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FRIDAY, MARCH 1 0 , 1972

day is t h i s t r i m e s t e r ' s I t promisblood d r i v e . e e t o b e t h e most sucCessful yet. L a s t T r i t h e ERP.U 500 n e t t e d 360 p i n t s of life-giving blood for t h e V o l u s i a County Blood C e n t e r . Needless t o s a y t h e y were t i c k l e d r e d with the outstanding p a r t i c i p a t i o n a t Emu, b u t now we have a chance t o outdo ourselves. Four hundred p i n t s nf b l o o d is n o t an unreasonable goal f o r t h i s d r i v e . It w i l l be h e l d f o r two d a y s , l a r c h 16 6 1 7 , between t h e h o u r s of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. We were s u c c e s s f u l i n obt a i n i n g room 110 i n t h e Academic Complex, T h i s s h o u l d be more conveni e n t f o r students, facu l t y , and s t a f f . I n a d d i t i o n t o our g o a l of 400 p i n t s of ' b l o o d , w e a r e f=-.'sg t o


P r e s i d e n t J a c k 'Hunt i s recovering s a t i s f a c t o r i l y from s u r g e r y performed Monday n i g h t by Doctor G i l b e r t Tweed a t Halifax General Hospita l . According t o Doctor Crawford, consulting p h y s i c i a n , Ir. Hunt underwOnt s u r g e r y t o r e l i e v e p r e s s u r e from a s u b d u r a l hematoma. It a p p a r e n t l y was caused by a head i n j u r y s u s t a i n e d daring h i s t r i p t o Russ i a . M r . Hunt slipped on some i c e , h i t h i s head on a c u r b and was t a k e n ' t o t h e emergency room of a h o s p i t a l i n R u s s i a . At t h e t i m e , X-rays showed no f a c t u r e . He was t r e a t e d and released. A l l tests subsequent t o surgery show r e c o v e r y t o b e s a t i s f a a t o r y and normal.Mr. Hunt i s e x p e c t e d . t o b e

: ~ * , . : ~ 2 & ~ , " i p - L b ' > O * ,


t h e p a s t t h i s h a s been a week's AVION weak p o i n t i n o u r d r i v e . We encourage everyone experience. The '7lood connected w i t h E M U t o donate be t h e participate. There i s p o t of G O I ~ at t h e end no t r u t h t o t h e rumor of t h e rainbow f o r a that YOU have t o be loved on o r a needy The Embry - ~ i d d l e t h e D i v i s i o n of F l i g h t I r i s h t o g i v e ; everyone person somewhere. So, Scholarship Cornittee ~ ~ ~ ~ o bh nP i e ~ rce ~ i s welcome. l e t ' s g e t o u t and g i v e awardea scholarships to was t h e sophomore r e As in the past there n e x t week. B e l i e v e ~t e i g h t deserving students ceiving the scholarship: w i l l b e p r i z e s , l o t s of o r n o t y o u ' l l f e e l bet; this past week. prePaul ~ ~ was h .awarded d ~ them, such a s d i n n e r s , ter in the long We s e n t e d r o s e n i o r Roland t he junior scholarship. "ill even make a waranshows, and g i f t c e r t i f S i c o t t e was a f u l l t h e Maintenance Techi c a t e s , The grand p r i z e tee; you turn s c h o l a r s h i p f o r t h e acanology D i v i s i o n and t h e hasn't been f i n a l i z e d green: demic y e a r s t a r t i n g i n F l i g h t D i v i s i o n . Norman y e t b u t i t promises t o S e p t . , 1 9 7 1 and e n d i n g i n Henkel and Michael be outstanding. A p r i l , 1972. T h i s award. O l i v e r r e c e i v e d s c h o l a r I n keeping w i t h t h e ' . ' w i l l cover f u l l t u i t i o n ships. t r a d i t i o n of t h e h o l i i n r e c o g n i t i o n of h i s Three o t h e r awards day, we'd l i k e t o s e e o u t s t a n d i n g e f f o r t s a s a were granted, two of everyone wear g r e e n . ~ r y SPEAKING OUT,, , , , , , , , ,;2 s t u d e n t h e r e . T h i s was t h o s e b e i n g $300 Zonta some spirit to , , . . 3 a l s o t h e o n l y f u l l S c h o l a r s h i p s f o r women. As usual, the DIN3NG OUT.. awarded. Nancy ~ u c a s and v i c k i e f r a t e r n i t i e s a r e encourBEST OF GWA.. ,,, , , , , 3 s m i t h r e c e i v e d t h e aaged to promote t h e LETTERS. I I I m m I I I I I 8 m rn t4 One hundred d o l l a r wards. The final drive and participate by competing f o r t h e blood FRATS,. , , ,,,5 s c h o l a r s h i p s were a l s o scholarship was given awarded t o t h e " r i s i n g " anbry R i d d l e by the drive trophies. I T ' S THE RIGHT TIME.. , ,6 s t u d e n t s of t h e ~ o p h o - v o l u s i a c o u n t y ~ n t e r n a 1 f we a l l work t o g e t t i o n a i R e l a t i o n s Clubher and put forth a CONSUMER'S CORNER,, , , ,,7 more and j u n i o r c l a s s e s 1t w i l l b e p r e s e n t e d t o little e f f o r t , we Can SPORTS. 0 o o rn rn rn m m 8 n rn rn s ~9 and t o t h e t o p s t u d e n t s i n t h e D i v i s i o n of ~ a i n - F r e d Arbab a t t h e c l u b ' s reach o u r g o a l . I t t a k e s t e n a n o e Technology and n e x t meeting. very l i t t l e time.doesn't CO-ED CORNER.. I , , h u r t , and i s a rewarding


..... . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . .


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St. Fats Blmmd bciwe Ncnt Wcck!

