Updates to projects can be found on the Auckland Transport website as well as the NHBA site transport-infrastructure where applicable


NZTA Meeting

SNeAk Peek

Scott Stickman of the NZTA met with the NHBA in April to update the agency’s plans for the North Harbour Region. Scott is a Senior Transport Planner for the agency.

meeting with Scott Stickman,


ignificant investment is to be targeted by NZ Transport Agency to improve the transport network in the North Harbour area over the next 20 years. Two future NZTA projects of significance in the NHBA area in the short term are: • State Highway 1 northbound – auxiliary lane between the Upper Harbour Highway onramp and Greville Road offramp and upgrade of the Greville interchange. • Upgrade of Upper Harbour Highway between Constellation Drive and Albany Highway Additional Regional Projects which affect the NHBA area: • Western Ring Route • Northern Busway Extension • Additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing Priorities: • SH1 Upper Harbour Highway to Greville Road northbound • Upgrade of Upper Harbour Highway between SH1 (Constellation Drive) and Albany Highway • Northern Busway Extension Further information can be found in the Transport page of the NHBA website

Following on from April’s

members of the NHBA have been invited to a unique opportunity to see what the experts see – a behind the door look at the room where Auckland’s traffic cameras feed. Learn how our traffic is controlled and managed throughout the day.

SAVe THe DATe Traffic Camera Sneak Peek

Date: 11am, 30th July 2013 Venue: Smales Farm Bookings: Free to NHBA members. RSVP to

crime prevention

Huge financial losses for companies after switchboards hacked


ume Ltd has become aware recently of a number of incidents where voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone systems of companies have been hacked, leaving those companies with losses from very high phone bills. “The introduction of super fast broadband will make this more of a problem than it already is,” says Lume Ltd Managing Director Richard Cheeseman. “Essentially the hackers dial their own 0900 numbers – we know of sites in Somalia and East Africa – and then they run up huge bills to themselves. Your phone provider has no choice but to claim the money from you and to pay that money over to those numbers, because of obligations from international agreements. “In the end you’re left carrying the can because it’s your job to secure your phone system properly,” he said. In two of the incidents: 1. Somebody hacked in to the company’s VOIP phone system, stole a password and used that account to run up huge phone bills 2. A hacker ‘pretended’ to be a phone on the system, logged-in remotely and ran up a large phone bill Richard said the biggest cause of security breaches is companies not updating their phone operating systems regularly, like applying ‘updates’ or ‘patches’ when they come through from providers. “Ensure you have proper security on your network and phone system and use secure passwords,” he said. Save the Date , watch out for upcoming training on Internal Fraud and Drugs in the Work Place.  We are also planning training in the future on IT security.  Contact Anna-Louise Crane on 021 560 287 or  for further information.

20 June 2013 FYI

Q. How do the Police investigate a burglary, and what can I expect if my business is a victim? When you discover your premises burgled, the first thing I would ask in this situation is that you try not to disturb anything, so that potential forensic evidence is not lost. Please don’t clean up the mess burglars have left behind. Telephone the police and you will be put through to the Crime Reporting Line (CRL). The call-taker will ask you for lots of details and record what has happened. The call-taker will give you an “Event Number” and/or a “File Number” which can be used by you for insurance purposes. Make a note of the number and keep it handy. A Police Forensics officer will be despatched to your premises as soon as possible. They will photograph your premises and look for forensic evidence such as fingerprints, shoeprints, and blood or saliva which may yield DNA. They will also take CCTV footage if you have cameras and canvass neighbours as potential witnesses. The North Shore Police “Tactical Crime Unit” (TCU) will investigate your burglary. Potential leads are followed up. Police Intelligence systems will be used. They will look at the particular way the burglary was committed, which may give leads to known offenders or groups who operate in that specific way. Police Community Officers also do a lot of work with second-hand dealers, looking for stolen property being sold via that route as well. The Police have many different groups who all get involved in attempting to solve your burglary and they utilise as many avenues as possible to try and catch those responsible. Please remember though, real life isn’t as simple as you see on TV shows like CSI. For example, a DNA profile from a smear of blood found at the crime scene will potentially take 6-8 weeks to obtain via scientific work done at ESR. A crime victim database is kept by Police. This means that you will be contacted by Victim Support, and the burgled premises flagged. In future, if the premises are burgled again, this will be noted and further steps put in place to try to prevent any further crimes occurring there with the ideal being to reduce repeat offence locations and repeat victimisation as much as possible. Answered by Senior Sergeant Andy King, AKG380 Youth and Community Prevention Manager, North Shore Police

business & pLeAsure

New associate members Welcome to our associate members who have joined us since the previous issue of FYI magazine.

