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The Power of Giving

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

2010 Alumni Philanthropy Report

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

The Power of Giving

The Power of Giving “Your gifts – such as those recognized in this report not only help us to keep the promise but also challenge and inspire others.” Laron Clark, Jr.






















HARRIET FRINK DAVIS, Ph.D. Assistant Vice President for Development and Director of the Campaign MILDRED SHARPE SWANN ‘67 Director of Alumni Affairs CHELSEA MCQUEEN WILLIAMS ‘07 Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs MARTHA JARVIS Constituent Records Coordinator

PHILIP SHERRILL Director of Development MINETTA HIGHSMITH Administrative Assitant DECORIOUS VINES Administrative Assistant ERNESTINE ROWE Administrative Secretary

HAMPTON HIGHLIGHT 1. Hampton University is listed in the top 10 ranking in the Research Category for master’s universities in the 2010 Washington Monthly College Guide.

Philanthropy Report


Gift Records Researcher

2010 Alumni


The Power of Giving

December ‘10

FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEVELOPMENT Given the difficult economic climate, we especially appreciate that you have chosen to continue to make Hampton University a priority for your charitable contributions. These are momentous times for the institution, and your contributions help us to respond more effectively to the increasing needs of our student population. It is challenging – particularly in these uncertain economic times – to provide everything that it takes today for a private, mid-sized, research-focused university to educate a student. What Does It Take for Hampton University to Keep Its Promise to Students? Academically, it means that we must attract and retain an exceptional faculty with a passion for teaching and a commitment to scholarship. Also, it means that we must provide students and faculty with innovative learning technologies in our classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, optimum spaces for study and research and opportunities for engaged learning in the classrooms and beyond. Beyond the academic sector, it means that we must provide athletic, recreational and residential facilities for programming that will help students develop balanced lives which reflect the Hampton ethos of intellectual, social and spiritual growth. Importantly, it means that we must work diligently to meet our students’ demonstrated financial needs.

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

What Else Does It Take for Hampton to Keep Its Promise? It takes you, our loyal Hamptonians. Your commitment to Hampton is critical in keeping our promise. Your gifts – such as those recognized in this report – not only help us to keep the promise but also challenge and inspire others. This report is one of the ways in which we recognize and celebrate the generous support the institution receives from you. Your commitment to Hampton University provided immediate financial aid for families in financial crisis, enabled student-athletes to excel, and allowed us to break ground on a new cafeteria. Together – because of your generosity to Hampton, we have kept the promise to our students. Thank you for your support and for sharing your personal resources with Hampton.

Laron Clark, Jr. Vice President for Development

THE PILLAR SOCIETY The Pillar Society is a special group of alumni whose planned gifts have already been received by Hampton University or will someday accrue to the University. Members of The Pillar Society are those individuals who make a life-income gift or remember Hampton University in their will or estate plan. Thus, The Pillar Society recognizes and honors those individuals who are committed to support Hampton University’s work beyond their lifetime. Planned gifts make this possible. Planned gifts include bequests made through testamentary devices such as wills, retirement plans and irrevocable and revocable trusts, as well as lifetime gifts that provide income payments to donors and their beneficiaries. There are many ways to include a future gift to Hampton University in your plans, each with unique benefits to you, the donor. Planned gifts are so named because such gifts must be carefully planned as part of the donor’s overall financial and estate planning. Planned giving expresses a deep and thoughtful commitment to the University’s future. The Pillar Society members are those who leave a legacy that benefits future generations. For additional information or assistance, please contact Laron Clark, Jr.,Vice President for Development, at 757-727-5356.


Lavern Allen Margo Brown Ozeal S. Brown Alice Davis Frankie Jacobs Gillette Maxine C. Goodson Belinda Hankins Wilma Horne Leslie Johnson Hollis Jordan Patricia Joseph Roosevelt Lewis Tamara Maull Lois Price-Spratlen Doris Rucks Suzanne Simpson Hazel Smith Carolyn Weaver Alfred Whittaker Delius E. Wilson

Philanthropy Report


2010 Alumni

ESTATE GIFTS Ellen I. Bolling ‘42 Robert T. Church ‘34 Gloria Lang ‘68 Christiana Fuller Moore ‘36 Essie A. Spruel ‘25 Wilhelmenia M. Upchurch ‘42 Louis J. Walker ‘54 Leroy L. Woodard ‘53

ALUMNI GIVING THROUGH GIFT SOCIETIES VISIONARY LEADERS SOCIETY $1,000,000 AND ABOVE No Donors in this Society PRESIDENT’S CLUB $100,000-$999,999 Harvey, William R. and Norma B. Hrabowski, Freeman A., III ‘70 Hrabowski, Jacqueline C. ‘70 LEADERSHIP SOCIETY $50,000-$99,999 George, James T. ‘58 CLOCK TOWER SOCIETY $25,000-$49,999 Brown, George J. ‘69 White, Charles E. ‘50

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

HALL OF FAME $10,0000-$24,999 Arnold, Wallace C. ‘60 Booker, Johnnie B. ‘61 Brockenborough, Ann H. ‘60 Fountain, W. Frank ‘66 Hutton, Ronald I. ‘71 Milton, Marcia Y. ‘80 Mumby, William W. ‘72 Patterson, Leslie D. ‘93 Pearson, Clarence W., Jr. ‘69 Perry, Yolanda B. ‘70 White, Gladys Hope F. ‘39 Wilson, Deborah B. ‘85 Woodbury, Charles E. ‘50 ARMSTRONG SOCIETY $5,000-$9,999 Ball, Currie L. ‘63 Bryan, I. Emerson, III ‘67 Carter, Faustine B. ‘52 Cooper, Vernon F. ‘85 Curry, Clarence F. ‘41 Davis, Thurman M., Sr. ‘60 Evans, William E. ‘54 Fair, Lisa J. ‘90 Gillette, Frankie J. ‘46 Graddick-Weir, Mirian M. ‘76 Hayes, Thelma M. ‘45 Lockett, Clarence E. ‘69 Mitchell, Robert C. ‘60 Randall, Nellie G. ‘44 Sligh, Thomas A. ‘56 Smith, Kim J. ‘83 Stephens, Thomas P. ‘90 Stith, David B. ‘80 Whitfield-Locke, Dianne ‘70 *Deceased

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON SOCIETY $2,500-$4,999 Byrd, Michael A. ‘80 Carter, James R. ‘51 Chivers, Cynthia W. ‘50 Coleman, Maurice W., Jr. ‘60 Coleman, Wesley A. ‘71 Copeland, Clinso, Jr. ‘60 Corbett, Robin L. ‘85 DeBose, Claudia T. ‘85 Dewitt, Willa J. ‘60 Flanagan, Thelma D. ‘60 Gilford, Shirley ‘56 Harris, Marian H. ‘60 Haywood, Everett L. ‘60 Henderson, Edward M. ‘61 Heyward, Dorothy T. ‘60 Holland, Carl J. ‘85 Hudgins, William A., Sr. ‘40 Hylick, Lawrence E. ‘63 Irby, Gina W. ‘60 Jennings, Vada J. ‘55 Johnson, Musetta T. ‘80 Jones, Louise P. ‘49 Latta, Judi M. ‘70 Lewis, Mavis P. ‘60 *Lewis, William H. ‘60 Lewis, George R. ‘63 Lewis, Lillian G. ‘63 Moore, Katherine G. ‘70 Penn, Frank P., Jr., ‘60 Peterson,Samuel, Jr. USA(Ret.)’60 Powell, Leonard H., Jr. ‘66 *Prater, Jacqueline P. ‘60 Pugh, George, Jr. ‘90 Purnell, John C., Jr. ‘62 Ramseur, Patricia E. ‘60 Randolph, Darryl I. ‘60 Ransom, Curtis E. ‘71 Reid, Mae E. ‘49 Ruff, Willie L. ‘60 Scales, Bernice O. ‘60 Slater, Thelma T. ‘51 Stevenson, Paula L. ‘60 Stroud, Lamar A., Jr. ‘58 Terry, Walter C. ‘70 Thornton, Herman B. ‘60 Whiting, George W. ‘60 Wyatt, Lucius C. ‘47 PRESIDENTIAL ASSOCIATES $1,000-$2,499 Adelson, Yolande H. ‘50 Allen, Herbert H., Jr. ‘80 Allen, Charles C. ‘58 Anderson, Ariel J. ‘65

Antoine, Jacqueline L. ‘60 Antrum, Sheila E. ‘80 Archer, Angela W. ‘60 Arnold, Gertrude P. ‘60 Atkins, Miriam Y. ‘85 Atkinson, Howard G. ‘80 Badger, Cheryl D. ‘80 Bailey, Bernadette R. ‘84 Baird-Bridges, Anne ‘66 Baker, Spencer ‘97 Baldwin, Dyanne B. ‘80 Barbour, Catherine T. ‘45 Barnett, Louis, Jr. ‘78 Baxter, Peggy B. ‘58 Bembry, Marsha J. ‘70 Bennett, Dorothy S. ‘46 Berry, Darius L. ‘46 Bourne, Lydia C. ‘65 Bowling, Cassie G. ‘54 Bowling, Harold K. ‘56 Bowman, Gaynelle C. ‘67 Boykin, Ulysses W. ‘67 Boykins, Charlene ‘75 Briggs, Myra M. ‘49 Brimmer, Louise C. ‘61 Brinkley, Rosemary M. ‘49 Brockenborough, Harriet D. ‘58 Brooks, Delories J. ‘60 The Power of Giving ALUMNI ANNUAL FUND Unrestricted and restricted gifts to the Alumni Annual Fund provide the resources necessary to support areas of greatest need. The Alumni Annual Fund supports scholarships, enhances academic and student programs, and supports the University’s operating budget.

1. Hampton University is

among the leaders in higher education, and is ranked among the top southern universities in the regional university category of the 2010 U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges rankings.


Philanthropy Report


Jackson, Nina A. ‘55 James, Doris M. ‘52 James, Elaine C. ‘60 Johnson, Anne W. ‘48 Johnson, Celeste M. ‘70 Johnson, Colleen J. ‘47 Johnson, Elginne W. ‘51 Johnson, Eugene W. ‘49 Johnson, Joe J. ‘70 Johnson, Ronald D. ‘80 Johnson, Tony W. ‘77 Jones, Lorelle P. ‘60 Jones, Marcia F. ‘75 Jones, Theodore H., Jr. ‘87 Kelley, Larry P. ‘60 Kemp, Henry P. ‘47 Key, Evadney A. M. ‘80 King, Marcellus ‘65 King, Morris D. ‘71 Knight, Johnnie A. ‘70 Konata, Rae Sandra ‘63 Lamb, Leah Y. ‘85 Lane, Patricia S. ‘70 Lang, Sandra ‘65 Latimer, Brenda J. ‘75 Lee, Margaret G. ‘65 Lewis, Geneva C. ‘61 Lindsey, Alice H. ‘60 Little, Marlene L. ‘63 Lucas, Lawrence E., II ‘70 Lumpkin, Mary C. ‘56 Mabine, Bruce J. ‘73 Marshall, James L., Jr. USA(Ret.)’53 Marshburn, Velma E. ‘60 Mays, Valerie W. ‘80 McDonald, Bettye W. ‘60 McNeill-Lee, Sheila ‘80 Mickle, Andrea D. ‘74 Miles, Marlene R. ‘65 Milteer-Rock, Regina M. ‘75 Mondowney, Joann G. ‘70 Morris, James L. ‘60 Murphy, Pollie S. ‘73 Murray, Amanda B. ‘70 Nichols, Mildred T. ‘50 Nixon, Marian ‘55 Owen-Smith, Rhonda E. ‘80 Page, Loretta K. ‘71 Parham, John V. ‘43 Parker, Franklin R. ‘62 Parker, Glynn E. ‘58 Paschal, Zelma L. ‘71 Peace, Alice T. ‘47 Peace, Richard C. ‘48 Pegues, Hazel ‘73 Pleasant, Mary N. ‘53 Preston, Frank J. ‘58 Pulley, Brett A. ‘80 Reese, Delores B. ‘53 Riley, Harvey W. ‘59 Riley, Shirley H. ‘58


Fauntroy, Michael K. ‘88 Fleming, Leroy, Jr. ‘53 Fleming, Marion P. ‘52 Foggie, Doris J. ‘60 Ford, Margaret E. ‘58 Fowlkes, Judith D. ‘73 Freeman, Frankie M. ‘37 Gant, Alease R. ‘62 Gaskin, Winston H., Jr. ‘71 Gibson, Sandy M. ‘80 Gilchrist, Trulove M. ‘44 Gilliam, Lillian B. ‘52 Gilliam, Mary W. ‘60 Goldsborough, William E., Sr. ‘49 Gordon, Marilyn C. ‘80 Gould, Brenda B. ‘68 Graham, Saxon ‘60 Graves, Lisa N. ‘85 Greene, Alma E. ‘46 Hall, Doris M. ‘73 Hamberg, Marcelle R. ‘53 Hardy-Lucas, Faye ‘82 Hastie, Jimmie J. ‘60 Hatot, Norma J. ‘73 Hawkins, Paula E. ‘80 Haywood, L. Julian ‘48 Herndon, Shirin W. ‘60 Hicks, Mary R. ‘80 Hodge, Gail O. ‘81 Hodges, Sharon D. ‘77 Hollingsworth, Patricia ‘59 Hubbard, Annette H. ‘54 Hull, Grady, Jr. ‘60 Hunter, William C. ‘70 Jackson, Alease P. ‘60 Jackson, Evelyn D. ‘60

2010 Alumni

Brown, James M. ‘49 Brown, William A., Sr. ‘63 Burke, Wanda R. ‘82 Burkeen, Karna M. ‘66 Burnett, Dossie L. ‘56 Burnette, Frederick ‘64 Burton, Judith A. ‘60 Cabbell, Evelyn W. ‘47 Calloway, Lillie S. ‘60 Campbell, Eric D. ‘86 Carter, Celestine W. ‘58 Carter, Jan W. ‘77 Carter, Ladonna G. ‘85 Carter, Lisa H. ‘86 Casey, William O. ‘54 Caster, Otelia F. ‘63 Chapman, Gabrielle R. ‘82 Cheatham, Anthony L. ‘80 Christian, Edward T., Jr. ‘79 Clark, Laron J., Jr. ‘60 Clarke, Sandford B. ‘59 Colden, Margaret A. ‘80 Cooper, Barbara J. ‘60 Corprew, Robert A. ‘65 Cowell, Catherine ‘45 Crump, Stephen D. ‘75 Darden, Janice M. ‘62 Davis, Alice M. ‘65 Davis, Eula M. ‘56 Davis, Muriel S. ‘57 DeBose, Andre J. ‘80 Dortch, Charles W., Jr. ‘80 *Edmonds, William S. ‘39 Edwards, Myrna F. ‘52 Evans, Gilbert W. ‘36 Ewell, Clarence K. ‘88

The Power of Giving ‘‘What I’ve realized is that life doesn’t count for much unless you’re willing to do your small part to leave our children all of our children - a better world.’’ Barack Obama

HAMPTON HIGHLIGHT 1. Hampton University continues to be ranked among the top 10 in Philanthropy Report



journalism and

2010 Alumni



Americans with biology, communications,

degrees by Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine.

Robinson, Audrey G. ‘39 Robinson, Bertrand C. ‘70 Robinson, Michael D. ‘80 Robinson, Rita S. ‘67 Robinson, Thomas L. ‘60 Rogers, Antoinette M. ‘91 Rougeau, Shirley D. ‘59 Rozier, Oneida A. ‘60 Rush, Robert A. ‘80 Sawyer, Willeta M. ‘80 Sellers, Corlis L. ‘75 Sharpe, Audrey H. ‘60 Shorts, Charleta F. ‘69 Simpson, Magnolia L. ‘60 Smith, Frank J., Sr. ‘60 Smith, Hazel M. ‘46 Smith, Kenneth L. ‘70 Smoot, Eloise C. ‘48 Spencer, John H. ‘56 Stallworth, Anderson A. ‘70 Stevenson, Julia C. ‘03 Stuart, Cynitha W. ‘47 Sturgis, Leroy ‘66 Swain, Carroll E. ‘53 Tate, Emmaline C. ‘72 Temple, Donald F. ‘70 Thomas, Dwight E. ‘75 Thomas, William H., Jr. ‘55 Thompson, James P. ‘63 Thornton, Elwood J., III ‘60 Thorpe, Constance M. ‘65 Tolbert, Claude H. ‘92 Tolson-Winfield, Arleen D. ‘65 Trader, Nathaniel ‘60 Tyson, Janice L. ‘80 Urasa, Isai T. ‘70 Van-Liew, Felisa V. ‘70 Walden, Alfred F. ‘65 Walker, Wendell C. ‘80 Walker, Elbert V., Jr. ‘64 Webber, Spurgeon W., Jr. ‘55 White, George E., Jr. ‘80 White-Olden, Sandra L. ‘63 Whiting, Josephine F. ‘52 Wigfall, Patricia ‘70 Wigfall, Switzon S. ‘70 Williams, Artie B. ‘52 Williams, Gwendolyn B. ‘70 Williams, Lawrence ‘71 Williams, Marjorie S. ‘49 Willis, Alotha C. ‘80 Wilson, Delius E. ‘51 Wilson, Donna Chapman ‘81 Wims, Thomas R. ‘75 Woods, Priscilla D. ‘85 Woolfolk, Pauline C. ‘60 Yeoman, Fannie M. ‘49

EMANCIPATION OAK $500-$999 Abubakari, Jenifer P. ‘95 Acree, Laura E. ‘70 Adams, Randy ‘68 Allen, Sallie T. ‘58 Bassett, Lavonia P. ‘46 Bennett, Barbara N. ‘47 Blakes-Thompson, Conna R. ‘53 Bland, Vivian B. ‘56 Blanton, Jerelen A. ‘05 Blount, Phyllis H. ‘70 Bradley, Ruth L. ‘65 Braxton, Clarence L., Jr. ‘54 Briggs, Joseph ‘63 Briggs, Rebecca H. ‘63 Brooks, John, Jr. ‘69 Brooks, Ruth J. ‘49 Brown, Donald R. ‘70 Burgess, Steven ‘80 Burroughs, Geraldine H. ‘54 Busby, Venera P. ‘61 Cannon, Velma A. ‘41 Carnegie, Stanley G. ‘65 Carr, Frederick L. ‘64 Christopher, Jan E. ‘80 Cochran, Tonya C. ‘76 Cole, Doris R. ‘65 Cone, Clementine S. ‘74 Copeland, Joseph E. ‘58 Crisp, Charles W. ‘65 Curtis, Dolores L. ‘74 Curtis, Katherine L. ‘60 Daniels, Silvia C. ‘65 Darden, Geraldine C. ‘57 Davis, Russell A. ‘80 Davis, Yvette L. ‘80 Dent, Benjamin J. ‘58 Diggs, Dorothy S. ‘60 Doyle, Gloria T. ‘73 Dyson, Franklin D. ‘60 Edelin, Joann M. ‘70 Edmunds, Carmela N. ‘85 Edwards, Charles T., Jr. ‘54 Epps, Tyra C. ‘95 Fears, Frederick A. ‘55 Ferrell, Monique D. ‘85 Fields, Sherri L. ‘85 Flamer, Adelaide D. ‘65 Flores, Debra A. ‘83 Flye, Benita C. ‘85 Foote, Brenda M. ‘74 Ford, Valeria A. ‘70 Ford, Pearl O. ‘58 Forte, Earl L. ‘70 Foster, Loleta W. ‘68 Francis, Lois G. ‘65 Fuller, Gloria L. ‘60 Gardner, Ross E. ‘72 Gause, Nannette H. ‘70

