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VOL 12. NO. 5

Dual Degne Program Offers Diversi!~ For Students The Dual Degree P r q ram of E-RW and Georgia I n e t i t u t e of ~ e c h n o l a g y o f f e r s a v i d e v a r i e t y of courses f o r E-RRU seudenta. The program which combines t h r e e y e a r s of academic work a t E-mu and two y e a r s a t Georgia Tech culminates i n t h e i s s u a n c e of a degree from both E-mu and Georgia Tech. Undergraduate degree offerings at Georgia Tech include a Bachelor of s c i e n c e i n C i v i l EnElectrical gineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering 5cirxoe. civil, Electrical. I n d u s t r i a l and ~ e c h a n i : ?a1 Engineering, and Technology d e g r e e programs ere a l s o a v a i l a b l e . Non-engineering degrees i n c l u d e Informat i o n and Computer Science, Applied n a t h , Economics, General Management, r n d u s t r i a l Managemonk and uanaaement Sci-


Dean Thmas Wilson. Dean of Continuing Educ a t i o u , explained t h a t d e c i s i o n s t o pursue t h l a program should be made e a r l y i n the s t u d e n t ' s apademic career. Georgla ~ e c h requires a s t r o n g math and s c i m c e background f o r a l l of it9 degree programs. Dean wi1soil s a i d t h a t would be hie office a v a i l a b l e t o a s s i s t any s t u d e n t who wishes to i n v e s t i g a t e these prugrams.

Ralph Nader To Speak At Stetson

Ccnsumer advocate Ralph Nader w i l l speak Stetson University at October 26 as p a r t of the universitv'e f i n e z r t s calendar - f o r the coming months. Nader's appearance on Campus i 4 sponeored by t h e z n i v e r s i t y lvtists and L e c t u r e r s C-lttse i n cooperation with t h e Statson studsnt ~overnment. he l e c t u r e v l l l bsgin st 8 PM i n E l i r a&* nail anaitori-. Nader has been c a l l e d e v e r y t h i n g from muckraker t o Consumer crusader t o Public ~ e f e n d e r H i s documented c r i t i c isms of g o v e r m e n t and i n d v a t r y have had wideFpread r e p e r c u s s i o n s on Public awareness and b u r e a u c r a t i c power.

I n a d d i t i o n t o the Dual Degree p r q r a n , at M e underg*.duste 1s"-1, h i g h l y q ~ a l i f i o d underqradt.ztes z r m E-FAU may apply t o e n t e r GeorgLa ~ ~ a fct e h r t h r e e o r more y e a r s of undergraduate study a t E-RRU w l t h t h e of seeking s mast e r ' s l e v e l degree a t Georgia Tech. Upon Cornpletion Me student would r e c e i v e a bashel o r ' s d e g r e e from E-RRU and master of Science d e g r e e from Georgia Tech. Degree offerings a. v. . a. il a--b-l e- i- n t h e Gradu-. The l a s t day t o rsga t e s c h o o l a t Georgia i s t e z t o v o t e f o r t h e ~ e c hi n c l u d e I n d u s t r i a l November e l e c t i o n s w i l l and systems Engineering, be Saturday, October 7. ~ n f o m a t i o nand computer Anyone n o t registered s c i e n c e , Aerospace, Me- and d e s i r i n g t o vote s h o ~ l d contaot Me County S u p e r v i s o ~ of Election. at t h e vo1ueia ianaqembnt, and nathe- County Courthouse on matics. City Island.

