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Sponsored by the ~ m ~ r y - ~ i dAeronautical dle university Student Governmexlt Association



This pist Sunday , as at t h ~ s e that ran before, saw another S.G.A. Dar- B- Que that was soundly put together a o the trne of success. Some controversy had arose in the past over amounts and selection of food but not so this time. It appears the SGA has once again, "put it all together" as over 1,000 people showed up and none went away hungry. For those that came, 1700 hamburgers were served and 18 kegs of beer downed. That's a pretty productive Bar-B-Que from anyolles standpoint. Frankie Burke and his Individuals adPed to the afternoon with some music right from the clubs at the beach. Jim Owen, the SGA Social Functions chairman also used the afterncon to collect donations for the Dollars for Scholars Fund. Over $ 4 5 was collected with the big contribution of the day coming from Dean Mansfield. By 4:30 the action had about broken up but may we take this time to remind you, the SGA Social Calendar for the fall has only started, be aware and take part. The Social Functions Committee would like to thank Alpha Rho Omega for serving the guests. As at other Bar-B-Ques. the Frats in general have helped beyond measure.

OCTOBER 1, 1971




Every attempt is being made to schedule donors to aviod the long lines this time. Use the blanks in the Avion to help us get an idea of when we can expect you. In addition,for YOU students lacking transportation, we are trying to arrange bus service back and forth to the drive. We have the bus but need drivers 25 or over with a chaffeur's license. If you fill these requirements, please contact Rick Spicer,Box 4315. With over 1800 students we should have no problem getting 500 pints. Most everyone is eligible. For all you Air Science students, a local FAA examiner stated that it is up to the individuals response whether you fly or not. If you feel weak, don't fly that day; if you feel ok he see's no reason why you shouldn't be able to Fly... --<

If you'd like a free spagetti dinner, a chance to win a trio home a ~~-~ - for --weekend andthe satisfaction of heloino the communthe time ity please-t&e an5 help make this drive a success. It is a worthy cause and a fine opportunity to show the community that we aren't just the little flying school on the airport.



How would you like to spend a weekend home sometime soon, for free? You have a chance to do just that if you participate in the EnAU 500 Blood Drive. The Embry-Riddle Parent's Association has donated a round trip weekend excursion ticket on Eastern Air Lines to any of the following cities: Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, New York,Hartford, Boston. Chicago, or St. Louis. Other prizes include a round trip ticket on Shawnee Airlines to any point on their schedule, including the Bahamas, one hour of dual in the Mooney at the E M U Flight Line, and much more. All you have to do to be eligible is sign at the Blood . up Drive. The Blood Drive will be held on October 7 6 8 from 9 AM to 3 PM in room 306 of the old Engineering Building. We have a very ambitious goal of 500 pints of blood this time. This blood is badly needed in the Halifax area. What better way to get known in the community.

... . .. . . .,2 . . . . , . . . .., VET ASSO.. . . . . , . , . . , . . . - 3 FRATERIIITIES.. . . . . . . . . , . -4 SAFETY TIPS. . . . . . . . . . . . . - 5 ELECTION RESULTS,. . . . . . . .6 ALUMNI,,,.,..,., ........ ,6 SPORTS.,,,,.,,,.,.',,, ,,,,7 CLASSIFIED ADS ....... ,...8 CRUGS.. . . , . , . . , . . . , , . . . .11 SPEAKIII OCT., , KEW PROFESSOR..



Speaking Oat


T h e n v r o ~r e s c r u c o t h ~ r / g h t t o e d i t L e t t c r a aa w e s e e f i t i r r accolvlonce w i t h good j o u r n a l i s t i c p p n c t i c e . ALL l e t t e p o m u s t b e s i g n e d , although names w i l l b e w i t h h e l d u o o n r e o u a s t from t h o w r i t e r .