SECOND CENTURY CLUB $200-$499 Abram, Julia W. ‘88 Allen, Levern H. ‘56 Allison, Ferdinand V., Jr. ‘48 Anderson, Fred ‘74 Atkins, Bruce A. ‘69 Ayanru, Grace H. ‘54 Bailey, Michelle P. ‘85 Bailey, Nettie P. ‘57 Baker, Carrie L. ‘71 Baker, Odessa K. ‘37 Baker, Phyllis R. ‘83 Barber, Jeanray A. ‘80 Barnes, Monica E. ‘85 Barrett, Wanda S. ‘85 Bates, Miriam G. ‘48 Battle, April E. ‘85 Baxter, Mary E. ‘85 Beale, Johnnie L., (Ret.) ‘79 Bell, Jasper ‘69 Bethel-Hibbler, Adriana ‘80 Bickerstaff, Cydni L. ‘90 Black, Jerzell L. ‘80 Blair, Paula W. ‘71 Bohannon, Charles W. ‘58 Borders, Lisa A. ‘93 Bowden, Richard L. ‘74 Bowles, Earl S. ‘83 Boxley, Lloyd L., Jr. ‘84 Boyd, Alberta C. ‘65 Brazil, Margaret W. ‘64 Brewer, Richardene B. ‘77 Bright, Jamarri S. ‘74 Bright, Joyce J. ‘70 Britten, Loretta Y. ‘71 Britton, Stephanie P. ‘97 Broadway, April M. ‘88 Brown, Elaine T. ‘45 Brown, Felici C. ‘79 Brown, Julian D. ‘75 Brown, Kathleen P. ‘72 Brown, Lois J. ‘51 Brown, Madison, Jr. ‘75 Brown, Muriel L. ‘88 Brown, Sherman T. ‘74 Bryan, I. Emerson, Jr. ‘40 Bryant-Booker, Deloris ‘59 Buchanan, Laverne A. ‘70 Burnett, Darryl L. ‘85 Burroughs, Altamarie T. ‘80 Burton, Wilda R. ‘65

Philanthropy Report

Whitehead, Barbara M. ‘64 Whitney, Steven E. ‘80 Whittaker, Alfred O. ‘54 Williams, Andrea M. ‘65 Wilson, Mary A. ‘48 Wright, Frank O. ‘65 Wyatt, Sheila W. ‘70


Owens, Ruth W. ‘60 Palmer, Mercedes R. ‘84 Parks, Beblon G. ‘68 Parks, Frances A. ‘59 Patterson-Strachan, Shaunda A. ‘95 Pearson, Cynthia W. ‘80 Pertillar, Elizabeth B. ‘65 Ray, Karen L., USA(Ret.) ‘70 Reaves, Alton R. ‘73 Reed, Presley R. ‘50 Reid, Helen E. ‘38 Rembert, Frances W. ‘72 Richards, Ronald E. ‘75 Richardson, Delores V. ‘58 Richardson, James C. ‘49 Richardson, James W., Jr. ‘86 Ridgill, Sarah A. ‘58 Roache, Geneva S. ‘56 Robbins, Earl H., Jr. ‘70 Robbins, Olivia F. ‘69 Roberts, Lorraine M. ‘52 Robinson, Wanda L. ‘85 Roundtree, Kelvin E. ‘85 Russell, Antoinette E. ‘71 Sadler, Melton, III ‘69 Salone, Eddie L., Jr. ‘70 Saxon, Yvonne H. ‘85 Sessoms, Charlie M. ‘49 Shands, Cordelia V. ‘85 Shaw, Lani P. ‘02 Shepherd, Cynthia S. ‘75 Sherard, C. Lenora J. ‘65 Simms, Paulette H. ‘70 Smith, Alzen W. ‘65 Smith, Leonard P., Jr. ‘75 Sparks, Bertha L. ‘70 Sparks, Charles I. ‘70 Spaugh, Leolia G. ‘52 Starkey, Jeffrey J. ‘82 Stith, Lonnie L. ‘77 Strong, Janet C. ‘84 Swann, Mildred S. ‘67 Talbott, Cecil E. ‘62 Taylor, Joyce E. ‘65 Taylor, Stanley E. ‘70 Terry, Letha O. ‘60 Thomas, Maureen W. ‘70 Thompson, Jennifer Q. ‘72 Tucker, Clarence B. ‘65 Turner, Colson P. ‘65 Tyler, Evelyn D. ‘77 Vaughan, Frizell L. ‘49 Walker, Gerrold M., II ‘96 Warren, Charlene ‘49 Watson, Craig S. ‘89 Weedon, D. A. Divead ‘80 Wells, Brenda B. ‘70 West, Darcea ‘80 Whitaker, Arthur L. ‘65 White, Marilyn M. ‘69

2010 Alumni

Gilliam, Audrey B. ‘68 Gilliam, Haywood S. ‘69 Gilmore, Vanessa D. ‘77 Glanville-Clarke, Mattie E. L. ‘58 Glenn, Sharon H. ‘75 Gordon, Lisa T. ‘85 Gosby, Jacqueline L. ‘75 Grammer, Lisa H. ‘87 Grantham, Milton C. ‘65 Greene, Anita E. ‘76 Gumbs, Earle A. ‘55 Haines, Malcolm ‘92 Hall, Inez W. Bailey ‘60 Hall, Leslie M. ‘80 Hall, Shelvin L. ‘70 Harper, Rosalind R. ‘85 Harrell, Robert L., Jr. ‘61 Harris-Ransom, Lillian L. ‘70 Hart, Thelma H. ‘57 Hasty, Thomas L., III ‘77 Henderson, Beverly A. ‘60 Henry, Frances B. ‘75 Henson, Jean M. ‘60 Hobbs, Addison S. ‘48 Howard, Doris E. ‘71 Hughley, Carey, Jr. ‘65 Jackson, Eduardo ‘85 Jackson, Evelyn H. ‘41 James, Herbert I. ‘55 Jenkins-Utomi, Michele L. ‘80 Johns, Jeanette T. ‘51 Johnson, Leslie M. ‘89 Johnson, Ella N. ‘70 Johnson, Marian V. ‘57 Jones, Alice S. ‘52 Jones, Nelson L. ‘78 Jordan, Mildred N. ‘32 Keeve, Michael O. ‘85 Kerr, Vanecia B. ‘90 King, Tony R. ‘87 Ledbetter-Phillips, Jennifer ‘86 Lee, Fredrick W. ‘99 Lee, Ramonia L. ‘76 Lee-Murray, Dorothy M. ‘80 Lewis, Paul A. ‘60 Lowery, Derrick A. ‘85 Mason, Sonja R. ‘72 McMillian, Barbara A. ‘90 McMillon, Lewis T. ‘74 Mills, Cynthia J. ‘77 Miltier, Rosalind L. ‘75 Monroe, Roscoe ‘49 Moody, Marion E. ‘50 Moore, Peulah M. ‘51 Morehead, Jeane A. ‘65 Murrell, Cephus M. ‘71 Nelson, Calvin R., Jr. ‘72 Norris, Virgil C. ‘50 Oliver, Florence M. ‘54 Ormsby, Raymond W. ‘61 Overton, Spencer A. ‘90

Philanthropy Report

8 2010 Alumni

Bush, Katheryn B. ‘61 Byrd, Eric ‘87 Caines, Othniel L. ‘58 Cary, Maurice W. ‘67 Cash, Gail E. ‘68 Chappell, Kelly E. ‘85 Charlton, James C. ‘52 Cheesborough, Alfred H. ‘71 Chester, Leonard G. ‘80 Clark, C. Helen W. ‘70 Clark, Mercerdese R. ‘53 Cole, Jennifer H. ‘90 Coleman, Carl V. ‘80 Coles, Virginia R. ‘42 Collis, Adria B. ‘04 Cooper, Jorsene S. ‘76 Cozart, Mary J. ‘60 Crawford, Erika L. ‘00 Crawford, Robert L. ‘57 Cross, Delesta G. ‘45 Davis, Gerald N. ‘61 Davis, Harriet F. ‘75 Davis-Goodson, Margot ‘90 Dawkins, Jane L. ‘57 *DePriest, Douglas J. ‘66 Disher-Hill, Evelyn M. ‘82 Dixon, Elveeda H. ‘80 Douglass, James D., Jr. ‘63 Downes, Bernice J. ‘58 Doyle, Quindell C. ‘99 Drummer, Sharon R. ‘80 Dunn, Samuel J. ‘48 Dupree-Fennell, Carole M. ‘91 Duren, Jean Y. ‘70 Durham, Ricardo M. ‘76 Duverney, Constance H. ‘74 East, Yvette M. ‘85 Easter, Russell A. ‘80 Edmonds, Janalyn C. ‘71 Ellis, Lavonne P. ‘64 Fitzgerald, Darrell D. ‘80 Fleming, Vernon C. ‘74 Frazier, Michael W. ‘88 Gardner, Jacquelyn R. ‘65 Garrett, Greta C. ‘56 Giebel, Evelyn M. ‘69 Gilmore, Ronald C. ‘76 Gordon, Cynthia J. ‘72 Graham, Robert C. ‘58 Griffin, Bernard D., Sr. ‘62 Haithman, Gloria V. ‘60 Hall, Shannon G. ‘92 Hamm, Edward L., Jr. ‘68 Hamme, Thomas A., Jr. ‘55 Hankerson, Hazel I. ‘52 Hardin, Raquel K. ‘85 Harding, Wanda J. ‘91 Harp, Gina M. ‘85 Harps, Marsha S. ‘76 Harris, Cicely R. ‘00 Harris, Rayford L. ‘52 *Deceased

Harvey, Deena M. ‘98 Hayes, Angela E. ‘75 Haynes, Andrew L. ‘50 Heck, Rhomie L., III ‘76 Henderson, Arnold R. V. ‘79 Heyer, Gayle B. ‘80 Hicks, Patricia L. ‘71 Hilton, Harold E. ‘90 Hodge, Brenda T. ‘69 Hoffler, Richard W. ‘66 Holmes, Arthur, Jr. ‘52 Holmes, Wendell P., Jr. ‘43 Hopkins, Howard A. ‘69 Horne, Deborah J. ‘75 Hunt, Gail G. ‘80 Jackson, Kevin L. ‘85 Jackson, French T. ‘69 Jackson, Arnold A. ‘68 Jenkins, Kara D. ‘93 Jennings, Lesajean M. ‘90 Johnson, Deadre J. ‘70 Johnson, Edna B. ‘66 Johnson, Henry G. ‘72 Johnson, Janet A. ‘65 Johnson, Kelvin J. ‘80 Johnson, Lester B., Jr. ‘49 Johnson, Pamela C. ‘80 Johnson, Ronald ‘82 Johnston, Charles O. ‘62 Jones, Christopher K. ‘02 Jones, William I., Jr. ‘86 Kareem, Deborah R. ‘69 Kimbrough, Helen H. ‘90 Latimer, Allie B. ‘47 Lawson, Sandra C. ‘65 Lee, Terry M. ‘85 Lewis, Joseph M. ‘76 Lewis, Margaret J. ‘49 Lindsey, Jennifer J. ‘89 Locke, Melody M. ‘95 Lomax, Alvin C. ‘53 Madison, Lettie C. ‘29 Mance, William W., Jr. ‘62 Manigat, Nancy M. ‘90 Mann, Robert E. ‘67 Marshall, William J. ‘79 Marshall, J. Robert, Jr. ‘77 Matthews-Simmons, Sharon ‘91 Mayah, Charlene C. ‘10 McCoy, Dawn M. ‘90 McCray, Jeffrey ‘50 McDonald, Felicia F. ‘76 McDonald, Isaac L. ‘67 McKay, Julie L. ‘80 McMillion, Cassandra C. ‘65 Mills, Dorothea J. ‘50 Mills, Ivan A. ‘51 Mister, Katina S. ‘95 Montgomery, Richard C. ‘80 Moore, Dionne L. ‘90 Morales, Knashawn H. ‘95

Morris-Buchanan, Viola P. ‘73 Morrow, Mary A. ‘80 Motley, Victor A. ‘75 Munir, Renee K. ‘76 Mutakabbir, Teresa R. ‘77 Myler, Charles H. ‘69 Newman, Lawrence ‘76 Norvel-Dillard, Wynton I. ‘80 Oseragbaje, Stacie M. ‘93 Parker, Walter G. ‘55 Parks, Doris C. ‘68 Peace, Gabrielle T. ‘65 Pearson, Calvin W. ‘74 Peevy, Evelyn S. ‘45 Perkins, Bernardette S. ‘70 Perkins, Derrick ‘00 Perry, Vincent ‘56 Pilson, Harry J., II ‘96 Pinchback, Tashwanda ‘98 Pleasants, Leo, USA(Ret.) ‘50 Pollard-Mitchell, Sonja ‘93 Pope, Donnie ‘80 Pressley, Gloria F. ‘56 Price, Charles A., Jr. ‘70 Providence, Christopher A. ‘78 Purcelle, Lelia B. ‘65 Rainey, Vernon L. ‘66 Reddick, Kenneth W. ‘72 Reid, Angela L. ‘73 Reid, Ernette F. ‘45 Rhem, Barbara M. ‘80 Riddick, Marie O. ‘60 Robinson, Phyllis H. ‘70 Rogers, Wilma R. ‘53 Royster, Agnes K. ‘63 Rubain, Jennifer S. ‘90 Ruffin, Novella J. ‘70 Saint-Ange, Clarine ‘00 Saulters, Willie E. ‘54 Saunders, Hattie M. ‘52 Scott, Theodosia B. ‘65 Seabrooks, Regina C. ‘90 Shepherd, Deborah G. ‘70 Silverthorne, Jeffrey ‘85 Simmons, Ellamae ‘40 Simmons, Neil A. ‘84 Sloan, Ellen R. ‘52 Smackum, Nancy S. ‘70 Smith, Claretta R. ‘75 Smith, Euzelle P. ‘41 Smith, Geraldine L. ‘43 Smith, Jennifer M. ‘89 Smith, Reginald D. ‘40 Snype, Ernestine L. ‘60 Somerville, Rodney O. ‘90 Speller, Virginia S. ‘56 Spruell, Brenda A. ‘71 Tate, Charles S., Jr. ‘70 Taylor, Joyce J. ‘58 Thurman, Juanita D. ‘86 Travis, Leola M. ‘49


Philanthropy Report

Coombs, Vanessa M. ‘77 Cooper, Jacqueline E. ‘65 Covington, Damian L. ‘91 Crawley, Alvin L. ‘80 Dalton, Eudoxia M. ‘49 Davis, Willie E. ‘67 Davis, Ollie, Jr., USA(Ret.) ‘54 Davis-Penn, Patricia ‘74 Dawson, Bernice H. ‘76 Deberry, Ernestine F. ‘66 Deloach, Stephanie K. ‘98 Demby, Dorothy A. ‘70 Deshields, William A. ‘54 Dillard, Carole D. ‘65 Dixon, Kenneth C. ‘88 Dixon, Milton R., Jr. ‘74 Donaldson, Linda L. ‘77 Duckett, Darnel J. ‘98 Duckett, Kathryn A. ‘52 Duckett, Lewis C. ‘50 Dunzo, Annette I. ‘65 Edwards, Michael ‘82 Elliott, Cynthia W. ‘82 Elliott, Sheila W. ‘93 Ellis, Michael W. ‘81 Ellison, Kittyjean P. ‘67 Ellison, William H. ‘67 Farmer, Genevieve ‘62 Farr, Shirley R. ‘64 Favors, Erskerline S. ‘68 Fielder, Alison C. ‘02 Fielding, Conchita L. ‘56 Fields, Edward G. ‘59 Finley, Stacey D. ‘92 Fleming, Juanita W. ‘56 Fontaine, Deborah C. ‘72 Fontaine, Robert E., Jr. ‘70 Ford-Bell, Sharon E. ‘81 Fort, Arthur M. ‘74 Frazier, Alice P. ‘58 Frazier, Shawna D. ‘94 Galloway, Lillian K. ‘80 Gay, Robert E. ‘58 Giessler, Dorothy B. ‘52 Gilbert, Carol M. ‘72 *Givens, Annie B. ‘38 Glover, Jason ‘04 Godwin, Pius N. ‘86 Godwin, Tia M. ‘04 Gordon, Linda L. ‘82 Grammer, Neil ‘87 Gray, Herbin L. ‘80 Green, David F., Jr. ‘04 Griffin, Cynthia D. ‘86 Halcomb, Gordon M. ‘70 Hall, Dywane A. ‘78 Hall, Talton, III ‘04 Harrell, Rodney L. ‘91 Harris, Carolyn W. ‘57 Harris, Grace E. ‘54 Harris, Lisa A. ‘87


BLUE AND WHITE CLUB $100-$199 Adeniyi, William K. ‘75 Adesegun, Jana C. ‘85 Adkins, Carter ‘65 Adkins, Doris W. ‘52 Adkins, Jasmine D. ‘99 Alexander, Hope ‘00 Alexander-Taylor, Charlene F. ‘80 Allen, John C., III ‘56 Allen, Howard W. ‘50 Anderson, Gary A. ‘72 Anderson, Rosalind R. ‘72 Anderson, M. Laverne ‘60 Arnold, Haskell N. ‘66 Bacon, Charlotte M. ‘46 Bailey, Ernest F. ‘51 Bailey, Pearl L. ‘45 Bailey, Zoya E. ‘99 Baker, Edna M. ‘49 Baker, Jenson L. ‘78 Baker, Teresa M. ‘94 Ballou, Deborah F. ‘78

Banks, George A. ‘68 Banks, James N. ‘68 Barber, Carlton J. ‘67 Barkers, Arnold L. ‘63 Baxley, Gladys B. ‘66 Bayyan, Vincent J. ‘80 Bazemore, Philip E. ‘51 Bell, Myrtle W. ‘62 Bellamy, Horace E. ‘52 *Bellamy, Lillian R. ‘52 Bennett, Nelson E. ‘59 Birtha, Herbert M. ‘42 Birtha, Jessie M. ‘40 Blue, Penny E. ‘82 Boaz, Aurellia M. ‘49 Bowden, Sharon L. ‘80 Bradby, Marie A. ‘72 Braithwaite, Elena K. ‘95 Bramlett, Delores O. ‘54 Brandon, Ardra L. ‘75 Brazil, Kacem L., Jr. ‘62 Brent, Kimberly A. ‘90 Brewington, Jazlyn Y. ‘05 Briggs-Anthony, Deidra E. ‘91 Bright, Bernice N. ‘53 Brodnax, Carl D. ‘84 Brooks, Aeolus J. ‘58 Brooks, James E. ‘56 Brooks, Marion R. ‘60 Broussard, Jeremy D. ‘99 Brown, Felicia J. ‘85 Brown, George J. ‘58 Brown, Jannelle R. ‘02 Brown, Margaret O. ‘51 Brown, Rita L. ‘70 Brown, Malcolm M. ‘68 Brown-Walker, Teri M. ‘85 Bruce, Beulah M. ‘54 Bruce, Owen D. ‘90 Bryce, Sylvester C. ‘10 Buoy-McCray, Barbra D. ‘92 Burroughs, Frederick D. ‘54 Butts, Andre ‘71 Butts, Elsie N. ‘59 Campbell, K. Elizabeth J. ‘39 Capehart, Alice J. ‘69 Capers, Felicia M. ‘90 Carmon, Nathaniel O. ‘64 Carter, Cleopatra H. ‘60 Carter, Minnie B. ‘47 Carter, Richard C. ‘91 Carter, Robert M. ‘77 Cherry, Charlene W. ‘93 Chrisp, Albert ‘70 Christian, Kevin A. ‘85 Clarey, Jeanette M. ‘76 Clark, Gerald S. ‘50 Clarkson, William H., Jr. ‘50 Clay, Roberta L. ‘65 Cole, Sandra R. ‘66 Comer, Mary C. ‘66

2010 Alumni

Trotter, Claude R., Jr. ‘63 Tweedy, Stanley A. ‘65 Tyson, Marqueta N. ‘76 Umejei, Chinyelum E. ‘09 Vernon, Christopher J. ‘98 Waddell, Michelle K. ‘95 Waiters, Doris J. ‘80 Walden-Yeager, June ‘87 Walker, Antoinetta M. ‘85 Walker, Randolph M. ‘72 Wallace, Helen B. ‘49 Wallace, Lemuel R., Jr. ‘56 Wallace, Marsh, Jr. ‘53 Walton, Faye B. ‘82 Walton, Jerry ‘83 Weaver, Elma R. ‘66 White, Elouise W. ‘54 Whiting, Gregory W., Jr. ‘68 Wickham, Joan M. ‘78 Wilkerson, Kirk A. ‘89 Williams, Artie B. ‘52 Williams, Frances P. ‘57 Williams, Gregory ‘68 Williams, Lawrence C. ‘53 Williams, Lenora D. ‘80 Williams, Loyce P. ‘57 Williams, Robert A. ‘68 Williams, Ronald E., Sr. ‘76 Williamson-Branch, Sheila A. ‘84 Willis, Mark A. ‘87 Wilson, Carol A. ‘75 Wilson, Ernest, Jr. ‘80 Wood, Elicia D. ‘92 Yette, Frederick W. ‘81 Young, Javondlynn D. ‘88 Young, John R. ‘68

