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June 2020 "I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature." John D. Rockefeller First and foremost I want to send my best thoughts to you and your families during these very challenging times. The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce believes that our organization is more meaningful now than ever. In the past several weeks, we’ve been putting together campaigns to help support our Business Community, providing resources and making referrals for our member companies. We’re also communicating accurate, dependable information and advocating with our local, county, state and federal officials to help both small business owners and their employees as they navigate these tough times. The Chamber continues to partner with the Hunterdon County Office of Economic Development and our local business organizations to give you the resources you need. Our COVID 19 Business Resource Page is updated several times a day and our special COVID 19 Chamber Radio Page for the videos and podcasts, with our “Meet the Expert Series”, are all found on our website at


The Chamber staff and our Board are here to help you grow your business, network among other member businesses, and to help you navigate the issues that may keep your business from realizing its full potential. Growing business seems like a far-off thought right now. As a result of the challenges, many of our small businesses are in a holding pattern. Our pledge to you and your business is this: We will do everything we can to help you during this tough time; as we emerge from that difficulty (and we WILL do that), we endeavor…to help you rebuild and grow your business. Even with this current difficulty, we are more committed than ever to making Hunterdon County a vibrant and thriving place to live. Some of our hopes and dreams are on hold, but they have not disappeared. Your investment in the Chamber helps to build a healthier, more prosperous tomorrow. We know that many of our members are being greatly impacted at this time.We are here to help and support you in every way possible. We are in this together. With best regards,

Christopher J. Phelan President

JUNE 2020, VOLUME 45, NO. 4

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Speed Networking with the Somerset County Business Partnership, the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce. The pandemic has changed the way we do business.

The Hunterdon county chamber of commerce and the hunterdon county office of economic development have created an online directory of restaurants, markets, farm stands and vineyards. both can be found on the chamber website and an online facebook group as well. buy hunterdon!

Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Responds to Supporting the Business Community During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Hunterdon County Office of Economic Development, continues working to ensure community residents, businesses and county organizations are being provided with the most recent and accurate information relative to the Coronavirus, COVID-19, as well as tp provide relief and resources to the business community. It continues to be a very stressful time for everyone that works and/or lives in Hunterdon County. The Hunterdon County Chamber continues to participate in conference calls with State and County Officials, local Mayors and governing bodies, and the leadership of various business organizations, etc., which have given everyone an opportunity to keep the lines of communication open and share the various resources that are available for the Business Community. You can find many resources and up-to-date information via the Hunterdon County Chamber website at The Chamber continues to post important information pertaining to COVID-19 along with helpful links to access and phone numbers for people to call for additional assistance. The website provides a one-stop for the Hunterdon County Business Community.


Virtual Leads Exchange- Networking Program north

Wednesday, July 1st 8:00 AM Online

Hosted by: Tom Fitzgerald of Disaster Restoration Services


Wednesday, July 15th 9:00 AM Online

Hosted by: Judy Gold of Coldwell Banker

COVID-19 DISINFECTING TIPS TO CONSIDER WHEN REOPENING YOUR BUSINESS As businesses plan to reopen, it is important to design a customized plan to kick-off with a clean slate (COVID-19 speaking) in order to properly maintain a healthy environment to your employees and clients, and, in turn, to our community. Many of us have been searching the CDC and State websites, seeking a blueprint to success in combating the virus, but truth be told, there is no one-sizefits-all answer. Each organization must take a critical look at how germs potentially travel through their specific facility to find realistic ways to combat it. First things first, clean your office! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): “Clean first before you disinfect. Germs can hide underneath dirt and other material on surfaces where they are not affected by the disinfectant. Dirt and organic material can also reduce the germ-killing ability of some disinfectants.” Additionally, you will need to use a product that is proven to kill COVID- 19 specifically. The CDC has compiled an extensive searchable list of products that will do the job, which can be found by Googling “CDC List N”. Suppliers have limited inventory, due to supply chain interruptions. We advise first calling your supply company reps, otherwise feel free to contact us or the Chamber for advice on where to find personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. Keep in mind that once you purchase a product, you must follow the specific application instructions that the CDC indicates on List N for that specific product, in order to kill the COVID-19 virus. This includes appropriate “dwell times” which means the amount of time the disinfectant needs to remain wet on surfaces. If this is not followed, the virus may live on. Please be safe and wear proper PPE such as a mask and gloves, and be careful to ventilate areas when needed, as fumes can be dangerous. Particularly with concentrated disinfectants which require proper dilution. Remember to keep products out of the reach of children.

