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APRIL 2013


Auckland, North Harbour, NHBA and you 6-7 One Voice for Local Business

8 Sector Focus: Lean Thinking

9 April Rules:

Payroll changes effective 1 April

20 Business Report Why should I trust in trusts?

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“This has been the best expo we have attended in terms of quality leads and visitors. Well done.”



David Brash – TelstraClear



Showcase your company to 10 0’s of

visitors Create new local relationsh ips to save you time and money

Free entry, free parking, door prizes and exclusive expo offers from 80 exh ibitors. Put the date in the diary now.

10am - 6.30pm, Thursday 16th May, North Harbour Stadium Full details available now Contact Janine Brinsdon – 021 212 4942, to book your stand or to enquire about seminars or doorprize sponsorship opportunities.

“A very successful event, really enjoyed it! Please put us on your list for next year.” Patsy McCook – Accountability Net

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From the chair In brief One Voice for Local Business Sector Focus: Lean Thinking April rules: Payroll changes effective 1 April Advocacy: Our voice in the Draft Auckland Council Annual Plan 2013/14 Who’s New? Welcoming Mortgage Success and Skin Therapy Clinic NHBA Business Expo 2013 Property: Rents on the rebound Crime Prevention: Crime Reporting Line saves time Tribute: Eric Hertz Event sponsor: Norcross Printing Group Professional Development: Taking a Stand on Brands Transport: Save money getting to work Business Report: Why should I trust in trusts? Motivated by mentoring Business & Pleasure: Associate Members, Wine Club Gold Sponsors: Simpson Western and Labyrinth

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from the Chair Welcome to our April edition of FYI


rom contact with a variety of businesses over recent months it is clear that 2013 is starting off on a more positive note for many of our members. Restructuring operations to meet current market conditions appears to be a strong flavour. The relatively high NZ dollar, historically low interest rates and consistent commodity prices continue to build a confident but cautious approach to business operations and development. Looking ahead, we have some major developments and events to look forward to including the Vote Yes campaign under which we are offering commercial/ industrial businesses and property owners on the eastern side of the Northern Motorway to join NHBA to expand the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID). There are significant benefits to members in the current and proposed new BID area and to our key stakeholders and sponsors. This opportunity to expand and create a sustainable Business Improvement District with more than 4,000 members may be undertaken only once in a two-year period. Your support for the expansion poll is requested to ensure current services provided by NHBA can be maintained whilst savings can be achieved through economies of scale in the coming financial year. In addition to topical articles in this edition of FYI, we highlight events such as the successful Business Lunch with Mayor Len Brown who spoke on the new Unitary Plan for Auckland. Please take the opportunity to get involved in the consultation process on the Plan which has a 30-year forward window and will be the foundation for Auckland’s development. Also highlighted is Wayne Norrie (NZTE Beachheads Programme/ Revera) whose Business Breakfast on the topic was successful exporting, the upcoming Business Breakfast with 2degrees CEO Eric Hertz on 10 April and, last but not least, the NHBA Expo planned for Thursday 16 May. Please pop the dates in your diary; we look forward to seeing you at these events. On behalf of your voluntary board and executive team our thanks for your ongoing support. We look forward to being of service to you. Yours sincerely,

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman

GOLD SPONSORS 2013 trade colour print

Printer Trade Colour Print

North Harbour Business Association F4, 27-29 William Pickering Drive, Albany PO Box 303 126, North Harbour 0751 Office 09 968 2222 Web FYi april 2013 3

in brief



Success beckons the Technical Sectors Local sales and business growth professional Heather Grace has launched Success with Grace, specifically at the Technical Business market. Ms Grace says Success With Grace offers a proven methodology to transform the sales process particularly in the high-tech, IT (software and hardware) engineering and science sectors. “As a nation we’re expecting great things from our innovative technical industries only to leave them floundering without the specialist skills they need,” she says. Ms Grace qualified as an industrial chemist and made the transition to sales in 1983. “I’m uniquely positioned to make a difference in the technical sectors. It’s where my passion lies and it’s where I want to be.” She says her ‘TechBiz Success Academy’ programme will appeal to ambitious technical businesses.

EEK data has revealed a strong start to 2013 with two months of consecutive growth in new job ads, now up 5.7% year-on-year. New job ads rose in all regions, with the exception of Wellington which remains relatively flat. Canterbury showed continuing signs of strong growth, with a significant 12.6% increase in the number of new job ads from February 2012. Auckland also boosted national growth figures with jobs in the City of Sails rising 4.6% in the same period. Janet Faulding, general manager of SEEK New Zealand, says that in February the SEEK Employment Index (SEI), which measures the ratio of new job ads placed on SEEK to the number of applications received for those jobs, increased just 0.3%, signalling that applications for jobs advertised on SEEK grew at a similar rate to new job ads. “A relatively flat SEI is good news for Kiwis as it means the market is reasonably even-keeled in terms of available jobs and candidates applying for those jobs,” explains Ms Faulding.

Regionally, while Canterbury continues to go from strength to strength in new job ad growth, the SEI for the region showed a significant increase of 11.6% last month, indicating that job ads are growing faster than applications for roles on SEEK. “For jobseekers happy to relocate however, Canterbury continues to be a rich source of opportunity. Anyone particularly keen to find work in the trades, engineering or IT industries, should be considering roles advertised in Canterbury.”

Fastest growing jobs in the country (in February 2013) • Workplace trainers up 110% • Engineer drafts people up 91% • Healthcare and medical sales representatives up 88%

• Horticulture roles up 80% • Litigators up 78% Graph points to an upward trend in the SEEK New Job Ads Index.

To arrange specialist training for your technical people, contact Heather Grace directly at Success With Grace: or phone 09 476 4278, mobile 022 1030 437

Wayne Norrie Business Breakfast

26 february 2013, North Shore Golf Club

Wayne Norrie 4

On the 26th of February, at the North Shore Golf Club, 100 people had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Wayne Norrie, from Revera and the Chair of NZTE’s Beachheads Programme. Wayne shared with the audience six mistakes that New Zealand businesses make when approaching overseas markets. The audience enjoyed Wayne’s relaxed and informative speech over breakfast and took took away some important thoughts for them to consider. The breakfast was also the opportunity for NHBA to acknowledge our Gold Sponsors for 2013. Their additional financial support enables NHBA to undertake programmes that benefit all.

in brief

Mayor Len Brown

Mayor’s Message What does the draft Unitary Plan mean for you?


uckland’s transport network and one million more people by 2030 are among our greatest challenges. Where will they live and work? How will we move them? Replacing 14 district plans, the Unitary Plan encourages greater intensification around transport routes and hubs, balanced with quality urban design. Combined with an integrated transport system to free up

roads, it will positively impact on how we live, work and travel. It envisages more people living in or near metropolitan, town and local centres, close to retail and commercial activities. That will protect industrial land for industrial use. Building in industrial zones will be easier, to get our business areas working better and creating employment opportunities. Places like Silverdale are marked for greater intensification

and that may affect your area, but that’s why we are investing in new ferry services, park and ride facilities, and double-decker buses. People north of the bridge may wonder what our key transport project, the Central Rail Link, offers them. Plenty. Together with our new electric trains and an overhauled bus network, it means faster, more frequent and efficient travel, offering Aucklanders real

alternatives to private cars. It is also a necessary precursor to rail across the harbour and on the Shore in the long-term. It will be easier for people and freight to get around, easing the economic impact of congestion. Auckland has long suffered from fractured governance, parochialism and short-term planning. With the vision of the Auckland Plan and the planning rulebook of the Unitary Plan, we now have a cohesive, longterm blueprint. Business owners and operators can have greater certainty about where and how we use our land for homes, industry, agriculture, infrastructure and open space. The Unitary Plan will change the shape of Auckland – make sure you have your say. See for more information and an online feedback form. Len Brown Mayor of Auckland

