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student Government -sociation .






OCTOBER 8 , 1971





AND ASTRONAUTICS' The W r y - R i d d l e s t u d e n t Branch of t h e American Ins t i t u t e of Aeronautics and Astronautics held its f i r s t t e c h n i c a l meeting of t h e F a l l Trimester on Monday, September 27


Gary Plassman was appointed Vice Chairman f o r t h e r e s t of t h e F a l l and t h e Spring Trimesters. D r . R i t c h l e presented t h s Student Branch with its c h a r t e r from t h e S e n i o r Section of the AIAA. S e v e r a l new members were given t h e i r Student Member ship Cerificates. The main program f o r the meeting was a 58 minute film from the United A i r c r a f t e n t i t l e d , "We Saw I t Happen". The f i l m was a documentary of the development of t h e a i r p l a n e from t h e time of t h e Wright Brothers u n t i l about 1952. When t h e f i l m ended a t 9 PM a new worlds record f o r einptyihg a class room was s e t a s everyone attempted t o g e t . .:

home i n time t o watch t h e Monday Night Football Game, During t h e r e s t c& t h e F a l l and Spring T r i m e s t e r , the Student Branch of t h e AIAA i s planning on having a t least one t e c h n i c a l meeting a month. These meetings w i l l a t t e m p t t o h e l p t h e Rnbry-Riddle s t u d e n t keep up w i t h w h a t . i s ' going on i n Aerospace and i t s r e l a t e d f i e l d s . Any student a t Wry-Riddle can become a member of t h e AIM.

For more information about the AIAA and how you can j o i n , send your name and box number to: AIAA box 11477.


. L

The A V I O N r e u e r v s s t h e r i g h t t o e d i t l e t t s r e as we s e e f i t i n a c c o r d n n c e w i t h good journalist; ic p ~ a e t i c a . A Z Z l e t t e r s must be s i g n e d , a l t h o u g h names w i l l be w i t h h e l d upon r e q u e s t f ~ o m t h e w r i t e r .

Presidents Corner!'

Fellow Students: Herr is a chance to buv Sonething and at the same time help all your fe,$low students. Captain Kimball J Scribner, of Pan American Airways, is selling his book, YOUR FUTURE AS A PIIJOT, and donating-a11 pfofits to mbry- Riddle wlth the stipulation that the money collected is to be used directly for the students.Pam American Airways will match the profit dollar for dollar. The book is on sale in the SGA office for only $4.00. Ralph J. Dietz Secretary, SGA

DORM-2-CLOSE Students, for you who are getting comfy or plan to get comfy in Dorm 11, you might as well throw that thought away, because your lease is up in April. The original 5 year lease on Dorm I1 will be up in Dec. of '71. The Administration tried to buy the Nova Apartment building, hut settled for extending the lease until April of


Here we go again!? It seems that my article in lest weeks Avion needs correction. The money that "we" made on Captain Scribner's book must be termed a grant, to the school, for the benefit of the IRS (but don't worry, yours truly is working around the strings). If, at the time you're reading this, you haven't given blood, then by all means do so. If for no other reason than it's a cheap thrill. If any club or organization is interested in helping the Peace Corps build a school (which can be done for the nominal fee of $1200) please drop a note in my box or see one of the posters around canpus. If you haven't heard by now we have purchased 2 Cessna 310's and are waiting on ' delivery. This decision was made after an extensive study and weighted with Cessna's promise of $10,000 towards GRW if we mdde the purchase. I'm still looking for interested personnel for the Student Court, so get your name in ASAP (as soon as possible). It's not long but I have to go to work anyhow, so till next week.

Dear Butch The airls of dorm accept your apology,




CaOeteria Style

The cdministration has no definite plans for students living in Dorm 11. They will have to erect a new dorm by April '72 or move as many students into Dorm I as possible. The remainder will have to find off campus housing. The coed's seem to be the only ones guaranteed housing. They will either get shoved in a house or a wing will be blocked off in Dorm I. So gang, get ready for the big move.


Camera shy Ann Irving is one of our new coeds that we would like to welcome this trimester. Ann is from Sprinsfield ~irginia though- sh; now has very close ties to Israel after spending some time there. . She hopes to return there and attend the University of Israel. She is studying Aviation Management,and enjoys traveling.




1 oct

8 (tonite) ~ o p a z6 W.C.