Philanthropy Report

10 2010 Alumni

Harris, Marsha F. ‘66 Harris, Martha M. ‘56 Harris, Ricky L. ‘80 Hawkins, Virginia G. ‘81 Henderson, Daphne L. ‘80 Heyward, Joseph E. ‘63 Hicks, Joseph T. ‘53 Hodges, Gregory V. ‘71 Hodo, Julie T. ‘92 Hoffler, Sylvia C. ‘65 Hollins, Dennis C. ‘73 Holt, Robert ‘67 Holt, Wanda W. ‘68 Howard, Catherine S. ‘70 Howard-Stroud, Margaret A. ‘03 Howell, Anna L. ‘02 Hunter, Sylvia H. ‘80 Hutton, Rhea N. ‘09 Ivory, Daneka ‘02 Jackson, Cheyenne D. ‘80 Jackson, Daphne J. ‘85 Jackson, George F. ‘73 Jackson, John A. ‘55 Jackson, Jordan T., Jr. ‘87 Jackson, Mary Helen T. ‘63 Jacobs, Margaret L. ‘64 James, Albert H., Jr. ‘71 James, Carol T. ‘70 James, Wanda A. ‘80 Jamison, Clarence C., Jr. ‘69 Jarvis, Gaynelle K. ‘82 Jefferson, Robert M. ‘95 Jefferson, Joy ‘86 Jelks, Barbara L. ‘70 Jenkins, Sharyn E. ‘73 Jeremiah, Milford A. ‘69 Johns, Marion P. ‘70 Johnson, Aravia J. ‘78 Johnson, Carol A. ‘75 Johnson, Crystal M. ‘96 Johnson, Deloris M. ‘62 Johnson, Judy T. ‘65 Johnson, Margaret F. ‘51 Johnson, Morris S., Jr. ‘89 Johnson, Willette J. ‘93 Jones, Alonzo N., Sr. ‘74 Jones, Edwina L. ‘74 Jones, Isaac L. ‘98 Jones, William C. ‘56 Jones-Wiggins, Aurelia E. ‘45 Kemp, Rosemary W. ‘65 Kerr, Kevin W. ‘79 Khatun, Sufia ‘87 King, Erlisa H. ‘92 Knox, Hammond M. ‘54 Langley, Fred H. ‘90 Lawson, Christine B. ‘58 Ledeaux, Barbara E. ‘54 Lee, Hester J. ‘48 Lewis, Mary R. ‘70 Lewis, Sheri A. ‘95 *Deceased

Lewis-Nixon, Joann L. ‘88 Link, Bridgette A. ‘87 Logan, Maria R. ‘85 Long, Jewel B. ‘69 Lucas, Katie P. ‘62 Luck, Ira J. ‘74 Lyons, James V. ‘81 Maisonet, Diane R. ‘09 Makagon, Andrzej ‘03 Malone, Jacqueline D. ‘70 Mann, William S., III ‘58 Marlin, Burmeta W. ‘65 Marquis, Mildred E. ‘47 Martin, Sylvia ‘80 McConico, Beverly A. ‘68 McIntosh, Helena W. ‘67 McKeithan, Lloyd B. ‘80 McKinney, Santora L. ‘97 McKoy, Tanya A. ‘78 McWilliams, Cristina M. ‘08 Medford, Thomas A., Jr. ‘70 Melvin, John T. ‘64 Middleton, Norris C., Jr. ‘65 Moment, Marcus A. ‘95 Monk, Helen M. ‘68 Monroe, Annette L. ‘67 Montgomery, Reatha M. ‘67 Moody, Clarice V. ‘59 Morgan, Cassandra W. ‘70 Morgan, Paul A. ‘86 Morris, Tiffany ‘95 Mosley, Sylvia G. ‘78 Moss, Jesse, Jr. ‘64 Motley, Milwood A., Jr. ‘71 Murray-Fleming, Gloria A. ‘86 Myers, Sheryll L. ‘91 Nash, Sarah C. ‘94 Nebolisa, Stella C. ‘10 Nedab, Floyd E., III ‘70 Nelson, Adrian V. ‘59 Nelson, Clarence F., Jr. ‘69 Nicholas, Eugene E., Jr. ‘79 Noel, Brenda W. ‘72 Norrell, Randall A. ‘79 Oates, Constance F. ‘61 Ogletree, Michelle B. ‘76 Oliver, Joan L. ‘60 Outen, Elijah ‘92 Owens, Marcus T. ‘91 Owens, Virginia A. ‘73 Paige, Graham T. ‘68 Parham, Douglas R. ‘71 Parker, Alma V. ‘40 Paylor, Marc C. ‘93 Payne, Madeline G. ‘85 Pearson, William D. ‘66 Pearson, Yolanda C. ‘80 Peele, Bernadette S. ‘85 Pemberton, Gena M. ‘98 Perry, Elizabeth M. ‘97 Peterson, Andrea L. ‘09

Plair, Barbara A. ‘74 Pleasants, Avice H. ‘50 Pollard, Randle B., III ‘85 Porter, Felice T. ‘90 Price-Spratlen, Lois ‘54 Pryor, Jondre L. ‘94 Puryear, Catherine W. ‘62 Raphael, Howard F. ‘98 Rather-Booth, Adrienne Y. ‘84 Rayfield, William L., USA(Ret.) ‘54 Redd, Nancy D. ‘70 Reed, Brenda T. ‘65 Reese, Kenyae L. ‘00 Rhodes, Cephus S., USA(Ret.) ‘53 Richards, Wayne J., USA(Ret.) ‘77 Riley, Mary M. ‘46 Roach, Fostine G. ‘55 Roberts, Gentry S. ‘53 Robinson, Cicily V. ‘98 Robinson, Raymond G. ‘62 Rogers, Dionne M. ‘93 Rogers, Jacqueline E. ‘71 Rogers, Lisa M. ‘84 Roney, Darrell ‘52 Rooks, Vivian E. ‘51 Roy, Cynthia ‘86 Rucks, Doris E. ‘44 Russell, Roberta A. ‘42 Salone, Bernadette H. ‘72 Saunders, Ruby C. ‘61 Scott, Mellanda C. ‘94 Scott, Neil M. ‘92 Scott, Peter B. ‘94 Sellers, Curlean R. ‘97 Shannon, Marian H. ‘44 Shaw, Bennie N., Jr. ‘69 Shields, Myrna K. ‘70 Sills, Corlease C. ‘71 Simmons, Tami B. ‘81 *Singleton-Page, Rosalind L. ‘63 Skyles, Stephanie B. ‘78 Smith, Carolyn J. ‘65 Smith, Dana ‘06 Smith, Ernest P., Jr. ‘79 Smith, Marion K., Sr. ‘67 Smith, Paulette F. ‘72 Snedecor, Sonya J. ‘95 Spencer, Alfred L. ‘53 Spotts, Carol W. ‘55 Spruill, John ‘94 Stevenson, Janet L. ‘68 Stevenson, Ruby W. ‘62 Stonewell, Tarita R. ‘91 Streete, Sherry-Ann M. ‘08 Streets, Joy S. ‘81 Swailes, Francesca J. ‘95 Sykes, Margaret M. ‘53 Tanner-Oliphant, Karen ‘77 Taylor, Shontae N. ‘99 Thomas, Shelby ‘00 Thompson, Aaron L. ‘96


Philanthropy Report

Cosby, Kellie J. ‘92 Courtney, Jacqueline M. ‘95 Crosby, Michele G. ‘92 Crudup, Phyllis D. ‘65 Cyrus, Sylvia ‘77 Davenport, Ronald T. ‘77 Davis, Harriet J. ‘62 Davis, Shane P. ‘99 Davis, Treva L. ‘95 Daye, Annie T. ‘84 DeBose, Debra J. ‘76 Delandro, Veronica T. ‘99 Dingus, James A., Jr. ‘41 Dorsey-Hayes, Joirelle L. ‘95 *DuBose, Yvonne C. ‘69 Dyke, Marjorie A. ‘01 Ebb, Daniel E. ‘95 Edwards, Cynthia E. ‘83 Ellis, Ogretta W. ‘84 Ellis, Renee S. ‘78 Ellis-Ramsey, Lashanda F. ‘98 Everson, Romesha D. ‘04 Faison, Milton O. ‘94 Firestone, Bruce A. ‘09 Fitzgerald, Debbie J. ‘87 Fletcher, Albert R. ‘50 Flint, Beatrice C. ‘46 Fortune, Tawana B. ‘86 Frank, William A. ‘69 Franklin, Barrett J. ‘95 Freeman, Stanley L. ‘95 Fuller, Gwendolyn F. ‘54 Furlow, Gerardette M. ‘86 Gabbidon, Monica H. ‘88 Gant, Gloria W. ‘47 Gardner, Mary C. G. ‘70 Garrison, Nancy H. ‘68 Garrison, James L., Jr., USA(Ret.) ‘67 Gibbs, Terra T. ‘88 Givens, Donna L. ‘80 Givens, Kimberly A. ‘83 Givens, Todd E. ‘80 Glenn, Weslee S. ‘08 Goode, Angela L. ‘80 Goodman, Agyemang A. ‘03 Granderson, Irene R. ‘79 Graves, Meredith P. ‘00 Gunn, Edward W. ‘69 Gunn, Michael A. ‘84 Guthrie, Joan T. ‘52 Hairston, Alexina D. ‘79 Hamlette, John H., Jr. ‘61 Harewood, Kevin R. ‘93 Harris, Warren D. ‘78 Harrison, Jamala B. ‘98 Haynes, Lynn C. ‘76 Hebert, Kandace M. ‘06 Hill, Artisena C. ‘92 Hill, Darrell V. ‘93 Hinson, Robert D. ‘92 Hinton, Dorothy C. ‘50


OGDEN CIRCLE $25-$99 Adams, James C., Sr. ‘80 Adams, Rhonda R. ‘95 Adams, Vincent R. ‘92 Alexander, Nicole Y. ‘03 Allen, Kristen L. ‘92 Allison, Edwin C. ‘88 Alston, Daisy W. ‘48

Amos, Pridgen J. ‘02 Anderson, Courtney A. ‘83 Anderson, Giovonnae ‘70 Andrews-Franklin, Tiffany N. ‘95 Armstrong, Lenora E. ‘81 Ashe, Wilbert E., Sr. ‘48 Autry, Monique K. ‘07 Baggott, Renee S. ‘02 Bailey, Marsha A. ‘83 Banton, Tamal A. ‘98 Barnes, Betty J. ‘62 Barr, Christopher T. ‘06 Bassette, Julia R. ‘46 Battle, Shirley D. ‘67 Bell, Margaret S. ‘60 Bell, Milton T. ‘08 Benjamin, Anthony B. ‘99 Bethea, Melissa D. ‘93 Blackwell, Cherry D. ‘54 Bolden, Mary E. ‘56 Bonner, Robert M. ‘73 Boone, F. Beverly S. ‘58 Boone, Melinda J. ‘81 Bowie, Brenda Y. ‘06 Boyd, Robin N. ‘96 Bradley, Margaret N. ‘66 Branch, Keisha L. ‘95 Bright, Stephanie O. ‘06 Brooks, Myrna C. ‘65 Brooks, Sarah S. ‘50 Brown, Iolder H. ‘01 Brown, Shelley L. ‘93 Brown-Scott, Ingrid V. ‘89 Bruce, Oyinkan A. ‘95 Bryant, Artelia T. ‘42 Bryant, Paulette C. ‘81 Bryant, R. Kelly, Jr. ‘40 Bryant, Sheree M. ‘86 Budzinski, Anna S. ‘88 Bullock, Mary J. ‘69 Burnette, Camille A. ‘94 Burnette, Daarel E. ‘06 Burrus, Edith C. ‘69 Caggins, Myles B., III ‘96 Caldwell, Natalie J. ‘68 Calloway, Michael K. ‘98 Campbell, T’Leen M. ‘80 Cephus, Nadine C. ‘93 Challenger, Charryse ‘01 Chesson, Harold E. ‘69 Childs, Denise L. ‘74 Christian, Wilbur B. ‘50 Clark, Annie V. ‘81 Cobb, Tamra R. ‘81 Cobbs, Samuel A. ‘66 Conner, Adam L. ‘91 Cook, Kenya A. Cherry ‘95 Cooper, Myckieala C. ‘09 Cooper, Winthrop H. ‘72 Corbin, George R. ‘79 Corbin, Toni R. ‘79

2010 Alumni

Thompson, Brenda H. ‘87 Thornton, Kristina ‘02 Timmons, Dorian T. ‘02 Torrence, Brenda B. ‘81 Travis, Marian H. ‘73 Triggs-Tucker, Cassandra L. ‘77 Tucker, Constance W. ‘55 Tucker, Robert L. ‘55 Tull, Knox W., Jr. ‘67 Turner, Joyce B. ‘65 Turner, Vincent D. ‘63 Vantree, Gwendolyn D. ‘80 Vaughn, Lewis M., Jr. ‘73 Vaughn, Mary Louise W. ‘66 Venson, Alice T. ‘72 Wade, Carl A. ‘67 Walker, Cheryl J. ‘74 Walker, Mattie F. ‘52 Walker, T. Vaughn ‘72 Walker, Wilfred J., Sr. ‘35 Wallace, Dean A. ‘71 Washington, Alice C. ‘46 Washington, Bernard W. ‘57 Watson, Raquel V. ‘95 Watts, Rosalind ‘70 *Weaver, Catherine R. ‘54 Webster, L’Angro N. ‘97 Wesley, Stephen D. ‘06 West, Lorri Y. ‘80 Westbrook, Jennifer L. ‘01 White, Jeraldene ‘66 White, Rachael Y. ‘85 White, Valerie D. ‘81 Williams, Chelsea M. ‘07 Williams, Dorothy D. ‘60 Williams, Josephine H. ‘61 Williams, Karl B. ‘70 Williams, Lynn G. ‘74 Williams, Mildred O. ‘56 Williams, Patricia Y. ‘62 Williamson, Jean S. ‘77 Williamson, Patrice S. ‘05 Wilson, Charles E., Jr. ‘79 Wilson, Miriam R. ‘70 Woolridge, Carolyn V. ‘79 Wright, Barbara A. ‘79 Wright, Dana S. ‘99 Young, Naomi H. ‘44 Young, Leonard J., Sr. ‘41 Young-Daigeau, Johnestine E. ‘52

Philanthropy Report

12 2010 Alumni

Holeman, Chester ‘56 Holloman, Thomas E. ‘56 Hopewell, Woodson H., Jr. ‘75 Horton, Brenda L. ‘76 Hover-Montgomery, Linda L. ‘86 Hubbard, Leroy ‘68 Hughes, Cheryll J. ‘75 Hundley, Donna P. ‘96 Hunt, Williett S. ‘81 Jackson, Bailey, Jr. ‘42 Jackson, Kimberly S. ‘92 Jackson, Meghan G. ‘00 James, Kamal A. ‘01 Jarrett, Shalieka T. ‘99 Jennings, Llinda C. ‘71 Johnson, Albert W. ‘89 Johnson, Betty H. ‘49 Johnson, James A., USA(Ret.) ‘52 Johnson, Tracey M. ‘98 Johnson-Cline, Nancy M. ‘86 Johnson-Curl, Jacqueline ‘78 Jones, Elaine P. ‘40 Jones, Ruby G. ‘77 Jordan, Janaf ‘04 Kimaro, Anael ‘97 King-Roberts, Sharon L. ‘75 Knight, Alphonso W. ‘47 Lane, John C. ‘62 Layson, Bonita J. ‘80 Leak, Halima N. ‘99 Lee, Anita H. ‘54 Levalle, Patricia G. ‘69 Lewis, Pamela M. ‘76 Logan, Terry G. ‘94 Love, James T. ‘97 Lyles, Damien R. ‘95 Madden, Enrique M. ‘08 Mason, Angela J. ‘85 McClure, Helen T. ‘56 McDaniels, Frances B. ‘51 McMullen, Renee M. ‘95 McNaughton, Steven B. ‘96 McWilliams, Regina ‘98 Mekeithen, Pamela B. ‘85 Melvin-Jones, Joyce A. ‘73 Mial, Betty D. ‘77 Miller, Evelyn R. ‘58 Mitchell, Susan D. ‘73 Montgomery, Arlene ‘79 Moody, Gretta A. ‘07 Moone, Jamesa C. ‘93 Moore-Jones, Kimberly P. ‘85 Nelson, Terryn B. ‘89 Nicholson, Shelia C. ‘85 Osborne, Hilda B. ‘73 Osborne, Johnnie T. ‘73 Parrish, William S. ‘90 Payne, Nina L. ‘02 Peebles, Allie M. ‘47 Perkins, Fosterlyn J. ‘63

HAMPTON HIGHLIGHT 1. CNN Money has named Hampton University one of the 12 Best Bargain Private Colleges.

Person, Edith I. ‘70 Petagrew, Robyn P. ‘95 Pete, John A. ‘50 Phillips, Sharon K. ‘83 Phillips-Mack, Delinda F. ‘86 Porter, Jennifer L. ‘02 Powell, Michelle ‘02 Power, Bertina M. ‘94 Ramsey, Chenere P. ‘04 Redo, Charlotte J. ‘91 Richardson, Kelly L. ‘91 Ricks, Sidney F., Jr. ‘73 Riley-Mussio, Avis G. ‘81 Roache, Monica L. ‘95 Roberts, Catherine B. ‘77 Roberts, Crystal K. ‘85 Robertson, Julia K. ‘62 Robinson, Alice H. ‘62 Robinson, Kevin R. ‘90 Robinson, James H., Jr. ‘66 Rooks, Paula F. ‘73 Russell, Kevin M. ‘92 Russell, Monica L. ‘92 Saddler, Valerie S. ‘73 Saldana, Nicole Q. ‘92 Savoy, Kenneth D. ‘64 Scott, Brian L. ‘83 Shaw, Helen T. ‘46 Showell, Jakki R. ‘03 Shuler, Jamille R. Brown ‘95 Sims, Jennifer P. ‘04 Singleton, Theresa B. ‘74 Smith, Benjamin O. ‘52 Smith, Carl, Jr. ‘81 Smith, Lori V. Lloyd ‘95 Smith, Matthew J. ‘02 Smith, Robert H., Sr., USA(Ret.) ‘52 Spencer, Marlette E. ‘94 Spurlock, Evelyn H. ‘38 Stevens, Chris W. ‘51 Stevens, Patricia T. ‘87

The Power of Giving EVERY HAMPTONIAN – EACH ONE, REACH ONE Alumni gifts are extremely important to Hampton University. Alumni participation reflects the number of alumni who give – not how much alumni give. Alumni support is a factor used in determining national rankings and impacts funding consideration from corporations, foundations, friends and government agencies. When gifts are made annually, Hampton can plan better knowing critical resources are in place to aid in educating and empowering the next generation of Hamptonians.