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• We are fully engaged with the development of local government policy. Through consistent communication, we make you aware of changes which will affect your cost of business. Through one strong voice, we lobby to reduce costs – or to at least make sure they are fair. • We connect you with new customers through business breakfasts, luncheons and our annual Expo. • We provide access to personal and business development, to enable even more growth and success for your team. We work with the universities and training providers – to give access to skills and knowledge, relevant for businesses in North Harbour. If these services are important to you, simply act and give us a bigger voice, a louder voice for business. Vote YES when you receive your North Harbour Business Improvement District Expansion Ballot Paper, by post. The voting period is 8 – 29 April 2013. Make your voice heard. To find out more, either give Janine Brinsdon – NHBA’s General Manager. Ph 09 968 2222 or 021 212 4942 or look online:




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Auckland Transport, local and central government. So make sure your opinions are included in our representations, and help shape the future of your business environment. • We deliver services that have real tangible value – we will help fix parking and deliver you practical tools to reduce crime. • We will work with your staff, suppliers and neighbouring businesses to keep business moving. If necessary, we bring the key partners together to improve access to your business.

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• We get heard by Auckland Council,

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access these same benefits and support services which their neighbours have benefited from since 2008. A YES VOTE will deliver a sustainable, relevant and local support – aimed at providing an efficient, safe and effective economic hub. Tenants will benefit from the transport, crime prevention and business growth which NHBA delivers. Property owners will benefit from increased demand for property, lower vacancy rates and stable tenants who are supported through Together We Will Be Stronger an active business association network. ONE VOICE FOR LOCAL BUSINESS will deliver full benefits from location.

How can NHBA help?


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HBA is not a council controlled organisation. This independence from Auckland Council adds to NHBA’s ability to advocate and provide a clear local voice for business. Sixty percent of NHBA’s funding is generated through a targeted rate - levied on commercially zoned properties within the North Harbour Business Improvement District. This targeted rate is collected by Auckland Council on behalf of NHBA, under the BID Partnership Programme. All monies collected are remitted in full to NHBA for the delivery of these programmes. The remaining 40% of income has been delivered through the attraction of additional grant funding - from Ministry of Justice, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport for the delivery of specific projects and programmes. Gold Sponsorship gained from local business owners makes up the balance of nonlevy funding. The attraction of non-levy funding would not have been possible without NHBA’s consistent delivery of value and tangible benefits to both members and stakeholders. During March 2012, we held a ballot of the current membership to determine if they wished NHBA to continue to deliver these programmes, 74% of votes returned said YES. Between 8 – 29 April 2013, 1500 business and property owners located within the green area opposite, will be given the opportunity to



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Since 2008, North Harbour Business Association (NHBA) has delivered programmes to 2500 members within the North Harbour Business Improvement District. NHBA is a not for profit, independent organisation, registered with the Companies Office and it exists purely to deliver support services and programmes to their commercial property and business owner members. Sch


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One Voice – opens doors One Voice – reduces crime One Voice –H gets noticed ig hw One Voice – keeps your business moving ur Motorway o b r a a H Appleby


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Helping Business Grow Darimo

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together Stronger

One Voice – Together Stronger Want networks that deliver results? “Associate membership has provided us with valuable networking opportunities with other local businesses and we also value the seminars that NHBA puts on for our team to attend. Help with improving parking is a key area for us. Having NHBA help with this is a main reason why we will vote yes in April.” Lisa Hill, Eclipse Recruitment Limited NHBA Business Expo grew substantially with an increase of 120% exhibitors, and 200% visitors. 10 Business Breakfasts/Luncheons/After Five events held – free for members. (YE 2012/13)

Want more invested in your business area? “Massey University is pleased to be working with NHBA to develop and deliver training modules aimed to add value to members. Our partnership is important in terms of the ongoing economic development of our region.” Andrea Davies, Massey University Attracted $200,000 additional funding to deliver expanded services and programmes ($532,000 total income.) (YE 2012/13)

Want a voice for your business in the meetings that count? “Local businesses are increasingly interested in developing effective business connections and networks. Such connections become increasing important for the efficiency and growth of business districts and the larger the network, the more effective it will become. In this respect, business associations are important for their local knowledge, relationships and their understanding of the regional business environment from a local perspective. As independent bodies, business associations provide an essential role in being a single voice to represent the needs of local businesses through core Council strategies and plans such as The Auckland Plan and the Economic Development Strategy. In turn, advocating for benefits for local business and property owners. Mayor Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland Ongoing submissions include: Auckland Plan, Draft Regional Land Transport Programme, Unitary Plan, Food and Hygiene bylaws, Waste Water, Trade Waste bylaw, Upper Harbour Local Board Plan. Representing business on the Digital Leadership Forum. (Past 12 months)

Want someone who can fix parking? “The NHBA came to talk with us about transport issues and we have now promoted that to all our staff. As a direct result we will be allocating five dedicated car spaces for carpoolers in our staff car park. We will continue to work with NHBA and am grateful for their help and advice.” Charl Guthrie, Electrix Ltd. 350 registered to Carpool database, 250 free public transport passes delivered, Bus commuters delivered $186,000 economic benefit. (YE 2012/13)

Want more from your business? “Having been based inside the NHBA area (Rosedale Rd) and now moved to outside the area (Orbit Drive), there has been a noticeable impact on my business of not being included in the developments being made by the NHBA. I am looking forward to being able to network again and have a responsible association looking after the areas of our community that I cannot access myself as an individual business owner. Transport, crime and business growth are vital areas that need to be addressed as a group in the growing area of North Harbour. I am looking forward to being able to Vote YES in the campaign in April.” Debbie Meiklejohn, AccountsPlus Ltd Provided one streamlined point of contact for wide range of support, allowing business owners time to focus on growth.

Want real ways to help prevent crime? “The frequent targeted crime prevention seminars, e-shots, burglary follow-ups and CPTED appraisals are just a few examples of how NHBA continues to provide real value and support to its members and also the NZ Police in the prevention of crime within the Albany community.” Constable Tane Dyer, Albany Community Constable, NZ Police Crime Prevention Toolkits worth $100,000 delivered. 300 assessments of premises completed. 300 attended training seminars, 8% further reduction in burglaries, nightly security patrols across entire business area. (Past 12 months)

Want your voice heard? “The close working relationship between Auckland Transport and NHBA allows members to have direct contact and identify concerns with Auckland Transport, in the knowledge that a programme of transport solutions is being delivered over the next few years. The aim is to keep business moving.” Matthew Rednall, Community Transport Manager, Auckland Transport Freight study completed, National Road Carriers engaged re Freight logistics and safety, 400 presentations made to employers and staff regarding local transport options. (YE 2012/13)

Want someone to help keep business moving? “We were having problems entering/ exiting our premises due to poor visibility and sought advice from NHBA about a solution. NHBA responded very promptly, reviewed the situation and submitted a compelling case to Auckland Transport to look at the issues and come up with a solution.” Philip Dowling, Nero Italia Limited Parking Engineers visited at NHBA’s request, Rosedale Mews, Paul Matthew Road, Douglas Alexander Parade, Rothwell Ave to resolve parking and access issues. (Past 12 months)


8 - 29 April 2013 FYi april 2013 7

Sector focus

Problem solving that works Last year Wellington Drive Technologies, manufacturer of electric motors for refrigeration, introduced the Lean concept to its everyday working culture.


