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Student Government Bsociation !



NOVEMBER 21, 1969



In recent weeks the Embry-Riddle Development Office along with Vice-President Frank Forest has modified and released details for E-R's impressive ten-year 18-million dollar campus construction program. Architect's drawings depict an expansive campus stretching from the present new buildings without interuption, north to the new dorm. The >new plan envisions integration of living accomodations, academic facilities and recreation facilities, the latter being provided by a one-million dollar student center 50% funded by the Federal Government. Taken in chronological order, construction will alternate between each necessary aspect of thk campus with the Gill Robb Wilson Aeronautical Center to be opened in 1971 or 1972. Another dormitory wing with cafeteria, identical to the present dorm, will open soon after and like the present aorm, will be financed by a Federa1 Loan of 1.8 million

dollars. Each student accomodation in the new dorm costs $3,700 - just in construction costs. In the mid-seventies, future students might see a new administration building, more classroom buildings and their student center which could open as early as 1977. ~ t ' s a cold, hard fact that the all-important library facility won't see new accomodations before 1979. The Development Committee has proposed one-million dollars for its construction; a stately sum, part of which &ght to be paid for a library-concompetent struction engineer for design planning. Since %'I library is unlike any aviation-oriented facility and its features must be well-organized, there would be little sense in building the building and later discovering its uselessness.

Sometime after 1980, the old Canada Dry warehouse - Gymnasium will be

vacated, and a new gym will be opened. Hopefully Embry-Riddle will employ a full-time Physical Education instructor long before then so that he might advise architects on such details as "how high is a basketball net?". A&P students, though not neglected, will have to wait until 1981, at least, for a new educational center. But, at that time, students currently enrolled in A&P courses will study in a massive center financed by both gifts, grants and loans. CONTINUED PAGE 12

SGA Briefs The Council voted to, accept a plan for use of the YMCA based on the following schedule: Mon and Fri 1-3 PM for intramurals Saturday - 4 PM-home games Sun 1-5 PM - intramurals Fri 6:30 PM-on, - clubs In addition, students can buy individual memberships for use of the Y at any time for $10 per trimester.

Council voted to grant those clubs who request it an intial outlay of $50; all further funds must be raised by the club itself except in eases of dire emergency.

Another block of tic:kets for Florida State Theatres has been ordered; they should go on sale in the bookstore next week.


NATIONALLY PROMINENT COMMENTRTOR Paul Harvey will be at ERAI on December fifth as head speaker for the Gill Robb Wilson Memorial Day Ceremonies

Our basketball team needs workers to help at home ..-. ..- aames > - ~ ~ -- sellina tickets, guiding spectators, a hostess for visiting cheerleader- etc. ProCONTINUED NEXT PAGE - -

The AVION r e s e r v e s t h e r i g h t t o e d i t l e t t e r s a s we s e e f i t i n accordance w i t h good j o u r n a l i s t i c p r a c t i c e . A l l l e t t e r s must b e s i g n e d , a l t h o u g h names w i l l b e withheld upon r e q u e s t from t h e w r i t e r .

c=mac*JRhem~e***me*me~ the PI-esidentb co~*neP

Fellow S t u d e n t s ,

Saturdav. December 6 . your SGA - w i l l h o l d its Christmas Dance. We have a c q u i r e d t h e l a r g e s t , newest, and by f a r t h e b e s t Ballroom i n t h i s a r e a . Our dance w i l l b e i n t h e main ballroom of t h e D e s e r t I n n From 8:00 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. w s w i l l have two top bands p l a y i n g the sounds you want t o h e a r . (The Covington Tower and The Yak) With t h e s e two bands we should p l e a s e everyone. Fast-slow, s o f t o r loud. What e v e r your pleasure. P l a n nhead, b e s u r e t o g e t S a t u r d a y , December o f f i f vou work and a t t e m u t t o g e t - a d a t e i f you s b desire.

I t ' s FREE. Bring your own b o t t l e s . S e t up i s s u p p l i e d . Come on and s e e how your BGA c a n handle t 5 i n g s . You may be s u r prised:


Jerry Berndt President Student Government Associatior.


980 N , DRESS : .

Those s t u d e n t s who p l a n on a t t e n d i n g t h e Music and Arts F e s t i v a l i n West Palm

I n t h e p a s t , I have heard "where does my $6 SGA f e e go?" I can a s s u r e you t h a t i t goes d i r e c t l y back t o you. I f you t h i n k t h a t you have n o t r e c e i v e d a n y t h i n g f o r it y e t , h e r e i s your chance t o g e t i t a l l back a t one t i m e . . . . . .


NEWS & VIEWS From t h e Editor's

6 8-1:30



Beach t h i s weekend a r e advised t o pick associations there carefully. Police have a h a b i t of i n f i l t r a ing a c t i v i t i e s such a s t h i s and t h o s e a p p e a r i n g t o be a g i t a t o r s a r e t h e f i r s t t o f i n d themselves i n trouble.

Dean M a n s f i e l d ' s s e c r e t a r y , J e a n e t t e , h a s a book of a l l t h e s t a t e s and which s t u d e n t s a r e from each.: She s u g g e s t s t h a t t h i s book may be u s e f u l t o students looking f o r r i d e s o r someone t o uhare expenses w i t h when d r i v i n g home over Thanksgiving o r Christmas.

The G i l l Robb Wilson F e s t i v i t i e s on December 5 a r e f o r t h e s t u d e n t body t o o . Why n o t p u t our b e s t f o o t forward i n appearance and participation? The SGA and A V I O N w i l l b e t a k i n g an a c t i v e , p a r t , and t h e ERA1 coeds w i l l be acting a s tour guides f o r the various VIP's.

Dear E d i t o r : I would l i k e t o t a k e t h i s o p p o r t u n i t y t o exp r e s s my s i n c e r e thanks and congratulations to Tonv Cavallari for h i s o u t s t a n d i n g a r t i c l e (SGA Snapshot) i n l o s t weeks AVION. T h i s is t h e t y p e of r e p o r t i n g and r e p r e s e n t a t i o n of t h e f a c t s I l i k e t o s e e and hope t o s e e more of t h e same i n t h e future. Thanks again, m--..

.L "'Ly



M i s s Brenda Bridgeman will be married t o John Ingman a t t h e West S i d e B a p t i s t Church on November 26 a t 6:30 PM. M i s s Bridgeman i s t h e f i r s t W r y - R i d d l e coed t o be married while a t school. The c o u p l e w i l l l i v e I n Daytona Beach. Both w i l l c o n t i n u e s t u d y i n g a t Embry Riddle. Our c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s and b e s t wishes.

The SGA Christmas dance w i l l b e h e l d Decemb e r 6 . T h i s should be t h e b i g g e s t e v e n t of t h e season, s o p l a n on going. Don't f o r g e t i t ' s coat and t i e .





* .