L a s t Day

Thc Wmg FnmOy. lcfi t o r1gL.i Jzrncs. I): Mclcn Wang. Mr. Wmg, Rorzli~.10

News And Views

Letters To The Editor

A Spirited Campaign

Talking about our problems seaas to be a by Curtia J. Poree Jr. The Termpaper ~ r s e n a l C m n point of intareet A" Old country boy ad has hean the eubisct amonget us, but vhen it Canes right d a m t o Once said,-ain't no p l of controversy itician ever got 'lected solving them, no one first appeard in this that didn't do no camnewspaper four weeke aga wants to be first. paignir(,'cept vhen folks ' I am biased in thia If any student is interI live didn't do no votin. ested in using this ser- article bec."se From the candidates' in the dorm, which will vice, I hope you had point of view the SGA previously taken note nf be the main topic. After being shifted election campaign was a the address as the ad will no longer appear in aronnd fzom the dorm to very spirited campaign, Dotels, mote19 to the and ranks among the best the Avion. dona, room to r o m , the w e hivs had at e-mu. Everyone involved, indorm was leas appreciLast spring some 600 ated by most students. cluding thaae that lost, StYddnta of the Univer- Problems like these should he congratulated sity of Wisconsin where could have been solved on the spirit and endenied their degrees by "proper management'. thudiaam displayed. after being suspeored of caplaint of On the other hand, A majosubmittinq ourchased the residents in ~ o r mI student apathy was revoter is the cross-country run flected in the for a decent meal at a turnout, which was inby the 48.5% of dicated 1 0 c . 1 re9taurant. MoneyAcademic olamiariam all eligible votes that wise, you will go broke is a serious brt;i;;F.Z who, I ask you, were c a ~ t on c a m ~ u s. fast. II University c m p u ~and this was the this paper will no long- can afford the luxury of Eve" SO, out every day? hest voter turnout we dining er condone cheating at have ever had. Qnbry- Riddle. whether Not many of us. Student participation How can this problem YOU ~ h w h eto use thc -. in student activities is certainly solved? service of thia company be part of the extra-curnot by pvtting a hamburOr not, it is up to you. ger grill close to the ricular activities that If YOU do, be careful. "youall still make the University mre dorm. loae money." ~ 0 . m p~~ e s t i g i o ~ sin the aca. Hsy I make it per- should 3 e m i c and business wrld, be transformed fectly clear that the into which in turn makes your why decision to remove the don't "e kitohena. degree mare valuable. have the sane Ternpaper 'wsenal ad rights After all. we don't w a n t as our female from this paper was in this s c h m l to turn into no way influenced by the students. 1 ~ ewe less? just another 'dipluma I urge =me people to adminiatration or fac- read the "8111 of inillm,a8 son. others ara After Riohts". ulty of E-IULU. I would like to add Studying the after one other thing t o that strong diaeffeots of other campusq N S sAnother i o n of interest are old country b o y a e s a y i n g u s e of purchaeed m t e r i .Folks that don'? do no the washers and dryers. al. I feel an ad of thie votin ~houldn't do no If ever they work, you kind could he detrament- can see the ?ye etandcornlainin!. a1 to the honesty of the studente. It would he in9 in waitzng lines, Inaug"ra1 Address Sanetimes until late in very tempting to use one the Eon'd f r m page 1 night. Isn't there of these "papers" when a better way? you have four or five ly required t o protect Many a t h e I've seen terrmeapers to w i t s in a the students' interests. trimester. But the Avion someone trying t o get I can assure you that thoee Vending maohinee does not want to hear to deliver its payed for I will take the time to Partial responsibility merchandise. Often one research any decision of a student who was doesn't get what he has I have to make before I denied his diploma he- paid for. take action. sure, he's cause hie campue newsI will promise you paper "advocated sheat- goin? to get a refund, that I will work on getbut has anyone ever ing." ting a worthwhile and thought of Peplacing the long overdue cmpensafaulty machines? tion for those so* r e p Nancy C. COates Changes must be mada. resentatives who denonEditor The p e e t i o n is: atrated an outstanding


duties. i here making this address in an attempi ro imprpreea upon you, the senate. that it is in fact you that make thie senare tick. your predecessors have made it the respectable organization that it is tcday, and it will be with "Our effort. that w e ;ill b e c m e even b%ter; Now is the time t o forger all old grievanseo. N w is the time to throw away any h a ture feelings for each other which w e m y have. Now is the time to nut


....... banoy

Ezscutive Editor Aaesaiota E d i t o r .