ndrew Lee, who had worked for the company for eight years, was appointed Lean Champion. Take, for example, the new way of solving problems at Wellington Drive Technologies. “Problem solving usually involves a group of people sitting around the table while complaining about fellow employees, talking about the future and the past and the solution all at the same time,” he says. “Eventually, the most senior person with the biggest voice has the biggest say. Well, the Lean methodology does away with all that it.” Instead, the Lean Thinking protocol enables the team to define the problem and create a problem statement that is used as a reference throughout the problem-solving process to stay on track. “New Zealanders are actually good at solving problems,” Mr Lee says, “but not so great at implementation. So you do get a solution, but then everyone leaves the room, thinking that everyone else is going to implement the new procedure.” The Lean concept requires employees to create a list of who does what and when, and how it will be measured at a point in the future. The measuring is crucial, to ensure the new procedure is actually an improvement, and to

8 april 2013 FYI

Most companies spend little time planning, a lot of time building, little time checking and a lot of time fixing. The goal is to change the relative positions: spend a lot of time planning which translates to less time building; a lot of time checking so there is minimal re-work. establish why it works, to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. The next step is to work on the process and see if it can be even better. When appointed Lean Champion, Mr Lee attended a course in Lean Thinking through the Kaizen Institute of New Zealand and learned more about Lean principles through training videos and books. “Lean Thinking has become a vehicle for changing our operating structure and culture,” Mr Lee says. The Lean concept originated in car manufacturing in Japan and has been distributed worldwide. Massey University incorporates Lean Thinking and Lean tools education into some undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, especially in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology. Professor Allan Anderson, who lectures in product development in the School of Engi-

neering, says Massey ensures its graduates are not only good at engineering but also the wider aspects of business such as manufacturing, economics and marketing. “We put quite a lot of emphasis around techniques such as Lean, which enable manufacturing companies to produce products which are desired by markets, accepted by markets and which are economically viable and are made in the most efficient fashion which is where Lean comes into play,” he says. “It’s a great template that companies are hooking into.” Most companies spend little time planning, a lot of time building, little time checking and a lot of time fixing. The goal is to change the relative positions: spend a lot of time planning which translates to less time building; a lot of time checking so there is minimal re-work. Problem solved. and for further information North Harbour Business Association is currently developing a Business Capability Programme for members. If you would like to see subjects such as Lean methodology included, please email


April rules: Payroll changes effective 1 April KiwiSaver contribution rates KiwiSaver contributions rates for employers and employees will increase from 2% to 3% on the first pay period commencing on or after 1 April 2013. • For the first pay period on or after 1 April 2013, employers will need to change the contribution rate for existing KiwiSaver members who have been contributing 2% to 3%. • For those employees contributing 4% or 8%, there is no need to change the contribution rate. • For new employees automatically enrolled into KiwiSaver when they begin employment on or after 1 April 2013, the contribution rate will also be 3%.

Example of increase date For the pay period beginning 28 March 2013 through to 10 April 2013, the KiwiSaver rate will still be 2%. For the pay period beginning 11 April 2013 through to 24 April 2013 the new KiwiSaver rate will be 3%. Note: The commencement date for student loan changes is most likely the previous pay period.

Advising employees It is recommended that you advise employees on the 2% contribution rate of this change, as their take-home pay will reduce by 1%. If you use the Total Remuneration approach, the employee should be reminded of the effect as their take-home pay will reduce by 2%.

Tax credits for children The tax credit for children was repealed from 1 April 2012, and the entitlement to claim it was withdrawn in May 2012. The tax credit had covered the tax on the first $2,340 of income.

What this means for employers

• While the obligation on children to pay tax on all income commenced 1 April 2012, the obligations on employers to deduct PAYE on all income for them from salary/wages starts on 1 April 2013. One reason for the differing dates was because the employer may not have had all the information necessary to deduct tax for 2012/13 year, such as a completed IR330 form. • For those school children who are existing members of KiwiSaver, employee contributions will need to be deducted at 3%. No employer contributions are necessary for those employees under 18 years. • Employees who are school children must give employers a completed IR330 form. • Employers will need to include their details in the employer monthly schedule.

The increase takes effect for the pay period ending on or after 1 April 2013 and subsequent pay periods. This is most likely the pay period before KiwiSaver changes take effect.

ML and ML SL tax codes discontinued ML and ML SL tax codes can no longer be used from 1 April 2013. For those employees currently using those codes, deduct PAYE using M or M SL rates as appropriate, unless the employee gives a new IR330 form. For more information on these changes and other business services offering from EMA, please contact Lizzie Didlick, Territory Manager, North Shore.

Student loan changes The repayment rate for standard student loan deductions will increase from 10% to 12%. Like KiwiSaver changes, it is recommended employers advise affected employees so they are not taken by surprise when they receive their pay after this date.

EMA | Employers’ & Manufacturers’ Association Northern Inc. Ph 09 367 0937 Mobile 027 488 8772 Email FYI april 2013 9


your voice in the future of our city

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. On behalf of its members, North Harbour Business Association will make representations to the Draft Auckland Council Annual Plan 2013/2014, which incorporates the Upper Harbour Local Board Agreement (2012/2013).


his is NHBA’s opportunity, along with an oral presentation, to reinforce its messages on behalf of more than 2500 North Harbour businesses and commercial property owners, and to request the funding and facilities to make them possible. In doing so, it reiterates the Upper Harbour Local Board’s vision for Upper Harbour to have the best lifestyle and business environment in the Auckland region. North Harbour Business Association’s primary interests within the Draft Annual Plan include those which: • Support or will restrict business growth opportunities • impact on the cost of business – across a short to medium timeframe

• impact on economic development and the ability to leverage value from location

• impact on access to regional and

localised transport hubs • impact on R&D and investment – sector development and capability • provide the scope to leverage natural assets for economic development across leisure and tourism sectors, enhancing Auckland’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city

Under the Auckland Council Annual Plan 2013/2014 Noting that there are many legacy fees which date back to when Auckland had five city councils, NHBA supports the standardisation of

fees where appropriate. It supports the transition to one standardised fee for hairdressing license fees for all areas but the fees for food preparation premises are more complex. NHBA’s representation notes that there is a significant increase in the fee for High Risk Grade A food premises, including a 49% increase incurred for Grade A High Risk in the North Shore Council legacy area. It asks that the costing scenario be restructured to reflect a business’s investment in improving its rating, especially as they then cost Council less money in monitoring and enhance the wider area as a place where food is presented to a high standard.


Business Rates increase NHBA supports a transition to a single differential across the Auckland Council area and recognises the council provisions for assisting businesses significantly impacted by the process. It suggests the service is well advertised to businesses, including through the business associations.

More Support for Community and Events As a not-for-profit community organisation, NHBA requests an increase in local board funding to support events and projects that directly benefit its area.

Better Planning and Economic Development NHBA supports the additional $102,000 to the overseas trade mission budget and requests that business associations in the Auckland Council area are advised of future missions to ensure their members can benefit. NHBA notes the additional budget for $753,000 to ensure strong engagement with Aucklanders for the Unitary Plan and that NHBA could assist with this process of consultation. While this additional budget is linked with economic development in the summary, NHBA requested that this should not be considered part of the economic development

apportioned rates but is incorporated within Governance or Other.

Regional Facilities Auckland grant towards the development of the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre Mindful that this project could leave the Auckland Council open to significant financial risks, NHBA asks for a fully informed consultation process of the risks and how they will be mitigated before a final decision is made.