Drive c a r e f u l l y over t h e Thanksgiving v a c a t i o n , i f you p l a n on t r a v e l i n g , and b e s t wishes f o r a Thanksgiving and f o u r day rest. '

* ;BA





grams t h a t i n c l u d e p i c t u r e s of bot.1 teams a r e distributed at other s c h o o l ' s home games; it would b e . n i c e i f we could do t h e same. Also, t h r e e o t h e r s i n Februeryr hopef u l l y , t r o p h i e s r i l l be awarded.

SENATOR STROM THURMOND w i l l speak a t 8 1 3 0 PM November 21 a t t h e D e s e r t Inn



Dan M a r t i n

Free t i c k e t s available SGA Off i c e Courtesy Republican I Headquarters *




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In order to fill the 'need for en effective marketing of individual transportation requirements, particularly during the trimester breaks, SGA Representative Jim Dunn, Chairaan of the College Facilities Committee,. has designed, constructed, and laced a "trip board'' in ihe Student Center. On the "trip board" is a map of the United .States which has been divided'into six areal sections. These sections are designated with the letters A through F; each area has a corresponding section alongside the mab that is also designated A through F. Hooks are located directly under the letters. Anyone needing a.ride to a particular city in, say, area A, would hang up his request on the hook under area A. TEe request should be written on the selfexplanatory 3x5 blue or yellow cards, which are ..furnished. The blue card I; titled "Ride Wanted"; this is to be filled out by anyone who needs a ride and wishes to be a passenger in someone else's vehicle. The yellow card is titled "Passengers Needed" and should be filled out by those Who wish to take people alcng in their car, plane, or whatever. The Student Council would like to say thank you to Jim for making this. great idea a reality in such a short time. Jim, who is from Riverside, Connecticut, is a senior studying Aviation Management and serves as Chairman of both the College Facilities and F o d Service Committees of the

SCHaARSHlPS TO EUROPE Full scholarships for .an impressive variety of summer courses in England 'are offered by the British Association for Cultural Exchange in 1970. Deadline for application is December 3lst. The scholarships, worth up to $1375 and including transatlantic travel, tuition, room and board, are open to current upper-




$12.50 &



classmen with exceptional academic records who can also demonstrate need.

write for further details to Professor I.A. Lowson, Association for Cultural Exchange, 539 West 112th St., New York, New (lork 10025. A number of part-scholarships are also offered.

Lasting for six or eight weeks, the courses normally start at Oxford and end with a period of field study. 1

"European Art and Architecture visits Rome and Athens; "Nova Britannia" arovides a backaround to = -the American coionies for history majors; British Theatre examines the state of contemporary drama and also offers a theatre workshop for actors. Uses of Imagery IS strictly for English majors and relates imagery in plays, poetry and film; "Br~tlsh Archaeology" includes a three-week dig in Southern England, a n d "Music in 1560-1690"with England emphasis on live performance











Apollo 12, which was put on its way to the moon last Friday, was powered by Five Saturn Rockets, each producing 1.5 million pounds of thrust for a total of 7.5 million pounds of thrust. This is probably common knowledge to anyone who reads the newspaper or listens to the news. But this fisure is much too large for b e average human brain to comprehend; let's rcale it ilown a little. A Cessna 150 develops 100 h.p. on take-off. Converting horsepower to thrust it would take 1,910,000 Cessna 150's to equal the thrust of the 'Saturn 5 Rocket. If you prefer jets, it would take 178,571 727's. In both cases this is not allowing for the added weight of all these engines and attaching them to the bottom of the rocket would present quite a problem.

7.5 million pounds of thrust would be enough to suspend a platform holding 50,000 people. It would CONTACT : also be enough to send a 22 caliber bullet at a ED MONOSKI, BOX 531, spbcd of 60 million feet f ROOM E-6, NOVA DORM, per second (approximately p + 43 million rcph) LANDING TETERBORO AIRPORT I F CONVENIENT



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DIPLOMAJISM BY DAVID HAPGOOD REWRITTEN BY TONY CAVALLARI It may well be that the time devoted to degrees will soon surpass our life expectancy.


Because diploma requirements are being attach~dto virtually every well paid job, more and more students must attend universities that offer less and less in return for their time and tuition If degrees were deprived of their market value, then the schools that issue them would have to produce something in return for the time and money their clients now spend for just the diploma. A free market would prevail, and schools would have to compete with other ways of learning. Yet, ironically no one advocates the right to get a good job without a diploma. The industry we call education is the greatest beneficiary of diplomaism. It is also the most avid practitioner of diplomaism in no field of endeavor with the possible exception of the welfare industry does reward have as little connection with performance as in education. And yet, the industry h ~ sacquired immense powei as the agency that sorts out those who will be dircarded. Education now spends 58 billion dollars a year, second only to the militarv and comins UP fast. Gasured in time, the power of education is still

more impressive. More than 60 million as teachers and administrators. With this many, the years in school are bound to increase, for the diploma system contains built-in forces for escalation that have nothing 'to do with learning. Sorting people out by diploma for tne eventual employers works only as long as graduates are scarce. For once, there is an ample supplyof graduates, the dlploma loses its value, and the system. must escalate by requiring a "higher diploma. " Skeptics mock the diploma but none dare challenge the system that produces it. The popular attitude is that schools mean learning and that learning is measured by the diploma. Let us then briefly examine the arguments commonly offered in defense of the diploma system. First: Our technological economy needs a growing number of people with advanced education, or you have to get a degree to get a good job. The second half of the statement is unanswerable, . but it does not prove the accuracy of the first. Of course, many jobs do involve highly specialized skills, but that does not mean that the rigid diplo4 years of ma system college followed by 3 of professional school before is the you go to work only or even the best way to produce people with those skills.



The next based on

merit is

arguthe as-







i! I large to SWkr you mi care p~ 8 l f t e e ~

. Ti dahjDa~SH@aF Sohlcwtng






sumptlon that enployers have sound ect,r,omlc motives when they require a college diploma. That as-. sumption should be revised because the landmark work of Iver Berg of Columbia University. Berg found that graduates and nongraduates doing the same jobs performed about equal ly well. In no case could any significant difference in productivity be attributed to education.Two other students Jaffee and Froomkin inS'Technologyand Jobs", found that "there is little if any relationship between changes in educational level and chan ges in output per worker. " At this point, believers in diplomas for jobs take a step backward and reply, all right, most education may not have "direct vocational" value,but our economy needs people who have something called "7eneral educational development." That term, coined in the U.S. Employment Service, means basic reading,arithmetic and a capacity for abstract reasoning. They then go on to scale "GED' to diplomas. The more time you have served in the institutions. the hiqher you rate on the 'GeneGal ~ d u cational Development" scale. Then, having assumed what they originally set out to prove, they tell us the economy benez fits if we put in more years in schooi. lore hole than cheese seems visible in arguments such as that, schools are all too often extraordinary inefficient ways to ac= unire what the job market supposedly wants; especCONIINUED PAGE 9

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Finally the perils of ~ e i lWeek are over and the fopr hapless survivors are now iull fledged Brothers.

The football game between the Brothers and the Pledges was held last Saturday. Although the Brothers were outnumbered .they were victorious. The Pledges have asked to play the Brothers again and the Brothers have agreed to another game.