Fields oCt 2 9 or 30 Masquerade Ball N ~ V 13 soccer BBQ w/movieHOTEL Greek week ,. Games D,C 11 Christmas Pagent Dance


.Quick -Great Food

Serving Hours:

tp -I f Brsiakfast Lunch


Piece of Pie

6:OO -11:OO

1l:OO- 200 5:OO 8:OO




Bid you'know that there is a flag football team in the league here on campus that is made up of Vet's? The name of the team as you may have guessed is the "Vet's". The team is captained by Ron Nyan with Tim Braun filling the QB slot. so far the team has lost one to the highly powered Jets and tied one, 0-0. There are three games played every Sunday at 9, 10. and 11 o'clock respectively. The "Vet's" will be playing the "69 er's" this Sunday at 11 AM so come on out-and join the excitement. 1t's weather for football!! The playing field is on Midway Boulevard about two blocks south of ~- Volusia. There is a member's only meetins tonfaht at the e 8 Boar's- Head ~ o u n ~ at o'clock. We hope to have some sovies of the"Vetas" 0-0 tie with the "Sunshine Company" last Sunday. Come on down for a relaxing evening. Maybe a few a m chair quaterbacks can give Ron some tips. Remember, today is the last day to make reservations for the Christmas Banquet at Marco Polo. If you haven't already done so YOU may make the reservations at the book store today or at the meeting tonight. That's the news for this time so be good and/ or careful and we'll see you next week. ~~~



us for the finest in



1510n. nova rd. Irn DISCWNT m nu

This letter to Senator Javits was submitted by Mr. Loomis. He feels that the ERAU graduates should be made aware of the information in this letter so they can see the world and its offers in a true light. Dear Senator Javits: Thank you for your letter of June 29, 1971, regarding your bill S.2, tne proposed Pension and Employee Benefit Act. The need :or legislation in this field is long overdue. My interest in your proposal stems from my own experiences in the aerospace industry, where the oension credits of hun>reds if not thousands of men and women have gone down the drain due not only to the recent declining of that industry, but also to the very nature of the aerospace contracting business itself. In the aerospace era of 1950-1970, the average aerospace worker-scientist

Dear Editor,

mv heart to see these young men and women, tomorrows leaders, performincr an "exercise in Democracy", utilizing their Freedom of Choice, to select the leaders that are deemed most fit. It is this very same Freedom of Choice that has made our country greatrand will keep her great, as lona of De< as The S~irit --~ mocracv is k e ~ t alive bv oroani~ations~ such as th; SG~. Yours truly, President Nguyan Van Thiu


Dear Editor, I was standing on the corner, when I heard my bulldog bark. He was barking at two ( 2 ) men who were gambling in the dark. 1t was Stagger Lee and Billy, two men who gambled late; Stagger Lee threw seven (7),Billy swore that he threw eight ( 8 ) I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding that might have devel.oped. Yours truly, Irving R. Berlin


Dear Editor, If you don't print my reply to last week's slanderous editorial, 1'11 have you arrested! Signed, Richard Cain



Dear Editor, I have just finished reading your latest issue. I must nay that I found the humor to be SHARP as ever; the edi torialsere straight to the POINT; and the expose of -upper VOlta Penal System, a PENETRATING STAB thru S HEART. Thanks to the SLASHING style of writing employed, and the RAPIERlike wit of the , w this last Avion must be considered by the establishment to be the "unkindest CUT of all." sincerely, Charles Manson



and shop worker alike-was nominally employed by a number of companies as he followed the contracts from firm to firm. Awar-d of a contrnct to a firm meant a rapid increase in staff at that companyrattracting workers from other firms whose contracts were expiring. The staff peaked with the work load, and as the job was done, workers were laid 'off or voluntarily left (in the face of impending layoff) to go to work for the next contract winner. 1 The "spreading around" of (aerospace contracts by the ! .~overmentmade this process an inherent feature ; of the business. For management, the /tenureis of course greater, increasing with the level of management position. But for non-managerial people, "professional" and otherwise, the turnover rate has been, in my: experience, phenomenal. The average aerospace company will be found to have a pension vesting period of 10 years or more. Thus, most aerospace employees have never come close to obtaining any pension rights in any of their jobs. So....we find , con't. page 12



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safety t i p

information, the legal system, voter r e g i s t r a t i o n foreign> relations.. T h a t ' s a l o t of problems f o r o n l y 8 . 4 m i l l i o n U.S. c o l l e g e s t u d e n t s t o s o l v e . And s i n c e e d u c a t i o n almost always h a s meant fighting f o r causes a s w e l l as o r i n s t e a d of-grades, i t ' s no wonder t h a t indepth disillusionment h a s d r a p e d i t s e l f 0ver unsuspecting college students. The above problems a l l a r e maladies t h a t s t u d e n t s themselves didn't even c r e a t e . The philosophy i n racer.t y e a r s h a s been t h a t t h e world h a s been b e n t , folded mutilated. And stapled. For a b o u t t h e l a s t ten years, students t h o u g h t it was t h e i r r e s p o n s i b i l i t y i o un-fold, u n - m u t i l a t e , and r e - s t a p l e t h e p a r t s back t o g e t h e r again. Now i t ' s t h e darrning of a new e r a . E v o l u t i o n of revolution. Sit-ins, t e a c h - i n s , r i o t s , confront a t i o n s , bombings, morarallies and toriums , s t r i k e s now a r e mere memo r i e s of t h e S i x t i e s . A f t e r s e v e n y e a r s of disoriented student disruptions, the Seventies breezed i n . And w i t h them t h e War c o n t i n u e d and we demonstrated. and we c o n t i n u e d t o d e m o n s t r a t e vehemently f o r and a g a i n s t what w e d i d and d i d n ' t b e l i e v e i n . And t h e n a t i o n l i s t e n e d . Not t o t h e message of t h e s t u dent p r o t e s t s , b u t only t o t h e message of t h e mediumt h e screaming h e a d l i n e s t h e , loud newscast, the acrimonious e d i t o r i a l about the student protest.


