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Hunter King Design Drawing II Spring 2011 Eric Anderson Matt Zywica

Letterform The Story

S Letter Autopsy Discovering the proportions and relationships inside a Baskerville 'S', was a challenge for me because it is an incredibly complex letter with many small nuances.

Newsprint Drawings I did not find translating the discovered proportions into a larger scale to be all that difficult. A simple grid and a good understanding of the letters proportions helped me greatly.

Perspective Drawing The perspective drawings were the most challenging part of this project for me. The many curves of the ‘S’ were very difficult for me to draw in perspective. Foreshortening in particular was difficult for me to draw accurately.

Perspective and Orientation Imagining what the 'S' would look like in different orientations was not that difficult. However drawing it accurately in perspective and with foreshortening was.

Drawn Storyboards For each new storyboard I drew nine underlays, one for each letter. So that I could refine the angles and quality of the letter as well as giving myself the freedom of choosing the exact frame of each scene. I drew on the figure last, it was difficult for me to keep is size and proportions consistent from scene to scene.

Finished Storyboard By the final storyboard I was able to resolve my issues with the figure by doing several overlays until he looked correct. I was also able to resolve most of my issues with the letterform in perspective and make it look more accurate.

Modeled Storyboard This step in the project I found the most helpful and overall informative. The letterform helped me to draw more accurately and to visualize the movement around the letter more clearly.

Storyboard in SketchUp This second translation of the Drawn Storyboard was fairly easy for me to do though it did feel overly repetitive. Positioning the model was not very difficult either but it was time consuming.

Letterform: The Story, was a difficult project for me. I found the Baskerville 'S' to be quite challenging to draw at any angle. Although, as the project progressed I learned more and more of its fine details and steadily improved at depicting it accurately. I thought this project was very good up through the creation of the wooden letterform. The parts of the project following the wooden letterform seemed needlessly tedious. I enjoyed assembling and painting the letter form and it was an extremely helpful reference for my drawn storyboard. I think the project should have ended with the photographic translation of the drawn storyboard. Rendering the letterform in SketchUp did not help me to better understand the letterform, and I learned no more from creating a video from it than I did from making and seeing the wooden model. Overall I thought this project was challenging and informative, but also slightly too long and repetitive.

Project Reflection

Storyboarding a Letterform  

This is a project I completed during my freshman year at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design. Each class memeber was given a lett...

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