Upper Harbour Local Board NHBA supports the Upper Harbour Local Board in relation to North Western and Northern Motorways and quality public transport links between Westgate and Albany in line with the board’s vision of creating the best lifestyle and business environment for our community. NHBA also supports the Northern Aquatic Centre, which will enhance the well-being of our community. However, NHBA believes these projects are more about lifestyle than business and it urges the board to identify priorities that will support the business community. These could include: 1. Ensuring business rates are included in the requested extension of the three-year rate transition policy. 2. Recognising the importance of consultation

with the businesses in the North Harbour/ Albany area in relation to public transport links between Westgate and Albany and the linking of the North Western and Northern Motorways to ensure that there are positive benefits for businesses and the community. 3. Advocating for the Local Board to encourage the council to ensure that funding and support is identified for local and economic development initiatives in the Upper Local Board Area and that these are communicated effectively through the recognised channels to the businesses in that area. For updates, see nhba-category/advocacy-representation


NHBA will host an information evening which will allow you to engage with Auckland Council representatives and to learn more regarding the proposed Unitary Plan referred by Mayor Brown (pg.3). This is another chance to have your voice heard. Details will be available on

Own and occupy with income AUCTION

Unit G, 2B William PickerinG Drive, north harBoUr Relocate your business into this quality office complex and have room to expand in the future. Partially fitted out and good car parking. Handy location only a short distance to the western ring route and the northern motorway at Constellation Drive. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and call us for further information, the owner has instructed “this Must be Sold!” 538m² office Rental return $30k + GST gross pa • 16 car parks • Partially tenanted with holding income • Modern offices in great location • •

Auction 11am Wednesday 17 April 2013 at Level 27, 151 Queen Street, Auckland (unless sold prior) Janet Marshall

MOB 021 684 775 DIR 09 488 4775 EMAIL

Euan Stratton

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Who’S neW in the neighbourhood

Special treatments


o help someone feel younger, revitalised and quite simply gorgeous is a wonderful way to show appreciation to a valuable staff member or customer or – even better – yourself. The new Skin Therapy Clinic in Bush Road opposite Pinehurst School is a sister shop to SkinSense Clinic purchased nearly 22 years ago in Devonport and is well experienced in a wide range of beauty regimes. Managing director and beauty therapist Susan Nicholls is delighted with the new location. “I really love the area,” she says. “There is great coffee, plenty of parking, it’s sunny. There’s a really nice feel about it and it’s just down the road from the Albany Mall.” Her new treatment menu offers specialties from body wraps and body scrubs, spray tans, massage, eyebrow and lash care to waxing, electrolysis, IPL, acne treatment and facials, with Ms

Nicholl’s passion being anti-ageing treatments. “We have various treatments to work with,” she says. “I’m passionate about high-end treatments like micro-needle

“I’m passionate about high-end treatments like micro-needle therapy – a roller that stimulates collagen production; it tingles. We also have nonsurgical facelifts, microderm-abrasion and Lira Cosmaceutical skin peels.”

therapy – a roller that stimulates collagen production; it tingles. We also have non-surgical facelifts, micro-derm-abrasion and Lira Cosmaceutical skin peels. “We do red vein treatment and skin tag removal so quite a bit of advanced work as well,” she says.

For the all-important ball season, weddings and corporate cocktail functions, the Skin Therapy Clinic has skilled, friendly make-up artists to ensure customers look their absolute best on important occasions and enjoy getting ready beforehand. “We’ve got a lovely range of make-up called Beca and another called Priori. They are both beautiful to work with,” she says. Ms Nicholls says Skin Therapy gift vouchers are available for

purchase online or from the clinic. Her recommendation for a gift is the one-hour Vitamin C Radiance Facial. “Our clients love it,” she says.

Skin Therapy Clinic Unit H, 86 Bush Road, Albany Ph 415 3373 Email

Success in four languages


hether you say it in Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean or English, it’s an impressive tally to twice win Regional Mortgage Broker of the Year for North Harbour and Northland, for 2010 and 2011. Paul Wang of Mortgage Success in Albany was the first Asian to win a NZ Mortgage Broker Association award – and his closest competition came from his staff member, Victor Miao who was also a finalist for the awards. Collectively, the team at Mortgage Success speaks three Asian languages and English, so they are a welcome asset for Asian immigrants wanting to buy residential and commercial property. Mr Wang came to New Zealand when he was 18 and learned mortgage broking working with Yong Kim Consulting in Albany, before leaving to set up Mortgage Success in 2006. He says his award-winning ways reflect his ability to put himself in other people’s shoes. “I think about the client first,” he says. “What do they need and how can we fulfil all their needs because they are buying such an expensive product – a house. They save for many years to buy something that they might keep

12 april 2013 FYi

“I think about the client first, what do they need and how can we fulfil all their needs because they are buying such an expensive product – a house.” for their whole life and it is very important for the broker to pay attention to the detail. “We give them advice in terms of how to repay their loan early and we look at the best interest rates on offer in the market.” Mortgage Success also sells insurance. The awards on the walls of Mortgage Success also reflect appreciation from Westpac, ANZ and National banks for achieving highest annual mortgage volume.

The company’s slogan is ‘Quality, efficiency and trustworthy service’. It has helped more than 3000 customers to find their best home loan options and provided highly customised services. It is one of the biggest mortgage broking firms in the Asian community in New Zealand, with six registered financial advisers and a team of administration staff supporting the brokers. Mortgage Success Ltd Unit P, 239 Rosedale Road Albany, Auckland Ph 447 1866 Email

Business Expo

CREATE LASTING CONNECTIONS The North Harbour Business Association’s Empowering Better Business Expo will be your opportunity to network like no other event of the year. Everybody there – and we mean everybody – will have booked their exhibitor space or made time to visit the Expo because they know it is important to their business. And that means it could be important to yours. This is the day when business managers and operators are focused on one goal: to meet and connect with the people who can bring new spark to their business, new opportunities, new customers and new business. It’s the day for you and your staff to present your company, your skills, your products and most importantly, your personalities to your potential customers and suppliers. The opportunities to develop local business relationships to save time and money are one of the major strengths of North Harbour Business Association – and they don’t get better than this. The North Harbour Business Association’s Empowering Better Business Expo will drive awareness and growth between local businesses. Connect now and ensure the continued development of our vibrant business community in North Harbour. Last year, the NHBA Business Expo’s visitors grew by more than 200% from the previous year. Demand for stands grew by more than 120% – some exhibitors who wanted to be there left it too late and missed out. Expo 2013 promises to be even more successful. We have a larger venue plus an increased marketing and promotional budget.

Free entry, seminars and door prizes will attract the visitors. We have kept the cost per stand competitive to ensure the event is accessible for small and large companies. Businesses within the North Harbour business area will be given first priority. Book your exhibition stand now to maximise your free advertising on the dedicated NHBA Expo website page: There will be seminars running throughout the Expo. If you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact us for details. Irrespective of whether you are an exhibitor or visitor – just make sure you are there.


Date: 16 May 2013, 10am – 6.30pm Venue: Level One, North Harbour Stadium, Albany Bookings: Janine Brinsdon – NHBA General Manager Email: Phone: 021 212 4942 FYI april 2013 13


Rents on the rebound T he Colliers International Metropolitan office survey now covers 1.75 million square metres of suburban office space, making it the most comprehensive available. The resurgence in demand that we saw grow in late 2011 and escalate in 2012 was not enough to arrest the Metropolitan office vacancy rate from rising beyond the long-term average in the 2013 survey. However, the overall results mask the strength in certain precincts across Auckland. In particular, North Shore which is currently enjoying the lowest vacancy rate in five years, at 8.8%. This was a combination of small pockets of vacant space leased in North Harbour together with an extensive refurbishment programme in

Fred Thomas Drive that carried a high proportion of vacant space. Landlords will be embracing the marginal lift in rents that occurred over the last 12 months across the Metropolitan office market. The overall average Metropolitan face rent now sits at $261/m² and $177/m² for prime and secondary rents respectively. North Shore prime rents sit slightly above this rate at $266/m². This is more than likely the start of a slow, but gradual rebound in rents. This will be a disappointment to many tenants who remain focused on costs, with staff and rent being the two key considerations. Post GFC, reducing workforce and workspace ratios was a common approach to save already veneer-thin margins.

