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portunitlrs .,I.! i.nd ,c~r~r!cl~.rr himself lortunole to work dlredly for, in lh~, op1n:on. I n o or the finest "ell in i\"idLL"ll. Thcp arc Mr. Russ Hnyl nlld Mr. Chip m c l a y Mr. rloyl. Bxecutivc Vii? Vr*..l~"i af AAAE, met with D s h cvsry day lor the fimt three W W ~ L "Prrllat>s tho m al ~ipninusnt They diaruraed many arpccl or airport mansucmcnt. govern- Lhinl: I Ikarnud from ~hlrn.xl>cr. thwc ment, aviation, and other r c t r n b v . " rays I)irh, "s ~llrl i a ~ c d topirr. ~ i u kwar mvrn mUI.many loha ~n n > r o u u ~ ~ m a ~ ~ . the opportunity to zsk qarr- flying guucrnmenl. and ",her tiona and bin^ up suhlruls for ,'llrs<* 01 avistion i r on<. ,ahor Ihe time to ~denlifyths cltlali. discussion. Thc Exerullvc. A r aistant. MI. warclay, olu, m d fiuat~aos nrudd." hlr. Jcllm ,rith Dick l o dixuss nvlstion Nnn,ma:.k. or Ih" National ,\s sutr nviotlon orslid government maltcn, Mr. wriauon ,he ale* warclay is i n Luoe wilh govern. fi~.i"ll, says ,Ill, What to do abuat the hen,. Daylnna h c h n ~ p o n anl i r p l r t are rnent scliviiie6 concerning n v i l Irv*1, many johr eunrntiy r * i r l w t h very goad rtartiny ra1a"r.. man exhibit* the laleal approved atlira for comhuting the heal 01 tion. m Dick war ahlc Lo 81 ' a" 'Ther iahr are i n auuh oleas or the name. Aided hy lednral wmb. the I-i B ~ dcpanmenl P con. indepth view 01 UIP iepl,1ation Pngneenng, nir1rort plan",".. tinup* to up@"dc 113 equipmcn,. Vigoroul ,ramrung kc",* pcnonn.1 0" a p t a l Hill. There mr'~LI,,@ and drport d."clopment. n d y to sene I:n,hry.lliddlennd fellow airmen when needed were cxtreme1y beneflaal, ss wss the exportenr~gained in 'The first internship program compilinu survey8 and dolngrc war limited to sludenk or Emsearch work. bry-Rlddie and kuhurn univrri\t the outwt 01 hi, three sity Next ypnr, rppl"a,inn, will month ,"ternship. Dick a,l.db accepted rmln nll ovpr chr. r.d an PAA Aviation Illvirw c ~ ~ R AL ~ :hia ~ ronrerplllr ~ ~ P . ruuntry and the camlwtition will he k e n . hlr. Laird would d l segments of l h r avirlion uornmunlty were repremad. thus @ving Diek an ov~rv!rw the pmbicmr that wen. to confront :,im. The conference was r u m ~ d cd by the chance to we L. aperetion and meet p a p r in ~



Management Senior Reports On AAAE Internship T h i l avmmcr Dick Laird wss selected as the Ant, and only intarn to work with the Arnencan Associaiion o l Airport E r e eulivol (AAABI in Washinoon. DC. Dick is a senior manag<. men1 major at EmLr/.Riddle. The internship lasted three months and p l d a aalary or $500 per month. Diek f e l r thal anyone em. harlang on an av~ationcareer would benefit *om the o,>parl. Unity to partlclpaB in the AAAE lnlernship program. To

qualify for the promx,,, he had LO hC a senlor with a Ivart one irinxestpr leR after internship. IF in m o d "rildrlllic rlilnclinll. m d rui,mit a 1ivr ,,ogr I'slwr on any p h a r or nuio,ion. Dick ,"rot? on u,e d~vclvpmenl the ncw i)allss/Pt. \\'"rth ,\ici'0'i. :\lthough the hen"lit3 th" pr.,wn> are too numerour Lo menllon here. the "l,ost gradUQU"edueniion and arpcnen<r and the conbcir made ill thr ~sdustryprovide unl~mitedo p

with information

Navy Elevates Riddle Students By John Dalwick The SH.3 "Delta" was l m m Helicopter Squadron Eleven irated at Jacluanville Navel A,, Stetion. This machine is one 01 many that are used to patrol US coastal waters for enemy

submariner. "The purpose 0 3 provldin( me= nightr ta In the words 01 Navy Lt. Rusn Lentner, "Is to help illereole public amrenem of the total miarion the Navy and "I antisubmmhe operations." In ad.

About rixly EmhwAiddlc studcnl- werr IiRcd o l f into thr mld hlue yonder ondcr the lhrohblny hindrs of a U S Navy helicopter 1-t ~uesday.,\rter dolllina ht.inl.~~ and lire rervcrs.iriour i l i d d ~ crludenu r'llmbcd on board lhc m i l i n g SH-8 hcliuoplrr. Going in COW or lour. the amups o l lour. the nudent$ were treated to a twenty minute "dc or -the morr r a r nhnach." ~~~ dition. 3tudcnU were prexnled


the Avia.




clear Propvirion O l f i c ~ candlr dale Rogmrn lNUPOC1. Alreadv enrolled in the AV ROC program are two Riddle Generally spahing, generali3hldents. Gary Zamhita and ties canreal a- much sli they sfpw n ~ a s r . GW and stpve reveal. Consequently, complete thraub ei&t tr"Lhl are seldom prexntcd in m i ~ i t wtraining at ~ensaro~ageneral 1ermr lad summer. When they p d . This genen1 stskmenf how. uate. they will flnirh their miiiever. Sutlliraliy acmrate: ~ a r /trdnins, and prorred into The idle ooor multiolv m a n baqic n i b t tmlnmg. One other atering. rapadly. Emhry-Riddle student is await In this age of exploding p o p ing into the AV "lalions and shortages i n 1aod ROC program. ~e is o w e and energy, the idle ~ ? r o b l ~ m hl~l(~~. u ubvlous. To solve the problem, another pneralaty: Saeiety nerd only provide work lor the idle WIN and p o ~ e r t ywill llr p n e and family =iZe redu~d. But mi5 T ' eak.$ an0thPl p l D blem. It is society's joh to Auburn make work lor the idle poor Baytor or t o provide handouts? o r -Maryland J h o ~ l dthe idle poor wake up Cal,far"k Clcmson and find their own w o r u Vo generalities now. No e w h k c answerrthough p o l i t i c i m and Florida Mlciolo@stswill pronde themUCLA "an -ivc the or work. h g for a living wanting



.. m k t a i l ~ . . . lobster slmmphem . . . remice adad b a r . .

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aged beef









FOOTBALI, QUIZ COLLEGE WlN Tulas Ten.Ok!Ahom slate N o n h Csmiinr Army cco*. Tech Vivnia hllrslsaippi Stale hllchigan State





Sanely, however. w*ireS that those who do not work or thme who wiu not work are of little value to their counLry. to their families. or to themse1ver Perhaps the Lime will come when society rffognizrr that "mskmg" work 10, the idle poor taxes those who d o w o r k And poviding "andouts ,ncreases tples. perhaps the time ,low lor .onety to learn that givinq the w r n i o s l of bread will pr* ",d. a m e 1 for a day. Eut teaching the idle poor how to tlll the mil and o p n i e equipment rlll provide meals for 11fe. And the ~ ~ c d l eidle d poor. em- .. I,, 1n:wr. will .either bn poor "aidle. art ~ ~ ~ n l ~ r s tGu.lfdly lon: employ4 p o p l e live wiU, 088mty, and their lrmtlws an' mually smaller.



G m n Bay --Re.




Playhouse Schedules Actor's Workshop




. . parties


D e t r o i t f'l9"da -New Y0.k Ci"nluti Oakland



-hllv -Sln F.a"Ne0 -RtUhUah

INSTRUCTIONS: Pbce an X on the liru a n t to Ule ram y w believe wiU rin or under the TIE s p e a in pmc. NAME ERAU BOX NO.


..... ...... ...-. ," ..,,. .". .... ......_ .".."."., .... -. _".#". ....-- <-... .-. .... ' .... .... .... .... ...,.".."-.# ..... ..... ... .* .,., ..",.-. RULES

I . . . .."O.LD..O" *.,.'I.O. O"I.1.. .."LD.: l 1 > 0 " , .ilD.l Dr .".O.0. Dl"...O._



,*=.L.", I







I". .-.I. ."I


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. I . I.'.<..-. ."S .".Y.O 'I"^.".D...D..DI..L."I0... ,I* 0.. ..e




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mvpinion.arpmusdIn lhis p p n a r e not n=esmily t h a e o f t h e u n i v d t y norsll mcmhm n*c..urily r=flnt th. oPinion=of the .tudent hody. h t b n a p w r i o u i n Thc Avian thi, ne-pa. or itrshff.


govcrnmcnls hoadquanered ill Washineon DC, wtll n b t rot ndal'liun of Can~rcarianal-.1 dilation insuring u notlonsl air tm,spunoiion policy that will ih*>cfit xtudcnts. ,Anhur Ilodi~rll.I(rn.ullua "3. .............. w1.10r of thv Nntional srudcni I.uirhy, allnounred dlat NSI.'" h,l,l,ymu htruicw wili s.nCr a. rosnd Ulr 1,oawv.e or two 1hillx I,yconpa% s1739~rdS21151. ~ 0 t hI,illr aiyrur to Lovv FI. n.i1,.nt rhmrnr or ,Pa".r"r h c h.r? <:cn,En.rr odjour,,. h,, 1111. N<,",l,"ll,.r r1,rtionx. on,'.I,( LI.SV hilla. SZB~I wntlld oytlrtum i n rlt~rilicmmode tn.o ysua rao IIB1111.civil Awe. mnrut~~eRnsrrl ~~rohii;itill:ths *.I,"tl"i~'I iliriln"~rr<,m0 f h . i " ~ ti,,. r".,."ll,d .-Veull, run.^.^ Ilur Lo NSI:x nl46xivc. lobby. inl!,.rran. SZRSI wur tmoni. n~our.1.v ~pa#svdI,y thr wicnata. in v ~ or 1973, ~ in ~ ,I",. Lo corn,. up R,. hearin@hl. rum. th. 11oule SullcnlnmilC~ on Tranlgonalian and ,\c.ra,lil"tius Br the Suhrummillee'a ~ ~ c . rorder l of Ihuninear. S2651 would winsLBV didcount h r r s on o rlandhy b s ~ rfor youth t8,dc.r 22, acnior eitivnn over 66. and handicapwd wraonr. TI,. second hill. 81739 would librrnlisc the conditions und1.r whiuh US sirlinen may ~ f s rinclusive tour chamla (ITl'rl lo tile public. Restriu. ~iu81rwould he removed whiuh prohitlit fro", 01. fa". the 1owPst nassihlc llriees mri 'em gnatesi *leutiin of ~ m k a p sto the travcllina pub


I t nhouid be abeaus to cvcn the moat dirintcrmDd the1 lhs P d l Elections are almost upon us. Loold81g over the Pst o f c a l didate., the ~ ~ a utypes, ai lhe unusual t y p s and m m s few tlmt have the getsand ability to pripfprmthe jab. Aner the campaigning is all over thi8 trimester. 1 mlspcct we wili hear the ume old adage, "After all i3 dl. and done, maw i, wual1y slid thsn done,.' wing expressed as rsc1. This doesn't have to he the C S ~ . ~ f t c r*ti, who is to hbme lor student gouammen1 not serving the atudenll; the olficen for not delivctinK on lheir promiw. OF the student for not DEMANDING thcirmollirs wonh7 M n g t l ~ sc a m p i p , Igum you'vc heard somc promincr by t h a e who can and some explosive "get on the bandwnpn" bom t h w jou can't and probehly wouldn't ir lhny could. 'l'hr immediate problem however lies with theelection next Wdnrsdry. The t.ueatlons are the same every year - Who are these 1",011i<"! I'Ye heard the name hetore, but ean he p r o d u c ~ l idan't b o w ! I n an r f r o a t o help sort out some of the.&, you'll find :l aetion of this isuc devoted to thole candidates who d e s i ~ dihr space and preaenled us with their written platforms in limc lor plblieation. The ultimate decisims ue up t o you. Your vote on Wednesday will decide Y O mns the SGA w.d HOW i t is lo he run. I wge EVERYONE to uae aii the resources nvailsble to them to I n d out about the candidates and vote far the ones that r e k t vourvlews an student povernmnt. Ineidcntly. Ididn't votr st all i n 1 s t fdl6eiection because I"diddt h o w the candidates'. and bpeabpeaae Ididn't think i t was impormt. selieve me, I wnr wrong. S i n e I've been with The Avion, I've m n firat hand how much i t does matter. PLEASE VOTE! SERVICES S e ~ I sssrvicea l are ~rovidedby The Avlon that are not h e ing h l l y utiiired by the student body. They nre:


1. Fme e l w i n d advertisement to ail students.



~ t P f fand faculty. 2. F e announcements of -tin& parties, rte.. for fmternities, and mgaoizarion~. 3. Roviding the "voi~p o f the sludmt body" through l e t t e n to the Editor. This is an excellent way toexpres y0urvieWI.


"Students a W d t l N n in diffenttt ways Imm m,h o f these Ihiiil.."Rodbeli mid " . l a o d i n g 'a,lie US orncc or Eddcatian. 1.6 million students commuta ,sCm m i l e or more hetween their homes and xhoai. The cost of air Vavei ir no smail


4. Research and information servicn thmvgh "PIREPS" s column dedgned to answer maders' inquiries o f subject.


I enrourege A L L STUDENT6 to take advantage or t h e aerviaa. Althou* they are '*FREE" everything is rehtiue as The Avion will d i ~ p e ~5 s4 m + of student aetivitie fees lhis lrimesler. Be sure to "get your monie worlh."