MY congradulations to Presidents CO~IK!~all the newlv elected ators. aem>mber i i t.ave

Esr:aoee I have ;>ad numerous complaints about my literary talents with respect to thewpresident's Corner", I have taken 5 C C out of your SGA fee and have hired a writing consultant. For those mathematically minded this comes to about $800-but do not worry- I have been arsured I'll receive $8" worth of work from. her. I hope everyone had an enjoyable t i ~ eat the 6-B-Q this past weekend. If you didn't-let us know and we'll attempt to improve them in the future. Thanks to Alpha Pbo Omega for working too, Coming up on the 7,,&8th of October is the EMU 500"-our blood drive. From the conversation I've had with the chairman of the have some drive we'll really nice prizes for the donors- so Bet out and bleed. Also on October 8th at 8:OOPM in room 108 is another of Riddle's Friday Nite Movies- "W.C. Fields" and "Topaz". If you remember last weeks AVION there was an article on the Engineering Council for Professional Development (ECPO) and our lack of accreditation in the B.S.A.E. degree. I had a talk with President Bunt and he expressed his desire to meet with interested persons- so anyone interested should get your thoughts together and let's pick a date to have a meeting- but come prepared.

A study,to be published in the October issue of "Psychology Today", cona meeting next Tuesday, ducted by two psycholoOctober 5th and it is mangists, draws the concludatory. Please read your sion that athletics are new constitution even not, as strongly believed, though the adminisration character building. After may throw it out next week. interviewing over 15,000 It will keep your mind. athletes in all sporting busy while eating at the. events, led to the conclu'Complex's snack bar. sion that athletes play Remember use Box E 183 today for the sake of for question, comments, playing and not to win. and gripes. Riddle is still a saall 'school. Growth plans indicate 3 maximum student body of 6,500. There are. at present, no major plans . SGA PRESIDENT for an Athletic Department. It hardly seems feasable. to begin an Athletic While going through the Scholarship program now. enrollment process for the When the Administration pall term I happened to begins to pay every stuoverhear D~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f dent i ~who l dparticipates in telling some of his soccer an extra ciricular aativplayers that he was in the ity $ 100 per tir., then pprcess of convincing the they can pay soccer player for their activityAdministration that soccer layers warranted $100 per by Hank Cothran trimester to be applied toward tuition. Dear Lucky Coed's in the Dorm 2 Front Window: Sports have their place on every college compus. Turn on you lights, soccer, =lofig with other raise your shades, for.1 sports, is a welcome addhave been parking under the overhang for a month, ition to EMU. Athletic events are one of the few so no more stumbling in areas that can unite the the dark and no sore toes. student body. But is it, You see, I've seen in as an extra airicular those windows and what I activity, worth $100 per have seen didn't turn me tri.? on. Butch f .~ . .




. -.

.. , .,,













Page 3 Rumplestilskin contest this year. So make sure to keep your beard wqtered Itan, we're rootin' for you: The welcome mat is out for six new members that joined us Friday night. hey are Jerry Erickson, John Haszard, Ken summers. Robert Buresi, Lyle Mahon. Thanks for joining us, we know you will enjoy the many functions of the Vets Club. 1f you don't have a current discount sheet. you may pick one up in the Vets Book Store. There are more than twenty-five merchants give discounts in to town members. that

tour in the service it was Off to Florida State for his M.B.A. in Management. Mr. Urish met his wife in the Navy and has settled down on the beachside. Presently carrying 15 hrs. Of Business Data Processing. Marketing.6Psychology ' o f Management, he will prove to be a valuable asset here - Peace.





-In exploring the offices and classrooms over at the Acedemic Com~lex.a few strange new faces fall under the category of faculty. Another of these is Mr. Johrr Urish in the

by Doug MacKay

cia1 Management Program.He was located in Daytona Beach at the Apollo Park plant. Mr. urish is a Navy Vet having divided his college studdes between a four and a half year tour of duty with time spent in the Pacific as an Airborne

cussed. The magic tranquility that sets in while watching a campfire burning in the dunes at night has always insured a good turnout for the B.B.Q.'s. If you haven't made one yet, make sure to attend this one; it's really worth it;remember to bring


to the Navy, our

That's all the news for now. Remember, we need books in the book store. so check your shelves and help us help you. Drive careful, and we'll see you next week!

O O , ~ , ~ . ,,.", , , ,,",, .

