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tm EmZlr?y-Ezicidle &eranautical


Student Government Association VOLUME 111

FFRRUARY 20, 1970

& arreaaaar

BY RICHARD T. WHITE By now, you've heard the rumors and have seen the aircraft. You've asked your fellow students, "Is it really ours?'' Yes. The blue and white Convair-8321 Charlie was donated to Embry-Riddle by Mohawk Airlines after having a tour of duty with the Holman-Moody Company by way of lease agreement. TO Mohawk we should be ever greatful of their generosity because the aircraft should provide quite valuable to all of ~

Mr. Tacker, E-R's Chief Pilc-, was helpful to the AVIOS in supplying facts about the new acquisition. 8321-C was built in 1948 probably one of the first off .he assembly line on wt.~ch176 were built. The plane has a maximum seatinn capacity of 40 but is ~resentlvin an executive configurHtion with forward and rear gallies, lavatory, plush seats and impressive avionics including weather radar. At a gross weight of 40.500 lbs. normal cruise is about 270 mph true. 2,400 horses connected to each throttle assures a 30,000' service ceiling (book figure.) Mr. Tacker expressed pleasure in knowing that this aircraft is presently airworthy and holds a valid Annual Certificate until March. The aircraft could be certihicated under part 135 if necessary. Furthermore, no apparent complications were encountered during the process of changing ownership. 8321-C is a fine looking bird. She is presently carrying her life's history in official paperwork in the aft cargo compartment. These required records are contained in literally dozens of boxes






and conceivably weigh 100 lbs. or more. The big question now is "What will Embry-Riddle do with both the Convair 240 and the new DC-3?" The Administration is carefully working on plans for these two aircraft. Our guiss is that the ultimate

US. ~



destrny of the u.rcraft will allow for the greatest benefit to the most students. In any event, we hope that these two aircraft will be put to good use, and when a decision is made the AVION will be there to report it.


The atmosphere. at the ER Valentine's Dance held at the Desert Inn this past Saturday was definitely a pretty happy and congenial one. The entertainment was provided by the two bands: The Academy, and the Checkmates, and it seemed that most of

those present were inspired (?)out ts the dance floor at one time or another during the course of the evening. Set-ups for those drinking were also readily available. Hats off to the SGA for a job well done!




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speaking out



The AVION r e s e r v e s t h e r i g h t t o e d i t . l e t t e r s a s we s e e f i t i n a c c o r d a n c e w i t h good j o u r n a l i s t i c p r a c t i c e . All l e t t e r s must b e s i g n e d , a l t h o u g h . n a m e s w i l l b e w i t h h e l d upon r e q u e s t f r o m t h e w r i t e r .

~-sr w



NEWS & VIEWS i s reminded Everyone t h a t AVION deadlines a r e Monday a t 4:00 PM u n l e s s otherwise stated. Late articles will not be printed.

+ + + + T h i s n o t e comes from Rich White: I f y o u ' v e heen wonderi n g where Embry R i d d l e is been going l a t e l y i n t h e e y e s of t h e A v i a t i o n Ind u s t r y , s o h a s t h e FAA. A s a r e s u l t , FR was v i s i t ed l a s t week by some V I P ' s who seemed w e l l s a t i s f i e d by what t h e y saw. Beginning w i t h C h e s t e r Bowers. Head of t h e FAA A i r p o r t s D i v i s i o n on t h e weekend, ER was exposed t o

From t h e Editor's Desk

t h e FXA's finest. On t > r followinq rlonday navia Thomas, A s s i s t a n t Administ r a t o r , toured' t h e canpus w i t h P r e s i d e n t Hunt and others. f i n a l l y , on t h e f o l l o w i n g d a y , two FAA a s s o c i a t e s from t h e hliami o f f i c e r e p e a t e d t h e process. A l l t o the students b e n e f i t - word h a s it t h a t t h e FAA w a n t s t o c o o p e r a t e i n developing b r o a d e r academic programs a t ER.

+ + + +

frcm the Grumbling f l i g h t l i n e h a s been h e a r d recently concerning t h e s t r i n g e n t e n f o r c e m e n t of t h e d r e s s c o d e . Word h a s it t h a t M r . Tacker h a s b e e n o v e r - l e c t u r i n g on t h e i m p o r t a n c e of t h e code. I t a p p e a r s t h a t t h e r e a r e two. s i d e s t o e v e r y s t o r y : some

of the protestors have every r i g h t t o complain, since they present a neat, clean appearance, wjth h a i r n o t o v e r l y l o n g , and a r e being harassed f o r not complying w i t h t h e code. A few o t h e r s need a rforrl o r two a b o u t t h e i r unkempt appearance., The A v i a t i o n world, i n t h i s g e n e r a t i o n anyway, d o e s n o t have anyt h i n g s h o r t of a c l e a n and combed image among i t s ..:Iployees. +




I t l o o k s a s though t h e Yearbook w i l l have no "Miss Phoenix" t h i s y e a r a t l e a s t n o t from ananng t h e ER c o e d s . we s u g g e s t t h a t t h e Phoenix w a i t until t h e c o m p e t i t i o n i n c r e a s e s by a b o u t 500%, and t h e g i r l s e n t e r i n g w i l l be l e s s a p t t o fear tauntina from t h e t r o o p s .

the praesiden;t's

corner extend THANK YOU t o everyone who h e l p e d t o make t h e V a l e n t i n e s Dance t h e s u c c e s s t h a t it was. T h i s i n c l u d e d M r . Dan Kess l e r , the Social ?unctions Chairman and e v e r y s t u d e n t t h a t took a n a c t i v e p a r t i n t h e Dance s i m p l y by a t t e n d i n g it. We t h o u g h t t h a t we would r e a l l y have t o go f a r t o b e a t t h e Christmas dance, and I would s a y t h a t we d i d .