........................................ I II


FELTA CHI TO HOLDSMOKERh t &id tbe y EmbwRiWlcChppter O~I*ILL c h i Dm& mty held its bu rvrh p r t y . ~ f y m k d it, p u m i d a YW II. gwdtimc. E~~~~~ there b d a lot o f h n . We h o p th.& bbmthcn of Delta Chi inrriued heverywe an intemt in the fmtrmni]y. I f you- inlemled i n pbddng but &d a u s m o b r on I:m&y, we hop wiu to our m d s m o k e r on Wednesday, September 25th.d 8:W PM st ourchpler hauselocatdnt 536s. Bidewood Avcnue. -The B m t h o f Delta Chi -


Throubout the NI, tlons~ student j.&hy (NSLJ, a four vrnr old federation o f in-


matiedly inrrpsss, an extreme hurdcn is imposed upon the student, the shdent'r family. the gtudent and in some rann not complete hislher cdses. lion beeause of the financial bardship.'. 82651 which would allow the student with a flexible lime xhedule la travel atPndbY at n dedu~vdprim, could aswe $1"llenla sa n whole an amount approaching 100 million do]. lam annually. PaYsge orS1739 would irmvide the student a p a t ~ yexpanded opportunity to 1maup1 hy grow charter and

I would s e l n IILe to remlnd you that the Studcnt Govcr* ment Auoeistion elsolone srs juat around lhs corner. This ia your chance to vote for tho .titdents that you feel will lpwr i n the studml heat intsmt. DO not mste your vote, invcltilpate the cpndidst~rc u t your vote w ! e om dstform and rredelltis~r ly. Ihut above all, vote. ~~~

All or lhe studmt puking # t i c k s u e out a d i n the m d l OXP PI, Piesv {rick up your sticker and dl.pb i t at the p I o W 11.~~.I m m t i a ~this now heeavae me traffie patrolman mm no*, iaruing tickets. save snme money, observe dl r e ~ l i s t i o t u l ~ l limn. d


I rave t e n msde s w m - o r pmbeime with student lep. of all types. his ofnee b inv-tigating t h a v compldnts and will t r y tu ~ i i m i n ~thorn tr dierppncin. IIa wm dropped before thr add-droll deodlinc a nluded i. entitled to hdl minbvrwment of dl....I C r r condry. .octal functions chairnun. L now workins on u p r u r c l Ulat 1I. 1 the ltudent body wUI enjoy. We will N d ikavit~umuvim and he-r edls dternaung Fdryrya. W mmhs will Ir Lcrll mailher film, sarting hopehuy d l h "LitWe 81s Man" and "Sob. Curol. Ted snd Aiiee." I n the naut. h e SGA h u spent molt budget s oa dank. which werevery good. but or ila . o ~ i , l r ~ , ~ ~ t i o n ~tt~.lnl or the .ludent body. Jcrr and I reel that hnvinp d i f f ~ . , ~ ~ runelons t we nn involve more o f l h c l t v d e n t body. I don'^ @ there ~ t me wrong, ~ ~ will 8tiil be danm, only 1-8 of them. I have , ~ ~ ~ i " many e d e0mplainU .bo"L the 0" of s p d humlu in hont or the academic m m p h i o m n t u h t s m d tsculty. i had uked for ths b u m p to he t h e or lour inch- hi*. but they nre about nix inches high. They should he &creased i n sisc thmueh use. ronleue bare with it. T h e a d o r t n f f i e t h r w C the cornpiex W& gPtting out 01 hand, p e r t i ~ l t u ~since y the new lsrking lot i n wont u f Gill Robh wau opened. Th. saying " F o m sight la helter than hinddght" wau my prime motba In lhis project to nrevpnl dams- to boU, students and automobiles w e i n many cases mare ths. 3. the elonomie bmrfits haif o f what would he the curwhich lhe air cnnien an de rent emla o f their tsvei. rive fmm p m p r l y s d m i n h r e d S2661 reinstates airfre die standby i l i r o u n b . eounts on standby bnris lor SUndby lam. nre desiped to youth under 22, lenior ritimbs a t w t puponem who h.vs wcr 6 6 and lhe handicapped. more time lhan money, and Thc Nation4 SOdent Lohbv who are not u d l y remictrd b l i e v e that there exists a host by r i d d h u e 1 leheduln. of altogether justifiable reaaalu S1739 is an amendment t o lor treating the= group. u s e the Fedenl Aviation Act of and d'vtinct elauos of ..I959 Mr1Ule*'pUrpou of de wasengem, and that reduced Uning inelusive Tour Chsn=~eavsilshle fnrea lor ~ h w I t would: dss- are dialled for on the ha. 1 perm31: 1 vrution t n sls ~ r : w l to one &stinatnos, with 1. the especiPIly ncxihb add~tlonalItope bemg opuoiond limc eheduies and unique t r e Uld nnced a r t n vellitle habits o f yovths and 2. permit I T 0 to be .old tn senior uilircns. the public at p r i m that reneet 2. lhc lower median income the economio or m.u pvrchvr of the yarth and lenior citizens, i n s



P u b l i i -MY t h m u * a t Gu . a d n n i e y e n and Y-WRWY l h . ~ ~ @ thC ~ um t mms d & tiihted by THE AVION. Embry.Riidie & l ~ m u t i l l Univmity. %x 2411, h y t o n a &h, Florida, 32015. Phone 2525581 E x h i o n 73. Trimester subrcnptions $3.7~. Srmnd aulP-6 a S m i d at Dayton8 W h . Florida Totally p"ntpd a1 Halifax Reprter.

"The ballot box is the surest arbiter of dispute." L

James Bnchanm

By Prank Stookey

1. I f you feel ap to hnving t h a e over s ~ x e dinaecw known as " ~ m B "U c,. then he nrwiy remodeled ~ommissnryat Pal. rick ~ i ~r o r c e~ a s emay be what yoe're looking ?or. maugh i t may be a few more miles l a Petrick than to Navy odando, the drinng time is within a w r y f ~ milluteaof w beh g the *me. Yours truly loaded thc family into ye ole gas ntzzling heirloom and trucked down to Paltick l a d Saturday. Our intanlion was to hoth shop ntue bring to you a port an what you may expel for your money. ~ i s the t dimetions for those of you who may have nolgone as yet prceepd south on 1-95 to the Wick. ham exit: east on Wickham to ~ l o t i d a404: left on 404 l o A l a 120 eenta taiil; left an A1A to next a i p d iighr ( p a l


At this point the Main En. change will be to your *ghl h n t and the Main Cammissary will be one h1a.k to your left. he aatanee R O the ~ intersection of 1-95 and hluhwsy 92 (at ~ a y l a n a~ e a c h )l o the pa. tnck Cammisnary is S l miles. n l y s and hours of are: M O ~ ~ ~ ~Yu ,p s d * ~ .snd Thrusday 0900 to 1730; wed. nesday and ~ d a ) 1030 to 1900: Saturday 0890 to 1630; Sunday clcsed. As always. he " v d l y of a remodeled m i a m k i n @ a good .zed w u p of shoppm. ThV widen. ed the and tho"gll are onevay traffic markear, shapprs a p v to ignore them in ail are"tionn. oncethe novelty hsr may have mom to mop @"! M~~ more items by pn,ric* B~,,are at N~~~orland, and notice i t imme bately: ~ a p p y rhop ping1 2. ired ~ i i ipmcrdure% "~ For Cweer Branch Filer. MILPERCEN maintai,r two penonnel filer mnmrning your donour miiirary service One is the 0fneisl Military venonne! File (OMPFI, previmsiy referred to as the TAG ~ i ~ ehi. . ale i r the offieid one uwd by DA Selection Boards to reled tion of offican far pmmotion.t schooling. Regular Army, reten.) tian, elimination and rccaii to active duty. The other file 3% the Career Branch individual File ICBIFI wh*h is maintain. ed by your branch. since r r


ar =a o f f l e r

in your OMPF. Othrr daru. menta which dupii<:ate those Sled i n the OMPF are dre troyed. The CBlF contain* only tilow documen* needed Ihy Branch personnel manopment offlcen to commuo>ir.ats with you and help you lavao up your career. 3. Gmund Rulm Clarified Far Meeting Gate I n computing aprationd nying timceredllahie toward meel. ing the "gstc.' reauircmn>Uo f the n i m t pay law. the OA Aviation Revlew Hoard usps the f 0 ~ ~ ~ w i n g e r i l e r i a : In lermr o f months: 'Plmc served in operational nying pcdtions before June 1. 1974 will be eounlsd by crediting any parl of a monlh an a full monlh. To compute opmtional nying time ruh.wquent to May 31. 1974. the 15th day of8 each manlh will he ranridcred

h e month or earlier, th? full month is credited ua opcralion. al nying I f an officer startncl to perform opri,tional nying duly later than O ~ C 15th of the month however. no part o f thc is credited as d flyink

Operational Be.nning Dale: Opera,ionnl nying crPdit an the the

NNll leer





owrational .shis dab the

is determind

of the



Brief, D4 66, DA Form 1059 and,or orders thr o i f i ~ i a i~ pi".


~ pcwnnel i r ~

TerminaOpera,iona1 Oyina wil taminate on of6eer ,cpoMnying to the pL



nm-oprational trrvei timeen. to the non.oprstional -o..:-,.* .,m.tion will he eounled a apralional duty, related of to Juha"lina wil o,xralionai nying



Schools: CrediL foroperrtional Oying w l i not be awarded for months of nvialion rewire the mPmher waswigned, uhp"

Pii.xopraphr Colicp Tranc*pt8 Endividud [most n n l )


. A propwed regulation which

.,,, =




non.via1ion related military or boll: PCS and TDY schools p opra,ionai nyinl in


mpmher to flyine prp

finenry. r n d i t for Periods while sen ins. tn Non o p e n t ~ o n dFlying ~ s i m m m wcredit for omraL'""ai ny'np wlll not hr lor Wnndr whpn the U"d4 -,m~d. hy ramm'.mkr


that the inalaila!ion ford the ~ b lani ~ and safe operation of x-ray wcommentontiieule O ~ X . , ~ Y dcvieer for screening carry-on ~ q ~ i p m ~ n t a t s i r p o r l ~ . AL peaeni, there an 209 IUR~B" at airport8 war issurd hy the ~nderali\"iatian ~ d m i n . in st 63 9uportsaround thecounhy. Ail istration o f h e US ~epartment of these systems meet the FDA ofTmrportalion. safety amdards and will conAdol'tion of the FAA propor ai would aerun. that hnve in opration pendmg find orl the FAA proposal. "nib used hy ule airlines in their security prolpams oamplyThe FAA propoaal would re-

rlvcry 30 days to insun. that ihe hur not hrcn avhjsuled l o ahllolmal radiation I c v d l

use and c p m t i o ~ : of X-ray

i n add~ticm. Lhr proposal would requin Lr nirliner la lmrt rima notifying prrwngrrs conccmw, the urs of X-ray

aquired far operdors of this equipment: (2! whether hours. of-service or utner safely BW. dardn rhouid be eatabliahsd for

d t l c ~ diby thc lastman Kadnk Company have shown lhal normai radiation doeauea of iesn than one miiiiocntwn used far ~ a u h x-ray will not damage smdard film but ~.ouldaffect 'ientiric film. HO~PV~I.i f & = X-my ~yslpm being used ex. wsed carry-on lugpge to more ihan one millira~ntgenduring the inslrcuan. this facl also aouid have to be ported and -"gem adviwd lo remove all film from their hggsgP. Finsily. the FAA prowsal would prahbhit the u r of any X.rsy equipment for whicll

vironmental ronrideralions, and (6) whether X-rays we harmful to aim, magnc!b~ tape. m ~ d i doer .r other items W ~ Z C m~ghtbe contained incury.0. heasage.

hsgl~~ge inspctian .ystems; (2) what training, i f any. should he

cenkiy issued by the F O O ~and Drug A d m i n i r l r a t i ~01 ~ the oelmrlment of Health. Education and Weifare. Provisions lor lnming o p ~ r a l oofthisequip ~~ m c " ~and protecting thsm on the job dno are included inthe p'opoul. FAA said i t bliever the FDA rwrformance ~ f a n d a ~for d ~dr. , a r t x-ray a n i s provide adpqua* radiation protection both

Slnglr sr D<ruPlr Lllrrit~c8nnJ16J.00

~ ~ i 8 ~ ~ ~ ~ n s P ~ t e n t ~injury. sl ~neludinuuene tic injury. to owratam Or pap-

meen carry-on luggage meet the FDA standards and that this lac: be verified by s radiation survey when the equipmenl is instdied and each time i t is moved. The airlines dso would be required w establish an a p for initial pap"a* and x c w r c n l ~ a r n i n gofequipmentapratonand provide each o w a t o r with a persoaid darimeter that would he cheeked

i n addition to the apecific regulatory proposals contained i n h e FAA nnticc. the aRmcY also is =*mu for public cam. ~ n e n kon a number of related irsupl. Thee ~nclude Ill the adequw' of <Kiting Federa1 s f e l y and radiat~on emiulen standards gweming the desi@



vat'h with a rad'um -tcn.thousand'h thal *"&i

and Of



"* andintend to carry on par the ""W"


ormianp xlth usd only lor the inmP"L wPption o f carry-on items, It i, no, csPd to or b ' ~ , ~ ~ ~ ~ ; d X.ray evivivivi

. quipmen,

no, only erpdl,e g,,n i_ , proceu detect waaponr or exp~onve

device in hidden p o c k t r


Wr?tll' rat<, ."*loble J,,,, <C,,,,' fro," ,he


1974-1975 U n i v e r s i t y Catdlos Addcnduo R e v i s i o n of --

F I i ~ h Fecr t

The Federal h v i ~ t i n i .l \ d n i n i r f r n f i n n r r c r n f i y releasod t h o new P a r t 141 nrgulrl,onr. ~ i l r rcyu1;ttians r d e a l w i t h t h e p r o v ~ r i o n sunder k h i c h ~ h cr e g u l a t i o n s are t o bccomu t h e iiiau fl,gi,r pt.c,l:r.,rn.; n~tast o p c r r f e . our ~ ~ i ni,.ision ~ : h ~ I,~,hccn througi, <hr summer, mticip.t.i,g ~ e f f c c t~l v e r h l a I~: a l i . h h i ldc i h c t h a r ~thvsc ~ l e h.rcpu1;rrioll.; ~ might bccnme FAA wclrtld ; # i l o u 4s t o o ~ c r i n t etlndcr t h r - I d r c g u l i l f i n n s t e m p o r a r i l y , uc f e e l ti>;,t tllr 17rh propi.;r,i> i-a s i e n i f i c m t i y b r t t c r p r u ~ r l i n , r i l r r i t r e s u i r s i n at, o r c r ; l l l t u i t l o l l r : ~ v i n s fn t h u ahrdcnt and t h n t t l t c r c r , r e a l l y 110 sdr;&nfni!c ra dc~l;8yin. i ~ si n p i c m c n t a r i o n . On t h e o f h c r ihintd. d ~ l a y i n ei h r z ~ l ~ I ~ i : ~ ~ n l :w.11 ttiod ~ ct l s y t h e fimc II which L C can y e t ,'Self r.,.tmi~bir#!: a u t l t o i i r ? " opprav.rl from f h c F,M. Thurcforc, uc illill! 7 0 i ~ ~ s p l v i l mt ti i r ncw ~ ' l i r r ~ r u lI" m Septcmbcr. h l t i l ~thr mvrr-.ill r m p . t r t on ~ u i t i n nI S t o reducc i t , r h o nclt c u r r i c r l u n . doer not c f f u c r 311 c u ~ i l . ~ r .tsi x same m y . S p c e i f i c r l l y , t h c f o l i a u ~ ~ i i : ci,:,rlCcvpertlin :o ;,agr IJO, 1~76-19:~.r.-i~u cataiog.

wiiw -

i'nI:s1i(T -


FI 112 - 5 !;11.7s

SliIO.l.6i 1 989.05 $ LJ34.9S 1 3L8.10

kA 2111 - S i ? i l i . l i FA 202 - S c172.-S FA I 1 3 .$ ?1.~.,5CI

m'9ht in a hspP=tion. For pxampI=.