PIRATES CLUB $24 AND UNDER Aaron, Amber N. ‘06 Abrams, Cyntelia B. ‘05 Adams-White, Joannie ‘90 Aird, Anthony P. ‘97

Philanthropy Report

Draughon, Michael A. ‘92 Duke, Harrison R., III ‘73 Dunn, Gayle T. ‘81 Duren, Joelle S. ‘01 Eddings, John R. ‘65 Enoch, Noelle Poole ‘87 Felder, Robert L. ‘72 Fennell-Hargrove, Yolande ‘91 Figueroa, Lydia R. ‘01 Fleming-Clyburn, Rhonda L. ‘90 Ford, Tonya L. ‘96 Fowler, Janet L. ‘90 Gadley, Shannon ‘03 Gaines, Bruce C. ‘84 Garlington, Ronald A. ‘90 Gilliam, Rebecca A. ‘90 Goldsborough, Warren W. ‘90 Gosier, Joan E. ‘90 Graves, Cynthia R. ‘85 Graves, Rashel A. ‘99 Gray, William L. ‘90 Green, Wendy K. ‘90 Grooms, Janet R. ‘90 Hamilton, Adrian L. ‘90 Hamilton, Ellen H. ‘77 Hampton, Adonica C. ‘89 Harper, Valerie S. ‘72 Harrington, Charetta T. ‘74 Harris, Camille V. ‘01 Harris, Jeannette F. ‘55 Harris, Junie J. ‘91 Harris, Latonca M. ‘90 Head, Lisa M. ‘90 Hearst, Eleanor V. ‘90 Henneghan, Jenisha L. ‘00 Hester, Zanneya M. ‘90 Hinton, Nell S. ‘74 Holmes, Victoria G. ‘91 Hopkins, Cornelia S. ‘47 Houston, Crisarla S. ‘00 Howard, Kimberly D. ‘90 Hoye, Maisha B. ‘90 Humes, Kecia L. ‘93 Ivey, Julie E. ‘90 Jackson, Eric L. ‘90 Jackson, Marcella L. ‘90 Jackson, Michele D. ‘91 Jacobs, Charlotte ‘03 Jamison, Pamela J. ‘70 Jeffries, Blayne E. ‘03 Jenkins, Sharon N. ‘90 Joe, Gwynetta Y. ‘90 Johnson, Barbara R. ‘65 Johnson, Kevin A. ‘90 Johnson, Khamia C. ‘04 Johnson, Leslie C. ‘89 Johnson-Bennett, Mia F. ‘90 Johnston, Alfred E. ‘90 Jones, Karen M. ‘92 Jones, Symantha T. ‘90 Jones, Tara Y. ‘90


Allen, Gregory E. ‘90 Andrews, Darrell S. ‘88 Andrews, David H. ‘90 Bader, Artrice V. ‘56 Bailey, Falana M. ‘90 Bailey, Jimmy F. ‘55 Baker, Kia E. ‘05 Baker, Sydney T. ‘90 Barber, Kenya A. ‘90 Barker, Melinda A. ‘04 Barkley, Lisa M. ‘78 Barnes, Ermine C. ‘50 Bass, Donalyn E. ‘90 Beckles, Benita H. ‘71 Bennett, Dawn E. ‘90 Bennett, Michael L. ‘90 Benson, Scott R. ‘92 Black, Eric P. ‘91 Blake, Dwayne B. ‘84 Bodrick, Nia I. ‘05 Bowman, Tracey M. ‘90 Boykin, Peter J. ‘98 Brandon, Terry C. ‘85 Brooks-Beasley, Eris J. ‘85 Brown, Geoffrey ‘90 Brown, Patricia F. ‘68 Brown, Arnett J., III ‘92 Burke, Lagree M., Jr. ‘90 Burriss, Flora A. ‘07 Bush, Candace M. ‘90 Butler, Anthony K. ‘90 Callender, Rohlann L. ‘57 Campbell, Junius C. ‘84 Campbell, Vera C. ‘95 Carson, Janita D. ‘90 Carter, Chester ‘72 Centeno, Cynthia M. ‘90 Chambliss, Clifford B., III ‘06 Clark, Courtney S. ‘90 Clark, Robin R. ‘90 Clements, Nathaniel ‘49 Coleman, Ronald T. ‘90 Copeland, Margot J. ‘73 Corbin, Claudia P. ‘67 Crawford, Shana X. ‘97 Crosby, Natasha ‘01 Cunningham, C. Reginald ‘66 Daniel, Margaret P. ‘86 Daniels-Anderson, Mia ‘90 Darby, Gina A. ‘86 Davis, Amin ‘95 Davis, Juanita A. ‘03 Davis, Sherree R. ‘86 Davis, Sonja C. ‘64 Dean, Erik A. ‘93 Dean, Kelly A ‘88 Dillard, Barry A. ‘90 Dixon, Deana M. ‘08 Dixon, Lillian A. ‘85 Donaldson, Delilah P. ‘71 Dow, Kelli L. ‘90

2010 Alumni

Stewart, Jeanett W. ‘67 Stiles, William E., Sr. ‘69 Swinger, Barbara J. ‘71 Sykes, Delores B. ‘58 Sykes, William G. ‘56 Taliaferro, Diane H. ‘70 Tartt, Laura C. ‘43 Taylor, Kendra C. ‘99 Taylor, Mary F. ‘73 Thomas, Joshua ‘63 Thompson, Edwina A. Brown ‘91 Thompson, Reshenda L. ‘95 Thornwell, Bernadette C. ‘71 Thorpe, Edward E., Sr. ‘63 Tilghman, Brandon L. ‘05 Toney, Susanne L. ‘89 Townes, Mitzi J. ‘93 Treece, Shani A. ‘95 Turner, Bernice C. ‘83 Turner, Wendell H., Jr. ‘82 Uzzle, Alicia R. ‘93 Van Diver, Sheila D. ‘83 Vann, Wendy P. ‘04 Vasquez, Blakeney A. ‘00 Vaughan, Robena D. ‘48 Walker, Jabari S. ‘01 Walker-Dalton, Lillian M. ‘72 Walters, Toshia W. ‘98 Watkins, Bridgette S. ‘88 Watson, Carolyn B. ‘61 Watson, Monica R. ‘89 Watts, Helen G. ‘58 Wells, Belva J. ‘77 Wells, Ruby S. ‘42 West, Lula A. ‘63 West, Percy S. ‘51 West-Bey, Latasha D. ‘97 White, Olympia W. ‘75 Williams, Carlene A. ‘05 Williams, Debra J. ‘77 Williams, Gary L. ‘70 Williams, Gloria J. ‘82 Williams, Melva ‘88 Williams, Trovon C. ‘07 Williamson, Hilda M. ‘79 Willis, Fred D. ‘43 Wilson, Crystal K. ‘96 Winston, George B., III ‘65 Womack-Smith, Melisande G. ‘53 Worsham, Katina M. ‘95 Wright, Barbara J. ‘89 Wright, Margaret A. ‘77 Young, S. F. ‘49 Young, William, Jr. ‘81

The Power of Giving


2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

There are many ways to give to Hampton. Giving to Hampton sustains and enhances the University’s distinctive academic programs and physical resources. Many of the University’s finest accomplishments have been made possible by men and women who have chosen to invest in the future of young people. As important as these gifts are, the biggest reward is the personal satisfaction that donors get from making an investment in human potential.  The Office of Development looks forward to working with you to help provide a better future for the University. For more information, visit www. or contact the Office of Development at (757) 727-5764.

Joseph, Tracey P. ‘90 King, Katie S. ‘47 Kitchens, Kelly M. ‘01 Lang, Caroline R. ‘90 Langford, Antoinette D. ‘64 Lanier, Sylvia F. ‘81 Larkins, Sheria J. ‘05 Lawler, Teri L. ‘86 Lee, Ella L. ‘71 Lee, Heather D. ‘78 Lee, Tilton D. ‘90 Lejeune, Lashanda V. ‘03 Lucas, Yolanda H. ‘90 Lynch, Karen D. ‘08 Manning, Anitra N. ‘98 Mark, Keshia L. ‘90 Martin, Alice L. ‘42 Mayes, Sya M. ‘91 McCray, Georgette H. ‘87 McCray, Wanda J. ‘86 McGill, M. Juanita W. ‘50 McKoy-Bracy, Karen ‘90 McPherson, Gloria B. ‘71 Miles, Serena D. ‘91 Miller, James E. ‘59 Mims, Carla A. ‘90 Mims, Carolyn C. ‘69 Mitchell, John H., III ‘89 Mitchell, Olivia D. ‘88 Mitchell, Yvonne T. ‘90 Moncrief, Shameika ‘99 Morgan, Monique J. ‘90 Murphy, Cassandra D. ‘92 Nave, Evan C. ‘08 Nelson, Patience R. ‘85 Neptune, Darlington A. ‘90 Oliver, Tiah R. ‘01 Oliver-Davis, Tracey ‘91 Page, Stephanie Y. ‘86 Parker, Melvin C. ‘01 Parker, Shawna C. ‘01 Parmenter, Sherri S. ‘81 Paylor, Perry L. ‘90 Peace, Linda L. ‘90 Peele, Tavaris L. ‘90 Penn-Marshall, Michelle P. ‘91 Perry, Alison K. ‘91 Perry, Aronda A. ‘90 Perry, Ethyl ‘44 Pete, Sherry T. ‘79 Peters, Mark D. ‘91 Peterson, Tamara R. ‘90 Pinn-Atwood, Keisha ‘90 Pollard, Lawrence ‘86 Porter, Karen R. ‘85 Portis-Daniels, Keri ‘90 Prince, Robynne W. ‘90 Ragan, Philip A. ‘91 Ragland, Delois D. ‘89 Randolph, Sandra F. ‘61 Rawlins, Ajamu J. ‘95

Rawls, Eleanor A. ‘89 Rawls, Rene N. ‘90 Reynolds-Ratliffe, Nancie ‘90 Rogers, Arsonia D. ‘70 Rose-Colden, Monique ‘90 Ross, Robert E. ‘82 Ross, Washington D. ‘41 Rowe-Barney, Kimberly ‘90 Ruffin, Sheila B. ‘08 Sagnia-Blythe, Aminatta O. ‘90 Salters, Damita R. ‘86 Sanford, Deborah R. ‘81 Satchell-McKoy, Kencle ‘90 Saunders-Goldson, Sherri ‘02 Scott, Lillian D. ‘68 Scott, Ronald W. ‘90 Sebastien, Cidra M. ‘01 Singleton, Norma B. ‘62 Smith, Jesse ‘95 Spencer, Trina L. ‘90 Stafford, Stacy L. ‘91 Stukes, Natalie R. ‘98 Sturgis, Vivian M. ‘66 Sullivan, Delphine G. ‘47 Tillery, Lynette M. ‘56 Touba, Derrick R. ‘90 Trigg, Starla A. ‘90 Turner, Judith R. ‘90 Tyus, Willie L. ‘90 Varner, Kimberly S. ‘90 Vernon, Christine A. ‘08 Wade-Williams, Lataunya R. ‘90 Wagner, Thisa D. ‘90 Wallace, Brenda L. ‘64 Walton, James T. ‘90 White, April D. ‘94 White, Lisa C. ‘90 Wilburn Yates, Marion D. ‘80 Williams, Arthur L. ‘62 Williams, Charlene W. ‘85 Williams, Robbie R. ‘71 Williams, Robert C., II ‘90 Williams, Rhonda T. ‘92 Williams, Rudolph A. ‘56 Williams, Tawana L. ‘92 Williams, Terrie H. ‘86 Williams, Yolanda H. ‘87 Willis, Lynne M. ‘90 Willis, Windy A. ‘98 Wilson, Anissa M. ‘90 Wood, Tiffany ‘92 Woodyard, Pamela K. ‘89 Wray, Christina M. ‘08 Wright-Spurlock, Kim ‘90

ALUMNI GIVING BY CLASS YEAR CLASS OF 1932 Jordan, Mildred N. CLASS OF 1935 Walker, Wilfred J., Sr. CLASS OF 1936 Evans, Gilbert W. CLASS OF 1937 Baker, Odessa K. Freeman, Frankie M. CLASS OF 1938 *Givens, Annie B. Reid, Helen E. Spurlock, Evelyn H. CLASS OF 1939 Campbell, K. Elizabeth J. *Edmonds, William S. Robinson, Audrey G. White, Gladys Hope F. CLASS OF 1940 Birtha, Jessie M. Bryan, I. Emerson, Jr. Bryant, R Kelly, Jr. Hudgins, William A., Sr. Jones, Elaine P. Parker, Alma V. Simmons, Ellamae Smith, Reginald D. CLASS OF 1941 Cannon, Velma A. Curry, Clarence F. Dingus, James A., Jr. Jackson, Evelyn H. Ross, Washington D. Smith, Euzelle P. Young, Leonard J., Sr. CLASS OF 1942 Birtha, Herbert M. Bryant, Artelia T. Coles, Virginia R. Jackson, Bailey, Jr. Martin, Alice L. Russell, Roberta A. Wells, Ruby S. CLASS OF 1943 Holmes, Wendell P., Jr. Parham, John V. *Deceased

Smith, Geraldine L. Tartt, Laura C. Willis, Fred D. CLASS OF 1944 Gilchrist, Trulove M. Perry, Ethyl Randall, Nellie G. Rucks, Doris E. Shannon, Marian H. Young, Naomi H. CLASS OF 1945 Bailey, Pearl L. Barbour, Catherine T. Brown, Elaine T. Cowell, Catherine Cross, Delesta G. Hayes, Thelma M. Jones-Wiggins, Aurelia E. Peevy, Evelyn S. Reid, Ernette F. CLASS OF 1946 Bacon, Charlotte M. Bassett, Lavonia P. Bassette, Julia R. Bennett, Dorothy S. Berry, Darius L. Flint, Beatrice C. Gillette, Frankie J. Greene, Alma E. Riley, Mary M. Shaw, Helen T. Smith, Hazel M. Washington, Alice C. CLASS OF 1947 Bennett, Barbara N. Cabbell, Evelyn W. Carter, Minnie B. Gant, Gloria W. Hopkins, Cornelia S. Johnson, Colleen J. Kemp, Henry P. King, Katie S. Knight, Alphonso W. Latimer, Allie B. Marquis, Mildred E. Peace, Alice T. Peebles, Allie M. Stuart, Cynitha W. Sullivan, Delphine G. Wyatt, Lucius C. CLASS OF 1948 Allison, Ferdinand V., Jr. Alston, Daisy W. Ashe, Wilbert E., Sr.

Bates, Miriam G. Dunn, Samuel J. Haywood, L. Julian Hobbs, Addison S. Johnson, Anne W. Lee, Hester J. Peace, Richard C. Smoot, Eloise C. Vaughan, Robena D. Wilson, Mary A. CLASS OF 1949 Baker, Edna M. Boaz, Aurellia M. Briggs, Myra M. Brinkley, Rosemary M. Brooks, Ruth J. Brown, James M. Clements, Nathaniel Dalton, Eudoxia M. Goldsborough, William E., Sr. Johnson, Betty H. Johnson, Eugene W. Johnson, Lester B., Jr. Jones, Louise P. Lewis, Margaret J. Monroe, Roscoe Reid, Mae E. Richardson, James C. Sessoms, Charlie M. Travis, Leola M. Vaughan, Frizell L. Wallace, Helen B. Warren, Charlene Williams, Marjorie S. Yeoman, Fannie M. Young, S. F. CLASS OF 1950 Adelson, Yolande H. Allen, Howard W. Barnes, Ermine C. Brooks, Sarah S. Chivers, Cynthia W. Christian, Wilbur B. Clark, Gerald S. Clarkson, William H., Jr. Duckett, Lewis C. Fletcher, Albert R. Haynes, Andrew L. Hinton, Dorothy C. McCray, Jeffrey McGill, M. Juanita W. Mills, Dorothea J. Moody, Marion E. Nichols, Mildred T. Norris, Virgil C. Pete, John A. Pleasants, Avice H.

2 0 1 0 A 2l u0 m1 0n i A l 1u 5m n iP h 15 i l a n t Ph hr io l pa yn t Rh er po op ry t R e p o r t

CLASS OF 1929 Madison, Lettie C.

Pleasants, Leo, USA(Ret.) Reed, Presley R. Woodbury, Charles E.

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

CLASS OF 1951 Bailey, Ernest F. Bazemore, Philip E. Brown, Lois J. Brown, Margaret O. Carter, James R. Johns, Jeanette T. Johnson, Elginne W. Johnson, Margaret F. McDaniels, Frances B. Mills, Ivan A. Moore, Peulah M. Rooks, Vivian E. Slater, Thelma T. Stevens, Chris W. West, Percy S. Wilson, Delius E. CLASS OF 1952 Adkins, Doris W. Bellamy, Horace E. *Bellamy, Lillian R. Carter, Faustine B. Charlton, James C. Duckett, Kathryn A. Edwards, Myrna F. Fleming, Marion P. Giessler, Dorothy B. Gilliam, Lillian B. Guthrie, Joan T. Hankerson, Hazel I. Harris, Rayford L. Holmes, Arthur, Jr. James, Doris M. Johnson, James A., USA(Ret.) Jones, Alice S. Roberts, Lorraine M. Roney, Darrell Saunders, Hattie M. Sloan, Ellen R. Smith, Benjamin O. Smith, Robert H. Sr., USA(Ret.) Spaugh, Leolia G. Walker, Mattie F. Whiting, Josephine F. Williams, Artie B. Young-Daigeau, Johnestine E. CLASS OF 1953 Blakes-Thompson, Conna R. Bright, Bernice N. Clark, Mercerdese R. Fleming, Leroy, Jr. Hamberg, Marcelle R. Hicks, Joseph T. Lomax, Alvin C. Marshall, James L., Jr., USA(Ret.) *Deceased

Pleasant, Mary N. Reese, Delores B. Rhodes, Cephus S., USA(Ret.) Roberts, Gentry S. Rogers, Wilma R. Spencer, Alfred L. Swain, Carroll E. Sykes, Margaret M. Wallace, Marsh, Jr. Williams, Lawrence C. Womack-Smith, Melisande G. CLASS OF 1954 Ayanru, Grace H. Blackwell, Cherry D. Bowling, Cassie G. Bramlett, Delores O. Braxton, Clarence L., Jr. Bruce, Beulah M. Burroughs, Frederick D. Burroughs, Geraldine H. Casey, William O. Davis Ollie, Jr., USA(Ret.) Deshields, William A. Edwards, Charles T., Jr. Evans, William E. Fuller, Gwendolyn F. Harris, Grace E. Hubbard, Annette H. Knox, Hammond M. Ledeaux, Barbara E. Lee, Anita H. Oliver, Florence M. Price-Spratlen, Lois Rayfield, William L., USA(Ret.) Saulters, Willie E. *Weaver, Catherine R. White, Elouise W. Whittaker, Alfred O. CLASS OF 1955 Bailey, Jimmy F. Fears, Frederick A. Gumbs, Earle A. Hamme, Thomas A., Jr. Harris, Jeannette F. Jackson, John A. Jackson, Nina A. James, Herbert I. Jennings, Vada J. Nixon, Marian Parker, Walter G. Roach, Fostine G. Spotts, Carol W. Thomas, William H., Jr. Tucker, Constance W. Tucker, Robert L. Webber, Spurgeon W., Jr. CLASS OF 1956 Allen, John C., III

Allen, Levern H. Bader, Artrice V. Bland, Vivian B. Bolden, Mary E. Bowling, Harold K. Brooks, James E. Burnett, Dossie L. Davis, Eula M. Fielding, Conchita L. Fleming, Juanita W. Garrett, Greta C. Gilford, P Lloyd Harris, Martha M. Holeman, Chester Holloman, Thomas E. Jones, William C. Lumpkin, Mary C. McClure, Helen T. Perry, Vincent Pressley, Gloria F. Roache, Geneva S. Sligh, Thomas A. Speller, Virginia S. Spencer, John H. Sykes, William G. Tillery, Lynette M. Wallace, Lemuel R., Jr. Williams, Mildred O. Williams, Rudolph A. CLASS OF 1957 Bailey, Nettie P. Callender, Rohlann L. Crawford, Robert L. Darden, Geraldine C. Davis, Muriel S. Dawkins, Jane L. Harris, Carolyn W. Hart, Thelma H. Johnson, Marian V. Washington, Bernard W. Williams, Frances P. Williams, Loyce P. CLASS OF 1958 Allen, Charles C. Allen, Sallie T. Baxter, Peggy B. Bohannon, Charles W. Boone, F. Beverly S. Brockenborough, Harriet D. Brooks, Aeolus J. Brown, George J. Caines, Othniel L. Carter, Celestine W. Copeland, Joseph E. Dent, Benjamin J. Downes, Bernice J. Ford, Margaret E. Ford, Pearl O. Frazier, Alice P. Gay, Robert E.


CLASS OF 1961 Booker, Johnnie B. Brimmer, Louise C. Bush, Katheryn B. Davis, Gerald N. Hamlette, John H., Jr. Harrell, Robert L., Jr. Oates, Constance F. Randolph, Sandra F.

CLASS OF 1962 Barnes, Betty J. Bell, Myrtle W. Brazil, Kacem L., Jr. Darden, Janice M. Davis, Harriet J. Farmer, Genevieve Gant, Alease R. Griffin, Bernard D., Sr. Johnson, Deloris M. Johnston, Charles O. Lane, John C. Lucas, Katie P. Mance, William W., Jr. Parker, Franklin R. Purnell, John C., Jr. Puryear, Catherine W. Robertson, Julia K. Robinson, Alice H. Robinson, Raymond G. Singleton, Norma B. Stevenson, Ruby W. Talbott, Cecil E. Williams, Arthur L. Williams, Patricia Y. CLASS OF 1963 Ball, Currie L. Barkers, Arnold L. Briggs, Joseph Briggs, Rebecca H. Brown, William A., Sr. Caster, Otelia F. Douglass, James D., Jr. Heyward, Joseph E. Hylick, Lawrence E. Jackson, Mary Helen T. Konata, Rae Sandra Lewis, George R. Lewis, Lillian G. Little, Marlene L. Perkins, Fosterlyn J. Royster, Agnes K. *Singleton-Page, Rosalind L. Thomas, Joshua Thompson, James P. Thorpe, Edward E., Sr. Trotter, Claude R., Jr. Turner, Vincent D. Webster, Catherine H. West, Lula A. White-Olden, Sandra L. CLASS OF 1964 Brazil, Margaret W. Burnette, Frederick Carmon, Nathaniel O. Carr, Frederick L.