I would l i k e t o

a very deep

The n e x i e v e n t t h a t t h e SGA w i l l b e h a v i n g w i l l b e a Barbeque on F e b r u a r y 2 8 . This w i l l be t h e climax t o GREEK WEEK which w i l l r u n from Feb. 2 2 , o r 23 and end on t h e t u n e of t h e SGA Barbeque


ALL STUDENTS WHO EXPECT - - TO GRADUATE I N THE YEAR OF 1970 DON'T FORGET THAT YOU MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION TO GRADUATE. DO THIS NOW AT THE REGISTRAR'S OPFICE. Delay c o u l d mean n o t g r a d u a t i n g when you a r e supposed t o ! ! ~ e r Eerndt j President Student Government Association

,TO THE STUDENTS: I r e f e r you t o t h e Soc i a l Funct!.ons paragraph of t h e SGA Mini-Minutes i n t h i s paper. It is stated t h a t t h e SGA " l o s t ' $467. on t h e S t r a w b e r r y Alarm Clock C o n c e r t . I t h i n k it was t o t a l l y w a s t e d . This is o u r ( t h e s t u d e n t s ) mone v which was m i s h a n d l e d I w i l l not and m i s u s e d . o f f e r s o l u t i o n s o r courses of action, b u t I would l i k e t o r e m i n d t h e SGA t h a t t h i s i s o u r money they a r e handling. W e t h e s t u d e n t s pay a n a c t i v i t i e s f e e of $6.00 a t t h e beginning of each trimester. T h i s money i s t o be u s e d f o r d a n c e s and b a r b e q u e s and o t h e r s t u dent functions. These' w e get: and t h e y are v e r y worthwhile a t t h a t . But my c o m p l a i n t i s t h a t t h e SGA t o o k o u r money t o h i r e a band and h o l d a c o n c e r t and c h a r g e d u s t o a t t e n d w i t h t h e i d e a o f making a profit. The SGA h a s n o t the a u t h o r i t y nor the r i g h t t o charge us t o s e e what we pay f o r t o b e g i n with.

I t was a l s o s t a t e d t h a t " t h e o n l y way t o make mone y on s u c h f u n c t i o n s i s t o be w i l l i n g t o take a l o s s on t h e f i r s t few." This i s u t t e r l y r i d i c u l o u s . The SGA c a n n o t f e e l f r e e t o l o s e o u r money i n o r d e r f o r them t o g a i n e x p e r j e n c e i n t h e making of p r o f i t s from h o l d i n g c o n c e r t s The SGA n o t o n l y w a n t s t o w a s t e more money on t h e s e concerts, but a f t e r losing $467.00, they c a l l e d it "somewhat of a s u c c e s s considering s h o r t notice and b e i n q h e l d on a Monday night." This is j u s t a p e r f e c t e x a n n l e of very poor p l a n n i n g . The SGA i s a h e n e f i c i a l o r g a n i z a t i o n t o a l l of u s students. But c e r t a i n l y t h e y must have t h e wisdom t o know t h a t we d o n o t want o u r money misused on a supposedly profit-making f u n c t i o n , which 95% of t h e s t u d e n t s could n o t a t t e n d . I d o n ' t know what w e a s t h e . s t u d e n t s can do, b u t t h e SGA s h o u l d t h i n k t w i c e a b o u t v e n t u r i n g on a n o t h e r money-losing campaign i n order t o gain experience i n profit-making



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% G Q m ? A ' ' ~ ~ ~ w a cR & * - w -

3Iyrorbrh by: J.A.3Iinklp

Ebifeb by: $!B.Wnobruf f

The ninetecoth re%ular meetin of the Student Government Association Council w-s held today with.3t members present; the meeting was called to order by Speakerof the Council Terry Owens at 12:15; the minutes of the previoi~smeeting were accepted as written unanimously. i:residcntqs Heport. President Berndt stated that he h?s heard many compl-ints ?bout the flight dress code being too stringe'nt. Ilr. Boaz t:xs informed Ilr. Berndt that tb? present code had come ahout in erlor, 2nd efiorts will be made to rectify it until the Dress Code Committee meets ~ l dcomes up with a solution. A petition is being circulated nmong fliqlit students to have the current dress code, which was recommended by the Adsinistration but not signed by any student representltives, chlnqed; many fliqht students feel it is too militaristic. !'r. Serndt coneratulated Social Functions Committee Chairmln Dan Kessler ~-~


on a vergsiccessful Valentine's Dance. He also announced the possibility of a filln on drug abi~sebeing shown February 23. There wil' be a convention is Gainssville >:arch 6 and 7 to ratify the constitiition of a Floridswide association of student governments; the Council is sending two dele~ a t e sto this convention. First Vice President. Dan Martin informed all committee chairmen that -connittees sre to meet at least twice a month. .3o?ond Vice President. Phil Woodruff submitted a motion to have Ions-tcrn recognition for representatives who have done a great deal of work for the SGA by means of a composite photo of the individuals framed and run? in a prominent spot within the Institute; the motion wss passed, 30 In favor, 1 abstainin~. Third Vice President. Merritt Welch -revised by the Board of Managers, is

reported that the new Constitution, currently at the Print Shop. Hepresentatives should be prepared to disouss it at next week's meeting.