With Thanksgiving corning up, some of the Brothers are going to go home for the holiday. For the Brothers who are staying in Daytona Beach, a Thanksgiving Dinner is being planned by the wives of the married Brothers. There will be two turkeys, one ham with all the dressings.

The more interesting events of the week began on Thursday evening with the traditional serving of "Snoopy's Galley". During the activity, the Pledges each made several interesting cormnents on the cuisine, however, the limited assortment of adjectives in Mr. Webster's Dictionary prevent an accurate reproduction of their .remarks for print. However, it was a very colorful event and provided' a great deal of enjoyment for all present. Friday night found the Pledges returning from their scavenger hunt with rather disheartening results, but during the wee hours of Saturday morning they redeemed themselves by displaying their artistic talents on the kitchen walls. After an evening of painting and choking, due to Brother Rauch's culinary skill, the Brothers to-be worked around the House and participated in a period of "fun and games. "


When ride time arrived on Saturday night, the Pledges placed their steel nerves on the line against the flying skills of our more distinguished pilots. W h d e two traveled with the famous flying team of Anderson and Anderson (holders of the world taxi to take off award) , the otheis too: their chances with Ed shake 'em up" Johnson, and Dave "nerves' of steel" Vaughn at the controis. The flights were continued after landing by car and the Pledges returned safe and sound at a later hour. Sunday was scheduled to be initiation night. However. the Pledaes didn't seem too pleased with their rides, so the Brothers were obliged to return them to the woodlands oE Central Florida. -




The Brothers have planned an outing this Saturday .at Tomoka state Park. There will be a. cookout followed by the second game between the Brothers and the Pledges. For those who can still m w r around after the game there will be canoeing on the lake. Our football team suffered its first forfeit last Sunday because not enough players shaded up. It was a teugh break for our boys, .butthey will be back next week, for that matter, so will I.

Monday'was substituted for the initiation ceremony and the Pledges were inducted in fine style. We are proud to announce the initiation of Jim Frye, Ed Briggs, Bruce Cook and Dick White to our ranks. Congratulations are .in order for our four new Brothers. In other news, the AHP Seven dropped a hard one to Sigma Phi Delta in flag football. Although we held the score almost even during the first half, the Engineers rallied in the We second to win 26-8. congratulate them on a well played game. Friday night a portion of the membership met with AHP National Secretary Mr. Harold S. Wood of Parks College. We discussed Fraternity and sahool problems for a time and Mr. Wood commented on the advancements in the Chapter and the school which have taken place since his last visit in 1966.




last week, pi Chapter purchased a color television set. This seems to give the Brothers in the study room a quiet surrounding as in a library. The Pledges are doing fine and anticioatino the arrrval of~ ~ ~ e heek. i l The Pledges have settled down after that water balloon raid which was held last week. Time is short, Pledges, and a Brother has not been taken for a ride yet, but you'll think of something.


At the volleyball game this week, we played the Spiked Balls. Unfortunately, the score turned to 15-2 in their' favor. Things changed, however, a t the football game. SSgma Phi Delta scored a v ~ c tory against Alpha Eta Rho, with a final score of 27-8. Joey "Little Kid" Rube1 made two T3's during the game. Jet Tillotson filled in for quarterback Dan Kessler, who was unable to play due to illness. Steve Ellis proved to be a valuable player and Ray Alfonso ate his heart out on the sidelines That's the news of this week from the Professional Engineering Fraternity. In future plans, a backyard bar-b-.q will be held at the House Satprday afternoon in honor of our new memberc. That about wraps it up this week, so stay tuned tb the AVION for more about 4lpha Eta Rho.

sports 998.

DAYTONA BEACH, FLA... record 377 drivers have accepted invitations to compete in the sixth annua1 American Road Race of Champions Nov. 25-30 at International Day L-ona Speedway. This year's ARRC field reflects an increase of 64 over the previous high of 313, set last year when the mammoth Sports Car Club of America meet was held at Riverside Raceway, California.

arc biggest yet

Tuesday, November 25.. .. .. 10:OO a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Registration and Technical Inspection at Daytona International Speedway.

12:30 p.m. - Race 11 -D Production 1:15 p.m. - Race 12 -A Sedan 2:00 p.m. - Race 13Formula Ford 2:45 p.m. - Race 14A & B Production 3:30 p.m. - Race 15 A & B Sports Racing 4:15 p.m. - Race 16 - C Pr3duction

Wednesday, November 26.... 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Registration and Technical Inspection at Daytona International Speedway. Thursday, November 27..... 8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.. Eleven half-hour practice sessions. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Registration and Technical Inspection at Davtona International

*All practice, qualifying sessions and races conducted on 3.1 rr.ile road track course

Called the Olympics of Sports Car Racing, the ARRC this year lives up to its unofficial title with a total of 134 class champions included in the roster. Maximum possible class champions from the 21 classes in SCCA's seven divisions is 147.

Friday, November 28....... 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Registration and Technical Ins~ection at Daytona ~kternational Speedway. 8:00 a.m. - Driver's Meeting 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Practice and Qualifying sessions.


Only three drivers can represeni their division in each lacing class in the ARRC.

Saturday, November 29..... 8:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Five 15 minute warmup sessions.

National champions in 21 racing classes are determined in the six-day, 16 race event, and drivers participating have qualified for an invitation by emerging at the top of their class competition during the year in SCCA's seven geographic divisions

In addition to the confirmed entry list, a record of 67 additional drivers will travel to Daytona as reserves, hoping tc fjnd spots on starting grids if someone fails tc show or has trouble in practice. For the third consecutive year, the ARRC is receiving major sponsorship from Nine Flags International, and Newspaper Enterprise Association. Names the "Papa Joe Award" in memory of Falstaff's founder Joseph Griesedieck, it will be the first such recognition extended pole qualifiers in the history of the ARRC. Qualifying trials are Friday, November 28.

11:OO a.m. - Race 1 - C & D Sedans** 11:45 a.m. - Race 2 - E Production 12:30 p.m. - Race 3 Formula B & C 1:15 p.m. - Race 4 - G Production 2:00 p.m. - Race 5 Formula Vee 2:45 p.m. - Race 6 - H Production 3:30 p.m. - Race 7 Formula A 4:15 p.m. - Race 8 - F Production Sunday, November 30....... 8:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Five 15 minute walmup sessions


11:OO a.m. - Race 9 C & D Sports Racing 11:45 a.m. - Race 10 -B Sedan

**All races long'


30 minutes


The Cougars won the 1st game this week from Pi Sigma Phi on a forfeit but still were able to play as thr referees came out of retirement and played a short game against the Cougars. The second game was played between the Bombers and the CMF ' s. The Bombers were awarded the Victory on a forfeit, protest and a lot of crying which is nothing new as far as The they are concerne3. game was played, however, and we all know who really is the best team, don't we CMF's. In the 3rd game Sigma Phi Delta defeated rival fraternity Alpha Eta Rho 27-8. Jim Sheibinger scored 6 points on a run. Jim Tillotson and Joe Rube1 also had 6 2oints apeice on runs. Reginald Pryzybyl had 6 on a pass. Steve Ellis scored an extra point on a pass and Bruce Rozette scored 2 points on a safety and Sky Brown ran for a 6 point touchdown. Due to several pressing cross-country trips to be Dayflown the Devils of tona had to forfeit this veek to the Je-. COZTINUED NEXT PAGE