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CLASS OF 1960 Anderson, M. Laverne Antoine, Jacqueline L. Archer, Angela W. Arnold, Gertrude P. Arnold, Wallace C. Bell, Margaret S. Brockenborough, Ann H. Brooks, Delories J. Brooks, Marion R. Burton, Judith A. Busby, Venera P. Calloway, Lillie S. Carter, Cleopatra H. Clark, Laron J., Jr. Coleman, Maurice W., Jr. Cooper, Barbara J. Copeland, Clinso, Jr. Cozart, Mary J. Curtis, Katherine L. Davis, Thurman M., Sr. Dewitt, Willa J. Diggs, Dorothy S. Dyson, Franklin D. Flanagan, Thelma D. Foggie, Doris J. Fuller, Gloria L. Gilliam, Mary W. Graham, Saxon Haithman, Gloria V.

Saunders, Ruby C. Watson, Carolyn B. Williams, Josephine H.


CLASS OF 1959 Bennett, Nelson E. Bryant-Booker, Deloris Butts, Elsie N. Clarke, Sandford B. Fields, Edward G. Hollingsworth, Patricia Miller, James E. Moody, Clarice V. Nelson, Adrian V. Parks, Frances A. Riley, Harvey W. Rougeau, Shirley D.

Hall, Inez W. Bailey Harris, Marian H. Hastie, Jimmie J. Haywood, Everett L. Henderson, Beverly A. Henderson, Edward M. Henson, Jean M. Herndon, Shirin W. Heyward, Dorothy T. Hull, Grady, Jr. Irby, Gina W. Jackson, Alease P. Jackson, Evelyn D. James, Elaine C. Jones, Lorelle P. Kelley, Larry P. Lewis, Geneva C. Lewis, Mavis P. Lewis, Paul A. *Lewis, William H. Lindsey, Alice H. Marshburn, Velma E. McDonald, Bettye W. Mitchell, Robert C. Morris, James L. Oliver, Joan L. Ormsby, Raymond W. Owens, Ruth W. Penn, Frank P., Jr. Peterson, Samuel B., Jr., USA(Ret.) *Prater, Jacqueline P. Ramseur, Patricia E. Randolph, Darryl I. Riddick, Marie O. Robinson, Thomas L. Rozier, Oneida A. Ruff, Willie L. Scales, Bernice O. Sharpe, Audrey H. Simpson, Magnolia L. Smith, Frank J., Sr. Snype, Ernestine L. Stevenson, Paula L. Terry, Letha O. Thornton, Elwood J., III Thornton, Herman B. Trader, Nathaniel White, Charles E. Whiting, George W. Williams, Dorothy D. Woolfolk, Pauline C.

2010 Alumni

George, James T. Glanville-Clarke, Mattie E. L. Graham, Robert C. Lawson, Christine B. Mann, William S., III Miller, Evelyn R. Parker, Glynn E. Preston, Frank J. Richardson, Delores V. Ridgill, Sarah A. Riley, Shirley H. Stroud, Lamar A., Jr. Sykes, Delores B. Taylor, Joyce J. Watts, Helen G.

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Davis, Sonja C. Ellis, Lavonne P. Farr, Shirley R. Jacobs, Margaret L. Langford, Antoinette D. Melvin, John T. Moss, Jesse, Jr. Savoy, Kenneth D. Walker, Elbert V., Jr. Wallace, Brenda L. Whitehead, Barbara M. CLASS OF 1965 Adkins, Carter Anderson, Ariel J. Bourne, Lydia C. Boyd, Alberta C. Bradley, Ruth L. Brooks, Myrna C. Burton, Wilda R. Carnegie, Stanley G. Clay, Roberta L. Cole, Doris R. Cooper, Jacqueline E. Corprew, Robert A. Crisp, Charles W. Crudup, Phyllis D. Daniels, Silvia C. Davis, Alice M. Dillard, Carole D. Dunzo, Annette I. Eddings, John R. Flamer, Adelaide D. Francis, Lois G. Gardner, Jacquelyn R. Grantham, Milton C. Hoffler, Sylvia C. Hughley, Carey, Jr. Johnson, Barbara R. Johnson, Janet A. Johnson, Judy T. Kemp, Rosemary W. King, Marcellus Lang, Sandra Lawson, Sandra C. Lee, Margaret G. Marlin, Burmeta W. McMillion, Cassandra C. Middleton, Norris C., Jr. Miles, Marlene R. Morehead, Jeane A. Peace, Gabrielle T. Pertillar, Elizabeth B. Purcelle, Lelia B. Reed, Brenda T. Scott, Theodosia B. Sherard, C. Lenora J. Smith, Alzen W. Smith, Carolyn J. Taylor, Joyce E. Thorpe, Constance M. *Deceased

Tolson-Winfield, Arleen D. Tucker, Clarence B. Turner, Colson P. Turner, Joyce B. Tweedy, Stanley A. Walden, Alfred F. Whitaker, Arthur L. Williams, Andrea M. Winston, George B., III Wright, Frank O. CLASS OF 1966 Arnold, Haskell N. Baird-Bridges, Anne Baxley, Gladys B. Bradley, Margaret N. Burkeen, Karna M. Cobbs, Samuel A. Cole, Sandra R. Comer, Mary C. Cunningham, C. Reginald Deberry, Ernestine F. *DePriest, Douglas J. Fountain, W. Frank Harris, Marsha F. Hoffler, Richard W. Johnson, Edna B. Pearson, William D. Powell, Leonard H., Jr. Rainey, Vernon L. Robinson, James H., Jr. Sturgis, Leroy Sturgis, Vivian M. Vaughn, Mary Louise W. Weaver, Elma R. White, Jeraldene CLASS OF 1967 Barber, Carlton J. Battle, Shirley D. Bowman, Gaynelle C. Boykin, Ulysses W. Bryan, I. Emerson, III Cary, Maurice W. Corbin, Claudia P. Davis, Willie E. Ellison, Kittyjean P. Ellison, William H. Garrison, James L., Jr., USA(Ret.) Holt, Robert Mann, Robert E. McDonald, Isaac L. McIntosh, Helena W. Monroe, Annette L. Montgomery, Reatha M. Robinson, Rita S. *Smith, Marion K., Sr. Stewart, Jeanett W. Swann, Mildred S. Tull, Knox W., Jr. Wade, Carl A.

CLASS OF 1968 Adams, Randy Banks, George A. Banks, James N. Brown, Malcolm M. Brown, Patricia F. Caldwell, Natalie J. Cash, Gail E. Favors, Erskerline S. Foster, Loleta W. Garrison, Nancy H. Gilliam, Audrey B. Gould, Brenda B. Hamm, Edward L., Jr. Holt, Wanda W. Hubbard, Leroy Jackson, Arnold A. McConico, Beverly A. Monk, Helen M. Paige, Graham T. Parks, Beblon G. Parks, Doris C. Scott, Lillian D. Stevenson, Janet L. Whiting, Gregory W., Jr. Williams, Gregory Williams, Robert A. Young, John R. CLASS OF 1969 Atkins, Bruce A. Bell, Jasper Brooks, John, Jr. Brown, George J. Bullock, Mary J. Burrus, Edith C. Capehart, Alice J. Chesson, Harold E. *DuBose, Yvonne C. Frank, William A. Giebel, Evelyn M. Gilliam, Haywood S. Gunn, Edward W. Hodge, Brenda T. Hopkins, Howard A. Jackson, French T. Jamison, Clarence C., Jr. Jeremiah, Milford A. Kareem, Deborah R. Levalle, Patricia G. Lockett, Clarence E. Long, Jewel B. Mims, Carolyn C. Myler, Charles H. Nelson, Clarence F., Jr. Pearson, Clarence W., Jr. Robbins, Olivia F. Sadler, Melton, III Shaw, Bennie N., Jr. Shorts, Charleta F. Stiles, William E., Sr. White, Marilyn M.


CLASS OF 1973 Bonner, Robert M. Copeland, Margot J. Doyle, Gloria T. Duke, Harrison R., III Fowlkes, Judith D. Hall, Doris M. Hatot, Norma J. Hollins, Dennis C. Jackson, George F. Jenkins, Sharyn E. Mabine, Bruce J. Melvin-Jones, Joyce A. Mitchell, Susan D. Morris-Buchanan, Viola P. Murphy, Pollie S. Osborne, Hilda B. Osborne, Johnnie T. Owens, Virginia A. Pegues, Hazel Reaves, Alton R. Reid, Angela L. Ricks, Sidney F., Jr. Rooks, Paula F. Saddler, Valerie S. Taylor, Mary F. Travis, Marian H. Vaughn, Lewis M., Jr. CLASS OF 1974 Anderson, Fred Bowden, Richard L. Bright, Jamarri S.

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CLASS OF 1971 Baker, Carrie L. Beckles, Benita H. Blair, Paula W. Britten, Loretta Y. Butts, Andre Cheesborough, Alfred H. Coleman, Wesley A. Donaldson, Delilah P. Edmonds, Janalyn C. Gaskin, Winston H., Jr. Hicks, Patricia L. Hodges, Gregory V. Howard, Doris E. Hutton, Ronald I. James, Albert H., Jr. Jennings, Llinda C. King, Morris D. Lee, Ella L. McPherson, Gloria B. Motley, Milwood A., Jr. Murrell, Cephus M. Page, Loretta K. Parham, Douglas R. Paschal, Zelma L. Ransom, Curtis E. Rogers, Jacqueline E. Russell, Antoinette E. Sills, Corlease C. Spruell, Brenda A. Swinger, Barbara J. Thornwell, Bernadette C. Wallace, Dean A. Williams, Lawrence Williams, Robbie R.

CLASS OF 1972 Anderson, Gary A. Anderson, Rosalind R. Bradby, Marie A. Brown, Kathleen P. Carter, Chester Cooper, Winthrop H. Felder, Robert L. Fontaine, Deborah C. Gardner, Ross E. Gilbert, Carol M. Gordon, Cynthia J. Harper, Valerie S. Johnson, Henry G. Mason, Sonja R. Mumby, William W. Nelson, Calvin R., Jr. Noel, Brenda W. Reddick, Kenneth W. Rembert, Frances W. Salone, Bernadette H. Smith, Paulette F. Tate, Emmaline C. Thompson, Jennifer Q. Venson, Alice T. Walker, Randolph M. Walker, T. Vaughn Walker-Dalton, Lillian M.


Shields, Myrna K. Simms, Paulette H. Smackum, Nancy S. *Smith, Kenneth L. Sparks, Bertha L. Sparks, Charles I. Stallworth, Anderson A. Taliaferro, Diane H. Tate, Charles S., Jr. Taylor, Stanley E. Temple, Donald F. Terry, Walter C. Thomas, Maureen W. Urasa, Isai T. Van-Liew, Felisa V. Watts, Rosalind Wells, Brenda B. Whitfield-Locke, Dianne Wigfall, Patricia Wigfall, Switzon S. Williams, Gary L. Williams, Gwendolyn B. Williams, Karl B. Wilson, Miriam R. Wyatt, Sheila W.

2010 Alumni

CLASS OF 1970 Acree, Laura E. Anderson, Giovonnae Bembry, Marsha J. Blount, Phyllis H. Bright, Joyce J. Brown, Donald R. Brown, Rita L. Buchanan, Laverne A. Chrisp, Albert Clark, C. Helen W. Cunningham, Joyce C. Demby, Dorothy A. Duren, Jean Y. Edelin, Joann M. Fontaine, Robert E., Jr. Ford, Valeria A. Forte, Earl L. Gardner, Mary C. G. Gause, Nannette H. Halcomb, Gordon M. Hall, Shelvin L. Harris-Ransom, Lillian L. Howard, Catherine S. Hrabowski, Freeman A., III Hrabowski, Jacqueline C. Hunter, William C. James, Carol T. Jamison, Pamela J. Jelks, Barbara L. Johns, Marion P. Johnson, Celeste M. Johnson, Deadre J. Johnson, Ella N. Johnson, Joe J. Knight, Johnnie A. Lane, Patricia S. Latta, Judi M. Lewis, Mary R. Lucas, Lawrence E., II Malone, Jacqueline D. Medford, Thomas A., Jr. Mondowney, Joann G. Moore, Katherine G. Morgan, Cassandra W. Murray, Amanda B. Nedab, Floyd E., III Perkins, Bernardette S. Perry, Yolanda B. Person, Edith I. Price, Charles A., Jr. Ray, Karen L., USA(Ret) Redd, Nancy D. Robbins, Earl H., Jr. Robinson, Bertrand C. Robinson, Phyllis H. Rogers, Arsonia D. Ruffin, Novella J. Salone, Eddie L., Jr. Shepherd, Deborah G.

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Brown, Sherman T. Childs, Denise L. Cone, Clementine S. Curtis, Dolores L. Davis-Penn, Patricia Dixon, Milton R., Jr. Duverney, Constance H. Fleming, Vernon C. Foote, Brenda M. Fort, Arthur M. Harrington, Charetta T. Hinton, Nell S. Jones, Alonzo N., Sr. Jones, Edwina L. Luck, Ira J. McMillon, Lewis T. Mickle, Andrea D. Pearson, Calvin W. Plair, Barbara A. Singleton, Theresa B. Walker, Cheryl J. Williams, Lynn G. CLASS OF 1975 Adeniyi, William K. Boykins, Charlene Brandon, Ardra L. Brooks, Milton M., Jr. Brown, Julian D. Brown, Madison, Jr. Crump, Stephen D. Davis, Harriet F. Glenn, Sharon H. Gosby, Jacqueline L. Hayes, Angela E. Henry, Frances B. Hopewell, Woodson H., Jr. Horne, Deborah J. Hughes, Cheryll J. Johnson, Carol A. Jones, Marcia F. King-Roberts, Sharon L. Latimer, Brenda J. Milteer-Rock, Regina M. Miltier, Rosalind L. Motley, Victor A. Richards, Ronald E. Sellers, Corlis L. Shepherd, Cynthia S. Smith, Claretta R. Smith, Leonard P., Jr. Thomas, Dwight E. White, Olympia W. Wilson, Carol A. Wims, Thomas R. CLASS OF 1976 Clarey, Jeanette M. Cochran, Tonya C. Cooper, Jorsene S. Dawson, Bernice H. DeBose, Debra J.

Durham, Ricardo M. Gilmore, Ronald C. Graddick-Weir, Mirian M. Greene, Anita E. Harps, Marsha S. Haynes, Lynn C. Heck, Rhomie L., III Horton, Brenda L. Lee, Ramonia L. Lewis, Joseph M. Lewis, Pamela M. McDonald, Felicia F. Munir, Renee K. Newman, Lawrence Ogletree, Michelle B. Tyson, Marqueta N. Williams, Ronald E., Sr. CLASS OF 1977 Brewer, Richardene B. Carter, Jan W. Carter, Robert M. Coombs, Vanessa M. Cyrus, Sylvia Davenport, Ronald T. Donaldson, Linda L. Gilmore, Vanessa D. Hamilton, Ellen H. Hasty, Thomas L., III Hodges, Sharon D. Johnson, Tony W. Jones, Ruby G. Marshall, J. Robert, Jr. Mial, Betty D. Mills, Cynthia J. Mutakabbir, Teresa R. Richards, Wayne J., USA(Ret.) Roberts, Catherine B. Stith, Lonnie L. Tanner-Oliphant, Karen Triggs-Tucker, Cassandra L. Tyler, Evelyn D. Wells, Belva J. Williams, Debra J. Williamson, Jean S. Wright, Margaret A. CLASS OF 1978 Baker, Jenson L. Ballou, Deborah F. Barkley, Lisa M. Barnett, Louis, ,Jr. Ellis, Renee S. Hall, Dywane A. Harris, Warren D. Johnson, Aravia J. Johnson-Curl, Jacqueline Jones, Nelson L. Lee, Heather D. McKoy, Tanya A. Mosley, Sylvia G. Providence, Christopher A.

Skyles, Stephanie B. Wickham, Joan M. CLASS OF 1979 Beale, Johnnie L., USA(Ret.) Brown, Felici C. Christian, Edward T., Jr. Corbin, George R. Corbin, Toni R. Granderson, Irene R. Hairston, Alexina D. Henderson, Arnold R. V Kerr, Kevin W. Marshall, William J. Montgomery, Arlene Nicholas, Eugene E., Jr. Norrell, Randall A. Pete, Sherry T. Smith, Ernest P., Jr. Williamson, Hilda M. Wilson, Charles E., Jr. Woolridge, Carolyn V. Wright, Barbara A. CLASS OF 1980 Adams, James C., Sr. Alexander-Taylor, Charlene F. Allen, Herbert H., Jr. Antrum, Sheila E. Atkinson, Howard G. Badger, Cheryl D. Baldwin, Dyanne B. Barber, Jeanray A. Bayyan, Vincent J. Bethel-Hibbler, Adriana Black, Jerzell L. Bowden, Sharon L. Burgess, Steven Burroughs, Altamarie T. Byrd, Michael A. Campbell, T’Leen M. Cheatham, Anthony L. Chester, Leonard G. Christopher, Jan E. Colden, Margaret A. Coleman, Carl V. Crawley, Alvin L. Davis, Russell A. Davis, Yvette L. DeBose, Andre J. Dixon, Elveeda H. Dortch, Charles W., Jr. Drummer, Sharon R. Easter, Russell A. Fitzgerald, Darrell D. Galloway, Lillian K. Gibson, Sandy M. Givens, Donna L. Givens, Todd E. Goode, Angela L. Gordon, Marilyn C.

CLASS OF 1983 Anderson, Courtney A. Bailey, Marsha A. Baker, Phyllis R. Bowles, Earl S. Edwards, Cynthia E. Flores, Debra A. Givens, Kimberly A. Phillips, Sharon K. Scott, Brian L. Smith, Kim J. Turner, Bernice C. Van Diver, Sheila D. Walton, Jerry CLASS OF 1984 Bailey, Bernadette R. Blake, Dwayne B. Boxley, Lloyd L., Jr. Brodnax, Carl D. Campbell, Junius C. Daye, Annie T. Ellis, Ogretta W. Gaines, Bruce C. Gunn, Michael A. Palmer, Mercedes R. Rather-Booth, Adrienne Y.

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The Power of Giving “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” Maya Angelou

Philanthropy Report

CLASS OF 1982 Blue, Penny E. Burke, Wanda R. Chapman, Gabrielle R. Disher-Hill, Evelyn M. Edwards, Michael Elliott, Cynthia W. Gordon, Linda L. Hardy-Lucas, Faye Jarvis, Gaynelle K. Johnson, Ronald Ross, Robert E. Starkey, Jeffrey J. Turner, Wendell H., Jr. Walton, Faye B. Williams, Gloria J.

The Power of Giving


CLASS OF 1981 Armstrong, Lenora E. Boone, Melinda J. Bryant, Paulette C. Clark, Annie V. Cobb, Tamra R. Dunn, Gayle T. Ellis, Michael W. Ford-Bell, Sharon E.

Hawkins, Virginia G. Hodge, Gail O. Hunt, Williett S. Lanier, Sylvia F. Lyons, James V. Parmenter, Sherri S. Riley-Mussio, Avis G. Sanford, Deborah R. Simmons, Tami B. Smith, Carl, Jr Streets, Joy S. Torrence, Brenda B. White, Valerie D. Wilson, Donna Chapman Yette, Frederick W. Young, William , Jr.

