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formation con1~c.L H~ynnPurIn the past, the Unlvels~ty Pian. in rnrh o I Lilr svt.nb. dl,", n, Box liein or ,I,,. F:lllhl Olilor uwanin wiii ik given for srlm~oialrati.,n lhad no1 suppan1,,ne D,8,>alrl,. Snbly, Toll Pilot and Team -1 Ila studs",. i n snv Bmht .. F r n N e v i f".l.'thsr the Re. Champion'. The area CiATO 0,. rompntition~."Wc had to prove don ME", a i i i Ix' ofgrrnt !men.r ~ , isilo i rwndurt ourtielve8 6nt:'says Aiphs lit. n, l" Bmbry.iliddir. iir "MY*. Rho Presidenl Fran Nomi. i>resentalians on snlurdry. me Nationai Inlercalladnte think that sluL of ~xcrplv 'The eomptiiion will be Flying Araclation INlr'A) a l i i "NOW lhsl we havo demot~alm. mom other univr.*itles wdl c'rr Llld nhii8ty. the Univenlty hna ~ d s p d by local hu8inrmmen hold its Southesat Rcdon 9 hceame very hdpfui." E m h w will, svlatlun h a r k ~ n u n d l tainiv I* imilre~wd ihy our meat hereat Embry-Riddl" durRiddle is thc cumnl Region 9 BAA pnonnel from Lila area nifit an. and "ur t s c i l i ~ r r . ing the 15. 16, snd 17 o f Nov. h o p ,a draw some of ti,cllannpion. Tila aehnoi was num. G I P n will iudae .. each team we ember. p o p h into Rlddie." Fran alao h., ,,"a .n ,"a. LnL romp., ,.on for alfety. The NlFA Redon 9 area con. ~ommented "our impact iin 1' c,., had M I F,a,lk Sunday will bring the meet mitts of Florida. Alabama. GcorNiFA, has been very r?rsolld.W" i:R,\I V.e P,"" I.",. Plan,,.nl. to an end. On this day, there @a. Norlh Carolina and South look many top awards m our t h ~ ~ r man y ,n,.r,ng wiii be s malting 01 the SouthCarolina Two hundrod atudenu ac11viter with the sdminislra essr nedon. Plan. will be made 6ral war of comnet~lion." t;om firlean universiliea within ~itors and stelf from many for next veu\ Radon rom. the region are expected to par- 1,"". of the top aviation mumrines Comptitiaa will begin Friday ptitlon. Ideas for the upom. Llcipatc. Rmrvation. for the in. National Meet wiii all0 be have been inivud to wltnraa cantntenb will he made at the N w e m b r 15th. Events wui in. the uifit earnlatition. 'ri8r.u rlude COmpYtel Accuracy, Air. &scuwed. Holiday 1"" wes1. magaz~nesisciudn Plying. Air c7.n RPcognition. PowPFon A" lnmmwal complition The Region 9 Meet will ba Pmgreaa. Plane & Piiat, etc. rind Po."er-olf r(ccuncy Land- wiil he held l o select Riddle sponsoroa by the Emhwniddie 'rhe winning univrraity of the niiots for 610 Redan nwr. The chapter of Alpha Eta Rho. This iilga. PleFlight Pmffieirncy. ~ e ~ 9oevnnl n will have an op"umptition la o k n 10 anyone l ' m w Country, and Link Proforganization is the school's portunity to e o m p u in Lhr Naholding o pnvsle or commcr NlFA representative. Alpha Era Fieienry. A lranquet snd awards tional NlFA Mcet. This will i v cia1 Uekel. The intramwaia wiii nho wiii be rpapnsihle for co- tmsentatoon will be held an heid it,sante BP, New h l r x i ~ o , lake piscr an Oeloixr 20th. ordinating and conducting dl Sahsday. Awards w i i l he given lhis eomlng spring. fur Fiml. Second and Tixird starting at 0800. For further In. autl~teofor the nying meet.







Dn)lnnoBeat 11. I.luritl0


Scribner Speaks By Dave Bnekett

Embry.Riddle'Chaple. b f !.he Internalional Aemhatic Club. Chapter 82, and encnusar erione l" mme out to Ormond Beach and ieam some samb, ti-. There sir no mon1hly d u b d u n and their aerohatic c o v m is the least errrnaive i n B e en. tire country i a l ~oral is tree!. Aerobalic Eying la not oniy s great deal ol fun hut i t better h e l p a pllat to understand thr apahililies and limitations of an airen* and to c o p r i t h emeweney aituations Mark is an extremely wellM i n e d aembatir piiot and in s h l ~ t o s having taufit in a Libahria at BrunneU, n o w with Jim Holland. Mary Gaffarey. and Curtl Pitla, and precntly giving aetobatie d u d in Commander Aviation's Bellanee Da a t h l o n (see Avion Volume 17.


Number 4). Riden will now augment the Decathlon train. ing pr-m with d u d i n his Pit- Spcial, r twa.piaoa. 200 HP. VOR equipped arrcnft that is the highest n t e d aerohatic dune made latreased for 156's) A d h u earned its place as the aircraft uacd by the Wodd n m p i o n u s Aerabatic Team. Mark emphwiala that you do not have to be a hot piiot to onjoy or become a g w d aenr h t i c piiot. You don't wen have to have a private pilot's li. mse, dl thatb necessary is the willingnea. to learn. Every Emhry-Riddie student interestad in nykr .ixuuu take advantage of this oppor1unily. me niddle Chapter of B e IAC wiu be doing a benefit for the US Acrobatic T e r n at the Kbimmee Ailshow on October 2 6 B and 27th and Mark Riden and him Pitts will be in atten. den-. so i f you're interelled rn on dorm to h i m m e c or up to Commander Aviation and see Mark


College Placement Annual Available To Students

dB th. airlines. captain Scnbner started his aviation c m r Captain Kim Sc~ihnerof Pan parachute jumping at airshows American Airways spoke to a and how is rated numhrr twelve crowd of oul of 3500 Pan Am pilots. slndeats i a r ~Tveadsy in the Captain Scrihner har i a l ~ ~ d 6 n t of a series of Avistlon Career Semil o be offered -thou=n& o l houd as pilol-inzommand of such aircran u thin mmester. caplrjn Scrlhner the DG3. DC.4, DC-6. Buping who is also chairman of the Slratoeruacr. LocWl-d ConrtliNational Advisory Covneii nf lation. 707. 747. and vanour Ernbry.Riddle. spoke ahout his expadenu a pi!ot R r Pan type. Of ii*l almr;lrt, ma,,,me# ma uile,"r.. Am and nrrn opWunlll1973 Uccalhlan