Space efficiency provided through modern premises together with seismic strength mean flight to quality continues to be a key driver for tenant cost savings and efficiency gains. This is likely to be a precursor for developers to revive design build projects, supported by projections of rental growth. The freeing up of land which has led to an increase in the number of land sales in the North Shore precinct of Albany is an obvious location for more development activity in a constrained North Shore office market. Janet Marshall Manager, Commercial Colliers International North Shore Ph 021 684 775 Email

Looking For Low Rental? FOR LEASE

LeveL 1, 8A PiermArk Drive, North hArbour Modern air-conditioned offices available on a sub-lease basis with excellent incentives available for the right tenant. Conditions apply for this package but call in now to discuss further.

MOB 021 684 775 DIR 09 488 4775 EMAIL

• •

For Lease Janet Marshall

FREE signage FREE car parking for one year FREE broadband - fair usage Data cabled

Matt Prentice

MOB 021 464 904 DIR 09 488 4785 EMAIL

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Community police officer:

Change of guard A change of police boundaries has brought a change in the community police officer for the North Harbour Business Association area. Constable Tane Dyer has enjoyed helping businesses in the area for two years but his new beat does not include NHBA area. He remains as Albany Community Police Officer. Constable Troy Williamson, the Greenhithe Community Police Officer, will be the new Community Police Officer for the NHBA area. The Community Police Officer for the business area incorporating Apollo Drive, Orbit Drive, Constellation Rd, and Arrenway is Constable Penny Rusbatch. She has been the Sunnynook Community Constable for several years and sits on the board of the Tagfree Trust that removes graffiti from our community, including properties of local businesses.

Crime Reporting Line saves time


orth Shore Police have advised that, as from 20 February, people on the North Shore can report historical crimes by phoning the Crime Reporting Line. This is a convenient way to inform the police of stolen cars or thefts from your shop, car or business. It is no longer necessary to go to a police station to report an incident. To use the service, call your local police station; ph 477 5000 for North Shore Police. The station will transfer you through to the Crime Reporting Line Centre where you will be asked to provide details, a process taking approximately 15 minutes. The centre may arrange for a police officer or scene of crime officer to visit to collect more information or evidence, and will forward a complaint acknowledgement form to you by email or post. This reporting process is for historical crimes only. If a crime is in progress, please call 111 and report it immediately. The service will be available throughout New Zealand by 30 June 2013.

Constable Troy Williamson Greenhithe Community Constable Ph 09 477 5000 Ph 0274 776 235 Constable Penny Rusbatch Sunnynook Community Constable Please be aware that unfortunately Penny is on unplanned leave, please contact the North Shore Policing Centre for any assistance that you may require in the near future. Ph 09 477 5000

Introducing Senior Sergeant Andy King, Youth and Community manager, North Shore. I have been a police officer for 18 years, mostly as Detective or a Detective Sergeant, which involved the investigation of serious crime including homicides and sexual assault, mainly in the central and west Auckland areas. I was promoted to Senior Sergeant one year ago as a shift senior for Waitemata District and more recently have completed four months in Orewa as the Response Manager. One month ago I took up my current position as the Youth and Community Manager for the North Shore Police. I am looking forward to learning more about the North Shore community and having a positive impact on the area. I have not policed on the North Shore before, but I know the area as I have lived here for three years. I see my role as one of prevention. The North Shore is blessed with excellent policing resources and a relatively low crime rate compared with the national averages. I look forward to working with the community to continue reducing crime on the North Shore. Ph 09 477 5000 FYI april 2013 15

tribute: eric hertz

Tribute to Eric Hertz, mobile chief Eric Hertz, CEO of 2degrees, was to speak at North Harbour Business Association business lunch on 10 April. Tragically, Mr Hertz, 58, and his wife Kathy, 64, are believed to have died when their twin-engine Beechcraft Baron crashed into the sea off Kawhia, near Raglan, on Saturday, 30 March.


r Hertz was piloting the aircraft which had left Ardmore Airport in Auckland bound for Timaru. He radioed to report engine failure just seconds before the crash. Mr Hertz joined 2degrees as chief executive in 2009, the year of its launch. 2degrees is New Zealand’s third mobile network provider. It brought true competition to the mobile industry and has significantly lowered the cost of mobile in New Zealand. Mr Hertz and his wife were Americans who loved living in New Zealand. He was fluent in Spanish and English and, prior to joining 2degrees, held CEO and senior management positions at Zumobi, BellSouth, AT&T Wireless, Western Wireless and McCaw Cellular. He had lived and worked in four continents. From the outset at 2degrees, Mr Hertz led from the front, a champion of competitive pricing and award-winning customer service. He brought comedian Rhys Darby to front the company’s marketing campaign and ensured that 2degrees’ creative and sometimes quirky approach to its brand was developed on two basic principles – keeping it simple and af-

16 april 2013 FYI

fordable for the customer. In August last year, 2degrees announced it had reached more than one million customers – well ahead of all projections. Initially launching with pre-pay, 2degrees has expanded into the pay-monthly and business markets. The company’s ability to compete on value, service and innovation has seen 2degrees approved as a Government panel provider for the All of Government Mobile, Voice and Data supply contract. A recent survey by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise estimated that, since entering the market, 2degrees has generated savings of $2.24 billion dollars for New Zealand consumers and businesses. Maintaining that competition is expected to drive a further $7.8 billion by 2021. Last year 2degrees was awarded the Deloitte fast 50 ‘Fastest Growing Technology Company’ and the Canstar ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ awards for the second year in a row. The company was also recently announced ‘Best Mobile Provider’ by Roy Morgan Research and New Zealand Consumer Magazine.

2degrees has invested more than $500 million into building its national mobile network which provides coverage to 97% of places where Kiwis live and work. It has 42 retail stores throughout the country and employs 760 staff from 40 nationalities. Mr Hertz had talked of extending into the fixed-line market and was pushing for New Zealand to introduce a four-year parliamentary term to increase certainty in investment. Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Paul Brislen blogged that Mr Hertz has made dramatic changes to the New Zealand telecommunications space. “The company has changed the landscape of competition for the New Zealand telecommunications market in an incredibly positive way and we as an industry are all the more poorer for today’s news,” he wrote. North Harbour Business Association extends its deepest sympathies to Mr and Mrs Hertz’s families and to the staff of 2degrees. The next NHBA Business event will be held in May. Details will be posted on the

event sponsor

Print management: more than gloss


hether it’s a simple brochure, an annual report or a detailed product catalogue, every print or digitally-published item is an intrinsic part of a company’s presence in the community. It carries the company’s brand, its culture and its message to customers and the wider business community. It has to be of high quality, on time and consistent. This is why Norcross Printing Group introduced print management to the New Zealand market in the late 1990s and has continued to develop the concept ever since. As specialists in print management, Norcross does far more than simply accept an order, print it and deliver it. Norcross works with customers across all their printing needs, ensuring the branding, message and quality are always consistent. Operating on the basis of cost transparency with customers, Norcross also works to achieve reductions in unit prices and overall usage. Norcross remains flexible in meeting customers’ changing needs by keeping

Norcross takes pride in its special blend of process incorporating people, technology, machinery, philosophy, entrepreneurial spirit, passion and environmental and community consciousness.

abreast of the advances in technology in printing and digital publishing. Continual reviews of processes are carried out to achieve on-going improvement and efficiency while using the latest equipment and software to ensure customers receive the best possible result. Technology aside, you’ll find people are central to the Norcross offering, ensuring provision of superior specialist advice. As a second-generation, family-owned company with more than 50 years’ experience in printing, Norcross employs more than 60 industry professionals. Customers have quick access to an experienced and knowledgeable team who can advise them on the best processes for their printing needs. Norcross pride themselves on quick turnarounds and their philosophy of ‘We make it happen.’ Head Office: 70 Paul Matthews Road, Albany. Ph: 09 839 2000.

