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HUNTER/GATHERER issue one : hometowns

ISSUE ONE : HOMETOWNS Hunter / Gatherer is a photography publication founded by Christopher Postlewaite (Purchase College) and Casey Robertson (SUNY New Paltz) All work Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Cover: Casey Robertson Back Cover: Chris Postlewaite

As two photographers from separate schools who would have otherwise not worked together, we created this magazine to encourage collaboration. In this age of social networking, it would be a waste to limit ourselves to only those physically around us. We hope this publication can be a foundation for photographers from separate areas to work together in creating cohesive ideas and beautiful work. For our first issue of Hunter / Gatherer, we wanted to create two small series of the towns we grew up in. We come from two towns divided by state borders, each offering nothing special to us but a place to call home. CP // CR

Although I was raised in Goshen, my time spent in and around the town was less or more inexistent. My parents were separated, so I went to school in the district that my mother lived in, which was a twenty-five minute commute. Because of this, my hometown is as foreign of a place as any other town I have only seen in passing. I was always under the impression that as the county seat, I was growing up in a prosperous town, but just like any place, there are areas left uncared for and forgotten. Casey Robertson

I’ve never payed much attention. I spent my childhood riding bikes to the elementary school down the road. The center of town was always a sea of kids floating around the Shoprite parking lot. They would drive off along dark country roads. Sometimes they would stay on those roads. Chris Postlewaite


Hunter / Gatherer - Issue One : Hometowns  

Two short photographic documents of the founders' hometowns.

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