PRODUCTION Drew D o ~ i dXcctoon


......C u r t i s

PBOTOCRAPRP J e r r y Erick8on. E d i t o r Bob B o r r e n i Rob R v t t ~ r v o r t h John Jezok

C h a r l i e nabohon. ~ d i t o r John Dsrven ~ohn Jim Owen


Coatas Paree


E? Ron Nyhen. Maws E d i t o r Vaughn Lone John p a a t o r

nap) McLemrpe Published b# t h e R a t i f o r R e p o r t e r ndvisor


Rob A r g i l o , E d i t o r JnnCB Bunter Rory Donnelly

an organization to


productive and efficient I,I conclusion I would like to appeal to you for your support of my job. I promise you my supporti together we will be successful in accomplishing our goals. Thank YOU. 'Iahard SGA

Bigof's Views

The m e r i c a n Colnnies have finally done it! .MO=CM McGo~ern.. the Pinko Political party's Presidential candidate, etbelieves the south n -~~ names* government would leave vhen he is elected coalition Then a c-ie -.----.would take iintrol. The "Murdering Cong" ha9 given np the idea of dealing vith a. C-ie dminated south vietnamese gcvermsnt. his means the m e r i s a n cmmi= leans mre to the blod left then the thirsty Viet Cong. Any right-thinking, freedcm loving lvnerican knows a vote for that .Pin Head" is a vote for a world dominated by Reds. ~




I l i n e i e P r i d o y afternoon at I P.M. P l e o s a norX a l l i t e m s Avron, and d o p o s i t i n t h e box 6 y t aide the t r a i l e r , %naide t h e trailer, ERAU Ror 1 5 6 8 .

Today's Music by RUV

609 6rads Deiiied Diplomas



Don't 6el Involved! $50 Award For University Seal Design by Charles McHahon

Ordinarily, unless o live album ie done with extreme precision and control, it just doesn't nake it. Somehow, a11 of thoee live albums fail to capture the mood of the audience they racordedin front OF. But here i s a iive, in-person double album that is the finest It ia clear that the feeling and spidtcf the EDnCBrt hall has been captured on tape. The name of the group is The Band and the album is m c k of Agsa. m b b i e ~ 0 b e r t s O n .Hudson, Rick Danko, Richard man"el, and Isvon Uelm make up this remarkable group of inatrumentaliete. They h w e been together eleven years. several of theze years Were spent working with Dylan. who could ask fcr a finer tutor7 i8 anoutor lnary album with a unique mixture rack, country, jaet, and classical influences. 1t is my opinion that The Band is headed in the same direction that rock music is inevitably evolving to.


*he m m d is hwrican, if you will. The Words are close to home, and the styles are so varied that it be put in ono carogory. The temp0 seems m be toned down in an effort to mellow out the album.This technique is obviously successful. AS far as the vocals are concerned, The Band can only be called unique. =here is one characteristic of this album that stands above a the ~ t h e r s ;apesifically the tremendous asset of the horns to the production nake the album nothing short of superb when added to the keyboard operations of Garth Budon.

This headline, or one similar. probably apPeared in the University Of Wieconain's newspaper after this year's graduation ceremonies. =he allegations were that the students involved had purchased material from a term paper writing service, k n w n as the Academic Marketplace, and had submitted the material ae their arn Work. (The evidence was a list of names taken from the files of the the Marketplace by ntate'e attorney.) NO longer ie it simply a matter of peeking into "fraternity files", or having one-. beet friend's mister's aunt Cype up a theais on Crossbreeding the Aardvark". Cheating hae gone public. lone enrrepreneur is considering selling shares of stock in his enterprise.) The cost of the service varies fro. ten to twenty dollars for an average length paper to 400 dollars for a master's theais. The quastion of 1egitimacy of such an enterprise became particularly pertinent here at E - m u when an advertinement for the Tempaper Arsenal appeared in this newspaper. The result of the ad's few appearances (it will no longer appear-see editorial) are diffioult to determine. Perhaps 80me ~t~de"t8 will use the service. They must consider, h w ever, that their instructor~have a180 Seen the advertisement land have probably pvrchased the one dollar catalogue offered). Perhaps the term paper as a learning devioe vill be rewaluated.

