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They may be smiling now, but Mark Hilbo rn and Don Berry are on th e ir way to a test. nl time wi ll tell if they will be sm il ing w h e n their test is th rough .

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. where today's visitor can get a glimpse of tomorrow's world .

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Many students enjoy the reggae sound of Windjamm er at the Avion pool party.



EVER BRIGHTER EVER NEW Embry-Riddle has experienced a long and successful career in the history of American Aviation, a career marked with change and growth. Keeping pace with the rapid growth of the industry as a whole, ERAU has developed into the most widely known and accredited " University of the Air." The Embry-Riddle of today bears little resemblance to the small flying service formed in 1926.


THERE'S A NEW WOR LD COM ING Attracted by the lure of aviation, John Paul Riddle opened a " fl ying service" at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati . His limited funds enabled him to purchase two aging Waco biplanes . In those days, " flying service" meant doing just about anything to earn a living with an airplane. He organized and flew air shows, carried sightseers, hauled the mail, and gave flight instruction; thus the beginning of Embry-Riddle. Able to meet his expenses, Riddle kept his struggling company together and worked toward expanding its services. It was in 1926 that Riddle





Lo u Kady ab out to stalk the streets as Captai Terrific

first met T. Higbee Embry who shared in the excitement of flight . Convinced that aviation would be profitable if set up on a solid business base, Embry contributed some badly needed funding to the operation and went into partnership with Riddle. The Embry-Riddle Company was born May 19, 1926 at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. Supported by Embry's business knowledge and Riddle's vision and enthusiasm, the firm would try to make a go of it, using four Waco biplanes. Service would include carrying passengers and freight, aerial photography , aerial advertising, and exhibition flying. Despite Embry's strong financial backing, the company still faced a number of problems.

a project in management of air


THERE'S A NEW WOR LD COM ING Attracted by the lure of aviation, John Paul Riddle opened a "flying service" at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati. His limited funds enabled him to purchase two aging Waco biplanes. In those days, "flying service" meant doing just about anything to earn a living with an airplane. He organized and flew air shows, carried sightseers, hauled the mail, and gave flight instruction; thus the beginning of Embry-Riddle . Able to meet his expenses, Riddle kept his struggling company together and worked toward expanding its services. It was in 1926 that Riddle




Lou Kady about to stalk the streets as Captai Terri fic

first met T. Higbee Embry who shared in the excitement of flight. Convinced that aviation would be profitable if set up on a solid business base, Embry contributed some badly needed funding to the operation and went into partnership with Riddle. The Embry-Riddle Company was born May 19, 1926 at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. Supported by Embry's business knowledge and Riddle's vision and enthusiasm, the firm would try to make a go of it, using four Waco biplanes. Service would include carrying passengers and freight, aerial photography, aerial advertising, and exhibition flying. Despite Embry's strong financial backing, the company still faced a number of problems.


LIKE A PHOE NIX FROM THE ASHE S Even the airfield was a shaky proposition. It was often under water from the rampages of the Ohio River, running directly along its western edge. And there was a constant shortage of everything from hangar space to spare parts . Even trained mechanics to repair the Wacos, and pilots to fly them safely,

The Ph o eni x's newest and youngest member Patrice.

Presid ent Hunt and h is wife, Ly nne, have a look at the Ti ming pool.

were in short supply. It was this particular need that later would play an important part in setting a new direction of growth for the Embry-Riddle Company. In 1927, Embry-Riddle formed an air express line . As far as anyone knows, this was the first business venture of its kind in the United States. Air express packages and letters were flown daily between Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Akron, and Cleveland . The service wasn't fast or totally reliable, but it managed to show a profit. A year later things took a turn for the better when Embry-Riddle's bid for the Cincinnati to Chicago government mail contract was accepted .


. Davis swim-


AND YOUNG Air mail Route No . 24 was inaugurated December 17, 1927, by the Embry-Riddle Company between Cincinnati and Chicago, a distance of 270 miles. The flying equipment consisted of six Waco biplanes, and one Ryan Wright " Whirlwind" cabin monoplane. Two of the planes were strictly for mail, and three carried passengers as well as mail. One plane was used for instruction purposes. The mail routes subsequently won by Embry-Riddle pioneered direct air service to cities including Dallas and Atlanta. Today these routes are part of the nation's airline system, and early graduates of the Embry-Riddle flight school have recorded careers as some of the country's first true airline transport pilots.

Th e new library will alleviate the problem of finding a plac~ to relax or study.



and These pioneer aviators worked hard, but they had their fun. Mr. Embry sponthey shows air on afterno Mr. Riddle particu larly enjoyed the Sunday ht of an sored. One of the first mass parachu te jumps in history was a highlig went Riddle . Airport Lunken at Embry- Riddle air show on Septem ber 24, 1928, lured had he players one first, followe d by Embry and a squad of former saxoph away from the Erie orchest ra. when it The origina l Embry- Riddle ec>mpany remain ed intact until late 1928, Embry gh Althou s. was sold to become a unit of what is now Americ an Airline Riadle chose to move to Califor nia, where he subseq uently died in 1946, ship was elected to join the new organiz ation, and the Embry- Riddle partner d air dissolv ed. Riddle remain eJ with his new employ er as the firm acquire


ONE THAT'S NEVER BEEN SUNG services including Universal Aviation Corporation, Robertson Airlines, Colonial Airlines, Thompson Aeronautical Corporation, and other small operations. These would become the backbone of American Airlines, born in 1934. Two years before the final consolidation, Riddle resigned and moved to Miami, Florida. Aviation education still occupied his mind and he was convinced that he had a better way to develop it. The Florida location would be the key to a new

venture. The state's proximity to the rich resources of Central and South America would insure fast and profitable aviation development. The company's original name was retained, and Embry-Riddle's first Florida-based home was established along Miami's causeway.


THE FIRM WAS REORGANIZED IN 1940. • • The reorganization took place when Paul Riddle and John McKay became equal partners. McKay, one of the south's outstanding lawyers and an avid sportsman, had been intrigued with aviation since the first world war when he was a lieutenant in the balloon corps.


ALLIANCE MAKES HISTORY ... The alliance of these two men was destined to make history in a short time. The threat of the war was building. German armed forces were surging across Europe and Japan's military might was growing rapidly. Riddle and McKay were among the second wave of civilian flight service operators called upon by General Hap Arnold in 1940. They accepted Arnold's challenge to assist in building an Army Air Force at great personal financial risk. McKay was one of the few contract flight school operators with extensive business experience.

The motorcycle of the f at Epcot. 13

THERE'S A NEW AGE DAWNIN G Largely through McKay' s efforts, flight schools were made eligible for defense plant status. This greatly relieved the operators' financial hardships . The men with the knowledge of flight training met their commitments to General Arnold to build the nation's airstrike capability in short order. Under the leadership of Riddle and McKay, with Captain Len D . Povey as general manager, Embry-Riddle rapidly became the World's largest aviation school. The company operated flight training centers at Florida's Carlstrom and Dorr airfields, Miami's Riddle McKay Aero College, and the Riddle-McKay Institute in Tennessee .




The use of tric~ photogra~hy crea~sCa~=~~!:/ of Paul with the city of Washington, . .


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ANAGE UNTOUCHED Carlstrom aviation cadets earned a spot for themselves in aviation history books by flying 650,000 hours with a single fatality . To keep pace with wartime demands for first rate aviators, the Embry-Riddle company opened additional Miami area training facilities. Chapman field joined the ranks, as did a seaplane base on the MacArthur Causeway, and special schools occupied 48 buildings in Coral Gables, as well as the vast Aviation Building in Miami.


THE 10t h AN NU AL RIDDLE REGATTA Cold, crisp weather welcome d hardy people - oarsmen and committ ee member s early on that October morning . Signs, tables, trophies , food and inner tubes scrunche d into many forms, shapes and sizes filled the Beach Street park prior to the beginnin g of the 1982 Regatta. The flag dropped and the largest number of rafts ever launched for this event took off on icy waters of the Halifax. The Better Way, hot dogs, beer, coke, and trophies made the racers, weary from the run, relax and enjoy the rest of the day as the most financial ly successfu l Veterans Associat ion charity Regatta ended for another year.

Bull, He did it

Future Regatta Paddeler

Frisk Me ... If'


Close Competit ion


Mary and Jane mug-up for the camera.


Riddle now offers seaplane ratings.

Regatta participants anxiously await the start of the race.

It's a rare occasion to see Jean Snyder in overalls. 19

Students can enjoy a variety of beers at a very inexpensi ve price.

The pub is really a place just to hang out and relax.


The pub lets people study or do homewor k while listening to the juke box.

PUB AR EA The Pub Area in the Universit y Center is a place where many diverse activities take place. Students can take a break between classes and enjoy a video or pool game, as well as enjoy a meal while catching up on their favorite soap opera on television . Although a few students use the pub to enjoy a beer after classes, the majority of students utilize the pub during happy hour on Fridays when beers are three for a dollar. Embry-Ri ddle may not have a Student Union Building but the University Center (especiall y the pub) is a good substitute .

Students spend countless hours and immense amounts of money on the many video games offered.

Pool is a favorite game of many Riddle students. Tourname nts are held a few times . each year. 21

THE A VIO N POOL PAR TY Windjamm er brought the islands to the Tine Davis Swimmin g Pool as reggae sounds carried dancing and movemen t to an all time high this fall. To complime nt the sounds, bikini clad damsels displayed the newest beach fashions sponsored by Sun Solutions. The models also organized some interesting pool games. An extremely interested mass

of Riddle students apparentl y couldn't decide between purchasin g a suit or asking the models for a date! The Avion Newspape r staff who funded and coordinate d the event provided a cool and delightful afternoon break for a study-wea ry populatio n of some 500 Riddle students.

Windjamme r, rocked Riddle with reggae.

Tina had all the guys dumbfound ed as she flaunted her gorgeous body around the pool area. 22

Cindy dreams of becoming a Sun Solutions girl.

The A vion party was enjoyed by many

NOVEMBER JAZZFEST Spyra Gyra highlighted a brilliant concert of jazz that was successful in warming the souls of over a thousand people - on a cold day in November, 路1982 - as the Entertainment Committee provided an afternoon of jazz. Clubs provided booths of food

The Sun Solutions girls also entertained at Jazzfest.

Jeanette Santiago and Christine Mobley relax to soothing sounds of Spyro Gyra.

and drink. Jazzfest took the place this past year of Oktoberfest to allow Spyra Gyra, a nationally known contemporary jazz group, to perform for the crowd they deserve.

Spyro Gyra at their best.

Playing in rhythm.

It was a cold, windy day but the jazz by Spyro Gyra helped warm the air.


The Better Way continues with the best.

The Better Way always puts on a great show.

Kenny getting drunk on his first cup of beer.

Now you see the six-pack - Soon you won't.


AHP Member Tammy Watson moves better with the Better Way.

After the grind of those Friday tests, what better way to start the weekend off than to relax, have a beer with friends, and listen to a live band or the juke box. Hundreds of E-RAU students flock to the Pub for those Friday happy hours and just to let off steam. The students relax to the sounds of such bands as "Raze," "The Above," and "The Better Way." Happy hour really makes the rest of the week quite bearable.

Bill Scrock turns pensive during a "Happy Hour".

Kenny White is going to be an engineer?


HALLOWEEN Punkers, goblins, witches and some semi-normal participants were rocked and vibrated by the pulsating new-wave sounds of "The Above" who entertained the night away amid writhing, jumping bodies and mellow brew to sustain the active attendees. Prizes were awarded for best costumes

in different categories. The winner of the most original female costume was dressed in a tailored feline outfit. "Cumby" won best costume in the MALE category. The group prize went to the Army ROTC who dressed as a 15 foot helicopter.

The now sounds came out strong with the Above.

Witches aren't always hazardous to your health.


Costumes were definitely a mixed metaphor.

French maids are very attentive to new horns.

Who's afraid of the big bad gorgo the monster?

Everyone's into something new.

This delight just received her private pilot's license. 27

NIG HT LIFE IN DA YT ON A Daytona Beach not only is famous for its beach but also for its night life. With hundreds of bars, discos and nightclub s to choose from, Riddle students are seldom bored. To name a few, there is: the Plantation Club where you can dance your feet off to great disco music all night, 600 North where you can enjoy the beauty of the latest in video rock, the Beachcom ber where you get the best of both worlds, there is a D.J. to play all your favorites and there is a live band that performs every night, P.J.'s where you can enjoy the best rock in town, THE OYSTER PUB where you can hang out, drink beer, eat popcorn and oysters, watch their large screen T.V., etc., THE OCEAN DECK where you can dance and wind your waist to the great reggae sounds of Windjamm er, D.B. COOPERS where you can enjoy and dance to the best in country music.

Riddle students mesmeriz ed by the large T.V. screen at the 0 ster Pub.

Carmen Hamid dances to the disco music at Big Daddys - Trackside .

Hanging out at the Oyster Pub.

Riddle students doing what they do best - drinking beer - at the Oyster Pub.

Carl Johnson dancing at Big Daddy's - Trackside.

One can always find beautiful women in the Beachcomber.

Dancing at the Beachcomber 29

MISSING PERSONS After a delay of a few months, E-RAU finally showcased the Rock sounds of Missing Persons to a University Center capacity crowd. The New Wave sound of this nationally known band, whose use of the synthesizer truly set them apart, brought a good crowd out. They entertained throughout the


evening with good sounds and a dynamic stage presence to enthrall the audience and make new fans. Promoted and funded by the Entertainment Committee, this concert highlighted the beginning of 1983.

VIXEN Vixen has proven that they are in a class all by themselves. The lovely and talented female Rock band provided new and original music to a pleased audience in the University Center January 29, 1983. Jan Kuehnemund, who was outstanding on lead guitar, along with singer Gayle Erickson's ability to

interact well with the crowd, both contributed to an excellent concert. Though the concert got off to a slow start with a band called The Spinouts, Vixen's crowd pleasing ways provided an exciting evening of Rock .


TALENT NIGHT It is not too often that students get a chance to show off their talent and sometimes extraordinary abilities. Every so often the students at E-RAU get to do just that and take part in Talent Night. The only requirement imposed on the student is that they must have the courage to get up in front of a live audience. Students in the past have played instruments, sang, and even a few daring students tried their hand at telling jokes and doing comedy skits. Almost all the people that took part in talent night had a good time, and the people that watched it certainly did.