When f l y i n g on i n s t r u ments l o o s e o b j e c t s i n t h e c o c k p i t can be v e r y d i s I t is d i f f i concerting. c u l t t o retrieve a pencil o r computer from under t h e It also control pedals. d i s r u p t s ones s p a t i a l o r i e n t a t i o n and may c a u s e v e r t i g o and it r e q u i r e s a l i t t l e time t o r e o r i e n t ones a t t e n t i o n t o the ins t r u m e n t p a n e l . The message h e r e i s t o make s u r e t h a t one should have a c e r t a i n place t o secure a l l i t e m s of equipment esp e c i a l l y v h i l e f l y i n g on i n s t r u m e n t s , and be w e l l o r g a n i z e d s o t h a t a l l equipment i s e a s i l y l o c a t e d when needed. Loose o b j e c t s t h a t a r e unrelated t o flyi n g such a s open coke c a n s and o t h e r onen r e f r e s h ment c o n t a i n e r s should not be taken during f l i g h t . A l l o t h e r equipment s h o u l d be stowed and secured i n t h e baggage compartment.



The l i s t of Relevant Issues, a s they a r e c a l l overr<helming: e d , seems prison reform, women's l i b e r a t i o n , cr:me,.drugs, n u c l e a r weapons, p o l l u t i o n the Vietnam War, f e e d i n g t h e paor, t h e population bomb, t h e job market, 1972 e l e c t i o n s , minority r i g h t s t h e s t u d e n t v o t e , educational reform, consumer


i Bonanza F 3 5 ,150 Bonanza N35 172



.. . .

. ..

mklrmm 'flight tCrr npuimd h. u*

And t h e n along came Now. ewkIng f u t i l i t y has s e t i n , b r e d o u t of f r u s t r a t i ~ and c o n f u s i o n . L a s t academic y e a r was a p r o p h e t i c i n d i c a t i o n of this:campuees were calmer. There was a n occasional ral'ly o r a n occasional quietmarch, b u t it was er. Why -.+the change? The problems s t i l l a r e there, but out tactics have changed, i f n o t vani s h e d , according t o Drew O l i m , a National Student Association s e n i o r s t a f f member. O l i m s a i d h e s e e s definite symptoms Of "withdrawl, d e f e a t i s m , l a c k of d i r e c t i o n arid dropping o u t . " He s a i d h e s e e s two poasible reasons f o r a l l thi:. Money is getting ' t i g h t e r . " P r i c e s a r e going up and p a r e n t s a r e complaining. Students now are understanding the plight of t h e workingc l a s s man, and s o t h e y a r e dropping o y t and t r y i n g t o f i n d jobs, he s a i d . ThC'Xttlca i n c i d e n t , and t h e c o n t i n u i n g War a r e a few of t h e on-going f r u s tratibns that, O l i m said, "have produced f e e l i n g s of major d i s i l l u s i o n m e n t aOlim said mong s t u d e n t s . " h e seas t h e s e a s f e e l i n g s b r o u g h t on by a n a t i o n a l student f e e l i n g of i n nefectuality. S t u d e n t s have r e t r e a t e d within themselves in a quiet-dissent, s e l f - exp l o r a t o r y way. And t h e r e s u l t i e a new i n d i v i d u a l i t y , a new problem-orienta t i o n i h a t might y e t s o l v e t h e problems t h a t v i o l e n t protest couldn't. c o n ' t . page 1 3 A

AHP -.


rema Phi Delia After last Sundays Inter-fraternit football game the Brotxers of Sigma Phi remained undefeated by beating Sigma Chi 7-6. The defense again showed its powers allowing only the single touch down on the opening play of the game. The point after was smothered, which proved to be one of the deciding plays of the game. Next week, the Brothers will attempt to extend their record to 3-0 when they meet Delta Chi at 1:OOPX. Some landscaping has begun in preparation for the addition of more parking space behind the houses. Plans in the future call for carports being built and an extension from the garage doubling as a carport or cover patio. The Brothers are pleased to welcome among them one new face and prospective Brother Charles Metlock. Last Saturday, Dan Massaro was initiated into the Brotherhood of Engineers. Congnatulations Dan. Until next week...