FAA noled thattilex-ray un!b have picked up weapons hidden in a hollowed book. inaide a box of soap powder th.1 hsd I-n resealed, lnrlde a heavy dove and a tpddy

officer Rmord Brief I*& this ua. D O C U ~ ~ that U am nnt needchallmpd in the mum by s uld s dl;m ,, rd the THIF an. hang ren,ov~d frum the firp. orlend ,.an .,,derfmmuleuSnsuIcl ~~,,, of i..~ ietten of a~,rrr.cia. ~r'm'"dprs.u,non-owra~ion-rour, hr the ~ ) l . t , i ~O~ I CO:. "1 1"~2"11 4 - 8 1 ~ )nuPgnmvnl\ and lnmmrndal,on, and umbur prohibi"ng thp'r Thi. qp1r.r wen thou* mmn. copips of c,ra,,ons lor dncl ecvra, ,""> i , ~ ~ x'f hk#ll> arc, re. ~ ~ ~ ~ mdu,vcn M.I, ~h"a"t'*' 'w-*J andfls80~ r.rvtc.c. m!rloor mPinna snurancPr a, prr.wnnrl ,\<,ions w3.m. flow" l u hllf4il lwllhrlrn. l-tura tc fcr ,nriu,ion lhnl FAA would m8:iste NIP c,,rcl, <.y flY1"~mqll.rrrnP"L-r.


n AN ~ ~urllirlrr. $ e : TV. ~ pvvl ~ ~ ~ P#,~,,,Z n, ?,nu, ,I<>#>,.

Ernhr) Riddle Aeronautical University


lor tpievirion In rddiiian, raid the X.ny Utii'Ze very low radiation dowh'ch are Only tenth that Off by awrbt



y2 thqedr~~~~~,,~",T ~i~,~:t~~u~~~Ypr~~d";",


X-ray Ilni* in lhe 1973 lo m e t FAA require ~ ~ ~ Ok

Oflicer Evdualion and Academic Reports with mlated of~ ~ rmnerpondenue. a l

civil school R ~ r - r t r

Airport X-Ra y Units Safety Cheeked

oate for rGrtner !varranl o f 6 ~ ~ i ~ ~ t ~ ~ . : ~ of. i, atom with prior w-t officer aviators wlli beeredited with opraiionsl fly. ,"# el:it on thedate candidatP or wvrant svlat,on train. inI bw. Credrt far Periods While AT. and Civil



it ,o

fur o ~ r a t o r sof this equiprnenr "d h e -"elilnx public. For exampie, lhe areneY noted the radiation leakage smd-,t8 the X-ray




duty. patient mme a pa. tienl starus resulting ,corn an sc. ~,d@,,t or illneas whici, occur. red while wigned to an opera. Sonal flying poailion will be err&red a ollerationai nying tir,ire i f the patient status oceuncd dunng or immediately foliowing the operational nying as r i p m e n t and before reportima 1 , a non.operaeionai nylng as.immen,.

*quires a six. ~ t a f of f adminirtrallve %uw prt peraonnei, ail branches have revised filng pmcedures to ~ l i ~ i n from a t ~the CBlF dm lllmentsandinformstionwhichi *Considered so and noteuentini. Hem'awhat they keep i n your CBIF: Officer mierence statement

R ~ C O ~of~ ~unarhment S under ~ r t l ~ 15, l e CouncMatiai. and similar documcnY flied

l o he romq u i ~ m e n l will bP inalsiied at W O ARTS I1 u n i ~ radar.equipped aul~or(s whrrr plateci in 11 month.. Ail work the traffic dor, not warrant is ~cheduiedfar eompicrron m 37 months. ti,. hipher icvei of automation ARTS Ii il an inlewd ppart ri,r.wnted hy ARTS 111. Op. tmnx for an additional 26 0: FAA'. mssler pian fur a u l ~ ARTS I1 ayatems are included mating the sir ualfic control ayatpm. I t m l i supplement Lhe in the conlrsul. Draignrd around a minicorn. 61 ARTS Iii wstpml prpwnU? puter. ARTS iI wiil provide tn use at hid? and medium drna s traffic. ~.onlralimrs wilh di- WLY terminnla. The combined r e a o.adou~of s u ~ hvital n i d l t ARTS aysbm wili mnah with the aulomswd ryatem now hp. infvrmauon as sircrsfl denl lily and altitude. hi. ~nfarmarian in# impiemmted at the agenoy'a w]l l,".wntpd on ,h" 20 air mute L,.ffi~ oentru1 renII,~,~.).~ ill the. form of rmall. tern r w l n u h r eontprminou* 48 stawa.






p l c r r e notr th:ir rhr v h o r r p r i c o do not r f f c c r those r r u d c n i r i n r h c !l>,.!rd#,> *1111 r u l t i ~ n charges o f Slssn_O(l per t ~ r n w - t ~ r .

,!rr0n~1111~.~1 .i.s . . ~ , . ~ .

I.~I~~. IT yoil 4 r r i r r


. , , ~ , l i ~i n i~ fon ~ i i~ ~ t i~ o n..~ pleasc i feei frce t o c a l l

(,:!i.m,n. ~'~i.i,t T s .\.+I. . ~ d 5 in./!. ISI..








inlvislon ~ ~ ~ ( ? oI i l 252-SS~I. ~ ~







~F X ~ . h


i / ~ b







WANTED-Bride Anyond 11 you are intercatad ill piwins bridge, or want ot l a m ihosv. p1csae C0"hnr.t .M .I 1.amsr sL eztendon 73.



FOR S A L ~ - - c d c u i ~ t ~now. r. mar Brain. percentage key on. iy s mantlls old. $79 new'ask. !W$45. Call 2526916. Kawasld 3M) FOR SALE-8 A755 Avmger, rebuilt, smd mnditlon. $400, 2522110. FOR SALE-74 Yamaha 126. 700 mUa. CaU 2550111. e i t 218 or 255-4709 after 6 PM. FOR SALE-AKA! X.2000S. &ridge, cassette and reel to =el 811 on one machine. Lists for $M9, wlll wcrince for $300 6rm.Call 2524211. FOR SALE-Fair S.nlui SpJhi woad.@" 6nYih $45 for the Wr. Caii 2524211. FOR SALE-72 Yamaha 260Enduro. powerha1 dirt hike, no rust. $500. Csll Andy al 672. 8849 01 leave a note i n box 4 6 1 FOR SALE-Zenith partabla BIW TV i n good mndition. $50 or best offer. 253.2369.

FORSALE-Telex 5x5 mike, mike boom, with push. new, adil

Lo-tdk switch,

i n box. $115 new, sacrifice a t $75. Cdl 2526915.

FOIL S A L ~ ~ - C O , ~ C&~ mu1l.h mg chair. $20. Cali Andy o! 672-8349 or n nou, in box 101.

needs some M y work. 30 mPs

FOR SALE-72 Triumph TR.6 30,000 miles. W.FM. overdew, excsllent rondilmon. Cali Dave at 253-4914 anytime.

$100. Call Rob Smith st exten. Uon 66 or at 672-7163.



FOR SALE-Blaekvinyl

FOR SALE-64 Fiat. rum s w d

FOR SALE-73 12x60 mobUe home. air conditioned, fully f w "shed, vtUily ahed, excellent mndition. $1000 and aaruma payments. Cali Rob Smith at =tension 65 or .t 6727163.

FOR SALE-72 V e p Stationwagon GT. air, auto. $1800. Cali Helen at 2585067 after 5 PM.

FOR SALE-9 Mulatee 12x60 mobile home. 3 bdr, front b i t ehen. p r t l y furnished. excellent condition. $4000. call 6724797.

FOR SALE-17' lberglau host 75 hp Johnmn motor & trailer, dl for 5'100. C d l 2556635 af. ter t:YO PM weekdava.

FOR SALE-Hond. CL360;71 besutifd blue, top condition, electric start, (700. see me at 817 Grove Avenue. Hallv H i 0


FOR SALE-T~eo train r-1, lnounted with over 200 feet or yack, many sxtrsa, heal offer. C ~ 6729456 I or Box 0043

Ad. FOR SALE-A'fa Rnm.10 '69 5 ~ w d 4, disk, radiais, AM.FM lapa, cvllam mint, spare pmb. $2800 or beat offer. 2554765


FOR TRADE-74 Honda MT 250 Elsinore. 1000 miles. under warmly, exeellent condition. m i l trade for van or piehp. write lo 1951 9. seapravp,~ ~ 9. south ~aylana.

FOR SALE- am mower. new yt-,., $50, npver used,


WANTED-Student. irrteratcd i n camponding w i h a & h i e d tmalstorlinterpreteI inter. &ed in I a n a w m d -arch ~hemialry.Write Bdnsy Simon 10 Orpringe Road. London, NW 5. Endand.

161-2868. FOR SALESuzuld 250, '71 y~iiow. $200, see me at 817 Grove Avenue. Hour Hill (off 8lh Stand Ute 11



hdr is to ROT away! ~ E N T - L - ~ 2 bdr furNO quea~ions a s ~ idf the llpi- mailed a-mtment r r o u hom met i. returned to my Triumph a:epiace paoi pridiedaea o r c dme ~ 253.1307. $ z c J ; ~ ineluding ~ ~ ~ ~ utiUtira. SO? N. Atlantic Avenve or call WANTED-Roommate to 2526645 inphylic. airman FOR RENT-One and two bed. mMEemathPmslirainretumlar room furnished apt& k r b i d e . h e rent in trailer in Port $:lCb0125imon. 255-2040. Orange. Splil utilities. h a v e FOR RENT-Oppr ans Mr. note in box 467 for ~ o h nMC. cwthy. rumilhed. & watar p l d . clean & newly decorated, i n eentral D l y t o ~ 2522868. . WANTEwStudenU t . inmated in guilar i w n s , folk and ciwi. FOR R E N T I ' r o M r o o m ducal. C d l Helen s k r 5 PM a1 plex, beachdda, air conditioned. 677.6314. cable TV. $1651mmn.Call ~ x t 52 or 253.3778. WUND-POC~~~ edcurtor on the morning of the 9th at the n i h t line. I f i t i. y o u n please contact instruclar Banin at the FOR RENT--Two bedmom n i g t lMc. AT YOUR SERVIC*Hone apartment two black. eouth of San Hcmo. 8200imon. Caii h, ahoring. f& trimming, .hop. reaet. 51 hour service. Call fore eommg, 6723162 and ask for Barbara Soloman. 677.6314. Kenr Trvinz!

FOR SALE-US Even Numinum r u b tank with nvem back pack, fin., make offer, Ask far Chip in Dorm toom 257 or ER box 4041 or csU


8wd 95. for extensbn 7J and ask

WANTED-My holmal retunled. To the p n o n who swapped hrlmrte at the Studant Cpnter M 9 Ssptemher. Ule owner of that helrnel has a rare rcaip dlaaue imm viatnam that re.


ALUMNI NEWS M M BORSARI gcadunted with a BS i n Aviation Man* meat i n June 1971. He is sre sently an attorney with the 6 m of Goad. Potter. and BR&h ioesled m Sherman oak.. Callfamia RICHARD L HUNTER in a pilot i n the US Air Force rta. tioned at Lure AFB. Phoenix. Arizona. He received a BS in

THEODORE R. MeLEAN is m A r Force Captan stationed at Ellnrorth AFB. Suufh Dakota.

Since graduating h o m ERAU with a BS i n Avistition Mainmanee E n g n e ~ r h gi n Aprii 1964 he has earned hi%M A i n Public Adminstration hom the Univer. dty of Northan Colonula

@neering. HuntauiUe, Nabam.. Daryi e m e d his BS d e w e in Aeronsuticd Engineeringi n Au. gust 1967 and hir masters dcg m i n Ensneering hom the Univcnity o f Alabama. PAUL R. SWANSON, s F U h t Technology alumnus from 1956 is loeatad in Rinceton. Iili"0. where he i s l e Chairman o f the Aimart Dweiopment commit tee far the City of Princeton.

VAUGHN LANE graduated i n Au@,si 1973 receiving s BS in Aviation Managemenk He has an MBA d e m from Stet m n Unlveraity and habsecepted an assignment with Bail Heticopter Internationd i n h b h m . I-'

WILLIAM F. SIDES. an April 1974 graduate fmm the Avintion LZai"te"anee Mmagemmt pmmm, is i n Reston. virgnia an* ia m c i a t e d with Ccibemnice. 1째C. La@stiraDivision.

DARYL D. P A U L JR.. i. em. PiOyd by Teledyne B r a m En.

RICHARD K. SPICER. a 1972 gcaduate b "ow a second lieu.

tenant serving with a ""it of the Air Raining Cammud et Lavglin AFB. Texas. CHARLES A. SPILLNER is p*ntly located i n Coliep h k . Georsn and is a pilot with Atlantic Coaatal Airnayr He earned hi8 BS degree i n April 1974 in Acmnauticai Studies.


WAYNE D. SWINSON grad. uated in June 1970 wiUl an Urframe and Powerplant Certi. fieate and is an aircraft mechm. ie with m s Wadd Airline. i n La3 Aneelel. Cdifarnis. A. B. TAYLaR i. uuaehfed n t h Olympic Airnays in Guilfad. conneticut. He i. an Air. b e and Pawerpimt m d v t e bom Decembr 1955.

LESTERS DINER Specializing In Delicious Food A t Reasonable Prices S










6 13 ~ o ~ u sAve. ia


Daytona Beach


1660 N. NOVQ ~ o a d Holly Hill




a3 II \



__ --------_


------ _--_---___-_-____-___


---------- -_---__-____-_

nXmDLz mrrnWG




to all E-RAU students


except an daily $1.19 m i a l s









1 bpm

I I i

id card required






FRIDAY, SEl"ll>LIltBIl10.



