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MAY 2014

THE POWER OF THE CROWD How crowd-funding could help you grow your business PG12

NHBA Business Expo 2014 Your guide

Smart technology Are you making the most of it?



Accidents on Triton Drive NHBA pushes for a review PG14

The best cash source for your business



From the Chair


It’s also a good time to take stock of your key controls in the commercial, financial and operational aspects of your business. Have a good look at your debtors and inventories to ensure that your cashflows are not being disaffected by aging debtors or stock. As we head into winter we also suggest you look for opportunities to make savings using energy efficiency initiatives. Please go to the EECA website for ideas and contacts. We wish you well with the year ahead. Our executive team and committee look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and welcome your input.

elcome to FYI’s autumn 2014 issue in which we’re sharing plenty of ideas on how we can work together to build our businesses in the positive economic climate. It was good to catch up with so many NHBA members at the Hon Steven Joyce’s recent presentation in which he shared his insights on current Government priorities, future challenges, business growth and investment. With the general election now set for September 20, NHBA is arranging for each of the political parties to present their ideas to members either in a debate or in a series of separate events. We will all benefit from understanding the potential impact of the various political agendas on our business community and the wider economy. The NHBA team will confirm event details later. With financial years ending in March and June for many organisations this is a very good time to consolidate learnings of the past year to ensure you are competitive and profitable in the year ahead.

Yours sincerely, Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman




From The Chair


Upper Harbour Local Board plan


In Brief


Andy Routley & Helen Robinson


Proposed Unitary Plan

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MAY 2014

THE POWER OF THE CROWD How crowd-funding could help you grow your business PG12

NHBA Business Expo 2014 Your guide

Smart technology Are you making the most of it?


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Accidents on Triton Drive NHBA pushes for a review PG14

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The best cash source for your business

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W Marcel Kanon of Brunchies Cafe

Walk for coffee In April, NHBA ran a Walk for Coffee promotion where 500 cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate were given away to local business people who walked to their cafe. The promotion was designed to reduce the use of cars and encourage walking around the area. Participants simply signed up on the NHBA website and were emailed a voucher which they presented at one of the 15 registered cafes and walked away with a free cup of coffee. “Choosing to walk instead of drive for quick trips like collecting a coffee or buying lunch is one simple way we can all help to reduce the use of cars around the North Harbour area,” says NHBA Transport Programme Manager Brigid Rogers.

orkers whose children are under the influence of drugs often become highly stressed and their performance at work suffers. According to Rod Large, Managing Director of North Harbour business The Fortune Group, employers can help by ensuring parents on their staff are well informed. ‘The Positive Parent’ DVD empowers parents to deal directly with their children on the critical issues of adolescence, drugs and personal values. The not-for-profit programme was developed in conjunction with Rotary. Originally known as ‘Parent to Parent’, the programme has been used in over 1000 North American schools. Now customised for New Zealand as ‘The Positive Parent’, the programme empowers parents to examine, and if necessary, change some of their own beliefs and behaviours. It also gives them the knowledge and skills to turn that belief into action. Parents who have been through the programme say some of its key messages include:

• Maintain strong lines of communication. Where possible eat meals as a family and take time to listen to what your children are really saying.

Growth on the horizon?

• Be aware of what may be going on with your children or their peers. Kids face real risks and pressures every day including the temptation to take drugs or alcohol.

• Don’t be afraid to say no. Be strict when you need to be.

A potential free trade deal between New Zealand and the European Union (EU) could be good news for local businesses looking to strengthen or grow their trade in the region. Prime Minister John Key recently announced the two parties are looking at ways to deepen their relationship and this may, in time, lead to a free trade agreement. Together the 28 EU countries already conduct a significant amount of trade with New Zealand. Government figures show New Zealand 4 MAY 2014 FYI WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ

exports to the EU rose 3.7 percent to $4.72 billion in the year to January 31, 2014, while imports from the region rose 11 percent to $8.2 billion. New Zealand has already set up a network of regional and bilateral free trade agreements with significant trading partners including China and the ten Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) plus Australia. Trade deal negotiations typically span several years. John Key indicated talks with the EU may start in 2015.

‘The Positive Parent’ DVD and workbook feature, among others, former All Black Gary Whetton, Warriors team doctor Dr John Mayhew and former British Olympic coach John Shackleton. Copies of the programme are available for $25 +GST from Rod Large, Managing Director, The Fortune Group. Phone 09 414 4190.


Do the bright thing Start planning now for Loud Shirt Day, a fun way to commit serious fashion crimes and raise some serious cash. Loud Shirt Day is the annual appeal of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Paediatric Programme. These two independent charities help deaf children with cochlear implants or hearing aids to listen and speak like their hearing peers. Set up a corporate challenge and get your business involved in the fun. When: Friday, 19 September 2014 For more information and to register:

Welcome to the NHBA team NHBA is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Crime Prevention Programme Manager Raimond Donk. He brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the NHBA team. During his Police career, Raimond rose to the rank of inspector and was responsible for the delivery of many projects across the country. Since leaving the Police, he has run his own business and worked within the IT sector across business development and technical roles. Raimond is looking forward to the opportunity to work with our members in North Harbour to ensure the skills and resources are available to keep businesses and TC FYI.pdf 1 23/01/14 2:59 PM property safe. He commences his new role on 6 May 2014.

Super Rugby comes to North Harbour The Blues take on the Sharks at North Harbour Stadium on Friday 23 May. Be there to see John Kirwan’s boys face off against perennial powerhouses the Sharks. Get your tickets from Ticketmaster Or why not book a corporate box and host key clients to a night of hospitality? Contact Michelle at the stadium for package details. Phone 09 414 0171 or


Dates for your Diary May 2

Crime Prevention Training – Internal Fraud


June 2

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Enjoy your day off.

Training course for business owners and managers to protect against the risk of internal fraud.


the number of NHBA members who attended the Steven Joyce Business Luncheon

See the best of North Harbour business at the NHBA Business Expo. Free entry, free seminars and amazing door prizes.

Super Rugby comes to North Harbour as the Blues take on the might of the Sharks. Tickets from or for corporate hospitality


Building Business Capability – Maximising your Marketing


A practical guide to maximising ROI out of marketing activity. For new business prospecting and growing an existing customer base.