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BASKETBALL TEAM BY DAVID LOWE ERAI l o s t i t s 69-70 s e a s o n opener t o t h e Univ e r s i t y of Palm Beach on F r i d a y , November 14. The Eagles played heads up b a l l throughout t h e game b u t f e l l s h o r t of p o i n t s i n t h e f i n a l moments of play. Co-captain Larry S c h i l l i n g s l e d a l l scorers with an amazing 48 p o i n t s b u t it w a s n ' t enough t o s t o p t h e 97-86 win by Palm Beach. Guard L a r r y Hines c a p i t a l i z e d f o r 12 p o i n t s i n t h e opening h a l f b u t was h e l d t o a mere two f i e l d goals i n the early moments of t h e second half. Excessive fouling i n t h e second h a l f proved t o b e t h e d e c i d i n g f a c t o r of t h e game. The Eagles h e l d a 44-34 h a l f t i m e l e a d t h a t d i s a p p e a r e d when s t a r t e r s Hines and Gelband f o u l e d o u t w i t h e i g h t minutes of play l e f t i n the game. Hasty s u b s t i t u t i o n brought hope t o the struggling E a g l e s b u t t o o many t u r n o v e r s aave Palm Beach t h e winning edge. Saturday ERAI t r a v e l e d t o Sanford and b a t t l e d t h e h i g h l y t a l e n t e d Seminoles J u n i o r C o l l e g e . The f i n a l margin of v i c t o r y f o r Semi n o l e v:aj w e l l o v e r 80 points. Seminole was a s t r o n g and well discip l i n e d c l u b and t h e r e i s no doubt i n my mind t h a t t h e y a r e one of t h e f i n e s t junior college basketball teams i n t h e n a t i o n a n d , perhaps t h e f i n e s t of i t s c l a s s i n Central Florida.



The R a i d e r s of Seminole r a n t h e o u t c l a s s e d Eagles i n t o t h e ground and cont i n u e d t o do s o even when t h e y had t h e s c o r e beyond o u r r e a c h . I t was a p p a r e n t t h a t Coach J o e S t e r l i n g ' s h o s p i t a l i t y was t u r n e d i n t o h o s t i l i t y a t half time, Seminole pressed t h e Eagles throughout the whole 40 minutes of play and p u t t o u s e a l l of t h e i r reserves t o strengt h e n t h e i r running game, for t h e hard fighting Eagles who p u t f o r t h t h e i r greatest e f f o r t of t h e season. Once a g a i n L a r r y S c h i l lings led a l l scorers with 34 p o i n t s and h i s c o n t i nued second e f f o r t brought a l o t of p r a i s e from t h e 800 o r more s p e c t a t o r s . Seminole J u n i o r C o l l e g e spends a l o t of money on t h e i r b a s k e t b a l l team. A l l 1 5 members of t h e i r team a r e on a t h l e t i c s c h o l a r s h i p s and t h e y a r e t r a i n e d w i t h a f o u r man coaching s t a f f . The s c h o o l u t i l i z e s a c l o s e d c i r a i t and v i d e o t a p e TV system f o r every g&e and t h e i r team s p i r i t is backed by a l a r g e group of f a n s and cheerleaders.

FOOTBALL CONTINUED The l a s t game was q u i t e c l o s e and e x c i t i n g , matchi n g t h e d e t e r n i n e d Jeehos a g a i n s t t h e s t i l l unr'efeat e d Ealges. There were several anzious moments f o r t h e Eagles a s A r g i l a picked o f f 3 p a s s e s i n t h e 1st h a l f t u r n i n g 2 of them i n t o touchdowns. Cunningham r a n f o r one extra point. The Eagles s c o r e d on a l l p a s s p l a y s t o Moffei who made 3 touchdowns. Alexander s c o r e d an e x t r a p o i n t on a p a s s and Carpenella added 2 more p o i n t s on a s a f e t y . F i n a l s c o r e was 21 t o 1 3 i n favor of t h e Eagles. T h i s week's games have been s l i g h t l y changed i n t h e time b r a c k e t , The schedule is a s follows: NOVEMBER 23 10:30 Alpha E t a Rho vs p e v i l s 9 f Daytona


Jeebos vs CMF ' s 12:OO

Eagles vs P i Sigma P h i


Bombers VS


The E a g l e s n e x t home game w i l l b e a g a i n s t t h e R a i d e r s of Seminole on Saturday November 29 a t t h e Seabreeze J u n i o r High School Gym. I ' m s u r e a l o t of s u p p o r t of t h o s e of you who s t a y h e r e f o r t h e Thanksgiving h o l i d a y w i l l h e l p i n s e e k i n g revenge , a g a i n s t t h e t a l e n t e d Seminole Junior College.



THE SGA SIGN - We'd s a y where it i s b u t we d o n ' t know!

You've been long when: 2

a t RiddZe t o o

Your waZZet razer blade.

Zooks l i k e

. -


Pay e - L -












GAME 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7 th 8th 9th


November 18 4th week VICTOR SCORE Spiked Balls Faculty Persians Skid Row Alpha Eta Rho Spiked Balls BMF ' s Sky Pilots Persians

15 15 15 15 15 15 15 16 15

Trojans Sky Pilots Sky Pilots Sigma Phi Delta Faculty Stompers Trojans Skid Row Ball Busters


5 5 3 10 10 8


14 12

The main objective of the intramural program is to keep yourself in shape physically to some degree. Keep will be awarded to championship this in mind. :Trophies teams of'football and volleyball at the first social function of the next trimester. Any player who will be graduating in December who will not be here in the next trimester should notify Ray Lee, Director of Intramural Athletics, Box 455, in order to recieve his trophy ahead of time. They will be worth qetting.

1st 2nd 3rd

(7) (8)


NAME Persians Spiked Balls Ball Busters Trojans Alpha Eta Rho Faculty Sky Pilots BMF ' s Sigma Phi Delta Skid Row Stompers




0 1 1



What remains is what the believers are reluctant to say: School is the place where the young are taught pr0gr;aInSned in to bethe current idiom have the way adults want them to behave. The diploma proves you have conformed enough to be turned loose in adult society.



iallv when ane takes note of the Columbian Report which estimates that students are mentally alert for an average of 10 mini Utes of the school day and college is geared to the 15% of the students who are academically inclined. Now the beiievers if they haven't already abandoned me, will retreat to higher and foggier ground: School isn't for jobs it's for culture. You go to school to learn civic virtue and to appreciate the value,of our civilization. Reason can scarcely be brought to bear on .such misty sentiments. For openers go to the nearest classroom and peer in through the bars at the inmates. Do they look like they love culture?