Your sponsorship opportunity

The Norcross family established 4 Our Kids charity in 2011 to provide support to schools in New Zealand that have children coming to school without lunch. Your business has the unique opportunity to sponsor a school in the Auckland region and help kids in your own back yard. $400 per month will provide emergency meals for one school.* Your business will be rewarded with warm fuzzies and good karma and will receive a sponsorship certificate for the period chosen stating the school you are so generously supporting. To become a sponsor and help Kiwi kids get more out of school, call Triona today on 09 839 2000 or email to *For a large school. $400 may be spread across multiple months for smaller schools. Each school’s requirements are assessed throughout the sponsorship period. FYI april 2013 17

profeSSional developMent

The alkaline advanTage

Tim Ellett, managing director of 3i Limited


Taking a stand on brands



The worldÕs mosT poTenT vegeTable proTein Ð low FaT, low Carb, alkaline CLEAN LEAN PROTEIN is a great-tasting isolate, extracted from premium Europeangrown Golden Peas. It’s good for everyone – especially for weight management. • High in protein – up to 90%. Over 20g protein per serve with under 1.5g of carbs and 0.5g of fat • Complete amino acid profile. All 9 Essential, and 9 more • Alkaline: 7.8 pH. Helps preserve valuable muscle tissue and improve bone density • It’s highly absorbable. Digestion rate of 98% • It’s low in allergens, unlike dairy, egg and soy based proteins • It keeps you fuller for longer: improved feelings of fullness & satisfaction – more than whey, casein or milk protein isolate.

goes perfectly with good green sTUFF The Feel Good Superfood

Naturally Organic 215 Rosedale Road Unichem Rosedale Pharmacy 372 Rosedale Road Fitness Fix 1 /11 Arrenway Drive NZ Muscle 33c Constellation Drive Ascension Health 7 Ascension Place (off Constellation) Unichem Albany Pharmacy Level 1, Westfield Mall Albany Albany Village Care Chemist Albany Village Calder Chiropractic Centre 761 Beach Road, Browns Bay Lifesense Natural Health 20 Clyde Road, Browns Bay Sunnynook Pharmacy Sunnynook Shopping Centre And online at

The Perfect Alternative Protein NZ Distributor: Vital Health Company, 1/44 William Pickering Drive



n a tough market, for the majority of businesses the key challenges are the need to attract customers and retain them. Tim Ellett, managing director of 3i Limited, a branding and marketing agency, says that in a crowded marketplace, it is even more imperative than usual for companies to focus on the core aspects of their brand to ensure they stand out from their competitors. Mr Ellett says successful branding is a combination of art and science. It requires a strong creative, in thinking and in company messages, whether these are presented on-line, in print, in-store or wherever customers are looking and listening. It also requires a consistent brand experience that engenders trust in potential and existing customers. “You need a strong creative and a consistent brand experience to get to a leadership position, and you need to deliver consistently on both to retain that position,” he says. A strong brand delivers on the formula: T = R + D Where T= trust, R= reliability and D= delight. Plus, a strong brand does it better, ie, brand experience; and differently, ie, strong creative, compared to others in the market. People do business on a long term basis with companies and people that they trust. It has been well proven that the one-day-deal sites can have a positive impact on sales in the short term, but, in most cases, they do nothing to help build the brand or increase sales in the

long term. Worse, they can even harm it. “I’m sure I’m not the only one who has walked into a restaurant only to be asked by the waitress, with a pained expression, ‘Have you got a discount coupon?’ “When I said, ‘No, I don’t,’ she smiled and welcomed me completely differently. If the staff are disenchanted with a promotion, how can it possibly work for the customer?” These short-term approaches are transactional rather than relational, Mr Ellett says. “A successful brand builds relationships with its customers over time and in turn builds trust.” Consumers have long memories and breaking that trust can take many years to re-build. “Take the whole Ribena issue where trust was destroyed by two school girls in the school lab who proved the claims over sugar content were incorrect. Even today I don’t think many New Zealanders who saw that story unfold feel the same way about Ribena as they did before the exposure.” In today’s fast-changing media environment with more business conducted through smart phones and tablets, via Facebook, and Linked In, the formula still applies, he says. “It just means that we have to be even more aware of consistency of brand experience through all these different audience touch-points, and delighting our customer, who wants to be entertained as well as educated and informed.” Mr Ellett says 3i Limited focuses on building successful brands through strong customer engagement and delivering on the formula T=R+D. Tim Ellett, 3i Limited Ph 021 439 459 or via Linked In, Viber and Facebook.


Want to save money getting to work? NHBA can help you and your staff to save money getting to and from the office. NHBA has been running barbecues at local businesses while advising staff on the best transport options available for their area. Auckland Transport has joined in with some great freebies and incentives. If you would like NHBA to sizzle the sausages at your work place, contact Brigid Rogers 09 968 2222 or email

NHBA speaks out

NHBA recently presented a submission on the Draft Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan to a committee of Auckland Councillors and Council Officers. The NHBA submission stressed the importance of integrating the bus network to ensure coverage of all areas at key times. The northern area bus network will be reviewed mid2013 and NHBA will consult its members prior to the review. Bus patronage in the NHBA area contributes an economic benefit of $168,000.

Public Transport Passes

NHBA has some free Public Transport passes to give away during April to anyone who lives, works or studies in the NHBA area. They are valid for most trains, buses and ferries. To register for a free pass, email



lectrix on William Pickering Drive has dedicated two spaces for staff who are carpooling. Charl Gutherie, stores and depot manager, said it is a contribution towards sustainability. “It is important for us to encourage our staff to car pool and thereby reduce conges-

tion. If this is successful we will put some more spaces in.” Anyone keen to save money and share a lift to work can check out the website

NHBA under the spotlight The annual evaluation of the NHBA transport programme is underway. Opus is carrying out an independent survey on behalf of Auckland Transport, due to be completed in May 2013. Over morning tea, staff at Pacific Brands staff in Omega Street ditched the pen and paper in favour of a high tech push-button to answer questions on their

awareness of the NHBA transport initiatives such as Let’s Carpool, cameras and free public transport passes. To be part of the survey simply email and a survey will be emailed to you. FYi april 2013 19

buSineSS report

Why should I trust in trusts?

Trust law specialist, Tammy McLeod of Davenports Harbour Lawyers, offers legal advice on the formation of trusts, including why they should be considered, and what to watch out for.


he concept of a trust is not a new initiative; trusts have been around for many hundreds of years providing assurance to those who establish them that accumulated wealth and business affairs will be managed in accordance with their wishes, in life and death. Although the modern day business owner may not be taking up arms and going on crusades like our forebears, the notion of trust remains the same: to provide protection of accumulated wealth and business assets for those you wish to inherit them. The concept of a trust is that you are transferring ownership of your assets to another group of people (the trustees) who will then hold those assets in trust for the people who you want to ultimately benefit from them (the beneficiaries). The most popular reasons for setting up a trust are briefly outlined below, however trusts can be tailored to suit a variety of needs, therefore it is advisable to seek expert legal advice when establishing one.

