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By Ella Cheng

K E Y C L U B hunter edition Volume 1 Issue 6 February 2011

Official Newsletter of Hunter Key Club in New York District 11

A New Semester and (Almost) A New Key Club Year It's February and Hunter Key Club is back in action! Meetings have commenced, we've finally found those chocolates boxes to start off our chocolate fundraising sale, we've attended a Kiwanis dinner and a Key Club hangout, and we've contributed heart decorations to Women in Need! We have a lot of exciting events upcoming, notably elections, Leadership Training Conference and our annual Faculty Feud. Stay updated with our Google Group e-mails and keep an eye out for announcements on all of these events. In particular,

there will be plenty of opportunities to help out in our Faculty Feud committees. Lastly, for those of you attending Leadership Training Conference in April, Emma Cheng, the conference chair, promises great facilities and tons of fun activities and workshops. Look forward to it! -Ella Cheng

In this issue‌ Candidates .................. 2 Letter from the 2011-12 LTG .................. 3 Valentine's Day Hearts and Chocolate Sale...‌...4 Upcoming Events.......5 LTC...............................6

MEETINGS // Thursday Activities, Room 420

Election Candidates for 2011-12 Board President Check the Google Groups for each of the candidate's full blurbs!

Ella Cheng

Sera Kwon


Ella Cheng

Sera Kwon

Lily Kong

Tinley Chen Emily Yeo


Lily Kong


Chen Wei

Treasurer / Editor

Tinley Chen

HUNTER KEY CLUB // District 11 Newsletter

Belinda Zhou

Eric Mei

A Word from Your 2011-12 Lieutenant Governor Emma Cheng, 2010-11 Hunter Key Club Treasurer

Hello to all of my fellow Key Clubbers! As your future lieutenant governor for the 2011-2012 Key Club year, I am really excited to get a head start on the new service year. Thinking back, it was not long ago that I had first joined Key Club in my sophomore year, undoubtedly curious about what exactly this vaguely termed “service club” did. Much like the common misconceptions around Key Club that occur in other schools (to list one, Key Club being a locksmith club), I did not truly understand or grasp the enormity of the Key Club organization and its contributions to the local community. However, after just two years of service and an eye-opening Leadership Training Conference, I realized that Key Club is not only a club where members can have fun with their friends and perform community service projects, but also one in which members can truly take the lead and actively make a difference. Key Club gives all of us to chance to make even the smallest contributions and empowers us to be the workers and leaders of our rising generation. With my future duty as lieutenant governor, it is my responsibility to make sure that this opportunity to excel and succeed is offered to all high schoolers throughout our division. With the new service year fast approaching, I am both anxious and eager to face the upcoming challenges and to pursue new opportunities to expand and contribute back to the community. One focus I will definitely highlight this year is hosting more interclub activities. For example, this year’s successful Amazing Race and stuffed animal fundraiser are two events I hope to carry on. However, I am determined to find even more opportunities, personally searching for new ways that our division can collaborate by continuing to utilize my connections with Helping is Easy and calling up organizations like New York Cares to arrange large events like coat-sortings for their winter coat drive. Secondly, I will also aim to promote and strengthen interclub communication. Whether this would mean opening a forum or creating a division website, I hope to create a new online means of communication through which all our division’s clubs can share potential upcoming service projects, post up their newsletters and share their recent achievements. Thirdly, I will try my best to reach out and assist the new generation of board members in any way possible. Potential ways to do this would be to help provide ready-made templates for all the division’s editors, providing guidance and reminders for the complicated dues process for treasurers, and always keeping up monthly emails with club board members that will list upcoming dates and important pieces of advice, such as preparing for leadership training conference and applying for awards. Additionally, with this consistent flow of communication I aim to increase publicity by more actively informing members about events like leadership training conference through constant emails and, possibly, information pamphlets that I will create. Most importantly, though, I will always make myself available for questions at any time. As lieutenant governor, I will always be open to new ideas and advice, so never hesitate in contacting me via phone or email over the next service year. I truly hope to live up to the great work that our former lieutenant governor Sharif has done this past year. As the Key Club motto states, caring is truly Key Club’s way of life and I am determined to uphold this statement throughout the 2011-2012 service year!

-Emma Cheng




Valentine's Day Hearts Ella Cheng, Editor

Students coloring hearts / Ella Cheng

Thanks to the Key Clubbers who cut out and decorated hearts from Helping is Easy for Valentine's Day! We were able to donate a bundle of hearts to the Women in Need facility. We will also be accepting hearts for Mother's Day! You can e-mail ella.2012029@ if you are interested in receiving service credit for this project.


HUNTER KEY CLUB // District 11 Newsletter

Chocolate Sale Ella Cheng, Editor

Hunter's favorite brand of chocolate /

It took a while to find those chocolate boxes, but now Hunter Key Club's chocolate fundraising is off to a strong start! With tons of great flavors from the better brand of chocolate, these candy bars are sure to sell fast! You can help with selling by contacting any of the board members.

Upcoming Events

Key Club Hangout February 25. Check Google Groups for more information.

Elections March 3. All dues-paying members are encouraged to vote.

Helping is Easy Hearts Project. Ongoing. Check Google Groups for templates.

Faculty Feud Planning. Contact Lily Kong or Chen Wei for more information about committees.

Attend our Weekly Meetings to learn about even more projects!




Leadership Training Conference This year's conference is Broadway-themed and sure to be lots of fun! Register ASAP by contacting any of the board members.

Logo / Ella Cheng

T H E BOA R D Nancy Zhang

What is

International Trustee

Key Club?

Ben Flikshteyn President

Irek Habrylo “Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.” “Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. Key Club has approximately 250,000 members in approximately 5,000 clubs. Key Club is represented in 30 countries.”

Find more information at:

6 or

Vice President

Sera Kwon Secretary

Emma Cheng Treasurer

Ella Cheng Editor

Hunter Key Club February 2011 Newsletter  

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