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U.S. Troops Reported In Cambodia a, the mcusap center. A ~ e d c dE i ~ c l r i rCorp. spoke* ma) ha. confirmed his emplay. his w r n s to lop-secret ing lor hodlrr. the i n ~ l h p n c c ,c,t d a u m r n l a and hi* firing-term. unitr actuaiiy galhrr m i l i u r y in. ing the Ia.1 wlu enuaed by a lormation s h m l NL.:~-cwlgenemi atnrf catbirk. tmiicd areas and furwunl i t t o D n v ~ clpums hr. ru I r e d the Sovth Yiotnamcrv Army. an4r reporung, firat l o hla lu. In .I intcw,ew with I,en~n and later to tho CIA. Szcramento rash" station KZAP. t h r l military pmonnel were Dsvia s*d Kuxi,, who war re. forwarding copies o f State l e w d by thc Chinese February Depar,ment me.aagea to U.S. 1. lli an Army milltaw advlssr ~ m b n a m d n rEllsworth Bunker working unde;aeivlii$ govern. to Urn i1.S. Jomt Chlels of Stelf meot employee rnrrr. I)avis nn Washlngfon and l o military knew K w h saigon. 'I'hC eamnliuld portr i n H.~aii and Penlagon hus termvd Kvrll a Thuland. He detailed the Clvllian Defense Dapsrtment maseage.atealing charges i n an O~SPNPI. renor11.g on the efh. i\oau.~ntrd Yeus inteMew i n eiency o f the South Virtnunrau Janunry and m CBS and NBC forces. ~ C ~ C V L X IiOn~ ~ t e ~ e losl m month. Davia b a c r lhir ehvrgcs on d* 1n n l a t e r he received Isat cumrnts he saw while working

"The United Statea has uaed the POW teams a. a cover." lhe ssya. Under the @is* ullulamh.

NOT ONE, B U ...oa"


Sirramento Cdif..-Morn than 1-30 U.S. &litary adviaen m Operating i n C m b u d i a i n viola. tion o f a c o ~ ~ ~ i ban. o n d a former intallippncc euadicstor I" sdgo" ha8 charge& Sbvcn M. Davie, of C-ichael. c d l f o m i % who earlier thls year was one o f ncvcrd former U.S. cmployrea who d i a c l w d that topaecret State Deparllnlnt melaages had h e n remuted to the U.S. h i n t Chic16 of stnll. eidmr that U.S. n d v i ~ ~ ri n a Cambodia an. lead. ing Cambodian AW, tmop and conducting intelligence op. emtione. His sceu~stions fullow a Wa.hhgtan Pmt eyewimesa m. Port Mareh 13 of an American major clvising Cambudlan eombat troops, as well a. an A r r o c i ~ t e d Preoa report last October 18 of s U.S. Army adviser killed i n Dem Nak Sangke. Cambodia, while o b %?wing fmrltline activity. The State Department i n wa.i,ington has denied that the mqlm'Viegally instmeted Cambodian w e d foreer i n the Keid." The U.S. Embarny i n Phnom Petlh, whilc admitting that itr military atlachr teams combatares make frequcnt toun, hab elaimed "they only act as oh~ervera, n o t advisers." i n Washington, h e d n were ~ scheduled Ulir week on alleged U.S. military involvement Earlier. 39 senatan had d r


work." He estimate. however, that i t ~mplaya -ae~.rai hundred Americans. and perhapa SO0 or 400 Vletna maw:. Wlea denlea Federal's Sdgan weration hoa any military dons, noting h a t there are no U.S. miiilary p m " " e l ill v i e t "am except far those attached to the Embassy. But hc pointa that Fedcrd "serra t o s u p embwy-type eommunie.tiona!' Asked i f F e d c d a fmiiitips have served POW RcoVeV teama accused of spying on N L F areas, he seemed l o P W upset: "That'a n o t part of the miusion.-if they are h i n g used far that--1 don't h o w thatthat.8 n o t neeoasanly the mi=. "8째C.

matever the misaion. i t will l k e l y continue. Commenting an itr eontractr. Don Roberta. Feded'. intemationd market. in=d i m t o r . says. '*We are anti. cipatingrenewai." According t o Davia. 109 U.S. M l l t n r y adviaera and an unsmiled number o f special Force. members wrire advising the Cambodian Army i n 1973. *en Davis worked at the mesaam ceater. I n addition. more t h k 100 Americans sewed as merrenwlcs, at p p af$5,000 a wek, with the C a m b d a n fornor. me *&en ~r o p m t i o n d onten, Davis says. "They nre setoaily with the Cambodian Army. giving advice on iaglltie mouementr, on military mare. men*." Dana claims. They are dsa conducting intelligence operations. "They aro situaiiy conductinl i n k i i i w n c e open-

e e Show President's House

m e m e m ~c&t i OP th&e eonm t a has not been made pubilc, hut a propcced oneyear exten. rion 01 the VieUlsn contract done is priced at $7 t o $8 According t o Arthur ~ v i ! ~ s . who wnr Federal's Vwmam operation, this ~ra rmaiier Kgurp than for previous " w a u s e of reduced mis. %ionrequirements." wiles i r y r F e d e d handler .-farriy smsii mut,ne main*

FAA Tests To Be Given Federai Aviation Admidst* lion Writen Eiaminationa am wh*ied l o be conducted at Embry.Riddl. Aeronsulieal Univenxly Apnl 10 and 11. 1Yl.1: Exams will be conducled in Gill Robb Wilson R m N l l Z . A l l faculty m r m b e n ue reqvesled l o submit a i i r l of ~tudcntaI h o will be Wong a rnctcn ~ ~ a m i n ~ u dong o n with thr o f the test and day prebrrrdcommcrrid. Inrlrumcnl .t#d I n h t r u m ~ ~O$ w ~ n d Instructor m t t e n exams ,"ill beon 31 OPOn buth days. Privele and Fkpht instructor written exam. -711 W n at 1100 b o l h dayr.




commun,catians for the U.S. Army. An IlT subsidiky. F c d c d Electric handles t o p sffret mi1itar" communieatinnr. TWO o f ita most Impartant contraeta -- let at For, Huachues. Arizona, head


week, the Nix"" .dn,ini.VI tion Ihsnkcd Davil for his t r o u b i r a n d indirectly can. armed the charpen. The latteri w e d by Richard G. Collins. ~ h , a l of staff of Ole US. mililary's ~ e f e n i eInteiiiganee ~ ~ ~ ~ y . . w u r e d "on a v ~bed h a l l of Pwsldent N I X O ~!hat " leak found on six in. spc~ona of Lr center have been eliminated. DPVII. n graduate of Army lnte~~,gnnurSchool, served fur part of 1970 wlth the 111th Mibtary Intelligence Group in AUanta and far di of 1971 mth the 525th Miliury Intelligence Group in Vietnam. HE then w a d e d for a pnvata lntelilgenCB WnCY 1" sncrammto before mhrmlng t o vletnnm in January. 1973.

Garden Club o f the Hdifar C o u n t v for a D e s i ~ e aShow Hcuse. March 29th - 31sL :tine lad i n t e ~ o rdpsignera haw spplled their taienta in d e carating the impreusive mealfront home i n Om.,ond Beach. me p p I" the 1130'6 ~- h ~ ~ wilt hy Fred Dana Manh noted artist, sculptor, muraiist av~d 8IChiteCt is a perfect exampie of the revived "a* deco" p r i o d . The designen will n o t attempt to create a totality 01 design far the entlm house, but rather each mom wlli reflect ~

