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Hunter Pumps Sales & Service have been operating since 1995 and are a key supplier to the Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Municipal sectors. Hunter Pumps Sales & Service offers a large range of filters and UV systems for varying applications helping you source the right solution for your need. Applications

Filter Types

• Potable Water Treatment Systems

• Bag Filters

• M  ains Inlet Filtration, residential, multistorey, commercial and industrial

• Ultra Violet Disinfections

• Rainwater Recovery Systems • Industrial/manufacturing process filtration • Irrigation Systems • Cooling Tower/Sidestream Filtration • Effluent Treatment

• Back Wash Filters • Cartridge Filters • Multi-Cartridge Filters • Screen Filters • Multi-Media Filters • Water Softeners • Reverse Osmosis Systems

Self Cleaning Filters Automatic Self Cleaning Filter units that use the pressure of the water being filtered to power the cleaning operation, thus requiring no additional energy source. Available sizes from 50mm (2”) up to 400mm (16”) with screen micron sizes from 15 micron up to 3000 micron, and screen surface areas of up to 21,600cm2. These Automatic Self Cleaning Filters offer a solution to filtration needs in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications for surface water, bore water and sea water. Electrically Powered models are also available. For information on the models we have available please phone our office on 024958 7555.

Self Cleaning Filters  >

Self Cleaning Filters >>maintains flow >>increases efficiency >>saves water

Back Wash Filtration Clean water is drawn back through the dirty screen at the moving suction point and sent to drain. Only a small area is cleaned at any one time during the backwash cycle. This allows for higher backwash velocities but a low flow to drain and uninterrupted service as filtration continues through the remaining screen surface area. This is more efficient than some other more traditional filtration methods. Backwash multimedia or sand filters, for example, backwash by reversing the flow across the complete filter surface area, which temporarily stops the filtration process and dumps a large amount of water to drain. Backwash can be initiated manually, by timer or by pressure differential control.



• Mains inlet filtration, Residential, Multi-Storey, Commercial and Industrial

•  Sizes from 20mm-200mm

•  Rain Water Recovery Systems

• Micron Ratings available 500,320,100,50,30 micron (100mm micron is standard)

• Water Supply Lines to Machinery •  Mining • Pipework and Fittings Protection

• Flow Rates up to 3300/litres/minute

• Manual or fully automatic screen cleaning by timer or pressure differential control • No interruption of water flow during backwash.

Back Wash Filtration >>maintains flow >>increases efficiency >>saves water

Bag Filters Filtration of liquids using Bag Filtration is a simple process. The liquid to be filtered enters at the top of the vessel, passes through the filter bag and exists at the base or side depending on the model. Particles are trapped on the inside surface of the filter bag. Bag change out is straight forward , relieving the internal pressure, undoing the lid and removing the filter bag containing the trapped particles for washing or disposal depending on the bag type. The units can be installed in parallel to allow continuance of flow during bag changing or in stages so finer filtration can be achieved. Bag filter housings are available in stainless steel or polypropylene. Filter bags are available in a micron range from 0.5 micron up to 1700 micron. In some applications the bag filter vessel can be used without a filter bag, relying on the restrainer basket for coarse filtration only. Applications •  Mains inlet Filtration, Commercial and Industrial •  U.V Pre-Filtration •  Side Stream Filtration •  Mining •  Paint Filtration •  Oil Filtration Bag Filtration  >

Please contact our office for further information.

Ultra Violet Disinfection Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems are a highly effective method of treating water for potentially harmful microorganisms.

Top candidates for UV disinfection systems include: •  Rural Homes and Cottages •  Nursing Homes •  Hospitals •  Schools •  Hotels

UV systems use UV-C light to attack microorganisms and destroy their ability to reproduce effectively rendering them harmless. The UV process uses no chemicals and does not change the taste, odour or colour of the water.

•  Restaurants •  Resorts and Holiday camps •  Community Water Systems We have access to a large range of UV systems. To find a system best suited to your application. Please call our office on 024958 7555.

Contact Hunter Pumps for all your Filter needs, including: > 

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Ultra Voilet Disinfection


Back Wash Filters


Cartridge Filters


Multi-Cartridge Filters


Screen Filters


Multi-Media Filters


Water Softeners

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

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