The Treasurer's -

Heport was accepted as written unanimously.

Secretary's Report. Stephen Avery has received resolutions regarding the flight line dress code and cars parking in the motorcycle-only parking lots. The new list of committees will be ready at the end of the wee!<. Ilr. Avery also thanked the SGA for their gift to him while he was hospitalized. Blood Drive. Chairman Dennis Krol distributed and explained to the presidents of campus organizations the rules for the Blood Drive Trophy competition (driest-bled organization) and the Blood Drive ~romdtion contest (best all-around advertising for the Drive). Each organization drew an area of the campus in which to place its posters, signs, etc. Letters asking merchants to donate prizes for the Blood Drive may be picked up in the SGA office next Monday. Facilities. Jim Dunn reported that a school-crossing sign has been placed near the A & P area. The WATS (Wide Area Telephone Service) line costs the school about $350 for 10 hours' use a month; the resolution asking that graduating students be allowed to.use it in conneation with :,b placements was therefore answered negatively. Food Service. Proposed increases in food prices will be investigate by the Food Service Committee.

7 -

Social Functions. Dan Kessler reported a loss to the SGA of $467 for the Strawberry Alarm Clock concert. Many other groups will be coming to the Daytona area, and we have an opportunity to sponsor some of them; theonly way to make money on such functions is to be willing to take a loss on the first few, whiie gaining experience and publfcity for future concerts. This concert was somewhat of a success, considering the extremely short notice and its being held on a Monday night. Student Aid. Dan Sturm reported that $500 has been accumulated for the Student Aid grants, which will be distributed sometime In March. Traffic. A new policy is forthcoming regarding no-registration and lateregistration violations. Another campus policeman may be added. The - -

Page 4 cir:.:-!ljt.toi! i s Scsi.:ninq a l;oo!cl.ct t l r a t w i l l c o n t n i n .,cps of t! I: cnr:ipirs ~ n d ..z.:?ii i c re?,!i. .!t:it9:1s: i t v i l l Ire p i ~ hils h o d i n t h e f'11.I. s asked t o v o t e torlny f o r t h e l o s t outstandYo:~rhoo':. i r o p r c s c n t ~ ~ t i v uwere i..,-, O:;A r o n r o s o n t a t l v e o r o f f i c e r . None of our cocds wislled t o he ! ' i ? s '.,r,?!l;;, s o i n s t e ~ l l ,?evt:r-!. payas w i l l be s e t a s i d e i n tile ycsrhook f o r 1'1. tlie coeds. LIld n n s i n c s s . so,~!ors c r c i : i t

;dorl< i.s s t i l ' . hoinq lione on t h e n r o j o c t t o r i s e "rn,!~!.',.in"

isr orens o i c o . ! c e ~ l t r a t J o nwith t b e i r '?a.jors even thour'i:

u ? ~ , o - s01 c o n c e n t m t i o n . ' d i d n ' t c x i s t i n t h e n u l l c t i n under w k i c ? ~ti:c:y t : ~ t ~ ~ ..C,LdI. ed :.I;!. 'lurinoss. Tlqe iitudcnt L:nn~iboo!<i s i n need ? ? n . ~ i t t o ow i l l t o - c t . j v ~ t o d t o iisndle t h i s .

of r e v i s i o n ; t h e bv?.'~t?tion



1 i o a t i o n f o r having no s t i c k e r w h a t s o e v e r : $5 f i n e i f paid w i t h i n lfive'sclhool days of r e c e i t of t i c k e t ; $10 a f t e r f i v e s c h o o l days. $3 f i n e i f paid l i t h i n f i v e 2. F a i l u r e t o renew l a s t P y e a r ' m k e r : s c h o o l days of r e c e i p t of t i c k e t ; $10 a f t e r f i v e s c h o o l days. 3. A l l t i c k z s not p a i b w E K T 1 4 days of r e c e i p t of t i c k e t w i l l be b i l l e d t o s c h o o l account. Parkln V i o l a t i o n s 1) I l l e g a l p a r k i n g ( p a r k i n g i n unauthorized a r e a s ; d r e a s a r e on1 t h o s e a r e a s marked f o r s t u d e n t parking on parking map.) 2 ) Taking up m o r d a n one parking space. 3 ) Parking i n f a c u l t y a r e a s . F i r s t v i o l a t i o n i s a warning. Second v i o l a t i o n i s a $1 f i n e . Third v i o l a t i o n i s a $2 f i n e . Fourth v i o l a t i o n i s a 95 f i n e . A l l subsequent v i o l a t i o n s a r e $5. A l l t i c k e t s must be paid w i t h i n f i v e s c h o o l days o r t h e y w i l l i n c r e a s e t o t h e next h i g h e s t amount every f i v e days t h e r e a f t e r u n t i l t h e y r e a c h $5, a t which time t h e y w i l l be b i l l e d t o t h e s c h o o l account. F i n e s may be p a i d i n t h e SGA o f f j c e any t i m e d u r i n g t h e s c h o o l day. Any charges i n c u r r e d i n t r a c i n g l i c e n s e p l a t e s t o o u t - o f - s t a t e owners w i l l be added t o t h e amount of f i n e s . The T r a f f i c Court i s i n s e s s i o n every Tuesday Anyone wishing t o a p p e a l . evening from 6:30 t o 7:30 pm i n t h e SGA o f f i c e . must do s o before t h e f i r s t f i v e days have e l a p s e d and must show a l e g i t imate reason why t h e should be changed o r dropped. Ignorance of t h e law i s not s u f f i c i e n t excuse.