Attitude Switch In Youth



m3en,~,tc ~ ~8 t "1.h" 7".,,,,,,. 88,. (If*,""


~ollt.gelluinl. Workinn Y<.uih A r r r p c i n g 6 0 ' ~A ~ t m l u d n


1. 1mmn play chela. They play Rue @me*, and cnrh man win* the pomes. How is thin pomible?

b take li* rloitlw xntioudy. \Wy?

11 you have o.,. wltl you enter it room l o alarl a. H o w many anlmals o f r Ikemwnc Ismp. an a i l heater. a e h awdrs did Maaes *kc a. mcl s wood burning atovr. b a r d the ark with him? (Nolc: whir.!, would you i ~ g hfirst? l n,~ qumuon in not how nnm~y 5. ere is a qurs~ion an in. w h . but how mmY animals.) ~rrnationnlInw: 11 an inlenln. liot>al airliner rrwiled exactly 3. An archeaio@lt rvlrorted h t he had discavervd two 017 the 11s - H ~ x i c n nlhordrr. ~ l d i n the dcsprt where would Inw rcqui* Lhe l u r i a l olli>csuruivarr? ~~~~i~~ d a e d 439 RC. hlaly of his h i l a w aciantislr n B s e d 6. YO^ have four ninra (9.9.

9, 9). A r r n n ~lhem t o total Ion. YOU use m y o f nrithmatical ~ p r o e e laddhll(ion s ~~1~:rariian.mull~piiuation, qr dvisionl. ~ a c h9 must'i~eu l r d ' an* and only once. 7. YOU hsvo n dime i n on eml'ty wine holllc. Thc holllc ir carkccl. Your joh is i o m t thp dime out o l Ulr lholtlr wllhout ta1ang u,e cork ouL. YO" m u a do Ulia without dam%tng L e bottle i n any way. l l o w would you do i l ?


04>TI!YI I* I*",,.

h,.,, Arlrl. I U I A I 11. PI"Rl"l

...*.. ..., ...













"DL1101E & M . .OM





1 1 . 1 .

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.,oa ,.a..5mo"c.L..""ncs

.*. LDmLUOI*D"""L.





Student Activities Fees




- ~ . won Ron 420 huth



D.nm.1m.11 ~






Nursery School

Day Care

Outstandlno Educational Prolram t Opan Wsukdays 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Yaar Round t lndlvldual lnsntlon and lnstrucllon t Constant Supewlslon Nulrlllonally Balancad Meats klddle Laslla qualllles tor new Incoma tar dsductlOn t



* *


W e i n v i t e you t o v i s i t US e l k i d d i s k a s t l e . c o m e p r o g r a m s , p e r s o n n e l . . .Try it, y o u ' l l l r k e it!

by, compare our facilities,





Swrrthmorr All. llolyake Kenyon Sweet uriar Rutgem Hordnin Hwd BcnneLt Nrw P a l t ~ Vavnr Shidmore Conn. College 'Vehleyan W~lllams Sarah Lawrence

$50.00 49.50 ~;5.00 50.00 76.00 75.00 75.00 35.00 70.110 40.00 50.00 130.00 70.00 56.00 40.00








Rockwell lnternanonal


('sm~~us w n m l l o r reif.lullillm m t within a contrntionsl erne,. Issa.nlnu "1 l u r b rriiici.m.

mnvrm.n, lhua little inllrarL o f y"utl> value8 8sd olti. Lu.~Ps,

Wide and deetl lvnctration o f women's l i b idros.



Other Colleges


(im>laq u,aruli l o r mlf.lallill. ,",."l i n p1111. or co,,vmt,onal (.Or$.<., , <:rcl,"i,,y ,.ti,irim, o f America a. "sir!, rovirty."

Vlolmcc, on r o n ~ i ~ ucondone11 s m,i ron,,,r,llnr.d. Vuluc o f cdurution severely quealionrrl. \I',<iminy C I ' i n vultlns. mornla r n l i "",i,,<,k III.,~,."" yuung ["oplr ""<I Lllcir par*nlr, rlirr. '.n,iiy rallugc yuatll. Sharp splil i n sorisl and mural values found w i t l ~ i nyourll gencrrt.,n rlllci I,eiwr?n r o l i ~ p 8,". r dpnlr ~ "Lllc l l I l a n c ~ o i l c malor. #~ tly. <ir!l wthin slnenlion 1xovcs l o ix, ir'l'r "",I m w r "'.n, ,ha" "oil i x t w r m p<.ner.


Value of duc.atiun r m n d y end0ra-d. Youngor gPnemtiun end "Id*, mainstream America moving closer i n vaiue3, mard.nnd ""L look. Cap u*,"," g'"'.,e,.on " m o w . nulln,.i..gc Iuulh \lrlJ1llt c "13 n r n lullego s t ~ d r n l a 8 0 nru *.. el and mural !lurnll


Ci>niienge t o tradillonnl work *hi,. confinprl Lo <'ampal. New :wJe 01 mlruici morality venieting on grratet nruap,ancc of curuai prrmarilnl rrlrtionl;, ahortiolis, ih.",~l~~"hl,ly, and ~ X l r r n l a r l W r"i"l,"ns. conli,,rd

. ~ . "~ ~

IVark ethic slrenglhened an campus: growing weaker among noneollcp" youlh Mew sexuxl spreads t o mainr t r r s m o f both college and workang clam youth.


~ a r r hcnrirism or major insti. t~il~nnc.t~uhliud ~ ~ f l w r Ihiu , hurmcar. mrI,f.u"--dm.rl nitr1l y uonfincd to c o l i r . ~alu<lenlr. ~ Campus ir m d n f w u r of youth. f"l di~ontenl;nonrollcp~youth quiet.

criticism o r some major inari. tutions tempered an campus. tohen " 0 . h' . workins r.1youth. cnmlluscs are quiet. Many signs o f irCnldiscontent sod d i m l i b lacthon among working c l a r "",,,h

hfudt yautlrlvl energy and i denlirmdeuovd t o e o ~ l u a mwith minorities. B l u c b considered most opporerrcd R.oup. Poiitir.1 intererla 01 college youtl, IeR or bheral.

Concern wlh minodtier lower. American Indiana considered murt o p p r e e d .

Law and order anathema t o mmpur.

Campus shawr @eater errcp tnnce of law and order.

N o elearvut political center. pressures f r o m b o t h r i o t and lrrL New l e l t 2nd rsdlcslr de-


Avionics Sales and Service New and Used Aircraft Sales

compus. uae or

"i"!'~,,~" ,.jarled.

SL"dentmoodanlly.emhitletpd and hrwildemd by puhlie hosttl. itY.


NOW. i i t l l * overl EOncem with puhiic attitudes towards rtudents.

Engine and Airframe Shop Flight Training and Aircraft Rentals

1. valves held b y noneollegeage youth about work and careers ilIhldrrla +I>* cultural dif(uii3n 01 ahiflinc valuer. Now L e things

Texaco Aviation Products Pilot Supplies Hangar and Tiedown Facilities

HELD OVER "A CUT AMVP AVERAGE" OFFER ERAU Students Only To Aquaint Yoti With Onr llmv Services, We're Offering A DUAL theckout In Onr Brand New GRUMMAN AllERlCAN TRAINER And TRAVELER

2. ~e.. important for these workers are: chance UI make a l o t n f nlonpy later on.391: good w n l i o n plan.39% job i n growing field! indudry-397: roeially urelul work.351: not k i n g caught u p i n blg imuerlonal oqmicrt8on-34%: nor too demanding a joh.26R. not k i n e expeeced to do Ulines not paid for-24v:snd having a j o h that


, I--.... not ... involve b u- d "hvncal work-18%.

3. Young profesla*see work aa providing thvm with g m e 8tur- m d the onnortunitv . t o use the,, akilisand inrPlligence ~ o r k e r shavr many 01 the rame desires for 4. Young blue =warding work and work that user their full mrourres and ereativ. ity. Y ~ L .the hiuc ~011arworker finds only a j o b t h n t ir"just n j o b " a way in UII time ;lnd make a Living.


5. Over 45% o f the noncollege youth viewth~iredueatianalbackground the malor hartier t o v a r d p t t i n g the kind 01 work they want; 37% w r d their lack o f vocational training ar an i m p d i men, to the hind o f ,Oh rnev want. 6. ~ v e r68% ray that .wen the o p m r i v l i t ~UI g ~ at s=-montk training or educatioq p r o w lending t o a pmmation or bet* l o b (even h t h s 207 cut i n p y during trdningl. t h w would t a b It.


NOVA FLlTE CENTER Lytona Reach Regional Aiqort Call Todry Phone 252-7229 255-M21 O f f e r g o o d Saturday and S u n d a y S e p b r n b e r a a n d 2 2 O N L Y E r n b ~ y - R i d d l eID a n d private license or higher r e q u i r e d .

1 4 0 M a g n o l i a Ave.



College Thru The T~~~

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RF.Y1CMHEIt29.1974 "'urllutl, 1881"II"" xoaa.P Of wlll in, lhnid uL lhr


llel1,, n r titc. (.,$.dir

lbval <lrtulllun at the apsrsllng "~livcmi'lna. 'rl"x InN14,nuks LultlOn will S1' 1haur thus* wishmu Lo the cuursv~- h e m m e 6. By John Ghnnl prca ra r ~ s i d r r t tuillon l 81 tl$a Nchrarka. This midwP.lcln ~ t a i a~ n i ~ c r . fur clirmbution of the eoura~ univer*ily r w r m a ~n the otlwr s ~ t n s , tier iultion 1'1sn "111 llnvrcatahiiehed a join, h hnvv fiimllsr educa- a hid 81pp for l r n o n q of low . . ~ , , in.~itutiun ~ ~ ~ ~ wlsirh ~ ~ w~i ~i don't income, ~ h will o not be nskpd tIon nrtworkb nn. .till I,,.I~U u,ll l,,OdUcP mu~ti.m~di. COI. IV*.. caumc6 llrolr~resn t o k ~for w0rkt.d out. A formal upc,rar (o full tuiliun. A formal llrvrnl {plan IN LIMA is m a r ~ v l ~ dplan for UMA tuition will own h relensed hy LIMA Trumum ncxr for Jnnuary of nrxl ye;tr the unlvrnity of E.Y,w.


hy ~ h coul,r.rat6n# n in,~ r h r m k s . caune. err hroadr.url over rhr .tala educa. L I OCI~viaion ~I network. Plona









h~,,i.,\~~ri~n(UMA t l i~, n IlMA hss ruhn>itVd e prop,,,carpomtrd i n ~ ~ ~ , r u r kxal n lur fundm): l o t'ne Depah menl 01 Il~olrh.Educ,atIon and 1" I(,te ~ , ,,llrauah l~ th" lansd 01 the, l i n l v ~ r r i l y Wellarc's National inalllute o r lNlB1 under which ,I ~ ~ h ~ h~c~ l n~i v u~r s i t01 ~ k ~Edus.olian . K:,,,~~, K~~~~ statn ~ l , , ~ ~ n r a ~NIB would t~rovldemoney in ty, statP univemlty. and <lr,crrs*ing amr.unb over the thn ~ ~ ori hlieroun. ~ ~ ~In'xl i live i years, ~ after which illilia CRII in the , dpyp. IIYA IIOPCB to IB nnancially ir,l,mPnt "r appmximutr~y 55 ~'IFnufRcienl. Aorodinn t o Ihymond Wormwood, a a~,ak~* co,,,xe. inyoneru~cdurntionuo ma" ro* Nlli, the idea la being qln.i6r mn. mi,ond and jar fidds. ~ ~ ~ ~ .to t ~t o a,i5l l w~u b, d will, cnthu8ia.m hy Lhe . the fundinn ihroura,.. will llravid~ illp I c ~ ~ t l t a bhut to ihr 6r.t two yPna IX'PII LhroWn in- d m h l b* n,u,valn,l C U U ~M (. PCI appears ready or;I nw,aru,,drrmudl,a~ LP~LPI~. U' '.UL the NIB hurlapt SUIT~P. rutlon, while LII~ rest of the c~~uraex wtll dcai with advanced m""Lary funding fur sprelfic


DINING O U T A T T H E P U M P HOUSE fr"m Statra,

By Dnn & Teny Wise new to uca if you hove


~i;;t?h;heJ:z,",",";;:;; hmp lloure Ridgewood, of

20R Doytona Reach, ptron3

Jsckdalr. The Pump ,louse "dizel in exquisiC ncwioe a"d r9qurat din,ng for coat and tie lorihseenllc mm aPPr"Pnats crpninp ~ t l for i ~his lady. in the quid atmmphpm of a traditional runtic inn, ror that 16 what. Pump House Eiut is. IJus-irn or dawn. c h o w t o eat by :;lc ligl1l of h e 6repln= or by a windowbox reminiseine tlla past. The atmosphere will BliniIply r.1 your mind wonderin# l k k ver the. yeam fur d-or 01th- Pump l i o u r r 1%vortmyed i n antiquer, w l l w t p d


MANAGEMENT COMMENTS .-I made the %lo, bou! I final,Y the Jones Comllsny our c o m l > i ~line." l~ <'~~ done. l l trr;



illld taste. l o r d * unitpd pVpry ,i,",,", itsnip ia wh, yuu want solneihing

old i,nms diamanlled I'ic'". ,p[v i erpd

diffmmnl, lik? ~ m ) , c ~ u r ~ or llr. R.a<i,e Flamrlx,: both I"* sewed nL your tnhle ,nth hiarin~liqu-r t o add nsvar achuwtuyo,, and ~ i r u o n r i s .to .it and d~li#l,L Lo the cieamce. ~ ~ h ~ After . ~d i n ,i n ~ , a Itir upstaim down lo djnnrr, &lr, will tEe lleocl ~~i~~~ Wide tothcpimoi~uilamuat.Harry pinno, will DP ~ i l l s l , "1 Lo your ,~l,b and I> lenther lloand mpaar, play your lavarite tune from w h ~ ,YOU ~ m,,y fron, way 1 ' ~ kwhen or even do a momla. lf little update numhrr. While I" CI,~~L.V. you o r d ~ rn N ~ W YOU am enmyin# *le music vO.k stnnk or ril,.r h4ip.m i t i n the piano har, you minllt van1 lofry the house driak, a *li I,* hroilsd Lo p~rfer.fion the ~wrran olwn l h ~ r r t hsill. "is. j a e k u l o ~ punrh whi& airlp fmm your lahie. I ~ O ~ I , ~ ~ rules only I* you pr,.fcr sea food wilh alc,ak, rnwpd to tuir. .i~, i t so, try tllrlr nlouthwa~nng ting. .r.pak lornter r.,r CI.~~~. aimo‘phrrc he AS for the w a d har, YOU, year. friendly and if conjem crea. th" are quiY tion in an ise lalad bowl, ream"able coniider,"#the qud. with ya6r mlnd, you aresnned of tho dllner ityand smri~ lo*:01 fre,h h s k d d, I,c~, rrom the C. lo a ouiing in md a bowi O ~ S O R Drytons Hnch, ~,tr,. the uonniorsPur 01 gnr vincr. tllr rump H~~~~ ,h vi.,.,t. wine lilt lorslxnker or LIW ~ o u wc a d SPcmtsry of .lranspor.