This past Monday Dr. Sain came to the Rho -House with an impressive offer. He .is willing to support an ERAU entry in the NIFA competitions coming up shortly. Last year Rho tried to get the schools backing and couldn't succeed. With the help of Dr. Sain AHP would pessibly be flying in the regionals as ERATI'S entry. On a final offering, yesterday and today,as you walked around through classes, someone in Volusia County needed blood. The fact is, every minute, 6 pints of blbod are needed somewhere in this country. If you're healthy you can be thankful but why not share a little of that thanks and donate a pint. Come see a Rho Brother for details, do it today befor it's too late. Give a pint and while at it, do it in the name of AHP. So if Chicago doesn't burn, we'll see ya'll next week.

Delta Chi

There was a serious side though, as pledge educational films were shown Special thanks to Tom Tindel for his help on that. Our footbsll team;looking strong, rolled over Alpha Eta Rho, 13-0. Paul Barry and Kent Roper supplied a touchdown apiece to our winning ways. Spence Price was chosen as our new "BE", which in laymans terms means he performs a variety of functions. Among them, liason between the fraternity body and the A1urm.j. Board of Trustees, experienced advisor to us and close aide to the President and officers. With Spence's knowledge of the fraternity, I'm sure he'll be invaluable to us. Today is the Blood Drive "Part II", so please give ,a pint. It could be you? some day needing a pint of blood and I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear any excuses,so donate a pint in Delta Chi's name, if you haven't already. Remember pollution is everyone's problem. Do your part and don't litter. See ya next week.



Our second annual spirit night was held last Friday. This is an evening where all the brothers and pledges acquaint them1t's been another long selves with each other. It hard weekend for Rho. ~ n - Was a fun night with an thusiasm was high for our ample SUpPly of beer for Football qame on Sunday those who were thirsty. but a 13-0 pasting at the hands of Delta Chi left a bitter taste to what might have been a pleasant two days. We have regrets to dole . out, both to Bob Speilman,whose finger o m e out at right anglea, .and. to MYchael Winters, who took i t on the shoulder, separation that is. If the wave of walking wounded continues, no telling.who or what might be on tha field for us next week:. Last week's Avion had BALSA KITS f o r u-COBTROL6 RADIO a slight mistake, our new Professional Associate Pledge is Jim Houston. Jim comes to Rho by way of the 'PLASTIC f i T S , . U.S. lumy and wants to take part in our profemm-' ional and social structure. I'm sorry for laat week, Jim!

,Alpha E ta~hd





Page 6 The meetinG.of S e p t . 29 saw t h e r e t u r n . of B i l l Morrison, a c h a r t e r member of Alpha Rho Omega. He h a s been a t home on vacation, g e t t i n g married,. Welcome back B i l l . A l e t t e r was r e c e i v e d from a n a d m i n i s t r a t o r a t a c o l l e g e i n Idaho. He i s r e q u e s t i n g more informat i o n on o u r f r a t e r n i t y and is i n t e r e s t e d i n s t a r t i n g a c h a p t e r of Alpha Rho Omega. What an opportuni t y t o s t a r t expandinq t h e professionalism we have s t a r t e d h e r e a t ERAU. The Alpha Rho Omega p l e d g e p a r t y was a n appare n t s u c c e s s a s a b o u t 35 people attended. There were 17 prospective pledges in attendance which d o e s n ' t s a y much f o r the brothers. Some were working and a few o t h e r s c o u l d n o t a t t e n d because Of something beyond t h e i r control. Although this

SigmaChi Sigma C h i ' s Pledge Initiation took p l a c e on Wednesday September 29, w i t h t h e f o l l o w i n g 21 s t u dents having entered pledgeship : James A l l e n , Arkansas William Bass, F l o r i d a C h a r l e s B a i v i n , N e w York Robert R u t t e w o r t h , V t . Robert Coffey, New York J e r r y F r y , Hawaii James Furman, Tennessee Richard Gadd, C a l i f o r n i a T e r r y Gardner, F l o r i d a G e r a l d Hayman, F l o r i d a D a n i e l K e l l y , Vermont Harold Kennedy, R . I . Hobson Morgan, N.C. Thomas N a n f e l t , Maryland John Reynolds, N e w York Mark Rogers, Texas Richard Rouse, New York Richard S p i c e r , C a l i f o r n i a Alieary Vick, N.C. we a r e p l e a s e d t o have Ed Vogel a s t h i s t r i m e s t e r ' s Pledge T r a i n e r . H e w i l l b e working w i t h t h e p l e d g e s d u r i n g t h e i r 10 week p l e d g e p e r i o d . Coming e v e n t s f o r Sigma Chi w i l l i n c l u d e a Roman Toga P a r t y and a c r u i s e t o F r e e p o r t , i n t h e Bahamas.