Last June, Oavid J. Hanley, 30, tried to etop an aircraft skyjacking at st. m u i a s iderr Airport. He drove his 1972 Cadillao convertible through an airport fence and r-ed the nkyjaaked merican Airlines 727 to keep it from taking off. he ekyjasker with hie ran~ r nand hi^ hostages just switched to another aircraft. He parachuted and was captured later. Hanley n w probably wishes he had kept out of it, for he now finds himself in deep trouble. Hie medical insurance will not fully pay for his injuries. ~ i e auto insurance will not pay for damsge to his car, to the plane, or to the airport fsnces he drove through. And to top it Off, the Federal Government has charged him With interfering with an aircraft.

l id

Liceneed mechanic at Bangor, Maine. ~ l s o , Travel ~ g e z c yhas openings for perzon with experience in airline ticketing =.Id reservation. California ~asociation has continuing need for licensed ALP mechanics L pilots. send rerum. Flight and Ground ,schwl Inatruotore needed at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. For thome students who are nearing graduation please stop by the Placement Office and


The folilowing are emmloment o~~oztunitie~ ihich the p1icement Office has current i n f o m ation on:

The basic question is one of integrity. RePiiot needed For mardlees of hou .0ffiCharter L Taxi service. ~ ~ ci.1" the services seem, 1.000 hours required From the beginning t . ~ a person'a using pur- With ASHEL. the end. there is one chased material as his Management opportunhour and ten minvtes~if own is enjoyable music. 1'm one faculty member ity for leasing operaSure it's worth the considere- Termoaoer Ar- tion of airoraft. price. sen.1'~ advertisement Mca1 opportunity similar to Midnight Auto selling advertising with advertising for "hot growing concern. tire*".




- $10-00












complete a ÂŁ o m for our office recorde. This is the only way we have of maintaining a record on you, learning what type of employment you are mast interested in and assisting you in reaching your career gqa1: We can't-help you if you don't cooperate. Further, i r is InpOrfant for evaryane to complete the graduate form as they leave school to enable US to evaluate emp l o p n r opportunities. Ulso, if you desire assietance with resumes and /or cover letter., please, stop by at your convenience.












cessw 150 - $10.00 CHEROKEE

Aseooiation and Administrative staff. The University Seal Committee will meet ~ o v e m ber 1. 1972 for the purPose of making a selecall tion. Therefore, proposale must reach the University Special ACtlvities Office by the C l q ~ e of business on Tuesday, October 31, 1972. The person or group whose design is adopted by the University will be awarded $50.








A11 students, staff and faculty members, or university groups .re invitsd to submit a design that vill eymbolize Er~ary-Riddle. The conventional design s h o w may be used or any other appropriate design. he University name and date Of foundilrg (1926) must by used. Designs vill be judged by a cornittee oomprised of representatives of the Baard of Trustees, Faculty, Student ="ern-


R5 Ncbrth

Palmetto Ave.

u n i t y to mature and develop i n a mrk s i t u a tion which encourages .elf-oonfidence. lsarninq t o work snd d e a l w i t h people, making im~ortant nrofee~ional cooperative ducati ion. contast. aria applying upon apprniG.1 of a n o t approved, t h e school classroom B.U.D. which has been i n the t h e o r e t i c a l l o r n , B-mu '411 must f i n d p r i v a t e f i n a n c i n g f a r the- $1,188,500 ~ r a c t i c a l begin c o n s t r u c t i o n of a olannino and irnolmnr- s t u d i e s to p v m n s n t S t u d e n t Lisntar Complex c o s t . i n g st&;~~-fo;Fi;i;i;-a work experience: 1 x 1 Juns Of 73. The t i n e schedule i s P r a d P o r e s t , v i s e - - ... . . ... P r a s i d e n t of D s v e l m n t W c h 1, 1973- f i n a l and Planninq. s t a t e d t h a p l a n s approval. major a b a t a i l e in s t a r t Juns 1973- Bids and i n g c o n s t r u c t i o n o f the CDnstTUCtion permits. n+w Student c e n t e r i n Jvne 30. 1974- c o m l e t e of t h e conetruction. t h e financing J u l y 15, 1974- ocmpanbuilding. ~ n i t i a alms l have been CY. d k v n and-are under BUD When completed, t h e e t u g f o r p o e s i b l e f i n - 30.000 sq. f t . . complex ancing. I f -this lqan i s w i l l c o n tain a Book - .. -.