The meeting room jcst about filled up with Vets


think it will be

GARRARD. KLH.FISHER SONY'KENWOOD . DUAL CRA1G.McINTOSH Professional Repair Facilities-All Makes

the 612-614 N. Ridgewooa Baytona Beach


em .I,

2 1 16 S. ATLANTIC AVE. (A1 A)

ULU ,-. -

Daytono Beach Shorn. 255-3395


The Chinese-American Buffet


*UP. Is,.d.. "".,.b,. o10fYnfClLllrlD.101

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uI....r.4...I. II...YM.., I""



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Alpha Eta Rho. This p a s t week has . r e a l l y been one of t h e l o n g e s t f o r B r o t h e r s of .Rho. A q u i e t weekend o n l y brought f o r t h t h e impendi n g gloom which f e l l on Sunday. The S t a l w a r t Rho f o o t b a l l team, r i d d l e d by i n j u r i e s , l o s t t o Sigma P h i D e l t a , 6-0. The fanf a r e and s p i r i t was & â&#x201A;Ź i n i t e l y a t a peak though a s Rho brought o u t i t s oheerl e a d e r s , mascot, and f a n c l u b . A thank you i s i n order t o the Mainland Cheerleading Corps which brought some e x c i t e m e n t t o Sundays game. The l o s s though, o v e r shadows a l l and i t s back t o t h e p r a c t i c e f i e l d s we go. AHP i s once a g a i n making plans for its g i r l a u c t i o n . The tentative d a t e i s s e t f o r t h e weekend of o c t 16 s o watch t h i s s p a c e f o r more news. Another pledge was t a k en i n t o the fold t h i s week. Ex-Army man B i l l Green w i l l assume pledge d u t i e s toward a p r o f e s s ional associate standing. On a f i n a l n o t e , D e l t a Chi, the O l d arch-riva1 Of gridiron meetings Past, is t h e doe this week. Game t i m e i s 1:30, s o l e t ' s be t h e r e t o c h e e r Rho on. Goodbye from P i n o c h i 0 and h i s masters:


Bruce Beev, Tom Thompson, , P.obert Champion, Frank Tomg, Ray Nordquist, Robert Cramer, Charles Stough, Tom E s s i g , and on Richards. c h i ~ ~ l ~ our h little i ~ , s i s t e r organization wasn't i d l e either. They i n i t i a t e d f i v e girls a s c h i Delphia p l e d g e s . Their number i s now up t o 17 a c t i v e members and we owe them a l o t f o r h e l p i n g u s g e t o u r house i n t o o f d e r and t h e g r e a t a r t work on some of t h e p o s t e r s . With o u t them.. things just w o u l d n ' t be t h e same::

. ..



s t a r t e a o f f t o a n o t h e r exce1ler.t s e a s o n by d e f e a t i n g Sigma Chi. We're trying t o duplicete l a s t y e a r s undefeated s e a s o n . Lastly, welcome hack to alumnus s p e n c e p r i c e , who j u s t r e t u n e d from a t h r e e week v a c a t i o n i n Europe. I think that about wraps i t up:: See ya n e x t F r i d a y , have B good week.

Sigma Chi

Thanks to the enthusiam t h a t you a l l expressed. Our Rush Weekend was q u i t e a s u c c e s s . There was a good turnoutfor t h e B ~ B-Q, w i t h f i a e men, accompanied by t h e i r wives and d a t e s . There - was . p l e n t y of food and b e e r t o .be had by a l l , and t h e w a t e r was g r e a t : : 1t i s good t o have t h e p o o l back. The a c t i v i t i e s continued By Ed Fusco through Sunday. We a r e proud t o s a y t h a t t h i s h a s been our b e s t ~ u s h y e t , congratulations a r e i n thanks t o ~ u s s y~ l l s u pand o r d e r a l l around t h i s week. F i r s t l y t o D r . E b e r l e a n d . S t e v e Avery,who d i d a f i n e M r . Roberts f o r t h e y a r e job of p l a n n i n g and s e t We o u r two newest f a c u l t y adt i n g up t h e program. visors. Together w i t h M r . are l o o k i n g forward t o our G a r r e t t a n d M r . Brown t h e y new pledge class, and comprise o u r newly formed, thank pou a l l a g a i n f o r , t h e i n t e r e s t t h a t you show' Alumni Board of T r u s t e e s . Gmna Pledge c l a s s was .d. ~ n d f o r t h o s e o f you s t a r t e d l a s t Wednesday a s , t h a t a r e s t i l l i n t e r e s t e d i n sigma C h i , b u t were n o t 10 men were i n v i t e d t o t h e house t o be i n i t i a t e d a s ' e l i g i b l e . to pledge a s you pledges. They a r e under ; h a v e n o t at.tended ERAU f o r t h e d i r e c t i o n of Pledge l o n e t r i m e s t e r y e t - hang in. 1 t h e r e . Keep i n touch w i t h , Counselor l i k e Shanholtz who i s d o i n g a n admirable u s and come back t o u s in! jgb. So c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s 'January for our Spring, ' . t o pledges Skip Fletcher, .R!S~,