~ n d sorc,id






month. .j.he UMA prokd h s l k e n hailed Ba major steir f o r r w d in heertnblmhment o r r r ~ o n d I.,~. learnin#" eenlcn w h s h prouid~roilege.lcvei educe ,ionfor ~ i l ~ z c n alntlislly . svpplnment existing acl, .duenlion hna. tiie l,raducer o f counus a ronsulmnt on olrrat~ana at cooprating . ~ I ~ o o lRut & a vpntus~ly heUMA may h e e d .,.tionally m d lnmcislly self. ~ ~ f r i ~-i w ~r h n at p s e ~ - nPUL. ing dcvem on ~ t sown once the i,ioai tlvc.year o r p i ~ a t i o n d ppnod is mmpl&.






I1%lr\ by Lh* (III~VP~IIY of Nchmk. SLrN Prol-et. a Ililot ProPam dcvclap~d Over lhr years. laul lhr-e hch 18 c m t c d 1,~ a of I~~~~~~~~~~ in edu. as well writlnn ralion technical end of tciwision. 1 1 ~ "team wili l a r m u l s l ~lhe eoume m d lvnpare l ~ r u ~ r a m a m d 1111'1'lnmmtarl ma*nd. P~~~~~ wishing to take a "our= wili arrange to do 60 U~ruugl, the registrar at a c* o~wratinguniremty. They will k mailed t e l l and .uppiemenb w ~ , " " * d and tap" c e rnnendb and be ermlPrl t o wakh the leleviaion courar. A UMA isuvlly member i n charge 01 LIIP r.auae will receive trnt malenals,



.-Yes." ~ I ~ o a ~tho b t Ilosa. ,I, ,,,,i ,1 ur 1hl.lpcd ~ni~kl. thni uls I n d i f onn or us?my olw o f hllr ‘Inwn lh,. lei', ,he !11!^7, "LO, or ,,o,. $,,on., pi"? US n ~ ~ t l ~ m hLo a sell n ~!>in>." . ~

could lhrve B sgi~ilicanl1m1sc.t on civil .>istion nctiviby. . . r e have ronuiudt,d Ulrt II would , k, inappronrlote u, ruhmit i c y i ~ lallvr ilmpurak until wr und~r. "land i h r r nrar.,*rm ir.a,.r mum clearly. !Vc will ronl~llvr

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ccrtPm i-tion=



LO which

. ..And The Greatest of These Is Love how Lhr costs l u u l d hp n l l o ~ $ ~ m ~ m " the nC olleratorIct ~ e s i c i n l t GerNd r o r d The rwilchboad ub the appointment bn a friendly, eourtcvus vaicc..:rhe wlrs ;irl(r**$?l(rl(r***-$C@ clerk typed lhe ardcr r~uirlily cormctiy... and the inventory control ollicc mad" certain everything m r r!" hand to process l h ? urdsr..'Tl~c~ laclory rzopir ""t i t 811 tt* (3 gether pmm~>lly,p m ~ ~ t v i yr f. acjrnily Warrhowr peaonnel d ,,p i, p,bKed. d., d,,,, ~t until i t w l r r r a d y for deiivmry Shipldng mad. rurr It w.1. in Ivr. 6 1 2 F E R N STREET. H O L L Y H I L del,va,r<,d as


~ ~ . ~ ~ D , A~ Y T~ O M~ARCHE ~ ~ , , ~ ~ ~ ~ , , i



leu1 canditioi,. T ~ P " , ulr ~~.rpdi,department ' ~ ' d rc~ounlsmc~ivnhieihii1t.d ihe customer prompliy, =mara~piy...fl~ing krl,t track o r thr mtirc tr.nxacliun...,\nd th" bobs d, his svlrw,arn d,rPL.tCd m ; a l l i ~ o f car11 depnrtmrn: Lo , n e b '**in Lhr proprr M m l T I l D E TEST APlSWERS

1 The h o men do not piny chprr ~ n l each h other.

** * 3 CdSll * 3++

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~ ! ~ ~ . r . , l11114,111111 ~ ~ o . ill?,,X, i,,,:, .,,.,i,: lr,,,,, P",,,. ,<, c,,,.., ,,,, ,!,,.cPC,,, ,,,,, ",, 0


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words from o gmduotingbmbdo Chi

GROUP A N D P R I V A T E LESSONS *IN~IVID~I,\L r 0 ~ ~ g . q ~ ~ *TE.Ahl COhqPE1'K!ON * L I I X B D (-OUPLFS irE"axfE




I N TOI43.

424 So. Ridgewood 1. l ' h ~ m n v h . 5. suwivors a l r t l d no1 ir hunrd.

u l r dimc. .oltld not I,r. I~I<I~I,.

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FAA Studies Hazardous Material Abord Aircraft A nstionitidr survey or LR .~ IPI


c a r p 1mmiI~1118 EUII~UCL

d by the FAA shown only a. 1,out lour p t r s n t of pmmper n i ~ l l l a,.my materiala rlmxirnrd m hazardaua and iclu lhm? two 1 ~ c e s cnm, 1 radioaetivr mote,. inil. 'rho aurvey of aircraft depar turn6 m a conducted by FAA Said i n ~ p e i a r son a ayeten,. wide bsrk lhraughout the US &om January 1 to April 16, 1974. Approximately 150.000 individunl cargo load manilcsta cove"ng paraenper nimla wers sxanlined. 'lhis repreaenud a. bout 100 oprntors slld shoul 100 airpork The BUrveV d-~~ md "i,# . nab .. on h e p r c e l u p of eargo.oniy departures lhal carried hslord. 0"s and;,^ radioaetivc materials. or me almwi 7.000 iood moniresL5, invniving M "mien, almost 21% ha l hnzardour uareo


By Don Collurl

and jtlel over 4% tarried mclioartivr nlnterids. 'The aurvcy @vcs lhc follow. ing pn,nntugr*i or Ihslardoas and radioortivr ~hipmenl*m r " d Ily types or psa9sn.5r n,r. r ~ a l ldomt~rticlnog-4.2:; allcl 1.9%: m~??merciololxralorc. 2.9% and 6 % : a.q,~,iemr.nlal air c u r i ~ r b l . 7 7 r and .5%: ntld nlr taxi...21, ond .05%. 'There rcrult in an avrrap 01 3.8% wiU1 I?-.. ardous mnlrrial~ancl 1.11 with radloaelive ahipmcnla. laat month. F,\r\ puhii~hed an w d ~ a t i o nof ila hacardot8s malrMis pmmam whicll reveal. edUlaL rhippem' non-campltsnrP with rrp,1atione I8 Ulc mos1 dnde serioua problem in lhazardous nxalcrials ba~mpartslion. FAA .aid thsL i t lhaa taken slclfi to meet lhis probicm, eapcialiy by dren*hen,n(( iW in%,~elion rtafr and ~ubstantinliy mcrear ing the ~ n a m i wof in:pcliona.

liove you w r ~now" SOD r m l ahovn ground ira,l lor *rveral lhoura ut u Linlc.'! linvr y,,u .vPr "0,"" .lo-1x1 1,oura I"., w e o r covc.rins ll0llll .q.s,r mlln,~n i l w a u n ~ hhlon'! That's the kind 01 !a.tio!~llolr lrning now I,, ill" L'l"ll ,\ir I'nirol. One 01 tllr nreu'a ('AP ~c~uadronr, n l Ilrnlund leul.i>,has n .liw tnwd lor inn riiotn ,a.arch piloLa). T(,q.ary ~iuion ~ i l oYOU t ,nust posacxa a n,mmnrnal pilots lic,mse and n minimum or 200 hours iota1 lime. N o prvious cxpc+nnn. flying xnrch IXIL~OI IS tnwwanry. i f you don? rl~b81iry as Mision I'ilnt you ?iu, l,nrti.ipa,. r s sma.1, 01,. a.wpr or RTOU~CI nqlllort. l'hc orslond 1*.n11 squadron awns r 1909 L ' i l 8 ~ o k ~14II n 11.5 In ~ ~ s a t ~ oondatlon rul ond baa a lull IFIt panrl. I\ recently it). rluilrll DF 88 rujry.lmlnlb lllc dncrurts avionius rnckslr.


Layout and Typeset

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your.. Pamphlet Newsletter Rush Announcements Cheap

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at us and compare The Avion - Extension 73

I 1 you're a l>ii"t. YOU <allr r n l lhis Cllrrnkrc, for 110 rxr hour wn~! or huy n ten

lhour hlark and mmlve taro ihnun rrce! Whanwer s mcm. be, goes on sn ~ r r i ~ iear<.h ai miulon. lhr USAF pick8 up lhe MI) "11 ,obi operating ,'asla. YOU do not have l a partlci. pate in any search mlmiona to m t the unila ' sircraft. NI ~ a r c eROTC Cmdal Mdor J",. wi.niewalv In th- Rqvadrall commander. Joe runs the CAP squadron i n an inrornlai b u l prohraiond manner. He lakes lhir work rriouaiy and r y l . '.IL'S diffieuil ~ n n l n g a m e search minmon8 wilh " l l i ~ lhandlui or qualified ~ o o n e l . Whsl we need "re new mrmbero to mvc ua hsdlv needed halp." SO why c10n.t you dl come dom 'a #he ItOTC tniirr, hlolr. day the 2314 a1 6:00 PM, to speak to Juu and hla crew. I'm wrr i t wlli be worth your time and effort. who b o w 7 Someday You find youmell down i n a and you'll hesr~nlfuU for tlls, civil Air Patrol nlrr.nR "ying"~e,!


WILKI~ON AVIATION, INC. K M&ww CAu.4 out Tm:+ 0% T &

&$OF2*d/2.M CHEROHrE160. .*IIW 4PACK. $SFW




... ..



$47 EURA

Multi-Engine Course.. . . . . . . $299.35

ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF DAY PONA B E A C H Hideoway ",-<"w." bung. ~ mn BsacDride i ~


"nL,mh" ,"".,.m<-.m.s

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Gas Buggy *"sm"=Gv



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"Horns of the Hisacane Haricane"

~ ~ ~I I O ~k . , ~ ~n.when l aabd what he lhoushf abaul Inwrmc?. "I've gat rnw* on my mind-Ilk, luscious Lais." wrens. l l o r r r d . irlur*.iou~LO* is going to h. pat or ynur 118. inauraneshouid be. toO. .knd ,he lxlr t ~ m etu invert i n a P b Y u , , ~ , , ~t\hdr . you're young and m Bond health. il'il caTt a lot 1-5. Wondering ahout y w r f i ~ n d d hlum n r n hr a dm-ntd you TwlP out What do it. That'; ullerc we can hdp. phone or witp ur today and take sdvsnY.P or b i n s "0""L


PARACIIIJTE Cl.llR Dave G r e w , an old llro will? 276 lump. reecived the Star Creat Award. Thr Star Crcat A. ward Is @ v n ?t o ldividuhls who have formed atai-shq,rd lormntian conslslinr o l "1 I k u t ei@tt 11~rsona.D ~ V D took pan .I the fnnnation 01 o ten man atnr lronl cn altitude a1 12.~00 feet. Any students that rouldn'l make i t to the introduc~on hut lik? to j,,mparh u,@ to 262-1328 md ask lor ~ i l~i u r r a y or Andy Reyiing.

The Iml,ry.Riddle S;r>rLPamrhate C h h lr prowlnr all the time wlth mnnny nrw sludnlis mnktng thrir llmt lemllr and lrre r l l r . 1.nst wpekptnd livr student pamrhatists took lhnl l o n ~atell out a1 on ulr1,lonn. hlnklng ~hcipl i n t lamp* wrrr: ,\nhur vnnn. Ham. i \ l l ~ ~Jock . v ~ n l n p r . suasn O l d r u ~ d ,and Lilldn Mnylrrry. wit11 only l w u wceknnda or pxlmript~er.two students marl,' Ulc~rl r r t lmrfalls. Junnllineull i h ~ othe "cool Ihiue" wrre St* while nnd 'Trury Hirh.

Fencer's Elect Offiec?rs By ~ a e kSprmWe ~ l c c t i o n swere held and m= ,Its odeulated lor new ' 7 4 . 7 5 fencing o1Iieen. Warren Lueun w chmen ar wpuinin o l the rnrsity team and Jock Sprankle was voted aa club presidmt. E S C ~ will have q,ceiGc duu.3 involving Amateur Fencers hawe of America IAFLAI, m d the Flotida Intercolli~aIs Fencing Asocialian IFIBAI. Jack Sprankle also Men s ~ ~ o i n t e d Mr. Bakal. ERAL lcncing coach, to hnconlp a member o f the AFLA Execu. IiveCommitDeand to reprrunl ~ ~ b r y - R i d d l eThe . committee discurnsnew fencinr ruler and hBn pventa tu he held. Corn.,m ,i dis~usrions are held at vnnoas timer throughout the year in ocala. Another ol the w]l be appointed an H ~ Sduties *II~ ~ n s i a1 r r rhr handliny rind repairing 01 dl c quipment. hlr. m k n t and !his lollem plan fencing around camta hy ~ a r i a uexhioitionn ~ and demonntmtions. Alao. everyone

w w i n g in populrrity. 'fhlr aneirnl sport, wilirll h r y a l in Eue-oplc is now ulfcrctl i n colleges snci hirh srhoolr ~ l > r o u ~ h o u t thr world. P~octica has oimady hegun lor tllr Scplemh~rlRLh lourn*. men, i n Ocdo. 'l'hi. arason wlll a m , , , ~ ~ r ~ m ~ n . ~ , rencrr* dd~~ ,,aria., I.ol]eKcs, in hlirmi, s r ~ v a r d (.woa ~ ~~ ~ ~ .nnlpn h ~ . Tull&nrsep, ,\lrothi* rm. ERAL~ ir lhslr G ~ Ltounlnlrcnt naytona bnuh it^ COIL^^ ,n Novemhar,







N ~ C E

.din h . w P , . L , ~ , ~ ~ . ~ . . W , II . ~ , , , , 01 group ~ h . rinn.ll and runnon-un in a-rh sInp1.s srmup

*ill odrmn.. no oh. b i g ~ ~ ~ ~n w ~r~ n 1h.vdi1~ . ~ t ~ l ~ ~ d ,lvb. D~w~!.. rmnwl W~II olw dram..