1975 Collge Placement Annual



company. This informstion in. ~ i ~ ad description ~ s of what me 1975 h u e of the Col. l e e Piscement Annud is now wch firm does, and how many a v d w l e for we a1 the Emhry. r a q i e are empioyed. A liding of 6 m l offering summer emRiddle Placemen1OLFler. With. in the Annual's 450 page. lay ployment i r also provided. Th0"sMd. of jab. nre Iislld a wealth of infomatian cone~rningjob opportunilies. This by their aeneral title. A couple hv ofm y Rid& alu&nU who in Brit b t a (a get in and out puhbcation is an invaluable aid &nmpin-wouid be Adminlatra. of Gill R0bh nre unkmowingly w a M g a p l l h thmugh l h r A. tion-Technical. Aerodynamics. to the p d u a t i n g acnior. .--..~. ~ - ~ , ~ ' i r l i n e ~ i r p o r t Management. The miiege Placement An&ration and e m p r a t i o n k requesM. nuai owns ""lh a aeries of arb etc. Geomllhied iocaiion of .p o .l; i3 prew.ted, ides which examine the employ. ail m SENIOR CLASS PARTY men1 mtwe. such t o p i n in- ing bath the state and &tY clude career choice, techniquer eaci, n m is iocated in. Pay nudent who m e i v n a The College Piacemat Ano? rpmme writing tips on tak&helor M-e.. A.soosre Dc ing interviews, selecting a corn. nual is published by the Col. pee or receivn a 6 n r i eovac 1e.e Placement C0"""ll. I"". PBIIY, ete. mmpirtion u eligible to a t m d published en a nonpmOt A later section contins h u n si;] e e senior graduation party. h d 8 31 rnmpanier indexed u basis ar a =mice to college and Any Maintolance Technaiogy prospctive empioyera A bnef university senion, wdaduaung audcnt (ALP) r h o receives an senion and alumni. summery is dven about each ALP certificaw u 1160 elidhle lo sttend. 1" other ward8 Gerym e who rnmpiehi or her m ,.,w ,. a, the., ior elavi art". Sonal hrnrtiona The U& m o b t o r e is hrrlny after going out of date. I f the em op"l to- A L L wtudcnts of major audit of their hooks. i,ook not picked up e D m 1 slrekIedI&d an &e to B i s audit thew w ~ ik i ya im ,li,.l. become h tp .o r - 4 2 alternative ~ psmr, hu pri-Riddle. taken B e @an' G e o W p w e r no checks lasued sfter 31 Out* pny of ,he "red mobtoR. & m w w to court over a ber. Any .rude"' dairing n 2, A of putedeleetridty 8hutofL check rt,ould stop by the U s d will be in the Boobtare betwen the houn of 8:00 10:45 AM and tnmertrr. leclncity e n n though it had 1:15 - 4:W PM Monday thru 3. Gmduatee and other parno outstanding hill and Ulen Friday. Ima leavine the Umivmily far made the paper pay a d r p a i t Cheeh will @m be irued longer than one trimnter and m d reconnecting c h a w to U, alter B e 15th of Decemher having cutdated b o o b will no e t a h u h acrvlce. 1974. -@gin Power hsr made a longer be sent n o t i c a There uc sl.0 . w e d add. see bark p w dons to B e operating p r a r books nutomstid& b, m t i c e of turning off dsdurrs: rnrw prop,y of uapd hlclty without naiec. often B o o w r e . m the b u u of miswkm bwk. 1. Outdated books rnttst k k p i n g the Bird ehsrgDd and be d, o,*M boob p i e M up within one that the compny had a "sled to ch.rity. &u.nmin.tq hahi? of b l n g .~vrclously n p i d in turning off







, , ,


Rollowem Dance




The Bird has ao"ph1 m 2mxt to requiw the power company to hold a hearing h r f o n Ntflng off a p n o n ' r c1e"tncity.

OCTOBER 11,1974






upnwd in thi. un not nercsanr~i~ ~h~~~o r ths W I V ~ ~ nor ~ Y .II 01 the student body. u t t m a p w i n x m ~ h ~vmun c do no1 n r e c m i l y rsnert the o p i n i o n ~ ~ r this nswapper Or ila

Hg Andy Dyndvl ~ ~ d me s y student ~ ~ ~-i.tion ~ xlll won~ another movie; t h rieetion W U ~be ?Jab. carol, Tad & Alice." om the turn out or 1-1 week, 1.m nua lhn, will be mother good crowd. ~""dlrn. w m nwsrry:


I. Dnorlbn p ~ r i " , , hm be<" ,,tovd 1 menzbrr 1711 n,i, ,,,v M b y , mtiim ,h"" onnounc. d i n the l9747Sc~lmmdec

When wa find aumkea in a time when everyling ia going ~bpexcept hemlines end majorahart.ssseem toexist i n werythlnl except b-iem, which few p a p i o uae anymore. its time to l i t down, look at the nhrinYng Univenily budst, and try to create situation8 that glve d o i l m without asrrincing aervlccs. impaarible? Not so! I'lleoneeed "dilfluuit" but I'll go no further. one to ',a few thousand" rar the uniucraty is to patabiish n cost effective operating procedure and -thrirtpducstian pmmam" for t h m who use tile print shop at the University's expone. he ~ i v i r i o nChairman. ~raieaaors. S t ~ r f , student. and whom.soe"er are limply not propriy iniarmed on the service. and savineavauable through the properuae or the p u t shop


TO d r s you mdrvlcs nanra or wms h l w a that ~ h * SGA la ptvlnnng on O ~ W W 26&, nm. lhs w s l i n g for l i o l l o w a n PUYI and ~ m c sw be k i d at ihe N s t i m d C u r d Armory. o n ortol,er 311t snd imcmhsr In as ~ m s d a ~ n s crou d r U i t~ hopehliy w m u t d U i o d d v a . on ramllLs ror

A ~ r r p n proprt l or ,ha %A LI w orynsu Joint und hnction with myton. &sch 1:ommunlty. i r r e ran comhlns our I Siml unmsR~rEVERYONEI1~- ltvdent bodl- and avbt m e coal we could h w c a n a l l o d l ~ kn<ic,di"x #%"dun,. >e"8""lwl br m c r a.uw prrorm ~ s c and c s v u o n hsrs i h t g h held fmn k # t l b r r 1011 rllm 1611~ p.rceits& or female ~ o d ~ ~ b . lar e,robwac,,r ~ r a mar*,,,r h with all the m a dlaw nnother future project is t o hV NO WAY rl!onb.x 16. nflz# nf and try to COW up with a much needed, l m p r ~ e redatr%tim d swc ,,,I in~rruc,ur 80 ~ x c l u l l rp& Lem to inelude ~ m n I n ~ u ~ ~ l " l l h l m lREPEATin~1~ 1% curmntiy $0 the prmsu or rormvlg speed eommil Ei,l#l &rn,nr for s#,wn #nu ,,Il~ a, trc to study tnr pn.att,.ilty or reoqannnng h e u m p u s p u l d n t 9,h< d<*m!"r, " l ~ < ~Pr,tfe,sc,r. lt tern and to ha.< o a r ~ o nlot. ~ (we'll .a.rh.1 kind o r




f o r ulslance, how many routine handout. (terms, dafini. tions, how to etc) have you recelvd this trimeater? Haw many or them were printed on oniy one side of the p p r ? For my put. each and every "handout" I've received this tri has heen printed on one side oniy. Point Number 1- printing on two sides ia much cheap.. It may be necpssary to print exams on one side and 6 n c but lets t a b s lookat the mieceilaneour.


~ a sw t k , I sent out a memu t o all o r w i ~ a t i o n l ,eiub, and fnternilie asking that each organization picome by B e SGA ~ r ftoi update ~ ~ their ma. Iask aglin - update y o w file. In about two w e b ~ m b w R i d d l s4 1 hold i b w m i - m u d

w 01 ~ u a t p e ' ametinp. i'm sum that the majority o r n m and many old student. didn't r e d m that the SGA has two 8hrdent. on the ~ o s r d .Jerr candrey m d Ius the two h d i v o t i n g r ~ m b e m t h a t repment l h e student. and we u e besnning to prrpare ounclvas for this i t will be .very intemting M d rewvding experiena, but we rill be there to remnd the Ruateea that thestudents am tha eventual evrtomm of the Board's action*.