The p a s t weeks e l e c t i o n r e s u l t s a r e now o f f i c i a l . Four members of Alpha Rho Omega were s u c c e s s f u l i n t h e i r bids f o r Student Government S e n a t o r s . J a n Nelson was elected t o s e s t u d e n t s and J i Dave F r i e s l a n d and B i l l B a l l were e l e c t e d t o s e r v e the A6P s t u d e n t body. C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s and good luck.

w r i t e r did not attend, I understand t h a t a keg of Michelob was p u t away most handily, with g u s t o , e t c . S k i p Dawson was t h e proud winner of a q u a r t of Canad i a n Club i n a r a f f l e h e l d a t t h e p a r t y . S k i p was s o overwhelmed t h a t he passed t h e b o t t l e around a ,-few times and the brothers soon made q u i c k work of t h e "CC*. If the party is any i n d i c a t i o n , t h e n we w i l l have a g r e a t banquet which i s October 16 a t 6:30 a t t h e Beef and Bott l e . The t i m e was moved up t o f a c i l i t a t e an expanded program of s p e a k e r s e n t e r t a i n m e n t and p r e s e n t a t i o n of awards. Don't f o r g e t t h e f a l l blood drive, " t h e ERAU 50OM, today i s t h e l a s t day t o make s u r e we g i v e t h e 500 p i n t s promised t o t h e American Red Cross. That concludes t h i s weeks column.



F I a~ ~ d e i Cherokee n Flight Liner for


gets it all together with the and awards a free whopper to the person whose picture is shownJust

. '



856 N. Nova


2224 S.Athtic across tmmAkufi&i

Page 9


i SGA SENATE mini-minutes edited by: ran devoy

recorded by: j. a rinkle October 5, 1971

The f o u r t h r e g u l a r meeting of t h e SGA S e n a t e , t h e f i r s t under t h e new Cons t i t u t i o n , was h e l d today i n Room 108 w i t h s i x O f f i c e r s and f o u r t e e n i n cumbent S e n a t o r s a t t e n d i n g . The meeting was c a l l e d t o o r d e r a t 12:20 by Vice P r e s i d e n t J e r r y Nichols. P r e s i d e n t Dan Smock swore i n t o o f f i c e newlye l e c t e d T h i r d Vice P r e s i d e n t S k i p F l e t c h e r and s i x t e e n newly-elected Senat o r s . A r o l l c a l l showed t h e f o l l o w i n g O f f i c e r s and S e n a t o r s p r e s e n t : Smock, Nichols, Cothran, F l e t c h e r , D i e t s , Arroyo; B o n i f i e l d , Matlock, Neimann, Owen, S p a n g l e r , Van Luven, Bateman, Rass, B a r n e t t , Dawson, Ferguson, Mayer, P a r a d i s , S p i c e r , Wedlahe, B a l l , Dieugenio, F r e i ~ l a n d ,Hansen, Henry, Nelson, S h a f f e r , Andrews, A e a r i a n , Barbour, B u l a r , Deichee, P h i l l i p s , Rosmini, and T e r r e l l . Absent: Arbab, Thams, Richmond. The minutes of t h e t h i r d r e g u l a r Senace meeting were a c c e p t e d a s w r i t t e n , 23 f o r , 0 a g a i n s t , 6 a b s t a i n i n g . P r e s i d e r t Dan Smock p l a c e d Hank Cothran i n charge of P r e s i d e n t ' s Re o r t c o o r d i n a t i n g h e l e c t i o n of t h r e e other students t o the Univerzity Stud e n t Court. One member from each of t h e t h r e e s c h o o l d i v i s i o n s i s needed; s e v e r a l academic s t u d e n t s have a l r e a d y e x p r e s s e d t h c i r i n t e r e s t , b u t s t u d e n t s from A & P and f l i g h t a r e s t i l l needed. Any campus o r g a n i z a t i o n s i n t e r e s t e d i n a i d i n g t h e Peace Corps s c h o o l cons t r u c t i o n p r o j e c t s h o u l d c o n t a c t P r e s i d e n t Smock. T h i r d Vice P r e s i d e n t S k i p F l e t c h e r h a s r e c e i v e d r e p o r t s o f r o b b e r i e s a t E I E d s u g g e s t e d t h a t a committee i n v e s t i g a t e t h e agency i n charge o f s e c u r i t y a t t h a t dorm and make a p p r o p r i a t e recommendations t o t h e s c h o o l .

Report was a c c e p t e d a s w r i t t e n unanimously.

The appointment o f t h e f o l l o w i n g S t a n d i n g Committee Chairmen was approved I n t e r n a l A f f a i r s , Rick S p i c e r ; H e a l t h , Education, and Welfare, unanimously: Frank Mayer; S o c i a l F u n c t i o n s , Jim Owen. (The T r e a s u r e r i s a u t o m a t i c a l l y Chairman o f t h e Finance Committee.) S o c i a l Functions.