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by Doug MacKay H i guys, the s c o r e i s Lions-5, Christians-0. Flash: We a r e having some more domest i c t r a i n i n g f i l m s th's Trimester.The f i l m w i -ll be shown r i g h t a f t e r a business meeting a t t h e r e c r e a t i o n h a l l over a t Lakeview Mobile H6me Park. Show Up about 8PM (Friday) - t h e r e w i l l be f r e e beer f o r a l l members. Also, watch your mailboxes f o r d e t a i l s of a dinner dance we nave coming up Saturday t h e 18th of March. The dance will be a t t h e Club Morocco with l i v e music, a b u f f e t , and a rumored two hundred d o l l a r s i n door p r i z e s . The deadline f o r reservations is Tuesday, t h e 14th of March. You may make your r e s e r v a t i o n s anytime before then over a t the uded bookstore. Our v o l l e y b a l l team f i n i s h e d up t h e i r . season l a s t week with a record of two wins three



you players, supporters, a-d e s p e c i a l l y t o t h e c a p t a i n , b i g Frank Melode: Our s o f t b a l l team i s s t i l l hanging i n , t i e d f o r f i r s t place. W n ' t forget about t h e movie t i c k e t s that are available a t the used bookstoreifor $1.25 you can g e t a t i c k e t t g any show a t t h e Daytona Theater. The petition drive Veterar. f o r increased educational benefits t h a t I mentioned l a s t week i s i n high gear t h i s week and going well. If you haven't signed t h e p e t i t i o n , o r would l i k e t o help us g e t signatures,we would a p p r e c i a t e your stopping by t h e bookstore and l e t t i n s u s know; w e ' l l f i x yo; up. That's a l l for this time. Drive c a r e f u l l y and l e t me a s s u r e you t h e r e i s no t r u t h t o t h e rumor t h a t Bob Kakak is going t o be t h e consulti n g p h y s i c i s t f o r EMU. There i s no t r u t h t o t h e rumor t h a t : w r y - R i d d l e i s merging with t h e Army,Air Force. Navy afid U.S.M.C.


SPEAKING OUT The AVION Peaerves t h e r i g h t t o e d i t L e t t e r s a8 we e e e f i t i n oocordance w i t h good j o u r n a t i e t i c p r a c t i c e . A22 L e t t e ~ smust be s i g n e d , atthough names w i t 2 be w i t h h e t d upon r e q u e s t from t h e w r i t e r .




President's corner

I have talked w:th Malcom Jones, who is on the county commission, and he informed me that the lease for building 12, which is to become the Student Beer Hal1,is to be on the agenda this Friday, and we should know by next week whether the lease has been approved. If it is a?proved, we can anticlpate an opening within 30 days after receipt of the 1;gal lease. I would like to exI want to congratulate and thank the stu- tend on behalf of the snA a "Get - most sincere -- den's for their cooperto President ~ u n t . --ation and conduct at the well" student SGA dance on We are looking forward March 4. I feel every- to seeing him back on one attending the dance' campus in the near fuhad a good time, enjoyed ture. Seniors desiring to themselves, and as far attend the Senior Class as I know we had nc vioParty, Sunday night, lations of local ordiApril 16, please stop by nances. The jukebox in the the SGA office and fill student center is being out the required invitation card. Once you fill contracted for repair. We are going to take in- out these cards, the into consideration the a- vitations to the party will be sent to you.Only m o u n t it "iLY most to repair It before we is- seniors receiving invisue a contract. The tations will be allowed jukebox is getting olC to attend the party.This and starting to give us party is for al.1 Seniors extensive Droblems. We graduating in the year just tiiose are thinking of the pos-' 1972, not sibility of replacing it graduating in April. with a stereo amplifier and tape deck, to be placed in the, barber shop and controlled by your friendly barber, Fred. Any suggestions FRANK A. MAYER alona this line would be SGA PRESIDENT
















8 MA1 L I N G -






war for him: the one expressed in the first paragraph. As to that first paragraph, I can speak first hand. What can be done then to alleviate this situation? History reflects that the majority of journalists take a liberal outlook. This is especially true with the college newspaper staffs today. The newspaper is t-. he voice .. -. - of - - the - oeoole. TO reach those people with ideas is the object of every paper. Conservatism only breeds stagnation, and this is your opportunity for change.

. .

An abundance of generalizatians concerning. involvement and indirectly skirting on apathy slashed through the presses last week. These two words,involvement 6 aoathv. make ~eriodic abpea;;nces here' on camThe true value of our pus. In retrospect Student Government Senthough, the voices that ate is the proper manscreamed those words so agement and representaloudly in the past, were tion of the student assoon forced into sisociation.The newspaper, lence. Undoubtedly the and Senate Committees new voices that are risare the major parts of ing now, face the sane e of consequences as those F -:;: before:unlo;s of course, achieve that change, the they find unity with student must work within cause. the system. The AVION This all relates to a is part of that system: phone callkeceived last use it. week)from a DBCC student. He questioned the validity of priorities with the actual content of The AV1ON.This question pinpointed the conservativeness of articles printed and reROBERT E. DUDEN flected on reasons for E D I T O R , AVION this.1 had only one ans-

BESlE%bblT &MBQ 83Pbbl .I.



4.4. 111 111, IS.

Do-It-Yourself Save on h r t s Acwasor~es





The AVION i s a p u b t i c a t i o n f o r EmbryRiddle students partciaZZy f i n a n c e d b y t h e Studenta' A c t i v i t y fee through the Student Government A s s o c i a t i o n . A r t i c l e s may be subm i t t e d t o t h e AVIOB f o r p u b t i c a t i o n b y t h e adminbstration, the faeutty, and the s t u d e n t bodjl. The AVIOR d e a d l i n e i s e v e r y Monday a f t e r n o o n a t 4 P . X . P l e a e e mark aZZ i t e m s AVION, and d e p o s i t i n the basket in the t r a i t e r , the suggestion bo2, o r ERAU b o 1~5 6 8 .