Alpha Rho 0L a s t Sundays barbeque Was v e r y meaningful to 'Alpha Rho Omega. The Brot h e r s worked d i l l i g e n t l y end t h u s gained t h e recogn i t i o n of a l l t h o s e t h a t never knew such a f r a t e r b i t y e x i s t e d . he B r o t h e r s donated t h e i r time and would l i k e t o do i t a g i a n a t t h e n e x t barbeque. Thanks g o o u t t o a l l that Participated and Skip Dawson and ~ i m~i Engenio f o r t h e i r e f f o r t i n obtaining s h i r t s with t h e Greek l e t t e r s ; Alpha Omega' On them' Bob B a r r e s i was e l e c t e d Secretary last Wednesday' He i s a n AMM student worthy of recognition for h i s many i d e a s and suggestions. His ideas are

~i t y .~ Slo r ~r y , UBob,r ~you've ~n~

done it again: The f a l l Blood Drive is n e x t week. The d a y s a r e Thursday and F r i d a y , t h e f r a t e r n i t y t o pledge your blood t o i s Alpha Rho Omega. conGentlemen, I now c l u d e t h e column d e s i g n a t ed to Alpha Rho Omega in the most professional way ~ I- know. Sigma P h i D e l t a was o u t t o lunch. May be t h e y w i l l be back by n e x t week.

belta c h i




'rnaior, credit cords

'shuffle board



'package wine and beer a t dr~ve--up w~ndow corner of Nova and Bellview Roads

MODEL US. SENATE by Gary Rosmini The Stetson University polictical Science Department will sponsor the Model United States Senate on November 11, 12, 13, and 14, at Stetson University. For the four days, Thursday through Sunday, 100 sutdents from across the nation will drop their own idenity and become U.S. Senators. Ic an effort to duplicate the legislative atmosphere of the U.S.Senate the program will be divided among party caucuses. committee hearings, and general senate sessions in which the delegates wiil play the roles of the senators they represent. students attending this program will be expected to be aware of the character of the Senate and state they are portraying, and the actions should be in accordance with that role. Some nationally -known political figures such as

2 -


Senator Robert Bryd (D., W.Va.), the Majority Whip; senator Lawton Ciles (D., Fla.) adn former Senator spessard Halland (D.,Fla.) will be guest speaken at the four-day program. A group of judges will observe the. proceedings and award the senators and groups on the following party, catagories: best best committee chairman, most effective committee, most effective senatorsand best characterization of sewtorial role. The cost for each scnator will be approximately $40.00, xhich includes motel rou.:, food, and registration fee. For further information,contact the chairman of ERAU's History Department, or write to: The Model US Senate. Box 1424 Stetson University Deland, F1orj.d.a 32720 or call 904-734-4121 Ext.234.

REMINDER- the deadline for all articals to be printed in tte P-VION is 4:00 Mon.

safety tips by Curtis J. Poree, Jr. Footgear can be an important item of flying equipment when piloting air craft. Ideally, the best footgear to wear while flying is one that gives good ankle support, has flexibility, is not easily removed by shock, but can be removed quickly in water, has no objects that will catch onto the flight controls, has a thick sole to absorb shock, is fire retardent, heat resistent and liquid repellant. The degree of protection that is offered by a type of footgear ranges from the worst which is shower shoes to the best which is leather sky diving boots with front zippers, with intermediates such as sandals, tennis shbes,street shoes, flight boots of various types,and military combat boots. socks should,.be worn with COKT'C IrEX'T PAGE