Blues v Sharks


Crime Prevention Training – Credit Card Fraud


Learn how to protect your business and your customers from credit card fraud.

31 May – 1 June Northern Express Bus Free this Weekend Travel free on the Northern Express bus all weekend. Leave the car behind and hop on the bus.



NHBA Business Expo




6 BY THE 3


IRB Junior World Championship


12 international teams compete across Auckland for the Junior World Championship title. Tickets from

16-22 Connect Smart Week A week of activities focused on the risks and benefits associated with operating in a cyber environment.


Business Luncheon with Andy Routley


Hear from Andy Routley, Managing Director of DB Breweries.

To keep up to date with what’s on please see If you’d like to feature your events in future editions of the FYI Magazine please contact

percent growth in the number of businesses in the NHBA area between 2008 and 2012 (Statistics New Zealand)


the number of businesses in New Zealand with five or less employees (Statistics New Zealand)


the number of IRB Junior World Championship games to be played at North Harbour Stadium this June


the number of coffees available through the recent NHBA walk for coffee promotion


Steven Joyce Business Luncheon The Hon. Steven Joyce outlined the Government’s plans to support and encourage business growth at a recent NHBA luncheon. 6 MAY 2014 FYI WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ

Hon Steven Joyce

Chris Cooke, Debby Quinn, David Jones



Business Breakfast with Helen Robinson


in multinationals including Mars, Unilever and SABMiller. During his first year at DB’s helm, Routley ensured DB continued its strong financial performance and recorded another year of double-digit growth.

ake a note in your diary to hear NHBA guest speaker Helen Robinson share her views on the future of the digital age. Robinson, who has spent over 25 years leading global technology companies, will be speaking at the NHBA Business Breakfast on Tuesday 15 July at North Harbour Stadium. Among other key roles she has been CEO of Microsoft New Zealand, and Vice President of APAC, at Canadian CRM software company Pivotal Corporation. She will share her views on technology megatrends and what future technologies may mean for businesses and individuals.

Go to for more information and to RSVP.

RSVP on to reserve your place.


Andy Routley Business Luncheon Join us to hear insights from DB Breweries Managing Director Andy Routley at the next NHBA Business Luncheon.


outley will share news about the re-aligned DB Group with its focus on beer, cider, hospitality and international exports. He will also discuss how innovation is key for any business and especially for DB’s operations in New Zealand’s mature beer market. He is our guest speaker at the NHBA luncheon on Wednesday 18 June at North Harbour Stadium. Routley will be revealing DB’s latest North Shore hospitality development plans and will offer tasting notes for the current seasonal beers and ciders – always a popular activity. Routley took up his high-profile role at DB in March 2013. He was previously based in the UK as the Managing Director for Europe of the US-publicly listed home and personal care company Church and Dwight Ltd. Prior to this, he has held senior positions

SAVE THE DATE When: 12.30pm-2.30pm, Wednesday 18 June Where: North Harbour Stadium To book your seat: Costs: One complimentary ticket per NHBA member. Additional member guests are welcome – $40 + GST. Non-NHBA members are welcome – $55 + GST.

Steve Briant, Leanne Wallace, Sayed Ali

SAVE THE DATE When: 7am-9am, Tuesday 15 July Where: North Harbour Stadium To book your seat: Costs: One complimentary ticket per NHBA member. Additional member guests are welcome - $30 + GST. Non-NHBA members are welcome $45 + GST.

Kerry Lucas, Ngaio Merrick, Tammy McLeod WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ FYI MAY 2014 7


Progress on Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

Submission pushes for best outcomes for NHBID


HBA has canvassed members for feedback on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) and made a submission to Council on your behalf. In our submission we ask for the following changes to be made to the PAUP.

• Apply General Business zoning to the areas currently classified as Light Industry.

• Remove the proposed Albany 2 Precinct. • Specify terraced mixed use commercial/ residential properties located within the NHBID area (including but not limited to Arrenway Drive, Saturn Place, William Pickering Drive, Lovell Court, Airborne Road) as Mixed Use zones under the Unitary Plan.

• Under General Business Zoning reclassify Community, Education Facilities (up to secondary school) and Entertainment as Discretionary.

• Amend the definition of Educational Facilities to include Tertiary Education/ Training Organisations to support business activities in the area.

• Create a preference to cluster like business operations (e.g. retail) to make best use of available roading access and parking facilities with the General Business Zone. For property owners and businesses in the NHBID area the impact of these changes will include:

• Protection of existing and potential investments in land, buildings and business infrastructure.

• Maintain relativity of zoning for the Western and Eastern areas of the NHBID.

• Maintain current variety of business operations to service and support the local business and residential communities.


• Maintain linkages with residential communities located in mixed use premises and adjacent residential areas.

• Improved public, private and commercial transport access to key Auckland business locations and transport hubs.

• Maintain, but not expand, mixed use residential/commercial developments that may have potential to conflict with business applications in the medium and long term.

• Consistency of zoning/consent processes to cluster complementary business activities to provide efficient use of available infrastructure. To see NHBA’s full submission on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan go to

Your Local Property Managers Premium Property Management Ltd A Division of the Jonmer Group Unit 8, 39 Apollo Drive Rosedale, Auckland 0632 Ph: 09 444 1333 Email:


Priorities please

protect all through an effective cyber security programme; improve productivity through ultra fast broadband expansion; and support a feasibility study to improve commuter transport options into and out of the business district.

Feedback on the Upper Harbour Local Board’s plan


HBA has called for greater emphasis to be placed on economic development in the local area. The message forms part of our recent review and submission on the Upper Harbour Local Board’s (UHLB) Annual Plan 2014/15. In our submission we state that the level of resources and funding committed must reflect the importance of the North Harbour area’s contribution to the Auckland economy. In general, we support the overall objectives and priorities framework outlined by the UHLB for 2014/15. We understand the need for provision of the best lifestyle on offer, highquality sport and recreation facilities, a best business environment, and the need to maintain communities’ unique identities. However, to enable this to happen, we have requested the following additions and considerations are given priority within the context of the UHLB plan.

• Increased emphasis on the need to create and maintain appropriate business infrastructure to support

entrepreneurial start-ups through to significant established organisations with export potential.

• UHLB advocacy support for increased facilities at Albany and Constellation Busway Park and Ride locations.