anyway. This could be evening out on the wrong fo& i n h i s ÂŁa&. e a s l l y explained because f o o t . Gaylord's i s a fani t was i n t h e middle of This time we went i n t a s t i c f i s h house. Their ' a t o u r i s t event and t h e a group. When we were s e l e c t i o n of food i s the seated t h e widest around,and everyGaylord's - A Good Place whole town was f u l l . We were shown t o o u r owner's husband very thing is delicious. TO Eat And Get Insulted! t a b l e . . . i t was t h e worst s o l i c i t o u s l y asked us i f Their wine l i s t i s exThis week we went t o t a b l e in the whole w e . were enjoying our tensive,and t h e servicea Daytona landmark-Gayhouse next to t h e mea1,etc. He then turnonce p a s t t h e hostesslord's. The q u a l i t y of Busboy's dropoff and ed t o a longer haired i s very qood. seafood dining a t Gay- j u s t around t h e corner fellow i n our p a r t y and I think Gaylord's lord's i s unsurpassed from the kitchen, s o t h e s:.l.d, "HOW about you has seen t h e l a s t of us anywhere i n t h i s area. waitresses were rounding m i s s a r e you having a f o r a while, however.n*o Aowever, we f e e l t h a t t h e corner and almost good time?mm h a s s l e s i n a row, one success has gone t o t h e ,cbumping i n t o us. He d i d n ' t leave it a t due t o a poor s e l e c t i o n management's head and We t o l d t h e h o s t e s s t h a t . Twice.more during of an employee, and t h e made them think of t h e i r t h a t we would i i k e t o t h e evening he made reother due t o M r s . GayW e s t s as j u s t another have another t a b l e ( t h e ferences t o our f r i e n d ' s l o r d ' s poor s e l e c t i o n of e n t r y on t h e i r f i n a n c i a l place was thinning out h a i r c u t . Things were us a husband,have s e n t and t h e r e were s e v e r a l g e t t i n g a l i t t l e t e n s e , packizg. a v a i l a b l e ) . These re' q u e s t s a r e u s u a l l y most .. .. , . e a s i l y handled with a little palm greasing,' but i n t h i s case we f e l t t h a t s i n c e we d i d have a r e s e r v a t i o n t h a t wasn't honored,we were e n t i t l e d SIGMAP NOTHIN' HI GETS t o a t l e a s t have a t a b l e NEW HOUSE where we could enjoy our by Gary Anderson meal. This was t h e b i g g e s t A f t e r f i v e long years Of watching t h e four o- d e a l i n t h e world (we t h e r goody goody f r a t s were s t i l l standing with the hostess and a coupleThere is no t r u t h t o t h e rumor t h a t : This l i t t l e on campus being successof StepS in either dirtoy w i l l be mounted on a stand i n f r o n t of t h e f u l and g e t t i n g recognicould have solved G i l l Robb Wilson complex, next t o t h e o t h e r to". tion f o r having n i c e eCtion houses, the b r o t h e r s of Sigma Phi Nothing a r e happy t o announce t h e a c q u i s i t i o n ? L o u r new frat,.+p - Formerly t h e behind t h e old academic complex). Those of you who v i s i t at K - M A R T US w i l l be amazed t o f l n d what absolutely no -. -work and a l o t of d i r t y living can do t o a place; Sigma Phi Nothing was formed on campus i n 1965. Since then, t h e HOiiE COOKED ITALIAN FOOD THAT WILL TINGLE YOUR TASTE BUDS b r o t h e r s have dedicated themselves t o being obnoxious and a c t i n g supe r i o r t o o t h e r people because they belong t o a frat. This coming Sun:'ay n i g h t we w i l l hold a rush p a r t y a t t h e house. Those of you who have never been t o a Sigma Phi Nothing p a r t y should be absolutely t h r i l l e d OUR CONCEPT I S A SIMPLE OWE-- A HEARTY with t h e refreshments, DRINK. AN INVITING SALAD BAR, A TtlICK STWK which include 27 gallons of p a i n t t h i n n e r t h a t we ANC A MAMVOTH BAKED POTATO-found when we moved i n . For those of you who SERVED ATTENTIVELY d o n ' t bring a date,we're providing fourteen DBCC GY WAITERS II!AN INTIYATE DIVING ROOfi. coeds and 27 sheep. A door p r i z e w i l l be provided to the s t u d e n t who can c o r r e c t l y guess t h e HAPPY HOVR EVERY FRIDAY 4:30 - 6:30 number of p o l i c e c a r s t h a t show up f o r t h e HORS D'OEUVRES AND ALL DRIVKS 1/2 PRICE post party r i o t . A t t i r e f o r t h e party w i l l include c o a t , t i e and black mask. Those s t u d e n t s who need a r i d e should c a l l a t a x i .



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SORREN TO D E L / C APT L A ZE A S S ~ W We C e rr y Over 50 Varieties Of Hot and Cold Hero's

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(whoever he may be) : Yes, I do k n w what I am doing. The Senior Dear Zditor: Class about 4 5 0 stuOn a rainy day prior dents has in it. If each one to coming to class, one $~meal~~dpe~~;e must not only put on :;h raincoat, rainhat, show up at the senior bring his brelia, he must also in- party. Add to that figure an additional 2 0 0 sure that his sc*a people from the faclllty, diving gear is in tip- administration and VIP top condition. If the guests' That that administration wonders the senior class officwhy this is, most ers must a party likely they have never 'Or 1100 On an had the splashing opporbudget Of tunity of attempting to 82500.Hor d'oeuvres cost enter the academic minilllum of 7 % per plex on a rainy day. a item. Some of the hoe They would relive Jules d,oeuvres~you want cost verne's inmortal classic: Over S1.OO each* If you 20,000 Leagues Beneath would like, we could the Sea. throw a Is it too much to ask that the low spot in the party' you the sidewalk leading into the acadefic building be old wives tale that solin the stomach leveled out? (So that id *hen it rains, bake soaks UP alcohol, may 1 you bring is not reincarnated on a loaf of that bread to the E*ry-Riddle's campus ) If this $50 to $100 ven- party. It an ture is too costly for within and the university's budget, price range than possibly a cheap pontoon Serve your purpose' bridge can be purchased, YOU further insist or even a rope bridge that eating staves off might be picked up. cirrhosis of the liver. neither of these you! a feasible, why not offer Again an elective csurse in senior, persist in proewimmlng or ~Pfeeaving mulgating another Old techniques. Just think, Wives' You Say thdt this is our first with these courses behind hirn, one might be and last college graduaable to save a drowning bionI suggest student, whose only that several years delay crime against humanity is in order for you as was attempting tb bridge YOU are obviously not the great water gap ready for this one? keeping him from a highAS president of the er education. senior class, I am bound Possibly the admin- morally an2 legally to istration might conside+ do my best for the seniemploying a worthy and or class in planning the loyal student (who lives senior party and aiding on the fringe of in the coordination of erty, like me) to toil. graduation. I welcome relentless hours in the constructlve criticism rain as the. iirst at all times. I welcome offical E-R lifeguard. even more voluntary help at in the planning of the Seriously, look the broad. jumpers senior party. attempting to remain dry on a rainy day by leap- Hank Cothran inq across L & ~ -~ ~ --~ i Sr. ~Class . President ~ ~ - necessary i t to wait until one breaks an ankle or a leg before something is donel FOR SALE- 5 string banjo w/case; ~ i b s o n12 string could ~~b,..- ~ i d d l be ~ w/casei Braun held liable in the event guitar electronic flash unit an injured student sued? w/recharger. Call 255That is certainly some- ~ 6 ~ 4 . thing of great importance to consider. Of course the other alternative is to wade through the water, which There is no truth to the would be rather stupid rumor that: anyway! as it is not Mr. McDearmont had encondus~ve to lbng shoe tered the Daytona 500 in life. place of Richard Petty. Wet & Disgusted student r 0 THE A V I O N