Tentative schedule of events:

- movies October 29 o r 30 November 1 3 October 8

December 11


':An Evening- w i t h W. C . F i e l d s " "Topaz" Halloween masquerade b a l l Barbecue i n c o n j u n c t i o n w i t h a s o c c e r game, movie, and maybe Greek Week Christmas dance

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Lucien Piccard Polaroid- Smith Carona*Dupont Remington-International Silver-Kodak- Eenox Hamilton Beach; Royal. Bell+HoweIl. Oneida. Schick


John Benedict - at.


, 1



The T r e a s u r e r ' s -


Student Center MWF 3-5 ; . T - T1-5 ~

Page 9 SGA MINI MINUTES CON'T. , Blood Drive. Rick Spicer reported that work is being done on live radio coverage for Friday's half of the Blood Drive. The Drive is being advertised on several local radio stations. President Smock suggested that Mr. Spicer contact Emmett Rosier of WESH-TV for television covera c. EVERYONE IS PEMINDED THAT THE BLOOD DRIVE WILL BE: HELD IN ROOM 30g, :HIS THURSDAY AND FRIDIY, OCTOBER 7 and 8. Prizes include round-trip airline tickets, free flight instruction, free dinners at Zeppo's, etc.



Student Aid Fund. Deadlinexr-lying

Eight $100 grants will be given away this trimester. is the end of the first week of November.

President Pro Tem ore. Bill Bass was elected President Pro Tempore, 28 for, 0 ~i&abstaj.ning. The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 pm. TREASURER'S


October 5, 1971 August 10 Ealance forwarded Check 1601 - J. Rinkle secretary's bonus Check 1602 Wolcott Paper supplies for 8/6 barbecue 13 Check 1603 J. Rinkle - secretary's salary Check 1604 Florida Graphics - fosr plates SGA stationery 23 Check 1605 City Provisioners 8/6 barbecue Check 1606 - Stan Widak cooking utensils for 8/6 barbecue Check 1607 Daytona Diaper Service - Goodwill Sept. 6 Check 1608 - Student Aid Fund traffic fines collected during summer Check 1609 - J. Rinkle - secretary Check 1610 ALS Enterprises - goodwill 17 Check 1611 Coca Cola - soda for 8/6 barbecue 21 Check 1612 Bob Starr Booking Agency band for 9/21 barbecue Deposit ~ees.kollectedduring August 9502.33 22 Check 1613 Sunbeam Bakers 9/21 barbecue Check 1614 - Dollars for Scholars Check 1615 J. Owens petty cash for barbecue supplies Check 1616 Central Florida Company - beer for 9/21 barbecue Check 1617 Wolcott Paper barbecue supplies Check 1618 Void ~ecretary J. Rinkle 24 Check 1619 secretarv October 1 Check 1620 J. Rinkle

- -





















3072.71 3022.71

53.57 30.00

2969.14 2939.14

24.72 2914.42 325.60 2588.82

16.87 2571.95 13.52 259.00

2558.43 2299.43



7.00 2262.43 64.05




11250.71 43.20 11207.51 150.00 11057.51

100.00 10957.51 537.00 10420.51 52.62 10367.89 30.00 10337.89 30.00 10307.89


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SOCCER' morehead ,state univers i t y , Kentucky, has canc e l l e d i t s t r i p south and t h e r e f o r e c o n t r a r y t o our p u b l i s h e d game scheduled t h e r e was no i n t e r c o l l e g i a t e soccer a t the ~ a y t o n a A i r p o r t l a s t Sunday. ~ m b r y- ~ i d d l e The "Eagles" w i l l journey t o Melbourne n e x t Saturday f o r an opening match with s h e l t o n College, r e c e n t l y moved t o F l o r i d a from New J e r s e y . This game w i l l be of g r e a t i n t e r e s t t o a l l central Florida Soccer f a n s a s no o t h e r c o n t a c t has taken p l a c e t o d a t e with t h i s c o l l e g e . The n e x t home game f o r t h e i "Eagles" w i l l be on Tueeday, Octobe r 1 2 t h when Stetson University will invade. Game time w i l l be 3:30 PM a t t h e Daytona Airport f i e l d .

Deiand over t h e Thanksgivi n g Holidays. This i s t h e second year i n a row t h a t our drop zone has hosted t h i s major event on S p o r t Parachuting. We have a team ready, w i l l i n g , and a b l e t o r e p r e s e n t you. A l l we ask t h a t you share along with us t h e e x c i t e ment and fun of being a p a r t i n t h i s e v e n t . We w i l l be competing a g a i n s t t h e l i k e s of t h e A i r Force Academy, Iiest Point,Purdue and many ohher c o l l e g e s a l l over t h e country. We d i d q u i t e w e l l l a s t Year and l e f t a good i m Pre ' he o f f -

i c i a l s and competitors We hope t o do even b e t t e r t h i s year but i n order t o do s o we must have your a c t i v e support. We a r e having a members h i p d r i v e and would welcome any and a l l s t u d e n t s interested i n t h i s exciti n g s p o r t . I f you a r e i n terested contact Jim Nordeen, box 1417. Our b u l l e t i n board, l o c a t e d i n the student center, w i l l provide you with a l l t h e i n s i d e i n f o on whats happening. r l e a s e taltc t h e We are time t o scan it. looking forward t o s e e i n g you on t h e drop zone, Come on o u t some weekend and look us o v e r . Until next week may a l l your l a n d i n g s be happy and more importani; s o f t .