Although the modern day business owner may not be taking up arms and going on crusades like our forebears, the notion of trust remains the same: to provide protection of accumulated wealth and business assets for those you wish to inherit them. 20 april 2013 FYi

One of the main modern day reasons for setting up a trust is to protect your assets from potential creditors if you own your own business or are a company director or are in an otherwise risky business where you run the risk of being sued. By transferring assets into trust they are afforded greater protection than being in your own name. However you should be careful that you and your business are solvent at the time of transferring assets to your trust, or you run the risk of a later claim that you were attempting to defeat the claims of creditors. People are also increasingly transferring their assets to a trust to protect them from relationship property challenges. The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 treats the property rights of de facto couples the same as those of married couples. Trust property is immune to the provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act and so transferring assets to a trust before a relationship is a great way to protect them from being split 50/50 in the event of a relationship breakdown. Trusts are also a great way of protecting assets for your children, ensuring that any assets they receive from you are protected from their de facto partners and spouses. Trusts also give a lot of flexibility, allowing different children’s circumstances to be taken into account before distributions are made to

For example, if you had a daughter who was bankrupt and then you died, the official assignee would take her inheritance, but with a trust the trustees can wait until she is discharged from her bankruptcy before making a distribution to her thereby protecting her inheritance for her benefit. them. For example, if you had a daughter who was bankrupt and then you died, the official assignee would take her inheritance, but with a trust the trustees can wait until she is discharged from her bankruptcy before making a distribution to her thereby protecting her inheritance for her benefit. Similarly, trusts can also help with asset planning, ensuring that you leave your assets to whomever you wish. Unlike wills, trusts cannot be easily challenged and so can provide a much greater certainty and offer greater peace of mind to those who establish them.

Ph 915 4380


Motivated by mentoring Just three years ago Matt Jillings of Mairangi Bay was a 17-year-old Rangitoto College student with no clear career direction or goals other than a general interest in business.


ow, in the third and final year of a degree under the inaugural Bachelor of Business Studies Scholarship, he knows there are many opportunities out there and he has the confidence to pursue them. “Through one-on-one mentoring with the sponsoring companies, I have discovered my interest lies in finance, in which I am now majoring with economics,” he says. “It has significantly opened my eyes to the importance of small to medium businesses in New Zealand’s economy.” Mr Jillings says the mentoring programme gave him the drive to dedicate himself to his studies. “As a result I was named on Massey University’s dean’s list and selected to tutor other business students. Knowing

that the sponsoring companies have invested in my future has motivated me to achieve consistently high academic results.” He says he has been lucky to shadow industry professionals for several top New Zealand companies, including Fletcher Building, which was an invaluable experience. “As

“Through one-on-one mentoring with the sponsoring companies, I have discovered my interest lies in finance, in which I am now majoring with economics. It has significantly opened my eyes to the importance of small to medium businesses in New Zealand’s economy.”

I approach the end of my degree, I have the confidence to apply for graduate jobs.” North Harbour Business Association arranged the scholarship, worth $15,000, having selected Massey University as a partner in the programme to promote excellence in business. Mr Jillings was picked from a shortlist of six finalists based on feedback from his mentoring companies and scholarship sponsors Sealegs International and Actionmail. Prime Minister John Key presented the scholarship in 2010. Mr Jillings made special thanks to all the sponsoring companies: Actionmail, Speedy Signs, LinkPlas, Sealegs, Roofing Industries and Zero Down for their support to this programme. FYI april 2013 21

buSineSS & pleaSure

New associate members Welcome to our associate members who have joined us since the previous issue of FYI magazine.

Find out the benefits of becoming an associate member by talking to Cheriette Ede on 09 968 2222, or emailing

Apollo Theatre Company Ltd

Allsafe Security Group Ltd

The Apollo Theatre Company plans and creates events and provides professional entertainment such as dancers, singers, promo girls and circus performers for corporate functions, launches and theatre. In addition to the company, director Sarah Boocock is also opening The Apollo Theatre School in May 2013, at Unit 12/75 Ellice Road, Wairau to provide high quality dance education in ballet, jazz and hiphop from pre-school to professional level. Ph 09 444 4158 or 021 652 654 or follow us on


Miit provides the following computer services for our clients and offers free trials on our hosted services to ensure that our tailor-made solutions meet your company requirements and expectations: • Ultra Fast Broadband UFB • Dell computer hardware • Computer hardware rental • Virtual computer services (hardware as a service) • Cloud computer solutions (software as a service) • Email and hosted exchange solutions • VoIP telephony solutions • Web page design and hosting with full content management ISP solutions Miit is a New Zealand-owned and based company with offices in Albany. Miit is proud to be the first Dell-appointed reseller in New Zealand, demonstrating the faith that Dell has in Miit as a professional company.

Blender Design Ltd

We’re young and dynamic, bringing a fresh, innovative approach to design. We’re large enough to achieve great results and command attention – but small enough to give our clients the flexibility they deserve. Blender began in 2006 when three Massey University graduates with a passion for design decided New Zealand needed a fresh-thinking, multi-discipline design consultancy. The name Blender was chosen to represent the blending of their different skill sets. It also symbolises the blend of many important facets of design management to deliver great results. Blender Design offers a broad range of professional design and established awareness in the design community through competitions, media and successful products. Ph 09 448 5899,

Computer Coaching Services Computer Coaching Services (CCS) provides computer training solutions that are cost effective, applicable and easy to implement. CCS is an on-site technology training company. We are passionate about computer coaching and get a real kick out of sharing our knowledge in a fun, positive and effective way. Our team consists of the best, experienced, qualified, friendly computer coaches that cover Auckland, North Shore and Hibiscus Coast region. Because of client demand, we have developed an ‘Introduction to the iPad’ course. Contact us to book in a workshop or one-on-one coaching on this amazing device. Ph 0800 482 622,

Ph 09 476 4540,

Toner Direct

Toner Direct is New Zealand’s fastest growing printer consumables supplier, with fast free delivery and super low prices. Toner Direct is taking its place as the premier supplier of ink and toner cartridges in New Zealand. Ph 0800 855 966,

Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd Established in 1996, Crestclean offers a consistent and reliable cleaning service that always leaves your premises fresh and hygienic. Crestclean’s strong corporate operating systems bring discipline to our commercial cleaning services. From large corporates to schools and small offices, our team of 1240 personnel clean for more than 2500 customers nationwide. Ph 0800 273 780,

22 april 2013 FYi

We are a Kiwi-owned company which has operated on the North Shore for 33 years providing most security-related services. The Locksmith Division cuts keys, sells new lock hardware and services all types of locks at our retail shop and on our customers’ premises and specialises in restricted and master-key systems. We also provide a 24/7 mobile locksmith service. We have a wide range of safes at our retail shop that we can deliver and install if required. We do automotive key and lock work at our retail shop in Glenfield and have the equipment to make and program most transponder keys. Our Electronics Division installs, repairs and services access control, alarm, and camera systems on our customers’ premises. We specialise in wireless access control systems. Ph 09 915 7990,


Refresh Renovations was established in 2010 by Traffic, New Zealand’s leading business strategy and marketing firm, backed by many of New Zealand’s largest building industry brands. As a design and build renovation specialist, Refresh manages the process from the initial design concepts through to the handover. This end-to-end service is incredibly important. Having one point of contact resolves the major issues that customers face with renovations. Budgets can be effectively managed because the customer has an informed project manager to help them decide where money should be invested for the best result. Issues are resolved quickly because Refresh takes overall responsibility. Our customers avoid the typical position where they are faced with sub-contractors who are blaming each other for problems, and not fixing them (nationwide, one in three renovations ends in a dispute!). Ph 0800 33 60 33

buSineSS & pleaSure

NHBA Wine Club Grab an Italian

Our wine club selection this month focuses on Italy, one of Europe’s largest wine producers. Maconne Vino Spumante Brut N.V