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Commanth Aviahioa







50.000 JOBS S U M M E R EMPLOYMENT CAREER O P P O R T U N I T Y PROGRAMS The Noti-1 h y Ot S e t bnploymm t h Recently Coapleted A Notiewlde Rh P q c m Of J& Awil&le To College SMenh *nd Gm4mt.r h r 4 1972. Cablopr Which Paitla. &y L Obtained *r Fully Derribe Thns h i - t

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Cahlo. of %mmr m d C a m P o s i H a Awlldi. T h p b th.U n l d St& In Raort h, N0li-l c m i a r , o d k 1 a . l bloynnt Centan. Rise U . W .

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Foreign Job I n h t l a . C m l o . Lirtir. O ~ l,m0 M Employment Ponitia. Awil&le. in k n y Fomlgn Cwntrla. Rise U . W .

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SPECIAL: M of th. h C d l n e d Cablom With AR e-dhbYou. P l o w State Your Intarah. Price $6.00. Notimal & a n y of SMant Gnploymni Student Snvisu ~ i v l ~ i ~ ~ '35 Ekanbrschar Cinsinmti, Ohio 45220

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m a m A 1 P h a "Can Lambda Chi Alpha, or any other fraternity, get along without having pledges? I submit that not-only can we do it, but in the long run we must. " Thus besins a thorouqhlv - - probins articlet Pledges -Who Needs Them.?, written by the Executive Director Of our fraternity, Mr. George 1. Spasyk. For the next few weeks, I will be uresentina this discussion in parts and portraying hav the brothers of Lambda Chi at Embry-Riddle are persuing the goals set forth for our new Fraternity Education Program. Mr. Spasyk immediately clarifies his opening statement by adding that "I don't mean we should stop the recruiting of new members-in fact we must continue to increase our effofts in this direction. More and more men are shying away from the Greek system because fraternities


decided that they have better things to do with their time." We have no "games" in Lambda Chi Alpha, and our Associate Member's time is spent productively, with primary emphasis on Fraternity Education. For example, this past week's business meeting was run entirely by our Associate Xembers.The week before Associate Members were randomly selected for officers within our colony, and each Associate had to contact his counterpart and prepare for the following week's meeting. They all performed the required duties of the office each had drawn, during the week and at the meeting. This granted them the opportunity to actually analyze the inner workings of their fraternity and the functions and responsibilities of the officers by who they are represented. This is just a small illustration of our Fraternity Education Program in action. Keep your eyes on the Greek page. Keep your eyes on this column, and keep your eyes on Lambda Chi Alpha.



Sigma C h i

The brothers and Since tomorra* is the Pledges of Sigma Chi big day,we've been doing have again been very some last minute chvres, mostly cleaning up the busy, and things don't house. After the soft- pros-se to slow down in ball practice tomorrow the near future. Last Saturday we at 8:30, all the pledges and brothers will meet solicited for the United Fund, collecting over at the house to make it sparkle again. Later in $345.00 for this worthy Although this the af ternoon , alumnus cause. Pat Phelan is flying in was slightly below our it proved to be an from California to at- goal, interesting and rewardtend the banquet. Reing experience for those presentatives from Nat- who participated. We ional will be our rewere surprised by the gent, Phil Schereur and number of large dogs that Field Secretary, Paul in the area. Now Bolhman. Congratulatory abound that we have completed telegrams and letters our United Fund campaign have been coming in all week from various Delta our efforts will shift Chi chapters all over to the Easter Seal program that is to start in the country. weeks. It's been a long way a few While the fund colfrom local Pi Sigma Phi lection was in process to a Delta Chi Chapter, but it's not the end of on Saturday, part of the pledge class planted a long road; just an aptrees along the faculty propriate beginning of parking lot at the acthings to come. ademic complex. 1t was I think now since a very attractive and only one day remains, we practical project that should thank Bob Argila impressed the brotherand his Chartering Cpmhood of Eta Iota. It mittee for all the time would appear that Jim and work they put in for Patterson's boys are preparations. shaping up very well inBe back next week! deed, and will be an asset to Sigma Chi. L Our fund raising project for improving the chapter house is proAll members are re- ceeding well also. An minded that the Gill interior decorator has Robb Wilson dedication been contacted and sevtskes place April 15th. eral pieces of furniture Six volunteers are have been purchased. Our needed to drive visiting aim is to make the Sigma dignitaries, act as Chi house the most atushers, and perform tractive on campus. yet other related tasks. The still functional, arid we hours will be from 2-5 are eagerly awaiting the pm. Contact Jim Bear- finished product. In wolf. the mean time there are A social function several more moneywill be held toward the making projects schedend of the month. Mem- uled. bers will be notified of Eta Iota's first anthe details at the next niversary banquet is meeting on Wednesday, slated for March 17 at clarch 8th. at Lakeview the Plaza Hotel. This Mobile ~st;tes Rec Cen--will no doubt be the ter. social function of At the last meeting Frank Implagliazzo year for the chapter. and we are all looking talked about the up forward to it. Brothers coming articles on Alpha Nick Rho Omega in a national Kropog, Terry magazine. The film comGardner and Jerry Fry mittee provided the have been working hard entertainment. Jim on making it a success, and from all indications Dappas and Bill Norman they have done their job were voted in as active admirably. to members : congrats We have also been both. keeping active in campus Persons interested in functions. The March 4 joining Alpha Rho Omega the dance was well atcontact Norm Henkel, Box tended by the brothers, 781.

pledges, and al-i of Eta Iota. and we all enjoyed it very much. This was a fine event and from what we hear just a preview of what to expect from the new s o d functions comiikee After the dance we all met at brother Roger Moody's apartment for breakfast. Roger ' s hospitality was appreciated and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank him. Breakfast was accented by a (social) visit by Dean Mansfield and the cooking prowess of Mark Rogers. On the spsrts scene, the volley ball season is now over (thank goodness) and although we came in last. the soirit was there and the bames were enjoyed by all who participated. Our softball game Sunday was postponed due to w o n weather, but all our players were still game, so they had a practice game at the inlet. Brother Skip Beard also participated in another spare



someone tried to use the ball diamond for a bike course. But all turned out well (the guy rode away) ~ l lin all it has been a busy week for Eta Iota, with much more in store shortly.