• Provision of a diverse mix of business operations closely integrated with educational facilities to support local employment and business services options. NHBA’s submission on the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan reflected the desires of our members for this diversity to continue. The UHLB Plan needs to support this business response.

• Consideration of the traffic generation impact that sporting facilities have on local business transport infrastructure.

• Advocacy support and a commitment to provide effective freight and transport corridors into and out of the North Harbour Business Improvement District (NHBID) area. This extends beyond the $22 million Albany Highway project and the extension of SH1.

• We note that only $600,000 of the overall budget has been allocated to economic development. Yet $523,000 of this comes from our members as their NHBID targeted rate.

• Support for improved public transport capacity within the context of the Public Transport Network Review (NHBID area 2015).

• NHBA has requested the economic development budget be extended to $720,000 to include support for further programme development. This would help to: support the Asian businesses located within the Upper Harbour area;

To read our full submission, go to NHBA’s website The formal UHLB Plan will be available for further consultation in June following the board’s review of feedback gained in this round of consultation.

Learn the Basics of Supply Chain Management




New to the North Shore NZPICS is delighted to bring our foundation course to the North Shore: Basics of Supply Chain Management (Module 1 of APICS CPIM)

“The course gave my team and me an overview of the supply chain, a shared language and good practical examples. It was invaluable!“ Adrian Griffiths, Logistics Manager, 3M

When: Thursday 5 June to Thursday 7 August 2014, from 5:00pm to 8:30pm. Where: Massey University’s Oteha Rohe campus. This 10 week course covers: > Elements of the Supply Chain > Just-In-Time (JIT) > Total Quality Management > Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRPII) > Demand Planning > Capacity Management Who should attend? > Supply Chain Professionals > Operations Managers > Planners and Schedulers > Warehouse Managers

> NZPICS is a service provider in the NZTE Voucher Capability Scheme. Qualifying organisations can receive up to 50% funding support of course costs (excludes exam cost). > A recent EER by NZQA has given NZPICS a Confident in Education Performance and Confident in Capability in Self-Assessment. > Our BSC course is also an NZQA recognised Training Scheme (Level 5, 12 credits).

Course covers: > 35 hours tutor time > Course material included > International exam (computer based test). Cost $1350 +GST

Find out more at or call 09 525 1525 now.

Visit us @ the NHBA Business Expo.


Building Better Business The NHBA Business Expo brings you over 100 local exhibitors plus free informative seminars and amazing door prizes. There’s complimentary entry for visitors, free parking and it’s all happening on Thursday 15 May at North Harbour Stadium.


ttending the NHBA Business Expo is an essential for North Harbour business people. This event is not to be missed. The Expo showcases a wide range of key North Harbour businesses in one location for one day only. This is your opportunity to seek out new supplier relationships from the great range of local businesses on display. It’s also your chance to develop your business networks and make new connections. There will be a busy schedule in the Telecom North Shore Business Hub-sponsored seminar room where a line-up of speakers will share their insights on a range of business-related topics. Speakers include Jacquelene Bycroft from Fisher & Paykel who will talk about the role of supply chain management. TN Chan of Compucon will update us all on computing technology in New Zealand and the opportunities for business to gain from these developments. And building on the crowd-funding article on page 12 of this edition of FYI, Oliver McDermott, Managing Director of Blender Design,

Special mentions Thank you once again to all the businesses that have supported this event over the past four years. Particular thanks go to our door prize sponsors and to the North Harbour Stadium who are once again venue sponsors of the expo.


Be an early bird

The first 100 expo visitors will each receive a free coffee and muffin from the onsite café.

will speak about his experience with this new funding method and share learnings that could benefit your business. The seminar rooms will also play host to panel discussions where experts answer questions and share insights on marketing, finance and HR-related issues. If you need any further reason to attend this year’s NHBA Business Expo there are several major door prizes to be won. Prizes include:

• A $500 flight voucher donated by North Harbour Travel in conjunction with Emirates;

• Two 2014 Season Memberships for the Level One Lounge at North Harbour Stadium;

• A full-colour ad in the North Shore Times valued at $650;

• Accommodation for two in a luxury suite at the Spencer on Byron Hotel, including breakfast;

• A case of wine from Wine & More and a lavish gift basket from My Goodness;

• A six-month gym membership from AUT Millennium; and

• Tickets for eight people at an upcoming NHBA Business Breakfast or Business Luncheon event. With so much on offer can you afford not to attend? Go to to plan your visit including the complete seminar schedule.

Save the Date

What: NHBA Business Expo When: 10am-5.30pm, Thursday, 15 May 2014 Where: Level 1, North Harbour Stadium, Albany More details: expo2014

Like a lot of businesses, Rossmore Tanks found they were so busy working in their business, that they didn’t have enough time to get their business running more profitably. That’s where Telecom Business Hub can help. An expert from your local Hub can take a fresh look to see whether the latest technology could make a difference. For Rossmore Tanks, the difference was massive. They were able to save $500 a month and made significant improvements to get their business operating considerably more efficiently.


North Shore


If you’d like someone to look at your telecommunications to help you save time and money –


The power of the crowd How crowd-funding could help you grow your business


re you running a start-up or high-growth business? Could you benefit from an extra $2 million a year? New legislation makes it faster and easier for businesses to access funds. When Commerce Minister Craig Foss revealed details of new legislation earlier this year, he set in place a change that could radically up the chances of success for start-up and highgrowth businesses. Under the new Financial Markets Conduct Act, New Zealand businesses can now raise up to $2 million a year without having to issue a formal prospectus or investment statement. The relevant part of the legislation came into force on April 1 this year. It centres on equity crowd-funding which allows


A recent NHBA online poll showed most respondents feel they don’t know much about crowd-funding and are interested to learn more. businesses to raise capital from members of the public in exchange for shares in the business. Usually conducted online, the transaction means businesses can raise funds fast from multiple sources. It can make or break a business trying to grow. Most importantly, it provides a whole new source of funds for businesses typically unable to raise risk capital from traditional sources such as banks. The legislation puts some guidelines and security around the growing presence of online crowd-funding platforms.

It also covers peer-to-peer lending, which enables businesses or individuals to borrow funds from the public. In New Zealand, both crowdfunding and peer-to-peer service providers need to operate through platforms licensed by the Financial Markets Authority. These service providers act as intermediaries between the companies issuing shares (or looking to borrow money) and people wanting to invest (or lend money). They usually use a website to connect the parties.