Juat this morning, as Iwan organizing my thought. for lhis ditorid-BOOMiwas deluged with additional ammunition. I n one elass the orofesor o w e d a u l two insiructional handouk The flmt is twei~e'(121pack long and the sffond w.s thirty ((101. You

in dming I'd like ~o recognize lhe enthusiasm m d oublU1dWurvice being performed by our new D i c t o r of Studant. ActivitiMB. sandrr Lamar.

guessed it;both were printed an only one aide. And now the p u b l i n e Point Number 2- they wem both rpproduced on a copy machine (i.. xeroe, etc). cast'? Savine? Budget problems? Galla


tightno belt.? Don't get me won& I'm not trying to condemn anyone. I'djualiike tosuggest that same action be taken to: 1. Educate ev~ryonethmulhiy about the printing seryieer avsilable. lhow best to urp them and how to lave some money too. 2. Eshblirh mme poiiciea to help atop waste or paper thus d a i l m i n case B e 10% that don%get the wotd get t o the print l a p .

'---- .--- - - -.


3. Activity pursue coat reduction p m g h s Uke rugwtiona, eansarvscion. ete.. with some jlist eomp n g l l i o n for those who help lave the $.

Ir a g m m ~r =, t. higood n ~ printing * the kind o f money I think i t will, 1 hope the Adminiatration wiU kl eel- to t a b that savings and invpat i t i n the lvrniahings far the student Center. PHOENIX




Just I quick word Lo eonglsdulate the staff of the 1974 moenir ror what ia undoubtedly the s n n t book in it.hietor/. ~f

YOU haven't picked yourr up yet, its "61 . came - 6ml served" in Roam 11. Building 3 h o m 8:00 to 5:00 wekdaya.

SGA GOlN TO THE DOGS By John Dolwick What i r three feet +dtl. ao yold, and walks on dl four* m e answrr is the new Studen' Gavemment Aasoeia. lion Secrew. fnd J. pod. Fred ohls unusual b m t e r ktlcs to the tact that he isa canine. Wltll s little help flwn his omem a t the sigma Chi fraternity. Fred won his p o d tion at the recent SDA elec. tian. with about firteen writ. voteFred's W m b indude the bility to bark and ail on -. mmd. His favorite rood is Gravy ~ n r i n .end his b i e r h o b by is b a r i n g rquimh. Quite the P l i t i c d Bare! f m d sum. m a l ~ u pthe ~ " i i r esitvntion by eying, "woor." Only at EmbwRiddic m v l d a Young PUP g o * UP to be an


I l . , r i , hv





muld a dog win on only 61. teen uoka Somebody should have written i n Richard Nixon'. m e . S W y he needs s job mo* than RFd This whole situlflm -8 to point outs serious problem. Student apathy. There are mlt too many r t u d m b that don't *YO s damr. about what'. h a p peniq in thsir rwhooi. Stwe Schmidt, m SGA Sen, tor, bad this to lay. "Maybe the apathy or the student. in c a d by the SGA. Maybe they (fie rtudent.) ti0n.t think ,he SDA i s doing mything" Steve rent on To lay that Ulc SCA is a great benefit to the studen( body. "The SDA providn g o d r M - t o the st". dent.." sfew reparg "Mast *I,, j"5t m n ' t aoftheh activitier'. pmr md h n m e mrpr pmbiem that will Leep him imm holdins his orlice. He is not re. d s k d a~ a student at Riddle. wit, he rill h n e t o be A. disqualified for membemh,p il the SGA. m l g B o w q a red, live l e s mn. had bccn nominated t o the paaltion of SGA *law. Mr. mqer await. appointment to his p.d by the Senate.






.L ....

"a."..,.. L."*".


..................... .............""-" V."V,..




".~".*".._............. "I." m.0.



_ . n . w

_*LC. I,,"."


"Sc-"" >..C""".""U

."."""oo~. .m."-"="c. ".C.."7

I PvbWled -MY L W 6 o u t Ur ycr md bi-weekly thmvshwt the m m m r n d dir g b v t e d by THE AVION. Embay-Ridme &ro n w u d Unissdhr. Box 2411. D.ytom w Florid% 32016. Phone 26%5561 PrMdon 73: h m s t n au&Pons $3.75. SeoDnd CI.Y P& 8 s psid at Daytam BBeh, n o n d r T-y pdnted at Half= Rep*.

There is always another crisis around the corner. Barry ยง. Truman

The Enloreer b s brain child tang lighter. T h = n u e growing of drcmft dealgner. David 8. dgn. that the #.sue could Lindsay. Jr. Mr. I.lndlsy whoia prompt reopning of the rolna d u o wedthy Florida nawapn. and mbsians w e m e n u h e per publisher, haa heen trying for Ulree year8 t o intereat DOD tween the Army m d USAF. in hie deaign for an attsck air. Membera of the ruhcommlt. crsn to provide clwo ,upport t o ground troopl. He haa built a rugged little warplane that meke s patent punch. carries a bergaln.haaement pric* lag, gets high mark for prlarmoncethe military hont. I t a p w n M d I~ave8thePentagon cold. the coat o f booze is climbing. Ironically. Penlagon rebuff8 I t uaod t o be d d . "an e m in 01 the E n f o m r have coincided your h e R " hut the way grog with calls ham Delena Seprices em riaing, who ran sf. cretary James Schlesinger lor lord eggs7 sources I t Fort limlder, cheaper warplanes. Brsm say the price of premium The Enforcer is ancomolica. her in 826 Ah" Di" mack ban tsd and inexpenawe. A l a n estl11s. just climed t o 50 cents mated $770.000 each. i t would (an incresue of a nickel). Elab cost a lot iesa U~anthe Hamefa where on the ddnYng front. 84.3 million and the A-10's Pacific ares erchanes report $3.4 million. The Enforcer can s Dins percent increara i n the onnratc rmm short mum mn. price 01 beer between J a n u q way.. stay aloft lor 1ongie"od. and Aupat. Even saldien s.t and deliver heavy firepower timed i n Korea wiil get ID(just what the Army medal) booze 1.3, their bucks down wil! delve into role8 and nir Wlth a Lyeoming T.66 turblne town following the ROK g o enyine (CH.47 pawerplant!l, i t don. between the Armv and uernrnent'a 17.7 percent price Air Force. I t could mean put. has a sped m g e o l 86 to 440 increare. ting the Army hack into the moh and b heauilu armored 4. To the Axed wing driven st (aotsct the ;lot m m b e d wing hwineaa i n a hig Fort Riddle, there ia new h a p way again. and Conpssionnl wound 6re. It lnounts lir in on the horizon. The H a u a Armed Serviceo R k D suheomstaffes a w e ! congree believes tPloal .5O rsliber machine guru mittse met last week to consider that there is a mision lor Ula Ulat can each spit out 110 aircraft and i t is not viewed ar rounds p r minute. and i t can pressing the Pentapn t o test o r r y 10 rockets. mlaailer or Oy the Caraler Enforcer based s campetitor for the ,440. homba.

on L s N a t h American MY*

Active Duty By F m k Stookey

1. December graduate' M asked t o contact A1 Kisier sl aaon 8. p w i h i e . He muat mske eon. l a d halore mndingslist o l y o u leliaa t o the Student M a c h . men1 next week. Also. ilany of you have questions ahout can. c m n t travel. Big A i is the man toe. 2. For OUDP students, your attention (or Inettention) rs di. Reled t o p w 1.2 in B e US ASD Student Hmdhook The addreaa for textbook oand miacelianwva supply reimburse. menb haa bean changed to:


Headquaden US Army SLY Det Attn: ATZI.SDCS (MsR u ~ e i l l Ft Bcnjadn Henison. I N 64216



9. Whila we ue away h o m

A ( a o t n t y p Enlorc#r i. ha. inn held i n atorsue at Vera Peach. Florida (anyone men i l 7 l I 1 Mr. Lindaly gets Lhe w e n lhght, I t will smcrge wain t o ny; and i f tha Army gets involved yo. nxad w ~ n u)och will have t o race your. vuly to the s v w up sheet! 6. We would like t o Eonnab


&to speak on a number of the phyaioiadca! problem8 we


w i a t ~ m la* today; and the lsteal developmenu ill hs:b w m and kchniqueu t o comhmt L r m . Col. Baily i 8 ths Chiel of Aeromedieal R s v u e h at Rucker, and iheld the p o u p ~l~eilhoundhorn s t m t o fin. bh. Emory Demon brought his own slide projmctur, and kept the Colonel puzzled and the COUP amused with ik opm. tion (or inoprstian!). I t r e m a ahama thsl around liftren p o p l e mowed lor what will pohahiy turn w t t o be the rnaet out8tandlng pr~mnzalion a1 the year. For thme 01 you who eilher &wed at home. or wen, elsewhere, you'll jult ne wr know what you milred.