The r e d u c t i o n s i n t r a f f i c f i n e s were voted on and approved by t h e SGA T r a f f i c Committee on February 11, 1970. A l l t i c k e t s i s s u e d on o r before February 20, 1970 may be paid a t t h e new reduced r a t e u n t i l February 27. The five-day g r a c e p e r i o d w i l l e x p i r e on February 27 f o r a l l t h o s e t i c k e t s i s s u e d on o r before February 20, and t h e new r e g u l a t i o n s w i l l be followed from t h e n on. T r a f f i c Committee, S t u d e n t Government A s s o c i a t i o n

February 6 12

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION TREASURER'S REPORT February 1 6 m Balance Adjustment ( e r r o r i n l a s t week's r e p o r t ) .12 Ck. 1106-Bell Bakeries bread f o r November barbeque b i l l n o t p r e v i o u s l y submitted 42.25 Ck. 1107-Gerald Berndt-Board of Managers' meeting-coffeep r e s i d e n t ' s Expense Account 1.80 last Ck. 1108-Films, I n c . 67.00 f i l m of f a l l trimester Ck. 1109-Desert I n n - r e n t a l of h a l l f o r dance 847.60 Ck. 1110-John Conklin-music f o r dance 250.00 Ck. 1111-The Academy-music 300.00 f o r dance Ck. 1 1 1 2 4 . R i n k l e - s e c r e t a r y 25.00





2475.45 2475.33


2431.28 2364.28 1516.68 1266.68 966.68 941.68


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week it went to Dave WilBY ART ERICSON kinson. With one third of this Greek Week, a name betrimester over, things ing heard more often these have finally begun to setdays, is beginning to take tle down. Greek week will shape. Along with the be a relief to those of surrounding barbecue and you who can't find any-' some student participation thina to do in Davtona and it could possibly become can't afford the races. an Wry-Riddle success. The carnival on Saturday The Valentines Dance was a should provide an abungood example of what could dance of entertainment and be accomplished. It may possibly a chance to rebe a guide for more than lieve your tensions and one successful school anxieties. function. Dan Kessler, SGA social Functions Pledging has already begun, however, if you are Chairman, and a Brother, I might add, and his commitstill interested, contact tee deserve a lot of creme in box 894 and 1'11 see if we can't include you in dit. this trimester's pledge Sunday morning brought class. the Brothers all of whom Our compliments go to were at the dance, to the Sigma Chi Delta for their playing field for what is rapid growth on Riddle's turning into a ritual. campus in the few months 8 AM Playing softball at since their first formain the morning is not really'a game. It is more tion. I hope that the relationship between Pi Sigon the order of torture. ma,~hi and Sigma Chi Delta This week the game was to can be expanded through have been with AVION the IFC due to our mutual .staff However, the game feelinjs of providing a was not played due to the socL.11 atmosphere for Emlack of a complete opposbry-Riddle ing team. Having not physically beaten the AI'ION team there seems to SIGMA CHI DELTA. be no hard feelings and BY DON OSMONDSON this column should appear for a few more weeks at Peter Alberti, Joseph least. The Sigma Chi DelJ. Andrews, John Barsin, ta team did play later Darrell Beard, Gerald that morning and were vicBerndt, Ken Bording, Paul torious over the Vets 14Edy, Lyall Feather, Rob5. ert Fern, David Gotwalk, Brother Stephen Avery David Grey, John Houghtalis back at school having. ing, Russell Ouderkirk, talked the doctor into re-, Joseph Parker, Doug Philleasing him from the hoslips, Russell Strive, pital. Mr. Avery recently. George Waterman, and David underwent a serious knee Wilkinson. operation from which there Those mentioned above seems to be no serious ill have accepted the bid to effects. He is slightly pledge Sigma Chi Delta handicapped by the crutchFraternity. We feel that es when running the bases each of these men have the at the softball games. potential to become a Brother and it is our hope SIGMA PHI that they all make it. BA' RAY ALFONSO However. it is their merits and not our hopes Last Friday night the which will allow them to Cornittee Professional achieve this position and presented an outstanding the pledge period begining program, consisting of a Wednesday, February 11, .Russian film dealing with will offer them the opporRussian cosmonaut training tunity to prove to us and and afterwards an excelto themselves that ;rh8ey lent discussion on populadeserve this position. tion -explosion. At the Along with the pledge permeeting we were honored iod there will be a Pledge with the presence of Dr. of the Week chosen by the Ritchie, Dr. Ballina, Mr. Brothers for outstanding Deeley and Mr. Chrisman. behavior becoming a Sigma The discussion was started Chi Delta Pledge. This. .by an introduction by Ray,