NHBA POLL Businesses in the UK and the US are increasingly turning to crowd-funding platforms for their risk capital. For many New Zealand business people, however, crowdfunding is still in its infancy. A

recent NHBA online poll showed most respondents feel they don’t know much about the mechanism and are interested to learn more. Viivi Ronkko from Albany creative studio Subzero has worked with several clients on crowd-funding projects. She shares her practical insights into some of the key characteristics of crowd-funding mechanisms and how to make the most of them in our separate article “Hearts & Purses”.

SHARES OR SHIRTS? A core part of the recent crowd-funding legislation is that it eliminates the onerous and time-consuming task of preparing a formal prospectus or investment statement. But businesses and investors alike must remain very clear about any proposed crowd-funding transaction.


There have been stories of people thinking they were buying shares in a company only to find they’ve signed up to receive a bunch of T-shirts or other special product offers. Similarly, offers expire within set timeframes and both parties must work out how to make the best of what’s on offer at any one time. As always, it pays to read the fine print. Each offer will differ so make sure you understand exactly what you are getting before you commit. Such caveats aside, Minister Foss has described the new legislation as an “exciting development for both start-up businesses and investors” and New Zealand now leads the Asia-Pacific region in the development of crowd-funding regulation. Crowd-funding and peer-to-peer lending provide a new model for raising risk capital. It just remains to be seen how well businesses can tap into the power of the crowd.

Want to know more? April 1 marked the start of changes under the Financial Markets Conduct Act. To find out about other upcoming changes go to futureoffm Want to set up as an equity crowd-funding service provider? Or as a peer-topeer lender? You need to be licensed. The Financial Markets Authority website manages the process and explains what you need to do. FMComply Crowd-funding is just one way to access capital to grow your business. Turn to page 18 where Jamie Barr, Senior Solicitor at North Harbour law firm Simpson Western, outlines the funding options for businesses at all stages of their growth.

Hearts & Purses NHBID business Subzero has already developed creative for a couple of local crowd-funding projects and owner Viivi Ronkko says there’s a real art to getting people to commit to this form of funding. Ronkko says businesses looking to source money through crowd-funding need to clearly target the types of people who may want to put money into their particular project. The dollars requested from each individual funder can be

relatively small, she says. But the make-or-break moment comes in shifting people from saying they’ll donate some dollars to actually doing so. Last year, Subzero created a video to help a New Zealand team raise money for expenses to attend the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. Subzero’s video on crowd-funding platform ThrillPledge helped raise the full US$42,000 required. “It’s one thing to get your appeal out there,” says Ronkko. “It’s another to really connect with your audience. You have to make an emotional connection with people who will give.” When the Youth America’s Cup appeal went out to yachties gathered at boat shows, for example, Ronkko says she could track people watching the video and donating almost immediately. All this tugging at the heart- and purse-strings needs to be done at speed. Many appeals on crowd-funding platforms run for a very short time. “Twenty days is not long,” says Ronkko, “so you have to generate activity before and during the campaign to keep the momentum growing.”

Chewing over the options North Harbour company Traditional Brazilian Foods is firmly set in growth mode and co-owner Barbara Scholten says the company would definitely consider crowd-funding if necessary for its next growth push. For now, the company is busy consolidating its latest acquisition of three machines that are revolutionising the way the small family-owned company does business. Set up in November last year and operating from premises in Lovell Court, Traditional Brazilian Foods produces specialty Brazilian cheese breads based on recipes from Barbara’s Brazilian mother-in-law Neide Durello. The three machines, bought from Brazil with family money, are the first and only ones of their kind in New Zealand. Scholten, who works alongside her Brazilian husband Marcelo Menoita, says the machines mark a significant growth step for the company. “Until now we had done everything by hand. Earlier this year we got a dough machine so don’t have to make dough by hand anymore. But the rest – we roll by hand, we do everything manually.”

The company’s new cheese bread machine can make 3000 cocktail cheese breads per hour. Two other machines will make three or four new Brazilian specialty products that the company is introducing in April and June this year. Scholten says although she doesn’t know much crowd-funding now, she’d like to learn more. “And I’d consider it if we needed more machinery in the future.” WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ FYI MAY 2014 13


NHBA pushes for review of Triton Drive


HBA will lobby Auckland Transport to take steps to prevent traffic accidents on Triton Drive. The move was sparked after a number of local business people shared their safety concerns with NHBA. NHBA followed up with a survey to ascertain the scope of the issue. The survey showed 70 percent of respondents had seen accidents in the area. Just over a quarter of those surveyed said members of their staff had been involved in accidents. Accidents reported occurred during peak traffic periods at the close or start of business. The accidents don’t appear to be serious, with only seven percent of those involved having been injured and only seven percent of the accidents reported to the police. However, 85 percent of survey respondents said improving vehicle safety is important for their business. When NHBA asked Auckland Transport (AT) to look at improving sightlines, we were told changes would not be made as too few incidents had been reported. It is understood that Police protocol for incident reporting

is unclear. Therefore there is likely to be a significant variance between reported and actual figures. Both AT and the New Zealand Transport Authority make decisions on safety issues based on data supplied to them by NZ Police. It is clear that if incidents are not being recorded then neither AT nor NZTA has access to the full facts. The survey, which drew 73 responses, was conducted online and through personal visits by NHBA staff to businesses in Triton Drive.

“It’s virtually impossible when exiting our driveway to see what’s coming from the bottom of Triton Drive (Rosedale end) without pulling right out on to the road even in a 4WD vehicle.”

“There are too many cars for the area and not enough carparks so people are parking dangerously. Defined parking lines need to be put around driveways with maybe yellow lines extended 1m either side of driveways.”

“Speed bumps”

• If successful, we will see an improvement to sightlines and access in the area which will increase safety for all.

“Container trucks have difficulty getting in and out of Canaveral Drive and cars are always parked illegally on these intersections.”

• The changes may come at the cost of some on-street carparks. To compensate for this we will be working to introduce additional transport options for the area. Stay tuned to the NHBA e-newsletters for updates on this issue.