Crystal Payroll

Crystal Payroll’s online payroll software allows you to manage your PAYE, leave calculations and IR filings with ease. Being online means: • You never have to upgrade or reload software again • You’re always up-to-date with current IRD legislation • Your data is securely backed-up automatically • And you can operate your payroll from any internet capable device, anywhere, anytime. Comprehensive reporting is included, there are no charges for phone support and it costs a lot less than you’d think – especially as you get to choose which service options you want included. On top of all that your satisfaction is guaranteed. 09 480 0123


We are a video production company that loves to make films. We are brand and market aware with years of business and marketing experience. We really care about how your company comes across to your clients, consumers or audience. Whether you need a company promo, are planning a marketing campaign, or are selling real estate, with our filming, marketing and business expertise we can make the video to get your message across. 09 475 6460


As a technology and vendor independent company, Lume can give you the impartial advice and support you need to make effective, timely decisions for your business. Multiple solutions, multiple vendors and multiple choices dominate the IT environment. Your Lume IT Manager and Help Desk will take responsibility for finding a solution and will keep stakeholders fully informed throughout. No more frustration, no more blame games, no more delays – from desktop and applications to the entire network, you get one point of support from one company, responsible for services delivered by independent vendors.

Recruit NZ

Have you ever spoken with business owners who are in business growth mode… and it seems like all their stress is because of staff issues? Thankfully, recruitment company Recruit NZ can make the recruitment pain go away. We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses in analysing, strategizing and providing HR and employment solutions that tie in with the business’s strategy and goals without breaking the bank! You can use Recruit NZ’s recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy services as and when you need them: either work with us on a one-off basis, or engage us on a monthly retainer basis. 09 280 3977

eMoAustralasia NZ Ltd INTERNATIONAL SEA AND AIR TRANSPORT OPERATORS & CONSULTANTS EMO Australasia NZ LTD is a privately owned New Zealand based freight broker. By consolidating complete worldwide import and export freight operations under one roof, and utilizing highly-trained freight specialists who are experts in project management and all areas of International Freight Forwarding, we’re confident we can do the job better than anyone else. Our large, established global network allows us to provide the very best service and price. And we don’t just say it—it’s our contract. At EMO Australasia NZ LTD, we are fiercely proud of our work and will do whatever it takes to deliver. 09 415 0084

Find out the benefits of becoming an associate member by talking to Cheriette Ede on 09 968 2222, or emailing

Rise Accountants At Rise Accountants, we are friendly, accessible accounting specialists who make it our business to make your business more successful. We are highly educated, well-trained chartered accountants, business consultants and financing and tax specialists who work a part of your management team. Using state of the art technology, we fuse strategy with results to help you grow. Our extensive business development coaching services include: • Business Start-Up Mentoring • Management Consulting and Coaching • Strategic Planning Mentoring • Budgeting Rise Accountants offers the depth and breadth of services available from any major business consulting firm, while maintaining the personal touch only a locally-owned firm can provide. 09 444 4588