N3.w rlecf6cal equipment will Ibr purcltmrd io aid m luiurc rwllts. Bqtliplnenl will include lollr, rppei. netrllc j;3ckcts. fenn a g strip and other l t c n ~ r n n c r a vlrlotiaur r * w n 1 s t in the loilrrs are sntiulprling another conquetin~~exson. Some ragvr rtudenlr have d nndy joincd the team and are ~ r o w ~ s i mpidly np i n lootwork and other ~ n c i n rirchniques. So come join one 01 thc world's oldest sports *very Monday.





Ill"! lhir Thnda!.


r ~ I I ~ ~ l lT4annix iddlv ruurls (Ilou* SincIv* L I l o ~ b l * r U r n -17.11 y r r . o l q r



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?rnm ,,I a ~ r uvur


Hn. S-106




~ 6 mere r information~c6II THE AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION, SPACEPORT AREA 255-6447

;2;";20;';",".dz, :;;; ~ ~ gan&; ; ~ ~ l nerdsys ~ r i d a y slrorn 4 PY (down tile hall fro,,, tine In. to 6 PM.

~ i eIS one ~ 01 ~ U iI ~rarid's ~ ~ oldest sports and in increarinrlY



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,im e t i n g in wheduled lor 1:30 PM m the 26th of kpteinbcr at the !hytonn ~ r e h r c yImoea Officer8 wiU bc elreted and events bf yar d i ~ ~ You d .don't ha". to *now how t o shoot the

ti31 SouL11 R i d g ~ w a r drivenu Port Ollllq6.. F l o d d l 32019 Phone: ,,;I-2181 HAVE A CHOICE OF 56 TASTY DELICIOUS (HOTOR COLD) SUBS OR HOME hIADE LASAGN& RAVl0L.l BAKED ZITI SPAGHElTI. A L L PREPARED \ n T H TLC. REDISCO$E 'I NEW WORLD OF TASTE WTt! GUT O L D RECIPE. Y O l l CAN E A T I T W l ' l l l US OR TAKE I T HOME.


noun ."ssO-*r "hems.&..., "A".











FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 2 0 . 1 ~ PACE 0 Lllr NAFECT center. NAFECP i*thc lrndsr In aviation ~tudiss "Urh as wskc tarhuianep. VA81

9 , A

"Inrma. I I Y ayatema, eLr.. ils,n they [had a rhance to Vll'w lhr components lor Cnla YoV II and iIi api,roauhel and n ~ wmicrawavc iondins syr. t*w> AIM iWWd ,h,.re m a "111.11 nrpt of ain.nrl used for ~lin.lutlg the mrvay.; and FAA lrilrnu ryateme. 'rbny uacr con. "otr ,140 and R80, il Cullstream a UC-3. In thr nllanlir City Wilily. 1111,~rate thc cffeelivcncas and ~ t ~ ~ h ~ a "r i i ~t h~r i slmuistorn ty bc,cl m svintion today. .A\ far ar the nying e.>d of Li11, trip. evnryonc got his fill tlr thr deal. uaytona 5 ~ to h \iurl:ine(~~was VFII, hut the n.nlui,,drl 01 ~i,,. trill was now" iPll in onier to use ,he eystema "I,ATC which they ihad aepn in \\iuianeton. .\ y~nernlopinion of Lhe atu. denla was t h a ~~ i l pFAA is red. 19 ~ntrrrrlt.din lhell,Ing the pi.

FAA Tour Deemed "S~lccem" By Craig Hiidebrmdt Ihe trip took them to Waah. DC and r\tlmtie Cay. The F A A trip hsaded by in. in@" strucbm Bob Miller and R t e In them travels about tK they Moyer over the trimester break aaw Washinutun Cmler, thc lais st an end. Briefly, the FAA test i n tra-rlc control radar. he systems use automrlie gave the Uniuenity funds to qound sped and altitude re cover a trip in f w r Skyhawk with nine ~Ovdentaand two ir. porting. On a tour to 800 instrueton. This is the fint 01 dependence Avenue they saw s L rueh e a t s hom the FAA and ATC complex with L ~ ahility was on an experimental hnaia to handle any two ATC cenlelr

,, \



i n the linited Stater i n times or 1-1 raiiun. T W O other side hpr to the Smithsonian l n s t i t ~ t pand t o Ulr Gwnrn. merit plinting Orlice. Aftersee ing some of tho ways o f I T C all four ni@ts filed l F i I and head& ror ~ t l a n l l rP.LY to

lc,tr Loday. 'rhe PAA thowe IOIIIP C C I I I C P ~O II the nyen lIlnn~I"~5. \ i i i n all. R l p hloyer and b,l! Miller reelaU ~ a tthe trip "rill well and ti><, prosweb or rutllrr wun:s me good. he ann i , sludn>ta who made the L", ivcre: :\nll,"ny Kigpna Rirk Nciaon "Grog" mad Sany Dcnnls Lrlldry ivnyne h l l c Jan Krtplren Dennis Hali Paul Digennsto Dove \V",d Your ai,i1,ty to go an such ninhts d~i""d. on your motiva. !?onand artilude in your f i W f roursrs. Generally il you have a pnuate 1,cense or better. you Cave r chance to go. You'll h. learning something just shout 24 !hours a day during such a

Cultural Survival eal s x p n n i n 25 armore dlfrar. fieid,. ~h~ hii id,^^ .re to :r ehovn for their teianta m d natural shililie~. YOU ham h s n given the lask of helping to ular't ths writ*,, mste"i. which wiU k placed an mierafilm and taken in the survival unil. Figudng an wersqc of 4 W P*.. per "dumu 11vlli h pavlihle for them ahlo lfortion ~ h Burfscr c 01 to take 26 lmob 1.m micromother planet. The q,aer parlY aim) os their journey. 'mem is now bein. chovn There sre l a o k will serve as the intelto he five "0""s men. five lectual source for the eontinuance andlor improvement of our .and wuiety for the journey. TI?; adults are to coming pnsntione i n the new beselncted lor their varied l i i l s world. snd n ~ i c ~ r expertire. ~ h r y What are the twenty4va will have a stronp r,raetieal and hook that you would pick to wientific arientatidn and would accompany ihiasxpedition? nrai,ai,iy he considered buhni. .

You have Jvet rewived ward ( S U P P O ~by ~ Pail ~ or the ~ouemmentnlm d selentinr a. kscies ih, the world1 1hslr:enh ia an n collllian with s wonder ing space imdy. 'lbs collision is rrber.led to k a total rhautor. Preporations an, under way to onnlre a sosee avrvivai unit



"Special" Category For Amateur Built Aircraft ,\ proposed rvlc that would ~etah1i.h 8 new "sp'.uial" a i r wortninrumtegop for amateur huiit 11.ustom-h~~t1 mrcrart was announc.ed by the Federal A".i ti"" Adminislrstian. Alru covered iby LPnew r p r i d category would be aircraft us?d i n I11 exhibition and air rscing, (21 mnrkel m d sales sctivitiea Ihy manufacturers, and (31 research activitica not rc iated to aircraft develapmen~ AI of these aircraft preentry are certified i n the eroeri. mentsl category. Under the proposal. theexper imental elanaificlion w w i d be limited inthe cuturs to artualiy eneged in experiment. al operalionl. 1n"l"ded 1" the definition o f auch operationr are (11 night testmK of air. c n r t desip concepta or other f l i h t a related Lo aircraft dwel-





Embry Riddle atudenta or alumni M buy new *iremnn dis mu", Pice%


CPilot center. AU rating8 thmugh AT?. C-ns I 1 2 8181hour C ~ S W150 I l F R I SlClhour Cherok~rI80 (IFRI Sl8/how Apache $JO/hour



f you were check4 out by m Embw. Riddle lnstruetor m d are no e h w k a l i r r e q v i d by h y t o r u ~ ~ A".L i "i".


Book. C h a ~ H . w d .Sets, Jewelry, sun. d-u. and Calculators (w, ral, horn 545.00md unl


Aircran winlmance all n r k - . . h r m l pmrL%shxk i n the sra* S l l n r n d srvicc cpntn a o.g nw o in



9L11081 Y..Lril. I L e I 9 8


.. ..



'The only exception would k Ule s p r i a l ee"Kcates

m M

aircraft used for marketing and saluartivitin. mey have a on..yew duration since sir. craft normally nre used for this purpose for a limited time only. Bxpedmenlal mr.ili.zLea, in eluding thole lsaued to amateur built aimraft under the grsnd. lathe. provisions of the prop* *la, would continue for s one year duration. Owners wauld have to revaiimte their ecrtilcaten every yew. The pmpoeai would continue the definition of a evatom or amateur built a i m f t aa one where the major ponion "har i m n lahticated and m m b l c d by persons solely for their awn rocmation." education and Howwer, to denease the un. m m n t y as to whether an lir ~ m f qualifies l for ceninc.tior. ar 'hralom h ~ i i k "the proposll includes a hatin8 of manufac. lured items that may h. u d such as p o p i i e n . wheel.. instruments and hmloa. Before a custom built a l r ~ n ~ m u l d receive a .pp"al eelti'ia t e , it would have to complete 40 to 60 houn af night terts, depending on the kind o f en @na insulled. I t aiao would have to pass m F A A safety inspertion to vsvm that i t har no hazardous features or char=. tetistia.


crew members to qualify them for expa,mentsl work. m e propcsed mie would not k applied retroactively to unateur.huii1 aimraft already rzrti. ficated i n the experimentsl oil. %ow. Omen could rekin the exprimentnl ee*,ncates " n l m they choose to qualify for n new special mltificate. Rovirlnn also is made i n the propasl for a lwc-year PC= An ownerlopemtor manu.I.1peliad following adoption of u, w w l d be required for custhe final rvlr to n.rammodste tom b v ~ l tumrsir. r h r mlnunl ptaons ~rpr.nLiy ~n,ohcd ~n would 8nrlvde apmftr &La o. bu~id8nuand cen~(lcar8ngthe,, the lundemcntsl opcrnbnn and urn auolane m accordanre m o ~ n a n ~ mqu~rommu e of m t h exirting regulstions. Dur- Ule aircraft. in8 that p e t i d B e y could ng Additionally. Lr a i d . ply farandreceiueanexpe"men would have to b plrarded to tat cenificate. inform pparenpm and othen af ita swcinl statu. and or m y o m h p r o A mapr on acrobatic night. b that the ~ ~ i~ ~ar t il f i . aut"ioionr -teS would remain in effect for Among such resuiaionr is the an indefinite period prwided k t that auobrtic night may aireran vere maintained i n ac- not be ~ r l M m e dn t h p-0. ~oldance with apprrpriate re en on board. Comments on B e FAA's N o &tions and "ot s u b k ~ t e dto majormadificrtians. Thiawould tice o f Pmpovd Rule Making be true for the r p c i a l certifi- (Ilolice No. 1429: Docket No. ate issued 1.0 custom-huiii air- 139M) should be addnrred to marl as well as thorn i w e d to FAA, Office of Chief Counul. .rcmR used for exhibitlo" and Rules Dork9t. AGC24, 800 In. aur raring and for mae;uah acti- dependelice Avensr. SW. Warh=xies not d a t e d to a ~ r r ~dfet ineon tK 20591. Deadline for uelopment. eommrnta iaNovemkr 6,1974.

CAPSULE COURSES me high sehwl vaduatiogIII

Ihe *"dent

newspaper at the Stcutcus imtitute of 7dnc.iINJ) has m d e d the m i a t m e of a sonet "blue book" mn tnining dorm residmf u i i u n t ' s eommrnta on mdividvd freshme -woridr Fimt h & l o u l - men. me newpap.. repelt. lecfull Film Roundup" heid at that me hook is orculatcd ~ , t h the Un*=siwol Uiinoir offend i n the adminirtratnn and rmthe ealculatdly h a i triple fftpins RAS unchallenged d u lure "Reform SLhoal Gid" ntiom o r persond eharndenc lstarrinu Ed "Kookie" 0yrne.L ti- with natatiow "rd"Dreptri9 G d " and "Soronfy l y %tm"gr"or "dnn*. lot" Clrl." women have r u m d ncn wsync state ~ , , i ~ ~ . .h n ibc t ~ -*%e I== vhool a d m u i o m %-hour pr-m or =ari .rroromg to A M I ~ Spoiire svrrri~anrpby tele b.. fimm. And the v.;. m o u n ~ Li ~f c a i i f o r ~ - ~ r k e l Crey high on hul~dlnr. Can that gadu=- studen* & rotated and rmmpd in on who in 1962 had a dropout mtc plltentiai Vovhlr at the canrh'' Of md eq"d mpn an th. rnvld of an offi<*r 1" the run-tiLy hmqituwe tI P * - ~ = P r-dm-mole uny them adranrrd dew-. of 1971 will be the i-t in W i r y . over three miuion st"den&. estimates the US OfBce ~dumtion.