Did you know carpoolers get priority parking at Albany busway station? Sign up at

“Improve the junction of Triton Drive and Arrenway Drive. There’s a lot of confusion with turning traffic. I have seen accidents and near misses occur and drivers are indecisive around how to safely turn into Arrenway Drive.”

What people want Eighty six percent of people who responded to the Triton Drive traffic survey made suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

• 75 percent of respondents

• NHBA will present the survey findings to AT with the intention of seeing a review of processes.

“Improve public transport facilities to cut down on vehicle numbers.”

called for improved visibility from driveways

• 13 percent said speed was an issue

• 22 percent noted the need for more car parking spaces

• 17 percent wanted more enforcement of parking rules

• 30 percent wanted to see improvements at the junctions of Triton/Arrenway Drives and Triton Drive/Rosedale Road

Drum roll, please Thank you to everyone who completed our Triton Drive survey. The winner of the prize draw is Deane Alderman from Software of Excellence International who takes away a $100 Nosh voucher.


Albany Highway update Work on upgrading the northern section of Albany Highway will start in September this year and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Existing Future


he upgrade, which will take about two and a half years to complete, involves widening a 4km stretch of the highway between Schnapper Rock Road and the Albany Expressway to accommodate four lanes of traffic, and separated cycling and walking paths. Expect some congestion. The end result aims to cater for traffic growth, reduce traffic delays, improve safety for all road users and encourage alternative modes of transport. NHBA will hold meetings for businesses wanting to know more about the project and how it may affect them. Keep an eye on our website for the latest news and for dates for these meetings.

North Harbour SUPERIOR OFFICES - HIGH PROFILE Unit 1C, 331 Rosedale Road Are you looking for first-class premises for your head office? Move your business to the popular Rosedale Road Office Park, set in park-like surroundings with café on site and excellent car parking facilities. Efficient use of space with excellent configuration of office and own amenities. Great signage facing busy Rosedale Road. These premises tick all the boxes, so don't delay as an opportunity such as this will go quickly. Call the Sole Agents for further information and/or to inspect. •

300m² prime office space and 12 car parks

Surrounded by native trees and bush

Great location, close to amenities

Competitive rental Janet Marshall 09 488 4775 021 684 775

Craig Newth 09 488 4782 027 440 2371

Colliers International New Zealand Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008

Existing Future

Existing Future


1 2


Two free ways to combat crime

Don’t be complacent It’s easy to let your guard down when it comes to securing yourself, your home, vehicle and workplace. We are lucky to have very low crime rates on the North Shore. But crime does happen and you can easily become a victim. There were recently a number of burglaries from commercial premises in the Apollo Drive area. Several of the burglaries appeared to be opportunistic, where items such as laptops were left clearly visible from outside the building, and the offenders smashed a window or door, grabbed the computer and left. Weekends are particularly problematic for this type of offending. So secure attractive portable items such as laptops, iPads and iPhones out of sight of the windows of the premises. It would also be great to see each company instigate a “last man/woman to leave” policy whereby the person who is last to leave work each day is responsible for checking such attractive items are put away, night lights are on, windows and doors are secured, and the alarm is set. Theft from cars occurs regularly. In a large number of cases, Police find vehicle owners have left attractive portable and valuable items visible in their car, when leaving it parked at the mall or even overnight outside their house. Often, the car is not even locked. This is pure invitation to a criminal. So, I appeal to you to make life difficult for the offenders who live amongst us. Target-harden your premises and car, and together the community can continue to drive down crime on the North Shore. Senior Sergeant Andy King, Youth and Communities Prevention Manager, North Shore | Waitemata District | New Zealand Police. Safer Communities Together. To contact North Shore Police call 09 477 5000.

NHBA has some free licence plate security screws available for members. The screws attach the plates securely to vehicles, making it hard for thieves to remove the plates for use on stolen cars that are often then used for drive-offs at petrol stations. The theft of licence plates across the North Shore is a disturbing trend. So protect your employees’ cars, your company or fleet vehicles. The security screws take just a couple of minutes to fit. To find out more go to the NHBA crime prevention page. Protecting your premises and staff from stair-walkers or unexpected visitors can be as simple as fitting a door buzzer. NHBA is trialling a couple of models. If you would like one as part of our Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) programme, please contact us. They are free. Email: Phone: 09 968 2222

“The North Shore Police are excited to be a part of the North Harbour ABCD Project. We look forward to the increased level of engagement with Asian business.” 

Community Constable Troy Williamson.

“노스쇼어 경찰은 노스하버 ABCD 프로젝트에 참여 하게 되어 기쁘게 생각하며 아시안 비즈니스와 긴밀한 협조 관계가 되기를 기대합니다.”

지역경찰 트로이 윌리암슨 Troy Williamson.

“北岸警察局很高兴参与北港ABCD项目。我们期待着与亚裔商 家的紧密联系, 提升至更高水平。” 社区警官Troy Williamson.

Protect your business from Internal and Credit Card Fraud

Please join us for two training sessions in May hosted by NHBA


Presented by Gary Swan from Translegal Services NZ Ltd. Gary will share how to reduce the risk of being affected by internal fraud. A light breakfast will be provided.

Friday 2 May


With the explosion of e-commerce, it is important for business to have the correct procedures and processes in place to avoid being vunerable to credit card fraud. Experts from BNZ’s fraud team will present practical solutions for you and your business. A light lunch will be provided.

7.30 – 9.00am

Wednesday 28 May

Pickles on Apollo Cafe, Cnr Apollo Drive and Antares Place, Albany

BNZ Partners, 61 Constellation Drive, Albany


12.30 – 2.00pm

Both training sessions are free for two representatives of NHBA members. Additional guests are welcome at $25 + GST per person. Non NHBA members are also welcome, at $35 + GST per person. RSVP for both of these training sessions are essential. Simply refer to the for full details and RSVP links.


