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Problems and Solutions Planning and Project Control in Iran 1


Mostafa Kharadpour

Department of Planning & Project Control, Artmiz Darya Co, Tehran, Iran

Abstract: Most of time Planning & Project Control is critical. Because it entered personalize opinion to that subject. Important of Factors is scheduling and Condition of Contract. Other factors is cost, however most of planner don’t see influence of risk in project. Analysis of earned value is different in companies and projects. It is result of lesson different between Contractor and Client.

Keywords: Planning, Project Control, Pertmaster, Risk, Earned Value, PMBOK. I.


One of the reasons and the first step in planning and project control is contract project. Contract issues such as project scheduling, cost, and method of reporting, technical annex, and payment terms are determined to make good. One of the main reasons that projects are implemented with difficulty, haven’t same lesson between project stakeholders, activities in the Gantt chart project. Sometimes be seen the primary activities in Gantt written by a consultant or Designer and due to the contractor or consultant, the new peoples have no clear understanding of the Gantt chart items to take care of it. Condition of payment by consultant is different and they try to increase profit in oneself. Some of them do it result of FAZ finish , %complete, Wight Factor, Earned Value, Physical %Complete, Volume . They are very different for calculate and influence it for payment. All of ways related to first meeting between project stakeholders. Before the work to be concluded between the parties All angles should be included when the project contract, Technical Annex, and how to calculate the percentage of development projects in various phases, Weight of cost, scheduling and the weight of all items,

stakeholders, project risks are fully identified and agreed. One of the reasons that might endanger the process control documentation and records, many forms of work that engineer and workers are indifferent to their completion. Percentage of project progress can be measured in used size of items consumed. Phases of percentage must be in engineering should be clearly marked. For example: Issue for comment, Issue for Review, Issue for Approve, and Issue for reject… All what was said to be in a meeting of project stakeholders to reach agreement.



The first step is effective Activities and timing of the project. It should be noted that the actual timing of the Company's facilities and social and economic conditions and the whole country. Unfortunately, the actual timing of projects isn’t real and the majority of projects are delayed. One way to know that time of project according to the cost, resources, human resource is or not. For this purpose, all information of activities, relations, resources entered and then we set the end date of project. According to the information entered, the software will calculate the project start date.

This act will see more realistic than our conditions. Result of it critical or work Packages and risks be identified. III.

If Staff, experts hasn’t knowledge, it is necessary skills training courses. Courses such as: PMBOK standards, Primavera6, Microsoft Office Project. Select individuals for training who can teach courses for other staff in their internal.


One of the factors that must be considered before starting work, identify the range and scope of project in accordance with the PMBOK standard and other standards such as: ISO 10006, APM, BS6079, JPMF, IPMA…


The most important part: Enter Information For entering information in the control software such as Microsoft Office Project and to be familiar Primavera and dominated. Sometimes data from different sectors working in accordance with the format of Excel experts, project planning and control is provided.

Input and output processes must be accurately determined. Standards must be consistent with available resources and the optimum working conditions because the majority of countries have their own standards and conditions. Many project managers known as the triangle (cost, time, quality) to other domains such as scope, integration, risk, resources and ... Should be well defined.

The point to note Activities that the software you can import Microsoft Office Project or Primavera it is better you have a file the same Excel so that the project will help you. Before each act carefully define your project calendar. Work breakdown structure and activities must be carefully defined Gantt Do not enter into any outlet. Work Breakdown Structure the project must be agreed stakeholders. Activity must be determined accurately. Relationships can be accurately determined. Accurately identified resources, cost be allocated to each activity.

Social and economic conditions will sometimes change or ignore the standards and the conditions that you are having. Remember this sentence: “A project is under of the real situation, not ideal or dream.” According to Standard methods achieve information of projects can be records of previous similar projects. But remember this point in time, stakeholders, costs, resources … and condition of projects will also change. IV.


The calendar of activities and resources necessary for the control of the project can be effective. The information is entered accurately and assign. Each value, your knowledge of the software is high, the project will have less problems.


Perhaps the most important part is experienced human resources. Control activities, resources, labor costs must be professional, proficient and familiar with project management software to standardize project management practices to be employed.

Please try the standard input into the software so you can get a better result.




Projects may be linked together in several activities. And can be correlated with the degree of this dependence and showed a delay in an activity will cause delays in other activities. These conditions will result in a more realistic view of the project have.

According to standards Implementation, planning and control process should be Simultaneous. Feedback stakeholders and partners in the process of good will follow. The well known problems and solutions can be achieved in a shorter time.

The use of modern methods and equipment should be aware of the consequences. Dose otherwise you may incur loss of time and money. The other cases are ignored; time is getting legal permits for projects. You should do is spend a lot of bureaucracy.

Most of our problems haven’t same lesson between stakeholders and partners and result of different planning and implementation process. In result almost of activities or project will be critical. Sometimes Feedback isn’t real and some of people try to hidden of truth and they are Traitor. Always say to other people truth is good for you although it will be the bitter and painful.




The exact solutions depend on the decisions of project managers, stakeholders and experts, and knowledge and will be updated. Implementation, planning, control, Training process is very important and It must be done carefully.

Risk [1]

Projects risk, one of factors is important for project. One of the software is very useful for you risk analysis pertmaster. So that it is base on the probability of repeat and result of IRR-NPV-Cash Flow-Earned Value.

IX. It performs analysis on the time and cost. But unfortunately in Iran don’t care about that. And our analysis will not real. Also in Microsoft Office Project, is analysis risk and you can see result by two graphs and it is very useful.


[1] Risk Analysis Pertmaster V8.5 Book. 2011. Digital Book. IRAN.

The main reason for the delay in projects that our analyses we don’t want use Pert and Gert. For example in research project we always involve Gert network and we must do it. In risk analysis pertmaster software, we can do it. In building project, we can input data for estimate activity for do it or not do it. For example, with the possible loss of a building is a risk that may occur during project.


problems and solutions planning and project control in iran  

problems and solutions planning and project control in iran