I me

~ a t h e m a t i c dAsa'i*

ti." of Amenen heid ita Fiends mgiond meetingrecentiy a t t h r u n n e r a t y of Fionda This h a been the 6 n t 'Jme E m b w Rlddle ha, rank an envoy of m d h Vlltnrdora t o pmUolPta in the mecdllg. some of the hi&lt@~tr o f the A l s a i a t i o l ' s programs were InYlted talb by funow mathematicians i n h u area.; m.thematica research and mathemebcs educaban. 'rho rem.n,ng parra of the annual meebng were individual lectures and dcmunstrationl of topies such as "Muaie and Math" M d "Walks I" the .-iiie I ~ ~ , ( J , ~ . . wa~,~lial:, l,mr! I,,(~~,,,#). .TI,* I ~ ~ l1c~n.1) ~ L coslml ~ ~ tu I r c~i 15 mnlh-,d b !J"'h"'onai 'Pv,4i&t Zone." ERAU insmeon .llllidlr tr;tmr' 11. lu 1.1 Yhkc C'owdn. Jab" Taylor aqd tmttic rl,.trol~en -ho beel, a ton Hilburn. Deeln, ch.,dir ~ri,rn,~~r;intrr. M e D c m o u n f Lsdeaie, Lsmrr, ~ i m b l eand Piacher attended the IffOVRr J D .I H i l l x l m d d that " m o t 01 ur we= pretty excited a h 1 the ecnference. We should be J >O"N O O L W L C " uang some innora'Jue teaching tions wllh s f e t y and effie~e?cY. proud goup. N o t everyone is "Riddle 34, you me rlcared techniques that came , a tof The= "big bmthcn" may con. cut out to be a traffic eon- our exprience there." t o land." m i s h onc of thoutmilec that mskea ur feel sort t w l a dozeil or more ivreraft sands 01 air tmffic OPrrationr Ms. Conme Flaeher ldded a1 rpffiai." rimuitaneously, constmtly reperformed every year by the she may very WPU UY a me tower at Daytona is del. that m e m b r i n g the poritlan. dti. control tower here a1 FAA "er teirhing technique ah0 ""d as a C l w 11, Wde, and N nvmter of every Daytona Bewh Re@ond Air learned of 1 the m-ting c o n w l lacilty. The plane port "Some hgher level rnna FAA classes lowers =cording d r ustfie eontmller i, a w ~ t hm a r i n g areumy, the e o u ~ shave b e d s u a a a l u i l y lo the voivme 01 trpmc they haghly motivakd type of P r tower's air traffic contrdlen to mandstory h o m e handle. The l c c d W 6 C 601,. Says M r A l Enreii. direct an r r h o m e maze 01 UP work .ariwmenta. Thw Ithe ~ " r e rs u p e M ~ o r , "We're a fwality handles ahcut 2W.000 craft to and from V l ~ i dertina r innmaton at the meermd ~peretionsevery year. This The house m i l hp awn Sunday March 3131 fr1- 5 fiare ir.eiudea some 30,WO m- found that i f ahrdentr were p.m. ~ i c k e t awill cost $2.50 w~dnesdaywening l a r c h 27th giver proWew t o d o on their s t ~ m e n operatious. t and may be obtained at the a preumw galala from 6 p.m. them and The Tower Chief MI I. H. o m , they &do 9 ,p.m. on March 28th an door. V d e l p a r k i ~ gwdl d r o b e chambers, claims that me learn bettar. I'm going t o t r y A r t D m 0 Lunehcnn 13 to do rh~sexperiment next fsll pmnded ~ ~ y t o nf w a i l i t y is one of a scheduled under trntr on the ME. Wdlwe J. Burt. Jr m d an a lower lwei coune." dmng race. There ue ouly h r c h ride of !he hwse. The MR B.*P" D. SYttO" am E* " C a m p m d to the m t of the three towards this size i n Florid. luncheon will t n r l i l d ~ picnic chairmen o f the event and Mn. Slate of Florid%" .tafed Dr. that aren't yet e a l p p e d wlth ugh 8. Manron is charman lunches 01 the :end m d a Hilhrm. "Embry-Riddle's math ir traffic mdar. Daytona tashlon show by C-s (:ranada o f the Darbn Shop - a "murl'. i 8 q u i l l h i e on the ~ ~ g i o n dshould receive i 6 01 Ormond Beach. The housp for garden eluben and flower list We're higher up than exndnr equipmen: in Apnl of wiii bp opm March 29 30th Lancien! w t e d as eoipnred with Ule 1976. from 11 am. 5 p.m. and on The Desimen Show His rution. 11's aiway% "Ice to " W Q I L U I ~ x l t h a m k h R of i a a t e d a t 317 Ocean Shore know that r h o o l r bkc H v r u d both cummemld and *nerd Bivd. K mile no& 0 1 G m s d a have the same problems n we a ~ l a t i o nt y p aimraft causes lu Avenue. O m o n d Beech. Pmdo. No . I ' m qulte p l d " some sped problems." s t a m eee* fmm the event will go tower operator Rdelgh toward ",vie beaullficabon i n Whilman. "We handle 6 M n mmtr. "R~ddie %ludentr ur the Halifax Area ~ ~ ~ m . rar c ci adm e n a d w . !n sane o f the b e t p>lotr m y sddltron t o the large volume of *ere:' He went on t o ary smaller aircraft both privs* that m bin 6ve yeam s Tmer and 1-3" riddle. It'# difficult chiet, be m d l s some 1 5 t o 2 0 new eantmlbra were E m b w to k o m e proBcient tn c m Mavibox comblnauonr wlii be Rlddlr pdusle' w i l i n g both types at me.. chanppd b m n 2 the Apnl hmak. somehmea nover c o m p u t e To k o m e an dr V.16~ cmon retvming to campus, show and cause n I e v d d a y r With tmller, s person m l v t meet your I.D. to the mailroom pr hltie e r t m eIforf we're wen1 m q u m m e n t r I n &dlsannel and they m l i s u e you i n a n ~ dto kerp thew p r o b 'Jon t o pnralng n Cmii S r m c e your new combinsuo?. Your lemr to r min,mum." exam. a pmspeesve c o l t m i l c l box numben w i l remun the b II uorkinz with must a fovr year e o u c p - ~ n i ythe romh~nauonr R lliroi xd .l ~pdata? MI Olamben. &gm, or 350 h a r m o f flyma k i n g e h a n p d Thls la done wh, is 4," n m e n h r o f the < ' . . . h . , w e n year 8" the intern, of E H i C . k d a1 V,nton, cornma1 munw of Fred Dona M o d




Davtona Tower Praises Embrv-Riddle Pilots




Li..hth Pence a t s e a Ro~bucl;; I r a . Ma",dwcli and Jean Lamb Wsrkshop: L'*maire mc.; and Loretta Lesbe of Galvier Sberin E d Hell& a Jacksonvllic decc, mtor is sewing a. conrulrani to the




The Former Home

All 'Seact hers Are Nrjt Created Equnl Sinec the 6rrL t~,,whcrrlood ol, 811 6onl ut a l e a ~ h a ne q e r clau ~le:e h a prubo131y ;dwuyr lrcllrnhrmlnr b o o ~ facet ofevery inatmclor's tcu.1,,ng ,"rLadr. Wilh lhc "d""", of spn,,g and Lhc 1-1 lhnlr o r PC lnmo%ter;lpu,, E ~ , I , W H ~ ~ ~secma IV I"I~~~~ syuin L;,ilr.d Ir, c w n p UllS age old *.n,rance. \vl,nl rc,,,s rather new and # u ~ ~ ~,1 nthoL l : Ulem u p p a n Lu be e p u l p , l v m h l l n ~ of dissdirfella, vlnung the plubian~l h i a Uwrp hrs ha, i s tnmss. tsnchten gonr by. hlunt 01 t h i ~ ~ u ~ ~ n he g ~heen n ~eunrtmed ~ ~ a m 1'"""mly mu, Lhmr Im&7iu uwrs "r compluin,. 'The nlnrl frc<~ucnlu n l i u ~ r mI:: that every Lrimrlster, no matter bow nolonousli ~ p m rm y u f Uw Curhsrs may I x , hiaihrrltheir nlu~~cisl ronlinudly m a p p n n an Lhe e o ~ t n er l e c t l o n huak: and mum limes h l .1 not. !~cirhr.lllis mre ssalu the only penunlpeoploi Ullllg teachin# this 1r.s hat dcnmable rubjpr.1. Odds m. that i f ?DL! d d n ' t gel mslltrnd enalnh the fin1 tin,- you am goitle t o have krs th;s u mru chance OF hclting iuly lypc ucdcmlc rnuord the 3cronll tirnr umund. \Yi>oi IS rvcn wume Is d a l i f you dld maxage t u orcoiw from bi..ili~rllliar clutc111s Lt' S n l lilnc y w then have LO turn fibllt around and tokc U>nrpm~nic2gcouarlr)l h s l tslum h i n g Bubllt by Ulenilusl~l. A,,"u,~, r"urpc "f ti" h a t i n g on is t m r ~ r samong L c trwhen. ulc del,~tmcnts, the indrldud home, I( for shldenl to ropy


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muen( viail to Jeff Lrdewitz me thmubll the new

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wong wl* the rhoal lo, in In,dl ww, r o l l ~ w i nas~ (D hnvc a 1,:lbr