Carl Wilson pleased the audience with a song.

Phil Black and friend fool around before their number.


Although not many songs were sung this student sang some of the better ones.

Talent was demonstrated in many forms, this student showed his expertise on the piano.

SPEECH NIGHT SPRING 83 The Humanities / Social Sciences Department, featuring the members of the Spring 1983 speech classes, held their trimesterly exposition of public speakers on March 29th, 1983. These students, speaking on a wide variety of topics, were selected from their Communications III classes. Because of the large number of students in these classes, a

select group of nine were chosen by a panel of Humanities instructors. Held in the University Center for the second trimester in a row, Speech Night was hosted by Master of Ceremonies, Peter Lapiana. Well dressed and quickwitted, Peter tersely introduced each orator.

David Legge

David Nelson

Spoke on stuttering

Marie Abisrllan

Expounded on the Cera) Theory

Spoke on the issue of the college student and stress.

Curt Albert

Victoria Thomas

Confronted the nuclear issue.

Gave a funny presentation on snoring.

Janet Lowell Presented a new and interesting twist on "Why I came to Riddleu.

' Althea Nicholson Spoke on "The Laying on of Hands" a transfer of healing energy from one to another.

Abdul Alzarawani P.rovided a few hot tips on camping in the desert.

Mark Reeves Spoke on co-operative education and the three Fs, education, experience and enthusium.


The Winning Couples. (The girl at the far right seems to have been deserted by her poor, unfortunate date.)

Many students enjoyed watching the game.

And here we have another lucky couple. 34

Another lucky couple in a wild embrace.

The taming of the ... beauty.

THE E-RA U DATI NG GAME The Programming Board for on-campus Housing presented the second ERAU Dating Game and what a night of surprises and fun - all this on February 17th in the University Center.

These young ladies will have to try hard to convince another.

Here's the winning couple!

The Residence Hall programming board put on the 2nd Annual Dating Game. Here, th.r ee hopeful males try convincing the lady ... the possible date! See above for the winner.


HYPNOTIST Hypnotizing, magnetizing, mesmerizing, the original Tom energizing, fascinating DeLuca. On March 3rd at 8:30 p.m. over 500 eager, enthusiastic E-RAU students watched as their fellow students were chosen to participate in hypnotic activities.

Deluca attempts an ESP experiment during his show.

Students were given a variety of action to do while under hypnotic trances and the audience loved the results. One activity was to believe that you (the hypnotized student) were high and were hungry. Result - munch out! Another was to play Strongman and bend imaginary steel bars.

After the hypnotized students are told they are " hungry", the suggestion is made to " munch out".

With all their strength, hypnotized students try bending an imaginary steel bar set high above their heads. 36

A code word is given prior to "bringin them back."

A NIGHT OF COMEDY COMEDY NIGHT was a laugh. The packed energetic audience responded enthusiastically to the antics of a stand-up comic A. Whitney Brown and Tim Settimi, a comic mime and roller skater extraordinaire. A standing ovation surprised the performers and closed a delightful evening of

entertainment and fun. According to Bernie Castell, Entertainment Committee Chairman, "Tim was really impressed." After all the work and energy spent to study here, it was great to stop and "smell the roses" with an evening of comedy.

During an energy-filled skating exhibition, Tim shows off for all. "'

What can he say? Nothing Settimi.

mime's the word for Tim

A. Whitney Brown sets a crazy mood with comic monologue. 37

Chuck McKenney, Nick Proffitt, Paul Kilmer, Bob Walters, Bernie Castell

This construction was one of the main attractions at the party.

Tom McGimpsey and Chuck McKenney thank the students who elected them. Gypsy Child getting down 38


Gy psy Child played the top hits for the crowd who came for the celebration.

E-RAU's first VICTORY PARTY celebrating the winners of the Student Government Association race for 1983 was held on March 19, 1983. The party was a success as over 300 students attended the celebration. All elected candidates were honored for their victories at the election polls. The following students were elected to the indicated positions: Chuck McKenney . .. . . . . .. . . President Tom McGimpsey . ... ... Vice-President Mel Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chief Justice Seth Tzizik ..... .. . . . .. Representative Steve Helms . . . . . . . . . . . Representative Bob Everitt . . . . . . . . . . . . Representative Scott Johnson ... . .... . . Representative

Donna Cornell, Director of Student Activities, lends a hand at the SGA Victory Party.

Thanks to a lot of student volunteers and Ben Mills, Election Chairman, everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. The evening started with refreshments followed by the dynamic entertainment of the rock band "Gypsy Child". The Victory Celebration Party was viewed by many as an event which should be carried on as a tradition during every SGA Election.

A toast to the candidates


THE FIRST ANNUAL TOGA PARTY February 26, 1983 marked the beginning of what we hope will be a lasting affair - it was The First Annual Toga Party sponsored by the Avion Newspaper. All who attended would agree that the evening was a success and set the precedence for future affairs. Most noteworthy of the evening's entertainment was the band Common Sense. Comprised of four Embry-Riddle students and one female vocalist;

this hard-driving group entertained a crowd of at least eighty-five hearty party goers. Best Couple in a Toga went to Percy Neall, an engineering student and his girlfriend. Best Toga was a toss up between a good looking gal in leopard garb and Max Corneau in a tapestry outfit. The Most Unconventional Toga went to Bill Schrock who showed up in a monk outfit from last Halloween.

Debbie from the Career Center was a special guest.

Could this be the perfect couple?

Jocelyn Coor, beautiful and bashful. 40

For Leigh Prentice this is a well deserved break from her S.G.A. Vice President job.

Carol Faith trying her hand at cocktail waitressing .

GEORGETHOROGOOD Spring Fling sparkled a little brighter this year when George Thorogood and The Destroyers closed their 1983 tour 'Around the World in 80 Days' in Daytona. Opening for Thorogood, The Nighthawks worked an eager audience into a healthy sweat with hustling boogie and bruising blues. Riding the waves of clapping hands, stomping feet and spirited shouts, Thorogood and his

Destroyers swept onstage. The band power-housed through their best hits while George leapt across the stage; his lead guitar blazing above the melodies. Playing extended versions of their songs, George Thorogood and The Destroyers seemed determined to thrill each and every fan and to blister the evening through.

Many students enjoyed the concert.

George Thorogood put on an excellent performance for the Riddle students.

Exhausted but willing to continue.

The crowd cheered the band on as they played many favorites . 41

Abdu, Alisa Aeronautical Science

Abramian, Martin Aeronautical Engineering

Ace, Gary Aviation Maintenance

Adams, Frank AMI

Adams, Richard Aeronautical Engineering

Adekoya, Folorunso Aviation Maintenance Mgt.

Adessa, Tony Aeronautical Engineering

Agnero, Metch Jean-Marc Aeronautical Science

Ahmed, Syed Aviation Maint. Management

Albers, Dwight Aeronautical Science

Albert, Carl Aeronautical Studies

Albrecht, Christopher Aeronautical Engineering

Alfonso, James Aeronautical Engineering

Alksninis, Bo Aeronautical Engineering

Alexander, Paul Aeronautical Studies


Alexander, Teresa Aviation Maint. Tech.

Allen II, Thomas Aeronautical Studies

Allen, Kevin Aeronautical Studies

Altomare, John Aeronautical Engineering

Anantani, Dhimant Aircraft Engineering

Ancona, Pete Aeronautical Science

Anderson, Douglas Aeronautical Science

Anderson, Michael A viatiort Administration

Anderson, Steven Aeronautical Engineering

Antaki, Philip Aeronautical Science

Antolovic, Tim Aeronautical Studies

Argentero, Robyn Aviation Administration

Armas, Marcos Aeronautical Engineering

Arthur, David Aeronautical Science

Asdet-Afsari, Reza Aircraft Engineering

Bacher, Randall Aviation Management

Bailley, Bruce Aeronautical Science


Bailot, Paul Aeronautical Science

Bakare, Yomi Aircraft Engineering


Bakhtiari, Arsham Aeronautical Engineering

Balboni, Jr., Mauro Aeronautical Science

Bard, John Aeronautical Engineering

Barnes, Dean Aeronautical Studies

Beam, Jeffrey Aeronautical Studies

Barrett, Michael Aeronautical Engineering

Barron, George Aeronautical Engineering

Bartlett, James Aeronautical Science

Barto, Trina Aeronautical Studies

Barton, Robert Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Behbahani, Ahmud Roza Aircraft Eng. Tech.

Ber, Steven Aeronautical Science

Bernard, Byron Aviation Tech.

Betancourt, Rafael Aeronautical Science

Benson, Greg Aviation Tech.

r Birchfield, Kelly Aeronautical Studies

Bishop, Steven Aeronautical Studies

The trail bike races at t Day{ona ..Speedway always very exciting. Blank, Stephen Aeronautical Science


Bleiweis, Neil Aviation Technology

Bloom, Randy Aviation Management

Boen, Laura Aeronautical Studies

Bornholdt, Lisa Aeronautical Studies

Bowers, Larry Aeronautical Engineering

Braun, David Aviation Management

Breakell, Robert Aeronautical Science

Breen, Joseph Aeronautical Science

Donna Cornell and Dean Rockett have a casual conversation at the S.G.A. victory party as Benny Mills strains his ear to listen .

Brein, Karen Aviation Administration

Bridges, Leslie Aviation Management


Brillaud, Patricia Aeronautical Science

Bronsdon, Matt Aeronautical Science

• Brouillet, Frank Aeronautical Science

Brown, Don Computer Science

Brown, Kelly Aeronautical Studies

Brown, Robert Aeronautical Studies

I Brunner, Bryan Aero Eng.

Buch, Stephen Aeronautical Science

Buck, Ken Aeronautical Engineering

Budstein, Warren Aeronautical Science


Bulger, Paul Avia ti on Mgt.

Burke, Darryl Aeronautical Studies

Burger, Mike Aeronautical Science

Burnett, Robert Aeronautical Eng.


I Busecca, Joseph AMT Assoc.

Butenhoff, Roger Aeronautical Studies



Cagliostro, Robert A&P Assoc.

Came, Peter Computer Science


Caputo, Leslie Aeronautical Engineering

Carr, Gregory Aeronautical Studies

Carroll, Bill AMT Assoc.

Cartwri~ht, Sherri Aeronautical Studies

Casas, Bernardo Aeronautical Studies

Catania, Glen Aeronautical Eng.

Cavanaugh, Matt Aeronautical Studies

Ceccio, Phil Computer Science

Chaffee, Mark Aeronautical Studies

Chapman, Thomas Aviation Administration

Charlebois, David Aeronautical Science

Charron, Steven Aeronautical Engineering

Chin-Que, Dennis Aeronautical Studies

Chin, Laurence Aviation Maintenance

Chin, Michael Aeronautical Studies

Chrabas, George Aeronautical Science

Clayton, Tim Aeronautical Science

Clough, John Aviation Administration

Cole, Daniel Aeronautical Science

Cole, Harold Aviation Technology

Cole, Terry Aeronautical Science

Colliander, Dan Aviation Management

Colligan, Kevin Aeronautical Science

Colon-Cintron, Juan Aeronautical Studies


Colon, Paul Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Cone, Jennifer Aviation Administration

Connel, Barry Aeronautical Science

Correa, Manuel Aeronautical Engineering


Conroy, Wayne Professional Aeronautics

Corrigan, Mike Aeronautical Engineering

Conti, John Aeronautical Engineering

Copeland, Darlene Professional Aeronautics

Corujo, Micheal Computer Science

Cosby, Micheal Aeronautical Studies

Costa, Mario Aviation Administration

Cote, Ken Aeronautical Studies

Cross, Darren Aeronautical Science

Crum, Jr., Robert Aeronautical Science

Crutcher, Melvin Aeronautical Studies

Cuthbert, Micheal Aviation Administration

Daly, Robert Aeronautical Engineering

Damico, Dave Aircraft Eng. Tech.


Dalene, Christine Aeronautical Studies


Being put on the spot by the Avion rovin' reporter.

Bouril, Luis Avia ti on Administration



Denes, John Aviation Management

Dennis, Waynerd Aviation Technology

Desanctis, James Aeronautical Science

Difiore, Eugene Aeronautical Engineering

DiPiazza, Steven Aeronautical Science


Donna Cornell and Jennifer Werrias tending bar at the SGA victory party.

Digiovanni, Sharon Aeronautical Science

Dillon, James Aeronautical Science

Dimitriyadi, Chris Aeronautical Studies

Diserbastian, Daniel Aircraft Engineering



Dixon, Gary Aeronautical Science

Domaleski, Jr., Robert Aeronautical Science

Dominguez, Jorge Aeronautical Engineering

Dougherty, Michael Aeronautical Studies

Duda, Robert Aviation Maint. Tech.

Duddy, Brian Aeronautical Engineering

Dusenshine, Dennis Aeronautical Engineering

Eastley, Kevin Aeronautical Studies

Eichmann, Otto Aeronautical Engineering

Garfield, Keith Aeronautical Engineering

Ellis, John Computer Science

Emilio, Varcarcel Aeronautical Engineering

Engel, Ray Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Engstrom, James A via ti on Mgt.

Eppolitto, John Aeronautical Studies

Esimaje, Pete Aircraft Engineering

Essington, Gary Aeronautical Engineering

Ewing, Gary Aeronautical Science

Fahimi, Hamid Aeronautical Engineering

Faith, Carol A via ti on Mgt.

Falcone, Giancarlo Aeronautical Science

Farah, George Aeronautical Engineering

Farina, Paul Aeronautical Science

Feinstein, Adam Aeronautical Studies

Fennessy, Daniel Aeronautical Studies

Ferry, Ward Aeronautical Studies

Fileee, James Aeronautical Science

Fink, Paul Aeronautical Science

Finnen, Thomas Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Finol, Luis Aeronautical Engineering

Fisher, Barry Aviation Mgt.

Fleck, Raymond Aviation Mgt.


Flynn, James Aeronautical Science

Not many Riddle students hang out here at The Boat Hill. This is more the scene for bikers.

Frost, Dave Aeronautical Studies


Gabay, Christopher Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Fontes, Domingos __A _e.;..r_onautical Science

Foss, Lloyd Aeronautical Engineering

Fowler, Ralph Aeronautical Science

Freeman, Thomas Aviation Maint.