. . New & Used


. .



The ERAU S p o r t Parac h u t e Club i s now i n f u l l swing i n p r e p a r a t i o n f o r an e x c i t i n g and e v e n t f u l trimester. We h e l d an election f o r club o f f i c e r s l a s t Tuesday and we wish them much s u c c e s s i n c a r r y i n g o u t our planned a c t ivities. It is with much p l e a s a r e t h a t w e announce t h e upcoming 1971 Collegiate S p o r t Parachuting ~ a t i o n a l s t o be h e l d i n






The Chinese-American Buffet


- including beverage ....

01.1,.11...1. h"ll.."& ,.".*r%,.".Y. I..>,..* <...h




I...-* ,"*Is...'U.L..l..I".*.I

"..,.,...>.. . ..4<b-".b

7A.M.10 11 aM

The Ideal Spet For Femily Dininpl .


C .'U~.


Uhck.s-8 I U r Y * . I 0". .*.*31....,

mu i.. r..

, . . ' . . d




prove himself in smaller boats. But what we need now is ideas, controversy, and guys (girls too, if you w ~ l l )that have the comon interest of sailing. Come to this Wed. nights meeting at 7:30 PM in the Academic Complex,RBan 102. Don't worry about experience, there are many members who have never even sailed before, so come and see if sailing's for you.

by Terry Garbig Last Wednesday night was officially the 1st meeting of the Sailing Club for the fall trimester, and it proved rather dissappointing. There seemed to-be a great interest in the club but evidently a great many members lack the enthusiasm or the hour on Wed. nights to attend. It's your club; and there is a nice surf lately to go 'ocean sailing in, so it's up to you. There are plans to take the aqua-cat and club member Terry Zarf's "Sidewinder" out in the ocean this Saturday. so we'll keep you posted on the list of fatalities in next week's Avion. Among the ideas expressed at last weekb meet ing were plans to look into a 25 ft. sloop that Sleeps four,for the more experienced sailor. If enough members were interested it would be possible to acquire the boat for week-end excursions. But before anything like this could be sailed, the novice sailor would have to



24 HOURS OF DAYTONA The 24 Hours of Daytona may change this year. The Federation dc 1'Automobile world governing body for sports, has said that beginning in 1973 no International championship points.wil1 be awarded for .vents longer than 1000 kilometers. This new ruling would directly affect the 24 Hours of Daytona as well as the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours Of ~ e ~ ~ ~ s . Bill France, president of the rnternational speedway Corp., has stated that he is discussing the possibility of a 6 hr. or






Page 11 1000 kilometer integnational Championship race to be held Sunday, February 6, as the climax to a 24hour race pr7gram" which would begin Saturday, February 5 . T6 further complicate next years rules the FIA has ruled that beginning in 1972, all manufacturorer's championship aeries cars are limited to a maximum engine size of three' liters. Bill France has said. that the Daytona Internat-. ional Speedway will continue to host a race in the international champ-, ionship series each February and they will con-, tinue to offer a 24-hour race also. pole position qualifying for the Daytona 500 wlll be he1.d. Feb. 12,with the PRCA 300 set for Sun-. day, Feb. 13. Two 125mile qualifying races to determine the Daytona 500 starting lineup will be held Thursday, Feb. 17,and the Citrus 250 is set for Friday. The permatax 300 will be Saturday, Peb. 19 and the famed NASCAR Grand National stock car classic the Daytona 500, is set for Sunday, Feb. 20.



~ *. 'W W 8

The BEST Selectim of Univx C W n g con be found at. .'.:

UNISEX BOUTWS 222 E. G r d Ave Ormad Beach

wbk Knit S k k r

Clothes for Today's Guys and C h i i






CLASSIFIED ADS The AVION has started its classified ads section with only fair results. Remember. no other ~ e r i c d ical reaches as many readers as we do. If you want something sold or are looking for something to buy, use us:! The 1971-72 PHOENIX goes on sale Wednesha-tober 6, at the PHOENIX office. Deposit only $2.00, total price only $6.00

.WANTED TO BUY... a standup bass-- contact Phil, Box 4161 or call 677-7261.


Mrs. Robert Lovern will babysit for chiAdren of Riddle students at her home Monday through Friday call 252-1172.

38 ft. Mobile home with Florida Room--in nice park Cheap-- call 767-0750. 68 WI Karman Ghia--convertable--air--Must sell---$1500 or Best Offer--Excellent--Box 342--149 S. Hollywood--Larry omb bar do767-0791

FOR SALE-- Pioneer SR 202 Reverb .--$75--See David Eonifirld at Sigma Chi Frat House.