Av30n Oflice gave me ull'vtrjl'Y. warn1 coplea of cumnr usuer. We, ~ h rstaff o f 1972, along or one ml#?our Inend. Jeff Ledemu, l l l l s wrs m y fin1 opportunlly work h"#" a,d L~t w o a rsnge or grader, d! Of the much needed holurd. m'd c;ul'L hell, b u l wondcr ~f ..wdingthe name, the pnpci, ha. changer in hlb he qlpemance w3''1 Be ndministraUon " d i ~ c d n rpvihllizollon amollCt there hdluwrd h d l s wllcn 01 P w e r and L c warkinu we w,,,Iv~~ ul,pm~al for the " n m p tern) paper cm1 lr submlf(rd two d,ffemnl two Jwmalisnl clau, which we lo sepnrsteclwrrandin oneinr~vlcernueivcmvingwi,.w.i~dln conditions i n motion nnue I ",her ir dl, of con.btancy su,n.,vh.m lr cvi. I'll ERAU i n Decembr of needed wanted. we oun 1972. I m u 1 say I wrs ra On rnamerous mualons drnl, Th? can b for depanmr,,Bl tcrl* prnpwd he pleared W sre there improver c m lpmmird s new nylon I,un",, ;u,d Lwdcd hY o~lum ,"*",dually, we could work hand. ,fr~u,dnd,L",,o,, is m u n god then i t IS d ~ f e ~ lmmedls~~y t ~ d by virtue thr fdctLhnt me"l*! ofllre ">ul ar phocnlx to Michigan I what IS i( onr grador ls unrortuniately, we wpm.&[( tumatllpr final nrg.. n,gon* dibntiifarliO,, ovEr rbndancc of had timp w rend thmugh ~ l e r r issues and came sraxr an edtthew to se,ulatdmanl herumr .-,v.r<l. lur ,,"allaa<] for nulncmur Icwhen. Ot,viourly, romewflew dong u,r Ilnssomcane Weal you had wnlten far the a r a l l t y . then. Lo ee that ~ a n ~ t18th w edition. i then nut wr to ,xnl*.clivr ,eoohcm ,hat n,iEl,, no, Ilt. bad ,dea lo and hrromc uxruw prnonal s,wdotc clw, mov,ny along felt a leltcr t o you was in orbr. I n your editorid >I made 1-.L part of what r e had nlld for Ulc ,,,at thc of ~ , , , l , ~ . ~ i d d ~ pro,e,ron evident your feelin. that 4 1 ~",k*,d and hol e d for in '"uly . h l l ~ exrut,ng But]ow and Lr.hold pmved, "urine141qr 1972 we feud onmlur= i d 10%. ,hut ~ Y ~ s " . L=t ule word is and well llel,,nd many a fon"er Anon9 c e s w " and n "poorly w;llten ntnnlng out of u o p l n f. the lectern hem. seven hulldrrd dolloraw 101 to pay lo tosome. how collrction o f trivia.,. AccordAVION m the G E em. ~ CII how they wU a bu, d,dn.t, the 1째K Lo you. "'hm made this p l p d,. rtudenl "meone, somr.v],Pn, ..ic,rpwpd roydly.. vllrl they you hallpcned newparer ~ s p e c t a h l r for the Grit <,me thlr had "u~*, l o knu3". .lllccu,rr ,he, into an exerrlee hmb ~ v ~ l h a~e~t m g r n m m e iranlnl. d B n t time." sinrr ramp F,,,~~,,~cI~, ,hc sludmt.r lot ,a completely hopelem. Wurthermorn. you noted thal exislenc.. Lo my knowledge. rhnuldautm~someivld studenls. farulLY, lvld adLIlouKh 11 is no1 done n l the end or every tnmpiter. thc e n d o f t h e mtn~rtrol~os r-n. read~ng lhc rouno eribqhcr uanlr ."ill he nppci,"ng hothands C O ~ I P to !lo rum"D othea, pnpPr ar~dnot using ,I for a IS that all the poor Avion s~arrs, Or ruc.ry Lc;r-brr U, .I.hcSC I,hmnnly for With the exception of the rbrsl. O f r o u w they b o r R t of thr ~ t i d l r ~ d uis,tnlctor d but hy del,art. "i"Us one. haw P l t that this did ,no1 always ~ i t o the mrn~tt,h;firnirn a14dealr of UC, rnsprrt,ve T,," money. nmouuung to w v e d opll~iunrpnatrd. ~,ut tliry w e n l ~ o ' lrbduld ~ sl;ut thr,lklng now .lloot lhc rut,nX., commrnta t h ~ u r m d dollar8 hnd heen a inrormed, they knew the f x l. for each o! Ihi<hl.rllhnriiu. @%hers, b o a tlvc rvld nPpa,,vr, Rdlultous fee mnUmerdted for "l.nnet.(.l>:w?'' "Poody ~ \ l t h o u ~Bc. h cumnlcnlr a d rating will not he hr faator i n r teachrr', hinnp. or a,ylhi,,gcl*, U,cy Lo their own epicurnan derirnr." written coilrutioo of ~ n v d " Mr. L l r d I can only ray l h r l "Sme,ral Uiuusand dollars u ~ p d rugarrt chmgor thni need to to the cia~re. ,,,,,,,le I am sorry you wrrp no1 wllh for e p i u r m desind!" TT \Vhpn *,ere caurr cnti<juci ;uu pascd September *llinl: U,rt to some of the 311. ,tny the Avian &la-" tlmr r i l o u ~ dbp ~ I O , V C ~hy ole teachrr touompies, ulpic. 1970 and -ember 1972 to d d %tallnlembrr whu r ~ y c d student not dlowud to Ilil me uu, Or r u s h d to turn watch i t grow from pnntcd unlbl 3 an laying out the w8thout m p l r "me, or ~ c a c h c ac o l l e c b n ~ thclr own sheets Icgd p a p r (done m ]pal>~r:or to Lcru. who wrorr he b r o u L l Lo the allllntiun of Uir &l> c h a m m . !vidiin ~ l ? few W W ~ S~ h m~~rtur~appcwi.g ~ ~ \vhrn ~ the ERAU ~ Pnnl ~ Shop) ~to 8 SLY d ~ u ~ c latr r 6 Wcd,,~,dg ~ ~ C U pxp.(.ad L , ~ and dve .enour coiirider.t,o., ,L the Cache. m o n mature, ncnliotie eallage they do. ~ k bale e antrlr, wpm prom~reu bt "*wwPer. evaluat~o~ls r u ~ dyour comments. s u d m k WI~O foilor you In never hlnwrl ~n hy n frw im Cmnud. the Avion was not hitum elawa w l l thank you. th? best collrgc ncwapwer, but spoinhip m c m b n of thr

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This lclter is I n I ,r~onre to the ~ U ~ C T U U . aruclel on c,p.u.n ,I, supporting our nthlptlc teams > n t h moral nupport.

11 could be that the only mrr interested ~n secmg s harehall game a thWOPIP play~ng ''RY'"" P'L'd "" U "1 l the Kana. I doubt whether the "ln. '' Or the Sherof "P''"C'. I ~ ~ ' 'I ' "' na~dpnbwill 40 an "PI Wdo" \ / I < 7.q ,r 11~1.I,>".'*w!#l.kf! bn,*I.11111, '9,x;


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Gerald Ford's Voting Record The Arnmclna !or n ~ l l o n df<~orlr t m p progmm. Dema'rafic Action ean~plled o~zia)ntthe Economic Oppor annlyslr of ~,o,viy c o n ~ r m e d tunliy net of 1964, .gnl,,~~ vrc ~ m s i dc~e ~d td K. F O ~ S M ~ ~ I C - . ~ w , , t hrnds fur "d. uu.llon. qrin.l ,,mv,d,ng vo(mg rp.urd dunnl: hlr icnun. compnrstlon to i n the t i o u a o r ~ ~ r l l r p r e n w u ~ ~ ~cmp~oymen, , or thr vat,,,g [worken, to nr follow: subsidy prob~am19fi566. Ford votpd + h m p p l r vollng Ford voad to waken R:ghls Apt 111 1965: to nulhr? hi~nimumu'rgc hills i n 1949. TiUr V I o r L96,I Civil Rwhls '60. '61. '66. '72 and '73: to Act a n p ~ l l r r lto ? l ~ m r n t n r y weaken Occupational Health and s ~ . o l i d l wJ-UIIUCU~IOII: t ~re l and Snhty hillr 1970 and '72: j t ~t ol>ri. Ihw!.lng m m d m e n t m d l o deny food sWmlls Lo to Civil HI&& Ar.L o f 1M,S:lo stnken. 1973. w t the F.RlIc ~ L I I .and fur all on c ~ v~lhenib-. ~l ~ord voteci iulti-hu.~ztc srnl~nlimcnb. for Anti-Suhvenw*, bill. 1950: Hc alro vo&.rl ngsusrt l,i~Wsc s ~ s l n r t rpquirtnp p n o r c a r t appmvd for wlrp ups. 1954; 10 hatslne ~n 1919. '50. '51. '52. '51. '51. '55. '69 ;u%d '611. uprrl the Supren~e Coun Voacw munsl rslahlirhlnq hldlory Ihnron mynrdinv ad-


11 WBS eumpilcd c w h week hy a dedicrtea rtnfr. n lac or h d work. many sleepless n~ghu. and ~ e o p l ewho strived La a rhlove what you and Y m r r l a f f and the w d p n t hody nnw hwe. xn=:'r mom. r e wrm i n no way tied W the spmn r l n n e o f h e adm~nmstrationor SGA, D many I" nuthanty would have Ihked. We rough1 forevery P ~ YWe ~ffelved to puhltrh our paper and took a stand ~eai"st what we hli"ved l o he

J o ~ m : ~ i ~ iclass: nl or to l h m v ",ha hadr, .,am sinup sir 11, thr m.,mmy a d knew thalunikr, the .iaun had ~ l *1r.d~h a n d \vednrrday nigh, dlnirsr they aoul,ln~l eat I.,r slother (,.~.r,.,i,~~~ hcaurethry woUiri lX rucr a npu3pwer d ich they b l t a* important easrn. ~r i . ~ n ~ , mstaff y wa5 unl<luc moup o r wuple who worked sgunst mow oppm1. on and cnl*ciyou

rmrsahle mdenee. 195% and fornconstitutiond amendment dloaong v h o o l prwem. 1971. Onenvtmnmentd lasues Ford voted again31 fedora1 s d t o stabs for pnvcnhon of water pollution i n 1 9 5 . '60: against m a tmnntleorlation ~n 1964: far SST in 1971: malnrt drlec ~ n funds g for Cznnskan nuelear Ip-L 1911; and sgainat AEC hmds l o 6Shl mtrr ~oi'utron, 1969. Fard also voted awnst dl

nttrmptr to lhnut or end U.S. ~ n u a l v ~ ~ ~,n, , Indochina i inc l u d r n ~ uIP C O D ~ F C ~ U ~ P arnet,dmunt. 1970: NP&~Wale" n,ratrn. 1971: the Hamilton.whrln~ mesure. 1972:and ,I,< l d d a b h o a m ~ n d mmt. 1973 H" voCd I,,~ tilr safeguard i\BM ryslpm nnd a4:unrt d l r t ~ ~ lrwer ~ , militan, ~ spendinS 196~. '71, '72. '73 m d awn., xu p o x e n l e g r l a "on In J~~~.73

D w k L a i d Bdlorin.chirf I\* ~ r p l~ ~~ dilo.