~lfonso;head of the Professional committee. Dr. Ritchie followed by relating population to food available. Dk. Ritchie estimates that in the year 2027, food available will equal food required, and from then on there will be less food than that required. Then Dr. Ballina mentioned experiments being conducted with some kind of algae of which one tank could produce as much protein as 157 acres could yielb. From then on the discussion brought out many interesting points, such as: Future and Present Lesislation to Control Population Explosion; United States Foreign Policy towards Population Explosion; Christian Bible Predictions; and Birth Control in General; The meeting lasted about two hours and itls just the beginning of this years' Professional Program. This trimester we scheduled about twenty technical oriented films.' We are also working on a trip to Piper Aircraft in Vero ;Beach. There will be many other meetings in the future and anybody interested is welcome to come. As far as the sports scene is concerned, we lost our first softball game last Sunday to the Bombers XI, but we plan to make a good comeback next .game. Our athletic committee, headed by Brother Joe Rubel, plans to have some sports films in the near future. Our three Pledges are making a good show. They have shown a great amount of spirit, unity and initiative, which are the trademark of an excelled. Pledge class. Well, thats all this week from ERnI's only Professional Engineering Fraternity.




FEE. 21-28


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BY MARTY STILLING The draft lottery program initiated by President Nixon on November 26, 1969 was at first expected to give most draft eligible men an idea of their status with regard to the possibility of induction. It has failed in this regard with the possibility. that this idea was misinterpreted from a Defense Department release.

Lottery Solving No Problems In the release by the Defense Department it is estimated that 850,000 men between the ages of 19 to 25 were available for induction. It was estimated 500,000 would be immediately available. 350,000 additional men would become available during 1970 when their student deferments expire. Approximately 500,000 men will be needed, of which almost half will be volunteers leaving a need for 250,000 inductees. However, normally 50% of the men called for induction do not serve in the Armed Forces. This it due to the fact that some fail their physicals, some get hold of 1-S classifications, some refuse induction .or are just not found Due to these factors approximately 500,000 men will be called for induction. This means that most of the lottery members will be used by many of the draft boards throughout the country. By the Selective Service's own statistics, 90% of the men in the available manpower pool axe called up for induction: Recently, the Supreme Court has ruled the draft boards may not speed up induction orders of Vietnam War protestors as punishment. General Lewis B. Hershey had initiated this procedure more than two years ago. The practice received opposition from those of every political persuasion It was viewed by many as an illegal way to crush dissent. Soon the Senate Armed Services Committee plans to meet to discuss the

BY THE APOSTLE STEVE The women in the songs of 1776, 1812, 1917, 1945, 1952, and 1970 are the same women. The guns still shoot, albeit farther and faster now. The uniforms have changed and the stars of our time-torn flag-have changed in number, but they represent Americans. What is it, then, that chanaes the American horizon Go a red? Amer-.--- blood - - - ica's history is rich in blood. American blood is rich. It's rich in heritage; a heritage of strugale. of travelina where Ghiily winds biow, of finding beauty, and of findins one's self. There must aiways be the mood, freedom in American heritage. This is the word I believe, that is making scars on the face of the country in my mind. My American neighbors who drank an ale or two and sat to draw up my nation's constitution blundered a bit. They allowed a freedom of interpretation that proved paradoxical when put to a test. ~


in todays court system. These people are a minority. The law should serve the majority, and yet, the majority can't speak for all the dust in the air. The road to frk-:?? is long and dusty. Meny people died for a nations liberty and there wasn't an individual in the lot. If my nation continues to fight for individual freedoms, those champions of American heritage really will be dead.


The object is, that humans must think as humans to interpret successfully. That is what troubles my nation. A few people can easilv use our constitution, as is being proven ~ossibilitiesof draft reform and the feasibility of an all volunteer army. The Pentagon has advised that student deferments be thrown out.

CREDENTIALS It has been readily ap-' parent for some time that the Selective Service Sys-

America isn't in VietNam defending America. A peoples freedom is at stake. There is no "I" in our aims. It is all "we". The water is growing deep around us as the "1's" in our country punch holes in the raft of freedom. As we lose control of our daughters and their sons, and our times change, there is still the country that protects, and is an example to other nations and other peoples. As our world shrinks, our world expands. America grows smaller and the effects of America grow larger. A man cannot learn all the knowledge available to him, today, and must relegate himself to his place in the universe and, instead, place mankind where he wills himself. This will be an A-' merica, lost, likewise. tern has self-righteously taken tlle functions of both. judge and jury in ifst handling of war protestors I certainly hope that this will not be the end of the high court's handling of the totalitarian enforcement used in our SSS. I feel that an in-depth look at the entire system is long overdue.