Karuga'e Krazy Kasaerole BY Bred K m g l I 1you were here during the summer. Iam lure you would admit that thing, did get rather nectie but boaring I f you m recall, i n one of the ~ v i o nissues. Ihad a red* entitled " I h h o Jumbo." the hotsumMY intention olintrodueing the recipe war l.,enli@ten mer by giving Riddle litvdents an opportunity l., try an A h i ~ n ndish. However. ,he whole project war not much o t a svcee@abecavae none of the local rlorer had the required inwedlenta! One 01 t h m 1ngmdie"ts waa dephant meat - not t o mention the lare that ncbody seemed to have more than one wife. The dish r e q u i d a ~ w in%o f silr wive%! i pnu the dish waa too wild. For h o w 01 you that have he8" eager to hy a dish horn the "deep jun&es 01 Africa" Ihsve a~Ylplestion.The recip. that lollowl is by all menna realistic. The instmetions aro very nirnple and iam m e that the i n p d i r n t s can he obtained from the local stores. CURRIED MEAT WITH BANANA AND VEOETABLES

mains t h e t e m p o r a w o w er of this "ndaimcd 10.


2 1br 3 cvos 1 ' 3 It p bike. The hike w u m e n t l y found abandon ed and is betiwed t o haw t e n 11ol.n hnn ERAU. If you meaglim

Unripebanmu Mest (Prelerahly bony meatwith a l a t 01 lab) Cehbee onionTomatoes (lprge) Cuny powder wt and pepper t o b t e


.I wssh and cut tbe meat into small pimall-%. 2. Waeh and d i m tom~luesando n i i 3. cook meat. anionsand tomatoes with l a l t until the 6Rt m b r i s Plloto by Cr.18 H!ld.b,."d!

drained, turn the contsnb i n the p o l until brown. d w a t a and cook the meat until it is about ready. 4. ~ d some a. W"h and cut U e 0abb.g. s peal h a m u i and cut them length** and wuh them i n warm water. 7. * m n ~ thc food in a big pot. 1t b important t o m g e the layen i n this order. P -.I enough h-ar t o fill the bottom of the pot. ~ d some d meat 08, top of the b a n m u Add more hananaa Laye. with cooked vcpltnhies. Add mother I s y e of ManB.. continua layeting in t h i order until Ule pot is 6114.


cmer pot tightly and n a k la st last ten minute8 more.

Scwe n o r

$1500-$2500 cash bonus for one of these jobs.



Embry Riddle students or alumni ran

buy n e w Cema Aircraft at special db count pries. Cessna P i l o t Center. All ratings thmugh ATP. Ce112 Il81hour C e s m 150 (IFR) $16/hour Cherokee 185 IlFR) . , RlRlhour - -,..Apache $4Olbour Books. Charta, Head ScLr. Jewelry. SunB s e a , and Calculators (on sale from $45.00 and up)



Call your Army Representative.




Airaaft m a i n t e m n e d l m n h e s


Largeat parts stock in the area Sales and Service Center openni g-.

T e Hon: l q h . ~ 9012534106 8012526952 ~






LARRY L SHQOK S u U ~ t US . Ann,

OC'l'O/lEllll,11J701 t'Oll S;\LE-'I'yco train set, Illounlud wilh over 200 fllllt of tn:ck, m:lny metras, hll8t orrer. Cu11672,9455 or Uox 004:1

fOR SAUl FOil SAI..E-Soney TC125 C.... ICUe lle1:k & K.. . nwood TKIolO Stero Ilccei\'crfAmp. $250, CaU IJi.I1 ~l 767·33!l!l, .·Oll SALE-Soney T'::125 ell&IICtte Deck, auto reconllevel, uaed one year, $70, Call lim at 767·3399. FOil SALE-72 Yalllaha gn, duro 25OCC, no rust, powerful dirt bike, $400, Illusl :!ell for tuition, Cull 672-83<19 afwr 5:30 PM. FOR SALE-12 string guitar wHh 0:1\.00, CXC>lUent conwtion, Call Bill at 767-3399. FOR SALE-Kenwood TK140 St.ereo UeCiliver/Amp 65 walts per channel used one yf.'lll. (two small speakers included) $225. Cull Bill lit 767·3399. .'OR SALE-17' boat 75 hp Johnson molor & trailer, all for $liOO. Call 255-6635 al· ter 5:30 PM weekdays.

CLASSIFIED .'OR SALE-AI fa Romero '69 5 speed, 4 duk, radiall, AM·FM tape, paint, apare parts, $2800 or belt offllr. 256-4765 FOR SALE-Sulukl 250, '71 yellow, $200, see me at 817 Grove Avenue, Holly Hili (off 8th Stood Rte 1) FOR SALE-Hitachi caasette recorder/playback unit, AC/DC remote on/off, make offer. Call 761-3185 or leave note in box: '726 FOR SALE-3 channel RC gear new $175, never used, $100. Cull 761·3185 after 5 or l.!ave note In box 726

t'OIl SALE-Kil1ll ~h:e wutl~r hed with wooden fnune, fix7 fL, Loll l!xt 28, uk for tllllIUY or after 5:30 672·83019.

FOR SALE-Remington "BushmBiter" ICml·automatic 30-06 with Weaver liCOpe and tip-orr mounts, Just In time for deer 1e8ll0n, $175. Cull 252-5561, ext. 73, ask for Art.

bile home, rurnlshed, l;{'ntrul air 14nd heal, skirting, near air· port, $6400. Befarll 6 Prol cllll 252-5561, ext 23. ,\fter five call 255-8023. Ask for Pew.

FOR SALE-Immllculate 1971 VW Camper. fll:tory equipped with air conditioning, AM/I'M Ice box, link, new paint job, <17,000 mllea, $2800. CIlII alter 5 PM 262-2954.

t'OR SALE-22 l;al. Browning semi·automlltil: rifle, wooden slock, etched reet~iVl'r group. Great for hirthday 01 Christmas JlrtH.ent or just for fun. S60. Call 252·4211.

FOR SALE-Stereo, t'isher 180 Amplifier, BSK turnlable, XP· 565 speakers, panasonic tape deck, two sets of headphones, atill under wlII'Tanly. Call Howard at 252·9429.

t'OIl SALE-1971 VW. Cull Hoger (Dorm I{e~ident Mana· al 255-13613.


Fon SALE-Honda C1.350, '71 beautiful blue, top cOllwtion, cl~tric start, $700. See me at 817 Grove Avenue, 1I0lly lIill.

FOR TRADE-74 Honda MT 250 Elsinore, 1000 milea, under warranty, excellent condltlon, will trade for van or pickup. Write to 1951 S. Seagrave, Apt. 9, South Dayt.ona.

FOR SALE-P·38 9 mm In CJlcellentl'OndiUon. Call 761-3185 or lellve note in box 726

FOR SALE-Barbell set, 110 pounda, Call Howard at 2529,129.