Are you making the most of smart technology? Robert McDonald, Branch Manager from Telecom Business Hub North Shore, shares his insights into the wearable gadget revolution.


ince the advent of computers, business owners have been told electronic technology improves their business effectiveness, profitability and efficiency. In the main, this statement is true providing the technology devices used are for business purposes. Now, devices are being merged for both personal and business needs. Businesses must figure out how to make them work across multiple operating platforms. Some devices are now built to perform specific tasks with specific applications. And many people carry multiple devices to ensure compatibility with different systems and networks. Individuals and businesses rely increasingly on electronic technology and gadgetry as communication and business efficiency tools. Such devices need to be light, robust, fully-featured, portable and connected. The emphasis is no longer on fixed devices in specific locations. Today’s devices are fully portable and wearable, and follow our every body movement. There is also an increasing demand for our devices to be socially acceptable and fashionable. Yet businesses must keep focusing on creating efficiencies that help increase profitability and improve return on investment. To ensure employee retention and satisfaction, they must balance this with employees’ expectations that they are sporting the latest device like their peers. The key is to ensure these devices have connectivity to the business and the

employee at all times. This may be through WiFi networks or mobile networks using 3G/4G technology which enables large quantities of content-rich data to be transferred to or from the device. Smartphones and tablets are leading business efficiency devices. Many of these now have business applications that eliminate the need for paper-based transactions such as quotations, job sheets and invoicing. It is important that employees in the field can connect with a business’ systems and processes immediately. This enables staff to be more productive, spend more time face-toface with customers and provide a higher level of customer service.

Our hunger for information to literally be delivered to our fingertips has driven the most recent international trend towards smart wearables.

Many businesses now have devices capable of performing many such functions but have not fully integrated them with their systems and processes. Similarly, many customers now use their smartphones and tablets to make online enquiries and are making business purchasing decisions before speaking to anyone from the business. This change in buying habits has highlighted the need for businesses to update their websites to cope with viewing from mobile

devices and not just from traditional full-screen PCs or laptops. Our hunger for information to literally be delivered to our fingertips has driven the most recent international trend towards smart wearables. These are intelligent devices worn on the human body and capable of generating, displaying and/or communicating digital information. That information may be no more than a vibrating notification that a new text message or email has arrived on a smartphone or tablet. But it is information nonetheless. These wearable devices usually connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Wearable devices can be categorised by where they are worn on the body:

• Headworn wearables: such as smart glasses;

• Wristworn wearables: smart watches and smart bracelets;

• Earworn wearables: smart headsets; and • Fingerworn wearables: smart rings. Businesses and app developers must resolve how such devices will enhance business efficiency and increase profitability. If they don’t, wearables will remain just a nice-to-have. Contact Telecom Business Hub North Shore 0800 482 746 for a free business technology and connectivity assessment. WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ FYI MAY 2014 17


Find the best cash source for your business


usiness owners and managers typically need cash to buy stock, plant and equipment, repay the bank or shareholders, or fund losses if things aren’t going so well. Where this cash is sourced from can have a significant impact on the financial stability of your business and put the assets of the business at risk if not structured properly. A number of options are available.

Find an investor Investors tend to be attracted to businesses that either pay a dividend or are in a highgrowth phase and are therefore likely to realise a significant capital gain over a reasonably short period of time. If you’re thinking about offering shares in your business there are a number of structures you can use. By issuing ‘preferred’ shares you can retain control of the company’s operations by limiting voting rights. This does tend to come at a price, however, as you may be required to pay a higher coupon rate (or fixed dividend rate). Selling ‘ordinary’ shares comes with more strings attached and could lead to real difficulties later if appropriate shareholder arrangements aren’t put in place at the outset. Crowd-funding is also gaining attention as a viable source of capital for SMEs and will become more accessible with the recent introduction of new regulation. This channel is worth investigating as companies may be eligible to raise up to $2 million a year through a licensed platform without having to register a prospectus or issue an investment statement. 18 MAY 2014 FYI WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ

Your customers and suppliers are your cheapest source of finance... You don’t want to push them too far, though.

Talk with your bank Talking to your bank manager is tough at the best of times but there’s real benefit in having a strong and established relationship with the person holding the purse strings. Banks are low-risk lenders, offering fairly cheap interest rates and, in turn, they expect a loan to be well secured and repaid in full and on time. If your business needs to raise serious cash from the bank, chances are you will need to be a proven performer and have access to a strong asset base to stand behind it.

Factor in a factor Debt factoring is a common practice overseas (the UK and the US in particular) but doesn’t seem to hold as much appeal for New Zealand business owners. Factoring is a transaction in which a business sells its accounts receivable to a factoring agent at a discount. The business gets cash quickly and doesn’t have to collect the debt. The factoring agent collects the debt and makes a profit by paying less cash than the face value of the invoice.

Work the business harder As an alternative, you may wish to focus on your business’ internal efficiencies to ease the working capital requirement.

Gains can be achieved by increasing stock turnover and reducing the total amount held on the balance sheet, negotiating more favourable terms with suppliers and/or proactively chasing debtors to reduce payment timeframes. Your customers and suppliers are your cheapest source of finance and shouldn’t be underestimated as a way of freeing up shortterm working capital. You don’t want to push them too far, though. Finding the right commercial balance between getting what you want on the trade side and keeping your customers and suppliers happy is crucial.

Right funding: right purpose There are a number of ways in which your business can source funding. Critical to the success of any arrangement is your ability to access the right funding source for the right purpose. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, for example, to draw down a fixed two-year term loan to provide bridging finance for a short-term working capital requirement. You should also avoid using an expensive bank overdraft facility to purchase long-term, incomegenerating assets such as machinery, plant or other equipment. Talk to your business advisers if you are unsure about which type of funding best suits your business requirements. By Jamie Barr, Senior Solicitor at North Harbour law firm Simpson Western. A longer version of this article was first published in Simpson Western’s client newsletter, Fineprint, Summer 2014.


North Shore office vacancy rate falls for another year


he North Shore office sector can tick off another year of improvement. The 2014 Bayleys Research vacancy survey shows a third consecutive year of office vacancy reduction. The rate of vacancy dropped dramatically over the past 12 months and now sits at 7.1 percent. In 2013, 11 percent of office stock on the North Shore was vacant. An additional 10,800m² of space has been leased on the North Shore in the 12 months since the 2013 survey. The vacancy rate has halved since its worst point in 2011 when it hit 14 percent.

The major contributors to this reduction were in Albany and Mairangi Bay. There have been reductions in the amount of space available for lease across all North Shore precincts, except Browns Bay and Wairau Park. The Takapuna office market experienced a significant reduction in vacancy over the year, from 9.3 percent in 2013 to 5.2 percent in the latest survey. A reduction in the amount of space available in both the prime and secondary market has brought about the lower vacancy rate overall. After experiencing little in the way of vacancy movements over three years, prime offices suddenly leased up over the 12 months to 2014.