2010 Alumni

Gray, Herbin L. Hall, Leslie M. Harris, Ricky L. Hawkins, Paula E. Henderson, Daphne L. Heyer, Gayle B. Hicks, Mary R. Hunt, Gail G. Hunter, Sylvia H. Jackson, Cheyenne D. James, Wanda A. Jenkins-Utomi, Michele L. Johnson, Kelvin J. Johnson, Musetta T. Johnson, Pamela C. Johnson, Ronald D. Key, Evadney A. M. Layson, Bonita J. Lee-Murray, Dorothy M. Martin, Sylvia Mays, Valerie W. McKay, Julie L. McKeithan, Lloyd B. McNeill-Lee, Sheila Milton, Marcia Y. Montgomery, Richard C. Morrow, Mary A. Norvel-Dillard, Wynton I. Owen-Smith, Rhonda E. Pearson, Cynthia W. Pearson, Yolanda C. Pope, Donnie Pulley, Brett A. Rhem, Barbara M. Robinson, Michael D. Rush, Robert A. Sawyer, Willeta M. Stith, David B. Tyson, Janice L. Vantree, Gwendolyn D. Waiters, Doris J. Walker, Wendell C. Weedon, D. A. Divead West, Darcea West, Lorri Y. White, George E., Jr. Whitney, Steven E. Williams, Lenora D. Willis, Alotha C. Wilson, Ernest, Jr. Yates, Marion D. Wilburn

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

Rogers, Lisa M. Simmons, Neil A. Strong, Janet C. Williamson-Branch, Sheila A. CLASS OF 1985 Adesegun, Jana C. Atkins, Miriam Y. Bailey, Michelle P. Barnes, Monica E. Barrett, Wanda S. Battle, April E. Baxter, Mary E. Brandon, Terry C. Brooks-Beasley, Eris J. Brown, Felicia J. Brown-Walker, Teri M. Burnett, Darryl L. Carter, Ladonna G. Carter, Lisa Harbour Chappell, Kelly E. Christian, Kevin A. Cooper, Vernon F. Corbett, Robin L. DeBose, Claudia T. Dixon, Lillian A. East, Yvette M. Edmunds, Carmela N. Ferrell, Monique D. Fields, Sherri L. Flye, Benita C. Gordon, Lisa T. Graves, Cynthia R. Graves, Lisa N. Hardin, Raquel K. Harp, Gina M. Harper, Rosalind R. Holland, Carl J. Jackson, Daphne J. Jackson, Eduardo Jackson, Kevin L. Keeve, Michael O. Lamb, Leah Y. Lee, Terry M. Logan, Maria R. Lowery, Derrick A. Mason, Angela J. MeKeithen, Pamela B. Moore-Jones, Kimberly P. Nelson, Patience R. Nicholson, Shelia C. Payne, Madeline G. Peele, Bernadette S. Pollard, Randle B., III Porter, Karen R. Roberts, Crystal K. Robinson, Wanda L. Roundtree, Kelvin E. Saxon, Yvonne H. Shands, Cordelia V.

Silverthorne, Jeffrey Walker, Antoinetta M. White, Rachael Y. Williams, Charlene W. Wilson, Deborah B. Woods, Priscilla D. CLASS OF 1986 Bryant, Sheree M. Campbell, Eric D. Daniel, Margaret P. Darby, Gina A. Davis, Sherree R. Fortune, Tawana B. Furlow, Gerardette M. Godwin, Pius N. Griffin, Cynthia D. Hover-Montgomery, Linda L. Jefferson, Joy Johnson-Cline, Nancy M. Jones, William I., Jr. Lawler, Teri L. Ledbetter-Phillips, Jennifer Mccray, Wanda J. Morgan, Paul A. Murray-Fleming, Gloria A. Page, Stephanie Y. Phillips-Mack, Delinda F. Pollard, Lawrence Richardson, James W., Jr. Roy, Cynthia Salters, Damita R. Thurman, Juanita D. Williams, Terrie H. CLASS OF 1987 Byrd, Eric Enoch, Noelle Poole Fitzgerald, Debbie J. Grammer, Lisa H. Grammer, Neil Harris, Lisa A. Jackson, Jordan T., Jr. Jones, Theodore H., Jr. Khatun, Sufia King, Tony R. Link, Bridgette A. McCray, Georgette H. Stevens, Patricia T. Thompson, Brenda H. Walden-Yeager, June Williams, Yolanda H. Willis, Mark A. CLASS OF 1988 Abram, Julia W. Allison, Edwin C. Andrews, Darrell S Broadway, April M. Brown, Muriel L. Budzinski, Anna S.

Dean, Kelly A. Dixon, Kenneth C. Ewell, Clarence K. Fauntroy, Michael K. Frazier, Michael W. Gabbidon, Monica H. Gibbs, Terra T. Lewis-Nixon, Joann L. Mitchell, Olivia D Watkins, Bridgette S Williams, Melva Young, Javondlynn D. CLASS OF 1989 Brown-Scott, Ingrid V. Hampton, Adonica C. Johnson, Albert W. Johnson, Leslie C. Johnson, Leslie M. Johnson, Morris S., Jr. Lindsey, Jennifer J. Mitchell, John H., III Nelson, Terryn B. Ragland, Delois D. Rawls, Eleanor A. Smith, Jennifer M. Toney, Susanne L. Watson, Craig S. Watson, Monica R. Wilkerson, Kirk A. Woodyard, Pamela K. Wright, Barbara J. CLASS OF 1990 Adams-White, Joannie Allen, Gregory E. Andrews, David H. Bailey, Falana M. Baker, Sydney T. Barber, Kenya A. Bass, Donalyn E. Bennett, Dawn E. Bennett, Michael L. Bickerstaff, Cydni L. Bowman, Tracey M. Brent, Kimberly A. Brown, Geoffrey Bruce, Owen D. Burke, Lagree M., Jr. Bush, Candace M. Butler, Anthony K. Capers, Felicia M. Carson, Janita D. Centeno, Cynthia M. Clark, Courtney S. Clark, Robin R. Cole, Jennifer H. Coleman, Ronald T. Daniels-Anderson, Mia Davis-Goodson, Margot Dillard, Barry A.

CLASS OF 1992 Adams, Vincent R. Allen, Kristen L. Benson, Scott R. Brown, Arnett J., III Buoy-Mccray, Barbra D.

CLASS OF 1993 Bethea, Melissa D. Borders, Lisa A. Brown, Shelley L. Cephus, Nadine C. Cherry, Charlene W. Dean, Erik A. Elliott, Sheila W. Harewood, Kevin R. Hill, Darrell V. Humes, Kecia L. Jenkins, Kara D. Johnson, Willette J. Moone, Jamesa C. Oseragbaje, Stacie M. Patterson, Leslie D. Paylor, Marc C. Pollard-Mitchell, Sonja Rogers, Dionne M. Townes, Mitzi J. Uzzle, Alicia R. CLASS OF 1994 Baker, Teresa M. Burnette, Camille A. Faison, Milton O. Frazier, Shawna D. Logan, Terry G. Nash, Sarah C. Power, Bertina M. Pryor, Jondre L. Scott, Mellanda C. Scott, Peter B. Spencer, Marlette E. Spruill, John White, April D. White-Ledford, Chandra

Philanthropy Report

CLASS OF 1991 Black, Eric P. Briggs-Anthony, Deidra E. Carter, Richard C. Conner, Adam L. Covington, Damian L. Dupree-Fennell, Carole M. Fennell-Hargrove, Yolande Harding, Wanda J. Harrell, Rodney L. Harris, Junie J. Holmes, Victoria G. Jackson, Michele D. Matthews-Simmons, Sharon Mayes, Sya M. Miles, Serena D. Myers, Sheryll L. Oliver-Davis, Tracey Owens, Marcus T. Penn-Marshall, Michelle P. Perry, Alison K. Peters, Mark D. Ragan, Philip A. Redo, Charlotte J. Richardson, Kelly L. Rogers, Antoinette M. Stafford, Stacy L. Stonewell, Tarita R. Thompson, Edwina A. Brown

Cosby, Kellie J. Crosby, Michele G. Draughon, Michael A. Finley, Stacey D. Haines, Malcolm Hall, Shannon G. Hill, Artisena C. Hinson, Robert D. Hodo, Julie T. Jackson, Kimberly S. Jones, Karen M. King, Erlisa H. Murphy, Cassandra D. Outen, Elijah Russell, Kevin M. Russell, Monica L. Saldana, Nicole Q. Scott, Neil M. Tolbert, Claude H. Williams, Rhonda T. Williams, Tawana L. Wood, Elicia D. Wood, Tiffany


Robinson, Kevin R. Rose-Colden, Monique Rowe-Barney, Kimberly Rubain, Jennifer S. Sagnia-Blythe, Aminatta O. Satchell-McKoy, Kencle Scott, Ronald W. Seabrooks, Regina C. Somerville, Rodney O. Spencer, Trina L. Stephens, Thomas P. Touba, Derrick R. Trigg, Starla A. Turner, Judith R. Tyus, Willie L. Varner, Kimberly S. Wade-Williams, Lataunya R. Wagner, Thisa D. Walton, James T. White, Lisa C. Williams, Robert C., II Willis, Lynne M. Wilson, Anissa M. Wright-Spurlock, Kim

2010 Alumni

Dow, Kelli L. Fair, Lisa J. Fleming-Clyburn, Rhonda L. Fowler, Janet L. Garlington, Ronald A. Gilliam, Rebecca A. Goldsborough, Warren W. Gosier, Joan E. Gray, William L. Green, Wendy K. Grooms, Janet R. Hamilton, Adrian L. Harris, Latonca M. Head, Lisa M. Hearst, Eleanor V. Hester, Zanneya M. Hilton, Harold E. Howard, Kimberly D. Hoye, Maisha B. Ivey, Julie E. Jackson, Eric L. Jackson, Marcella L. Jenkins, Sharon N. Jennings, Lesajean M. Joe, Gwynetta Y. Johnson, Kevin A. Johnson-Bennett, Mia F. Johnston, Alfred E. Jones, Symantha T Jones, Tara Y. Joseph, Tracey P. Kerr, Vanecia B. Kimbrough, Helen H. Lang, Caroline R. Langley, Fred H. Lee, Tilton D. Lucas, Yolanda H. Manigat, Nancy M. Mark, Keshia L. Mccoy, Dawn M. McKoy-Bracy, Karen McMillian, Barbara A. Mims, Carla A. Mitchell, Yvonne T. Moore, Dionne L. Morgan, Monique J. Neptune, Darlington A. Overton, Spencer A. Parrish, William S. Paylor, Perry L. Peace, Linda L. Peele, Tavaris L. Perry, Aronda A. Peterson, Tamara R. Pinn-Atwood, Keisha Porter, Felice T. Portis-Daniels, Keri Prince, Robynne W. Pugh, George, Jr. Rawls, Rene N. Reynolds-Ratliffe, Nancie

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

CLASS OF 1995 Abubakari, Jenifer P. Adams, Rhonda R. Andrews-Franklin, Tiffany N. Braithwaite, Elena K. Branch, Keisha L. Bruce, Oyinkan A. Campbell, Vera C. Cook, Kenya A. Cherry Courtney, Jacqueline M. Davis, Amin Davis, Treva L. Dorsey-Hayes, Joirelle L. Ebb, Daniel E. Epps, Tyra C. Franklin, Barrett J. Freeman, Stanley L. Jefferson, Robert M. Lewis, Sheri A. Locke, Melody M. Lyles, Damien R. McMullen, Renee M. Mister, Katina S. Moment, Marcus A. Morales, Knashawn H. Morris, Tiffany Patterson-Strachan, Shaunda A. Petagrew, Robyn P. Rawlins, Ajamu J. Roache, Monica L. Shuler, Jamille R. Brown Smith, Jesse Smith, Lori V. Lloyd Snedecor, Sonya J. Swailes, Francesca J. Thompson, Reshenda L. Treece, Shani A. Waddell, Michelle K. Watson, Raquel V. Worsham, Katina M. CLASS OF 1996 Boyd, Robin N. Caggins, Myles B., III Ford, Tonya L. Hundley, Donna P. Johnson, Crystal M. Mcnaughton, Steven B. Pilson, Harry J., II Thompson, Aaron L. Walker, Gerrold M., II Wilson, Crystal K. CLASS OF 1997 Aird, Anthony P. Baker, Spencer Britton, Stephanie P. Crawford, Shana X. Kimaro, Anael Love, James T. Mckinney, Santora L.

Perry, Elizabeth M. Sellers, Curlean R. Webster, L’Angro N. West-Bey, Latasha D. CLASS OF 1998 Banton, Tamal A. Boykin, Peter J. Calloway, Michael K. Deloach, Stephanie K. Duckett, Darnel J. Ellis-Ramsey, Lashanda F. Harrison, Jamala B. Harvey, Deena M. Johnson, Tracey M. Jones, Isaac L. Manning, Anitra N. McWilliams, Regina Pemberton, Gena M. Pinchback, Tashwanda Raphael, Howard F. Robinson, Cicily V. Stukes, Natalie R. Vernon, Christopher J. Walters, Toshia W. Willis, Windy A. CLASS OF 1999 Adkins, Jasmine D. Bailey, Zoya E. Benjamin, Anthony B. Broussard, Jeremy D. Davis, Shane P. Delandro, Veronica T. Doyle, Quindell C. Graves, Rashel A. Jarrett, Shalieka T. Leak, Halima N. Lee, Fredrick W. Moncrief, Shameika Taylor, Kendra C. Taylor, Shontae N. Wright, Dana S.

Crosby, Natasha Duren, Joelle S. Dyke, Marjorie A. Figueroa, Lydia R. Harris, Camille V. James, Kamal A. Kitchens, Kelly M. Oliver, Tiah R. Parker, Melvin C. Parker, Shawna C. Sebastien, Cidra M. Walker, Jabari S. Westbrook, Jennifer L. CLASS OF 2002 Amos, Pridgen J. Baggott, Renee S. Brown, Jannelle R. Fielder, Alison C. Howell, Anna L. Ivory, Daneka Jones, Christopher K. Payne, Nina L. Porter, Jennifer L. Powell, Michelle Saunders-Goldson, Sherri Shaw, Lani P. Smith, Matthew J. Thornton, Kristina Timmons, Dorian T. CLASS OF 2003 Alexander, Nicole Y. Davis, Juanita A. Gadley, Shannon Goodman, Agyemang A. Howard-Stroud, Margaret A. Jacobs, Charlotte Jeffries, Blayne E. Lejeune, Lashanda V. Makagon, Andrzej Showell, Jakki R. Stevenson, Julia C.

CLASS OF 2000 Alexander, Hope Crawford, Erika L. Graves, Meredith P. Harris, Cicely R. Henneghan, Jenisha L. Houston, Crisarla S. Jackson, Meghan G. Perkins, Derrick Reese, Kenyae L. Saint-Ange, Clarine Thomas, Shelby Vasquez, Blakeney A.

CLASS OF 2004 Barker, Melinda A. Collis, Adria B. Everson, Romesha D. Glover, Jason Godwin, Tia M. Green, David F., Jr. Hall, Talton, III Johnson, Khamia C. Jordan, Janaf Ramsey, Chenere P. Sims, Jennifer P. Vann, Wendy P.

CLASS OF 2001 Brown, Iolder H. Challenger, Charryse

CLASS OF 2005 Abrams, Cyntelia B. Baker, Kia E.

CLASS OF 2008 Bell, Milton T. Dixon, Deana M. Glenn, Weslee S. Lynch, Karen D. Madden, Enrique M. McWilliams, Cristina M. Nave, Evan C. Ruffin, Sheila B. Streete, Sherry-Ann M. Vernon, Christine A. Wray, Christina M. CLASS OF 2009 Cooper, Myckieala C. Firestone, Bruce A. Hutton, Rhea N. Maisonet, Diane R. Peterson, Andrea Leigh Umejei, Chinyelum E. CLASS OF 2010 Bryce, Sylvester C. Mayah, Charlene C. Nebolisa, Stella C.

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SUMMARY OF GIFTS Total Alumni Gifts for Fiscal Year 2010 $1,746,054 Percentage of Participation by Alumni 17% Cafeteria Gifts (Classes 0s and 5s) $155,726

GIFTS TO CAFETERIA CAMPAIGN BY REUNION CLASSES 0s and 5s Class of Class of Class of Class of Class of Class of Class of Class of Class of Class of

1960 $33,775 1965 $9,435 1970 $41,615 1975 $9,150 1980 $46,111 1985 $5,910 1990 $4,227 1995 $3,245 2000 $1,126 2005 $1,132

Philanthropy Report

CLASS OF 2007 Autry, Monique K. Burriss, Flora A. Moody, Gretta A. Williams, Chelsea M. Williams, Trovon C.

Hampton University appreciatively honors the generous support of alumni who advance achievement in education and research by making outright gifts and/or planned gifts. The University has established recognition societies to thank alumni and to promote the importance of philanthropy at Hampton. Through these societies, the university honors the leadership and extraordinary support of its alumni.


CLASS OF 2006 Aaron, Amber N. Barr, Christopher T. Bowie, Brenda Y. Bright, Stephanie O. Burnette, Daarel E. Chambliss, Clifford B., III Hebert, Kandace M. Smith, Dana Wesley, Stephen D.


2010 Alumni

Blanton, Jerelen A. Bodrick, Nia I. Brewington, Jazlyn Y. Larkins, Sheria J. Tilghman, Brandon L. Williams, Carlene A. Williamson, Patrice S.

NATIONAL HAMPTON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC. Region and Chapter Giving FAR WEST REGION Central Arizona Chapter $900.00 Haithman, Gloria Hicks, Joseph Lewis, Paul

2 0 1 0 A 2l 0u 1m 0n i A l u2 m6 n i P h26 i l a n t Ph hr iol pa yn t Rh er po op ry t R e p o r t

Metropolitan Denver Chapter $1,300.00 Kerr, Kevin Kerr, Vanecia Lindsey, Jennifer Williams, Robert Young, John

James, Elaine Johnson, Colleen Lee, Fredrick Parham, Douglas Peace, Alice Rawls, Rene Richardson, Kelly MID ATLANTIC REGION

Baltimore Chapter $48,683.98 Baker, Phyllis Barnett, Louis Bennett, Barbara Blackwell, Cherry Bright, Jamarri Brown, Felicia Pasadena Chapter Brown-Walker, Teri $3,500.00 Bruce, Owen Coleman, Wesley Burrus, Edith Thompson, James Busby, Venera Byrd, Eric Puget Sound Chapter Challenger, Charryse $30,889.06 Coleman, Maurice Brown, George Cyrus, Sylvia Corprew, Robert Davis, Alice Gilford, P. Lloyd Flamer, Adelaide Graves, Lisa Fleming-Clyburn, Rhonda Horne, Deborah Glanville-Clarke, Mattie E. Jackson, Evelyn Goodman, Agyemang Price-Spratlen, Lois Gray, Herbin Gunn, Michael Sacramento Chapter Hrabowski, Freeman $2,525.00 Hrabowski, Jacqueline Anderson, Giovonnae Ivey, Julie Bourne, Lydia Jackson, Arnold Walden, Alfred Jackson, Eduardo Jeremiah, Milford San Diego Johnson, Anne $1,520.00 Kelley, Larry Adams, Vincent Kitchens, Kelly Brockenborough, Harriet McDaniels, Frances Gillette, Frankie Mondowney, Joann Haynes, Lynn Monroe, Roscoe Robinson, Rita Moody, Gretta Simmons, Ellamae Moore, Peulah Watts, Rosalind Morehead, Jeane Morgan, Cassandra San Francisco Bay Area Mumby, William Chapter Murrell, Cephus $7,774.88 Parks, Frances Adams, Vincent Payne, Madeline Brockenborough, Harriet Plair, Barbara Gillette, Frankie Porter, Karen Haynes, Lynn Providence, Christopher Robinson, Rita Richardson, Delores Simmons, Ellamae Riddick, Marie Watts, Rosalind Robbins, Earl Southern California Chapter Robbins, Olivia Robinson, Thomas $7,805.00 Russell, Roberta Aaron, Amber Shepherd, Cynthia Adelson, Yolande Smith, Carl Alston, Daisy Trader, Nathaniel Andrews, David Wade, Carl Bohannon, Charles Walden-Yeager, June Brown, Margaret Walker, Antionetta Crosby, Natasha Walker, Jabari Dow, Kelli Watson, Craig Dyson, Franklin White, Jeraldene Haywood, L. Julian


Whiting, George Whittaker, Alfred Williams, Gary Williams, Gloria Williams, Trovon Wilson, Crystal Wilson, Ernest Wright, Frank Wright-Spurlock, Kim Charlottesville Chapter $890.00 Allen, Howard Hobbs, Addison Columbia Chapter $33,782.98 Allen, Kristen Arnold, Haskell Ball, Currie Borders, Lisa Bradley, Margaret Burnett, Darryl Burnett, Dossie Carter, Jan Carter, Lisa Clay, Roberta Crosby, Michele Davis, Willie DeShields, William Fletcher, Albert Frazier, Alice Givens, Donna Givens, Todd Glenn, Sharon Henson, Jean Johnson, Tracey Lewis, Mavis *Lewis, William Miller, Evelyn Morris, James Perry, Yolanda Prater, Jacqueline Rayfield, William Robertson, Julia Rooks, Paula Thornton, Elwood Tilghman, Brandon Westbrook, Jennifer Williams, Terrie Danville Chapter $250.00 Gunn, Edward Williamson-Branch, Shelia Eastern Shore Chapter $20.00 Ruffin, Shelia Fredericksburg Chapter $1,800.00 Davenport, Ronald Flint, Beatrice Hodge, Gail Jackson, Cheyenne Sparks, Charles Greater Southside VA Chapter $1,150.00 Blue, Penny Cole, Doris