FOR SALE-Luger 1'·08 9 mm excellent condition, make orrer. Call 761·3185 Ilfter 5 or ICllve note in box 726

t'OI{ SALE'-US Divers Alumi· nu", sc~bn tank with reverse back Ilack, fins, make offer, I\sk for Chip in Dorm room 257 or t;l{ hox 404 I or call 252-9242. FOil SAl.t;-Qlmd stereo, 3 months old, $200t new, need monl')' - SIOO. Call 7GI·3185 after 5 or leave note in box 726 FOIt SALE-Lawn mower, new never used, full warranty, $50, 761·286f1.

FOR SALE-Block vinyl baby's

.·OR SALE-Smith & Well$On Combat 19, 6" barrell, make of· fllr. Call 761·3185 after 5 or lea'le a note in box 726

i"OR SALE-Camera, 3ti mm Kodak with nash attachment a'\d compltJle set of filters. Call Howard at 252-9429.

FOI{ SALE-70 Sazuki 500, cOlllplettlly reltuill, custom, many eltlms, $500. Call ext. 64 or 677·6171.

car seal, good condition. $5. Call extension 73 and llSk for Art.


FOR SALE-K.awllSllki 900 2-l. 5800 miles, new condition, exCilJlentJy maintailltJd. Contact Scolt Shennan, Donn Rm 362 or 252-9401.

Efforts are still under way lo fonn a achool band for Em· bry.Riddle. Persona are desparately needed to form the band. Everyone with musical talent is welcomed. Two more organ· izational meetings are planned. They will be h/jld on Saturdays at 11:30 AM in the Dormitory Study Room. InteJelted persons who unable to make the meetings are urged to drop 11 note in bo" 4162. P1eue include your name, box: number, and phone number. Band questionnaire

WAN'I'f:l)-{jood home for fwe kitlen, 3 t.u 01 monthl cld mille, very arrectiol1ule. Bufon~ Ii "1111 26:1.971;2. Mtur 5 cull 251'1·!)il/IH



FOIt IlEN'I'-8IU.:twlor Apartmllnt in !'ort Orange area, fully furnished. utilitie5 paid for, $150/monlh, Call 7(j7·(j92~.

WANTED WANTEl>-Two pliSiengen to split nying and COIitll for a trip to Chkago on tJle Thankllf\vinl( holiday weekend. I guaranh.'t! a maximum cost of $170 pcr person. The wrcraft lO be flown, II Rockwell Commander 11:JMA if ideal for commerl;ial sludents needing the required dual tran· !lilion time. Contact Mike, Box 836 or Dorm Hm 116. WANTEl>-I'er50ns interested in buying sharel in a Cherokee 180, full IFIt, terma available, Call 672-9597 WANTEl>-ltacket Hall Partner to pltly on weekday a ftemoons. Contact Ken Stein, Hox 396, or 253·8779

fOH Itt;N'I'- Duplex n.'al:hsidl' ';, bdr, uir l:onditioned, tmal, TV, sun deck, $165fmonlh, ext 52 or 253·7778. FOIt RENT-Availabh' Nov. 1, $250/mon, hugc 3 hdr, 2'h hath, fireplal:c central heat ,k air, 929 N. PlminllUla Drive, call afler 6:30 PM weekdayll for appointment, 255-6635. t'OR IlENT-2 room efficiency apu acro1i8 from ocean, air, 1'~, pool privileges, $125/month m· eluding uliliril'5. li.ooms only looflnontJl includes air, TV, WId utllitiu. 805 N. Atlanlic Avenue. 252·6645.

WANTEl>-Stl.:dent to share sharp mobile home close lo the Univerroity, reasonable rates. W~t.e John Gordon, Ell BOI[ 362.

FOR REN'I'-Large 2 hdr fur· nished apartmenl across [lorn ocean, fireplace, puol privlledl(es $200fmonth incllJuinl/ utilitit..'5, 807 N. AtJlJntic Avenue or cull 252-6645

WANTED-Bridgo: Anyone? IC you arc interest.ed in playing bridge, or wonl ot learn how, please contad Mrs. Lamar at extension 73.

.'OR RENT-Upper one Wr, furnished, ga.s & waler paid, c1eoo & newly decorated, in t;entral Day toilS.. 252·2868.

forms wi!! be circulated in the Donn ood both libraries. MTlI. Lamar, Direclor or Stu· dent Activities, can vrovide any information concerning the new band. She can 00 conlacll'll at her office in Building 3. Iler phone number Is Riddle exten· sion 73. A musical band Is something that Embry-Riddle needs. !'copIe with past musical experience have an opportunity to continue their talents. It's ::I. great way to "blow your o",n hom."

!-------"_.. _"-'-'-,,----,,-,,-"_.._,,_.._,,_._,,-----"-,,_.....'--"_.. _.-"'.. ._,,-,,--".,-"-,--"--"--"--"_.._._-"--"--"--"-'-/--"--"--"_.._-"--"--"--"-----",' f




Specializing In Delicious Food At Reasonable Prices


I ! I ! ~ I










! I ~t

613 Vo/usia Ave. Daytona Beach


IN TOWN - - - 14 OZ.

N. Nova Road


Holly Hill


Enter Lester's Dinner Give-Away








11i\ all


to all E·RAU students



\ , l


daily SI.I9 spedals







1- .. pm



,: I ,

I ~


, , , ,

"_'''_-''_-''_'. __ ..-"




.. .~-


O C m B E R 11.1014 .



n ~ s ~ w c t ~a~ a r l men, ,not as Rod Hrmmili "l!lndw.a." 'The lcrm "pledge" Dan llarllln ltxslf is a degadlng ward to Tom Marridel ldmhda Chi. Ilmus, u s caU cay T ' UU~BI our 1pra81*cllvs Brothen " A r ~ s m s r Hal Hralsnd sovial., Memben." because they L l f Depasquaia 1wrLirlluLI. with out active ~ p ~ IIOUB i " OmpLc~r~n even nay. 1.amhdn nvry ~ 1 1 1 ~ 0 ~ Clil Alllhs ofhrn you leader. nhw a,n>inara and conventions pleue be1 bee la stop try our Lhternily houis on 424 Houth all nurose tllc US. Cmlds and Ill the lhhamaa. Rldaewood Avenue any dry. A qllralion usuaUy m k d i. c8pecially on Ftidoy nllnr s"I lhsuc, frlmds. why ahodd I round 7:00 PM for our mall. h l o n r to freternily?" our i n ~ a a n dhappy hour. anxrrr la that Mend8 a n goad comeand =a the-ran1 thing" to have, but they <annot leach the things that CUIIY makcuxu you Ivrdcahip. I n Lambda Chi unique fraternity. Our dradli!ls Y C ~ r<.d L ~ a ICn.C belonfil lor new mcmhem this trirnn~. ullll xharlny 01 your love with la W~dnnday.ortobe. 16th. O L I , ~ ~someone . t o he with wla.t> you need a helplnghmld. W o d y Applewhitp \VC want to congradu~ateour C(LCha1rman newly rlertrd olficem: ~ ~ ~ bR e ~ h~corn. i ~


53 Sigma C h t F r a t o r n l t y

Non Vets Club By Mark Ebedc

The nnt tdmoalal "Win a h m be=" prorlalmed a mehii profits WI~I be wed toward e m beel at student ~ n c t ~ for o nall ~ lludents (vet. tool) ~ = wta k l y meetins WUI be held at 8:00 PM Thumdw at P ~ P P Y ' ~PraapoWve . mcmben ua weimma. Swearing i n o f of. I r - m a?d discumion of upmming want. will be had. such w s n b are:

mpto tho oddnsl Tony Pats I n GalnwlUe. D M t n l l blLe race Deep lo. fishing U p