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Page 6 and the confusion institu-


the S.G.A. undecided as to CONTINUED who will be the new ProPilot senators. One reall types of footgear. ceived two votes and his These should range from first name is still in cushion doubt. Of the other five, cotton to wool soles. Synthetic fabrics two do not appear to be in school. 1t has been as should not be used since nother fine election Prothey tend to melt at high Pilots however, next t i m - temperatures and are not heat resistant. you complain about non-reIt is not our intent to presentation, just look at your past performance. tell you what footgear to wear at all times but AL there are varying circumstances which mav dictate Edwin Johnson has been the wearing of different commissioned as a secondlieutenant in the US Air types of footgear. Professionals will always select Force after graduating what is nest for a given from Officer Training situation, but the profesat Lackland RFB, SiOnals are sometimes Texas. He ~raduatedfrom Air Science in 1970. judged by how safety conPeter has been, s c i o ~ sthey can be toward there personal well being, cOmiSSioned as a second lieutenant in the US Air which in turn determines how safety conscious they Force after graduating will be toward the well. from officer Training school at Lackland AFB, being of their passengers. Texas. He graduated from


Skip Fletcher-V.P. ACP

Bill Ball Jim Dieugenio David Freisland


Henry Hansen Linn Henry Jan Nelson

AMET & Charles Matlock MAN. Richard Shaffer


AIR Science ~d Andrews Ralph Azarian Stever Barbour Ed Bular Craig Deiches Ron DeVoy Kevin Phillips Gary Rosmini Bruce Terrell PRO FILOT Richmond 2 votes Alvin Smith 1 vote Rene Gonolaz 1 vote s. Louis lvote P. Astell 1 vote P. Payne 1 vote Editorial Opinion on Pro Pilot Election It becomes ever more alarming that the groups on campus who scream the loudest about minority equivilancy go out of their way to show their real disinterest and apathy. Once again the Student GOV'~. ASSOC. held elections of senators. The Pro-Pilot faction presently enrolled on campus did not nominate one representative, three were needed. The elections came and left this past Monday

21110 S u t h I # l . n t i c Avmur

- 252405


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IV1.W-F 3-5 T-Th 1-5 a.



Paqe 7

SOCCER Last Friday's soccer game was attended by apspectaproximately 150 tors. This is the best representation since the sport has started at ERAU 7 years ago. Unfortunately the game ended in a loss for the Eagles to a smoothly operating MiamiDade Jr. College. Of course, the Eagles were not helped by the loss of their number 1 and number 2 defense men within 10 minutes of the opening of the game. Oscar Ramsingh, a returning letter man, will require sursery after the one play that put him out of action last Friday. Fatcons The Miami-Dade presented a well coordinated operation, chiefly Spanish speaking, and were able to make up a 2-1 half time lead and go ahead 4 minutes before the end of .. the .~..oame. The Falcons seemed to be in better nhvsical condition and the Hagles did not attempt as many shots at the goal as is their victory last week over St. Leo. Both of the Embry-Riddle goalies displayed real excellence in the saves under trying conditions (when it rains that hard the ball is hard to handle especi2~~




ally a new one with glaze) There were spectacular dives and punches that a kept the Falcons from higher score. The best commentary about the game probably could be that the United Nations could not come to any agreement at this session. It is time that the individual numbers of the players be publicized so that spectators at home games might be able to knou who is performing. Ordinarily those playing on the forward line are numbered as follows: 39 G. Haupt T. Akabogu 3 2. Fagbemi 10 A. Shivji 4 C. Smith 7 G. Dozier 20 W. Dunning 6





Those perfozming in thc middle on the half back - line are: T. Movassaghi 15 R. Sabal1.a 7 C. Okwudibolye 40 B. Maharaj 8 J. Medina -17 . Those on the fullback line are: R. Powell 2 R. Kuliavas 5 S. Pflanzer 37 C. Rungsand 21 Rex Rungsang has been Playing on the forward line but is on the injured ' list and does not have a number yet. We have three 0. Palmer, E. goalies: FOrSt, and A. Bracius. This VJeeks game with Morehead State has been cancelled. ~~~~~




TENNIS All students interested in playing on the ER tennis team please meet Monday, October 4 at 7:30 PM, Room 108, Bldg. A. Beginners are welcome to attend the meeting, and an effort will be made to arrange play and instruction. For the Tennis Team, however a player must have had some experience:the more, the better. If you have experience but Cannot attend the meeting, please make contact with Mr. C.A. Brown, office 226, Bldg A, phone 35.

man team, the four best scores were made by Dick Doneyan, Miles Day, Jcn Haig and Paul Loughery. The sccres or this "latch are gooC for a first-matct, situation and arc indicative of the best talent ER has fielded thus far in Intercollegiate comgetition. You can't win 'em all rithout winning the first one, so we're off to a fins stirt. W l E l OR LOSE, HE PRINT THE






The AVION has started its classified ads sectiox with only fair results. Remember, no other periodical reaches as many readers as we do. If you want scmething sold or arc looking for something to buy, use us! !