Bartercard is committed to helping New Zealand business grow and achieve financial success by facilitating a trade exchange network that offers dynamic and effective ways of conducting business. Bartercard’s world-leading innovative trade exchange system enables over 35,00 global member businesses in six countries to benefit from the cashless economy of barter. Since its inceptionin New Zealand, Bartercard has grown to over 7,000 member businesses across the country trading over $200 million worth of goods and services outside the cash economy each year. With commitment and tenacity, Bartercard has forged a substantial company that is today, the largest barter network in the world. 09 414 6621 09 477 3601 FYI June 2013 21

business & pLeAsure

Associates cont... Master Maintenance We provide a wide range of professional services to the freight industry and are skilled at servicing roll cages, collapsible cages, pallet fences and a wide range of other equipment. Our services are designed to maximise your time and minimise your costs. The same operators who manufacture our parts provide our services which allows us to provide unrivalled efficiency whilst at the same time you will receive the best quality of workmanship through our most experienced operators. Being the original manufacturers of stock handling trolleys and stillages, we are the best at servicing and maintaining these and other similar equipments. 09 274 5882

eC Credit Control Collecting Commercial debts requires specialist skills. Operating since 1989, EC Credit Control has the experience, know-how and ability to collect your commercial debt in a prompt and efficient manner. EC Credit Control prides itself on providing what we believe to be the most efficient and cost effective consumer and commercial debt recovery service available. We focus on debt management not legal proceedings and this has helped us achieve one of the highest collection rates in the industry. Our collection process is fast and effective. It is also nice to know that we operate on No Collection, No Commission basis. Let EC Credit Control take care of your debt collection. This allows you to get on with what you do best – running your own business. 0800 324 768

Drake New Zealand Drake is a profit improvement company focused on enhancing the productivity and performance of your human capital. Our operating philosophy is based on the principle that organizations achieve the highest level of output when they are staffed with the right people, working with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours, using the best processes and technology-driven solutions, over an extended period of time. To assist you, we have created a unique suite of Talent Management Solutions that can be customized for your organization to improve performance, productivity, recruiting, retention, organizational culture, leadership, customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 09 478 6200 22 June 2013 FYI

NHBA Wine Club Once again, the NHBA Wine Club comes up trumps with another stunning selection of wines from the vaults of Wine and More. NHBA members get a hefty discount on some very drinkable wines so be in quick. Hawkes Ridge Wine Estate 2011 Tempranillo Tempranillo is a traditional red wine variety of Rioja in Spain. The variety makes wines of fine balance and great ageing potential. This wine has a deep, rich red colour with aromas of black cherry, spice and leather. On the palate it has rich dark fruit and spice with well integrated oak. This wine will reward careful cellaring for the enthusiast but is drinking well now for those with less patience. FOOD MATCH: Meats and game, particularly Venison and Beef. RRP$33.00 NHBA Wine Club Price $26.00

Pick & Shovel Central Otago Pinot Gris 2012 Probably the BEST 2012 Central Otago Pinot Gris I have tasted. Exclusive not available anywhere else in the North Island. Pick & Shovel has aromas of fresh peach with hints of mandarin skin and wildflowers, the wine has a luscious texture with a soft elegant finish. RRP $24.00 NHBA Wine Club Price $17.99

Tiffen Hill Gladstone Pinot Noir 2010 A decadent Pinot Noir with cherry, raspberry and tamarillo flavours over a base of mushroom and forest floor. Grown on the parched, stony terraces along the Ruamahunga River this single vineyard boutique wine is wonderful with food. Silver medal winner in the NZ International Wine Show. Bronze medal in the Air NZ Wines Awards RRP $25.00 NHBA Wine Club Price $16.99

Ass Kisser Barossa Shiraz 2010 Lively vibrant shiraz fruit concentration. A bold wine with lots of dark berries, chocalate and spices. A full and flavoursome wine. Recommended foods: Superb with gourmet pizza, Puttanesca pasta and Pan fried steak RRP $20.00 NHBA Wine Club Price $16.00 Mixed cases very welcome. Email your orders to or phone 09 415 3568 and mention the NHBA Wine Club. Free delivery to any NHBA business or staff member or collect direct from Wine and More at Rosedale Mews. Corner Rosedale Rd and William Pickering Drive.

nHbA GoLD sponsors 2013

Poor business security systems can cost thousands of dollars


usiness security systems is a broad topic but a vital one for the stability and profitability of any company. Ranging from CCTV security cameras, protection from intruders to critical production systems or fire alarms, every business depends on having the best advice for the most suitable security systems for any situation. As New Zealand’s leading security system supplier Global Security Intelligence supports businesses from start to finish. From providing the initial security consultation, installation and maintenance of the systems, 24/7 alarm monitoring, handling response teams and monthly reporting to keep each business running smoothly.