Friend, Todd Aeronautical Studies

Galloway, Marla Aeronautical Science

Gallucci, Joseph Aeronautical Science

Garner, Mike Aeronautical Studies

Garvey, Rosemary Aeronautical Studies

Geiger, Harry Aeronautical Science

Ghofrani, Masoud Aeronautical Engineering

Gibbs, Frankie Aviation Maint.

Gilroy, Joseph Aeronautical Science

Some of the entertainment crew relaxing at Happy Hour.

Gilroy, Robert Aeronautical Science

Girouard, Authur Aeronautical Science



Hairfield, Jeff Aviation Administration

Hall, John Aeronautical Science

Hammel, John Aeronautical Science

Hanni~an, Leo Aeronautical Science

Happ, Geor~e Aeronautical Engmeering

Harris, Rod Aeronautical Studies

Hastrock, Alan Aviation Maintenance Mgt.

Havlisch, Jay Aeronautical Science

Hall, Steve Aviation Administration

Hamid, Carmen Aeronautical Studies

A not-too-perfect couple at Halloween - "Beauty and the Beast".

Hawk, Daniel Aeronautical Studies

Hawkins, Rocky Aeronautical Science

Hayes, John Aviation Management

Headley, Roger Aeronautical Science

Drack (Randall Cohen) brings his women to their knees at the Halloween Dance.

Heal;'s, Stephen Aeronautical Engineering

Hedrick, Eric Aviation Administration

Heekin, Zachary Aeronautical Studies

Henry, Dave Aeronautical C.S. W .A.A.

Hetu, Patricia Aeronautical Science

Higuera, Tony Aeronautical Engineering


I Ho Shin, Hugh Avionics

Hogard, Andrew Aviation Technology

Hollis, Anne Aviation Administration

Hood, Robert Aeronautical Science


Gmeiner, Dave Aviation Administration

Goebel, William A via ti on Maintenance

Goode, John Aeronautical Studies

Gordon, Craig Aeronautical Science

Gordy, Fuller Aeronautical Science

Gore, Larry Aeronautical Science

Grabe, Tracy Aeronautical Science

Graber, Michael Aeronautical Science

Greeley, Tom Aeronautical Science

Greybill, Deens Aviation Technology

Green, Mel Aviation Technology

Green, Stan Computer Science



Mr. John Paul Riddle poses with Phyllis Jackson and retired General T. C. Hall.

) I

Grippi, Frank Aeronautical Science

Groth, Kenneth Aeronautical Studies

Grove, Allan Profess. Aeronautics

Grzech, Stanley Aeronautical Engineering

Gurley, Philip Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Hafezi, Kioumars Aeronautical Engineering

Hagle, Terry Aeronautical Studies

Hahn, Michael Aeronautical Science


Cheryl Benton buys out the bookstore.

Hill, Mitchell Aviation Maint. Management

Hill, Robert Aeronautical Science

Hindi, Ayoub Aviation Maint. Tech.

Hintz, Richard Aviation Technology



Horton, Karen Aeronautical Studies

Huoget, Claude Aeronautical Studies

Houston, Brenda Aeronautical Science

Huber, Charles Aeronautical Engineering

Hughes, Amy Aeronautical Studies

Hunt, James Aeronautical Science

Iannone, Mark Aeronautical Science

Imm, Robert Aeronautical Science

Jackson, Phyllis Aviation Management

Jansen, Randy Aeronautical Engineering

Johns, Frederick Aviation Maintenance

Joki, Jerry Aviation Maintenance

This picture needs no caption . . . Use your imagination.

E-RAU's own Mona Lisa

Jonasz, Peter Aeronautical Studies

Jones, Keith Aeronautical Science

J uliani, Lisa Aeronautical Studies

Kalle, Bruce Aircraft Engineering

Kane, Gregory Aeronautical Science

Karami, Mohammad Aircraft Eng. Tech.

Karreman, Viviane Aeronautical Studies

Kassoo, Ahmed Aeronautical Studies

Kecken, Albert Aeronautical Science

Keckley, Brad Aeronautical Science

Kerry, Lynn Aviation Administration

Kevorrian, Gary Aeronautical Engineering


Khan, Moham med Aeronau tical Enginee ring

Khatibi tar, Ali Aircraft Enginee ring Tech.

Kilmer, Paul Aviatio n Maint. Mgt.

Kittle, Lawrenc e Aeronau tical Science


Khan, Tariq Aeronau tical Enginee ring

Killmer , David Aviatio n Admini stration

Kilschw er, Andrew Aeronau tical Studies

Klinger , Todd Aeronau tical Science

Studen ts ... Gather in the Pub Area for ...

King Jr., Roystan Aeronau tical Enginee ring

Klocken brink, Peter Aeronau tical Studies

Kirby, Tim Aviatio n Technol ogy

Klumpp , Alan Aeronau tical Studies

Lamarche, Jr. Raymond Aeronautical Studies

Lampkin, Dan Aeronautical Science

Kluttz, Robert Aeronautical Studies

Knarr, Clark Aeronautical Studies

Kohlruss, William Aeronautical Science

Komatsu, Shin Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Kunce, Michael Aeronautical Science

Lake, Todd Aviation Technology

Lang, Michael Aeronautical Studies

Lange, Mike Aircraft Eng. Tech.


Laurento, John Aeronautical Science

Lawson, Micheal Avionics

Leblance, John Aeronautical Science

Lebo, Thomas Aviation Administration




A mouth that will eat anything in its way . .. Moshe Yuda.

Lee, Chey-Yung M.B.A.

Lemar, Robert Aeronautical Science

Lemoine, Stephen A via ti on Maint. Mgt.

Lepowski, Mark Aeronautical Engineering

Lestrange, Brian Aviation Maint. Tech.

Levine, Stephen Aeronautical Engineering

Lewis, Joe Computer Science

Lewis, Steven Aeronautical Engineering

- - =-


Linco, Robert Aviation Technology

Lindell, Sandra Aeronautical Science

Lindo, Richard Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Little, George Aeronautical Studies

Locklund, Robert Aeronautical Studies

Long, Micheal Aeronautical Science

Long, Michelle Aeronautical Science





Robert Rissell is totally unaware that he is being spied upon.

Logan, Chris Aeronautical Science

Liberti, William Aeronautical Engineering

Londry, Paul Aeronautical Studies


... Lopez, Francisco Aeronautical Engineering

Love, Thomas Aviation Adm.

Game Point!!

Lundberg, Greg Aeronautical Science

Luschick, Richard Aviation Tech.

Luther, Judy

MacFarlane, Scott Aeronautical Science

Madgett, Brian Aviation Management

Magee, Cliff Aviation Adm.

Marchini, Lawrence Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Mardirossian, Nejdeh Aircraft Engineering


Mahmoud, Isam Aircraft Eng. Tech.


Martica, Alfredo Aeronautical Studies

Marjanian, Jay Aeronautical Science

Marmolejo, Diejo Aeronautical Science

Marriner, Gil Aeronautical Studies

Marsh, Scott Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Martin, Michael Professional Aeronautics

Martin, W. Neal Aeronautical Engineering

Martin, William Aeronautical Engineering

Mayer, Larry Aviation Maintenance Tech.

Mame, Martin III Aeronautical Science

Mar9.ues, Ramon Aeronautical Engineering

It won't be game point for long


Maynard, Richard Aeronautical Science

Mayo, Etienne Aeronautical Science



McDowell, Lori Aeronautical Studies

McCaffery, Jane Aeronautical Science

McChesney, Art Aviation Maint. Mgt.

McDonough, Coleman Aeronautical Engineering

McGraw, Brian Aeronautical Engineering

McKenna, Timothy Aviation Maint. Tech.

McLeod, Wayne Aviation Administration

McMillan, Dave Aeronautical Science

Meeder, Kevin Aviation Management

Mehl, Gary Aeronautical Science

Meierjurgen, Kenneth Aeronautical Science

Metch, Agnero Aeronautical Science

Metz, Calvin Aeronautical Engineering

Meyer, Brian Aeronautical Engineering

Meyer, Timothy Aeronautical Science

Mills, Clay Aeronautical Studies

Minaei, Reza Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Molina, Luis Aeronautical Engineering

Moll, Peter Aviation Management

Molter, Steve Aviation Administration

Montalvo, Frank Aeronautical Studies

Moody, Robert Aeronautical Studies

Mooney, Patrick Aeronautical Science

Moore, Edmund Aeronautical Science

Moore, Geoffrey Aeronautical Engineering

Moore, Thomas Aviation Administration

Moro, Carlos Aeronautical Studies

Morrison, William Aeronautical Science

Morse, Robert Aeronautical Studies

Movasit, Bahram Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Mueller, Edmund Aeronautical Science

Mulready, Scott Aviation Technology


Munson, Cris Aeronautical Science

Murphy, Robert Aviation Management

A warm embrace at the dating game.

Nicklies, Duane Aviation Maint. Mgt.


Nicolai, Eric Aeronautical Science

Myers, Gregory Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Myers, Stephen Computer Science

Naggy, Robert Aeronautical Engineering

Neary, Martin Aeronautical Science

New, Ken Aviation Administration

Nichol, Kurt Aeronautical Engineering

Nelson, Marc Aeronautical Science

Nutt, Bill Aeronautical Engineering

Ogweng, Mackenzie Aviation Tech.

Ojeleye, Abraham Aviation Management

Oreilly, Tom Aeronautical Science

Ottlinger, Robert Aeronautical Science

Otto, Daniel Aviation Technology

Owens, Alice Aviation Management

Page, Susan Aviation Management

Palmer, Albert Prof. Aeronautics

Oleon, Julien Aeronautical Studies

Olumide, Dapo Aeronautical Science

Answering the questions at the Dating Game was not as easy as it appeared .

Pantoja, Bob Aeronautical Studies

Panzardi, Santiggo Aeronautical Engineering


Raimondi, John Aviation Maintenance Mgt.

Rajej, Ahmad Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Rands, Gregory Aviation Maintenance Mgt.

Razzone, Mark Aeronautical Science

Reichenbacher, Scott Aeronautical Science

Relihan, Robert Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Renshaw, Ray Aeronautical Science

Richter, Jan Aviation Maintenance Mgt.

Riggan, Wilson Prof. Aeronautics

Riordan, Thomas Aeronautical Science

Rios III, Agapito Aviation Maintenance Mgt.

Rivera, Frank Jr. Aeronautical Engineering


,;,. Rivera, Jose Aeronautical Engineering


Robinson, Renee Aeronautical Studies

Robinson, Wendy Computer Science

Robsham, David Aviation Technology


Roldan, Ronald Aeronautic al Science

Rosen, Andrew Aeronautic al Studies

Ross, Derek Aeronauti cal Science

Rossiter, James Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Rubin, Jeff Aviation Technolog y

Rundquist , James Aeronautic al Engineerin g

Rushalk, Michael Aeronauti cal Science

Russo, Mike Aeronauti cal Science

Russo, Richard Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Ryan, Mark Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Sample, Charlie Aviation Tech.

Sanchez, Moises Aeronauti cal Engineerin g

Santeusan io Jr., Dino Aeronautic al Engineerin g

Sarfati, Danny Aviation Technolog y

Savona, Nicholas Aviation Technolog y

Sawyer, Dean Aeronautic al Engineerin g


Parish, John Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Parker, Kevin Aeronautical Studies

Parlier, Mattew Aviation Mgt.

Partovi, Soad Aeronautical Studies

In the Tae-Kwon-Do Exhibition held in the U.C., extreme concentration and procession was demonstrated.



Pasaturo, Joseph Aeronautical Engineering

Pasqa, Celeste Aeronautical Studies

Penrod, Brad Aviation Management

Peterson, P. Professional Aeronautics

Peterson, Donald Aeronautical Science

Phifer, Charles Aeronautical Studies

Phillips, Robert Aeronautical Studies

Pickett, Ronald C.S.W.A.A.

Pierce, Steven Aeronautical Studies

Pinizzotto, Anthony Aeronautical Science

Plump, Bob Air Transportation Mgt.

Poepoe, John Aeronautical Science

Potter, Ken Aviation Technology

Pourhassan, Jahanshah Aeronautical Engineering

Powers, Marsha Aeronautical Science

Prentice, Janet Aeronautical Studies

Preston, Todd Aeronautical Science

Price, Charles Aeronautical Engineering

Rahmani, Ahmad Aeronautical Engineering

Railey, Timothy Computer Science


For demonstrations, Tae-Kwon-Do Masters can simulate the most devastating moves and escape unharmed.


Schenc k, Peter Aerona utical Science

Schillin ger, Raymo nd Aerona utical Science

Schmid tman, Dave Aviatio n Tech.

Schnei der, Ken Aerona utical Science

Schind ler, Scott Aerona utical Science

Schmid t Jr., Arthur Aerona utical Eng.

Shagha ghi, Sharhr yar Aircraf t Engine ering

Shaw, Donald Aerona utical Science

( Sheele r, Clayto n Aerona utical Science

Brian Finneg an relaxes mome nts before his death- defyin g parach ute jump.


Shelso n, Joan Aviatio n Maint.

Shelle r, Kevin Aerona utical Studies

Shim, Michae l Aircraf t Eng. Tech.


Shore, Christopher Aeronautica l Science

Short, William Aeronautica l Science

Simpson, Michael AMM

Sims, Charles AMT

Sinclair, Melbourne Avionics

Sindler, Russell Aeronautica l Science

Sloan, Paul Avionics

Smith, Maxine Aeronautica l Studies

Smithley, Robert Aeronautica l Science

Soldan, William Aeronautica l Studies

Soldner, John Computer Science

Songster, Bill Aeronautica l Science

The deathly jump!!



Sorensen, Marty Aviation Technology

Sorenson, Walter Aviation Administration

Sorrento, Dawn Aeronautical Science

Spiers, David Aeronautical Studies

Stahlberg, Jeffrey AeronauticafEngineering

Stanton, John Aeronautical Science

Stapleton, Howard Aeronautical Science

Stearns, James Aeronautical Engineering

Sterling, Greg Aeronautical Studies

Stern, Bruce Aviation Technology

Stern, Sidney Aeronautical Science

Stevens, Timothy Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Stewart, Frank Aeronautical Science

Stidham, Jennifer Aeronautical Studies

Stiles, Kendall C.S.W.A.A.