E'Rll>AY. SBPPEMRBR 20.1974


A Platform Of Involvement

I'm 24 yeus old and n ~ e n i o r h e n at Embw-Riddle. Thia ia my fowth trimeater lhere so I'm vew aware of dlr problems and



I am a aeniar in the AvlaUon Malnhnanru Managemant d e row r3ragram. I r d n n i n g my ,,i,,Ul ttin,,. PC,", of the r i w inma*Lcn were in the Muinienanr? T~ehnoloay [)m. aicm I fcc.1 with this i c n s h of fimv at ~ m h e - ~ i d d l plus e , my rxpedenus In the Mninknance 'Irrhnoioyy Division. I know the prohiem. and the area. of roncsm of the student hody. During the two and a half years hem a l the Univ~rsity. I have been a atudent aaaismt far ti,? man of Men. I r .ems like all the studen*' pohlem. e ventually end up in this offles 1 have s good working m1stionhip with the prsannel in this offlee, which can only be a p l v l In solvinn the urohlema coneemtng sari.



lnvesligale Distrihlltion Of lab Pees

Ta all my fellow atudeols I ~ l f k~ r y ~ ~ r ~Io hilly t e tealire . L a impartane~ of the Preal. dsney of the SGA sn8 i am p r e pared to carry out all the duties of LC ernce to the best of my

lmmediale Expansion Of Library

abilities. I f elected. I would never lor. gel in the O ~ ~ C and i wauld dray8 be dirertly r e ~ ~ o n l i b to l e evelv Individual atudent. During the past week I have 8poken ta many of you indlvidvallv and untU eieeiiozls I'll m n t i n i e to do the 'me. Iwant lo atreps i f you. the student wan* CONCERNED 1lONEST LEADERSHIP I "led** mv ser vice to you

Investigate Strllc.(urc Of Phoenix


Improve Cwrdinntion And Cammunitation llrtreen Slndents


Provide \Yrll i'lanned, Coordinated Sllriill Fnr Functions



Stan Rartlell Per Vicepresident

Andy Dyrrdnl Por Presidenl MEMBER

- F a a l l y Commit& on Medla ResourcPa - ~mhn/-RiddleVetenn's Association


S t r u r t ~ ~ r eS6d Aid And Renc~fit Every




- senator


-Academic PoUeicl CommitW - A l h l ~ Poboes ~r Caunrd Comrmtter

- Vice Pmaident - Ading PreideL

- Volunteer Member .SGA S a i a i Fvnctionr C.\PTAlh


- Eminy.Hlddle Gull I"m


I came to EmhwRiddle ~n JanUnry or 1971, enmiiing i n the Aviation Maintenance Man. sgement and AbP programs mneumntly, Under the romh i n d Aeronsvtical Studies prrr p e n 1 received my A&P I" June 1973 and my Private Cert ineate in September of file m ' e year. I am going to help glvr Ih? A&P ~ i ~ i amore i ~ " and reptespntation on campila I would also like U, we more social hnctians and more and diffe-l way, for the students of this university to &come involved in the Embry-Riddle community. I think i t is impor. !ant to end the incmsslng apathy on campus. i feel that in the years Ihave spent on thisr.mpushsve made ,,$ me aware of many ~;;bi?ml slld I will be able to r~pmsent the studens i n the Ablbl and ALP programs effectively by worklng to the bert o f my sbii-

Bob l e d d a u g h For Senate




My name is Bob Meddsu* and I'm a senior in Aviation Management and am runnhg for Senator. I would like to acquatnt you with the reasons why I would like to nprewnt YO" i n the Student Government Aaraci.tion. My piatlnrm is honesty laomething you don't see much or in politics any more.) \\'hat I mean by honesty is that Ican't stand i n front of the student body and say elwt me and 1'11 eer 24 hour visitation in the do"". better food on campu,ur. or lower tuition. Realistically. no one candidate can get tiiew thin* for the ~tudenlsso you

won't hear me say that I will. \\hat I will do is make the i r r t effort that Ican i n getting tllc *udent'a v i m heard and mlpiemented. B", wen i f I nm elected I call he only ss good a Senator z "0. the studens make me. 1 can't represent yo", viewa i f I don't know what they am. so 11 elected. 1 ell make myself rarily aeeeasahle to h e u what YOU have to my. 1 thank you for taking the time t o read this ehort article snd hope you will give me your s u p p ~ r i n the up coming Student Government Association election. on September 25th.

$1500-$2580 cash bonus for one of these jobs.

eriating programs. facilities. and eondihom for the students. I be1iwe u,at awarenerr of the prohlems combined wiUl aoen and hones: communica. hbns between students. Laeulty. and adm,ni,tratarr will be n e e s a r y i f your voice is to be heard. your idens expressedand change for proweu made. The Student Gwemment A+ m i a t i o n can only be as eneo Sue as you make It. Your representation as .m indridual and as a clau depenL *pen your suppon and your vote. Duting the part year that I've bDpn at Emhe-Riddle, I have know,, both Andy Dyndul and Stan LWUett and i fully rvpport them for ~ ~ ~md i I funher r, courage all ouler studens to join me in votinc b r ~ n d and y



A campus newpaps poll at the URiverdty of Alabama predict4 that 96% o f the students them would vote i n the forthcoming Ludent government e l ~ i a n a . The prediction p r w r d to be ~IUa-overlyoptia~istic, but the 34% student vote turn-out was a remrd lor e l d o n a there ul -nt years and an exceptional Percentage for a large eampu$.

A No*wmtern d

wh ti

~ ~ PaYlng a

WE RENT Call your

Army Representative. Telephone: Iiome:

SQC252.6952 904.2534106

LARRY L. SHOOK S l f f Serg-t. US A m y U.S h y RrMitingSllion 620 N. R i d p w m d Avenvc Day1o"a k a r h . Plond. S1015



B a a m a F35




-1 t


of *u&n tuit~on

hhill o f 1060

: &drr


A u k



Get Your Seaplane Ral@



FAA and VA Approved


i f


: :



TOM BLAS Candidate Fnr SGA Vice -Pretiident

Candidate For SGA President No one dauhts it'a Ume for a chanpe within the student 0vcrnnlant r\snorlation. *lter. stumhiingalang for m v ~ nysa. l working within the framework of a Ihi* s h o o l eoeiai dub Emb~/.ltiddle haa smk how, pieniea on Wedneb day afternoon at S:30, junior llmm8, and Saturday n~oming L'sr 'Ol&es. With the charpea on aver,.. *!ti# elm connected with the x h o o i going UP aa draaliediy my eleven dallsva plucked h o m me by the 8GA every trimester is meaning more and more to

ma. m e student oovemmant should SERVE the individud studmt and provide something tangible far h e majority. \Vilh little or no expenm. 8erviccs ."rh a'"""*,"# n.r..nai I". ,,..v *I,denu n d dorm I#f,.~ m o r u \ c mcnUr.~ul.llr nsl.lle6 U'nal'l mow. Ihc ALP u ~ d m unase heen forced to organize t11cir own aclivlties becsu~ethe Student Government has ignored l h r m completely. Tinia l a sD aurh- they m n ' t step.ehildren they pay SGA fee8 too! Next W~dneaday,vote for reality not for mare of the same.

l'her', vomer a limv when e Ulitr urn .!>joyed hy nlowt a,,. very I'rraon wnkca "18 to ti.* cir I L ~ . redit? !hnt I~.E tirns mr change. ilut must i,ro~,li. arc we have other prohiema afraid 01 ehsnyc. ~ h p yn l m wlxich could ihe acrisrd by a h e i r hack to it. 'There ir a feel- strong SGA. Far excn~plr,moat inn thsl"thin@ will work out." univrmitia keep thrlr book Well, the time fur n cilanae atorc ox,cn lancer .. daritrc tll? ha. wnvrd, and Iknow Emb&firs1 two weks of ~Ianaca.DYF Riddle student. wiii not ,pore ILIRthis snme ptid Ill? 1! clrihirr'a office8 aren't run ihy In my Ouo trimenter. at ~ m - lhaskern haun either. I f elretrd bry.Rldd~~the ~ ~ h i rori , i ~Ihopr ~ to end nut why chew chmm lhaue *own imad6,r. sta. I"8cticee can't h" changed to denb have tied out forrhnnge hrnret lhe 61udenls. in all ar~sctsof this Ilnlvrrai~y. Anothcr important iasuc i r BY f u the Iouriesr of tilest. tho offire hours and scepnaibiie-es have centered uruu8ld Llls ity of the SGA oieeorn. ieadnnh~pof ~ b r .studt.n~Cvrrnmtlut ~rsariutiou. I ihow One athcr propam I would Iholx to initiate b e "Housing to offer rueh a dlanyr. Referral Sewire" for both nrrv i am tired of S<:A who munrtarally rupl,on ~ h r i r and runtinuin# studenls. O m speci.; inlrrcat .ctivit,rr. I ~ n a i i y .I would like t o p o l n l o u ~U ~ a tthe date of my madSGA oflieprs who w l t i t ~ u lin. uation is Deucrnbr 1975. So vntietion, wish to deprive the majonry the shdenlr or mri *Ii be answnrahie for all that mss on durinc m y 8t.y in of. vice* such aa our veilrhooh. tka I b o w Eibry-Riddle st". Phwnix; alricerr who ndv&ste <mlling hinds to the Avmn and .Imts want a change. Now I'm thn pgaaaa- lhmr pui,iirat~on$ o l f ~ r i n gyou a chance!



Byron Purdum Candidate


FOR r n 0 R



Wednesdav September BRYON PURDUM I'm runnine e " for Senator ~-~~~r presenting Air Scienee this M m t e r UI try t o g e t , ~ l s i l m e e t P m p m o f t lhe a u n d . m8xe or "0" who were hem 1r.t vrarremember me ~ o n l intra. mural air meat i n rhc fall. I have heen helping push s flying team effort f m NIFA campeti. lion since the spring of 1913. it's a worthwhile progthat a majotity of h e student. may participate in. i have heen enmlied i n the at EmhTA" science pmRiddle Aeronautical U since 1071 and am p r ~ r ' n U yawnlor. I?.SO u o r k a.a nl&t nnarurtur n l n Emnw.Rddlr. scl l am # n m n s m t conla.', ~ 4 t h the fllgh, program that we enmil my freshman year I lived in Donn I and presently live offcampus giving meexperience i n both areas and Uleir pmblemn. MY main concern now is t o get more government tothe students. k t them decide what they've already paid f c r


TWO POLLS Academic (bmplex

8.00 - 400


i f i t ia bue -as the statistlo are ~h~finnin~:tu show - thst wesm rapidly lreeonlng a nation of middic-:tged to older people and thst the V O U ~ ~ will dnv be ovcrwhe~medbv mere force or olumhers, i t ir hi& tlnle that we conr~nimledmor. of our enerdp~ on undrrstarldiny the problems of the r d n g i n an urban cerhnologiLal society so that their iivm may be u x f u l and valuable not only to them hut to the whois society. There are 20 million aged today (and lhe number keep mowing) who deserve Lo ho treated aa mom lha,, a "conlentlo"" minanty." A c.onuiction of thia so* was in tile minds of a s o u p at Eartem M i c h i p Ilniverslty, i n coopra,ion with Gcness~.Illrkron. Manroe and Waahtenpw Community Coilegrr, wi,o were awardad a p n t from the Public P r o p m s Division of NEH to plan a one-yen Consortium on GPronto1agy under the direction of Dr WalLer G. Mosa, arsistanl profe*or of hiitory at Eastprn hlirhigan. The propuwi developed from a four-month effort by community repreaentatives, faruity and adminstrators in the compact area gerved by tire five institutions named above. \Vi>ile the topic was of eonce.. to the organizatiana and grou1,r represented in the preliminary "ianninl souions, the new inm4icnt in tilr rnlr was the um of s &de &y of humanislr and iheir discipline ro con~iderthe p r e hlema of mowing old and facing death. With the nearby Institble of Gcron:olagy acting aa advisor, s EOUD of 20 far.llty members f m m Lhr humanities and aocial L,ier& wee recruited to hare t h p ~h o w k d g e and experience with tho= of the other adult participants in the pnagram. Through devirpf lveh as reading poetry and plays. m m m , ahort lecturer. Bim presentation5 foliored by diwuwion and the lika, the group8 n ~ J w * n l the prohlcnms or awn# .n 1186. face of ~ h ov \ c n n . i m ~ n g rn>i,hla#r un youth n our c o ~ n t r y ,nnx llmca(ed Ihovr cwm v##,*ru an ilvratwp, huu rot lrty rsu? h r l d l l l l r ~ Ih.. lelrnU mcl 8111101.r or icnoor nUxens. and xha, altcmau ,,.I,R. m.1 pl'.io.O,ln approarh~. exist to face death. me p r o p m vas d e s i a d for and attrarted aud.enees living i n lhe vicinity or the various community college; lhey ranged from teenagca to the elderly and took piace i n mrny iorationa ~hmughout the area - on the college campuss, as well ar i n churches. community canten. retrement homes. senior c,tizens <<'enters and eivie <I",,, Ihe ConaoNum b d s Uurcpmngnl ai2proa.h tu #lrmurlon a tryout w n o d lnvolrlng vanov bnds of p,rn,ralwx before i#m>tcd BY.BCOIP. m d the t ~ ~ o w m l lw~ d n dlrlnlnrl~<mof livman r t n Rerouree Guide (iisiini audio-virual materials and w o r k o f Iltrra. twe, hisbry, reiipon. philorophy, anthropology and aon01ogy dealing with old age and deathl; a hmadrnvlg and ex?ansron of avrcesrhl1 format. m reach larger audictlce. by drawinp i n ioea1 organizations; a culminating reglunal inter-genemtiolai conference Lo s u m m e z and anaryze caah of the theme=, and preparation o f a booklet, H u m h t i c Presp.xtiva on A@ # ". meprapm ,-bed directly z.000 different and much ia:gpr through tcievrnon, rsdlo $horn. newspapDr counts, and the di-minstion of the annotated bibiiogaphis. m ~ vaned e aetivitler hrve .tlmdated lad mte-t inthe or +#and lh, aged. As a remit of this pogcsm, exprimental in its1pproad7 and cr. emplm in it. diemination. i t is h a p d tlmt meiai and individual option* rviii be p d u a l i y broadenad. A s n g advllr Jhmld not he Len to di w a lonely plateauo f useimersand reprllon but Lhelr talents ahovld be sh-ned and u e d fot the enrichment ddJP ple. AS Simone De Beauvou says ~n her b o o k The Comilg of Age. I"l"l'e true -1 of a aaiety is how i t trealr its old."


Some Candidates Get It

Student Center

'1031 UI.As

Some Don't

Be Sure Then

Volusia Auto Parts

a Texas Instrument




I'M.a.: 12


t'IUIlA", I;t:p'n':MDElt 20, 1074



t;ditor', Note: The following article originally ll!ll)(!ared l:OIUlllll in the Birmingham News.