Cooper, Myckieala Oliver, Florence Penn-Marshall, Michelle Hampton Chapter $88,710.12 Adams, James Allen, John Anderson, M. Laverne Andrews-Franklin, Tiffany Armstrong, Lenora Arnold, Wallace Ashe, Wilbert Atkinson, Howard Autry, Monique Bailey, Marsha Bailey, Michelle Bailey, Nettie Baker, Edna Baker, Spencer Barbour, Catherine Bassette, Julia Bell, Jasper Bellamy, Horace Bellamy, Lillian Blake, Dwayne Bland, Vivian Bowman, Gaynelle Boyd, Alberta Bramlett, Delores Braxton, Clarence Bright, Joyce Brooks, Milton Brooks, Myrna Brown, Iolder Brown, Kathleen Brown, Sherman Bush, Katheryn Calloway, Lillie Capehart, Alice Carnegie, Stanley Carter, Celestine Carter, James Carter, Richard Cash, Gail Chambliss, Clifford Christian, Wilbur Clarey, Jeanette Clark, Laron Cobb, Tamra Cobbs, Samuel Coles, Virginia Cooper, Jorsene Courtney, Jacqueline Crudup, Phyllis Curry, Clarence Curtis, Kathrine Davis, Eula Davis, Harriet F. Davis, Sherree Daye, Annie *DePriest, Douglas Doyle, Quindell *Edmonds, William Epps, Tyra Fears, Frederick Figueroa, Lydia Firestone, Bruce Flye, Benita Fontaine, Deborah Fontaine, Robert


Montgomery County Chapter $25,390.00 Banton, Tamal Bembry, Marsha Black, Eric Centeno, Cynthia Coleman, Carl Davis, Thurman Draughon, Michael Dunzo, Annette Ebb, Daniel Fowler, Janet Gordon, Marilyn Harris, Latonca Holmes, Arthur Hoye, Maisha Hundley, Donna Jenkins, Sharyn Johnson, Ronald Lamb, Leah Latta, Judi Lewis, Sheri Lloyd Smith, Lori Locke, Melody Marshall, James Martin, Sylvia Mason, Angela McMullen, Renee Morris, Tiffany Nelson, Adrian Nelson, Terryn Overton, Spencer Owens, Marcus Reese, Delores Sagnia-Blythe, Aminatta Sherard, C. Lenora Sligh, Thomas Snedecor, Sonya Thompson, Reshenda Whitaker, Arthur Willis, Fred Wood, Elicia Yette, Frederick Northern Virginia Chapter $94,488.38 Barber, Jeanray Barrett, Wanda Battle, April Blair, Paula Blount, Phyllis Briggs, Joseph Briggs, Rebecca Briggs-Anthony, Deidra Britten, Loretta Buchanan, Laverne Burton, Judith Chapman, Gabrielle Christian, Kevin Clark, Annie Cooper, Barbara

Philanthropy Report

Hampton University Boosters $352.00 Butts, Elsie Pollard-Mitchell, Sonja Wright, Barbara Wright, Margaret

Middle Peninsula Chapter $5,515.00 Coombs, Vanessa Evans, William Lomax, Alvin

Cooper, Jacqueline Cooper, Vernon Corbin, George Corbin, Toni Cosby, Kellie Darden, Janice Dawson, Bernice DeBose, Andre DeBose, Claudia Edmunds, Carmela Ellis, Ogretta Faison, Milton Ferrell, Monique Gaskin, Winston George, James Gordon, Cynthia Gordon, Lisa Gosier, Joan Hairston, Alexina Hall, Dywane Hamilton, Adrian Harris, Camille Holmes, Victoria Horton, Brenda Johnson, Carol Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Musetta Johnson-Bennett, Mia Jones, Karen Jones, Marcia Jones, Theodore Key, Evadney King, Erlisa Lane, John Lee, Ramonia Lee, Terry Lynch, Karen Middleton, Norris Miles, Serena Milteer-Rock, Regina Nelson, Calvin Paige, Graham Peace, Linda Peele, Bernadette Peters, Mark Peterson, Tamara Pilson, Harry Pope, Donnie Purcelle, Lelia Ray, Karen Reynolds-Ratliffe, Nancie Ricks, Sidney Robinson, Raymond Ruff, Willie Ruffin, Novella Scott, Peter Shaw, Lani Smackum, Nancy Smith, Sr. USA(Ret.), Robert Sparks, Bertha Stroud, Lamar Sykes, Delores Sykes, William Taylor, Stanley Thomas, Dwight Thomas, Joshua Torrence, Brenda Watson, Monica Wells, Belva Williams, Ronald Willis, Mark Petersburg Chapter $2,020.00 Adkins, Doris Bennett, Michael Caggins, Myles


Pinn-Atwood, Keisha Pressley, Gloria Puryear, Catherine Randolph, Darryl Randolph, Sandra Rather-Booth, Adrienne Redd, Nancy Riley, Mary Roberts, Catherine Roberts, Gentry Robinson, Alice Saint-Ange, Clarine Saunders-Goldson, Sherri Sessoms, Charlie Shands, Cordelia Sills, Corlease Smith, Benjamin Smith, Claretta Smith, Frank Spencer, John Spruell, Brenda Stevens, Patricia Stonewell, Tarita Streete, Sherry-Ann Swann, Mildred Sykes, Margaret Taylor, Joyce Thompson, Aaron Toney, Susanne Travis, Leola Travis, Marian Tyson, Marqueta Urasa, Isai Uzzle, Alicia Vantree, Gwendolyn Vaughn, Mary Louise Vernon, Christine Vernon, Christopher Waddell, Michelle Waiters, Doris Walker, Elbert Walker-Dalton, Lillian Wallace, Lemuel Washington, Bernard Watson, Carolyn *Weaver, Catherine Weaver, Elma Webster, Catherine West, Lula Whitehead, Barbara Wickham, Joan Wilkerson, Kirk Williams, Artie Williams, Chelsea Williams, Gregory Williams, Josephine Williams, Lawrence Williamson, Hilda Williamson, Jean Womack-Smith, Melisande Wyatt, Lucius

2010 Alumni

Franklin, Barrett Fuller, Gwendolyn Gant, Alease Gardner, Jacquelyn Gilliam, Lillian Graham, Robert Haines, Malcolm Hamlette, John Hardy-Lucas, Faye Harris, Marian Harris, Ricky Hawkins, Virginia Hearst, Eleanor Hill, Artisena Hill, Darrell Hinton, Dorothy Hollingsworth, Patricia Holloman, Thomas Holt, Robert Holt, Wanda Hopewell, Woodson Howard, Catherine Howell, Anna Hunter, Sylvia Jackson, Daphne Jackson, George Jackson, Mary Helen Jacobs, Charlotte Jefferson, Joy Johns, Marion Johnson, Aravia Johnson, Deadre Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Margaret Johnson, James Jones, Isaac Jones, Ruby Kimaro, Anael Knight, Alphonso Langford, Antoinette Langley, Fred Lawson, Christine Lee, Margaret Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Mary Lewis-Nixon, Joann Little, Marlene Long, Jewel Luck, Ira Lyons, James Madden, Enrique Makagon, Andrzej Mann, Robert Marshall, William McDonald, Isaac McKeithan, Lloyd McKoy, Tanya McWilliams, Cristina Melvin, John Melvin-Jones, Joyce Miles, Marlene Monroe, Annette Montgomery, Arlene Montgomery, Reatha Moody, Clarice Morgan, Monique Murphy, Cassandra Murphy, Pollie Owens, Virginia Parks, Doris Pearson, Calvin Pearson, William Pearson, Yolanda Perry, Robert Pete, John

Lynchburg Chapter $3,175.00 Davis, Gerald Donaldson, Linda Scales, Bernice Smith, Geraldine Spurlock, Evelyn

Richmond Chapter $26,202.47 Adams, Randy Alexander-Taylor, Charlene Brandon, Terry Brazil, Kacem Brazil, Margaret Brown, Geoffrey Brown, James Bruce, Beulah Bryce, Sylvester Carter, Robert Davis, Harriet Fortune, Tawana Gibson, Sandy Giebel, Evelyn Goldsborough, Warren Grantham, Milton Halcomb, Gordon Harris, Carolyn Harris, Grace Harris, Rayford Hart, Thelma Henderson, Arnold Hicks, Mary Hughes, Cheryll Irby, Gina Jackson, Alease Jackson, Kevin Jacobs, Margaret James, Doris Johnson, Ella Johnson-Curl, Jacqueline Kemp, Rosemary Love, James Madison, Lettie Mann, William MeKeithen, Pamela Mills, Dorothea Mills, Ivan Motley, Victor Parks, Beblon Peele, Tavaris

Perkins, Fosterlyn Purnell, John Rogers, Antoinette Rogers, Arsonia Rose-Colden, Monique Rozier, Oneida Scott, Neil Shorts, Charleta Simmons, Neil Spencer, Marlette Spencer, Trina Stevens, Chris Stevenson, Ruby Swailes, Francesca Taliaferro, Diane Thompson, Brenda Walton, James Watkins, Bridgette White, Rachael Whiting, Josephine Williams, Charlene Worsham, Katina Roanoke Area Chapter $5,250.00 Charlton, James Deberry, Ernestine Penn, Frank Price, Charles Swain, Carroll South Hampton Roads Alumni Chapter $30,801.98 Allison, Edwin Bailey, Falana Baker, Jenson Baker, Odessa Banks, James Barker, Melinda Bell, Margaret Boone, Melinda Bowles, Earl Boxley, Lloyd Boyd, Robin Branch, Keisha Brooks, John Bullock, Mary Campbell, Vera Cephus, Nadine Chesson, Harold Cochran, Tonya Cone, Clementine Cooper, Winthrop Corbett, Robin Crawford, Robert Diggs, Dorothy Dixon, Milton

HAMPTON HIGHLIGHT 1. The Princeton Review named Hampton

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

Covington, Damian Crump, Stephen Jones, Alonzo King, Tony Prince Georges County $3,605.00 Brown, William Daniels, Silvia Foggie, Doris Grammer, Lisa Grammer, Neil Jackson, Kimberly Oliver, Joan

University one of the “2010 Best 373 Colleges� in the nation. *Deceased

*DuBose, Yvonne Elliott, Cynthia Elliott, Sheila Ellis, LaVonne Frazier, Michael Graves, Cynthia Griffin, Bernard Hamm, Edward Harris, Warren Hasty, Thomas Hayes, Thelma Henderson, Edward Hoffler, Richard Hoffler, Sylvia Hubbard, Leroy Hunt, Gail Johnson, Crystal Jordan, Janaf Jordan, Mildred Ledbetter-Phillips, Jennifer Lumpkin, Mary Marlin, Burmeta McCoy, Dawn McCray, Wanda McNaughton, Steven Miltier, Rosalind Murray, Amanda Nelson, Clarence Newman, Lawrence Owens, Ruth Peevy, Evelyn Person, Edith Phillips, Sharon Rainey, Vernon Richards, Ronald Richards, Wayne Roach, Fostine Robinson, Audrey Robinson, Bertrand Robinson, James Roundtree, Kelvin Sanford, Deborah Scott, Mellanda Sellers, Curlean Skyles, Stephanie Smith, Dana Spruill, John Tate, Charles Tate, Emmaline Turner, Bernice Turner, Wendell Vaughan, Robena Walker, Gerrold Willis, Alotha Wray, Christina Washington, DC Chapter $116,192.98 Adams, Rhonda Aird, Anthony Allen, Levern Antoine, Jacqueline Bailey, Ernest Bailey, Pearl Bailey, Zoya Bass, Donalyn Baxley, Gladys Bennett, Dorothy Bethea, Melissa Bickerstaff, Cydni Boone, F. Beverly Bowden, Sharon Brewer, Richardene Brinkley, Rosemary Brown, Felici

Bass, Donalyn Baxley, Gladys Bennett, Dorothy Bethea, Melissa Bickerstaff, Cydni Boone, F. Beverly Bowden, Sharon Brewer, Richardene Brinkley, Rosemary Brown, Felici Brown, George Brown-Scott, Ingrid Burke, Wanda Caldwell, Natalie Campbell, K. Elizabeth Carter, Minnie Cary, Maurice Cheatham, Anthony Cherry, Charlene Chester, Leonard Chrisp, Albert Crawley, Alvin Cross, Delesta Davis, Yvette Davis, Jr., Ollie Dillard, Carole Dixon, Elveeda Dixon, Kenneth Downes, Bernice Durham, Ricardo Edelin, Joann Edmonds, Janalyn Edwards, Cynthia Everson, Romesha Fauntroy, Michael Ford, Valeria Garrett, Greta Gilliam, Mary Gilmore, Ronald Gosby, Jacqueline Graham, Saxon Graves, Meredith Graves, Rashel Greene, Alma Greene, Anita Gumbs, Earle Harris, Junie Hatot, Norma Hawkins, Paula Hayes, Angela Herndon, Shirin Hester, Zanneya Holland, Carl Howard, Doris Howard, Kimberly Hunt, Williett Jackson, Eric Jackson, French James, Carol James, Herbert Jennings, Llinda Jones, Alice Jones, Tara Jones, William King, Morris Lang, Caroline Latimer, Allie Latimer, Brenda Lewis, Geneva Lindsey, Alice McClure, Helen McNeill-Lee, Sheila Medford, Thomas Mial, Betty Mickle, Andrea Milton, Marcia Mister, Katina

York County Chapter $1,200.00 Taylor, Shontae Washington, Alice Yeoman, Fannie

Arkansas Chapter $25.00 Swinger, Barbara Charleston - Institute $350.00 Brandon, Ardra Mayah, Charlene Chicago Chapter $15,576.48 Allen, Charles Allen, Herbert Allen, Sallie Anderson, Ariel Baird-Bridges, Anne Barnes, Betty Bradley, Ruth Burkeen, Karna Burnette, Daarel Duren, Jean Fitzgerald, Darrell Fitzgerald, Debbie Ford, Margaret Gay, Robert Gilbert, Carol Hopkins, Howard Jenkins, Sharon Johnson, Ronald Marshburn, Velma Nelson, Patience Parker, Franklin Payne, Nina Power, Bertina Ragan, Philip Rhem, Barbara Rougeau, Shirley Rowe-Barney, Kimberly Royster, Agnes Somerville, Rodney Tartt, Laura Thurman, Jaunita Williams, Robert Young, Javondlynn Cincinnati Chapter $320.00 Disher-Hill, Evelyn Layson, Bonita Lee, Tilton West-Bey, Latasha Cleveland Chapter $1,019.35 Bonner, Robert Brown, Shelley Copeland, Margot Dingus, James Harp, Gina Harrington, Charetta Lucas, Yolanda Montgomery, Richard Porter, Felice Singleton, Norma Williams, Lynn

Dayton Chapter $550.00 Harper, Rosalind King-Roberts, Sharon Detroit Hampton Club $18,564.98 Bailey, Jimmy Battle, Shirley Beckles, Benita Boykin, Peter Boykin, Ulysses Brown, Patricia Callender, Rohlann Carter, Chester Clements, Nathaniel Corbin, Claudia Cunningham, C. Reginald DeBose, Debra Dean, Erik Dean, Kelly Duke, Harrison Eddings, John Edwards, Myrna Fountain, W. Frank Gaines, Bruce Godwin, Tia Hall, Talton Humes, Kecia Jackson, Michele Larkins, Sheria LeJeune, LaShanda Lee, Ella McGill, M. Jaunita Miller, James Peace, Richard Perry, Ethyl Ross, Robert Ross, Washington Rucks, Doris Scott, Lillian Stuart, Cynitha Sullivan, Delphine Terry, Walter Tucker, Clarence Wallace, Brenda Whiting, Gregory Williams, Arthur Williams, Robbie Gary Chapter $1,200.00 Comer, Mary Harris, Martha Hull, Grady Greater Kansas City Chapter $3,600.00 Hunter, William Myers, Sheryll Pegues, Hazel

Indianapolis Chapter $220.00 Pollard, Randle Taylor, Mary Trigg, Starla Lexington Blue Grass Chapter $900.00 Bright, Bernice Fleming, Juanita Salone, Bernadette Salone, Eddie Spotts, Carol Louisville Chapter $806.00 Bradby, Marie Martin, Alice Talbott, Cecil Walker, Cheryl Walker, T. Vaughn Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter $300.00 Duckett, Kathryn Duckett, Lewis Paylor, Marc Pittsburgh Chapter $620.00 Allen, Gregory Bacon, Charlotte Wells, Brenda SE Wisconsin/Milwaukee Chapter $1,025.00 Gilliam, Audrey Gilliam, Haywood Sims, Jennifer St. Louis Chapter $3,525.00 Freeman, Frankie Heyward, Dorothy West, Percy NORTH ATLANTIC REGION Atlantic City Chapter $2,775.00 Caster, Otelia Dortch, Charles Parker, Alma Smith, Paulette Wilson, Charles Boston Chapter $7,355.91 LeDeaux, Barbara Morris-Buchanan, Viola Nichols, Mildred Richardson, James Rogers, Jacqueline Rogers, Lisa Stephens, Thomas Brooklyn Chapter $7,729.16 Ayanru, Grace Baker, Sydney Briggs, Myra Bruce, Oyinkan

Philanthropy Report

Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chapter $3,248.25 Hover-Montgomery, Linda Johnson, Elginne McDonald, Bettye Parker, Walter Vaughan, Frizell

Columbus Chapter $2,635.00 Fleming, Vernon Fowlkes, Judith Hall, Shannon Hicks, Patricia Jenkins, Kara Murray-Fleming, Gloria Rembert, Frances Williams, Melva



2010 Alumni

Moment, Marcus Moone, Jamesa Moore, Dionne Morgan, Paul Munir, Renee Nedab, Floyd Noel, Brenda Osborne, Hilda Osborne, Johnnie Owen-Smith, Rhonda Page, Stephanie Palmer, Mercedes Parker, Glynn Patterson-Strachan, Shaunda Paylor, Perry Peace, Gabrielle Pearson, Clarence Pearson, Cynthia Perkins, Derrick Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Vincent Powell, Leonard Prince, Robynne Reed, Brenda Reed, Presley Roache, Monica Robinson, Wanda Roy, Cynthia Saunders, Hattie Saunders, Ruby Scott, Ronald Shields, Myrna Showell, Jakki Smith, Carolyn Smith Wright, Kim Spencer, Alfred Stafford, Stacy Stallworth, Anderson Stith, Lonnie Streets, Joy Strong, Janet Thomas, Shelby Thomas, William Thorpe, Constance Thorpe, Edward Tolson-Winfield, Arleen Tucker, Constance Tucker, Robert Tull, Knox Turner, Colson Turner, Joyce Tweedy, Stanley Varner, Kimberly Vasquez, Blakeney Walker, Mattie Wallace, Helen Wallace, Marsh Weedon, D. A. Divead Wells, Ruby Wesley, Stephen Whitfield-Locke, Dianne Wilburn Yates, Marion Williams, Debra Wilson, Anissa Wims, Thomas Woodbury, Charles Woolfolk, Pauline Woolridge, Carolyn Young, Naomi Young, William

Davis, Sonja Drummer, Sharon Francis, Lois Henry, Frances Jefferson, Robert Jeffries, Blayne Johnson, Albert Johnston, Charles Lee, Hester Oates, Constance Preston, Frank Ramseur, Patricia Robinson, Cicily Rubain, Jennifer Sebastien, Cidra Williams, Loyce Wright, Dana Buffalo Chapter $1,000.00 Lucas, Lawrence CT River Valley Chapter $2,165.00 Bailey, Bernadette Brodnax, Carl Clark, Gerald Coleman, Ronald Delandro, Veronica Head, Lisa Malone, Jacqueline Walton, Faye Walton, Jerry Central Jersey Chapter $3,220.00 Blakes-Thompson, Conna Butler, Anthony Conner, Adam Curtis, Delores Davis, Russell Jackson, Evelyn Lee-Murray, Dorothy Van Diver, Sheila Williams, Mildred

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

Central Naugatuck Valley Chapter $200.00 Heck, Rhomie Dover Chapter $6,570.00 Calloway, Michael Christian, Edward Green, Wendy Griffin, Cynthia Hubbard, Annette Johnson, Janet Riley, Harvey Riley, Shirley Harrisburg Chapter $70.00 Jones, Symantha Williams, Carlene Long Island Chapter $22,755.00 Baldwin, Dyanne Brown, Jannelle Carter, Faustine Childs, Denise Davis, Muriel Fleming, Leroy Fleming, Marion Forte, Earl Givens, Kimberly