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612-614 N. Ridgewood Daytona Beach Any student who changes his program, or does not attend on a full time basis both terms of the summer; will be subject to the increased tuition. If there are any questions please refer to the bulletin, 1971-72 page 137, or inquire in the Registrat's Office.


Dear Aunt Lucy, When you c a l l e d l a s t n i g h t , you probably wondered who t h a t loud v o i c e was who answered t h e phone and what t h a t barking was i n t h e background. Wilbur, my f i r s t coll e g e roomatepis s t a y i n g w i t h me again. We used t o room together i n one of thorns super small donnitory r o w with paper - t h i n w a l l s , t i n y d r e s s i n g s t a l l s , indooroutdoor linoleum t i l e - you know, a t y p i c a l college dorm. I remember my f i r s t day a t t h e dorm, wondering what my r o o m a t e would be l i k e . I arrived three hours before he d i d and I guarded t h e bed near t h e window, making s u r e I ' d g e t custody of the t o p dresser drawers s o I wouldn't have t o bend over more than necessary. And then Wilbur arr i v e d , with a knapsack and a m e n e g e r i e of c a t s , hamsters, b i r d s , g e r b i l s , chamelions, f i s h . Wilbur was an animal areak. I ' d wake up i n the-middle of t h e n i g h t ana f i n d W i l b u r ' s t e n g e r b i l s stuck between my t o e s , h i s four c a t s t a u n t i n g t h e mynah b i r d , which was cawing o b s c e n i t i e s t h a t made t h e c o l l e g e newspaoer look innocent. But he d i d n ' t have a dw. And now a f t e r t h r e e y e a r s of being away from t h a t zoo, I am rooming with Wilbur again. And n o t alone. "I always wanted a dog," h e explains4 when he a r r i v e d here. "You know.1 used t o s e e t h o s e movies l i k e Rin Tin Tin, L a s s i e and National Velvet..." "National Velvet was a horse..." "I know, b u t I used t o s q u i n t my eyes r e a l t i g h t and i t looked l i k e a dog. I always wondere d what E l i z a b e t h Taylor was doing r i d i n g a dog. Of course I c a l l e d t h e SPCA immediately.. " And he did. And as he did. Wilbur t r i e d t o mumble. something a b o u t " a dog, a dog "Oh veah? I ' l l t e a c h you n o t - t o c a l l my i i f e a dog.. And he did t e a c h Wilbur. An eye,an e a r and a nosk worth. And Wilbur moved o u t . Quickly. And moved i n t o


my place. Q u i c k l i e r . So you s e e , Aunt Lucy, t h a t ' s what Wilbur and h i s dog a r e doing here. s o now Wilbur spends h i s days a t t h e doctor ( a good eye, e a r and nose man) and looks f o r a new apartment,although he d o e s n ' t seem t o be i n t o o much of a hurry. And I spend my days with an unruly dog named Paddington,wishing t!;dt Liz would leave Dick and r i d e away on Pad into the sunset u n t i l a big The End f l a s h e s across my mind's s c r e e n and Rememt h i s whole mess brances and a l l is

-.--. I haven't

g o t t e n around t o t e l l i n g my newl y ued neighbors,Pat and Leonard Meister. about t h e do. v e t . 1'v; been t o o bGsjwith. t h e dog, t r y i n g t o teach h e r " t o behave you know, l a y down, Pad.. . s t a y , Pad.. sit, girl...r011 over, Pad...get o f f my bed, Pad..." Oh, now s h e ' s jumping on my desk and I t h i n k she wants some a t t e n t ion. "Do you want me t o rub your b e l l y , Pad?" Hey, someone iust came i n t h e apartment.. I t ' s , i t ' s M r . Meister.. He'j! coming a t me... anyway, I f i n a l l y g o t a dog a few weeks ago. She's s i t t i n g on your t a b l e . . . d i d n ' t you notice?" Devouring my t a b l e was t h e b i g g e s t sheep dog I had e v e r seen; s o l a r g e t h a t even Richard Burton would be a f r a i d t o r i d e h e r . And i f I h a d n ' t noticed t h e dog, I c e r t a i n l y n o t i c e d the l i t t l e Remembrances she had l e f t from t h e door t o t h e tab1e.a l a Hansel and G r e t e l , w ~ t h o u t t h e ' f a i r y t a l e charm. "Her name is Paddingt o n , " Wilbur s a i d , "But you can c a l l h e r Pad." "Pat?' "No, Pad. Consider h e r your t h i r d roommate:









This program affords the junior college graduate an opportunity t o earn a c o m i s Officer upon graduation from a four year co TO make a good thing b e t t e r , you receive $100 per month as well as a d r a f t deferment while i n the program. Those who are interested are a l s o elio--able t o participate in the ROTC f l i g h t t r a i n i i g d u r i n ~t h e i r senior year. You might a l s o want t o investigate the p o s s i b i l i t y of a two-year scholarship which would pay a l l expenses except room and board. 'ROTC t r a i n s you f o r leadership i n c i v i l i a n occupations as well as military. Be among the best!: w ARHY ROTC: For further info, mail t h i s ad to: Third U.S. A m BOn: Tnstructor R q

% --



S t t t s m Mivcrsity Deland. Plorida 32720

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... ..

girl...good g b l let me s c r a t c h Your b e l l y . how does t h a t f e e l , Pad? Up, Pad..." and on and On-.. . u n t i l Robert Cher came bounding i n t o W i l b u r ' s apartment. "Okay. where is she?" "Who? Who?" Wilbur asked twice. "My wife. My wife," M r . Cher answered twice. "I heard you c a l l i n g her',you d i s g u s t i n g wifes n a t c h e r , t e l l i n g her t o l a y down and r o l l over and g e t o f f your bed..." " B e t t e r off than on, kh?" "Okay, k i d , " M r . Cher s a i d , grabbing Wilhur, "Where is my wife?" "Beats me..."