Boh ~ n m l e n L ~ Y O U ~ Jeff Hnmr N e m ~ d i t " , John DOIWCL fieportc.. Jvm linrprr Mark Hers Ycte Mcl.rughl!n Tom Pabit J w k Sprankle vacant vacant L a w Klnwlry Uoh Knlahl Jrn, La3h vacant Len Bass K- wo,irk Vzzanl Dieter c n t h ~ a r t Jay Smulien Stew i \Klrh llm Chnrle ~

Jeri Ilouqeo,. Marlea" .\dam,

Feshlm ~ d i l o , Fesare w n l r a

sports ~dt., s p o m wnk. photography


Oirertor of Photogra&y Photogrsphera Ad"!!

Puhl~Jhed weekly throughout the yea, and d;stnbW mE EmhryRiddle Aemnmtica' linivem,~y. BOX zdll Daxtona b w h , n u n d a 32015 phonp 2 5 2 . 5 5 ~ ~ : Ex~nrl-n iS. mmester subm,,~,..~ ~ 3 . ~ ~ . Swund Cia- P a w * pzid at hsh, V l o n d ~ . 'Total pnnted i t H~~~~~

Netuspapers must not be taken roseriousl~"



Edd T ? o m Businera Manager Turn Coughlm Adve"~"g &PIC. Stcve Uohonlck Lay 0.1 Edilor






Airframe & Powerplant Weekly Quiz 8. S l s k batwsan m p p a m of a wire Lvndle should normally nalexceed a m a r i m u m 01311 ai ~ e

8. Shimmy dampem sm used t o ~ W P the naewheel hm ahlmmying during takeoff, a h e 7.



la any

". I f you srp a veteran 8h n e d of tutr,nng. contact a ~ . o uin ~ ~ the. (i.idiu,rc orfire. R,,,ld,".

9. mend radii i n r i m v w p s Bh0"ld not b e i . ~ than 1 0 times

re not wien-

elesd in co~lduit a 1me h ..I.,

the avuide dlamrtpr ~ U P . a tme

Games People Play

the wire

DO yw play #me' with 10. The .Lmaphem 18 made u p pop~e? M ~ Ivople Y gel of appmrimateiy 78% nnltrogen. t * lc up i n pin~liiguw.our a ,me emel some that U ~ P Y b rddon't even like plaWC F*t)n. tluences poi'le 1" =r p s things ~ i n ourenuironmenll ANSWERSON us dlteemnt @me$. ,\fter pisying thee we. for u long 9 pc"d or time, thsy kcome ro much part wr PeRmditY that i t la u;rficult lo ,ksnare that we're even daylllg them , wen m o difficult ~ to stop playing them. But can be dolls and a w o i w s s ir one 01 the 'firat stg~s 1" n d h " # 0U,WIV.. Of them H~~ is a ii.t or wme or the games that YOU might b Play.




Sigma Chi

."News ,A,


Coins and Guns Bought 6 Sold Complete line of coin & stamp supplies ct reducedprices





,~l*l*L"I.l*CIO*-II*<*II1I"IY1*. <a, RUG,,



."".~-","~., .""', c,.",







Fur Ulir acmcc, the v e t e m s pay the totor a re* 01 82.00 p r hour. Suhc<i"enLly, the valeran would bc rnmhumc.d thy the Veterans Admlnlrtrxlion ",I t o a mrx,mum 01 $60.00 a





her n i l i l r n hall, t o be heid I" a


l e w w p e h ~ Ihc mditary hall wlil he a j a ~ n funetlon t ktween h e ROTC Corps o f FTU and Emhry-Rtddle.

m u t e r LTILUL. Hiiton. won to bceome M r Hilton when he IPBRS, m l i bP N n n l n B D a y L ~ n * Beivh Avlabon. Mqor Welch T h e i n l u r m a l p t . t o ~ e t h e r h ~ d will bc leaving l o parb unmothcr function bender that xnum, smee his orden for o f roc.ial~ning Two a 1 o x Mwachusetls have k e n rp cadre ~ f f i e e n .L T ~ C O L tlllton rlnded. "d Ma,,,, U ' e i ~ hwill bcleswng L l l v n c l Huton save s sho" talk a b u t hi% erpenencea at the corns at the end o f thlr tnEmhw-Riddle. He m e n u m e d m a t the 157th ~ ~us cn the eyes of many people across the nation. "The best ROTC Detachment i n the


Leave 7he DrivingTo Us



Let us deliver your dinner to the dorm FREE with any order of 10 sandwiches or mom.

. ...................................

= -

...........,.,,.. .,.......A,......... ...................... ..................... "." ................ ........... .......... ................. ............. .............. .................... .............. ............ ............... ............. .,... .....e.......... ....... ......... .%........... .................. ................ ............ .................... ........... ...................... .................... ........... ......................... ............. ...,. ...................... ",,, ,,,,,,,, .......... ....... .............. .......................................................... ., .......................I..L.............. ........................ ............................ ............ .............. .............. ...................em. SBRRENTO DELICATESSEN ........... K-MART PLAZA ...................... $1 25EACH


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5 5.

S1.05 E . \ W

COLU IVI.\TBS D I X S ~ ~ ~ ~







'ThPpare,wscappedby warmak,ngmth"yonP. goodwill toanls that everyone TNe

played poker x i t h anyone mil. cng ~ o l a a e money. S m e t i m n he eve. IPR hi8 valuable hand With rm1e unwary P X %+eil, he went hunfmp for "John." Slowly, but surely. the Deinrhment I3 b r o m > n ga vn,r of dedicaled people r n l h h ~ @ mode.