by ray lee


already hold the pole slots for the Daytona 500 on Sunday, February 22, but the remaining 38 starting positions will be DAYTONA BEACH, F L A . . . . . . . . decided in two 125-mile ;Who is going to win the qualifying races on Thurs1970 NASCAR late model dav. sportsman championship? The second annual FlorRace fans will get a ida Citrus 250 for NASCAR good indication on the anGrand American Challenqe swer to that question on Series cars is set for 1 Saturday, February 21 when PM Friday, February 20 and the 12th annual Daytona features such standouts as Permatex 300 late model champion Ken Rush of High sportsman race is run at Point, N.C., most popular baytona International driver Tuny Lund of Cross, Speedway. S.C., defending champ Don The big event offers a Yenko of Cannonsburg, Pa., flock of points to the t ~ p Buck Baker, of Charlotte, runners and how high a N.C., and Japanese ace driver flnishes in the Seiichi Sunuki of Tokyo. race may well determine if The Daytona Permatex he pursues the 1970 cham300 gets underway at 1 PM pionship. Saturday while wrapping up RB Farmer of Rueytown, Speedweeks on Sunday, ~eb-' Alaba, a , voted the most ruary 22, is the Daytona popular oriver in the last 500 at 12:30 PM. model sportsman division last E ason, won the 1969 chard 3nship and heads a h<t . st of 53 entries for BY RALPH C. WICKLUND the rrce on the 2.5-mile trar l. Approximately forty I.te top 12 drivers in people gathered at Blue last year's standings are Springs last Friday for a entered. Besides Fanner, cookout sponsored by the the group includes Harry Diving Eagles in conjuncGant of Taylorsville, N.C. tion with the club's reguFreddy Fryar of Baton lar Friday night dive. Rouge, La., Ronnie Daniel of Lynchburg, Va., Sonny Floodlights provided by Hutchins of Richmond, Va., the club and powered by a Haskell Willingham of rented generator were set Columbia. S.C.. Glenn up at two places in the Guthrie bf ~ e m ~ i Hills, e spring to illuminate the MD., Sam Sommers of Savan water so that the non-dinah, Ga., Tiny Lund of vers could swim and see cross, s.c.- ~ e r r y Lawley what was happening. One of Huevtown. Ala.. Alton of the club members also Jones of pleasant '~roves, donated his car tarre deck Ala., and Bill Hollar of and stereo speakers-to the Burlington, N.C. . .. cause. ~ h e - t two o ~ drivers in CONTlNUED NEXT PAGE the 1969 NASCAR national modified standings, three time champion car. "Bugs" Stevens of Rehcboth, Mass, and Jerry Cook of Rome, N.Y., also are entered as well as Grand National stars Bobby and Donnie Alsion of Hueytown, Ala. holds Donnie Alslon the qualifying record for the event at 185.208 miles per hour and the drivers will be out to break it in time trials Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. . . Cale Yarborough of Tim,-. monsville, S.C., and Buddy Sigma Phi Delta rolls in to Baker of Charlotte, N.C., ~~


Softball standings: Won SKCIRP 2 Independents 2 2 Bombers #1 Eagles 2 2 Sigma Chi De'lta Sigma Phi Delta 1 Vets 1 Jet-BO 1 Alpha Eta Rho 0 Bombers # 2 0 .Avion 0

Lost 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3

All games scheduled for February 22 will be played on March 15. The schedule for that day is a follows:

This change is due .to a majority of the team members wanting to go to the races. Be sure to show ~ f p on time when your team rs scheduled to play in order to keep all games beginning on time. Volleyball standinqs: Ball Busters Persian Pro's Tutti-Fruittis' The Good Guys Alpha Eta Rho Volleyball Team

Won 2 2 1 1 0 0

Lost 0 0' 1 1 2 2

INTRAMURAL NOTICE All members of the EAGLES football team and the PERvollevball team SIANS from the fail trimester must come to the SGA barbeque on Saturday, February 28 to be presented with your championship trophies.

. -.*..

.. .


. .

..:. .,,

. . .


.:;,.:r2 . .

action against thr Romhers


-- - ..-. -- ---









YAmAHA OF D A Y T O N A 1,e.




A " .




. .


Goodbye Ball

EAGLES WORK OUT Spring came with a spitball this year as the Eaglc baseball squad took to the diamond for spring training. Coach Dave Lowe got his crew together For .a preliminary workout on Monday afternoon. The heavily junior and Senior squad is traditionally weak at the catcher and shortstop positions, but Coach Lowe hopes that some

new talent in the form of transfer students and sophomores will plug this gap. <

. The season begins in early March with traditional cross town rival Bethune Cookman slated as the first victim. Other opponents will include FIT Seminole JC,and a group of visiting northerners.

SQUIRE S semi-annual - Men's Clothing, Furnishings, Sportwear


Perma-Press Pants

- Solid Colors -

V o l u n From ZOO to 11.00

............. 116 N. Beach St.

and girls

We finally ended up at Blue Springs again looking for sharks teeth and other


D 1 " I O Y . .LOllDl

.-. p....