There will be no game this coming Tuesday. The next galne will be on December 2nd. Attendance will be taken from now on so if you expect to recieve P.E. credit be sure to attend the remaining games. Also, try to keep your team together to compete again in the Spring volleyball league. It will be set up a little bit differently to create more competion and fun.



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]orp e w . omn p-PMd.-la .I B , , a d l o * n b



Yui~cn "Eagle" and collide.



Page 10


~ 1 . 1BOWS AGAIN L a s t Saturday t h e Eagl e s t r a v e l e d t o Melbourne f o r t h e r e t u r n engagement i n a home and home c o n t e s t f o r t h i s season. Several of our key p l a y e r s were a b s e n t and two new p l a y e r s had r e p o r t e d f o r a c t i o n and were u t i l i z e d i n t h i s game. I n a d d i t i o n , some of t h e p l a y e r s who had seen nominal a c t i o n were employed i n u n f a m i l i a r positions. It turned o u t t h a t the FIT team was s h o r t and by c o n s e n t t h e y employed t h e i r coach I n the centerhalf position f o r t h e d u r a t i o n of t h e game.


The Daytona Beach S p o r t s Car Club sponsored t h e Grand P r i x Autocross l a s t Sunday (Nov. 1 6 ) . The c o u r s e was c h a l l e n g i n g and due t o a last minute c o u r s e change t h i s e v e n t was a l i t t l e t i g h t e r t h a n t h e l a s t Grand P r i x Autocross. The c o u r s e had three sweeping c o r n e r s , two t u r n - a b o u t s , and one s h o r t slalom, a l l w i t h , of course, a standing s t a r t and a flying finish. Speeds of o v e r 70 mph were a t t a i n a b l e by t h e f a s t e r c a r s i n four places. Trophies were g i v e n f d r f i r s t i n each c l a s 3 and t h e two b e s t t i m e s of day. Dash plaques were awarded f o r second p l a c e i n each class. I n c l a s s G Gary Lukse came. i n f i r s t i n a VW and J o e V a l l e e from Embry-lidd l e came i n second i n a s t o c k VW. . C l a s s E winners were T e r r y W a l t e r s i n a Porche 1600 N and second was Roger Renn i n a 6 cyl i n d e r Mustang. P a u l Me'Leen w i t h Rodney White h u r s t coming i n second, Loth d r i v i n g t h e same SCCA Prodified Sprite i n class D. I n c l a s s C Glen Foley from Embry-Riddle driving a 67 Camaro was edsed o u t by J e e n Troutman i n a s t r o n a 57 V e t t e . and i n t h e n e x t c l a s s up B Marvan Paunch was f i r s t i n c l a s s w i t h a d u . ~ ebuggy. A 1 Reen d r i v i n g a Mustang GT 500 edged o u t J e r r y H a l l i n a L o t i s Elan. B e s t time of t h e day t r o p h i e s were taken by H e r b e r t Sands, f i r s t , and M i l t o n Mosie, second, d r i v i n g t h e same modified 68 V e t t e . The l a d i e s c l a s s t r o p h y was t a k e n by Cae Whltehurst i n h e r husbands P r o d i f i e d S p r i t e and t h e dash plaque was t a k e n by Toni Severns i n a 1600cc Porche. I n t h i s e v e n t t h e best t i m e s of day were from c l a s s A and I n accordance w i t h DBSCC a u t o c r o s s r u l e s two awards never go t o t h e same e n t r a n t . C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s go t o Jim P r i t t z f o r p u t t l n g on a m runnina >o - -o - d event - . -..- and ---it smoothlv w i t h 39 c a r s entered. ~

Of t h e 39 c a r s




Herman Duh t u r n e d i n his usual indefatigable job and t h e E a g l e s were ahead 1-0 a t h a l f t i m e . In the third q u a r t e r Zach pushed a n o t h e r one i n and FIT was i n poor p o s i t i o n . I t was a v e r y i n t e r e s t i n g game from t h e s t a n d p o i n t of j e l l i n g t h e coordinat i o n among t h e new p l a y e r s and t h e c o n s i d e r a b l e team e f f o r t . P a u l Vargo played a s goalie for the e n t i r e game f o r t h e f i r s c time t h i s s e a s o n . Marty S t i l l i n g was i n t r o d u c e d a s a f u l l b a c k and d i d a c r e d i t a b l e job. Toin Conte h a s a p p a r e n t l y a r r i v e d . and i s a t t h e r i g h t wing. -p o s i t i o n

and t h e y took home 16% of t h e men's awards i n s p i t e o f t h e M a r t i n Club from Orlando b e i n g t h e r e .

The game was no c o n t e s t The s c o r e was 3-1 a t h a l f time and K e i t h Leach s i n gle handedly (footedly made t h r e e g o a l s by hims e l f i n t h e fourth quarter Bruno Schmidt connected w i t h a long s h o t from t h e h a l f b a c k p o s i t i o n t o make h i s s e a s o n e n j o y a b l e . Zach Fagbemi d i s p l a y e d h i s usua l inimatable s t y l e i n the two g o a l s t h a t lie racked up. Everyone played i n an e f f o r t t o h o l d the s c o r e down, b u t we wound up a t 6-1.

We look forward t o a long and c o n t i n u o u s associ a t i o n w i t h t h e FIT s o c c e r team.


' Y.


m.w.f 12-6pm 10-5pm repair sewice 253-2987 6l4 M R i d g d


On Tuesday, November 1 8 , t h e S t . Leo Monarchs invaded our campus for t h e r e t u r n match postponed



B i l l y Nozar Frenchy


Tom Conte Tony Silva Don Hard Keath Leach



At t h i s p o i n t t h e socc e r team's r e c o r d s t a n d s a t 7-2.

NAME Zach Fagbemoi



A f t e r t h e game, it appeared t h a t B i l l Mozer might have s u f f e r e d a s e r i o u s i n j u r y , b u t we w i l l know more when we t r a v e l t o t h e U n i v e r s i t y of F l o r ida a t Gainesville t h i s Saturday t o p a r t i c i p a t e i n a f o u r team tournament.


1 2 % were from Embry-Riddle

Again from November 1. Paul Vargo played t h e f u l l game a s g o a l i e and o n l y allowed one s h o t t o p a s s him. There was a beginni n g of a s t u d e n t s u p p o r t s e c t i o n a t t h i s game on campus, probably because i t was i n t h e middle of t h e week. T h i s k i n d of s u p p o r t i s much a p p r e c i a t ed and h o p e f u l l y there w i l l be some people p r e s e n t a t our l a s t home game on December 6 , when Santa Fe Junior College of . G a i n e s v i l l e comes down f o r t h e i r f i r s t match w i t h t h e Eagles.