- -


"But w i l l she pay r e n t ? I asked a s Wilbur walked away. When Wilbur f i r s t g o t Pad, he l i v e d i n one of t h o s e apartment complexe s (Withering Arms Terr a c e East) f o r swinging s i n g l e s and your h a r r i e d marrieds with paper-thin just - l i k e the walls dorm. Robert Cher, a jealous young husband, a i d h i s wife, P a t , l i v e d next door t o Wilbur. nut wilbur was meoccupied, t r y i n g , i n - h i s unique booming v o i c e , t o t e a c h Paddinaton t r i c k s . "Roll o v e r , - Pad...sit, girl...stay, Pad...lay down, Pad.. .fetch,pad.. play dead, g i r l ...g e t o f f t h e bed, Pad...bad















AS LOW AS $ 1 3 ~ ~ ~ PJPER COLT











PLACEMENT OFFICE A number of s t u d e n t s made an unnecessary t r i p t o t h i s o f f i c e on Friday thinking it was pay day. So once more I w i l l do my duty and inform t h e uninformed by telling them t h a t pay days a r e t h e 6th and 2 1 s t day of each month. The only e x ception t o this i s when one of t h e s e d a t e s f a l l s on Saturday o r Sunday, then you may pick up your check t h e preceding Friday. I ' m s u r e t h a t by ncw most of t h o s e s t u d e n t s eyeing t h e world of employment have heard rumors of Career Day, scheduled f o r March 31. To d a t e t h e following

CONSUMER CORNER INSURANCE FOR THE COLLEGE,MAN? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. ADVISES C.U. (Prepared by Coneumer Reportel Unless a c o l l e g e s t u d e n t has c h i l d r e n , a s a r u l e he should n o t buy l i f e insurance. I n f a c t , says t h e n o n p r o f i t Consumers Union, "The l a s t thing most c o l l e g e s t u d e n t s need i s l i f e insurance. "

-page 7Employment off campus remains fairly status quo-the usual select!on of service stations, restaurant and motel work i s available.

dompanies w i l l be re"Umber Of Persons t h a t presented; mericanAir- w i l l have t o be accomolincs,~ational &irlines, dated. Representatives rnc., astern ~ i ~ l W ii l l ~ be ~ on ~ Campus , from ~ ~ ~ i ~8 AM~ t o ,4 PM ~ and ~ w i dl l be e r a l .~ ~ i~ ~ w ~ t aivi a-i l a~b l e ~t o t a l k with E l e c t r o students lo AM uns t r a t i o n , LTV systems,xnc., ~ ~ m-~ til t l l :h3 0 AM and from erican Rockwell, U.S. PM to If You fir Force, U.S. ~~~y and have any questions, cont a c t Kevin P h illips, U.S. Army. career nay is for all Frank Mayer or myself. those s t u d e n t s graduatMajor 'Orbett, M a ~ i n e s ,w i l l be on caming in the calendar year stop by PI:*. Monday and Tuesday. 1972. the Placement Office at Marcb 20 and 21. Major Fortson, U.S. A i r Force, ~ ~ l i ; ~ ~Eglin i c A~i r ~Force ~ ~Base, ; w i l l be on campus Marcl YOU w i l l a t t e n d Career 22 to recruitstudents Day' I have lists nearing graduation f o r of companies p a r t i c i p a f ITS and Flight School. i n g and would appreclinterested in ate your signing f o r with Major those you a r e most inFortson must make the .an terested in. This is ap,,,,intment in





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Placement Office.


SERVED DAILY ....I*.L1. s.4,

"CUr Y. L..I.






u.r.. ,"..,'

ion-m-*. ".,d.," L B " l " l - .


M.4Y.l -1.

Daymna b r h S h o n ~ Z I S - 3 3 V 5



.... $2"

sewed 4 P.M. to P PM.-per penan A U YOU CAN EAT including beverage O?lH 7 A M B ~ k f ~ s.r".d ' 1 7 A.M. l o 11 A.M.

dependent until they grow up. Despite t h i s atypical circumstance 2116 f o r a c o l l e g i a n , CU says "The l i f e insurance a- C g e n t has become a famil i a r f i g u r e on many campuses. " Bearing t h i s o u t i s an i n d u s t r y survey of more than 300 l i f e - i n surance companies which turned up 20 per c e n t with s a l e s programs aimed a t c o l l e g e s t u d e n t s and s t u d e n t professionals who a r e not y e t earning enough t o pay t h e premiums. I s n ' t it d i f f i c u l t t o s e l l a p o l i c y t o someone who c a n ' t a f f o r d i t ? Insurance men have t h e i r s a l e s p i t c h s o programmed t o t h i s hurdle t h a t they can o f t e n t u r n it i n t o a s e l l i n g point. says Consumer Union,they approach the pmmium paying problem by o f f e r ing t o f i n a n c e t h e f i r s t annual premium, and ÂŁrequently t h e second, with a .loan t o be paid off perhaps f i v e y e a r s l a t er. The i n t e r e s t on t h a t It's f i v e year loan? payable a t an annual r a t e of 6 t o 8% o r more. And, s a y s CO, i n many plans t h e nolinyholder cont'd page 8


The 1da.I S p a For h n i l r D i n i q l

* * D M




8-&D/.. .,+-~'., S .P,W . -.

n 6 E N W*NG

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-. -.. -. -. -.-.-. --.. * , , . d . MY.".

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-7 Uh*,.,.,U" Y.-OYY-<LrY (-8 *..m.~


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,.ld(i* ,.URIC,..