L.C ....



~~~J~j~~~~u~~~J~~~~!~y~l~~~!~!i~!~!~~~~~~!~!~~,!i~~j~~~~!~~!~~~~~~!!~~~~!!~~~!~ E ;:y :;:t ;LzLg



Major Welch lndleated t h a t ' hlr tune spent at E m h w R i d d l e wan ramp 01 his moat rpward ,ma. He mentioned that he would ilkP the esdeti to wnle LO him an roan s h e =elves an address from the Alr force. MsjDi Welch wan eycing the 6sh howl dl the Whiie he ws. rpeakmg. No one threw h i m ~n l h i l time anyway.








The Diroctor o f finmcl.1 Afd haa l u l l ienmed thmt F L O R I D A STUDENT ASSISTANCE G R A N T application. not be diltribuled ""Ul the 6째C week i n April, me d c d a e ror . ~ b ~ i . ~ comp~rtld ~ ~ formci ia May 16. 1974. A L L FLORIDA RESIDENTS us "wed t o stop 01 L e Pirund.1 A i d 0 f 6 e e and mbnter far LIB pmgram so that .pplicationr cm be eipedit~oualyp r o c d when they smve. Who knon, you may q u d i l y for a I l Z W per year nant!!!.


'The Pmrident'r Residence known lnlormally ar the Battleship, wan the rcrne 1 s t Friday n i a t l o r an ~ n f o r m e l party held by the 157th POC cad<. 'rhc guthenng war to introduce the .dues feendr of me thecomr

Gas Shortage Got Ya Down?


Grants Available

Airf orce ROTC

W e n "i*llall sgain cart !ti rhsdow, the brothera c a r l d be loand enjoy,rg T-bone steaks amidst the javid surroundings o f campfire jargon. The camoen rebmed Sundav memine bttpr ~ n ~ t pracerii h ~ , zilmt'a deep i n the wildamw. to




dm*. o f f","~ a ccune 11 t l i r y d o nut NCVLhnlenrwe un.centr3ted help 1ue"lfic.d on the nppmlmale f0""l. 3. ulllizc ,"lor, who "re recommended hy in-



m e eraeking d saturd.y's d a m began a day' o f h a t e r skiing. mlaration, and an d l m u n d good Urn*.



ing with others or mat y a r might hnve ohse",ed othrm llluylng: "L.ook l l o w llnrd I've T""d." .-Aln.t II A w h l , " "ll'k AII "11 1t scmn'r For Y W i could." "Why Don'l you. YE. ~ u t . " " T r y m d C a k h M ~ , "w d " ~ l n r1s scttpr Than YOU^." Having game-free reiatlonsships aod learning to lhur B enmc .rwe life hr e x ~ r r m e t yhat. irrylng "d rewar6og. Eric Bemc ?,rot- ahout this topir ~n dcpUl $9 hts lbaok Gwne. Pewle PI& You nllyht he ~ n t e m l t u dm wsding i L I f so, you c-8 hanow my copy 01 i t i,y stoppine by tho Guidance and Counrcling OlficO in Bullding 3 ,next t o the i"firm"ryl. or . . . i f yar're ~ n t e m t r d10 stoppY>g some 01 your u r n yam05 w l i h a i ' t l b Ihelp, rump LO thr Gulclanre Office m d tdk MU? J e l l

This pmt wekend the bmthera and pled. brothers of ~ t l oht s apent two days a m l d ~ t the mlds u r nature along the shore or Lake Don abalt 25 miles e s t 01 Deiad. 011 ~ n d a ydtemoon m m a y of campem boats, man, u d one s h a o ~ bus r h t k r e d 'he h w r c pnrklng l o t all nndy for lmvei. By sunset. the caavan had motomd its way we%lw.rd io the eamosite whew IhY n ~ E h t l d l the ensbping cmpfim rhed light an atnlosph~~or brotherhood and Bureh

** ** *C* ** C 3* C C ** $ BenrsGuns8 Coins ** C C c p?%3mq * f* .....-1023 RidgewoodAve. Holly Hill * ".,-"..".." ................................* Crr~~lrrrrr~*rrrr*r.p*rr* C


Benefits Emh~/-Riddlc Aerunuuued Univerrlty a Illillallng a p r o am. I n u t h o ~ ~ o d by U u vr.terans 01 UILurid B1611W>(.P ill. " e l e m 9


'Th18 18 a &?,.8l,. twneiit wll8c.h ir no way dermnaea e Veterm'a normal Eciurar8unsl Hcnc~iits.



At Landlubber Prices J A a k JLZO~SC MI1 S. Atlantic Ave.




r----------- 1 !SUNSTATE I I

HFI Stem Scrrin W a k


lElectronicsl I 865hmAw. !



she fillion


Monday Mnwh 25,1974

Alumni News



which w.a 7 the rise. ~h~ EM for e r h ofleer in 1864. rose to 7.3 m 1968 and de. dined U, fi.0 i n 1973.' Furher orlccr atrenglh in the lululp wdi be made to drive thir back 3. SuWued insipia la an i*ue in the A m y . me iem -ems to be i n idenuflca. tion of rank. INOW that sub

RIF. are 2, FY 75

to be omcera, official. The Any annovnced ~ i half ~ the~ military t i f may hsvp lo, forcD out 2200 placel eiinunated dunng FY 75 wiiiim omcem. primsl~y c s p ~ n s w i t h mil be betwoen 4% mrl 8 yoanaerrice. K. ~ ~ &istant h srlptaly ~ , s group at i e s t p a t d l y picked 01 uefenae far M ~ P O Wand~ ~ war in earlier RIR. Canma. Reaewc Affair, toid h e House may authorize re~emefor il.~:s. ~~~d sewices Atpreaent. branches dnady are ~ e n o n n e i subr.ummittee thot examining mordr 01 R.A. and 01 the 23,000 .iota to reaewe aflicera to conFY 75. 10,000 will be offiver Unwncy lists. The forceout (~~cludimg wananta) rp~ces. loatera pnpmd *ithoul me edi.ted to which had ha,declining, I=o" *yard toeompanent

Bulinsu Admlnistmrron at steua, University in ~ ~ i ~ , j ,


Active Duty News ." The next round of

~nmes Baer*olf, an Apni mduate h o m the c l r a of 1973 p d u s v . 1s ~reGonUyo c l n u g a t 1972, ia runenUy em. inl tho ~~pwit,,of hurinew pioyed by llou@ar ~ i r c r a fl t~e ofhiadllan Airsewice ia serring .s e field replplenlr and lirickollui School of Acm. live an laetion at tho Navel 1" Madlaon, A , ~shtion NO~~OIX. vidnir Wlecansinr .hm received lhl6 BS deglve the Aimmft MdnteW U U ~M~ Y .I ~1 pi]otlng nanee Manvdemcnt Program at commuter nigh* for ~ i l ~ h . , , ~ Eal"Riddir. Bcniwal. Aemnautic4 Yennsylvaniz H . gmduated 1973 with a BS dew. in A e m '"."c'~~R RmdUab ~ 1 u - f 1971. ledalns drafting n.utleel sciance. dn=im work for Cmeral Dpvicr wdusted in swi=ei in oni is town. 1972 ~ t a h5 s dewe in P="nnn~lvanir Management He edwan( was m ~ n ~ y compicled his Msaten in Commlsiboncd nt LL i n the U.S. N r FOR?. ~e is prerpnuy in a


The Colliding Missiles Two mruilss speed drectly esEh me a'











Citv is more than lusta of aructs lor printed -xual materid. One would think. "why mad if when you can w in" (m explicit color

proved Ulis by nsving u p w of I 7 . W plr ticket at "Thmot'n" p ~ ~ u l u i t height v (Deep m m s t recently returned to Dsytonslart February at the

m m s u l & m d l ~ l y l e a v - erne me blr mavie# h&Y.n6Ba L i n g to he desred. and ~ l e the scting in t o w feablre 1-k u w n d 90 minutes to two hwm. though them laOn ir"ei I d they advertise 3 hala con. " One pumm m lfi s

and i f you a r ~lucky, with scund). mil weekend ",hen YW am scanning B e newspaper movie listings for the most promising entertanment. strip and conrider the two dally ads for those "adult theatem?"

Capri and still nettvd $5.00 per t i c k e ~ ) Today the Yue movie market no iongcr extends into the neighborhood theaten, but ir s n e r d i y limited to the t-wo Adult Theaten in Uaytana and

tinuow viewing. Both theaters


(me Mid-~duit 'Theater). Mohon picure expiieieeu g u n ~ d ter"lory i n the late 1960's with the advent of"l'm

usherette and entiues you to sit thmu* both ~~~NIPI. But BEWARE: the CAPRI ~ h o a . one h d care feature. and then shows one soft core fcaure al.

iuch a 61m z long ar Johnny Carson arld everyone eiw did. No doubi today "Curious Ydlow" would rate an R. B e

of the CAPRI ia explpared in two words. ".p.oft" m e Mini-Adult Theater b housed in s former store or

m e &bbed ln lstetl. n e s e early t e e m were almost d wnys shown under the pretext "1 being an "Art Film." After "Yellow' and h o other films by lome Lllow wmzd Alex de Rcnzy. the blue movie market busted ande open (dong with .he pornography ",arb,; with its bend9U"n 1cm-d m Califomis (not Dellmark or Sweden)! Since then many films hwe came and gone. m a y wrell b l o w Hoily%roadrtam hsve b m d themwlvrr in the p v b l i ~

next to the -n and are bilndcd by the projector p his makes finding a seat very mf6cult and rather emhanacuing when you end upsltting on the noor The 5imr shorn are generally 16mm hard core, W O tb- majority with round The U ly barr