Althoullh the p u t y waa ham. p r e d by mln, m a s present On W e h d a y , October 2, managed to eon,uma a m a 1 the Eta Iota Chapter o f tha deal of hamburpen. holdoa, Sigma CI,~ ~ , ~ t e ranductad ~ i t ~ and beel: ita Olmal p l ~ d s i n ge~ramanj. Lnrl weekend Ihs Gsmmo mh loae p w n t to rereive pledge melachapter located st tllr Pins were Daniel H u r n w e r , univcnity 01 Florida, a1 Gnilw N I C ~ O I ~ corn we^^. wllliam villa, held i t a 50th snniurnnry Fray. ROES Guacelte. Robert ~~1rhrn:~on. A numher 01 Lr Lsmbert, J-ph ~ i c h n a navid . ilrothem rapresented thr Eta Milllelebehdt. Paul Poatlahaw, lola Chapter at he feativiliva. Mieheal Puaeh. Frank Rivaa. tid day night commaneed L*' John smullen. .lahn valentine. with hullel dinner Lbrdi R. Hirdle and ~ u g u s t Van ~ r l ~ ~h~ l r st the chapter ~ o u s r . IVn~ridmt hrothen of the Eta lola Chap Saturdey lealured a foothall between he ~ ~ i , Jiln ~ ~ K O~" i t ~ let like to mnglstu~nte 01 ~ l ~ rand i d L~. s . ~followal Vi" P r d d c n t the new pladgn. On Saturday. Ootaber 5, s by cocktnila and a formal Ihon. Sbvc FG,n,,ell barbecue waa held at the Chap quet with live entedalnmml. SIvn'Lnry Smday coneluded the festla~ ter House l o r lhe ties unth on inlorma! hrunrll pledges, Mvoa and girl bicnda. Edplcn sewed a1 the Chapter Hou= qyeaaun.r

10/20 Eerl Scruggs R w w 11/01 n d G o lllll Johnny Winter 11/23 Todd Rudglpn Tampa 11/03 R ~ ~ I C Oeland (Stelaan1 10117 Eerl Scruggs R-e Why I8 Lambda Chi uniqufl Lakeland Civic Center ncra sre urmr o f the reasona: 11113 johnny winter 1. 11 hnr the largeat p r o f o 11121 rianalstslfofany rallege 111ternity in the US and Canada 11/29 Yer Jackaonvills ZIIP warnc 2. s m k third amongst d n o u g h t for theweb: ..Don't htarnitier in total number o f elt8pten (207 t o beeract.) tet your snderme studis in@ fern with your &estion.'.~lay 3. It rank fifth in anroll. Dough.


Chi Alpha




mcnt a t total of 126,000 un. dewduatPa and alumnua. m e abwe a few of the statistics. hut the ma1 reason is that ~ s m b d ac h i ~ p h . ia thc h t e r n i t y that olfem you a '.fraternity education" program. instead of L e typical "pledge dau" conoppt which still exbts ..?ith other fmternjtia. col. lege dudents are men and we

in Charge

BY Joe HoUandrr The m e t . o f Det?eh;rmt l I 7 ua a c l m knit dnliosted men and 11 isimportrntb r the cadets to

staff ol6eer. During thia time h e w stationed in Turkey and w o r b d as a NATO Electronics s u f f officer. I"1973, he v o i u n t e e ~ dfor togethpr and t o know each an AFRQTC nssignment, and he othec as s "Band of Brothem." In t h i i nay. cadets have !pride Q eumntly lhe Detachment's in both themrelvo~and the US h i s t a n t Pmfemr 01 Aero~ i Force. r apace Sludie~.He instructs the There ie another equally im- 400 cadets and is lhe advirarto lace1 i n this almosphen. the Gill Rohh Wilson Squadron of brotherhood. I t b the nls o f the Arnold Air Society. A npwer m e m k r of the De tiorlrhip o f the cadets and the pmtlemen i n aherge of the De taehment staff is Major John lachment I n the weeks lhal Rokmon. Major Robemon en. ~ l la h ~ t i e l~ ba, ~ k p u n d01 listed i n the Air Force in 1952 'the office- and NCC'r that and graduated horn the aha. at Bryan make up Detachment 157 will lion Cadet ProAFB i n Texaa. I l e waa Ulcn u be preented. 6-1 gentleman 01 this signed to lhe Air DclcrucComm m d where he new F-80 and sPnesisp,qajor L~ f&aile, ~ a F a l l l c joined the r a F-86 fiahlen. Major Robenon left the Air fisted mnks of the USAF i n 1951. ne atlended the dee& FOXPin 1956 hut wsl mcalled ronio~Bunnery chool. upon to aelive duty duting the Cuban gaduation, he .elected as Mlrriie Crkis. He was n member top tur- of the Taclical Air Command a gunnel inthe t , ,= 01a &LO. ( m e B 5 0 is n where Ye job wpr tlyingc123 mare wrserlv~ vpmion of the nrao aimaft i n the Pacific Lamed B29.b i\rea. Major Robemon joined An: 1953 ~ ~ j Lo~ F r ~ I IgradI~ rnted f,dm Cadet NavimLor aa a T-37 insUueLor h a m 1963 SAC'S t o 1968. He went back i n t o l h c ltavnink 1 3 men ~ ~ ~ r a t on i o h~m r d s Tnctlcal Air Command nr part This B 2 9 hornher. l l e wnr sLallonrd 01 th? h c i f i c Air Foin ownauaa~ this timp. Major time. Major Robemon wpr fly~ a ~ s uwar l l ~$nn ~ ~ , ~ a dt o e d ing F.4D nnd F.4E Phantom Fk He flew the F-.I untnl tor on board a 847. D u r i n ~thin wtid. he later, ~~j~~ 1.a~ulles o t ~ ~ 1971. d As ~ , , ~ (ATC) , ~ ~waa ~ also , j a Munitions Planning indruetor, H~ l a u h t 01. o f f i r - r . He new a T-33 from lhrouph the N ~ v ~ .1971 t o 1972. Major Rob-n Attended the plor.Rnrlar H O ~ I ~ ~ I courrP. ,.~ Air Force l n r t i l u k of TechnoL962 ba l)o, LrF,illc & C a m m u n i c r ltoiwoin n 1973. s~~ Early ~~ &&~ypa. ~~~ nio ",ficdr School and h w f f i -ignd to the =&h.lPrwan~. hr r e t v m ~ rt ~ o thr m=ni. Major Rok-n i=now the Commandant 01 Cadets. He command Art.a. Q also the inrtrudar ?or ulc AP in 1966 M~,", L~F.UI!~ Vnd SAC aa a mn m d ~ l ~ .




I I , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * . ~



rl.r\l you ntiv n,nt all E i t A l l "c'!nrk~n Il~awk"P,r 113.50. hATlNG: IVrivulnnd AIx,ur "No ('PI'"'' IRE(:lS'l'ilA'TiON:

nl~lll~!rll or w,l!#,

Pllelt~ I.lno

I,, I M ~ IWP ~,,

1111111i l l IIOX ll(iH. 'Thc winnmn o l lllia tmrc.~will ~wtlvlpat,~ 11) ihc Iiwgional M~,,I~ lu 11- 1hc.ld lhrn u l l)ilytr,nn 8.11r11 ~1111~~~r1, in) N O V ~ I U Imr 1181syror.

John Logan TO Speak For Arro A Engineering hl,.