Goldsborough, William Guthrie, Joan Jackson, John Jennings, Vada Johns, Jeanette Jones, Louise Nixon, Marian Pleasant, Mary Roberts, Lorraine Terry, Letha Williams, Marjorie New York Hampton Club Inc. $8,190.00 Barber, Kenya Barr, Christopher Bright, Stephanie Burke, Lagree Cannon, Velma Carr, Frederick Copeland, Joseph Cowell, Catherine Dupree-Fennell, Carole Duverney, Constance Finley, Stacey Ford-Bell, Sharon Frazier, Shawna Galloway, Lillian Harris, Cicely Jackson, Bailey Lawson, Sandra Leak, Halima Maisonet, Diane Manigat, Nancy Mark, Keshia Mims, Carla Norvel-Dillard, Wynton Rawlins, Ajamu Saldana, Nicole Satchell-McKoy, Kencle Scott, Brian Seabrooks, Regina Touba, Derrick Treece, Shani Tyson, Janice Wagner, Thisa White, Lisa Williams, Patricia Wilson, Delius North Jersey Chapter $21,557 Adkins, Carter Adkins, Jasmine Brown, Donald Chapman Wilson, Donna Cole, Jennifer Edwards, Michael Granderson, Irene Grooms, Janet Hall, Doris Harris, Lisa Hylick, Lawrence Jarrett, Shalieka Jarvis, Gaynelle Joe, Gwynetta Johnson, Joe King, Marcellus Lang, Sandra Matthews-Simmons, Sharon McWilliams, Regina Mims, Carolyn Neptune, Darlington Ormsby, Raymond Parmenter, Sherri Parrish, William Pemberton, Gena

Porter, Jennifer Pulley, Brett Rogers, Dionne Sellers, Corlis Stith, David Van-Liew, Felisa West, Darcea White, Marilyn White-Ledford, Chandra Whitney, Steven Passaic/Bergen Chapter $10,500.00 Burton, Wilda Graddick-Weir, Mirian Henderson, Daphne Holeman, Chester Page, Loretta Peterson, Jr., Samuel Smith, Hazel Stevenson, Janet Tanner-Oliphant, Karen Philadelphia Chapter $16,736.38 Baxter, Mary Berry, Darius Birtha, Herbert Birtha, Jessie Brooks, Aeolus Casey, William Chappell, Kelly Clark, Robin Davis-Goodson, Margot DeLoach, Stephanie Dent, Benjamin Gabbidon, Monica Green, David Harris-Ransom, Lillian Hodges, Gregory Jackson, Marcella Johnson, Celeste Johnson, Kelvin Johnson, Pamela Jones, Lorelle Konata, Rae Sandra Lucas, Katie Mabine, Bruce McMillian, Barbara Mills, Cynthia Moody, Marion Oliver-Davis, Tracey Perkins, Bernardette Perry, Aronda Ramsey, Chenere Reid, Ernette Sloan, Ellen Smith, Jesse Smith, Leonard Smoot, Eloise Stevenson, Julia Turner, Judith Wallace, Dean West, Lorri Williams, Frances Willis, Lynne Wilson, Miriam Rochester $1,000.00 Jackson, Nina South Central Connecticut $20.00 Bennett, Dawn

Trenton Chapter $6,095.62 Badger, Cheryl Banks, George Butts, Andre Darden, Geraldine Haywood, Everett Lee, Anita Link, Bridgette Monk, Helen Williams, Lawrence Valley Forge Chapter $300.00 Davis-Penn, Patricia Morales, Knashawn Westchester Chapter $1,100.00 Fields, Edward Fuller, Gloria McCray, Jeffrey McIntosh, Helena Rooks, Vivian Wilmington Chapter $2,987.98 Adams-White, Joannie Christopher, Jan Farr, Shirley Goode, Angela Khatun, Sufia Knox, Hammond Lawler, Teri Lowery, Derrick Reaves, Alton Starkey, Jeffrey Winston, George Young, Leonard NORTH CAROLINA REGION Bermuda Chapter $710.00 Burgess, Steven Harvey, Deena Burlington/Graham Chapter $200.00 Clark, C. Helen Charlotte Chapter $15,057.50 Abubakari, Jennifer Anderson, Courtney Anderson, Fred Bates, Miriam Bazemore, Philip Brent, Kimberly Brooks, Delories Brooks, James Brown, Elaine Brown, Lois Bryant, Paulette Campbell, Eric Carter, Cleopatra Collis, Adria Crawford, Shana Ellis, Renee Fair, Lisa Foote, Brenda Gilchrist, Trulove Glenn, Weslee Gordon, Linda Hamilton, Ellen Jackson, Meghan

SOUTHEAST REGION Atlanta Chapter $69,894.81 Abram, Julia Acree, Laura Archer, Angela Booker, Johnnie Boykins, Charlene Britton, Stephanie Brown, Malcolm Bryan, I. Emerson Bryant-Booker, Deloris Buoy-McCray, Barbra Burroughs, Altamarie Clark, Courtney Daniels-Anderson, Mia Dawkins, Jane Evans, Gilbert Fields, Sherri Freeman, Stanley Hilton, Harold Hinson, Robert Hodo, Julie Howard-Stroud, Margaret Johnson, Marian Lockett, Clarence Marshall, J. Robert Mason, Sonja McKay, Julie Morrow, Mary Motley, Milwood Oseragbaje, Stacie Paschal, Zelma Patterson, Leslie Phillips-Mack, Delinda Pinchback, Tashwanda Pryor, Jondre Randall, Nellie Reese, Kenyae Sharpe, Audrey Tyler, Evelyn White, George

Augustine/Aiken Chapter $2,225.00 Atkins, Miriam Levalle, Patricia Myler, Charles Central Florida Chapter $2,906.95 Bell, Milton Brown, Rita Bryant, Sheree Clark, Mercerdese Cozart, Mary Dillard, Barry Ellison, Kittyjean Ellison, William Harding, Wanda Houston, Crisarla Jones, Christopher McKoy-Bracy, Karen Smith, Jennifer White, Olympia Williams, Gwendolyn Central Georgia Chapter $23,642.98 Abrams, Cyntelia Adesegun, Jana Barkers, Arnold Beale, Johnnie Black, Jerzell Bowman, Tracey Brown, Muriel Brown Shuler, Jamille Brown Thompson, Edwina Bush, Candace Byrd, Michael Carson, Janita Carter, Ladonna Clarke, Sanford Darby, Gina Davis, Shane Dorsey-Hayes, Joirelle Garlington, Ronald Harps, Marsha Hollins, Dennis James, Wanda Jelks, Barbara Logan, Maria Lyles, Damien Mays, Valerie Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Yvonne Nash, Sarah Nave, Evan Petagrew, Robyn Portis-Daniels, Keri Powell, Michelle Pugh, George Redo, Charlotte Slater, Thelma Taylor, Kendra Vaughn, Lewis Walker, Wendell Watson, Raquel Williams, Lenora Wilson, Carol

Philanthropy Report

Winston-Salem Chapter $7,100.00 Amos, Pridgen Broadway, April Brooks, Sarah Budzinski, Anna Cabbell, evelyn Heyer, Gayle Hodge, Brenda Peterson, Andrea Ragland, Delois Ridgill, Sarah Saddler, Valerie Sadler, Melton Silverthorne, Jeffrey Stevenson, Paula

Williams, Karl Williams, Rhonda Wilson, Deborah Wood, Tiffany Wyatt, Sheila


Sturgis, Leroy Sturgis, Vivian Thornton, Kristina Tillery, Lynette Townes, Mitzi Trotter, Claude Walters, Toshia White, April White, Elouise Williams, Rudolph Williams, Yolanda Woodyard, Pamela Wilmington Chapter Roberts, Crystal Williams, Dorothy

2010 Alumni

Johnson, Edna Jones, Edwina Jones-Wiggins, Aurelia Moore, Kathrine Rush, Robert Russell, Antoinette Savoy, Kenneth Scott, Theodosia White, Gladys Hope Franklin Raleigh Chapter $26,766.42 Bader, Artice Durham/Chapel Hill Chapter Baker, Carrie Baker, Kia $11,550.00 Barnes, Ermine Allison, Ferdinand Bayyan, Vincent Barnes, Monica Brimmer, Louise Braithwaite, Elena Brockenborough, Ann Bryant, Artelia Brown, Arnett Bryant, R. Kelly Burroughs, Frederick Burnette, Camille Burroughs, Geraldine Burnette, Frederick Copeland, Clinso Burriss, Flora Davis, Amin Campbell, Junius Demby, Dorothy Cherry Cook, Kenya Donaldson, Delilah Cunningham, Joyce Dunn, Gayle Doyle, Gloria Duren, Joelle Harewood, Kevin Dyke, Marjorie Hughley, Carey Ellis, Michael Knight, Johnnie Farmer, Genevieve Manning, Anitra Fennell-Hargrove, Yolande McMillon, Lewis Flanagan, Thelma Smith, Euzelle Ford, Tonya Smith, Reginald Furlow, Gerardette White-Olden, Sandra Gibbs, Terra Wigfall, Patricia Gilliam, Rebecca Wigfall, Switzon Hampton, Adonica Woods, Priscilla Hardin, Raquel Fayetteville Chapter Harrell, Robert Harrell, Rodney $3,881.75 Harris, Jeannette Brown, Julian Hastie, Jimmie Brown, Madison Henderson, Beverly Campbell, T’Leen Henneghan, Jenisha Cole, Sandra Hinton, Nell Douglass, James Hopkins, Cornelia Foster, Loleta Jamison, Clarence McMillion, Cassandra Jamison, Pamela Nebolisa, Stella Johnson, Barbara Parham, John Johnson, Leslie Russell, Monica Johnson, Morris Sawyer, Willeta Johnson, Tony Young, S. Joseph, Tracey Lanier, Sylvia Goldsboro Chapter Mance, William $50.00 Mayes, Sya Vann, Wendy McCray, Georgette McPherson, Gloria Granville/Vance/ Mitchell, John Warren Chapter Moncrief, Shameika $225.00 Mosley, Sylvia Jones, Elaine Nicholas, Eugene Taylor, Joyce Oliver, Tiah Parker, Melvin Greensboro Chapter Parker, Shawna $32,155.00 Peebles, Allie Adeniyi, William Perry, Alison Anderson, Gary Pollard, Lawrence Anderson, Rosalind Raphael, Howard Broussard, Jeremy Rawls, Eleanor Chivers, Cynthia Reid, Angela Dalton, Eudoxia Robinson, Kevin Dunn, Samuel Shaw, Helen Felder, Robert Shepherd, Deborah Hamme, Thomas Spaugh, Leolia Hutton, Rhea Stukes, Natalie Hutton, Ronald Kimbrough, Helen Lee, Heather Logan, Terry Mitchell, Olivia Mutakabbir, Teresa Robinson, Michael Simmons, Tami Triggs-Tucker, Cassandra Watts, Helen Webber, Spurgeon Williamson, Patrice Willis, Windy

Charleston Chapter $4,125.00 Baxter, Peggy Fielding, Conchita Lane, Patricia Thornwell, Bernadette Chattanooga Chapter $345.00 Boaz, Aurellia Lewis, Pamela Walker, Randolph Williams, Tawana Ft. Lauderdale Chapter $307.98 Hankerson, Hazel Salters, Damita Jacksonville Chapter $2,020.00 Bailey Hall, Inez Bryan, I. Emerson Favors, Erskerline Haynes, Andrew Holmes, Wendell Reddick, Kenneth Venson, Alice Young-Daigeau, Johnestine Miami Chapter $440.00 Harper, Valerie Marquis, Mildred Rogers, Wilma Shannon, Marian

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

Mid South Carolina Chapter $10,210.96 Barkley, Lisa Bolden, Mary Dewitt, Willa Dixon, Lillian Ellis-Ramsey, Lashanda Hall, Leslie Harris, Marsha Harrison, Jamala Heyward, Joseph Hodges, Sharon Poole Enoch, Noelle Reid, Helen Roache, Geneva Singleton, Theresa Smith, Alzen Thomas, Maureen Tolbert, Claude Walker, Wilfred Williams, Andrea Montgomery Chapter $5,477.98 Alexander, Hope Bowden, Richard Brooks, Ruth Brooks-Beasley, Eris Fort, Arthur Gardner, Mary Johnson, Henry McDonald, Felicia Pertillar, Elizabeth Pete, Sherry Saxon, Yvonne Thornton, Herman

Nashville Area HU Club $1,640.00 Bethel-Hibbler, Adriana Bodrick, Nia Carmon, Nathaniel Crawford, Erika Hamberg, Marcelle Tyus, Willie Savannah Chapter $585.00 Johnson, Lester Roney, Darrell Stiles, William St. Croix Chapter $2,500.00 Arnold, Gertrude Brooks, Marion Duckett, Darnel Simpson, Magnolia Snype, Ernestine St. Thomas Chapter $750.00 Caines, Othniel Jones, Nelson Tallahassee Chapter $26,200.00 Bennett, Nelson Gant, Gloria Johnson, Willette Norrell, Randall Ogletree, Michelle Shaw, Bennie Simms, Paulette White, Charles White, Valerie Tampa Chapter $4,575.00 Cheesborough, Alfred Clarkson, William Godwin, Pius James, Kamal Mitchell, Susan Reid, Mae Riley-Mussio, Avis Temple, Donald Tuskegee Chapter $1,500.00 Gardner, Ross Gause, Nannette Jenkins-Utomi, Michele West Palm Beach Chapter $5,575.00 Davis, Treva Lewis, George Lewis, Lillian Norris, Vergil SOUTHWEST REGION Baton Rouge Chapter $50.00 Alexander, Nicole Central Texas Chapter $121.00 Gadley, Shannon Ivory, Daneka Wade-Williams, Lataunya

Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter $3,415.00 Brewington, Jazlyn Ford, Pearl Frank, William Jones, William Ransom, Curtis Smith, Ernest Stewart, Jeanett El Paso Chapter $700.00 Ballou, Deborah Garrison, Nancy Garrison, Jr., James Pleasants, Avice Pleasants, Leo Rhodes, Cephus Greater Houston Chapter $5,090.00 Atkins, Bruce Bassett, Lavonia East, Yvette Edwards, Charles Fielder, Alison Gilmore, Vanessa Gould, Brenda Hebert, Kandace Jackson, Jordan Jennings, Lesajean Johnson, Betty Johnson, Deloris Johnson, Judy Johnson, Khamia Kareem, Deborah McConico, Beverly Speller, Virginia Wilson, Mary

Little Rock/ Pine Bluff Chapter $725.00 Baker, Teresa Smith, Matthew Turner, Vincent Warren, Charlene New Orleans Chapter $100.00 Glover, Jason Oklahoma City/ Tulsa Chapter $800.00 Blanton, Jerelen Johnson-Cline, Nancy Saulters, Willie Prarie View Chapter $1,000.00 Kemp, Henry San Antonio/Austin Chapter $6,739.65 Bell, Myrtle Bowling, Cassie Bowling, Harold Capers, Felicia Ewell, Clarence Hudgins, William Johnston, Alfred Moss, Jesse Thompson, Jennifer

HAMPTON HIGHLIGHT 1. Hampton University is also ranked 4th in the 2011 edition of US News and World Report Historically Black Colleges and Universities rankings.


AMERICAN EXPRESS FOUNDATION Cicily V. Robinson ‘98 Dionne Rogers ‘93 AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPY CO. Betty R. Carter ‘66 Michiko Johnson ‘79 Tiffany Wood ‘92 BANK OF AMERICA FOUNDATION Jenifer Abubakari ‘95 Trina Y. Archie-McCorkle ‘88 Dorothy M. Lee-Murray ‘80 Derrick Perkins ‘00 Karen W. Robinson ‘89 David B. Stith ‘80 CHEVRON COMPANIES Kandace M. Hebert ‘06 CHICAGO TRIBUNE FOUNDATION Sheila R. Solomon ‘74 COCA-COLA FOUNDATION Johnnie B. Booker ‘61 George Pugh, Jr. ‘90 DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES Nina L. Payne ‘02 DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY FOUNDATION Samuel Preston Jones ‘56 DOW JONES & COMPANY Cheryl Badger ‘80 FRANCE-MERRICK FOUNDATION Freeman Hrabowski ‘70 FREDDIE MAC FOUNDATION Gail B. Thomas ‘74 GE FOUNDATION Lawrence Cross ‘56 John A. Jackson ‘55 GAP FOUNDATION Vincent Adams ‘92 GOLDMAN, SACHS & COMPANY Leslie J. Faison ‘89

IBM INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION Vanya Allen ‘86 Myrtle W. Bell ‘62 James E. Brooks ‘56 Frederick L. Carr ‘64 Pearl O. Ford ‘58 Morris S. Johnson ‘89 Jennifer Ledbetter-Phillips ‘86 Teresa R. Mutakabbir ‘77 Harold Murray, Jr. ‘66 Lewis M. Vaughn, Jr. ‘73 INVESTMENT TECHNOLOGY GROUP, INC. Stephanie M. Miller ‘89 J.M. SMUCKER COMPANY Vernon C. Fleming ‘74 JOHNSON AND JOHNSON FAMILY OF COMPANIES Pamela C. Johnson ‘80 Clarence E. Lockett ‘69 Gena Pemberton ‘98 Rodney O. Somerville ‘90 KPMG FOUNDATION Gabrielle R. Chapman ‘82 Tia Godwin ‘04 Dorian T. Timmons ‘02 KELLOG’S Ronald Johnson ‘82 LINDE NORTH AMERICA, INC. Patricia E. Fleming ‘66 LIVAS GROUP ARCHITECTS, P.C. Charles & Sallie Tucker Allen ‘58 LOCKHEED MARTIN FOUNDATION Stephanie P. Britton ‘97 Michael A. Byrd ‘80 MARGUERITE CASEY FOUNDATION Freeman Hrabowski ‘70 MERCK COMPANY FOUNDATION Stanley L. Freeman ‘95 Mirian M. Graddick-Weir ‘76 MERRILL LYNCH AND COMPANY FOUNDATION, INC. Dorothy M. Lee-Murray ‘80 METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Thomas P. Stephens ‘90

NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY FOUNDATION, INC. Velma A. Cannon ‘41 NORFOLK SOUTHERN FOUNDATION James Barber, Jr. ‘01 Monica E. Paterson ‘98 NORTHROP GRUMMAN FOUNDATION Marcia Jones ‘75 ORACLE CORPORATION Andre M. Lopez ‘85 PSEG Michael Edwards ‘82 Chandra White-Ledford ‘94 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS, LLP Nishana N. Armour ‘04 Bryan Collins ‘03 Asha Jackson ‘04 Starlisha McDade ‘02 Kimelah McKinley ‘04 Kelly Patterson ‘02 Sterling L. Scott, II ‘03 Kanika A. Walcott ‘99 PROCTER AND GAMBLE FUND Vernon C. Fleming ‘74 James A. Murray ‘64 PRUDENTIAL FOUNDATION Marcellus King ‘65 RAYTHEON COMPANY Joy S. Streets ‘81 SCHERING-PLOUGH FOUNDATION Dolores Lofton Curtis ‘74 STATE FARM COMPANIES FOUNDATION Allen Jones ‘74 T. ROWE PRICE ASSOCIATES FOUNDATION Craig Watson ‘89 VERIZON FOUNDATION Alana K. Futrell ‘99 Milton C. Grantham ‘65 WACHOVIA FOUNDATION Carla Archie ‘92 Cheryl G. Simmons ‘77 WELLS FARGO FOUNDATION Courtney A. Anderson ‘83 Kimberly A. Brent ‘90 Jazlyn Y. Brewington ‘05 Kevin R. Harewood ‘93 Harry J. Pilson, II ‘96 Tami B. Simmons ‘81 Toshia W. Walters ‘98

Philanthropy Report

ALTRIA GROUP, INC. Barbara A. Jones ‘77




ALCOA FOUNDATION Gina M. Harp ‘85 Earl H. Robbins ‘70


2010 Alumni

AETNA FOUNDATION, INC. Bernadette Bailey ‘84 Barbara McMillian ‘90 Brenda M. Foote ‘74

STATEMENT OF ACCURACY The 2010 Hampton University Alumni Donor Report recognizes donors who gave gifts to the University from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010. We are sincerely grateful for every gift, from the smallest to the largest.

2010 Alumni


Philanthropy Report

The Alumni Donor Report is categorized according to gift societies, class years, regions and chapters, and matching gifts. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this donor report and regret any omissions or inaccuracies. Please notify the Office of Development of any errors at (757) 727-5764.

HAMPTON UNIVERSITY VOLUNTEERS Hampton University extends a grateful thank you to our many volunteers who support the University with its initiatives and programs. Your efforts, dedication and caring are genuinely appreciated.

2010 Donor Report  

2010 Donor Report

2010 Donor Report  

2010 Donor Report