( Stephens=FergusonUsed cars1


Phone: 252-4781


-page 8COMSUKER'S CORNER CONT'D pays interest on the interest,too. 8s an example of what life insurance loans can cost, the nonprofit consumer organization tells of a $10,000 policy sold by Fidelity Union Life of Dallas in 1970. The 21 year-old student purchaser paid an annual interest rate of 8.5 per cent. The compounded finance charge on the first year premium loan of $151 comes to $76.07. From the creditor's standpoint, such loans are among the safest imaginable,says Consumers Union. Its full report on the sale of life insurance to students ,contained in the Januarv issue of consumerReports, explains why lender's risk is so minimal. One element j.nvolves a miniature endowment policy built right into the insurance policy. At the end of five years, the insurance company gets most of the cash value in payment of the policyholder's debt. The promissory note itself has built into it an acceleration clause, a typical feature of retail installment contracts. If the student fails to pay any premiums on time, the lender can demand immediate payment of the entire loan. With the promissory note, he can also readily obtain a court judgment ordering p >yment. Entitled "Caveat Emptor on Campus," the Cu report warns that as with most retail credit agreements, an insurance policy financing note may be impossible to cancel. Life insurance for is customarily so:? a year at a time. When a student is persuaded to buy a policy and sign a financing agreement,he is committing himself to buy a foll year's protection. None of the policies or promissory notes examined by Consumers Union had a provision for refund of premiums during the first year. And, says CU, the policies are relatively expensive cash value policies with lots of extra priced features. Companies doing a big business in college policies often set ur, soecial auents in colleoe towns.- They like to ;ecruit as salesmen popul a campus figures such




. -.--

as fraternity leaders, recentlv uraduated star athlete;,-former coaches and even faculty members and administrators. One professor at Michigan Scste University is cited as reporting some students he interviewed didn't know they were signing a contract committing them to buy insurance' Some they were s~gninga med-

free. All were being sued bv the same insurance cimpanv.

Thcre i s no to the r.Jmor: Trler rhis Bo?k Score's spy camera l n dctlon.






ical form.0thers thought thev were aettina the firit "ear's insirance








I 1



Two eggs (fried or scrambled)... 67C Potatoes or grits, toast and coffee Hot cakes w/ syrup and coffee.........60C Add 35C for bacon Add 45C for ham or sausage LUNCHEON SPECIAL Cheeseburger 70C Hamburger 601 with small coke or coffee ~ d d101 for lettuce and tomato Add 25C for irench fried Bar luncheon special of the 3ay.....$1,25 with small coke or coffee Bowl of soup and chicken salad, egg salad, or tuna salad sandwich................96C With small coke or coffee Add 100 for tomatoes Add 25C for french fries

If you feel like this guy looks after the flight, refresh yourself at our Lounge.


SPORTS WORLD TENNIS by C.A. Brown Through a misunderstanding about who would keep t h e AVION informed R--AU Tennis about t-h e~ ~E -Team. no one has: a r d s o t h i s ' i s t o give the s t u d e n t body and f a c u l t y information about t h e team's activities this year. Our r e c o r d t h i s year looks p r e t t y bad-- u n t i l we compare it with o t h e r years, especially l a s t year. U n t i l t h i s y e a r we never defeated a c o l l e g e team and had come c l o s e only once. This year we've been soundly beaten once, we've soundly beaten another team once, and we've l o s t t h r e e by one p o i n t . L e t ' s look a t l a s t y e a r ' s and t h i s y e a r ' s scores: SCHOOL WON LOST YEAR DSCC 1 6 3 4 1972 Fla.Tech d i d n ' t play1971 0 9 1972 ~~~~

by Coach Brown Last Wednesday, March 1, t h e Eagles dueled a tough U-of South F l o r i d a squad, and came o u t on AS the s h o r t end, 8-0. is sometimes t h e c a s e , the f i n a l s c o r e d i d n o t i n d i c a t e t h e closeness of t h e game. USF poked 6 h i t s and made 1 e r r o r , while Riddle managed onl y 3 h i t s b u t played an e r r o r l e s s gamc. Walks h u r t t h e Riddle cause though, a s t h r e e alone came i n t h e f i r s t inning Captain Steve Sullenrup came up with t h e ielding play s f t h e ame, d r i v i n g f o r a hard



1971 1972 StLeo 1971 0 1972 Stetson 9 1971 4 5 1972 While we c a n T t g e t around c u r being behind i n t h e o v e r - a l l von-lost matcher;, i f we compare last y e . % ~ ' s and t h i s y e a r ' s i n d i v i d u a l won lost record against teams we played- l a s t year, we look pretty good: Won 1971 13 1972 20 I t ' s an improvement. 1 , a s t h e worn o u t coach, w a l d l i k e t o pay t r i bute t o e i g h t players who have learned t h a t determination and f i g h t pay off on a t e n n i s c o u r t a s w e l l a s they do i n contact sports. Your t e n n i s team cons i s t s Of: Tony Akabogu, Bob A r g i l a , Steve B e l l , Ed Godd, J i m H e s s , Mike Merrey, Arthur Rudio,and Richardsmith.. 1


3 1 10 0

4 8

I am s o r r y t h a t we cannot play home matches, f o r w e do n o t have enough tennis c o u r t s . I f anyone would like to support t h e teamwe play t h e f o l l o v ing matches c l o s e t o 16Daytona: March S t e t s o n i n Deland; March 11-DBCC a t Daytona Beach Community College.












Riddle's record a s of this w r i t i n g i s 0-3. On Saturday, March 11, Ridd l e plays F.I.T. in a twin - b i l l , away. Game time is 1:30 PM.


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. " o T . . = " " . = .


Bonanza F35

ATTENTION 1972 GRADUATES ~f you p l a n t o a t t e n d the Senior C l a s s P a r t y , stop by t h e SGA o f f i c e and f i l l o u t an I n v i t a t i o n ~ o r m . Hours a r e from 9-3 a a i l y , l a s t day w i l l be March 17th. YOU w i l l n o t be admitted t o the p a r t y without t h e invitation.

Standard-$25/hr. Club-$lB/hr. Bonanza N35 Stanfiard-$32/hr. Club-$ZS/hr.

Cessna is0 standard-$12hr. Club-$B/hr. Cessna 172 Standard-S16hr. club-$12/hr.


Cherokee 140 Standard-$14'hr. Club-$lO/hr.