Just under half of all office space on the North Shore is now prime quality, up from just a third of the market in 2005. This coincides with the strong growth in construction, which has been particularly apparent in the Northern precincts of Albany, Rosedale and Mairangi Bay. There is likely to be very little speculative development over coming years and this is expected to help keep North Shore office vacancy levels low. By Daryl Devereux, Director, Bayleys North Shore Commercial



A practical guide to driving the best ROI out of marketing activity – whether it be for new business prospecting or growing an existing customer base. Presented by marketing professional Jackie Shaw.

Take your organisation to the next level in terms of growth, profitability and potential. Presented by Dale Carnegie Business Group.

Tuesday 27 May

Tuesday 29 July

AUT Millenium Institute

AUT Millenium Institute

7.00 – 9.00am


7.00 – 9.00am

Both training sessions are free for two representatives of NHBA members. Additional guests are welcome at $25 + GST per person. Non NHBA members are also welcome, at $35 + GST per person. RSVP for both of these training sessions are essential as a light breakfast will be served. Simply refer to the for full details and RSVP links.


Make the most of your expo experience Exhibitors. Here are ten ways to gain maximum benefit at the NHBA Business Expo and other trade shows. 1.




Prepare beforehand. Decide what you want to achieve. Select people to staff your booth. Make sure they can answer visitors’ questions, and help sell or promote your product or service. Prepare suitable display literature. Email a reminder and invitation to loyal customers and strong prospects before the show. Model it on the invite prepared for you by NHBA. Download a copy from Design your stand so anyone walking past will understand within six seconds what you are selling and whether it applies to them. Use text and images that can be read from five meters away. Prepare your elevator pitch. Ensure you have three or four engaging questions to help qualify visitors as real prospects. Avoid trite questions such as “can I help you?” and “are you enjoying the show?”.




Condense your main message into a single memorable short sentence. Consider doing a product demonstration to draw a crowd and engage with potential clients. Have plenty of information for visitors to take away from your stand. Ensure the people manning your stand focus on educating visitors rather than selling to them.

Consider running a competition or giveaway. These create excitement and help you gather contact details for follow-up. 8. Be proactive. Go out and engage with visitors. Don’t sit and wait for people to talk to you. 9. Record leads and contacts. Either write on the back of a visitor’s card or staple their card to a contact sheet with details on what you promised to do. Establish a follow-up protocol then action it immediately after the show in a professional manner to help turn interest into a sale. 10. Remember the little things. Stay hydrated. Bring an ‘anything box’ for items such as pens, a stapler and plenty of business cards. Wear a professionally-made name tag. Use lulls in traffic to network with other exhibitors. Wear comfortable shoes. Tips supplied by epromotionz ltd, publishers of the online tip book library.




112K Bush Road Located in the heart of the North Harbour/Albany commercial zone, only minutes from the Northern Motorway and Albany shopping centre. This modern well presented office will suit professional businesses looking for an opportunity to transform this blank canvass into an environment fit for their company. Ensure you get the most out of your square metres with this newly renovated modern office. Includes 2 bathrooms, kitchenette and new carpet. Don't delay, call today. There are very few available at this size. • • • • • •

Modern corporate offices Central Albany business hub 5 car parks Exterior signage opportunity Suits professional businesses, lawyers, accountants 155m² of first floor office Janet Marshall 09 488 4775 021 684 775

David Goodhue 09 488 4773 021 663 633

Colliers International New Zealand Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008




Visitors. Here are three ways to get maximum benefit from your time at expos and tradeshows. 1.

going. Exchanging business cards can be beneficial and may lead to a lively discussion around card design or format.

Prepare. Decide in advance what you’d like to get out of your expo visit. Are you looking for a new supplier of a particular product or service? Do you want to compare supplier options? Is your sole purpose to expand your network? Research the businesses you’re interested in. Google them, or go to their websites and read their latest press releases.


Plan your visit. Review the exhibitor list and seminar schedule. Work out who you’d like to see and where you’d like to spend your time.


Brush up on your networking skills so you’re ready to meet and mingle. Think about the following:

• Engage in active listening. Most people are happiest when talking about themselves so ask them about their interests. You don’t have to be an interviewer, just be a good listener and ask thoughtful questions.

• Practice your elevator pitch so that it rolls

• What do you say after you say hello? Don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation. Make sure you’re up to speed with ALB119195 Advert_half current Albany events Toyota and prepare somepage.pdf questions to keep the conversation


off your tongue. Remember, an elevator pitch describes in around 60 seconds what you do. Think about these four things: What do you do? What problem do you solve? How are you different? Why should your listener care? And don’t forget that it’s not always what you say that is remembered. It’s often how you say it that makes an impact. So energy, eye contact and body language are all essential getting your message 15/04/14 11:36topm across and being remembered.

• Think about your exit strategy. How can you move on gracefully without ruffling feathers? An example: “It’s been really interesting to speak to you and I’m sure there are many other people here who you need to speak to so thank you and all the best with…”

• Follow up. This is the most crucial part of the networking process. It’s about doing what you said you were going to do. So reconnect with the people you met and deliver on any action points. Tips supplied by Connector and Business Facilitator Sue Sinclair. 027 655 5892.

Your Local One Stop Dealership covering: Sales, Finance, Genuine Parts & Service centres in: Albany Browns Bay Whangaparaoa NEW 2014 Toyota Highlander at Albany Toyota

NEW 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan at Albany Toyota

The ultimate Highlander, this fully specified SUV features luxurious additions like exclusive 19” alloy wheels and a ceilingmounted 9” high resolution LCD display that plays both DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Range-topping ZR swaps fabric for leather trim and delivers premium technology features as standard, such as LED Daytime Running Lights, climate control air conditioning and satellite navigation system with SUNA | 0800 657 755 Dairy Flat Highway - Albany Village


NHBA Wine Club Chiara Soons, Haydn Mackenzie, Viivi Ronkko and Andrew Mackenzie

Phil Stubbs and Glenn Hooper

Mike Whitehead and Garth Partridge

THE DARLING PINOT GRIS 2012 Intense aromas of pear and spice are the first thing you will notice. This follows through on the palate while the barrel-fermented portion adds a softness and texture to the wine and great length of flavour. RRP $22.00 NHBAWC $13.50

David Prescott


NHBA BUSINESS AFTER FIVE Russell Evans and Paul Tooley

Wine Club After Five


he recent NHBA After Five at BNZ doubled as the inaugural NHBA Wine Club tasting evening. David Prescott from Wine & More led the tasting which was attended by approximately 45 people. We also heard from Mike Whitehead about BNZ’s new PayClip mobile payment technology. The four wines tasted are available at a discounted NHBA Wine Club price through Wine & More. These are exclusive wines and every purchase helps support NHBA’s important work.