All the guys

Arrow & Hathaway-

Button-Down Oxford Shirts Short SIeeva. Long Sleeves Vdues From 5.00 10 11.00


Because of overindulgence at the Saturday night Valentine's dance it took a while to get going on Sunday. It took all day to get back out to Blue Springs and when we finally got into the water it was almost dark. One of the club members decided that instead of spending time at 60 feet searching for artifacts with just a hand light, he would scoop up a bag full of sand and rocks, bring it to the surface, and take it home where he .could sort out the goodies in comfort. It took three people more than a half an hour to get the bag, which weighs over a hundred pounds, up out of the cave, over the bank, and' into the car. On Monday, February 16, the Diving Eagles presented the underwater movie "WORLD WITHOUT SUN" to almost seventy people. The movie ran for two hours with only minor difficulties. Tonight, weather mitting, the club hold its weekly night at Blue Sprinqs. will leave from the dent Center at 6:30 A11 CERTIFIED divers welcome on this trip.

perwill dive Cars StuPM.


The regular business meetins will be held on Monday, February 23, in room 108 at 8:00 PM. Anycne interested in the club is invited to attend.



Serres Lauded

During the past tour weeks the AVION, through its Institutions Within the Institute series has attempted to open the minds of those on campus who are responsible for the student body, change the SGA, the faculty and the administration, as well as the board of Trustees. Apparently we've made at least some success in our efforts. Each week as the serres continued, so did the feedback - especially from the facultv and administration. Some typical comments were: "Why s t o p a t j u s t

In conclusion, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the faculty and administrators who cooperated with us in se-

curing accurate facts. Finally, a debt of g;atitude goes to our Editor, Linda Colgan, for allowing the AVION to be used as a sounding board.



f o u r e s s a y s , why n o t e i g h t or twetve? I t ' s oreat t o know t h a t y o u ' r e i n t e r e s t e d . " -- Dean Mansfield. W e l t r e s e u r c h e d and we22 p t a n n e d . " -- Roger Campbell. "Our 2 ; b r a r y w i l t b ? better a f t e r your ef-- Ken Weidner. forts." "Thanks for your constructive c r t i c i s m and c o n t i n a e d s u p p o r t . " --The

Library Borsarj


Never to be left behind the times, our crack financial aid office uses only the most modern methods oi r -cord keeping.


"Don't b e a f r a i d :o w r i t e a b o u t any t o p i c . We w i l t t a k e c o r r e c t , : s c t i o n t o make Emb r i - d i d d l e a b e t t e r school for the students."


I\' dt the AVION are pleased with the reception our series has received. Most students have had favorable comments for the series even though written response was light. As the voice of the camaus, the AVION will continue to press for a better school for you the students. If in the future there is a need for more "constructive criticism" we will endeavor to present it.

Mr. Ken Weidner wears the costume that he wore'in the production of "Showboat"; also involved in the show were Corky Greenwood and Mr. Hamilton.

You.can Rent Beechcraft Cessna



i;r :/Y'






$10 pur month du-s

8 :?I




minimum flight tirm mquind tor sol*


Page 10



BY MRS. S H E W BRUCE complimented $or producing Our meeting of the a paper at all. Instead Wives Auxiliary will be at the women of the SGA the new home of Dottie raised up out of her Hess. She lives at 162 chair, and out of order, Lticky Drive, Ormond Beach and made claims against (off AlA, the street bewhich the AVION could not fore JULIAN'S, turn left defend, as it supports. to Stop sign, left again Parliamentary procedure. to Lucky. Follow around 1t must be assumed that to last house on right the pay check administered which will be directly each week for the SGA across from Osceola Elem). thein from women exempt We will be having a brief Roberts' Rules jurisdicbusiness meeting followed tion. Good Show, speaker. by the Tupperware Party which has been scheduled Obviously Anonymous for February 26. An invitation to the Faculty .lmalmalmamlmalmamamm wives has been extended as fi NOW in Davtona Beach! well as to all interested I~OEPENDENTLYo i n ~ o ~ OPERATED n o friends and newcomers to VOLKSWAGEN campus this tri. DressCasual. and PORSCHE Sincere apologies to Barb Gregory and Barb -SPECIALIST George for misprint in Tnlmc In cI.rlom R l r i r iE n l l ~ wbhlm~u last week's article. Barb Gregory is the new ni~ther, not Barb Georqe. Stiil with us Kent? Do hope all Vets and wives will take advantage of the steak dinner this "-..Po-.l.dn,. GENERbL Friday at the American LeINIPECTIOY SERVICE .I E,,a.d"o'.r.h AIR COIIDI.IIOUIN0 gion. How can you go L L E E T I I C * L .0RK wrong for 75C? râ&#x201A;Ź If you need a ride or 1230 N. NOVA ROAD P h n . 211.4797 ' ' information about our meetings, please call Jan Bruce, 767-4857.

Women have invaded,(and I do mean 1NVADED)the SGA. Actually, it was just one female, making up for any lack in numbers, lashing out at the AVION for failing to print certain SGA articles. In the meeting of the previous week, it was explained by the AVION co-editor that there was a majority of the paper stafffsick with enfluenza and that the paper would include only what was reasonable for a skeleton staff to include. The staff should have been













VISITORS LOOSING T I M E The Aircraft Maintenance staff is hard pressed to keep abreast of its workload. We are maintaining 36 Skyhawks, 2 Mooneys, 3 Twin Beachcraft, 2 DC-3s and a Skymaster, with 8 mechanics and 3 helpers.' Ten people to maintain 44 airplanes! We simply cannot ,aÂŁford lost time.

between flying' and maintenance personnel on aircraft discrepancies or other matters of mutual interest pertaining to the business. But unless you do have business there, you are asked to remain outside the maintenance I do not mean to disarea. If you do have a courage valid discussion problem or request, it should be taken up with I Mr. Joe Smith, Head of the , Maintenance ~ e ~ a r t m e n tor his assistant, Mr. John Snead.