Getting k Together

DID YOU KNOW THAT? by Fred Willems The trend for '72 is for hair styles to go to a moderate length. But the sideburns stay at the bottom of the ear,as it was last year. The number of hairs on the head varies with the color of the hair. A person with light blonde hair has approximately 140,000; brown 110,000; black- 108,000; red-90,000. The average area for a head is about 120 sq. inches and hair averages about1000 hairs to a square inch. Hair has elasticity which allows it to stretch and return to its original form without breaking. Normal dry hair can be stretched to about one-fifth its 1ength.Wet hair can be stretched 40 to 50% of its length,but will return when dry. There are two types of dandruff: dry and greasy. Dry dandruff is usually accompanied by itchy scalp and is found in small white scales in masses on the scalp. It is scattered loosely in the hair. Dry dandruff is often the result of poor circulation, lack of nerve stimulation, improper diet.emotiona1 and glandular disturbances-or uncleanliness. Treatment for this type is regular scalp massage, mild shampoos, daily use of antiseptic scalp lotions,and applications of scalp oint-



by John Eaton At the beginning of my Junior ( not to mention my Sophomore and In High Senior) year School, I was very much looking forward to the rewarding benefits and changes that college would bring to my life. In oruer to make tine "big step", I bega.. '.mproving my scholastic ability- upon the advice of my Guidance Counselor just to make sure I could get in. While awaiting "roll call", strolling the crowded halls, standing in the lunch line, putting up with the torment of those idiotic bells, relief came to the rescue when I thought o f the day when I would finally Within go to cohlege! my daydreams in English and History class, were the delights of having a chance to really express myself and not only to prove to my parents, but mostly to myself that I could handle the added responsibilities that go along with college. point, I At this would like to direct these questions to Pres. Hunt (if he reads the Avion) and/ or to whom ever else it may csncern: "What, In your opinion, is a college's role for the student?" And, if you can answer that one, here's another: "What, besides an education, does EmbryRiddle Aero Univ. offer the students?" WiLiin my daydream, I was envisioning such responsibilities as khe freedom to think and act for myself and to live my own life as I want to live it,not for parents,




patches. his t i p i also causes itchins. ~reatment for this type of danduff is frequeht shampooing and daily use of antiseptic lotions. Oil treatments should be avoided with this type. In most cases daily shampooing with a mild soap does benefit the hair and scalp. One of the most bacteria ridden implements a man uses is the electric razor. When was the last time your razor head was cleaned or sterlized?

teachers, and principals to live and decide for me. Pres. Hunt, this is your biggest and most important mistake, concerning on campus students. E-RAU does not give students the right to decide for himself what is morally right or wrong. Examples ,of this include: room Inspections, class attendance, and of course 24 hour visitation: One of the hopes that parents thzy send have when their kids away to college is, of course, to provide Lkem with a good education, but also to help their "children" develop into a mature, responsible human being With the capacity to successfully meet the outside world. If your answer to my first question was just that, then your aren't FULLY applying this to the development ct vour students. here* are enough regulations in this school to fill a 747. Speaking on behalf of the residents of Dorm I- we feel extremely restricted in developing ourselves morally and psychologically tc compete with the challenge and pressures of the outside world. We feel, like most every 'college student, that the purpose of a college is one of "learning by experience'. College, In the parent's eye, is tho crucial point in their sons or daughters' life! I'm sure that if the parents fully realized that E-RAU was nbt FULLY accomplishing this, that there would be a considerable decrease in enrollment! How can we prove to you, the Administration, that we can handle added responsiblities develop oar maturity if we are so obstructed

with all these regulations? These rules, which you are using against us, indicate your disrespect and low esteem, not to mention your underestimation of us: A very fine example of this lies in Dean Spears' responce to 24 hr. visitation during the last meeting; which was that he would resign if and when Dorm I got unlimited visitation on the weekends! Dig that! GIVE US A CHANCE! we, the readem of the AVION, will be expecting your reply to the above questions and comments. News of your reply, if any, will receive considerable publicity. As I stated before, this column has been created in the hope of increasing student- ~ d ministration relationsSTART DOING YOUR PART! by John Eaton

by Gary Rice Heard you missed a stimulating, refreshing evening at the Beef and Bottle Thursday night. More worthwhile evenings are ahead at the Young ns Club. so


.is growing and plans for the future are exciting. Become envolved and set active. Coming tlarch 23.8 PM at the Beef and aottle, will be a topic ccncerning all. No fault insurance will be discussed and questions will be answered by knoyledgeable insurance agents. Plan to attend. There is no truth to the Nmor that: The Towers Apts. is to become a dormitory


Fries Coke

Bring t h i s ad to: 1436 VoZueia Ave. o r 1120 Main S t r e e t


by Doug MacKay Hi guys, the score is still Lions-5, Christians-0. Flash: We are having some more domestic training films this Trimester.The films will be shown right after a business meeting at the recreation hall over at Lakeview Mobile H6me Park. Show up about 8PM (Friday) there will be free beer for all members. Also, watch your mailboxes for details of a dinner dance we have caning up Saturday the 18th of March. The dance will be at the club Morocco with live music, a buffet, and a rumored two hundred dollars in door prizes. The deadline for reservations is Tuesday, the 14th of March. You may make your reservations anytime before then over at the uded bwkstore. Our volleyball team finished up their. season last week with a record of two Wi3s three losses good show and




you players, supporters, and especially to the captain, big Frank Meld~'. Our softball team is still hanging in,tied for first place. Don'tforget about the movie tickets that are available at the used bookr;tore;for $1.25 you can get a ticket t.0 any show at the Daytona Theater. The petition drive Vetera? for increased educational benefits that I mentioned last week is in high gear this week and going well. If you haven't signed the petition, or would like to help us get signatures,we would appreciate your stopping by the bookstore and letting us know; we'll fix you up. That's all for this time. Drive carefully and let me assure you there is no truth to the rumor that Bob Kakak is going to be the consultinn ohvsicist for ERAU.


There is no truth to the rumor that: ~mbry-~iddle is merging with the Army,Air Force, Navy and U.S.M.C.

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There i s no t r u t h t o t h e rumor t h a t : One of the f a c u l t y parki n g p l a c e s a r e marked "TRUCKS ONLY".



~ a i g e s tSelection Of Accessorie!; ~ n d P a r t s i n The A r e a


CALL 255-6441

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