Stoenoski, James Aviation Technology

Stirrat, Kathleen Aeronautica l Studies

Stoekel, Robert Aviation Maint. Mgt.

Stricklin, Steve Aeronautica l Engineering

Stull, Timothr Prof. Aeronautics

Sturges, Michael Aeronautica l Science

Styczynski, Matthew Aeronautica l Science

Sullivan, Dan Aviation Technology

Suther, Wade Aeronautica l Science

Sutkowski, Stanley Aeronautica l Engineering

Swenson, Mike Aeronautica l Science

Tacher, Robert Aircraft Eng. Tech.

Terry, Lloyd Computer Science

Theisen, Eric Aeronautica l Engineering

Theran, Houshang Aeronautica l Science

Timothy, Michael Aeronautica l Studies

Todd, Brian Aeronautica l Science


Tomczyk, Thomas Aviation Management

Max Corneau checks-out the A-10.


Tomlinson, James Aeronautical Science

Torregrosa, Jorge Aircraft Engineering

Townsend, Lange Aeronautical Science

Tracy, Gillian Aeronautical Studies

Trommer, Douglas Aeronautical Science

Trusis, Richard Aeronautical Engineering

Turgeon, Mark Aviation Administration

Tutein, John Aeronautical Studies

Underwood, Gary Aviation Administration

Van Meter, Micheal Aeronautical Science

I Vaquerizo, Juan Aeronautical Engineering

Varandas, David Aeronautical Science

Var~a, Edward Aeronautical Engineering

Velez, Sonia Aviation Maint. Tech.

Veltri, Lisa Computer Science

Verdesco, Mark Aeronautical Science

Veron, Jr. George Aviation Tech.

Vinas, Aleta Aeronautical Science

Vining, John Aeronautical Science

Vuemick, Mitchell Aviation Adm.

Wager, Debra Management

Waggoner, James Aeronautical Studies

A 7,500 ft . long and 150 ft. wide runway appears rather small on final approach .

l 85


Wallstater, Michael Aeronautica l Science

Walters, Eugene Aviation Maintenanc e Tech.

Ward, James Aeronautica l Science

Watson, Kenneth Aeronautica l Engineering

Weaver, Tim Aeronautica l Science

Wedekind, Gary Aviation Maintenanc e Mgt.

Wells, Alvin A via ti on Administrat ion

White, Richard Aeronautica l Science

Wilbur, Matthew Aeronautica l Engineering

Wilder, Gre~ Aeronautica l Science

Wilkinson, Andrew Aeronautica l Science

Williams, Jeffrey Aviation Maintenanc e Mgt.

Williams, Jim Aviation Administrat ion

Williams, Terrance Aviation Maintenance Tech.

Willis, Leonard Aeronautica l Science

Wilmer, Bruce Aeronautica l Science

Wilson, Paul A. Aeronau tical Enginee ring

Wittma n Jr., Robert Aeronau tical Science

Woodhe ad, Jude Aeronau tical Enginee ring

Wilson, Steven L. Avia ti on Mainten ance Mgt.

Wolk, Larry B. Aviatio n Admini stration

Wingert , Ken Aeronau tical Science

Won~ Ling Aviatio n Mamten ance Mgt.

Worrell s, Dave Aviatio n Technol ogy

Wright, Tony Aeronau tical Studies

Yedinak, Mark

York, Donald Avionic s

Wipier, Kurt Aeronau tical Studies

Wood, Robert Aviatio n Manage ment

Wubker , Jr., Roy Aeronau tical Enginee ring


Wynter, David Aviatio n Technol ogy

Aviatio n Manage ment

Zagorac , Albert Aviatio n Mainten anre Mgt.


Zahedi, Mohsen Aircraft Engineering Tech.

Zanakos, James Aeronautical Science

Zimmermann, Jeffrey Aeronautical Science

Many came to see the opening of the racketball courts.

Spectators view a game in action through the large glass window.


S.G.A. President, Dino Santeusanio and Mr. Fidel host the opening ceremony of the racketball courts.

Boganski, Jr., John Aeronautical Studies

Casey, Ray Computer Science

Fontaine, Gregory Professional Aeronautics


ACE,GARY W. 436 Morningsid e Ave., Fairview, N.J. 07022 Aviation Maintenanc e Manageme nt - B.S., Aircraft A.S., Aviation Maintenan ce Maintenan ce Technology - A.S., Private Pilot License, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic License, Commissio ned 2nd Lt. - U.S. Army, Army ROTC - 3-year scholarship , Outstandin g Cadet/Supe rior Performanc e Award. Graduated April, 1983. ADAMS, RICHt\JD E. 141 High St., Medford, Mass. 02155 Sigma Gamma Tau, E-RAU Chapter AIAA, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Dean's ist - Fall '79, Fall '81, Spring '82, Private Pilot, Ho r Student - Spring '78, Fall '78, Spring '81. Graduated April, 1983. ALBERS, D IGHTC. 2690 N.E. 2 th St., Pompa».<> Beach, Fla. 33062 Honor Roll, Dean's List ft, 82, Intramural Sbftball, .SEL, Bowling, Commercia l Li~, Instrument Ra MEL, CFI, CFII. Graduat+ ember, 1982. ALBRECHT, R. J. 5171 Marigny St., New Orl.-, La. 70122 B.S., Sigma Gamma Tau, Aeronautica l ~ring National Engineerin g H~ Society, Dean's List, Honor Roll, Privi(te Pilot. ~ed April, 1983. ALEXANDER, PAULM. 5 Gia1;mo Rd., Wayne,N.J, .01470 Bachelor of Sciel'(:e - Aeronautic al Studies, A.S. Aeronautica l Studies, A.S...... Aviation Maintenanc ei Technology , Ail'fram.e and Powerplan t Licenses, Dean's t;st - F<Ul '81, Summer '82, Honor Student - Fall '80, Spring '81, Spring 82, t dent pilot. Graduated April, 1983. ALKSNINI S, ARAS Avion Newspaper Bus·ness Manager, Sigma Gamma Tau Engineerin g Honor Society L-5 Aerospace Society, Dean's List. ALLE I KEV N R. 817 Amber Rd., Orlando, Fla. 32807 Air Force ROTC, Bowling 1 Teani~ PriV'ate Pilot License, AOPA member (4-Years), Air Safe~ Foundation Member (3-years). Graduated August, 1983. ANCO A, PETER 14 Moriarity Dr., Wilton, Conn. 06897 Commercial, Instrument , Multi-Engi ne, CFI. Graduated December, ) 982. ANDERSO N, DOUG Robinhood Pl., Madison Heights, Va. 24572 Delta Gizmo Fraternity, Single, Multi-Engi ne Land


Rating, Instrument Rating, Commercia l Certificate, CFI, E-RAU Softball, Aeronautica l Science - B.S., Graduated April, 1983. ANDERSO N, STEVEN K. 2605 Sigmona St., Falls Church, Va. 22046 Music Director WERU-AM '80, Honor Roll '82, Dean's List '82, Intramural Softball, Member AIAA. Graduated December, 1982. ANTAKI, PHILIP Casilla 200, Cochabamb a, Bolivia, S.A. Commercia l, Instrument , Single and Multi-Engi ne, Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument , E-RAU Bowling League, Graduated December, 1982. ANTOLOV IC, MARKO 669 Orange St., Wyandotte, Mich. 48192 Private pilot, AAAE, National and E-RAU chapte~ ERAU AAAE Project Comm., Dean's List 4 tti est rs, National Dean's List, Manageme nt Club - 2 years. Graduated April, 1983. AltTHUR, DAVID 36717 Thinbark Ct., Wayne, Mich. 48184 Dean's List - Fall '81, CFI ASEL, Commercia l/Instrument ASMEL, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chairman Student Judicial Board, Supervisor Weather Facility, Who's Who Among Students in Amencan Colleges and Universities. Graduated August, 1983. BACHER, RANDALL 15 David Dr., Palatine, Ill. 60067 Member of AAAE (American Assoc. of Airport Executives), Intramural Football, Dean's List, Honor Roll. Graduated December, 1982. BAILOT, PAUL RD l, Box 178, Rhinebeck N '1. 12572 Resident Advisor, Head Resident, Intramural softbaij, football and volleyball. Honor Roll, Commercia l - ~ strument ASMEL, CFI. Graduated April, 1983. BALBONI, MAURO nn. 06111 54 Ralph Ave., Newingto , Comm•I ASMEL, Honor Aeronautica l Science iation Club, Naval AOCS, I.oil - Spnng '81, Nav In~ural Softball, BoWlmg. Graduated April, 1983. BARRON, GEORGE 01 401 Brodview, Altamount springs, Fla. Sigma Gamma Tau, Co-op Advisory Council, AIM, American Helicopter Society, Dean's List, Private Pilot BARTLETT, JAMES J. 6 Murray Ln., Neptune, NJ 07753 Comm-lnSt . ASME~ Aeronautic al Science - B.S., CFlASEL, AGI, IGI, BGl, Flight Team Member, (t asttrer),

Dean's List - Spring '82. Graduated December, 1982. BARTON, ROBERT P. 6608 Powderhorn Dr., Canton, Mich. 48187 Dean's List, Veterans Association, Management Club, CFL Airframe and Powerplant Certificate. Graduated June, 1983. BENSON, GREG E. 6225 S.W. 123 Terr., Miami, Fla. 33156 Dean's List, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, CFI, A&P, B.S. - Aviation Technology. Graduated June 1983. BILDSTEIN, WARREN C. 280 Lincoln Ave., Secaucus, N.J. 07094 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Aviation Management A.S., Dean's List, National Dean's List, Intramural Softball, Comrn.-1, ASMEL, CPI, AGI, IGI. Graduated April, 1983. BILLAUD, PATRICIA Member of Alpha Eta Rho, Professional Aviation Fraternity. BISHOP, STEVEN R. 30 Oak St., Amityville, N.Y. 11701 Private Pilot Certificate, Airframe and Powerplant Certificate, National Dean's List - '80, '81. Graduated August, 1983. BLANK, STEP EN M. 461Beach141 Street, Belle Harbor, N.Y.11694 National Dean's List, 1981-82, Comm.-I ASMEL, CFIAISME, AGI, IGI. Graduated April, 1983. BLOOM,RA DY 26F Heritage Dr., New City, N.Y. 10956 Aviation Management - B.S., Resident Advisor - '80'82, Head Resident - '82-'83, Phoenix Entertainment Editor '80, '81, Phoenix Business Manager '81-'83, Phoenix Editor - Summer '82, AFROTC Pilot Candidate, Phoenix Clubs and Organizations Editor - '8182, Member Avion - Fall '81, Spring '82, Member Traffic and Safety Comm., Member - Management Club, Member - Society of Collegiate Journalists, Member - Reserve Officers Association, Member Student Union Board, Intramural Softball, football '81-'82. (Castrators), Phoenix Editors Award Graduated April, 1983. BOEN, LAURAL. 5133 Oak Tree Dr., Kettering, Ohio 45440 Management Club (3 yrs.), Management Club Computer Committee (1 year), Computer Science Club (1 yr.), Student Speakers Bureau (2 yrs.), L-5 Aerospace Society (2 yrs.), Received the Ninety-Nines Scholarship - Summer '82, National Dean's List '82, Chair. Com-

puter Comm. - Management Club - Spring '83, V. P. - Eta Mu Sigma (Aviation Management Honor Society), Spring '83. Graduated August, 1983. BOWERS, LAWRENCE K. 3818 Medina Way, Sebring, Fla. 33870 Marie Waldman 4-yr . Scholarship, Sec. and Photographer of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dean's List, Member of Omicron Delta Kappa, - National Leadership and Ho r Society, Private Pilot with Glider Rating. Graduated August, 1983. BRAUN, DAVIDE. 17 Forest Rd., Wallingford, Conn. 06492 Aviation Management - B.S., Intramural Hockey, Football, basketball and softball, Dean's List. Graduated April, 1983. BREIN, KAREN Aviation Administration - B.S., National Dean's List, Member of Management Club, Private Pilot. BRIDGES, LESLIE D. 2955 Tieman Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Member of Brothers of the Wind, Airport Executives Club member. Graduated April, 1983. BRONSDON, MA TT 4019 Arroyo Ln., Tampa, Fla. 33624 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Commercial ASEL/MEL, Instrument Rating, CFII-SEL. Graduated April, 1983. BROWN, DONALD L. 2418 Lucerne Ave., Stockton, Calif. 95203 Water Ski Club member, Computer Club member, Private Pilot, R/C Airplane modeler. Graduated April, 1983. BROWN, ROBERT F. 211 Garden PL, West Hempstead, N.Y. 11552 B.S., Comm.-I Aeronautical Studies Graduated August, 1983.


BUCH, JOAN A. 2681 Woodside Dr., RD 1 Elmira, N.Y. 14903 Dean's List, Comm. ASMEL, Inst. Rating, CFI, Intramural Baseball, AFROTC. Graduated April 1983. BURGER, MIKER. 313 Snapfinge Woods, Apt. # 125, Daytona Beach, Fla. 32014 Teacher's aid/Student Grader, Avion staff newspaper writer, Vice-President and Co-founder of campus L-5 Aerospace Society Student Representative of SCA, Aeronautical Science, - B.S., Aviation Management A.S. Member of Flight team, karate club, Comm-I ASEL,


AMEL, CFI; Australia Private Pilot, Endorsem ent, Entertainment stage crew staff, Spring Fling "81," Member of Student Orientatio n Committe e. Graduate d December , 1982. BURKE, DARRYL W. Box 282 Menwith Hill Station APO NY NY 09210 Air Force Pilot Allocation , Arnod Air Society Member, Naval Aviation Club Member, AAS Outstand ing Area Squadron , Member South East Region Colleges, AF Leadershi p Ribbon, Distingui shed GMC Cadet, AF Superior PerL Ribbon (2), ROH Member, Group Commander, Intramur al Football, Softball Area H, Southeast ern Colleges, Arnold Air Society Executive Officer, Vice Wing Command er, AFROTC Distingui shed Graduate. CAME, PETER Phoenix Staff Member, Dean's List Sum B 1981, A.S .. Avionics Maintena nce Tech., BGI. CAPUTO , LESLIE A. Gateway Heights Huntingt on, Mass . 01050 B.S. in Aeronauti cal Engineeri ng, Dean's List, Intramural oftball, Student Assistant Private Pilot. Graduated D cember, 1982. CASAMA SSIMA, ANNA 7 Farringto n Rd., Croton-O n-Hudson , N.Y. 10500 Member Delta Chi Fraternity , Delta Chi Junior Scholar Award 1982, Graduated April, 1983. CASAS, BERNAR DO 6303 Inca St., Orlando, Fla. 32807 Private Pilot License, AFROTC, Voluntee r Intake Counselo r, Water Skiing. Gr!;lduated April, 1983. CAVANA UGH, DELORE S 743 East 4th St., Minden, Neb. 68959 AFROTC - General Dynamics Award, Dean's List, Honor Roll, Aeronauti cal Studies - B.S., Intramura l Football, Softball, Basketbal l, Arnold Air Society, Graduated April, 1983. CHAPMA N, THOMAS A. P.O. Box 332, Egg Harbor City, N.J. 08215 Aviation Administ ration - B.5., Dean's List, Private Pilot, AAAE Chairman of Projects Committe e, Alpha ETA Rho, ERAU Flight Team, Co-Capta in, FAA/ERA U Flight Fellowshi p and Research Program, Graduate d April, 1983. CHARLE BOIS, ROLAND J. 6618 N. 29th St., Arlington , Va. 22213 Aeronauti cal Science B.S., All those aeronauti cal certificates, ratings, and stuff, Graduated April, 1983.