Cooperatire Education

Loan Approval Heeded For Student Center


s t o r e . c a f e t e r i a Lasati n g over J001, P o s t Of-


shoo. a l a u n d r ~and d r r c ~ ~ h ; l i n estabiishment; g G a m p m m , and s t u d e n t OffiCeO. The complex w i l l be placed between Dorm I and t h e G i l l Robb Wilson C m p l e x on the n o r t h .id= of t h e P l i g h t I n ~ t T ~ c t parking ~rs lot. The a r c h i t e c t e s t i m t e d a need f o r 310 aZdltiona1 parking spaces. I t has been ~ t a t e d t h a t a 200 car capacity l o t will probably be added. Of t h e 200 s p a c e s , one-half rr,ill'ufilize t h e pres e n t t a x i way area and 122 spaces will be shared w i t h G i l l Robb Wilson.

Touchb Foiled Again A 1 1 w r y - R i d d l e st"dents are i n v i t e d to i n a f e n c i n g c l u b or t e m ( f o i 1 , saber! e p e e ) . Advise your ~ n t e r e s t by a s h o r t n o t e to Mr. Bakst ROO^ A-225, ~ c a demic Complex). Tines and p l a c e w i l l be e s t a b l i s h e d as soon a8 i n t e r e s t i s e v a l u a t e d


83.99 3 for $11 OVNICO COMPONENTS




PRE-AMP-DECKre# $779.95



Dining Out




Joy Luck i s a new Chinehe r e a t a l r r a n t 1cated a t 529 v o l u s i a Avenue. 1t.s a s m a l l p l a c e w i t h c a s u a l decor which Seat3 aDn.OXimately 25 eeopl;: Because of Joy Luck's small s i z e , everything YOU Order can be made up Lo t h e i n d i v i d u a l o r d e r and served very quickly. The food i s vzry good and t h e ~ o r t i o n s are senerous, Lhether you o r d e r individual d i s h e s *l"h contazn more than ynough f o r two people, or = c a b m a t i o n p l a t e * . rihich have a l i c t l e b l r of eever.1 different foods. JO" LUrA'B *rice. are I-. b e l o u e e I i n t n m f o r Chinese food. Meals Or. s m a l l o r d e r s can a l s o be prepared t o t a k e o u t and chopsticks are a v a i l a b l e fcr anyone who f e e l s s k i l l e d enough. Try ~ o y Luck when gousre i n t h e mood for a change.

When you eat at the



Wm . m 3

1f you f e e l l i k e t h i s guy l w k a after the flight. r e f r e l l h y o u r s e l f a t our lounge.





Student Views

elassif ied Adds


390 PUB enginel- select s h i f t Herc-o-Mitls ~ P N : A" L PM stereo radio,
















There is no truth -,the

rumor that ~ a c k~ u n tsleena ~ < + hhi .


-Well Ea

Whopper Fries Coke











Foreign Students Are you 1ntere.te.7 in placing your name and pertinent information in a paper which is published yearly for international companies who are interested in etudents from their o m

cost for this service and it is open to all foreign students who will be graduating within the next year. It is a very good opportdnity for YOU to advertise youe qualifications to international companies and it may warrant you a job. ~ 1 you 1 must do is oome by the la cement Office and see Claire s a n s to complete the necessary forms. =here i a a deadline of Novmber 2 0 t h so hurry on in and complete the forms 60 they can be mailed off. ....


ysur o . m Bo Wle (FullJ

.Smacks will be served .Dabs w r w e l u e d Muricml L r t r u m e a h a r c






b e WLc."



E-RAU Pistol And Rifle Club All E-RAW student. are Welcome- this - -- el+^ -. OEt. 7 . to o w meeting at the county range at 1:IO PM. For those who don't know the way to the range, a PRC m-er will be waiting for ylu at Wrm I at 1:OP xlth instructions. Hope to see you there.


8 - x 40'nobils Home w/ath Fan. 8 - X 10: Fully furnished, incl. TV and Air Cond. $1500. Set up on lot. Call CL3-7912, Saturday only. F O R SALE-






the fme Whopper this week go08 to

Avion 1972-10-06  
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