and each c o n ~ nthe "dubious" atmosphere which tends lo m a b one want to take a shower d t e r patronizing one of the A&], meaten.

make money' someth'ng they still *em be loins. Our next n'it lnta 'ln 'lyY



" see

pmsutu60n In*

Old art luck').






VOLti.TlA AUTO PARTS & machine d o p 841 Voluria Ave. 252-9642


fltb Anniversary

Carlorn B<6chUsl?nalA,r *OLWII~"'s






YO- q-iih. YOU can SIP up far hvy niaht tramha whllp you'n *till in railpge md be .-~rrd 01the p l w m you m t . ourAOC PI,irYOY ""1 10 be Piloll or our NFOC Pmmm i,fyou



the C l w n Door). Gearpa Gwlnn (The Devil m hllu Jones) M d the que.8' queen Linda Lmel2ce lDcrp Thmat) compielc unh pubilrhed birt graphy. "lhrnat" 3 3 0 swept thr publlr under the g,s. .f ",'""lo chic- and New Y0rkera



SIN CITY -Daytona Beach Revisited Part I1 sin


Willlams Air Fume Bau: ~n made Amy-mde, at Anlam Ed graddon,, be surp-d i f color IZ- Phmn'x, a BS d e w ln sipiss nre bmught back for prhcetime uniforms.) Aemnavueai Seicnce ~n n p n i n. ( ~ ~ ~ e t inrmy m e iscoming) 1973. ~ ~ on ~A m ye posts a worldHermm 1)uh graduated in




mUea .part udng pencil -14 pnplr ca1cui.k how f u s p u t t h h y are me minute before they collide.







~ < ! I Ekt,, < 4 #I\!#


111( I!$I\

.U.W r r t n n m a l u h MlILTI-ENGINE-S?99.95

want to b e = F P b L Officpt) ran get you inlo ,he Navy SLY for an cxciring, ahaiicngng ,,F , m a r dekilr. rrr the Nary 1nfamatlon T ~ ~

Be someone special.



Monday Mawh 25.1974

l'ng,. 5

Guesl;Speaker Series: Mr. Robert L. Hansen Of Eastern Airlines ." *. FbeM." 2; y;:eM~vl;,~;".y;ylni; d" , " l t ;$i ; ; : ::;: :::;;,c"ln ,,z;!y ::;,<, :!yL *11"


* o f mr. dennand calleg. brkground aannel i n the sieinp indu.tly; e m p l o y e ~ a "Airlines vl~l Pmdic*d M .I Roben L. Hmaen, hbting i n Ule luhrm:' dm i eol. of E a t e m Alrltn.~. Plerent dsy vrline pmb~erns D ~ l u n aoperation. am r l m t l u lo problems j j fhfh Speaking t o dorm residenu p e t e i k d MC H ~ ln 1963 ~ the h i ~ l yaucreaslu~t~.,~, E r u k n l ~ i r l l n e s bordemd on S ~ a L e r S e . ~MI. ~ . H~~~~add, hmkmptey. onlya t o w "The trend today iat o avo,d pmizatiun pmventpd dsmkr manearrnent d, g , inlo me lutd p u t them ahsad cm. technied aide 01 mtiuon. T h p h u m will empharize pe* "P*t o f Ulc proUern." 6ollnel i" '.cost rnansgernen2.. to H.nspn, ..was a u d Mr. Hansen. we, dnvrloprnent of Mr. Hansen believes by me management people." hme the hshmen tadw.s The al

l,,a ~~lp,,.l

may auwse cn,ls ixrruac Grrkm.scontrP.t rur be1 cII up ror negatlation heron. Ule vumerly other ~ ~ p m.~ o~allun lor jet (,~,,~neai duced), hut now am pays gdlon. ..\Ye urp een,r when the o u l r lucky ,he ivrlinDB conlrw,t price. will le hi@"".1 Mr citpd Pnn A,rlinas, who must buy of their aovrcea a, <lall,Ir ,Iia


# inflated cosL Hanrn let our

R/C Planes & Boats U-Control& Plastic Kits



like to hnng in l,wkherd L.l~ll to Dwlons duly mute ah 1:on P.M. Mr. Hanrm asid that psscnper rlem*rd at

DaytonalAUalta Lo

Two Locations

LO I hl



sad pm,,lem



Wanre". One be 15",0,

Lhc' l.-1011 h r r . nt Uoyu,~~,. prtro rvmp nnplczyt,r* Wc1UI'I ip m<,"imLl LO miulllsln Ihe mn.raft when i n Duylf,nu. ''DoCt he sury,tiwd i r ycu 5r.r 0" > # MLA-" a L-1011 he- I)? the next ft,w monUir." 3 d d Mr. A n.milder Ulrl 5 A l w l ir IhE Flndly. M r Hansen lpninb-d Nrxl wvuk: worry Rullrr wllx OUL L e pmdil:tcd h ~ mbrr~ h late for UIP ( l l l s d i \ tllrint'r huiv 10 ,lil~i~nk " x ~ n rabl urllru~d the next dm". Our Ca'"t a ~ ~ c ~ u liil' ~ r ut n , & l hlt.1 donrs ,lnwntr. lo~,a lsn& (:c' n . J'm18r I.3'bI1". hhown how log lum~d OI fvw years ulnl WII within lhr. iildusrw. 'lunnp n rus.ctll cvmniuny. L o lh,r l , ~ , ~ ~ ~ , , id^ . Evdnr mNext week th,. ( i u ~ a is ~ k c r AV'ah"s Scho*l Ar'l,L;ull l!llc,. i v l l r l 11 i r Ilk*, lo Ix. n eu MX riozl (‘""'""'*'~nl I"'lw 1vrc'. '.':d h ~ ~ t b , 6lltrw ~ . the tioilball s~~.~,II n l ~ l c d . I'innlnu I h r r l a n on t ~ , ris, g,,i,,g to h.=h ~d t,, w l l I(""[. Nnlionnl W‘,o*ler w'cl h'ULcN, Anc1 11<,", 'I0 8""' who will rlleuk un Wall,orn J. i~!rldo\. Jr.. t't Hlodwcrrch llluns 011 p t ~ l z out q he"cW eathe,(."" dll lo,,S ai.Io h,,g ,r K u v k ~ r~ o m n ~ * ~ l ~ h ' r,\"'an l Uilr rb~ekanrh-t ~~81f8L w',halim"n thrsul w1II take I'IWP thr :Id noar "on school (:urnn~undiu,t.






the dom1 "ex, n l 7:00 P.M.

I O ~ ~ ~ R POI


NOTICE 'Re !kunly Fomn for Embly-Hiddlr 1s ,now EUOI>Llnp qudifiell s p p l l r a n ~ Ic,r truninn us marcla. A8 a 0.1sld. a ~ ( l l d ~ nwill l h. ihle LO hi8 f ~ i l o wst"SGU" dnnb a dirrct irudtty.

t r o l l ~ dillnj)iwe~ h~ l h n . ! i willi. drawn lhg lilr Frclvrd A v i n ~ o n ~ % d m # n e l r a Uoof~ ~Ulr. I)c,panm r n t of 'rmnipnriuthon lo allow time l u r r~ualuat~<ni 111 :I ppuyram drvelopud Ily Lhc 11,s. Ymuchulr A s ~ o r i s l ~ o~LlSl',\l n wmed at u h ~ c ~ v l n UII. g ri8mv


l o r r ~.oopr.raLivt. r f f o r l t m p r o v ~ rusty for troth j u r n p m and uircrnrt ( 8 1 flw rhr r p m . ow,d khy pa.ll.lai,irLi. ~ m o n l :other ~ l n ~ 1r I .s i ' ~u i l l ~provlde ~pa"'Ilui,rlr t"ilh d l curn.nt ~ u ~ f ~ r ~ ~mgsrdlng ruoti droll zones ,>nor tn jumllr.

n a k r f No. 12336) war p u i r I8,hrd in thr Federal BeDrfer on Nwember 3. 1971. The &-at maJonly or lhecammentl wcle m oppoaiuon t o L e p r p on round. l h a t preen1 chwnencr. dcer, n o t ~ u s ' ~ the fy nnud for mom rPrtncUvc m l r r

LISP,\ to



a t h p~ r o p o r d m l r and U i r l then. h ~ v eheen mclorla o f rcnous C O ~ ~ ~MF B tween parachvtlr~sand lureralf F A 4 said 11 rrr witljdmwing iu noUrr olpniporad mlo mak. I M U, d l o v hme ro c u d u d c Ulr rrruita of Ule USPA pro

each Photo Servicehic. 504/606 Main Street


alp fibion

Page 6

Msndny Mtlwlo 2s. 1974

North Amol+=an r o n t l n c n l ul,uclal i ~ o m i n r " would l x y i n ilnclal la,mir~r" or rimliar w~ 'rhe I I I ~ ~ ~ . a l ~ PO, ~ ~U i ., ,h dc.wxnt. I,<,73 WO,,I~I hsvr ui,~e In lomll(r, rwwared I,y urrnrr o f Colrttrred I.ul~wnrr,. dm,"play a w i v ~ithe ~,lutinvdrun gdnnd the wideat sr'cePtanre r w k c l I m o r k n . to lake 011 mmla U,C oat targpt hc W,,I~ tilr <ir. m o n g t h w who had WcC Nllrosd device i d d h o t i z ~ m t d l y wwicl h w e ~ X . C U New Y m k IXLW i!l:iT) C andC LI14G:' ~ rion t o )Rome familiar with 3 miles. 'The drurslt would Cliy, and caleutationa would UIP proglsm since the war'^ thun ihR a l l i l s cradlr lhkr dr# , d l (or ti10 ~ ~ r ~ p ~ lt mh gex. ~ REFERENCES. ~ h r s cl o r the muat purl vice l p p n r l i n s i t on thv NJI~. lrlna>vr ( ~ n y l u i ~LOi Ir over the Allied h t e l l l a ~ l c e I d r d l y L s ~ r o p t l l n ' o nunit IXNpvnda c,r Illah. One cs1,Ldn.d hind Lhr bombar would I ( ~ , , . da.umanl allow the ntmrt, or 'lam'" SIPrka' iJSA8 'Ir'" wixo intenogokd the ern& 1.2onn.nnn puuncis or N ~ W vurk ,:,ty gridded of1 ~"'~ALmlYl-w r 4 m 8 s l s at BE.war's end. Llmllutlm b'lUTu Ji'c'LS's9qddWBLd L m d , whlril In l ~ d a y re1c.r '~ '?he name "Anupdd xoth lu- edi(r.4 by Eliciurr, c n would ~ place l u u r G e n m l hon,her'' 18 donved lrunl I h r 1al;uici ilring ths a m i n # p o m ~ e ;g ,I.GwU, ~ral,aulm,a i n orhit. Oncr o r moub he .,~n~ipodd world's MBIU~~I. w h x h LVC Immn. the r w k n t Ihooskr i a , m l ~ r " h d only "own on amply the oppo6ble rndn of the ruekot pq,cr, the projsct ww t o a l y the oar*. From thlr. ~ ~ P W O I I ~ w , ~ l e nropel "1 SW,,~".'