CHIN QUEE, DENNIS P. Honor Roll, Airframe and Powerpla nt Certificat e, Graduated 1983. COLE, DANIEL H. 228 Ivyhurst Circle, Amherst, N.Y. 14226 Richard Vagnozzi Memorial Scholarsh ip, The National Dean's List, FAA Research Program - "E" Flight, Graduated April, 1983. COLE, HAROLD J. 12 Clark Lane, Palm Coast, Fla. 32037 Airframe and Powerpla nt Cert., Avionics, Dean's List, Graduated Aug. 1983. COLE, TERRY L. 208 N. Carlisle St., Greencast le, Pa. 17225 Aeronauti cal Science - B.S., Commerc ial Instrumen t, ASEL and AMEL, CFI, Dean's List, Sum. A 1982, Golf Club, Graduated April, 1983. CONE, JENNIFE R L. 331 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Stratford, Conn. 06497 Aviation Administ ration - B.S., Dean's List, Secretary , AAAE Chapter, Member of Mgmt. Club's Alumni Committee, Member of Mgmt. Club, Member of E-RAU's Needs As essment Committe e, Student Assistant for Career Center, Graduated December , 1982. CONNEL L, BARRY V. 338 NE 89 St., Miami, Fla. 33138. Commerc ial-Multi- Instrumen t, CFt AGI, National Dean's List 1981, Dean's List 1979, 1980, 1981, Alpha Eta Rho 1979, ERAU Bowling League 1980, 1982, Aeronauti cal Science - B.S., Aeronauti cal Studies A.S., Graduated April, 1983. CONROY , WAYNE A. 1125 E. Baya Ave., Lake City, Fla . 32055 Dean's, Veteran's Club, Graduate d April, 1983. COPELA ND, DARLEN E J. P.O. Box 21,,54, Plattsburg h AFB, N.Y. 12903 Dean's List, Member - Vets Club. E-RAU Bowling League, Member-F PW A, Graduate d August, 1983. COTE, KENNET H P. 504 Cedar Hollow, Rocky hill, Conn. 06067 Private Pilot, Honor Roll, Intramura l Football, Softball, Hockey, Graduated April, 1983. CRUM, ROBERT L. 240 Spruce Street, Byesville, OH 43723 Aeronauti cal Science - B.S., Aviation Managem ent A.S., Dean's List, Comm.-1 ASMEL, CFII ASMEL, BGI, AGI Intramura l Softball, Graduate d April 1983.

D'AMICO, DAVID B. 38 Lourain St., Fairfield, Conn. 06432 Chairman of Entertainm ent Committee, Who's Who 1982, 1983, Graduated April, 1983. DAWKINS , TODD D. 124 S.W. 12th Ave., Boynton Beach, Fla. 33435 Mgmt. Club 1980, President of Mgmt. Club 1981, 1982, 1983, Student Speakers Bureau 1981-1983, Speech Night 1981, Orientation Leader 82-83, Who's Who 82-83, Intramural Frizbee, Hockey, Softball, Tastebuds 1980-83, Graduated August, 1983. DAUBERT, LEROY A. ODK, National Dean's List, Flight Fellowship Scholarship - 1980, Computer Science Club, Residence Hall Judicial Board, FAA Private Pilot Certificate, Intramural Football and Softball, member of Academic Computer Operations Committee, Student Computer Lab Manager Assistant, Graduated December, 1982. DAY, DENNISE. JR. 30 Edith Ave., Buzzards Bay, Mass. 02532 路 Aeronautica l Science - B.S., Aeronautica l Studies A.S., Dean's List, Comm-I ASMEL, CFI, Captain - Intramural Volleyball, Member L-5 Aerospace Society, Graduated April, 1983. DEGENNA RO, ROBERT 113 Hilltop Dr., Brentwood, N. . 11717 Private Pilot Cert., Naval Officer Candidate, Graduated April, 1983. DEKKER, GREGORY N. 4571 Langport, Columbus, OH 43221 Dean's List, MGMTA Club, Private Graduated April, 1983.



DENNIS, WAYNE G. 1712 Palmer Dr., Ormond Beach, Fla. 32074. National Dean's list, ATP Helicopter, Multi Engine Airplane, Commercia l Pilot SEL, SES, CFII, Multi Engine land, Single Engine Land, Helicopter, Airframe and Powerplant Cert., Member American Helicopter Society, Graduated December, 1982. DESANCTI S, JAMES S. 392 W. Valley Brook Rd., Califon, N.J. 07830. Skydiving Club, Mgmt. Club, Scholarship Committee for Mgmt. Club, Assisted in first Jump Training for Skydiving Club, Helped Construct Lowspeed Eind tunnel for Engineerin g Dept., Graduated April, 1983. DIGIOVAN NI, AHARON A. 9967 Doerste Ct., St. Louis, MO 63123 ODK; Secretary, Residence Hall Judicial Board, E-RAU Dean's List, Student assistant AS department , Comm-I, ASEL, AMEL, CFI, 99's, Who's Who, Graduated April,

DISEBAST IAN, JOHN 129 Stillman Ave., Pawcatuck, Conn. 06379 Comm-I ratings, A&P Cert. Intramural Softball, AIAA B.S., Club, Aircraft Engineerin g Technology Graduated April, 1982. DOMINGU EZ, JORGE 2069 Ortega y Gasset, El Senorial Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 00926 Sigma Gamma Tau, AIAA, Honor Roll, Dean's List, Intramural Football, Basketball, Holly Hill Basketball League, Graduating December, 1982. ELLIS, JOHN R. 2900 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 32018 Dean's List 1980-1982, Honor Roll Fall 1981, Graduated April 1983. EPPOLITO , JOHN 102 Howard St., Canastota, N.Y. 13032 Comm-I Cert., AAAE Club Member, Graduated August, 1983. FAITH, CAROL President of Skydiving Club, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Mgmt. Club Member, Phoenix Yearbook Fall 1980, Avion - Spring 1980, Water Ski Club Spring 1983. FARINA, PAULC. P.O. Box 121, Baldwin Place, N.Y. 10505 Aeronautica l Science - B.S., Comm-I ASMEL, CFI, Member of United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class, Graduated April, 1983. FINK, PAUL D. Aeronautica l Science - B.S., Comm-I AMEL, CFI, Co-op Federal Aviation Administra tion Technical Center, Atlantic City, N .J. Summer I Fall 1982. FIORE, EUGENE D. 1961 Alfred-Lali berte Montreal, Quebec, H3M-IX8, Canada. Private Pilot A-SEL, Dean's List 3 trimesters, Honor roll 2 trimesters, lnter-Flyte (Internation al Student Flying Team) (Vice President), L-5 Aerospace Society member, Graduated April, 1983. FISCHER, BARRY J. 5334 Corydon-Co urt, Fort Wayne, Ind. 46815 Scuba Club, L-5 Aerospace Society, AAAE, Aviation Mgmt. Club, Graduated April, 1983. FLYNN, JAMES B.

National Dean's List, Honor Roll, Comm.-! ASMEL, Secretary, E-RAU Flight Team, Co-op Summer 1982, Humanities , Karate Club, Student Assistant Graduated April, 1983.



FONTES, DOMINGOS L. ASMEL, CFI, Karate Club, Tae Kwon Do Championship Dean路 List Fall 1982 - Spring 1983. FOWLER, RALPH W. III 407 Chinguapin Drive, SW Marietta, GA 30064 Co-op Student ASsociated Aviation Underwriters, Comm-I, Multi, CFI, E-RAU Mgmt. Club, E RAU Seuba Club, Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot, Graduated December, 1982.

GILROY, ROBERT J. 971 E. 46 St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11203 Commercial Pilot Certificate, Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Instrument Airplane, Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane single engine, Instrument Airplane, FAA Pilot Proficiency Wings Phase One Cert., First Class Medical Certificate, FAA Physiological Training Certificate, Honor Roll, Fall '79 and Spring '80, Dean's List, Summer '82, Terms A&B. Graduated December, 1982.

FROST, DAVID J. 2760 N.E. 23 Pl., Pompano Bch., Fla. 33062 Aeronautical Studies - B.S. (Flight), Aeronautical Science - A.S., Comm-I ASMEL, CFI, Dean's List, Intramural Football and Softball, SC} Convention Coordinator, SGA Court Justice, President and Treasurer of Society for Collegiate Journalists, L-5 Aerospace Society Historian, Avion and Phoenix Special Assignments Photographer, AVION Sports Editor 1980-82, Naval Aviation Club, Graduated August, 1982.

GMEINER, DAVID L. 31164 San Juan Dr., Mt. Clemens, MI 48045 Private Pilot, Dean's List, Captain - Intramural Softball, 2nd Place AIAA Glider Contest, Flight Slot Navy, Treasurer - Naval Aviation Club. Graduated December, 1982.

GALLOWAY, MARLA L. 1217 Wood Valley Rd., Augusta, Ga. 30909 Daytona Beach Rotary Club Scholarship - 1982, National Dean's List - 1980-1983, ERAU Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa - '81, Treasurer: 1982-83, Residence Hall Judicial Board - '81-'83, International Women Pilots Org . (99's) - ' 81-'83r Student Asst. - AS Dept., Nominee fo r Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Graduated Awil, 1983. GALLUCCI, JOSEPH R. 750 Pettigrew Rd., N. Huntingdon, Pa. 15642 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Aeronautical Studies A.S., Comm.-1 ASMEL, CFI-ASMEL. Graduated June, 1983. GA NER,MIKE 13 Dogwood Rd., Newnan, Ga. 30263 eronautical Studies - B.S., Aviation Maintenance Technology - A.S., Airframe and Powerplant License, Dean's List. Graduated April, 1983. GARVER, PAULA M. Route 5, Box 236, Chaflottesville, Va. 22901 President - Alpha Eta Rho 4/81-9/82, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, Dean's List, Pledgemaster - Alpha Eta Rh 9/80-4/81, Secretary - InterFraternity Council, Softball '81-'82, Volleyball '80-'82, Aviation Expo Steering Committee. Gradua ted December, 1982. GATES, DANIELJ. 8 Thendara Ln., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12603 Dean's List - Spring '80, FCC Radio Telephone Licen se,


Commissioned - 2nd Lt. USAF. Graduated April, 1983.

GOEBEL, WILLIAM 9 Georgia Pk., Conroe, TX 77302 Airframe and Powerplant License, Member - Management Club, Delta Chi - President, Past Vice-President and Alumni Secretary, Interfraternity Council - Past Secretary. Graduated December, 1982. GRAYBILL, DEENS 943 Ardath Pl., airfax, Va. -2032 'Aviation T chnology - B.S., Airframe and Powerplant License, General Class Radio Telephone Operator, License with Radar E dorsem nt, rivate Pilot License. Graduated April, 1983. GREELEY, THOMAS W. RD 3 Starks Rd., Winsted, CT 06098 CFI, Multi-Commercial instrument, Resident Advisor '80, Flight Leadership Program, Intramural Softball, Aeronautica Science - B.S., Graduated June, 1983. GREEN, JR. MELVIN K. Chief Justice, SGA Student Court - April '82-April '83, member of SGA Student Admin. Council, ODK - Oct. '82, Dean's List and Honor Student, SO\lba Club - Pres., V. Pres. and Sec. - Spring '82-May '83, Crew Chief for FAA Repair Station at AMT, Lab Asst. for Electric Lab. at AMT, volinteer staff at Volusia House, (a state funded half-way ouse for juvenile delinquent boys) - Dec. '79-Dec. '82. HAGLE, TERRY A. 90 Martin Point Ct., Roswell, Ga. 30076 Comm.-Inst. ASEL, Valiant Air Command Editor ,.- ... year. Graduated April, 1983.


HAHN, MICHAEL J. Comm. I SEL, MEL, BGI, IGI, CFI, CFII, Honor Roll, Dean's List, Intramural Basketball, Football Capt., Int.

Frisbee, University Lifeguard.

HALl, JOHN B. 623 S. Lan vale Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 32014 Dean's List, Management Club, CFII-ME. Graduated December, 1984. HALL, STEVE A. Rte. 1, Box 149, Leesville, S.C. 29070 Aviation Administration - B.S., Commercial Instrument, Ground Instruc. - Basic, Advanced, Instrument, Army ROTC, Army ROTC Flight Slot, Member Reserve Officers Assoc. Graduated August, 1983. HAIRFIELD, JEFFREY A. 5360 S.W. 10th Ct., Plantation, Fla. 33317 Private Pilot License, Baseball Team, Graduated April, 1983. HAMID, CARMEN E. 1960 W. Keating Ave., #250, Meza, Ariz. 8520 Volleyball Intramurals, Avion, International Student Coordinator. Graduated June, 1983. HANNIGAN, LEO T. 117 Chestnut St., Audubon, N.J. 08106 Commercial-Instru ment-Multi-CF!, NSSA Surf Club member, FAA-Flight Fellowship Program. Graduated April, 1983. HAVLISCH, JAY W. 7251 orth Shore Trail, Forest Lake, N 55025 Certified Flight In tructor, AirEl ne Single and MultiEngine Land, FI-Instrument, Instrument and Advanced Ground Instructor, Management Club, Intramural Softball. Graduated April, 1983. HAWKINS, ROCKY L. Aeronautical Science Dean's List.