FOR SALE -1965 Plym. Belv. 2 door HT. 4 Speed 383, 1 owner - $695 Box C751. STILL


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~ h ~nlhry-Riddle o golfers had their first practice match Tuesday afterncon at the Daytnr.2 Beach Golf and Country Club, and came off with e win against st. John's Junior College. It was a close win. with Embry-Riddle's four lowscorcrs turning in a total of 328 strokes versus 334 for St. ohn's. Of the 6

1971 100 ~ ~ rail~ Boss - 2 0 0 ~mi - 10 speedT~~ speed 66 George rrancis 253-6957 -EMU BOX 1171 -%st offer over $375


1969 VoPvo 2 Door Sedan, new tires, brakes, and clutch. AM/EM radio, excellent condition. Asking $1750. Call Bill after 5 PM - 767-6139.

68 Vw Karnlan Ghia--convertable--air--Must Sell-$1500--Excellent--Box 342 149 S. Hollywood ---Larry Lmbardo--767-0791 FOR SALE- 67 Honda 305 super Hawk--Excellent Condition-- and Helmet-- call 255-6096 FOR SALE-- 1970- Delco AM car ~radio--~ $20-- ~Made ÂŁ01 k 1970-72 Firebird, but will fit in most GM cars; easily aeaptable to all other cars Perfectly--call 767-2G55


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DRUGS FROM DEAN SPEARS During the closing weeks of the Spring '71 trimester the university experienced its most oerlous apidemic to date of illegal drug involvement in violation of University 1,egulations. ( A total of eight students were subjected to sudden and "unprogrammed" departures; some with accompanying police records). AS a consequence, in efforts to further educate and inform all members of our student body of the serious view which this University does and must take toward such matters, a thorough publicity campaign . was launched throughout the campus. Only three weeks later. on 16 May, two students were arrested by the local Narcotics Task Force and charged with violation of State Statutes governina illegal drugs. Both students were suspended im'mediately following their arrest. Student.S1 was a senior in Aeronautical Science with a 2.95 Honor Point Average procrrammed for graduation in April. 1972. He currently faces trial in Felony court as a "pusher", has withdrawn from the University In lieu Of disciplinary action", and is reportedly undergoing psychiatric treatment. student # 2 was a senAeronautical ior in science programmed for graduation in December. 1971. He was initially charged with possession" but due to a backlog of felony cases and consequent' plea: bargaining between the State's Attorney and DeCense Attorney. was allowed to plead quilty to "misconduct". This student chose to face the university Conduct Committee, requesting that he be alloqed to resume his education at Embry-Riddle.The Conduct Cammittee voted unaminously infinding that violated Student X2 had University Regulations '"governing involvement with narcotics, hallucinggenic chemicals, or similar agents", .and recommended that he be dismissed. The Findings 2nd Recomendations of the Conduct Cormnittee have been upheld.

And what did this stupid act cost? Plenty: You might think about some of these before getting yourself involved: Disgrace to family. A police record that will have to be explained every time he applies for a significant job for the rest of his life. Fours Years of time and effort wasted. Destroyed aspirations and ambitions for a professional career in aviation, either civilian or militarY. MANY, MANY thousands of dollars in wasted tuition, flight, and living expenses, plus the cost of one of the most expensive attorney's in Daytona Beach. WORTHIT?