Are you protecting your lone workers?

skilled control centre personnel, Global provides eyes and ears 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Global installs, monitors and manages all events from security alarms, computer suites, personal medical systems, major plants, building management systems, access control systems, perimeter protection systems, video surveillance, GPS alerts, personnel and CCTV systems. The Global team answers calls in 7 seconds on average, and can provide extensive reporting.

With an increasing responsibility for the health and safety of their workers, employers must take steps to look after lone workers as well as those employed on site. Lone worker alarms mean that even remote workers are now protected in case of an accident, injury or even an assault.


How we do it

We are a strong New Zealand owned company that provides a local service by employing staff

Utilising cutting-edge security equipment and

The company’s founder, Ross Johnson, has over 20 years’ experience in the security industry. His clients have included the embassies/consulates for the USA and UK, Ports of Auckland and Wellington and Hewlett Packard.

By New Zealanders for New Zealanders

and contractors in every region. We offer nationwide coverage; in fact, we’re the third largest security company in the country and the largest New Zealand owned and operated provider. Being a locally owned business means that we are absolutely committed to every single business relationship.

Industry experience Global Security’s management team is made up of industry professionals. We have over 10,000 customers, covering literally every industry, security technology and region in New Zealand. Our experts protect a wide range of facilities, including large multi storey buildings, major property portfolios, industrial operations, national retail and commercial branch networks, high risk centres, homes, beach houses, people and vehicles. 09 375 9000

Colouring your World A one-stop-shop for all your printing needs in the heart of the Albany Basin. Trade Colour Print does it all. • Diecutting, foiling and embossing • Numbering and perforating • Digital • Hand finishing • No job too small TCP will print anything on paper, ranging from books, signage, business cards, flyers – basically anything you need to promote and market your company. Formed in 2007 by John Mahoney and Kevin Brown, Trade Colour Print was their way of re-energising. The opportunity to pool resources and work on a better press was too good to pass up. Maintaining a 5-colour Komori has also allowed TCP to help out other printers who may not have the press power.

TCP is staunchly proud of North Harbour and will do everything it can to help promote business in the area. John grew up in the area and cannot think of another place he’d rather be. If you’re too busy to drop in and need someone to visit your business, TCP can arrange to call in and help map out the best print programme for your needs. Wayne Simpson or either John or Kevin will be happy to help you explore your option. TCP operate from 7am through to 5:30pm weekdays and are happy to put the hard yards in on the weekends. 09 448 5820

“A Team of Experienced Professionals”

trade colour print FYI June 2013 23

Need Plenty Of Carparks? FOR LEASE


14 Carparks Approx 250m2 Suit office or medical Standalone building Flexible options

For Lease

This iconic building is located close to the entrance of Apollo Drive and has a generous quantity of car parks available. The fitout is of a high quality and the premises offer a modern environment for the business looking for something special. Easy access to the Northern Motorway and East Coast Bays, plus walking distance to cafes, banks and retail. Call for further information.

Janet Marshall MOB

021 684 775


Nick Recordon MOB

0272 306 751

EMAIL Shore Commercial Realty Limited, Licensed under the REAA 2008

Turn Key and Move In FOR SALE/LEASE

boundary lines indicative only

F1, 27-29 WILLIAM PICKERING DRIVE OFFERS INVITED – FIRST-CLASS OFFICE • Motivated Vendor/Landlord • High quality partitions • 230 sqm ground floor office • 7 Carparks • Data cabled and air-conditioning

An opportunity has become available to purchase or lease an excellent office unit in this popular development. The partitioning is to a high standard providing board room, offices and open plan.

For Sale/Lease Expressions of Interest closing 19 July 2013

Call the Sole Agents for further information:

Janet Marshall MOB

021 684 775


Jimmy O’Brien MOB

021 979 001

EMAIL jimmy.o’ Shore Commercial Realty Limited, Licensed under the REAA 2008

FYI June 2013  

The magazine of the North Harbour Business Association

FYI June 2013  

The magazine of the North Harbour Business Association