FAA Looks Into Engines Animals


In a wuy, today', cAmpus L, 5Otnelhloi lillo a gmveyard, haunted by the ghOlt.-Uke prescne(> of this Old Guard and the alienee thut was once filled with student alll)(!lds for II new kind of higher odu· By Slim R. Girgus cation. Asslstunt Prof~>jlsor of Americwl Studies and t;rlgJlsh The central question, thell. for U10IC of :as In thl! humanities Unlvenlity of Alabama concerns the way In which We shailiry to ftllthis current void. If we simply relnstutionalize the humanltlell lliong old lines and We are bani. We di~. And in i>etween we cStten are lost. "Man," wrote Alexl. de 'J'OC{lueville, "springs out or nothing, crosses time, forms thet a1relldy went UHough ono period of failure, If we try to n:ld disappears forflver in the bosom of God: he Is seen but for a intimidflte our stud.entli Into loving the studics that we as t.eacher$ mClml!llt, wondering on the verge of two abySlles, and there he Is lovo, we will only succeed in further alienating cnother gcnl!ration from Ii cultural tradition ilnd a humanistic attitude they and the lost." Ollllse Pascal, UW bri~lillnt scientist lind defender of ChristlWl faith, world despurately nced. Without excusing those stUdents of II fe ..... )'eal"l ago Cor any of wrote two hundred yellrll earlier, "When I cOl\slder Ole brief span Ullit I fin, or even see, engulCed in Ule infinite Immensity of spal...."S their extremes, we can saMy !;lIy thut the noods Uwy expTt'liS\!d which J know not, and which know not me, I am afraid, und won· and many of the changes the~' l'aJlt'IJ for stili df!llllmd our attention. Atth!! SlIme time, most or us who lire serious li'lOut higher educil' der to liCe myself here rather than there; ror there Is no reason why UOIi alsc share traditional Cu!\cC'ms fnr intellectu'll discipline and J ~lould be here rather than thele, now rather thllll then." Hemingway, I tJlink, captures this same sense of awe and fl'lIf precision, for values emphllsi~;nl( l't'rsonal11chievement, for Ilwaken. when he talks llbout the night. "I know," he wrole in 'A Farewell inif students to the learning and literature of IlIlSllhie PWit. Likll Sidney Ilokll I aJso Wallt my students to be Il.hle to make in· to Amls,' "'nlat Uw night is flat the same lIS the day. Thllt all things day, because they do not then exist, and the nilVlt can be a dreadful leJlecluai distinet~ons, to be l'lllllllJle of mlltlm~ jUdgmC'nts alld de. cisions, and to comnluninltt!. l\rnidst the current silence lind (luiN time for loneyly rlCople on..' e lheir loneliness has started." The humWllties, I believe, lllt! libout this sense of nll(ht at the cen- on the cllmpus, we now hllve the opportunity to e;'(ert fresh h!llderter of our exlstenl.1!. They emerge out or whutliterary critic George ship lln<.i to J(!('k another db:diull. "TheCt! lire two WllyS," wrotc Sorell KierkCl;aard. "om.' is to sum'r; Steiner clllls "rudical wnnder" over the meaning or man', existence thll otlwr is to becomc a prufel'.'IOr of the fact thllt another suffers." and his moment on earth. But it Is not nCl.1!ssary to ~o to this 19th t'l'ntur}' lJanish phllOilJWhen this sense of wonder, awe, fear and trtlpidation in the fllce of human existence dissipates, then the hunlllnilies become irrele- pher for u tradition from whkh to :Ice the future as teaclH'rs of the humanities. We can go hack to nur own histcry with Emerson lind vant. l11e scats go vacllllt in the back of the c1asSloom. The studentli clamor for .the l.'Ourscs with the answers: they go to 'Ihorcllu, two men us American as Tuscliloosa and as brilliant liS all)' models oC many they believe to be adaptable to mUltiple choice an- generation of Yille Ph.D's. Emerson helieved thnt l\1l'aningful ,'duclltion bllgan with our conswers of II, B, C or all of lhe above. 1he tendenl.'Y in this sitU!lUOll is to attempt to humunize Ulem whether they like it or not. Butlt ception of man as original in himsl'lf. It was the dt'Stiny of the" A. merican Scholar," hC' belie/cd. to develop his originality into a sym· WOll't work thllt woy. Notllnymore. We used to believe that the humanities hUTTUlllize. But it's the ot· bol for all men. He feawd ,'1111 without sud; II rnan-l.'Cntered basis, students would her way around. The humanities emerge out of excitement over be "pan.1!lIed out" and peddletl out" hy education instilulions '1S and a sensitivity of the human experient:(! itself. fmctionlll mun inCllpt:.ble of thinking of thl!:nS<!lvl!s 'IS anythinG The eventli of the l.'C.'ntury of mass thought and ma5l' production, climaxing in ,-oncentration caulps, the Vietnam War and t,h~ crisis more Ullin the functions they perform for socie'Y. Thorellu, who inddenttlly onl.'l! lost a leaching position for refusof our own political instilutions, tollve shattered the illusion that the Ing to flog his students, turnl!d Emerson's idl!3S into II progrlllll f<Jr hUlllunilities will tickle a.nd lure Ule demon from the hurnlln breast. Accordingly, the current aUempl on calnpuSes lIround the coun- life and action. "You must get your liVing by lovjng." 'nloreay said. try by some of our most Important educators to revivify humanFor hoth Thoreau and Emerso'l the separotion of liVing frOIll loy· istic studies by going back to the 1950', will fail. Like "the mook members oC the Resurrection" in Emily Dickin- ing made life dehumanizlnll. t'or those of Ut In the humaniliu, tho son's poem, such humanists have reappear<'d on the pages oC popu- continu<'d st'paration or learning from bath liVing and loving wilJ lar journals calling Cor Il return to approaches and programs that make aU OUl' lltlcmpt.~ to revive humllnistic studies moribund. helped CllUse the campus disorder in the first plal.'C. WI It

Thl! Federal tWlation Admin· inmtion of Ule US Iftpartmell1 of Tran.portation has funded a $1,653,120 .tudy to deter· mine illurhine tlnKin... emlssiolu increase: with Ult! extended use ofthecn¢ In the study, which will be done by Ul2 Northern Itescllrch IIIId Engineering Corp. of Cambridge, Mass., turbine engine. mnKing from slllall UIICl used on business jels to large onca used on wide·badie.1 jet~ will be (("St",d to I",unl wh'lther exhau~t emissions increase lIS their hours of uw increase. Ill'sults of the lilUdy wll! be used by ~'AA in fonnulRting n:IIlJllltions to lrlllllemcl1t the Environmental I'rolec!iOl1 II· l>(el\l;Y'li poliLltion I;ontrol stall' d:lrds for aircraft cngine~ in Ihe 197&-197H period. If thl: lcsl.l; show the emission increases to 1)(' tilt' result of wear on movinll t"IrL~, for example, the relluh· tlons ,-'Ould CC(tuire rejllllCellll'nt of the pOlrts at slated intervuJs throughout the useful liCe of the engine. ,\warding (If the contTllct Is Ule latest in a series or mov('s by thtl F/\A to limil pollution caused by aircraft englnl.'S. Recent actions incl'Jde Jirnll.l; nn smoke emiss\on from turbine enB:ines, a han on fuel vl'nting from large jets, and studies to detcrrninc whether modlfiea· tion of piston engint.'!i to rl}duce emlssl'llls might affect safety.

New rule. to improve the night l.'Onditioos under whJch peLs l1li11 other IUlimais are ahlpped by air have been adopted hy the t'ederal Avialion Administration. The rull!fl. which apply tD the shlpnwnt of animals in containeu In an aircraft', cario com· partment, require the carrier to aliIIure that tho container I.; I. securely attached to the cargo compartment to prevent t;hltling;

2. proU!cl by webbing. part.ition, or oUwr means to Ilrevent crushing or damage by other cargo under normally anticipa· ted night and ground eondluon.; 3. located in a manner thllt assures the animal container ventilation areas arc not obstructed. The Jo'AA action follow. re(;ommendallon. made by the House Committee on Govern· ment Operations in a report entilll'd, "Problems In Air Shipment of Domestic Animals," (HouSt' Report 93-746, Dec. 21, 1973). The committee recommended a broad i.nterageney dCort by the Departmj!llt of Ag· Civil Aeronautica riculture, Board IIIId FAA to develop im· provemcnLs in Wlimalshipmenu. t'AII also is participating in the CAB's current investigation into rules and practices relating to the aCl.'eplance and canlllge of live animals in air lransportation.

NFL Brings Turmoil To Married Households National Football Conference S S

22 29


13 21 27 3 10 17 2' 1


a a N N N N D D D


GREEN BAY at aaJtimore DETROIT BUFFALO LOS ANGELES at Chicago at Detroit WASIIINGTON CHICAGO at Minnesota SIIN DIEGO at Philadelphia at San Francisco at Atlanta



a a a a N N N N D D D

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13 2. 27 3


17 25 1 8 15

at Los AngclC'S ATLANTA atChical;O at Denver ;l.l AtlWlla PHILADELPHIA at Ddroit Miami LOS ANGELES PITI'SBURGH at Minne;ota 81' LOUIS at San Francisco


a a a a N N N N D D D

22 2.

13 2. 27 3


17 2' 1 8 15


NEW ORLEANS lit New England DETRf)IT at GrClln Ba.y SAN t'RANCISCO at New York Jets at San Fruncisco :.TLANTA at New Orleans MINNESOTA at Atlal!t.a WASHINGTON BUFFALO NEW YORK GIANTS NEW ENGLAND lit DaJIllS ATLANTA lit Philadelphia at Washington DALLAS at Kansas City NEW YROK JETS at Dctroit ST LOUIS at Chicago PIIlLADELPHIA at St Louis


22 29


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11 17 24 1

7 14

at Detroit C'iICAGO at Dallas HOUSTON DETROIT NEW ENGLAND at Chicago at St. Louis GREEN BAY at Los Angeles NEW ORLEANS ATLANTA at Kansas City

22 29


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13 21 27 3



17 2' 1 8 15


23 2.



a a a 0


23 29

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17 2' 1 8 15

DALLAS BALTIMORE at San Diego New York Giants at Dallas at New Orleans at Pittsburgh WASHINGTON ST LOUIS at WashingtOn GREEN BA Y at New York Giants DETROIT

• ,.

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27 3


17 2' 28 7


CHICAGO NEW YORK JETS at Minnesota NEWORI.EANS at IItlanta GREEN BAY at Burtalo MINNESOTA at Green Bay SIIN FRANCISCO at Detroit NEW YORK GIANTS at San Diego at Wainington DALLAS at Philadelphia NEW YORK GIANTS MINNESOTA at St. Louis PHILADJo;LPHIA at New York Giants ST. LOUIS SAN FRANCISCO at Washington at Houstin WASHINGTOi'< CLEVELAND at Oakland



a a a a N N N N N D D

22 3.

81' LOUIS DENVER atCincinoati MIAMI NY GIANTS at St Louis at Green Bay at Philadelphia DALLAS PHILADELPHIA at Dallas lit Los Angt'les CHICAGO

13 2. 27 3


17 2' 2.




22 29

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17 2' 28 8 .5

MINNESOTA lit Green B!lY at Los Angeles SIIN FRANCISCO at Minnesota GREEN BA)' NEW ORU;ANS at Oakland New York GIANTS CHICAGO DENVER at Cincinna~i at Philadelphia

at Atlanta CINCINNATI ST LOUIS at Detroit at Los Angeles OAKLAND LOS ANGELES at Dallas at Chicago ATLAN'!'A at Cleveland GREEN BA Y NEW ORLEANS ATLANTA

a a 0

a N N


22 29

13 20 28 3 10 17 24 7 15

SAN FRANCISCO at New Orleans at New York Gian!.ll CHICAGO NEW O'R-LEANS at P!ttsburgh at Miami at L~ Angeles BALTI.MORE at San Francisco LOS ANGELES at Minnesota GREEN BAY

American Football Conference




a a a a N N N

" D D D

22 29

13 2. 27 3


17 2' 1 8 14

KANSAS CITY at Pittsburgh at Clevellind SAN DIEGO CINCINNATI at San Francisco at Denver DETROIT at SJn Diego DENVER NEW ENGLAND at Kar;::.liSCity DALl.<\S


a a a a N N N N

" D D

22 at Chicago 29 at Buffalo 7 at Miami 13 NEW ENGLAND 20 BALTIMORE 27 LOS ANGELES 3 HOUSTON at New York Gla:lts 17 lit New England 2' MI.AMI 1 SAN DIEGO 8 BUFFALO 15 at Baltimore



8 S

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22 29 6 13 2. 27 3

GREEN DAY at PhiJadelphia at New Enl(land BUHALO lit New York JI'L~ at Miami CINCINN,\TI DENVJo:n 17 at Atlantll 2" NEW ENGt,,\NJ) 1 at Buffalo 8 MIAMI 15 NEW YOItKJETS




a a a a


22 2. 7 13 2. 27 3

I. 17 2' 2




a a a a

22 2. 6 13 20 28

N N N N 0

17 25 1






at Denver OAKLAND at Houston at Kansas City CLEVELAND _-\TL1\NTt\ PHII..ADELPHI,\ at Cincinnati at ('I1.....eland at New Orlea:u I{OUSTON at New t:ngland CINCINNATI

lit Buffalo at San Die20 NEW YORKJE1'S at Washington KANSAS CITY BALTIMOI{E ATLANTA at New Orleans BUFFALO at New York Jets CINCINNATI at Baltimore NEW;;;NGLAND



a a a a N N N N D D D

MIAMI NEW YORK Jt..'TS . at Green Bay 13 at Baltimore 2. NEW ENGLAND 27 CHICAGO 3 at New England UOUSTON 17 at Miami atCIt'Yeland 1 BALTIMORE 8 at New Ycrk Jets .5 at Los AngeJes

22 29





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22 29

13 20 27 3



17 2' 1



at CincinnatI MIAMI PHILADEl.rJHA at Oakland at Denver KANSAS CITY CLEVELAND at Kansa"CUy OAKLAND at Groon Ba}' at N('w York Jeu CHICAGO DENVER



a a a a N N N N D




a a a a N N N N N D D

22 30

13 2. 27 3

I.I. 2' 28 8 15

PITI'SBURGH at Washington at KanSl\SCity NEW ORLEANS SAN DIEGO at Cleveland OAKLAND at Baltimore KANSAS CITY at 03kland at Detroit 1I0USTON at San Diego


a a a a N N N N D 0 D

22 2.

13 2. 27 3 10 17 2' 1 7 15

HOUSTON atSt. Lou!.; Oakland Cincinnati at Pittsburgh DENVER at San Dicgo at New England PITTSBURGH BUFFALO SAN FRANCISCO a~ Oallu at Houston

HOUSTON 22 at Cleveland 29 KAN5ASCITY PITTSBURGH at Minnesota 2. ~T. LOUIS 27 atCincinnau at New York Jeu al Buffalo 17 CINCINNATI 2' DALLAS I at Pittsburgh 8 at D.'nver 15 CLJo;VELI\ND

• " ,




a a a a N N N N D D D


a a a a N N N N D

22 29 5 13 20 27 3

I. 17

"82 14


29 6 13 20 27 3

SAN OIE<':O at S3n Francisco Washington at Clevelar,d at Oakland HOUSTON at Baltimore PITrSBURGH at Houston KANSAS CITY at Miami DETROIT at Pittliburgh KANSAS CITY at Oakland at Houston DENVER PITrSBURGH at Miami at San. Diego

I. ~lNGb1rd5


.8 2' 1 8



at DenV('l' at Cincinneti at Sl. Louis OAKLAND MINNESOTA

Avion 1974-09-20  
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