H~<,w" . ~~~ l d n ~ . ~ ,of n~nIlustry "ill. Aisi,",,,". will I,? on lib!".



pus on (X.~nbvr 17. '111umdi8y. to lnlrNirw rcBr~ ~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ . ~~~yltnc~rlm. 1tr.wn Eamn~c~nnl:

AI,PHA ::8,y;;,:;;E ;:;; ETA lIll0 :;:::;,n;:;t;: me

n~odynrm#r*;Flulcl hirchal8rh:

,"ill & ".1cci .ncv 1i(rratun. rnd q,i>11f,,r weekB cations on lil*. 8" sl"!, Ily .,,<I getting r e d y for tile lultermural I'sk cnPa's~ l'AYS0.N. I h r rivillm I~I~III. eying eomptilio,, heid Jerry Lee ~ ~ LI", , 20 ocialmr.~ - 01 t th,. details powc.r p$.*onn*l g . ~ l ~ hlr soeinl FunctionaCheiman have hem roml,le~d only N V Y wlll Ix. on r n ~ ~ luo xn,. Jim Domzla rialOf who isto do ,"hat yc cmit for Bnyll~c.nrin~ix~nonn~.i ~ dchairman ~ ~ IYcdPd.~ Bryan ~ hrdvm i i,ar ~o" O C ~ O~I , ~ . ~ 23. \I'~.~~,~..~I;~Y. with their c-pres~~>k~t>vt~ li#!l do,,* a fine h, , j in oqanimnR Jack E. Vandelaar he hollca we wl]l IIooXa. \ V r llrvr on 61r :l v1,1,> have a good mc dr. p1eLc nouhook ub>t.l> d,wnlx.r Scholastic Cllsvman vYlaaf he meet erg. fu,lwh: u,,.ir gco17,. 01 r,,,,mii,,,~ <.rf,,fi. in all You a n !vvlr",,,r ,<I Peter Belestrieri m'Pw i,at your Irlxln.. Alumni A f h i n A ,TE: 20 ~ ,,,,.O ' ,974 I 1 you are inlerr~trclin Inlsrvirwin8 wilh rithl.r ,1 lh.' n.. TIME: Bednset 0800 'vnod~ APPlpwhi* Firat Flight 0900 WUitea, p1paae. ~btellll.1, 111 al. Ritualiat l a l n l m r n l wl:h LI. PBlr,,nl,#ll welcome om Aaaoeiate 0 1 6 ~ Y. O U will ncrli a rrnlml FEE: 82.00 ~~Studenlsonly.. MPmhers: If an Ernhry-Riddle and/or o l ~ l ? I i ~ av,8ml~lt~tk~d ti~~~~ i o your I,,lnrvlrw. ,nrm,,',n very lrusy ,he




NOVA FLITE CENTER Avionics Sales and Service

New and Used Aircraft 'Sales

Engine and Airframe Shop

e Flight Training and Aircraft Rentals Texaco Aviation Products Pilot Supplies

Commander 112A Checkout NOVA FLITE CENTER Daytona Beach Regional Aiport Call Today Phone 252-7229 255-0421 Offer good Saturday and Sunday October 12th and 13th ONLY. Embry-Riddle ID, Private License, 125 hours total time and 10 hours retractable rewired

, ~ ~l l~~ n~t llu yl ~




SW B.ltlrll





.- .

ER l l u r 461


c r a c ~Borger

l vice President MaintmMCe M m w m e n t ER Box 1 l Q


NI s~udica

L*crrlsuy A,, studio. E l l Box 353


Sllrl;dI.'unrlio.r C l l a i m n

lill I l ~ ~1~106 x

E l l H O s:l ~,;

. k ~ ~ ; ~ Mao8uycmcnl ci~n




3 l ~ ' d i R. u i r d b xll,nbnn,,ccMMerment

aa,, rcMalwlPmenl

lios 1369



o~c she w

E R B m 111


I J i I eTiul80rie.1~

FI~,,~II \I.%1nlenmrrYon.ynl8ml ?.it Hox ,155 >tl.ul.

MainCrunceMrn~ment ER Box747

Chlef Jutics h r Set :nee


k h hlanron

~ c ~ " l ~ i r ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ t i o d

h""nL"mnoph'rmynn'w' E l l l j o r JllS

El1 Uox 1071

B N n B N T CIOVIDmNUPN1 A B - O E L I . ~ X O N -7.-




""WW ..DY.

, * : i T11*c3,P"




IC" P I V I C I r n ""%ST



W. I5I9 .**.nu o-34 rn7.L



rio. Ib",<IYW





.$I1 , u t srtmur.i

rr-,.b ,,>r.d L"l ,w emn

u p " . . .


...",nr &"LO"

Rs"". ma.nlx 1$7.6Yi.00-- 3 5 . 3 roc



lmbL ,uniosnr


DrRxT S P E X E L 3

1""Lr~2E;;. tea,.,,, A u l d . .nd


eont,nrmrr ,>"a T 3 A L lrnlii.97 rnP*SrS

"m,mrdFnSm. t,m",,""


Iln,rri~lt" rrrtc- >UPPLL..

R..Ld."l.. apn.. *<.writ P r I I c * .d "110. /no-.r.



Oulstandlng Educational Prngrarn Opsn Weskdays 7:00 A.M. lo 5:00 P.M. -Year Round


* Individual Ans!ltlon and Instrucllca

* 420 b u l b Norm Road O W O X ~ ~ ~ C ~ .


Constant Supervision Nutrit103211~ Balancsd Meals

p l p ~


klddie kastls quallfler lor now lncoms tar dsduetlon

We ~nviteyou to visit us at kiddie kastle.. .come by, compere our tacilifiea. programs. personnel. ..Try if, you'll like it!




v.lra i



Uallnna lkrrh. F h

Yhnne 232-Zjb;

I'~.I!'. Oldnl





WE RENT Brrrhrrrn

b a n u FS N3j

- 1 '55 Pvr

-.Olm 150

z; I

*mhrr IU) A d c




I.& ~.i..t


TO "AVION" READERS: I ~ F R E E2 a pouch o f Tobacco SHARE SMOKING WRE ,% Jan and Cam ERAU Alumni

ig ; :


I: .*.*.***..****..

(;(.I Your Seaplane Rating

F , U nnd VA Approved "****".".

1 . s .



7"s m.".-.LL l)..lO*..nC":.LD",C.




OCTOBER 11.1974

c ; '




Rl& Hinden


Air Sludle ER Box 413

" /

Jmk E. Vrlldclsv Air Studlrr ER Box 1063

Hrynll Purdum A n st"de8 ER aux 668


Air Studi-

EH Box 696

Air Studinlr

~ l~ re g e n a

ER Bor 268

Allall 11 ichrmdl ~ n a t m him.gnoent n ER Box 402


nluntClvmcT~~hnolo~ ER Bor 381



31 Nov. 1

* * *

Be011 V m l k Air Stud" EH Box 992

Air S l u d n ER Box 961

*I A1 C k a Air SdeER B m 368

A,, scienec

Air s1udia ER tlor 134

J a b MeMaho


h m i e Pslnrer


Air StuIlles Ell Box 75

ER Bur 4323

' k

Raymond J. Bnnt. Air Sluciics ER llox ,1292

Tony KIsliell

EH llux 733

[hun$.ao Velez ~ ~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T e h ~n ao l l no tg ~y n a n ~ ~ ~ ~ KhA ny H~Wt u~d ~ Munbmnre Technoion ER Box 623 EM Box 703 ER Bm 423








3 HILDEBRANDT Stwe Baboniek, ER

Strua nchmiddl Aem En& @ ,$-" ER Box 321









*a l...


~ ~ " " ~ ~ . S S .






I . .



I-. ..UD11..

, . I .