Associate Members


ssociate Membership is available to all businesses outside of the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID). The map on the home page of shows the location of the BID. Associate Members are entitled to the same benefits as Full Members, including free tickets to NHBA events, a listing on the NHBA business directory, and access to information updates and communications. If you or someone you know would like to become an Associate Member please contact for further information.


The first thing you will notice is the intense aroma of this wine. Tropical fruits with a citrus finish that makes the wine last in the mouth. There is great weight on the palate with a texture that makes you want to go back for more. RRP $22.00 NHBAWC $13.50

DRY GULLY OTAGO PINOT NOIR 2009 A classic Central Otago Pinot Noir with enticing aromas of dark cherries and black berry fruits, together with hints of wild thyme, spices and dark fruitcake. The palate is elegant and subtle with fine-grained tannins, intense fruit and toasty oak. RRP $37.00 NHBAWC $25.00

ROCK ‘N’ PILLAR CENTRAL OTAGO PINOT NOIR 2011 Blueberry, spice and mulberry aromatics with an elegant texture and flow. Showing lots of dark fruit characteristics, persistence and drive. RRP $37.00 NHBAWC $25.00 Minimum purchase six bottles – can be one wine or a mix. Offer available while stock lasts. To order, email david@wineandmore., ph 09 415 3568 or call in to our store at the corner of William Pickering Drive and Rosedale Rd. Please quote NHBAWC when ordering to ensure pricing. These wines are exclusive to NHBAWC and are not available through supermarkets or other retail outlets.


Speedy Signs Albany

Global Security Solutions

Speedy Signs Albany can help you create professional-looking, high-impact signs and graphics for your business.

We are proud to be Gold Sponsors of the NHBA and look forward to introducing your members to our new full security offer with our combined leading provisions of electronic security and guard services.


upported by a dedicated team, Chris and Tracey Cooke have overseen tremendous growth since they bought the business ten years ago. Chris’ primary role is sales and general management, drawing on his corporate sales and marketing skills gained in South Africa with The Coca-Cola Company. Tracey, a qualified teacher and computer trainer, looks after sales, production and administration. Speedy Signs Albany is part of the world’s largest sign franchise, which has just been voted the top sign franchise in the world for the tenth year running. There are over 1000 Speedy Signs stores in 40 countries − 23 in New Zealand alone. Each store is a full-service sign centre, producing custom-made visual displays and signs for every type of business. With a fast-growing client base, Chris, Tracey and the Speedy Signs team pride themselves on producing top-quality signage at a fair price, with excellent customer service. They produce internal and external signs, trade show and expo displays, directional and informational signs, building signage, OSH signs, and vehicle and boat graphics, as well as illuminated signage and neon. They also have full wide-format digital imaging capability, and provide a graphic design service. To help with your planning, Speedy Signs Albany offers free site visits and quotes, and provides full colour proofs before your signs are made. All their work is fully warranted. They also offer a full installation service, locally and across New Zealand, and their national network allows them to complete projects for nationally-represented companies. Look out for the sign at their premises at 68 Paul Matthews Road, just off Upper Harbour Highway.

Benefits Your needs are unique and so your security solution should be too. At Global, we believe in intelligent protection. It’s a flexible and dynamic approach, bringing together the right systems, solutions and response plans to ensure you get what you need.

Five reasons to choose Global Security: 1. Nationwide: We provide a consistent service across New Zealand 2. One stop shop: Our full range of security services covers all needs 3. Experience: Ross Johnson and team have over 100 years’ collective experience 4. New Zealand owned: We are NZ’s largest locally-owned provider 5. We care: We are committed to every single business relationship. A proactive team you can trust. Contact us for more information:

Global Security Gold Sponsor’s offer to all NHBA members* • Complimentary full alarm system maintenance check • Complimentary connection of your security system to Global’s 24/7 Monitoring Centre

• First two months monitoring FREE *Above offer based on signing of a minimum 12 month term contract. Terms and conditions apply.

Phone 09 414 5220 WWW.NHBA.ORG.NZ FYI MAY 2014 23


Birkenhead 3 FREEHOLD OFFICES Units B, BB & U, 162 Mokoia Road Appealing architectural building and three ground floor units in the best profile position on the site are being offered for sale. Excellent vehicle access, lease to multiple or one tenancy; spread risk opportunity with an abundance of car parks. This is an excellent opportunity for a business owner to live close to home and own their own premises. •

Occupy or invest vacant possession

3 titles side by side being sold together

Unique opportunity in a great location

Minutes to CBD

Flexible floor area for future growth

Total area 409m²

1 2

For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty Closing 30 May 2014 Craig Newth 09 488 4772 027 440 2371

Janet Marshall 09 488 4775 021 684 775

Colliers International New Zealand Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008

OUTSTANDING CBD VIEWS 500M² - 1000M² TAKAPUNA FRINGE OFFICE The Warehouse Way Relocate your Head Office to this standalone building only minutes to Auckland CBD and motorway access. Efficient layout and partitioning, data cabled and ready to go. The views, city and water, from these premises are outstanding and your staff will enjoy working from here. Close to a café, public transport and easy access to the motorway. With the vacancy level in the office market at its lowest for many years, existing large floor plates on the North Shore are rare, so don´t delay, call the Master Agents for further information and/or to inspect. •

Excellent motorway access

Standalone building level 3

Sub-Lease Opportunities

As close as you can get to the CBD on the North Shore Janet Marshall 09 488 4775 021 684 775

Craig Newth 09 488 4782 027 440 2371

Colliers International New Zealand Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008


1 2

FYI May 2014  

The magazine of the North Harbour Business Association

FYI May 2014  

The magazine of the North Harbour Business Association