Marihuana Reconsideree by Lester Grinspoon, W from ~h~ orae2e of v i c t o r y pot use "leads to vialence crime... opens the mind and enhances creativity smoking is the first step in the use of such drugs as cocaine, morphine and heroin., is an aphrodisiac has a causal relationship to psychosis is an extremely safe drug when compared to secobarbital and alcohol." Each of these partial quotations from Lester Grinspoon's recent book "Marihuana Reconsidered" can become the Beparture point for an evening-long onL's discussion with friends, reaffirming for the cognoscenti the suspicion that demonologists are in orir midst. Having tilted on numerous occasions with those whose





Paqe 11 by the "demonology" 'of marijuana I am particularly sensitive to how deeply we as a society have'been committed to a positicn that is based on superstition and undocumented hear say. For threc generations misinformation about this drug has been embedded into our literature, our minds. our ethos and, increasingly, our laws. How well this misinforrr.ationhas been planted and carefully nurtured is attested to by our continued inability to use the available scientific evidence to modify Federal statutes vihich are not only unrealistic but Draconian in nature. This societal "blindspot" has created a dilemma! One facet of the dilemma is the Alice- in- Wonderland relationship we have fashione6 between marijuana and alcohol. On the one hand we find that posession of alcohol, a central nervous system depressant which has porduceZ physical dependence in an estimated 6,000,000 Americans and psychological dependence in perhaps five times that number, is not only free of penalty but its use is even encour aged by our socity to such a degree that nonusers of the drug are regarded by most as being somewhat peculiar. On the other hand mere possession of n!arijuana, a mild 'hallucinogen" incapable of producing physical dependence and whose ability to .create psychological depexdence is judged to be less than that of alcohol and tobacco, is considered a heinous crime punishable upon conviction by im-



(behind the control tower)


Prisonment for varying peri'ds up to 99 years. ' G?inspoon, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, analyzes this and other aspects of the marijuana problem and concludes that, "we must consider the enormous ham., both obvious and subtle, short range and long-term, inflected on the people, particularly the young, who constitute or will soon constitute the formative- and critical !embers of our society by the present punitive, repressive approach to the use of marijuana. And we must consider the damage inflicted on legal and other institutions when young people react to what they see as a confirmation of their view that those institutions are hypocritical and inequitable. Indeed tile greatest potenti21 for social harm lies in the scarring of so many young people and the reactive, institutional dAmages that arc direct produces of present marijuana laws. If we are to aviod having this harm reach the proportion of a national disaster within the next decade, we must move to make the social use of marijuana legal." Before reaching this conclusion Grinspoon covers, in an unusually well documented fashion, the biology, chemistry, pharmacology an2 toxicity of marijuanaithe potential medical uses which merit further study; the psychological effects of. using the drug; and the social and legal implications'of usage both with regard to the indivisual and society. I can only express my admiration for the manner in which Grinspoon has extracted, analyzed and syn-thesized the most relevant literature to present the reader with a coherent. logical case. He inevitably leads to the conclusion that, as a society, we were systematically coerced into making the same mistake in 1937 with marijuana that was made earlier with alcohol by the passage of the Volstead Act. One group opposing the passage of the 1937 Aut outlawing marijuana was the American Medical Association. The opposition was based on concern that the act woule. not accomplish its objectives, would be unnecessar#lyex-

pensive for the physicians to comply with and that the drug should continue to be available for restudy by modern means-such studies they believed could show "other advantages to be obtained from its medicinal use." Their concern with the ineffectiveness of the act has proven to be well founded. Less well appreciated is the fact that research was for all practical purposes completely stifled for over 30 years. Fortunately that situation has now been remedied, and we are now well into the efforts to derive therapeutically useful substances from the comples constituents which make up the marijuana plant. Grinspoon's evaluation is that new products may be - - develooed from either naturally 'occurring mariiuana or one of the svnGhetic forms which hak: (1) analgesic properties in combination with mood elevation abilities;(2)the effect of lowering blood pressure through different


mechanisms than tcday's drugs; and (3) have antidepressant and antianxiety effects again different in their mechanism of action than today's druqs. mergence of a new drug in any one of these three classes would be a substantial contribution, particularly if the drug po3sessed greater margins of safety or fewer side effects than drugs presently being used. As for myself, I yould favor legalization only if I were confident that a control system could be devised to preclude widespread usage by abolescents. They are not well equipped to handle a drug which provides a pleasant escape from reality, promotes inattention and would distract them from their main task-growing up. But hooefullv manv --. r-----, *~ Americans will read Lester Grins~oon's"Marihuana Reconsiiered" and utilize the information so will presented in reaching their own decieion on "pot", to legalize or not. ~



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