~ x ' T O B E II~I.IO7.i




Classical Rifle TO NRA


ti^ on.

hylonm's leading 6m arm, dealen. Rich. ud nuchw.ld, donated a m e anaof.*hind m e to ~ l Mus of the National Rinemsnls ti^^, in Wsrhingtan OC. M ~ ~, , , ~ h ~ a l.-BUCL.. d, to hi. hiends and wnouatel, o w *

h u beeoms a colisetom price and t h M h Lo Buck II il now i n a m w u m for everyma to enjoy. Buck h u o f f d s $26 dn *rtificlh to any EmbwRiddls ltudent who can i d e ~ t i l y : 1. Maka(Manufactwer)


2. Particular Model 8. Caliber




bought. traded and S W ~ P M ~ BUCL hu eat a tirne riit fire arms of all types. i n his of 30 days, eommmeing on 8 dealir.. he cnme acrou this 11th of Oelnbr. and tamimC unique weapon that h w k e n lng on lhe 8th of ~ovrrnberto appni.d at a d u e or Barn identify the tine. ~ u r i thin n ~ siuoo to s ~ z c o .The time, eiltrie. may he mallad ln L i s p a r t i d a r fire arm lo C I d . scsled envelops dong with ned ss s one of a kind ia your fuii name and ERAU box the m m . number to: bled thi8 prtlcuiar rifle in a cubpway raahion, erpoaing a i l A"i0N the k n c ~ a n d-myranenla or AnN: GUN ABRONAU-

BUCL haa id and



M.I B . C ~ ~ I ~ the firearm M ~w,ilmm . pugh. the PlePld~ntof the NRA National Museum


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produced by

UNIVERSiTY Daytons ~esch.motida 32016


Fencers Compete At Cocoa By Ju?k s p m u s k e n comptitive t a m s art i w d st c w o s B~SCI, (o ehd. inv ona in the hat FIFA. Aorida IntereoUedaLo Fencing Asnodation. tourns ment this aemn a t Brevnrd Cammunily Coiiov. The battle hegem at 8:30 AM laat satur. day with men's foil eomplition. Each team participated in this went which ~nciuded Brward Community College. Florida lnternational University. Florida State. Miami.Dsde Comnunity College. University of South FioMaand EmbrpRiddls. ERAU'I faiiers, Wmen Lucua. Steve Gihbs and Jsch Spmhle lunged their way tu aweral vietories IhmuCout thP foil bout.. Olher evenis included w* men'a roll and men's epe. Chuck Haulton. wanen Lucm

and ~ a e kspranue fenred epee for ~ ~ h ~ ~andi Conquer. d d i ~ ed PsU rnlh final of five to lhree. The tournament 1p.M 12 hour8 and hawed many strong and some weak m s a in lhr En. gtn roncingabiiis. Octoher 19 is the time aet b r another FiPA tournament to k held in M i m i st MiamiDad* Commun8ly Caiiegr. Any m e interested ln artencling thus meet contact Warren i.unui. csipt.m or JaeL Spranue, prep>dent i n thedarm. Many new fencer8 have joined the Eagle team and are progrpgrp slng rspidiy v l t h plans to he i n future evenls. Come watch the rollers every Monday. Wedneb day and Fridsy from 4-6 PM in he wm.


Machine Shop

Ve(a 30 AFROTC 21 SigmaChi 2

- Buds 0 - Pi@nia 0 - Scurvey mw 0





A F R ~ EeltaChi Seuwey Dog'

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1.000 1.WO 1.OW ,500 ,500 ,500 .DO0 ,000 ,000 ,000

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h i s Sunday.8 SEhdulul


9:00 10:W 1 1 : 12:oO


Jeff built a fence around h i m e . With no gate.


Sigma C U w Delta Chi h r v w Dog s l APROTC tigmiesva Vetr Budr draw n by




od nelm/randall

carver/barbara rigel


II~LIPAXSHOPPIN~:C~:I'~'RK 215 I t # v ~ r * dIRtrr. r llnlli

,8-24 li,. wbt inlomban 11:1 252-2062


remark& Howard. when s a M +.the lhovgt inauranee. ''1% got enouC M my m i n d l i k e luscious Lo&" wrong ~ ~ . i a r Ifivaciav d. t.pins to be of your hie, insumce s h d d te. tm.~ " the d t e s t time to lnvest i n Ipolicy k n o w w d e you're Young and ln health. it11 coat a lot icu Wondering ahout YOU' Iimand.l fibe a d r a p n t i i YO" n ~ ~ r r o u t r h . t t 0 do about it. mat's where n nn help. mane or w i l e ue today and take .dnnt a s ~rk i i g Y W ~ K .


PROVIDENT MUTUAL b h d A. C d r n C h v l s E. S % &

PO Box 4183 soukh h y l o m Plaid.32021 Phnla:





Halloween Costume Dance

By BIU Wl@".

Friday, October 25th

The Inter-Fraternal Council (IFC) Ia campus organIralion that reprewnts the entire ha. temity aystem. The IFC haa three ",n .i pu.polea. Pmi. (Len t o R l @ ~Ken l MondtpSec.,<.tan/.~ i e ~h n d n r v l m pint, they cwrdina* the rrs. dent m d Jack Vsndchr-Preudr ""PhO(,, h v L.vlg Ilildehr#ndl temity system. T h i l ineludel Thc ol6rprs of the 74.76 t d v e didn't rmlly know what planning rush partics so they won? all fail an the anme night. IFC Council up: hi8 orpniz.tion wn* dm"#, The Jack Vuldeisar mcond, they sre tha governIFC urudly had poor atten. Pl~rldent cicnm st its meetlnge. E%,h ing body of the frafprnity ~ y s tern. oneor the IPC.' duties Rich Fa"". bslemily haa now adopted a is to m t the entrance reqv,re Vice President ,new policy of r n d i n y either Ken Monetta msnts for students joining any the,, president or their vlco Secretary fraternity. president. T h i l action lhovid Mike Fnv The Iaat m d n function ofthe neatly the q u a ~ g TTeaaurer IFC IO help the univsraity workdone by the IFC. i n the w t , many or tha in any r a y they can. Mceline of the Inter Fnternmemben o f the indwidusl Ira. The preridont or v i e e p n i . Ic o u n c ~are l o p n t o dl Inter temiticl wern't aware what dent o f each fralenlily an .ut* ~ . k d students. They are held the IFC waa. As a resull. each on every other Wedndsday at m a t i d y rspreenl the IFC. I n hatemaly generally e n 1 their addition. sn IPC president, v i a 6:30 PM in Rmm AlO7. verdant, secretery and treaa~r. 1caat involved member aa their IFC representative.This ensled er are oleeted hy penons within problems hecaurr the mpresenthe Council.




Greer Semimr lookin' into the future?


Daily" and the Band grad schaol pnyour mind7

National Guard Armory 725 Ballough Rd.


JuSt what been looking for




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me ~ ~ f n d c p . r t n ~soen ~te~

mmd Committpe,


m s temponnl agency t o speed of odd war I, is S W ~ the hbodng t o make nuts sod bolts

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m together. ~ h ce a t 6250,WO a year. A study of the blood Pup or POIM notoihe pe waa cWd u c t 4 at the A#m~"lDure C0lin , , ,O P Poland. me $20,650 project *ar funded by the US ~ ~ e u i h r Depmtmmt re u l d investiwed red blood .dk, _d p m m mtigms in thi8 new rad pup 01 smnc. c

U P Faod Storr 8-1030 P11 Home Made P i w

A c m From


Draf~ Beer - Wine HAPPY HOUR


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AlAA rill hold a m e t i n g on Oetobcr 16th al 8:W PM in mom A208 or A209. There 9 he n movie entitled..Smed f




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~md Parehase Excluding

Stromboli Ope. F n l 11.11 Tbu*.)-TmA! kb,+h.Wi-Smk-Su(.id"

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Avion 1974-10-11  
Avion 1974-10-11