. projcrt arp dc. b o m l ~ rupwards into the eli puriibic. erccpt l o r the mfinr. wised. Smager's plan edled m o ~ p h e d suu*r Innet*, and m r n t o l the m k e t booster 10, the hulldlny 01 n 1 0 0 - t m the "Ar~tipodalh o m b r i ' would ! ~ r c d r dl o puuer ~t on iu earti, l ~ ~ l o a~l mi e bonlber will) u a n c s or skipa i n the c,n.ilng ny,,,g. whhh t o h l m l lhc eltirr o f the fashion of a alone ski~?p!ngu ,\rrordmg LO J m e . sparka. lonu the water. The skips. i n h r book W. I .ke diminlshlng i n lequrnee would .,in rnlrospeei le~ o i r u l n t r dt o U?r tn~gel'r 1apec.ulrtiun indeed t o wundcr f r ~3/72-lhui 3/18 By h e Ume Lr Ihomkr what madlt have haplloned il bud eorn~'~etedils s u ~ . ~ . ~ t a l ~ 7 ~imadnatiun c and ereativc f'blRun All Cdor Pick u p c.ap and gown April nl@t the skips would I* very tirsa o l men nueh ss Sa~nger 17 thlu 1 0 i n Ule Dean of amd~, mc 10.lon bomb load Ih8d hecn pncouragrd Lo m y hlcn'r Olfiuc, n am. La 5 p.m. woeid Ir released ~d the .-A~,. "01 e%tenl. so theL the "AntiOn A p d 22, a r v m h i s i n call and g u m i n the sa'iai H d l next l o Penbody Auditorium. ERIU Student Dircount Wih ID no inter than 8 am. Genliemen ue requeslcd t o wear s l l t r l be, Ilartiw Ncrlfidar 3/19 dark htuekinqs and rhoar. P m e d u r d btirling: Drm 14.1~ &,do S p u n (Siudrnt M m h d l l will In"lar1 Ian80 In Pa"f "vc mstmvtronr on nameenrdr marching, ne.tlng, photugruphl, YOU CAN'T W m ~n or cap and yobox BUY A BETTER m d d~plamna. TIRE TO SAVE i v h m tile c*remony has k c " YOUR LIFE conlple*d, return cap .Id , gown t o box 1 r r htrn i n a1 the S c a d liall. Diplomas will no$ hr. relrnrrd u n i e u cap r n d gems are ~ ~ t u r n e d . PreSden1.s reception lor lamily and friends snll Ee held 8n the S l r i d Hall ~mmediately lollowing ceremony. Family M d I"!?& who desire t o lake I-: piclltrei dunng Ulr ceremony aho~cldhe sdvlrrd that seals are provided i n the front row and that they should not stand i n 7 the traffic pattern.

I ~ . ~ ~

Bombing From Outter Space In 1945 M O U ~sviotim hiatow

dleh wmakPd h w a ue ramiiinr with the cermM on the ~ ~ ~ 1 i C. ~ h~ntv.i on the E ~ ~ I , ~eoun~ryrlde. I, Lllrtwofle (WWI~) P.pedm,.n~ mE ,.,,,G ~ , le kta -r inudvanued nimrspt wn.nnnw .--...,. lend DI ivemer vat, Beel k n o w ore Ule ME-262 let 6@tera, the M E - ~ G J ~ r n u nlor NASA fume today) wcm far more advanced than "Kamet" r u l k e t fighter. the tho allica. By tile l n k r atage* V - l (FZG:761 Oymg miralip. 01 tho w a n d wadd w w the m d h e alwnarllc V.2 (A.4) Germm 6@ting foreea driven b6-k b y Ulc advanring allied had toat .fren~ive eal,abiIily Only the German ( C 0 n l . h l) m z ~ i l e nttacka, c a m b i n ~ swith time wtlh an Instrument rating. the operating Lvftwsrre jet and or past e x i ~ t i e n c eas a m i i i a r y meket f l a t e n ilosed rvly d r U d 6 e conlrollrs senous threat to ths Allies in A n F A A d r i d l i e eontml Europe. trainee spends about eight B y the time the Alliea h d w ~ k a at Ihc F A A ;,eadrmy ~n Ubcrnted Pans. the GermWl Oklahoma After completing f i @ ~ n gmoehinc wa3 redcicrd hir lor her) tarnal instlurtion. l o last dilch "wonder wcaponn" the trainee is l e n t t o a control i n hopes lo pmvenl e r r a n d e tower where he reecivea shout lent o year o f an the job t d n i n g as ur amat n i a i f l e m c e t o the m ~ ~ i a eonlmller. w t top W r e t German r c l e m h me starting salary or a eon- programs wa. the ~ e r m a npian troller is e u m i l t l v $R.969 mr t o send lethal paylonds on thntr year. A S the t&er operator way t o New York City and pm@w&s. the salary may go na other A m c d c m citlzs began to Ygh as $27.677 per year. The unfold. pay =ale v d r s w l l h the Using the atandmi V-2 r l r k e t amount af U I f f i e the tower is (ar m o x p r o p r l y tile A.4) u r o m m c d l o handle. A new which had an efleetive range 01 ki&t contmliet may move 200 milcq the O e m m xien. UI' LO the position 01Tower hsts made drnatic rhanges that Supemiror in as littie lg l o u r made the A.4 an entirely new yem. . m k e t i n order U, t l k e the wnr A perjon desiring more i n l o r t o more dialant Al1i.d targetr. mation about air tralfiee0nt:ai Dr. Eugene Saenger and DL jabs and job opening; may Irene B ~ t f (Mn. Snenger). wtite t o the Personnel Officer. wodd reknorm mnthemdician F A A at: Southcrn Re@on: P.O. E m 20636, A U m t k G a 30320. i n prolesriand lhfe, devoted I n f o r n a b o n about the Civil their s k ~ l i rduting the w a r y c v s t o theoraticd a\tronautics and Sewire exam e m be ubtained and BpronaULi~s. by calling t o l l tree BM.432 Dr Sarnger deviled a plan ro 0263. This is the Civil Se~vlce bald that i t deficd Im44mation. Office number i n Orlando. His c i i e m c ha. heen called a Next time y w are departing Dnylone 8cir.h. think about vancty o f nrnes such a. the "Glide b a m b e ~ " " S u p Glide the dedicated voice at the other bombel.." and the "Anlipodd end o f tile mike. For achan*. sw t o h l m "Have a m o d dav." bomber" The latter tiuc hna ~~



Daytona Tower h.






Graduation In's i3 Out's



Coastal Tire & Supply


Electronic High Speed Balancing

255-8822 330MasonAve.



0 .=

Specializing In Delicious Food A t Reasonable Prices

open 24hrr



Biggest Cup Of Coffee 'h] In Town

1- 6 pm

to all E-RAW students




Enjoy Our Dinner Specials with Your Discount


I Ii





1660 N. Nova Road Holly Hill


id card required







613 Volusia Ave. Dayton6 Beach


bcketand one dollar for s book ,f five. T ~ Cholder . of s tame


W.ll to wdl 8hw c s ~ v n t i n k 150 foot deep well, l W I1DO corner lot. Why rent? Build equity in proprhr . ereeUenl inve8tment tar advantaw. VA appmved d l h naw maf and city sewer. Pdced t o aeii by p d u a t i n g ERAU etu&nL $21.900. Call werungs 2661642

FOR S A L E 1 9 1 2 Stucnn Tent Camper. Model S U u m W r "6." E x t r v indude FYIOPY. r m n mom, and a p e tire See C d Cotton in Audl*VImd or 767.0951 d t e r 4 p.m.

hmd w e d

Box 1084. FOR SALE-Auetin 3000 Mark Ill, 1968, $2100. Fiat 850 FOR SAL-S'87 S w & r Convc~t.Ye. O e b wer 3 5 miles per gallon. ccstc about $3.00 to 611 i t up. 5,000 mion tires. in good mnnmg can. ation. rd 2664010 Randy Cheahim. PCR SALE-1972 VW S u p r BeetJe, orange. Ereellenf condltion. 13.000 milea Radio & emsole. $2050. Cali

FOR SALE-1971 Tnumph Spillre. BRG. AMiFM radio. excellent eondiflan. mklns $1890. Centact Pet' Franr. ERAU Box 703 or come see at 7 0 3 South Beach. Apt D 3 1 after 6 p.m. FOR SALE-'63 PIB, air, radio. exhaust needs best o f f e r

Oids auto. PIS. good condition. work. $275 or Cdi 672-5700.

hill8 of the Italian Alps. Write G. P~vitsli. 295 Bennett Ridge Road. Sanla Rors. Cdifomia 95494.

Sttnclia, I . P . ) ? 3 I l r d r a ~ o ~,\pl*. n~ Fannishrcl er 1:1t111ntirl*r'l

W R THE BEST B U Y in dumhurn pmduau, c u p o m patio muem, l ~ d c r l i r t m gand

705 South Beach St.









WANTED: Rwmmate ta %hue housp three miles fmm school. Cdi 2530460.

FIR SALE-1973 oak,idga ~ ~ bH ~i , ,l, ~ ~ , kgumeL ~ ~ . n o down payment, rpedy LO NOTICE: m w e inta. 255a885 A"yone who is a ham opralar 4:W or b o w 6 o f m y l a d opentor. plec o n k t John Vdentna BOX 1201 or call 2559268.' FOR SALE-Pocket ;Ildul.lor would hke to get a phone&

- ( l o o k like aluger) $80.

1965 MOB 3 p o car ~ 20 mpg, $ 6 0 ~ CAI plter 3:00 2538970,

FOR SALE-Three quarter a~e foldaway bed, $20.00. B X ~ ku-flying M-,. "RAF nying R~,+,,;, Date 1g52 Bsk iuuer of .,Plwbq... . 1965, Cpil 2559672 or ERAU 4042.


FOR SALE--1970 Chevrlle ~ a l i b u .nnyl mar. ~ 8 3 0 7 . ~ 1 ~ .

d m , uld. w d s , rall0. nester.