HEADLEY, ROGER A. 295 Wilbert Ave., Washington, Pa. 15301 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Comm. I ASMEL, CFI, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball. Graduated April, 1983. HEAPS, STEPHEN M. 6875 Old Berwick Rd., Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 Dean's List - '79-'82, Military Order of World Wars AS200 Award, Air Force Assoc. AS300 Award, member - Sigma Gamma Tau. Graduated April, 1983. HIGUERA, ANTHONY AFROTC, AF Pilot lSlot, Resident Advisor, Reserve Officer Association (ROA member), AFROTC Inspector General.

HOOD, ROBERT W. 10469 N.W. 4 Street, Plantation, Fla. 33324 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Aviation Management A.S., Aviation Maintenance Technology - A.S., Commercial Instrument ASMEL, CFI-I ASMEL, Airframe and Powerplant Licenses, Dean's List, President Sandpiper Aviation. Graduated August, 1983. HOUSTON, BRENDAL. 14 Bailey St., Skowhegan, Maine 04976 Commercial Pilot, Instrument and Multi-Rating, CFI, CFIAI, Dean's List. Graduated December, 1982. HUBER, CHARLES 228 Strawtown Rd., New City, N.Y. 10956 Sigma Gamma-Tau, Aerospace Engineering National Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society, AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and ~stronautics) Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, National Dean's List, Physics and Chemistry Lab Instructor, Grader for Physics, chemistry, calculus, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, Varsity Golf Team, Intramural: flag football (capt.), softball (capt.), basketball, and floor hockey, racquetball, bicycling, bowling, tennis, percussion instruments, and theatrical lighting. Graduated April, 1983. HUGHES, AMY M. 28 Deerfield Drive, Florham Park, N.J. 07932 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Commercial Instrument, ASEL, MEL, CFI, Dean's List, Honor Roll, FPWA President, Dispatcher Program. Graduated August, 1983. HUTSO , CHERI A. Management Club Public Relations Chairperson, Sailing Club Secretary, Vets Club, Avion Staff Reporter, Student Government Representative at L rge - Campus Council Comm., Academic Standards and Procedures Comm., Included in '80-'81 edition of The National Dean's List, Vets Club Intramural Softball Team, Federal Express Cooperative Educat on Student - Fall '82-Spring '83, Bowling League. Graduated December, 1983. IMM, ROBERT J. 66-12 52nd Dr., Maspeth, N . . 11378 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Comm. 1-ASMEL, BGI, AGI, IGI, Scuba Club, CFI- -ASMEL, E-RAU Flight Instructor. Graduated June, 1983. JOHNS, PATRICK T. 15572 Bristol Circle W . , Clearwater, Fla. 33516 Aviation Maintenance Management - B.S., A&P Certificate, Management Club. Graduated June, 1983. JONASZ, PETER A. 1400 S. Nova #259, Daytona Beach, Fla. 32014 Aeronautical Studies - Avionics - B.S., Aviation


Management - A.S., Private Pilot, FCC First Class Radio Telephone License with Radar. Graduated August, 1983. JULIANI, LISA A. 1138 Belmont Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities - Fall '82, National Dean's List - Fall '81pring '82, Dean's List - Spring '80-Fall '82, Manageent Club 1st Scholarship Award, Management Club, Sec.-Treas. - Sum. A-B '82, Management Club - Chair. Computer Comm. - Fall '82, Management Club - Fall '82 - Co-Chair of Eta Mu Sigma Honor Society, all '82, Computer Science Omicron D lta Kappa Club - Co- under - Spring '82 - Sect. - SpringFall '82, Entertai ment Comm - Fall '79-Spring '81, L-5 Aerospace Soc., Fall '80-Fall '81, AIAA - Spring '80. Graduated December, 1982.

Graduated April, 1983. KILMER, PAUL F. 12700 Craig Ave., Grandview, MO 64030 Aviation Maintenance Management - B.S., Aviation Maintenance Technology - A.S., National Dean's List, Honor Student, Entertainment Committee, A&P License, Intramural Softball. Who's Who. Graduated August, 1983. KING, JR., ROYSTAN J. 145-50 S.W. 105 Ave., Miami, FL 33176 Aeronautical En ineering, - B.S., Member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Member of Sigma Gamma Tau, National Dean's List, Intramural Volleyball, Member of AIAA, Physics lab instructor, Chemistry lab instructor, Intramural footbal . Graduated December, 1982.

KALLE, BRUCE J. 71 Salem St., Edison, N.J. 08820 Aircraft Engineering Technology - B.S., Airframe and Powerplant License, Scuba Club - 81-83, Water Ski '81-'83, '81-'83, Naval Aviatio~ Club Club Graduated August 1983.

KIRBY, TM 5991 Pine Lane, Sebring, FL 33870 Aviation Technology - B.S., Commercial Instrument, Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Airplane MultiEngine Land, CFI, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics License, Flight Team, Graduated April, 1983.

KANE, GREGORY R. 1015 Plymouth St., Abington, Mass. 02351 ERAU Dean's List, National Dean's ist, Commercial Pilot - Single-engine, multi"t?ngine, instrument rating, Embry-Riddle Aer. U. Flight Team, Flight Team Trophy - 2nd place Power-on landings, Naval Aviation Club - Secretary of NAC, Navy Flight Slot - August 1983, President of Naval Aviation Club - Spring, 1983. Graduated June, 1983.

KITTLE, LAWRENCEW. 122 Coral Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33905 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Aeronautical Studies A.S., Dean's List, Honor Roll, Comm .-1, ASELJ AMEL, CFI, Graduated cum laude. Graduated April, 1983.

KARREMAN, VIVIA E 130 Bimini Rd., Cocoa each, Fla. 32931 Dean's List, National Dean's List, Flight Team ember, Bowling, Private Pilot. Graduated December, 1982. KECKEN, III, ALBERT J. 2836 Montclair Dr., Ellicott City, Md. 21043 Dean's List (Spring '82), Commercial Certificate, nst ument Rating, Multi-engine rating, CFI. Graduated Ag it 1983. KECKLEY, BRADLEY J. 9115 Lancaster Rd. S.E., Hebron, Ohio 43025 Ski Club, Scuba Club, Softball, Football, CFI. Graduated June, 1983. KILLMER, DAVID R. 73 Murdock St., Huntington Station, N.Y. 11746 Aviation Administration - B.S., Aerospace Technology - A.S. (S .U.N.Y./Farmingdale), Dean's List - 8 consecutive trimesters, National Dean's List '80-'81, '81-'82, Naval Aviation Club, Avion Contributing Photog., Privatate SEL (almost), Navy Flight Slot (June 1983).

KLISCHER, ANDREW W. Aeronautical Studies - B.S., Avi ion Maintenance Technology - A.S., National Dean s List '81-'83, A&P SEL, Advance License, Commercial I Instrument Ground Instructor (AGI). KLUTTZ, ROBERT A. Route 5, Box 127, Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Veteran's Club - '82, Waterski Club - '80-'81, Resident Advisor - '80-'82, Grader (Coml, ComII, Tech Report), Englisn Ttl,tlir - '81, U.S. Marine Corps PLC Graduate, Natio.n.11 Dean's List, E-RAU Bowling League '81. Graduated Ail.gust, 1983. Ri;t9jfMfil;.LIAM A. 3604 Brookside Rd., Stow, OH 44224 Commercial Single/Multi Instrument, CFI Single/Multi Instrument, BGI, IGI, Simulator Dept. Dispatcher, Dean's List (5 trimesters), Student Assist. (Copy Office Flt. Dept.), Flight Instructor (Simulator Dept). Graduated April, 1983.

KUNCE, MICHAEL 516 N. College, Batavia, Ill. 60510 Dean's List - 5 trimesters, Honor Roll - 3 trimesters, ERAU GAT Instructor, Student Government scholarship, National Dean's List, Intramural Football and


SEL & MEL, CFI-CFTI, Management Club, Golf Team, Instructor - "OBA" and Flying Club .

LaMARCHE, JR. RAYMOND E. 56 Pondview Drive, Chicopee, MA 01020 Arnold Air Society, Student pilot, Air Force Pilot Slot, Intramural Softball, Honor Roll - Spring 1982-Present. Graduated April, 1983.

LOVE, THOMAS H. RD #1, Box 254, Amity, PA 15311 Commercial/Instrument SEL, Captain Softball Spring '82, Captain Football - Fall '82, Bowling League Sprint '81, B.S. Aviation Administration, A.S. Aeronautical Science, A.S. Aviation Management, A.S. Aeronautical Studies, Flight Leadership Program. Graduated August, 1983.

Bowling, CFI A December, 1982.



LAWSON, MICHAEL B. P.O. Box 1603, Titusville, FL 32780 Aeronautical Studies - B.S., 2nd Class FCC, Radar Endorsement, Private Pilot. Graduated April, 1983. Le BLANC, JOHN D. 6802 Twelve Oaks Blvd., Tampa, FL 33614 Dean's List, Comm. Inst. Multi-engine, CFI, Skydiving Club. Graduated April, 1983.

MADGETT, BRIAN J. 20 Leisure Court, Cincinnati, OH 45241 Private Pilot, FAA Airframe License, FAA Powerplant License, Associate Degree Aviation Maintenance Management, Bachelor Degree Aviation Maintenance Management. Graduated April, 1983.

LEMOINE, STEPHEN F. anagement - B.S., Aviation Aviation Maintenance A.S., Dean's List, Veterans Maintenance Technology Assoc. Treasurer, President, Softball, Bowling, Turbine Lab Assistant, A&P License.

MAGEE, CLIFFORD R. RR #2, Box 597, Catoosa, OK 7 15 Dean's List, 3 trimesters, Trimester Honors 1 trimester, Vice President - Screaming Eagles - 2 trimesters, Secretary - Screaming Eagles - 1 trimester, Private Pilot Certificate, Airframe License, Management Club - 3 trimester . Graduated December, 1982.

LEVINE, CRAIG S. 1557 Locust St., New Cumberland, PA 17070 Aeronautical Engineering - B.S., Dean's List, Sigma Gamma Tau, Intram ral Racquetball, Co-op Student NADC. Graduated April, 1983.

MAH OUD, ISAM 667 Ringwood Ave. Wanaque, N.J . 07465 Graduated Aug ust, 198~ .

LEWIS, JOSEPH J. 27 Chase St., Concord, N.H. 03301 Area Commander - Arnold Air Society, AF-ROTC Cadet of the Trimester (POC & GMC), National Dean's List, ERAU Dean's List - 8 tris, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univ rsities, 4 yr. AF-ROTC Computer Science Scholarship, Air Force Commission, PDPII Simulator Design - Special Topics Course, American Legion Scholarship Medal, Arnold Air Society Outstanding Squadron Member Medal. Graduated April, 1983. LEWIS, STEVEN R. 5805S.W.I17th Ave., Cooper City, FL 33330 National Dean's List - '80-'81 , ERAU Soccer Team '78, '79, '81, A&P License - Dec. '82, ERAU Table Tennis Champion - '79, Christian Fellowship Club. Graduated December, 1982. LOCKLUND, ROBERT M . 1829 W. Summerdale, Chicago, IL 60640 National Dean's List - '82, ERAU Dean's List - Summer '82, Publicity Director - Riddle Regatta - '81 , Vet's Club, Vet's Club Softball, Graduated August, 1983. LONDRY, PAUL M.

MARCHINI, LA WR ENCE Aviation Maintenance Management - B.S., 3-Yr. Army ROTC Scholarship, A&P License, Dean's L' st, Honor aintenance Roll, Associate Degree Aviation Technology, Distinguished Military Graduate, Financial Officer Yoshukai Karate Club. MARJANIAN, JAY 1704 West 63rd Ave., Merrillville, IN 46410 Tour Guide - '78-'79, Red Cross Blood Drive - '78, Easter Seals Dance-A-Thon - '78, Intramural football, softball, Computer Club, FAA-ERAU Research, Comm. I, ASEL, AMEL, CFI, BGI, Aeronautical Science - B.S., Happy Hours - '78-' 3. Graduated April, 1983. MARMOLEJO, DIEGO F. 5 Griddle Ln., Levittown, N.Y . 11756 Aeronautical Science with Aviation Administration B.S., Associates in Aerospace Technology, Private Pilot Single Engine land. Graduated April, 1983. MARNE, Ill, MARTIN H.S. Comm ercial License, Instrument Rating, CFI, Airframe and Powerplant License, Multi-Engine Rating. MARRINER, GILBERT J.

Aeronautical Studies / Management Concentration B.S., Student Court Justice, Student Activities Sound Technician, Entertainment Committee, MEL Commer.-Inst., Dean's List. Graduated Fall, 1983. MARSH, SCOTT R. Dean's List (3 times) - '78-'79, Cooperative Ed. Committee - '80-'81 , Scholarship - Comanchee Flyer Foundation, International Dean's List - '80-'81 , Turbine Engine Assist. Maintenance Instructor - '80-'83, Awarded Maintenance Fellowship, Airframe and Powerplant License, Associate Degree in Aviation Maint. Tech., Associate Deg. in Aircraft Engineering, Bachelor in Aircraft Engineering. MARTIN, MICHAEL G. 2408 Vine St., Eau Claire, WI 54701 Comm. SMEL Inst., CFII Navy Aviation Club, Navy Softball Team, Management Club, B.S. Professional Aeronautics, Graduated August, 1983. McCAFFERY, JANEE. 76 Flyers Drive, Norwich, CT 06360 Entertainment Committee, Avion, Intramural Softball, Honor Roll, Dean's List, Commercial I, ASEL, AMEL, CFI. Graduated April, 1983. McDOWELL, LORI K. Private, Single-Engine Land, Residence Hall Judicial Board, Management Club. McGRAW,C. M. RD #2, Box 174, Huntingdon, PA 16652 Dean's List, Management Club, Co-op Advisory Committee, Intramural Ultimate Frisbee - Captain, Intra. Volleyball - Captain, Flag Football, Intra. Tennis. Graduated April, 1983. McKENNA, TIMOTHY J. 1340 Smith Street, Orlando, FL 32804 A&P License, Dean's List, National Dean's List, AMTA.S., ROA member '81-'83, AROTC - chief tactical tng. officer, Army commission, AROTC - SMP program. Graduated, April, 1983. MEHL, GARY S. 63 Greenfield Ln., Scituate, Mass. 02066 Dean's List, Honor Roll, Sailing Club, Water Skiing Club, Private, Single and Multi-Eng. Land, Commercial and Instrument and CFI, Raced in 1st Hobie World Championship, Daytona Beach May, 1981. Graduated June, 1983. MEYER, BRIAN 5849 Whittle Rock Rd., Sykesville, MD 21 784 Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach - '79-'80, Varsity Soccer - '77-'80, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Eastern Airlines Co-op - '81. Graduated December, 1982.