Mrs. Jose Lopez is available for babysitting at any time. Call 767-5739 2354 Oriole Lane, South Daytona

FOR SALE--^^ ~ r i u m p hspitfire-- exc. cond.-- ~ u g g e r orange ~ i t h top--252-7152


1969 Yamaha 350 YR2C Good call 253-8319 condition after 6:30 or contact Mike BOX 1134


1969 Yamaha 250 ENDURO Great Dirt Bike and Street Transportation-- Call 7670750.



FOR SALE:1963 Ford Country Squire WAGON.Runs Good:For information call 255-5781 or E M U BOX 4132. 1971 100 Kawasaki Trail ~ o a s -2000 mi 10 speedTop Speed 66 George Francis 253-6957 - E M U Box 1171 -Best offer over $375


i . . ~ . . . ~-~ . + ~ ~ * . * . * . ~ . * * * " " " . * * ~ * ~ * *

SENATOR'S LETTER CON'T. thousands of men and women who, after 10 or e w n 20 years of work,have nothing in the way of pension credit rights to show for it. The irony of this situation is especially aggravatins when we consider that ill this time was generally spent working for firms havingtpension prcqrams (but, alas, with vesting conditions impossible to satisfy due to the nature of the business), (2) these firms were undoubtedly charging the government for the costs of these unattainable pension programs in the prices of the contracts, and (3) the worker, although nominally employed by this or that company, was in actuality working for a single employer, the Federal Government. Surely, no other recent industrial Dhenomenon has been quite as unfair cr unjust as that of the loss of pension credits by workers in the governments own aero@pace/defense industry. I respectfully suggest that your investigation of pension inequities and your formulation of remedial legislation include... a program instituted by the goverment to retroactively provide pension credit rights to aerospace'

workers-past and present. such a program would consider that any worker in the aeros~acerindustrywas and is in fact earning pension credit tenure regardless of nominal employer, provided that his employer was funded by the Federal Government.. .Funding would be provided by the various firms to which pension costs were and are paid by the government. If something along these lines is not done,we run the risk of having fostered essentially an entire generation of workers who gave their best

service in what was once one of the Nation's highest purposes, but in the process will have achieved nothing of their earned pension rights. James McCaffcrty Consulting Engineer




.UnUEWNl N I I S *nl A I M u w a wpm

Paue 13 '


Individualism skips rampant through the student life-style. Give Peace A Chance chants have evolved into a new soft music, a new gentle sound of namifesting itself in quiet love stories in song. Small shops and coops have opened, selling hand-made, back-to-earth clothing and organic goods a reaction against depersonalized massproduced 'culture. Do-it-yourself attitudes accompany the doyour-own-thing philosophy. 'we grow our own organic food. make our own clothes build our own furniture, plan our own curricula, ride our own bikes instead of driving a car...and the list is as lona as the list of problems: Rut obr newly-discovered Student Age of Individualism isn't beneficial if it isn't pos-

itive directions. Hopefully, it isn't self-indulgent, isolated individualism. Hopefolly, in developing ourselves as individuals, we'll create the impetus to get back together and then get it all together. There seems to be a change of consciousness, but hopefully, not a lack of it. Students are looking for new kinds of solutions. Hopefully, they are no less concerned about the problems. But if through the vote and working "ithi,, the system rather than without it -- students can not be effective in changing our envircment, another stage of disillusionment one punctuated with apathy, discouragement and 1950s nostalgia-may set in. The list of Relevant Issues is growing Longer and longer.




'mechanic on duty diesel oil 'rnoior. credit cords a honored


corner of Nova and Bellview Roads


AWMU)Tb4sTIUU( U W W t E l 6 0 M L Q U ( I M ~




W P I 306












CLrnR. g






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he o p i n i o n s e z p r e e s e d i n t h i s paper a r e n o t n e c e s aariZy those o f t h e Univer s i t y o r aZZ members o f t h e S t u d e n t Bopy, n o r do Z e t t e r s a p p e a r i n g i n t h e AVION a e c e s s a r i t y r e f l e c t t h e o p i n i o n o f t h i e nawa-, paper:


The AVION i s a weekZy p u l t i c a t i o n f o r Embry-Rid> ate students pnrticatly f i n a n c e d by t h e S t u d a n t e ' A c t i v i t y f e e through t h e S t u d e n t Government A e s o c i ation.


A r t i c Z e a may ;b$ eubmctt e d t o t h e AVIOR f o r pub- ; Zication by t h e adminis t r a t i o n , t h e facuztb. and : s t u d e n t body. The AVION d e a d l i n e is eve@$ Monday P.M. a f t e r n o o n a t 4:00 P t e a e e mark aZZ. i t e m e : 8 AVION. and d e p o e i t i n t h e basket i n the traizsr, the : s u g g e s t i o n b o z e s , o r ERArl

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