5 '




Page 11


. BY



The seventh meeting of the present SGA took place this last Tuesday at 12:20 (15 minutes later than usual) In room 306 of the jlew academic complex. And at the end of an hour the "New Business" and "Old Business" section of last weeks meeting was brought to a close by skillful manipulation of the 2nd string Speaker of the Council, Terry Owens. However, seven days (or 168 hours) of governing did not go completely unreported, for there was a Presidents and Treasurer's report pertaining to this week. President Jerry Berndt ran through his report about the December 6 SGA Dance, the Senior Cocktail Party and the donation of the new SGA sign to the school. The representatives took it all in stride, they chuckled when it was noted the school didn't know for sure how many people are graduating they passively listened to Jerry's enthusiastic pep talk about making thls Dec. 6 Dance the best ever and they were almost outright suspicious about giving the sign to the school. David Raben's Treasurer's report, on the other hand, didn't raise much reartion, for it was accurate, as usual, and merely a monetary reflection of recent SGA actions -the treasury fell from $4625 to $3907. Of course this looks bad because last week was an expensive week; there was the $445 SGA sign, the $228 worth o: parking stickers (which perpetuates student 2nd class citizenship), the $67 worth of Stnde?t Council pins (which are worn; by maybe less than half of the representatives), the $20 Blood Trophy (which we gave to ourselves), and the $10.50 charge for the representatives monthly memory notebooks. However (least you be misled) , the representatives didn't squander your money (spend a little, maybe, but not squander). They repeatedly beat down attempts of student clubs to obtain financial assistance, sent one group, the sailing club, into possible oblivion and refused to even consider the pleas of two

One depressing fact of life on this present camand hinted on new un-SGA Spproved groups - ' pus the Karate Club and AIAA. buildings is that none Following right along in (except the Wilson Center) have names - only numbers' the austerity spirit, che Council ratified the Exeor letters. Certainly, cutive Board's decision to it's no joy to tell place a $50 limit on inifriends back home that you tial aid given to clubs. live in Dorm Number 1, The zeal with which the etc. Such foolishness representatives protected brings back memories of our money reached selfmilitary designations esdestructive proportions pecailly during wartime when Dan Sturm, Chairman and of old mill complexes of the Student Aid Commitin New England dating back tee, ran into stiff resisto 1900. President Hunt, tance over his requested however, refuses to name loan to buy more discount any building until someone theater tickets for studonates $10,000 to that building fund. Perhaps dents. Fortunately,though first Vice President, Dan then, the new classroom Martin, saved the day with building could be named' a strong reminder that "The Uncle Sam Academic this was not the time for Center". the council to be tight, In summary, the tenespecially slnce it was year plan envisions 13 the very Student Aid Commore construction projects mitcee which once finanat more than $15 million cially helped bail out the (plus inflationary costs) with 25% coming from priSGA vate gifts and 75% from Other events of some Federal loans and grants. interest for the day were As a final thought, we the review of the "WF" could always hang the much grade and the YMCA deal. needed U.S. flag at the The council accepted the new complex from one of Student Conduct and Grievthe sidewalk lamposts. ance recommendation that BY RICHARD T. WHITE four weeks was ample time . for a student to withdraw from a course without academic penalty (even though many teachers don't give their first test until the end of the 5th week). Moreover, the council was told the "WF' protects our whole grading system (which is a lot foc just two letters, so maybe we should leave the "WF" alone). However, that was not the only tliing left alone, it seems a few resolutions regarding a coat rack and leveling of the A & P parking area were also left undisturbed. Yet "Laissezeven with this Faire' attitude the council saw fit to spend eight to ten minutes discussinq whether or not to support a plan to allow student Fly Daytona Beach clubs to use the YMCA at Aviation's I~verted no cost to the students or Champion Citabria. the SGA. Ilnprove your skill,






T h i s ' c o l u m n has b e e n , and h o p e f u l l y w i l l c o n t i n ue t o h e , an o p i n i o n a t e d a r t i c l e i n which S C A p o l i c i e s and a c t i o n s a r e r e Zated t o t h e v e r y p e r s o q s who work on them. I t z s an a t t e m p t t o g i v e t h e a v e r a g e p e r s o n a Look a t government i n a c t i o n or inaction.



Aerobatics Include: *Precision Spins *Loops *Aileron Rolls *Hammerhead Stalls *Barrel ~ 2 1 1 s Half Snap Rolls Cuban B ' s


Lessons tailored to meet individual needa. $139.00 total price. Denonstration rides, hourly instruction and 24vanced courses available.


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. CLUBS C O M I N G EVENTS November November November November November November November November November November



on Wednesday, November 12, the Diving E a g l e s hosieri t h e annual underwater f i l m c o m p e t i t i o n of t h e Daytona Beach Skin Divers. Four f i l m s and f o u r s e t s of s l i d e s were shown t o f i f t y - o n e people t h a t n i g h t i n room 306. A . J . Bland, d i v e m a s t e r f o r t h e Diving E a g l e s , won t h i r d p l a c e with h i s eel e c t i o n of t h r e e s l i d e s . Tomorrow i s t h e day f o r t h e Diving Eagles "Keg P a r t y " which w i l l be h e l d a t the I n l e t starting a t 1:00 Pm. Club members have r e c e i v e d t h e i r i n v i t a t i o n s through t h e m a i l and a r e urged t o g e t out. t h e i r guest invitations as soon a s p o s s i b l e . The Diving E a g l e s = r e , spencing t h e weekend December 6-7, a t Key and John Pemekampe Underw a t e r S t a t e Park. Anyone , interested i n going on t h i s t r i p please sign a t one of t h e weekly b u s i ness meetings or dne of t h e c l u b o f f i c e r s .


21 22 22 24 25 25 25 26 27 29

ERVA Meeting a t American Legion, 7:30 PM Soccer a t t h e U n i v e r s i t y of F l o r i d a Diving E a g l e s Keg P a r t y Inlet 1 PM Diving Eagles Meeting Room 108 7 PM Embry-Riddle Karate Club Gym 7 PM SGA Meeting Room 306 12:15 PM T r a f f i c Court SGA O f f i c e 6:30 PM S a i l i n g Club Meeting Room 102 7:45 PM Embry-Riddle Karate Club Gym 7 PM E a g l e s B a s k e t b a l l v s Seminole R a i d e r s a t Seabreeze Jr. High Diving Eagles Meeting Room 108 7 PM SGA Meeting Room 306 12:15 PM Embry-Riddle Karate Club Gym 7 PM G i l l Robb Wilson Day A l l day SGA Dance D e s e r t Inn 8 - 1:30 AM Senior Party TBF. SGA Awards Banquet TBA



December 1 December 2 December 4 December 5 December 6 December 11 December 12

















Important b u s i n e s s concerning Constitution amendments w i l l b e cond u c t e d a t our n e x t r e g u l a r meeting. All members please t r y t o be there. We a r e now meeting i n Room 108, B u i l d i n g "A". Slides from t h e moxt r e c e n t Bimin i t r i p and t h e Ichetucknee R i v e r f l o a t w i l l a l s o b e shown a t t h i s meeting. The p i c t u r e s w i t h t h i s a r t i c l e were t a k e n d u r i n g t h e l a s t Bimini T r i p . If you want t o s e e t h e c o l o r slides, y o u ' l l have t o come t o a meeting.