MOLL, PETER M. 1226 Ontario St., Oshkosh, Wisc. 54901 Management Club: Membership Chairman, Secretary, Vice President, Intramural Softball, Co-op Advisory Council, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Graduated December, 1982. MONTALVO, FRANK F. AIAA Vice Chairman - Fall '81-Spring '82, Member Management Club, Member ERAU Flight Team, Honor Roll, Dean's List. MOODY, ROBERT A. 338 Rutledge St., South Daytona, FL 32019 Graduated with Cum Laude Honors. December, 1983.


MOORE, GEOFFREY 26 Pennaquid Rd ., Coram, N.Y. 11727 Sigma Gamma Tau - National Honor Society English, President ERAU Karate Team, Dean's List. Graduated December, 1982. MOORE, THOMAS W. 719 South Beach Street, #311-B, Daytona Beach, FL 32014 Management Club - Public Relations Chairman, Aviation Administration - B.S. Graduated December, 1982. MORO, CARLOS L. 914 Woodmere Circle, Ormond Beach, FL 32074 Dean's List, A&P Certificates. Graduated April, 1983. MYERS, GREGORY G. 4631 Glenside Circle, Tampa, FL 33624 Dean's List (5 trimesters), Maintenance Fellowship, Airframe and Powerplant License, Scuba Club, Golf Club, Management Club, Intramural Football, National Dean's List, Residence Hall Judicial Board . Graduated August, 1983. NAGY, JR., ROBERT J. 470 Sigsbee Crt., Orange Park, FL 32073 Chess Club, Bowling League - '82, Intramural Football '82, '79-'82, Volleyball '78-'82, Softball Aeronautical Engineering - B.S. Graduated December, 1982. NEARY, MARTIN W. Resident Advisor, Comm-I ASMEL, CFI ASMEL, CFII, Student Grader, AS-100, AS-101, PS-103, PS-104, MAI 11, AS406, AS412. NEW, KENNETH E. RD#4, Box 78, Winney Hill Rd ., Oneonta, N.Y. 13820 President Marine Corps PLC's, member of Reserve Officer Association, Dean's List. Graduated April, 1983.

ERAU CFII ,L), Commernal Instrumult (ASMEL), Management Club AGI, A&P Mechanics License, Alpha Eta Rho (Pi Epsilo Lhapter), Intramural Basketball.

t r

3 P1kevit: w Dr., Louisville, KY 40217 viahon Mamtenance Management - B.S., Aviation amtenance Tech nologv - A.S., 1982 Who's Who Amo g Students in American Colleges and Univerties '82- 83 Student Assist. ERAU Recreation Office, 81·'82 Executive VP Veteran's Association, '81 Chairman Riddle 'Reg.1tta, '81 National Dean's List, '81 Airframe and Powerplant License, '82 Umpire Intramural Softball League, '81-'82 Coach Intramural Softbal nd Football team, '80-'82 Member Vet's Club A.S Gra uated April Degree Mamtenance Technolog 1983 NICOLAI, ERIC C. 250 Wenner Way Ft Wahington, PA 19034 mmerc1al Inst. MEL, Certified Flight Inst. Intrum nts Assistant Instructor ERAU, Intramural Softl ( ) Surf Club. Graduated August, 1983. NUTT, WILLIAM D. RFD 2, Box 116, Montgomery, Mmn. 56069 g n ermg - B.S. Private Pilot, ASEL, Aeronautical AFROTC 4-year Scholarship D an List - Fall '80 Honor Roll (al trimesters AFROTC Honors R'ck don Fall ' <J S}1ring ":50', 11 80 Sprmg '81. AFR@TC ndmg Cadet of the Trimester - Fall '79, Sigma mma Tau Member, Secretary Fall '81-Spring '82, Omicron Delta Kappa member, Physics Lab instructor - Fall '81, Spring '82, Spring '83, 1st Place Preside tial Award, Riddle ~egatta - 1980 Intramural Hocke Sprmg '80, ERAU Bowling League - Fall '82-Sprin Who's Who Nominee. Graduated Ap il 1983.


3, Goochland VA ~306'i h nd Scholar, Deans Lis, Man, ement Club, Sigma Tau Delta WERU Radio~ 1979. Graduated December, 1982.

PANTOJA, ROBERT 2421S.W.93 Ct., Miami, FL 3'i165 Commercial Pilot Airplane Single multi- ngin Land, er Lie nse, Instrument Airplane, Aircraft Oisp b Student Assistance Bartender - University Math and Physical Sci n Dept S udent Assistance for Aeronautica: Scienc D pt, Int amural oftball champs - '82 'l'aduated Apn , 1983.

PARKER, KEviN D. 1924Campbell Drive, Suitland MD 20746 ociatio Brothers of the Wind member, Air Force member, Reserve Officer Associa ion m ember, Priva t Pilot, various intramu al sports and hobbies: rnodel construction . Graduat a April, 19.83 .

gore Pl., Sa:i;asot , FL 33580 'f--P•'"":µa ted une, 1983.


PHIFER, CHARLES D. 6101 Cal wood Way, Rockville, MD 20852 Sigma Chi Fraternity, AFROTC '79-'80, ERAU Varsity Baseball - '80-'81, Golf Team, Intramural - softball, flag football, tennis, Member ERAU Interfraternity Council, Contributing reporter to Avion, Private Pilot, Navy Pilot's Slot, B.S. - Aeronautical Studies/w / Aviation Management and Computers. Senior Class VicePresident. Graduated April, 1983. PHILLIPS, ROBERT R. 7111 Meade St., Hollywood, FL 33024 Private Pilot ASEL, FCC General Graduated August, 1983.



PICKETT, RONALD H. 14 Ravenwood Drive, Wildwood, FL 32785 Air Force ROTC Scholarship, AFROTC Leadership Award, Reserve Officers Association, Dean's List, Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity, Private Pilot - Single Engine Land / Sea, Air Force ROTC Drill Team, Computer Lab Assistant. Graduated June, 1983. PINIZZOTTO, ANTHONY 14 West Virginia Ave., Jackson, N.J. 08528 Private Pilot, People Express Co-op student, Management Club, Dean's List. Graduated June, 1983. PLUMP, ROBERT J. 43A North Lakeview Dr., Whispering Pines, NC 28327 Commercial/Instrument, Certified Flight Instructor, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Graduated December, 1982. POTTER, KENNETH E. Jr. 1123 Loblolly Lane, Port Orange, FL 32019 Comm-I ASMEL, CFI-AI, BGI, High Altitude Rating, AHP, ERAU Golf Club, Management Club, Dean's List, Florida Life Insurance Agent. JOHANSHAH, POURHASSAN 16629 Knollwood Dr., Granada Hills, CA 91344 Aeronautical Engineering - B.S. Management Club, Yoshukai Karate Club, Chemistry Grader, Riddle Sky Divers, Volleyball, Intramural, Backgammon, Intramural, Math Club, Honor Roll, Structures Grader, AIAA Charter Member. PRE TICE, J. LEIGH 1818 Parkside Drive East, Seattle, WA 98112 "Who's Who - 1982-83, National Dean's List - 198182, Vice-President, SGA, Chairman - SUB, Chairman - Clubs and Organizations Committee, Representative at Large - SGA, AHP, AHP Secretary, FCC General Radiotelephon,e Operator License and Private Pilot, Dean's List 8 Times. Graduated April 1983. RAHMANI, AHM.AD 969 Bramble Bush E., Port Orange, FL 32019

Grader, Dean's List 1981, AIAA. Graduated Summer A 1983. RAJEI, AHMED A and P License. Graduated April, 1983. RANDS, GREGORY J. 10005 Dalroy Ct., Fairfax, VA 22032 Comm-I, ASMEL, ASES, CFI, CFII, AGI, BGI, IGI, A and P Dean's List, Honor Roll, Hockey, Softball Intramural, Swim Club, Aviation Maintenance Management - BS. Graduated Summer B 1983. RAZZONE, MARK A. 3759 Warners Rd., Syracuse, N.Y. 13209 Commercial certificate, Instrument Rating, Single and Multi-engine land, CFI, Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate. Graduated December, 1982. RELIHAN, ROBERT J. 928 Baldwin Rd., Woodbridge, Conn ., 06525 Aircraft Engineering Technology - B.S., Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Land Rating, Air Force ROTC Pilot Candidate. Graduated April, 1983. RICHTER, JAN . 1839 S. Segrave, Apt. 25, S. Daytona, FL 32019 A&P License, National Dean's List, ERAU Dean's List. Graduated August, 1983. RIGGAN, JR., WILSON B. 3609 Westover Rd., Durham, NC 27707 ATP-ASMEL, CFII-ASME, AGII; Dean's List, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities - '82-'83, Alpha Eta Rho-member and past Alumni Sec., SGA radio station committee, Interfraternity CouncilSecretary and AHP rep. Graduated December, 1982. RIVERA, JOSE A. 8151N.W.27 Ave., S-4, Miami, FL 33147 Aeronautical Engineering - B.S., Private Pilot with Multi-engine Rating, Engineering Coop-NASA Langley-Research Center, Member of Coop Advisory Council, AIAA, Re.sidence Hall Judicial Board, AOPA, Scuba Diving club, Water Ski Club. Graduated April, 1983. DY G. ROBINSON, W Student Government Association C&O Committee, Computer Science Club, Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society, Dean's List, Aviation Computer Technology - B.S., Aviation Administration - B.S. Graduated August, 1983. ROSS, DEREK N. 2771 S. Yates, Denver, CO 80236 Dean's List, CFI, Comm-I, ASMEL, Golf Club Secretary,

Exec. Vice President, Flying Tuna Yacht Club - '81-'83. Graduated April, 1983. RUSHALK, MICHAEL R. P.O. Box 103, Sloatsburg, N.Y. 10974 CFI, CFII, Racquetball. Graduated August, 1983 .. RYAN, MARK B. Campus Representative Eastern Airlines, VicePresident, Management Club, Secretary, Alpha Eta Rho, Dean's List, Airframe and Powerplant, Scuba Club, Chairman - Aviation Expo. Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. SANTEUSANIO, JR., DINO 251 Lowell St., Arlington, MA 02174 Student Government Association President '82-'83, Entertainment Committee - '80-'82, E-RAU Community Relations Tour Guide - '81, Intramural Football Capt. - '81, Intramural Softball Capt. - 1982, Trustee, E-RAU - '82-'83, Aeronautical Engineering - B.S. Graduated April, 1983. SCHIPAUI, JR., RAYMOND F. Dean's List - 6 trimesters, A&P License (Mechanic), Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities - 1 yr. SCHMIDT, JR., ARTHUR P. 5282 William St., Lancaster, NY 14086 Aeronautical Science - B.S., Commercial-instrument ASMEL, CFI-A, BGI, AGI, IGI, CFI-I, Dean's List every trimester, Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Bicycle Club - Fall '79, Christian Fellowship Club - '79-'83, Vice President - '82-'83 (Fall-Spring). Graduated April, 1983. SCHMIDTMAN, DAVID B. 1229 Eddie Dr., Port Orange, FL 32019 Omicron Delta Kappa, Justice of SGA Court, Aviation Maintenance Fellowship, Rising Junior Scholarship, Rising Sophomore Scholarship, FCC Radiotelephone License, Airframe and Powerplant License, Private Pilot SEL, Scuba Club, Intramural Softball - '80-'82, Intramural Football - '81, Dean's List. Graduated August, 1983. SCHNEIDER, KENNETH K. RD-10 Laurie Lane, Carmel, NY 10512 Certificates received: Commercial, Instrument, SingleMulti-Engine land Plane, Member of the Entertainment Committee, participated - Umpired, and refereed in ERAU Intramural sports. Graduated April, 1983. SHEELER, CLAYTON 10158 Zig Zag Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242 Commercial Licenses, Multi-Engine Rating, Instrument softball and football. Graduated April, 1983.

SHORT, WILLIAMS. Aeronautical Science - B.S., ERAU Flight Leadership Program, Gill Robb Wilson Flight Fellowship, ERAU Flight Instructor, CFI-A/I ME. SHUM, SZE Aviation Maintenance Management - B.S., Aviation Maintenance Technology - A.S., A&P License, Dean's List since Fall '78, included in Community Leaders of America and the Biographical Roll of Honor, National Dean's List, Rising Junior Award, International Youth in Achievement, Young Personalities of the South, Omicron Delta Kappa, Shop Assistant - '79-'81, Electrical and materials Shop Regional Rep (ASIA) ISA '81-'82. SIMPSON, MICHAEL K. Management Club, Alumni Committee, ERAU Golf Club, Dean's List, Honor Student, Society for Advancement of Management. SMITH, MAXINE J. Dean's List, member Alpha Eta Rho, Professional Aviation Fraternity, Coop, Federal Express Corp., Private Pilot Certificate. SONGSTER, JR., WILLIAM F. 1033 Snapfinger Circle, Apt. 184, Daytona Beach, FL Commercial Instrument, ASEL-AMEL, CFI, CFI-I, Softball 2, 3, 4, Flag Football - I, Volleyball - I, Delta Gizmo Social Club. Graduated April, 1983. SORENSON, WALTER F. Skydiving Club, Scuba Club, Intramurals, Campus Rep New York Airlines, Management Club, Flight Crew Demonstrator - New York Airlines, Dean's List, CFI. Graduated December, 1983. STEARNS, JAMES R. 9848 Pine Lake Trail, St. Petersburg, FL 33708 Magna Cum Laude diploma, Aeronautical Engineering, Dean's List every trimester, Sigma Gamma Tau Aeronautical Engineering Honor Society, AFROTC 4-year scholarship, Group Commander (AFROTC), American Legion Military Excellence Medal (National Award), Co-op Student Eglin AFB, Fla., Air Force Pilot Selectee. Graduated April, 1983. STEPHENS, TIMOTHY L. 9118 Marlee Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32222 Aviation Maintenance Technology Licenses. Graduated December, 1982.