SALE-RCA 19" $950 call 2553768 ~ f t e r 6 : w and white M-ai0". N" tub=. p.m. 25 fL antenna $50. Cantnet

WSr-Two Nigedm P=P& 11f w d plese uun Ulrm in to Jayne in Gvidanee O f b r LOST-at Acdermc Cnr.plex p~8cription din brae-. Plesae mmm to ERAU B~ 4497, LOST!!! ~ a n . 3~ l n e kwailet Bet-n R,dgewwd Annu. and ~ ~ spedwqy t m ~ volwia ~ If I. n w m 231 or ERAU Box

,,m. FOR SAI.6'72 K.W~J& 100 co Enduro. 2.100 miles, eicrUent condition tneludlng helmet and book rsek 1375 d l 2529132 m d ark for Dare in 202.


FOR SALE-8urLord - 8'1" Wilkan hoard call 25b4010 and =k for RMdy 01 ERAU box 4a05,

dldr, rtmller and 0th-

Sdt7.eriand and Lake Como. Pmfesror invltaa couea~yesta ~ ~ m e ~

FOR SALE-55 b r n $501) 252-8748.

CALL THE AWON AT 152.5561 EXT. 73 OR BRING gallon o t ~ TO AYION OFFWE m earh. Call B , , , ~ ~ ! ~ ~RM)M 1. & 5 P.M. DAILY.

thlrtyhve t h 0 ~ 8 ~ dm m mound L\e world. am ex.









'Ila. lil.," ,nyrLrrv wo.,.", ",e pirccment office 15 Candy Savap. If y w ' n involved xnth the nudent work-rtudy progmm. Candy ia Ulc one to blow .*he makes o u ~your cherk! Go by m d say "hi" to th; 'mmcy lady' and former

*The U. of Cincinnati 'tudent government reached a c o m p r e mi= d l h McDonald's ham. burger man*ment there; M r D o n d d ' ~a p e d t o b n L i n g men with long hpir prc"ded they pull it back so it slays off the collar in aecor-


a11e &inn

Mendny March 26,19711

Eagles Crush Flagler 37-3

Bat ,528 As Team Thc baacbdi Eagles mauled huder J-an lhaner tooh neiaboting llagier Callege in the inp of the and 37.3 M m h 166 at E x ~ o ~ v I ~ I ~retired , 10 in a before f or the ~sglcr, .tuan itane. dving up a sixth inning W~L. Juan Eniahed h e s h t h fmme allowed only 3 h i k in the 6 n r 6 inning. t o ~ t i n ethe F ~ by~ retiring ~ the I ~ two~hope. offenw. ~ ~ ~ ~J Oh~ " i hiis i ~m d. d o w i n g a t o t a l o f only 3 hit* and two mnain ~ i x Baker, Riddle.= lradinr hitter, b l l immer went 5 for 7 s t the piate. Mike .em B d i n t waa 3 for 3 and c r a g While ~ u a nwas B ~....,C ~forP 7. V ~ ~ uo outtin. dorm- in .. ~ d.... l i e hutte'r; box, Riddle battels Fiagler opened the top o f l h e were having n t r ~ meet k on the nrsr hy iaking advantage o f a wdk. a Riddir emor and baas bare paths. I n the second. the Eae. collected 3 mns on 4 hit b k m g a uety early 2-0lend. Riddle bounced right hack hlk, including a long double by Mike BdiuL Riddle teuied collecting 4 wdks. a haae hit 2 mom i n each of the 4U1, 5 and a socmfice to s e o ~4 11% and 6 1 frumer. o f their o w n E a e starter and winning Bv lhe top o i the seventh I L


wlu 13-2. ~ 0 t ~ h o ~ hpulled a . their slartlllg ],ihhers and be ran whnlesde 6ubatiluLlon. Hlddle's b n c h proved to


Btrongerthan Flsders. however, aa Fiu~ler taliird one run o f i relievrr Jones in the top o f h e "Yenth Whllc the Eagl~s6comd 16 mna on 9 hitr in their half of Ulrt frame. The i m d s =ol!=ted 3 more in a e eighh whlls Jones hlankad Fisgler ill the e i @ h snd Eiiis shut h e m out in h e n i n h . Tough eiuteh hitter. L3m/ Harju sat out the pamc with s knee injuw. The Eagles' next home game is ageinst Maalarhu~etfd I n s ~ t u t e01 T ~ h n o l o wI M i T l on Sunday March 2 4 h ut Expmvtiie.

Eade h i t u n Pande Lhmu.%hFlrder College a u a g lhs 37.3 su-t. I n aequmce: (1. Sti'nger, K. Ftiteh. J. Bkaer. M. BAnl, and C. fisupl account lor 19 01 Riddlr's 28 hi(.

FIT Tennis Match Scores


) sttempt 10 *,rwer qiehtopms aalcd bu $s average piryer. Qucrtlonl should be addressed to My Selve, i n care o f the Avion. snd dropped off at lbe r h o o i mmi mom. The 6 n t article wili cwer the 6iec6on $1 the racket berl suited for you. Racket7"r.y in soc, weigh6 and nip. Moat ~u"Lc"~

eel that the w..t p r t o m r better with nlmper I~andldl.TN the fee1 of diff&ot wei@t and size racketa. and "Se h e one m a t comf0,iable Tennis Quiz: 1. Who invented tennis a. we b o w the game tarJay? 2. I n what el* is the N s t i m d Lawn Tmnis H d l of pame lo catem 3. What tovrnamrnt* milk* u p the Grand Slam o f tennis? 4. tvhni male player haa won U.S.. the m a r AuaUaPan. French. and Wimbicdan singles "UPS?

Bil' took adv;u>trgc "I the,, home uov* "nd cxpeti"nuo Man'h 13 Lo hand the ERAU nctmen their =."en& caosecudve Icas. The two ou$lu>d!ng mateher of Ule day were between Jim Hope o f ERAU vr. Al ilunter o f F I T and Blil Ma"" of ERAU vs. Ted BuUrr of FIT. Jlm Hope loieed hlr opponcnt ,"to con,m,tting many mislakes w i n g the r c o l > d let of t,,s match 6-2 hut

V 0ppo"cnt using an arny "f shot* ~n thc r e o n d -1 b k m g three ~ t r a i @ gamer. t The score i n Marbn'r nlateh went $2. 6-4 i n favor o f h i s oooonent

j@q ~


Ylrrrar A"".





. .-...-. --.em-

8 Wd M L <.k? hWd





: * : . H a l i f a x Lanes

660 M a s o n A v e . 255-2556



Bellair Lahes Bellair Plaza


: '



.............. COCKTAIL LOUNGE

To Replace Danderos?



I am willing Lo o%WiEe a mixed dwhlea tournament (BUY and gall and I am in1P1~3ted in y a r r reallone. Plesse 611 out entry t o m and dmp 11 o i l i n Ule mail mam. There mi1 be mare d e w s on this toumammt i f itltereat ia show", so pisarP hum, and e n k c Deadline is March 29th. Ail members o f h e atodent body and lacully are welcome. Thrrc rnust be one member of shldent or person aaroeiated wih the univrrslly in each douhles team.



Mixed Doubles Tournament?


i \ t ~ sew? ,m,i iw a xno t o w n l l g Lcnnir L i p and terminuiow. I, will also contan

1 Joe Namath I

The mngler match mores went 61.63 rs fullaws: FIT ERAU Douhlcs Bill Kirmn defeated BruceTeny 60, 6-3 ,% mi K defeated Martin John BorjyUIe d. Bill Vlalsh ~ ~ k ~~di,,~ ~ t d . 6-1.6-1 83 Ai IHunur d. m Ji! H o p Foraythe defeated Hollander 6-2. 2-0.6.2 Pfwz Hunter d sleve Bankeltd. Roy B d o u &1,&3 6 2 , 6.0 Hutlerdefested Wdker Jed B u t i r r d Bill Martin Shepard d. Woliek 6-2. 6-4 &I Shapard d Rich Jahnen


Speck, M


504 -~~ ~


Mixed Doubles Tournamen1 Entw F u m Piayers Names


Bm No.

1f.YL-J do 1 n. ha"< number where i may get in touch w i h you to inform you of tournament aehedulinq: Phone numben:



menu. " , I = W W l p y rmbu .ad do .mmCUI&'' 1.ld W l l b E ~ h . n t L, b Jet. ,en=.., .n sg" "M e o v n M m!d .,way. quit and t o In* ale "l8lrn." h" no, ldd Ur dub of hu f"l"rr dm,


"OW .I h.ra M oor prolimimry I U with .lo+: h .ddcd. ,'Ib.rm'L Nm fa some I h c I'rc Da, u.vrllng dl mrr lM - l r r



F a ~ 9e

This Week In Sports Sundw, M m h 24lh

BASEHALlr- Mareh 24. Mnrrh 26 M m h 29





March 25 March 30 Marrh 26

Eagles v.. M u . Inst, of 'leuhnalogy rt Expavilla. Gwln b g i n st I : W PM Eagles vn. Bplhune Coakrnm Cmllrls e l E r p m l l l s Gune Ume 3:00 PM Beale8 vr. sbtaon .t stabon Eedes "8. SL ~ e o s t s t Lao Endel v r . Ses l on.~~ouh l ,nat smh


Sunday. March 31sr l l : 0 0 AM


ROTC Emhasry Garden

lhr first aa D e l a w n ultacked r l n r e r Mlke Birllnt trnmed!.

Clhcr i r f o r r Sunday's game





Machines. Sales-Ssrvtre.Renla Phone 252.2225. Avenue.

rn?mi*rs. lhr~alcnlngto cnlcr

112 O m n g





26 Z% 24 22

10 10 12 14 14% 17 I8 18 19% 19%1 22 25%

1W18 15339 16439 15581 13662 14698 15724 15597 15168 14613 14826 15113 13410 141M



19 IS 18 16'h 161h 14 101h 10 8

7:45 and 8:30 cn Building 3.

Men's 2OVs:



adl lea:


D. Pickeling



F. Fleming



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GETOFF YOUR ASS Come To The Cookout/Baseball Game

Sunday, March Nth, 12:30 P.M. FREE HOTDOGS- BEER- PEANUTS Come Watch The Eagles Play M.I.T.

At Expoville And Be Treated To A Cookout

Avion 1974-03-25  
Avion 1974-03-25