* *


L a s t Thursday, November 1 3 , a meeting of t h e Embry Riddle Chapter of the American Institute of A e r o n a u t i c s and Astronaut i c s was h e l d a t t h e new academic complex. At t h i s meeting W r . A r t h u r S l o t k i n . Manager of S t u d e n t Branche s from t h e AIAA's n a t i o n a 1 o f f i c e i n New York, was M r . S l o t k i n was present. invited t o give a brief p r e s e n t a t i o n t o t h e memb e r s and g u e s t s p r e s e n t and t o o u t l i n e t h e object i v e s of t h e AIAA and t h e b e n e f i t s t h a t members r e ceive. M r . Slotkin also handed o u t membership c e r members of t h e c h a p t e r .

t i f i c a t e s t o s e v e r a l new One of t h e more i n t e r e s t ing f a c t s t h a t M r . Slotkin l e f t w i t h t h e c a h p t e r was t h a t r i g h t now t h e EmbryRiddle Chapter of t h e A I A A i s t h e second l a r g e s t s t u .dent c h a p t e r i n t h e e n t i r e s t a t e of F l o r i d a . S l o t k i n had After M r . f i n i s h e d h i s p o r t i o n of t h e meeting, a s h o r t b u s i n e s s s e s s i o n was h e l d . The purpose of t h i s s e s s i o n was t o v o t e upon and t o adopt t h e by-laws of t h e c h a p t e r . Due t o a misint e r p r e t a t i o n of t h e AIAA's N a t i o n a l C o n s t i t u t i o n , it CONTINUED NEXT PAGE




NOW- I n The



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L a s t week I p o l l e d t h e o p i n i o n s of s e v e r a l d i f f e r e n t people on campus and I came o u t with some interesting findings t o t h e following questions: When asked i f they thought t h e r e was t o o much apathy on campus, 4% s a i d y e s , 5% s a i d no, and 91% s a i d they d i d n ' t c a r e . The second question asked was "Do yuu t h i n k t h e 30 members of t h e Student Government Council a r e i n d e c i s i v e ? ' ' Of 100 people asked, 45 s a i d no, 35 s a i d y e s , and t h e 30 c o u n c i l members s a i d t h e y couldn't decide. When asked if they thought t h a t t h e r e was much d r u g u s e on campus, 20% s a i d y e s , 10% s a i d no, and 70% s a t i n a corner. with a glassy s t a r e . When asked i f they thought t h a t the police department i s f a i r w i t h Riddle s t u d e n t s , 70% s a i d 29% s a i d no; and M r . Campbell h i t t h e r e p o r t e r with a b i l l y club.

.yes, WARAT 3RIUM I n r e s p o n s e t o t h e peace Semonstrations of t h e p a s t few weeks, we of t h e YMF would l i k e t o t a k e t h i s opport h e many good p o i n t s of War. t u n i t y t o b r i n g up some of The most o u t s t a n d i n g of t h e s e a r e : 1. Without War, you c o u l d n ' t s p e l l "raw" backwards..... 2. I f War 3 i d n ' t supply s u r p l u s , where would Holiday Inn g e t i t s powdered eggs, where would dorm one g e t i t s m a t t r e s s e s , o r Embry-Riddle g e t i t s t e a c h e r s ? (Ever h e a r of "peace s u r p l u s " ? ) 3. I f t h e r e were no Wars, John Wayne would b e o u t of a job. 4. Without War, t h e o n l y t h i n g Wilson would b e famous f o r would b e a t e n n i s b a l l . 5. War i s t h e answer t o t h e p o p u l a t i o n e x p l o s i o n 6 . Without War, where would Lucky S t r i k e Greens have gone? 7. Without War, t h i s c o u n t r y would b e o v e r r u n w i t h s o l diers. 8. I f Wars d i d n ' t p r o v i d e v e t e r a n s , who would r u n t h e SGA? 9. I n t h e words of t h e famous Gen. Ramrod P. Zugsmith, "Peace i s l i k e m a t t e r ; it o c c u p i e s s p a c e , h a s weight b u t does nothing!" 10. Without War you would have t o g e t your commercial; and i n s t r u m e n t i n a z e p p e l i n 11. Remember t h e words of Hans F i n k , t h e famous person who once s a i d , "War i s l i k e a box of candy; you have t o have t h e whole box b e f o r e you g e t one peace." 12. Without War H i t l e r would s t i l l b e making Volkswagons 13. Without War, we would b e v o t i n g f o r P a r l i a m e n t i n s t e a d of smoking it. 1 4 . Without War t h e peace-niks and h i p p i e s would have t o f i n d something e l s e t o r a i s e h e l l about. A f t e r a l l , War i s h e l l , b u t i t l s good box o f f i c e . .



AIAA CONTINUEDPAGE 14 was e r r o n e o u s l y r e p o r t e d b~ l a s t week's AVION t h a t membership i n t h e l o c a l c h a p t e r of t h e AIAA was limited t o those students s e e k i n g a B a c h e l o r ' s deg r e e h e r e a t Embry-Riddle. I t s l ~ o u l d be emphasized thaC t5is i s n o t s o and t h a t membership i n t h e l o c a l c h a p t e r i s oden t o any s t u d e n t a t Embry-Riddle, r e g a r d l e s s of t h e program he o r s h e i s e n r o l l e d i n . Our membership g o a l i s 500 s t u d e n t s which, i f a t t a i n e d , would make t h i s chapt e r t h e larg-eest of any s c h o o l i n t h e world! If you are interested in f u r t h e r i n g y o u r . knowledge i n t h e f i e l d of A v i a t i o n , and would l i k e more i n f o r mation about t h e AIAA, p l e a s e d r o p a n o t e i n Box "AIAA" a t t h e Embry-Riddle post Office.


The Embr3 -Riddle E a g l e s have a new b i r d b a t h - t h e ' neb, cdmpZes ;:idea>aZks.