Alasia Nebbiolo 2007

This is an excellent bubbly that is so easy to drink. The bouquet is fresh and savoury with considerable sea salt and some yeasty notes that almost bring whey to mind. On the palate it’s full, with the fullness coming from wine and sparkle, and decidedly savoury, with underlying minerality and slight citric accents that fade as the finish comes forward, giving way to the mineral acidity that continues throughout. RRP $24.00 NHBAWC Price $17.99

Nebbiolo is one of the classic grape varieties of the Piedmont region in Northern Italy (tastes like an aged Pinot Noir) and has a pale brick red colour typical of Nebbiolo. Sweetly aromatic with hints of roses, tobacco and spices. Whilst on the palate, it offers juicy cherry and berry fruits up front, yet finishes with an earthy, savoury complexity with firm but ripe tannins. RRP $30.00 NHBAWC Price $15.00

Maccone Primitivo Rosso 2008

If you are a chocolate lover then this wine is a must. It’s impenetrable pyrope with cherry rim, and has a powerful, sweet bouquet with iodine laced jammy plum fruit and some savoury balsamic accents, also slight sea salt. It has quite a lot to say. On the palate it’s full and sweet, with rich plum cherry fruit supported by tannins that have some sandalwood accents, and as the richness of the fruit fades some

The Primitivo grape is a distant relation to the famous American grape variety Zinfandel. The Maccone is a wonderful wine that has lovely savoury overtones (similar to a Merlot), rounded and well structured. Smoothly dry with well-blended strong tannin, it pairs with full-flavoured, rich dishes such as red meat game and aged cheeses. RRP $35.00 NHBAWC $17.99

Maccone Primitivo Dolce 2007

warmth that continues at great length, while the fruit works from underneath to provide a sweet counterpart. It’s very fine and a superb expression of Primitivo Dolce. RRP $30.00 NHBAWC Price $15.00 (375ml) Mixed cases are available. Please email orders to, and mention the NHBA Wine Club. Free delivery to any NHBA business or staff member, or your order can be collected from Wine and More at Rosedale Mews, corner Rosedale Rd and William Pickering Drive.

Chargrilled Eye fillet with Caramellised Onion & Rosemary Quiche, Creamed Spinach and Red Wine Jus Ingredients: 800g Eye Fillet 2 Tbsp Caramellised Onion 8 small sprigs rosemary 1 sheet savoury shortcrust pastry 4 eggs 150 ml cream 100ml chicken stock 1 bag spinach 200ml Beef Jus 100ml Red Wine Method: 1. Cut Fillet into 4 pieces, and season with crushed garlic, salt and pepper. 2. Place pastry into 4 greased individual pie dishes, place caramellised onion and 1 sprig of rosemary in each. 3. Beat eggs and pour into each pastry case. 4. Cook for 25 mins at 180 degrees Celcius.

5. Clean and remove the stalks from the spinach 6. Simmer beef jus and red wine until reduced slightly. 7. Place cream and stock into a pot and bring to the boil. Simmer. 8. Cook fillet on a char grill pan until ready. 9. Place spinach in cream and stock pan for 2 minutes.

To plate: 1. Place quiche in centre of plate. Use tongs to place 8-10 leaves of spinach dripping with cream on quiche. 2. Place eye fillet on spinach. 3. Ladle red wine jus over fillet. 4. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary. For more details and more recipes see our facebook page: TheCaterersAlbany FYi april 2013 23

NHBA Gold Sponsors 2013

Simpson Western


egal excellence and a real commitment to personal service equals exceptional results. This sums up the North Shore law firm Simpson Western, according to partner Ken Paterson who practises from the firm’s North Harbour office in Apollo Drive. Simpson Western has three offices: North Harbour, Takapuna and Silverdale. The firm has worked on the North Shore for almost 30 years and has, over that time, formed strong relationships with its clients, many of whom have become business and social leaders themselves. The firm is proud of the fact that its growth has been an outcome of the word of mouth business referrals it receives from its satisfied clients. Simpson Western has nine partners, supported by 33 staff. They have proven expertise in a broad range of legal services provided by eight teams specialising in: • Business services

• Employment law • Asset planning, trusts, wills and estates

• Property including commercial property, leasing and residential property; • Litigation and dispute resolution • Immigration law for corporate work visas • Relationship property, and • Lifestyle planning for seniors Simpson Western’s aim is to deliver high quality expert advice, and results that work well for clients in their particular situation. Specialist lawyers working in this team environment ensure legal excellence to achieve the results that their clients expect, and deserve. The firm has a strong base of business and personal clients. They work closely with many small to medium businesses, a number of the North Shore’s largest companies, and some substantial nationwide organisations. In addition to this, they

From left: Tina Robinson, Hannah Thomas, Chris Western, Ken Paterson, Meralyn Radonich

pride themselves on their work with clients on a personal level, often acting for three or more generations of the same family as they take on commitments through their lives. Simpson Western’s size allows them to offer true specialisation and high levels of expertise to their clients, combined with a commitment to personalised service. Since being established with two partners and three support staff in 1985, the firm has grown

to become leaders on Auckland’s North Shore, and they credit this to their commitment to this philosophy and the consequent referral business generated from their clients and contacts.

Ph 486 3058 Email

Labyrinth – a winning, website partnership


e’ve set ourselves apart from others by concentrating on quality rather than quantity. We won’t give you a cookie-cutter solution. When you partner with Labyrinth, you’ll sit alongside some of New Zealand’s most forward-thinking marketing professionals who really see the value that a solid online presence brings to their business. We’ll work with you to create a specific future-proof web design solution that easily grows and changes with the needs and goals of your business. Our range of professional services ensures we’re constantly thinking of you – offering high-level strategic guidance, online marketing advice and content management training to make your website more successful. We’ve got two flexible investment options: our all-inclusive web to cloud subscription and the traditional upfront investment.

Our three key service benefits: A winning partnership Launching a great website does not immediately translate to online success. This is 24 april 2013 FYI

A website CMS (Content Management System) for marketers

achieved through your on-going input and our on-going advice and direction. We’ll provide personalised high-level strategic guidance and free eLearning resources such as marketing advice and CMS training.

Strategic guidance is given by a dedicated web strategist From the outset of your project, our team will provide advice and will actively encourage regular website strategy sessions. Your website planning will consider every avenue to help grow your business and engage new markets. Your website will work in with your marketing and enhance your brand. Your website will constantly be monitored against your objectives so it stays on track and our all-inclusive web to cloud subscription keeps us directly accountable. 

Contegro is developed in New Zealand and recognised as one of the world’s top 30 content management systems. Designed for marketing people, it offers complete control within an intuitive, easy to use environment. It has a recognisable Windows-style interface to make every move intuitive. It’s not hard to do, so you won’t need your technical staff on board. Contegro keeps current with trends, provides continuous updates and supports mobile devices. It keeps your site evolving and future-proof. Labyrinth’s managing director and web strategist is Vaughan Reed who has 20-plus years’ experience in the IT industry. He is skilled at understanding his clients’ business requirements and translating them into a world class online solution that will provide a return on investment and be an on-going asset for their business. Ph 415 9301 Email

FYI Magazine April 2013  

The magazine of the North Harbour Business Association

FYI Magazine April 2013  

The magazine of the North Harbour Business Association