Yet, much time is being lost due to uninvited visitors in the maintenance hangar, in and around aircraft undergoing maintenance, and carrying on irrelevant conversations with the mechanics.

Your cooperation is requested and expected.

* * * *



Page 11

Riddle's WAR with the SHERIFF BY GARY ANDERSON "Hello, chief?" "Norris, where are you? " "In a phone booth zt one of the Riddle dorms. nWhy aren't you using your radio?" "Some body stole it." "Who stole it." "I don't know, but I over think I was lured here. I got a call to check out a student,,trapped in an elevator. "what makes you think you were lured?" "well, for starters the dorm doesn't have an ele.vator." "That does sound suspicious. How did they get the radio out of your squad car?" "They didn't. " "You mean they "They took the whole car, chlef." "DO you have any idea what they dld with lt?" " ~ t ' sstill here at the dorm someplace. I can hear them playing with the siren." Is there anything missing?" "Yes, my gunbelt, uniform and badge. " "Did they leave you with anything?" "I still have my handcuffs." "That's good. " "NO, that's bad." "uyhY?"


ogecause they used them to chain me to the telephone booth." "1'11 send someone right over, don't go away" "Very funny, chief. " '*Theret s no telling what one of those people might do with a uniform... O'Reilly come here wait you're not O'Reilly. "Click!"

............ ...



1) Must a control zone contain an operating Control tower? 2) While making a turn at a given bank and constant altitude, you decrease the power slightly: How will this effect your rate of turn and radius of turn? 3) Aircraft engines are susceptible t o detonation and preignition: which of the two would the pilot more readily recognize through roughness, sound and head temperature in. . crease?

4 ) In sequence reports we find the rsport: W 2 X , this report means the sky is: a) indefinite b) obscured C ) 20' d j 200' 5) As a commercial pilot operating under commercial operations and having your last first class medical examination on June 1,1969 On what date would your first class medical become due? ANSWERS TO QUIZ AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.



All Flight Instructors and Students FROM: A.C. Tacker SUBJECT: Flying Hours for Face Weekend SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21,1970 Normal Operation. Use' caution because of many visiting aircraft in the' area. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1970 cross-country must be off the ground no later than 8:00 a.m. and must return between the hours of PM and 3:00 PM. .--12130 Local flying will be permitted Sunday morning prior to 8:00 a.m. or between the hours of 12:30 and 3PM only. ~oflyingfrorn 8 A M t o 12:30 PM or 3PM to sunset.

916 V e l u s # o A r e



DO-It-Yourself Save on Parts & Accessories erydav Low Pri uaker State-45e Oil Filter-



O L ~ T X ~ n y- s paxn3sqo ' t uoyayubyaxd ' E aseax3ap 'aseazau? a?ex ' Z ON 'T


*pLw~m L



o C





I N U~( U U

Box 2 4 1 1 Daytona Eelch, F l a .

The AVION i s a w e e k l y p u b l i c a t i o n f o r Embry-RiddZe s t u d e n t s f i n a n c e d b y fhe students' a c t i v i t y f e e t h r o u g h t h e S t u d e n t Govzrnment A s s o c i a t i o n . . A r t i c Z e s may b e s u b m i t t e d t o t h e AVION f o r publ i c a t i o n b y t h e Adminis t r a t i o n , t h e f a c u Z t y and s t u d e n t body. The AVION d e a d l i n e i s e v e r y Monday afternoon a t 4 : O O p.m. PZease mark aZZ i t e m s AVION and d e p o s i t i n t h e basket i n the t r a i l e r , the S u g g e s t i o n B o s e s , o r ERAI Boz 1 5 6 % .


The o p i n i o n s e x p r e s s e d i n t h i s paper a r e n o t n e c o s sariZy those o f t h e I n s t i t u t e o r aZZ members o f t h e S t u d e n t Body, n o r d o - t a t t e r s a p p e a r i n g i n t h e AVION n e c e s s a r i l y r e f Z e c t t h e o p i n i o n o f t h i s newspaper. Editor: L i n d a CoZgan Co-Editor: S t e v e Atha B u s i n e s s Mgr: Doug Young Lay-Out: Tony Colgan Ed Monoski Photography: Dave McCaZZ Sports: Jan C o Z l i n s Typists: Bonnie Brunt T ~ 6 s kRedmond

Cartoonist: CircuZation:

Vaughn Hatt Tony CoZgan George F r a n c i s p r o o f r e a d e r : Gary Anderscn A d v i 8 o r : M ~ . Roger CampbeZZ

R e p o r t e r s and C o n t r i b u t e r s Gary Anderson, Ray Loehner Cam McQuaid, Marty S t i Z Z i n g , R i c h W h i t e , Ray Lee, RaZph WickZund, D i x i e B a a n c i e , Mike W i s e , C l a r k Wormer, A n n . ~ Y a r i e P i r e s .

Avion 1970-02-20  
Avion 1970-02-20