for them. In case you weren't aware of it, there Lately it seems there is a typewriter in the library that was purchased have been a number of students complaining that with activity fees. Your $6 does other they have not been getting things too. There is a their money's worth in acsenior party, an honors tivity fees. What actualbanquet, SGA office expenly has happened is that ses, flowers sent to stuthese people have not opdents and their relatives ened their eyes to the who have died, are hospimany posters and notices talized or have given in the student center, the blrth. .There are leaderacademic complex and the ship seminars for SGA ofSGA A & P hangar. The ficers to enable them to spends time, money and efserve you better and, to fort to let everyone know help ERA1 with some good what's available. But if public relations. The SGA the student doesn't take a Holly Hill Plaza helps form organizations, few minutes to read the and clubs with initial doposted signs, he obviously nations to get them startwon't have any idea as to ed. There are parking where his $6 per trimester regulation signs posted on activity fee is going. FESTIVAL ' STILL ON The -SGA reports that the school grounds, of The Palm Beach County 78% of the activity fees which 30 have been torn Rock Festival is still on are spent on social funcdowll this tri and must be despite a zoning board tions. For example, there replaced. Also, the SGA : tur~down. are top quality movies is granting a $100 scholPromoter David Rupp is arship in each department. going "full speea" ahead shown every 2 weeks and the student body is notiPart. of the money for this wlth plans for the 1st In.fied of them by posters in comes from the sale of ternational Palm Beach MUthe Student Center, the Florida State Theater ticsic and Arts Festival for academic complex and the A kets by all SGA representhe Thanksgiving weekend L P hangar. A showing of +atives for $1.25 (normalfestival in Palm Beach ly $1.75) County while his attorney "The Blue Max" is coming So, You don't think You is filing an injunction in up soon; and movies such as these cost money: There are getting your $6 worth circuit court. is a Christmas dance in activity fees. Have The Festival will bring schsduled for December 6th You gone to the dances, some of the top names in the Pep rally, the movies, show business to South and other dances, a pep or the barbecue? Have You Florida including the ~ o l rally and a barbeque have already been held. Mre read the AVION, played the ling stones from London. juke box, gotten a parking The festival will be held than ample publicity was sticker, or used the typeNovember 28-30 at the Palm given to all these funcwriter in the library? Beach International Racetions, if you but took a moment's time to look at a Have You participated in way on State Highway 710 bulletin board. the SGA or applied for a owned by Promoter Rupp Right now you're read$lo0 grant? Well, if You Tickets are being sold threvyhout south Florida ing the school newspaper, haven't done any of these who do you thingst then you're paying and on college campuses the AVION. for someone else's good throughout the state. think pays for it? YOU do time. Wake up and open partially, in the form of activity fees. The juke Your eyes. Take a moment Rupp went before the to See what's going on and Palm Beach County Zoning box in the student center then participate: you're Board Thursday to recite is free kept up to paying for it, SO take adthe conditions that had date with all the latest vantage of that $ 6 activibeen agreed upon with the records. Did you pay for t~ fee and you'll get much County Commission as to your parking sticker? NO, well some schools charge more than Your money's limiting attendance to ,I . -2 _.-~. L ~ - ~ ~ I ~ - G S : ~ ~ - - - - ~ Aworth. 50,000 and complying with . ~ e.-.,~,,e..--h-h.-h-he all medical and safety reg ' ulations I@ RAY ETESSLER RAMBLER. The request for zoning 'HOT** was made voluntarily, Rupp -resents the all newW said, since the zoning wis. proper and did not need a conditional use.













stop in

t i2'8



241 r i d g e w o o a boll y nil1

When the Zoning Board turned dowr the application Thursday,Rupplsattorney Michael Jackson immediately made plans to file ?n injunction.This will bc file< Friday.


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TREASURER'S REPORT November 18, 1969 Nov.

7 Balance from last statement 14 Ck. 1035-Jennifer Rinkle $4625.34 (Secretary) $ 25.00 4600.34 Ck. 1036 Gerald Berndt (Pres. Expense Acct.) 25.00 4575.34 Ck. 1037 ERA1 new SGA sign 445.00 4130.34 Ck. 1038 Als Trophy Shop (Blood Trophy) 20.80 4109.54 ck. 1039 Bale Pin co. (Student Council pins) 66.68 4042.86 Ck. 1040 Weldon Williams & Lick Inc. (student parking .stickers) 228.on 3814.86 Ck. 1041 Beach Photo Serv. (SGA Photos) Deposit $111.00 7-50 3807.~6 3918.36 18 Ck. 1042 Hall Publishing Co. 10.50 3907.86

ERVAWA BY MRS. DAVID L. CROAKMAN The Embry-Riddle Veteran's Association Wives. Auxiliary held an organizational meeting October 17, 1969 with 14 women present. Since this time, the organization has had three meetings and some ne* members. Our first main project is to give a Christmas party for the Headstart children of Volusia County. It will be held in the Embry-Riddle Student Center, December 14th at 2 ~ 3 0PM. If you are a Veteran's wife, please consider joining this worthwhile organization and help us make this party a success. We are planning a membership drive next trimester, but don't wait that long to join. Our next meeting will be at the home of Dottie Hess, 2601 North Oleander, Apartment #8, Ormond Beach (directly behind Be1 Aire Plaza Cinema), at 7:30 PM. Y'all come:



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Theater Tickets in Office



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...... $1.25 i $ reg. .'.... $1.75 2











Awow&Hathaway shirts ege L'eonardoStrassi knitwear LordJeff SW0aten o Fmeman' ih-8 @eneagks all-weather coats eee Lakeland&padleton jackets

perma- press slacks

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FESTIVAL CONTINUED The irljunctionwill be filed against the Palm Beach County Comission and Palm Beach County Zoning Board to declare that the use of the property is pro per and to enjoin the defendants from i.n anyway interfering with the operation of the festival.

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The AVION i s a weekZy p u b Z i c a t i o n f o r Embry-RiddZe s t u d e n t s f i n a n c e d by the students'. activity fee through the Student Government A s s o c i a t i o n . A r t i c l e s may be s u b m i t t e d t o t h e AVION f o r publ i c a t i o n by t h e adminis t r a t i o n , t h e f a c u Z t y and s t u d e n t body. The AVION d e a d l i n e i s e v e r y Monday a f t e r n o o n a t 5 : 0 0 , p.m. Piease mark aZZ items A V I O N and d e p o s i t i n the basket i n the traiZer, the S u g g e s t i o n Boxes, o r ERAI Box 1 5 6 6 . The o p i n i o n s e x p r e s s e d i n t h i s paper n r e n o t n e c e s s a r i l y those of the I n s t i t u t e o r aZZ members o f t h e S t u d e n t Body, nor do Zett s r s appearzng i n t h e AV I O N neces3ariZy reflect Lhe o p i n i o n o f t h i s newspaper.

Editor: Linda Larsen Co-Editor:. T r i s h Redmond B u s i n e s s Mgr: Doug Young Lay-out: Tony CoZgan Jonas Barber Photography: Dave McCaZZ S t e v e Atha Sports: Jan CoZZins Typists: .Bonnie Brunt T r i s h Redmond C i r c u Z a t i o n : Jim Warniers Tony CoZgan P r o o f r e a d e r : Gary Anderson Advisor:Mr. Roger CampbeZZ R e p o r t e r s and C o n t r i b u t e r s Gary Anderson, B i Z Z Bert Z e s , Barry EZZer, Ray Loe h n e r , Cam McQuaid, Marty S t i l t i n g , John McMiZZan , R i c h W h i t e , Richard W o Z f f , Ray Lee, Ralph WickZund, D i x i e F r a n c i s , Mike W i s e , CZark Wormer, lirry S t e v e n s , Paul Vargo, E d Yonos k i , Tony CavaLZari and Robert Lindsay.



by 8tudBnt ~o-rern-nt

m a n f i c e i l Institute -sociatian

P.0 Eax 2111 DaylOna Beach. C L ~ r l d i i 1 2 0 1 1

Avion 1969-11-21  
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