STERLING, GREGORY L. 601 Superior St., Titusville, PA 16354 Dean's List - Fall '80, Gen. Manager - WERU-AM '78'79, Management Club, SGA Student Coffee House Committee - '82, Private Pilot ASMEL - Instrument


Airplane . Graduated April, 1983. STERN, BRUCE A. 146 Old Farms Rd., Torrington, CT 06790 FAA - Airframe and Powerplant .License, FCC General Class Radioteleph one Operator's License, with Radar Endorseme nt. Graduated June, 1983. STEWART, III, FRANKLIN J. 23 Evergreen Ln., Haddonfiel d, NJ 08033 Aeronautica l Science - B.S., Comm. I-ASMEL, CFI, Intramural sports. Graduated April, 1983. STIDHAM , JENNIFER L. Omicron Delta Kappa, 1982, Sigma Tau Delta, 1982, 99's - '81-'82, Manageme nt Club - '81-'82, Private Pilot License - '80, Dean's List - '79-'82, Resident Advisor - '82, Who's Who Among Students in American Col-路 leges and Universities - '82-'83. STILES, KENDALL H. Box 46, Grafton, NH 03240 Parachute Club - Fall ' 79, Scuba Club - Fall '80, Arnold Air Pledge Spring - '80, Arnold Air Society member - Fall '80-Spring '83, Yoshuki Karate Club $pring '81-Spring '82, AFROTC Fall '79- Spring '83, FROTC Intramural Softball, football, volleyba . Graduated Apri , 1983. TACHER, ROBERT D. Aeronautica l Engineerin g - B.S., member of Varsity Baseball Team, Football, Racquetball , Softball, Soccer. THEISEN, ERICE. 715 Goebel St., Hutchinson , MN 55350 AFROTC 4-year scholarship w /pilot allocation, AFROTC Cadet Wing Commande r - Fall '82, Member - Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Member Sigma Gamma Tau Aeronautica l Engineerin g Honor Society, Member - Arnold Air Society - Comptrolle r - spring '81, operations officer - Spring '82, Area "H'' '82-'83, Who's Who Among Vice Commande r Students in American Colleges and Universitie s - '82, Dean's List - Fall '79-'80, Lab Assistant in Electrical Eng. Dept. - '82-'83, Intramural Football - Fall '79-'81, Intramural Softball - Spring '80-'83, Summer - '80'82, Graduated April, 1983. TOMCZYK , THOMAS M. 8 Fillow Street, Norwalk, Conn. 06850 Managemen t Club member - '79-'83, Mgt. Club Staff Member - '81-'82, Intramural Softball Capt. - '82, Mgt. Club Assistant Field Trip Coordinato r - '82, Mgt. Club Secretary - '82-'83, Residence Hall Judicial Bo rd

- '81-'83, Dean's List - Spring '82, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universitie s Graduated April, 1983 TOTH, MICHAEL, S. 17 Berkshire Ave., Dover, MJ 07801



Phoenix Editor - '78-'79, Financial Editor - '80, Advisor - '81-'82, Aviation Ad Sales - '82, Resident Advisor - '80, Private Pilot ASEL, Manageme nt Club, Alpha Eta Rho, Student Union Board - '79, '80, Campus Constructio n Committee, Traffic and Safety, Intramural Tennis, Softball, Volleyball. Graduated April, 1983. TOWNSEN D, LANCE C. 9033 Winding Oak Dr., Fair Oaks, CA 95628 Commercia l/Inst. SEL&MEL, CFI-1 ASEL, IGI Certificate, Flight Leadership, Flight Fellowship , ERAU Flight Instructor, ERAU Golf Club. Graduated June, 1983 TURKISTA NY, MOHAME D E. H.S. Certificate - '68, Graduated - Aeronautic al Training Center, Air Traffic Controller - '70, Approach and Area Control Certificate - '74, Senior Supervisor of Air Traffic Controller in Jeddah Control Cente.r - '75-'80, Trained and Supervised Yemen Arab Rep blic, North rofessional Yemen as Air Traffic Controller , Clu Arabic Aeronautics - B.S., President of UNDERWO OD, GARY W. 710 Barberry Dr., Cinnaminso n, NJ 08077 Aviation Administra tion - B.S., Aviation Maintenanc e Technology - A.S., Airframe and Powerplant Licenses, Independen t Study of Corporate Flight Operations, Assistant and Consultant to undergradu ate Corporate Aviation Courses, Member, Manageme nt Club, Assistant to Professiona l Programs, Clem Tech staff vice president, Annual NBAA convention attendant, Curator of corporate/b usiness Aviation Library. Graduated April, 1983 VAN METER, MICHAEL 307 S. Fourth St., Sturgis, MI 49091 Commercia l-Instrumen t, MEL, CFI-SEL. December, 1982.


V ARAND AS, DAVID N. 1704 Ramapo Way, Sc tch Plains, N.J. 07076 Comm.fin trum nt-SMEL, CFII. Graduated April, 1983. VERNON, J ., GEORGE F. Rte. 5, Bo 720, Bassett, a. 24055 Aviation Technolog - B.S., Aviation Maintenanc e Technology - A.S., Airframe and Powerplant License, PVT, Commercia l, Instrument , SEL, MEL, Veteran's Club. Graduated August, 1983. VVERNICK , MITCHELL S. 6 Joyce Rd., Plainview, N.Y. 11803 Commercia l Cert., Instrument Rating, Multi-Engi ne Rating. CFI-IAME. Graduated April, 1983. WAGGONE R, JAMES M. 6824 Old Stage Rd., Rockville, Maryland 20852 Dean's List, Private Pilots License Earned, Naval Aviation Club, Intramural Softball, Flag Football and Bowling. Graduated April, 1983.

WARD,JAM ESM. 11 East 8th Rd., Broad Channel, N.Y. 11693 Honor Roll, Managemen t Club, Comm./Ins t./M.E., CFI, CFII, Ml, Basic Ground Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor, Aeronautica l Science - B.S., Aeronautica l Studies - A.S., Graduated December, 1982.

WINGERT, KENNETH D. 227 N. Stephen Place, Hanover, PA 17331 Comm-I ASMEL, CFI-IASMEL, Alpha Eta Rho Treasurer, Managemen t Club, Co-op Advisory Council - President, AAAE - American Association of Airport Executives, SGA - SAC Representat ive, Co-op Student - York Aero, Inc., Honor Roll. Graduated April, 1983.

WATSON, KENNETH C. 22 Maple Row, Bethel, Conn. 06801 Aeronautica l Engineering - B.S., President Sigma Gamma Tau, Member Omicron Delta Kappa, Member Sigma Phi Delta, Dean's List, Physics Lab Instructor, Engineerin g Dept. grader, Intramural volleyball. Graduated December, 1982.

WIPIOR, KURT V. 11262 Harbour Point Dr., Port Orange, Fla. 32019 Air Transportat ion Manageme nt - B.S., Dean's List, Private Pilot, Member - Manageme nt Club. Graduated April, 1983.

WEDEKIND , GARY P. Dean's List, Bus. Manager for Intercollegi ate Frisbee Team, Air Frame and Power Plant License. Graduated· August, 1983.

WOLK, LARRY B. 519 S. Burlingame Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90049 Aviation Administra tion - B.S., Commercia l, Instrument, Multi-Engin e, Seaplane, CFI, CFII, CFIME, ERAU Flight Team Coach, Managemen t Club, Dean's List. Graduated Summer, 1983.

WILDER, PAUL G. P.O. Box 3{i9, Rincon, GA 31326 Delta Chi Fraternity, Dean's List, Part-time Flight Instructor - ERAU, CFIA-1, Flight Slot U.S. Air Force. WILLIAMS , JEFFREY G. c/o W. Ernest Williams, Rural Rte. 2, Viola, WI 54664 National Dean's List - '82-'83, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities - '81'82 and '82-'83, E-RAU Rasing Senior Award - Spring 1982, Dean's List - '80-'82, Charter President of Sigma Tau Delta - '82-'83, President of Omicron Delta Kappa - '82-'83 and Vice-Presid ent - '81-'82, Tutor, English Writing Lab - '81-'82, Airframe and Powerplant and Private Pilot Licenses, President of Alpha Eta Rho '82-'83, Treasurer - '81-'82 ERAU Self-Study, Curriculu,m Sub-Comm ittee member, AMT Evaluation Board - '80, Avion Staff member - '80, Member of several intramural teams in: softball, volleyball, and rafting - '80-present. Graduated April, 1983. WILLIAMS , JIM Aviation Administra tion - B.S., Aeronautica l Studies - A.S., Aviation Manageme nt - A.S., Private Pilot ASEL, Course Monitor - ERAU Flight Dept., Student Teacher/Gr ader MS-205, Honor Roll Student - 2 trimesters, ERAU Flight Dept., Student Assistant, L-5 Aerospace Society. Graduated April, 1983. W LME , J. BRUCE Rte. 1, Box 109, Hughesville , MD 20637 CFI ASEL, Comm. Inst. ASMEL, Delta Chi Fraternity, Secretary - Delta Chi (Spring '82-Fall '82), Golf Club '82. Graduated December, 1982.

WONG, LING K. P.O. Box 415, Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia FAA Airframe and Powerplant License, Christian Fellowship member, AAAE Member, AMT Sheetmetal Student Assistant (Fall '81-Fall '82), AMT Airframe and Electrical Student Assistant - (Summer '81-Summe r '82), Summer A&B '81 - Dean's List, Dean's List - Fall '81-Fall '82. Graduated December, 1982. WRIGHT, ANTHONY 721 S.W. 60 Ave., Plantation, Fla. 33317 Aeronautica l Studies - B.S ., Area of concentrati on: Computer Science, Aviation Computer Programmi ng A.S. Graduated April, 1983. YANES, MARCOS (YANES ARMAS, MARCOS FIDEL) 1200 Pierce Rd., Madison, TN 37115 Softball, Soccer, Pilot License, Motocross. Graduated April, 1983. YEDINAK, MARK L. RD No. 3, Hornell, N.Y. 14843 AAAE. Graduated December, 1982. ZAGORAC , ALBERT C. P.O. Box 75, Webster, Fla. 33597 Dean's List, Student Court, Naval Aviation Clu , US Navy Retired. Graduated August, 1983. ZELLNER, CHARLES • P.O. Box 111, North ruro, MA 02652 Air Force ROTC, Delta Chi. Graduated December, 1982.

WILSON, STEVEN L. 2851 Silver Spur Lane, Orlando, FL 32807 Magna Cum Laude, Dean's List - every trimester, Naval Aviation Club, AVROC Member, CFII SEL and MEL, Airframe and Powerplant Methanic, Assistant Lab Instructor (Maintenan ce Department ) . Graduated April, 1983. 103

Adams, Newton

Aholu, William

Aivaz, Jeffery

Albus, Albert

Alderman, David

Al-Kubaisy, Ebrahim J.

Allen, Jerome


Almaskari, Saad

Alston, Brian

Alvarez, Rene Jr.



Amyr, Qureshi

Amenech t, Christop her Amjad, Zamam Barbarm

Amodeo , Cathleen

Anderso n, Paul D. 3rd

Anderso n, Robert

Araujo, Mike

Aronson , Craig P.

Atencoi, Robbie

Armstron g, Paul

Archen, Carl

Asikele, Ed

Arsenaul t, John

Athe Arn, Stephen E. 路

Atifer, Frank

Ayo, Johnny D.

Asmoro, Chip

Azar, D.J.


Bailey, Gail

Banks, Rene

Baron, Jack

Barone, Bob

Basnett, Stan

Bastien, Eric

Baston, Scot P.

Baudreau, Mark S.

Baumaartner. Daniel

Beckwith, Richard


Bastida, Jairo

Bek-Derrah, M.

Bekhahani, Ahmad

Bearddslee, Maria

Beckwith, Richard

Benavides, Otto

Bender, Deborah

Bentz, Ronald

Berens, Harold

Bematas, Nancelesha

Bilek, Gary

Bertizlian, Bassem Y.

. Bitsios, Nick

Bleiweis, Lew

Bodenski, Christopher

Bodenski, Rick

Boles, Melinda

Boston, James

Bower, Peggy L.

Boyd, Vicki S.

Branche, Mike

Brand, Richard A.

Brandeen, Jeff



Broan, Larry

Brousell, Scott

" _.J.i,

Brown, Chris

Brown, David

Brown, Matthew

Brown, Roy

Burke, Charles

Burrill, Jim


Burwell, Lonnie

Burkhead, Jean

Burton, Tony

Burner, Kevin

Busby, Robert

Bushara, Amer

Butler, Bob

Calvo, Mario

Caddo, Matt

Butler, Jinty


Cannon, Thomas

Campbell, Donald

Cantwell, Michael


Caro, Adrian

Cappurccini, Joe

Carrero, Milton


Carver, Bruce

The Triaot's and Tribulation s of Registration

Chartoff, Henry

Chase, Ron

Chausse, Pierre


Chavez, Jose

Chizner, Mark ---

Christian, Dan

Chua, Herbert

Clark, Charles

Cleary, James

Clark, Mark

Clarke, Bertram

Clarke, Bill

Claussen, Terry

Colon, Jose

Conard, Thomas

Conley, Pat

Clem, Fred

Cobert, Jeff

Cocchione, John

Colon, Antonio

Colon, Jaime

Colella, Antonio



Conn, David

Conser, Carolyn

Conti, John

Cook, Peter

Cooper, Rob

Cooper, Scott

Corbett, Eugene

Corbin, ChristoJ!he r


Cox, John Jr.

Cox, Robert

Creager, Mark

Crater, James

Croffie, Francis

Croteau, Kevin

Crotty, Warren

Crook, Kevin

Crutcher, Melvin


Phoenix 1983