We believe normal routine cleaning, with disinfecting of commonly touched areas, is the best action to consistently combat COVID-19 and reduce the spread of germs. Regular cleaning will help maintain assurance. For example, if an employee suddenly begins showing symptoms, or discovers a family member has tested positive, they may have already left germs in the office. Knowing that you have already been proactively cleaning on a routine schedule, helps reduce the exposure and risk to others. If you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your office, you may want to engage a professional cleaning company. In addition to thorough cleaning and disinfecting, you may also opt to apply a probiotic mist to commonly touched surfaces to establish and maintain a healthy microbial community (good bacteria) on hard surfaces and fabrics for up to 3 days. This in turn combats bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with and can be very helpful for high traffic areas. Visit and for helpful posters to promote hand washing and face coverings at your office. Feel free to contact John Dispensa, Owner of Clean Suite, LLC, at with questions or for a free one time or routine cleaning/disinfecting quote. Learn more at


Family Meal Campaign

The proven health and societal benefits of family meals inspire a local health coalition to help families get back to the table. With an aim to inspire families to eat at home together more often, as a service to public health, Hunterdon County Partnership for Health (PFH) is encouraging families to share one more meal together per week at home, and highlighting simple, healthy meal resources to make it easier for families to “raise their mitt”, as in oven mitt, to commit to making these meals happen. Numerous studies underscore the long-term health, academic, and societal benefits of consistently eating together as a family, yet, according to a 2013 Harris poll, only 30 percent of American families share dinner every night. In addition, recent research proves that people who frequently cook at home eat fewer and healthier calories. “It’s time we spotlight the long-term benefits of family meals, and start a conversation that encourages and inspires people to return to the kitchen. Now is a great time as many families are home together,” said Kim Blanda, RN, BSN, and Chair of the PFH’s Healthy Lifestyle Action Team and Healthy Hunterdon Workforce Initiative. “Juggling the demands of modern life—school, work and other commitments— can sabotage the best laid plans for home-cooked meals. In addition to our commitment to public health overall, we want to have a hand in helping our audience make wholesome meals together, at home, a modern family tradition. We also recognize the science behind family meals leading to better school performance, reduction in obesity, and lower rates of substance misuse and other risky behaviors. The benefits are definitely worth it.” “Interest in creating more opportunities for families to eat meals together is at a critical point in our society,” said Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of the Food Marketing Institute, creator of National Family Meals Month™. “The will to return to the table exists, but families need a friendly, familiar voice to encourage, guide and help them. That voice comes from organizations they know and trust. Join us as we work collaboratively with retailers, food manufacturers, and health organizations from across the country to bring families back to the table to share one more meal at home per week.”

Recognizing mealtime struggles are real and shared by families of all shapes and size. Shoprite of Hunterdon County, one of the PFH members, is offering more solutions than ever before, giving shoppers the tools they need to make family meals easier. Family Meal cases in the front of their store feature a recipe of the week with all the ingredients in one place. They also offer prepared healthy options on their hot buffet and “grab and go” case. All of their stores have dietitian’s on-hand (currently available virtually) to help families with meal planning, address dietary concerns and meals on a budget. Raise Your Mitt to Commit™ to One More Meal at Home per Week. Healthy Hunterdon Workforce Initiative is a collaboration between the Hunterdon County Chamber and the Partnership for Health. We encourage our community to join the family meal movement by pledging to one more family meal per week. Breakfast, lunch or dinner…Make it official, and shareable, by emailing your family meal pictures to Submission of photo constitutes your permission to post on social media and family meal promotions. The Hunterdon County Partnership for Health is a health coalition in existence since 1995 and includes more than sixty multi-sector organizations throughout the county with a common goal to improve our resident’s health and wellness. 'Source Note: Cornell University College of Human Ecology Department of Policy Analysis and Management: Do Family Meals Really Make a Difference?, Eliza Cook, Rachel Dunifon. 2012; Accessed [date],



FLEMINGTON, NJ: Amateur and professional photographers from all of NJ and surrounding areas are invited


to participate in the 2020 Hunterdon Barns, Bridges and Buildings Photo Project jointly sponsored by the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce and The Photographers Group.

Throughout this summer, project photographers will explore and create original images of the built environment of Hunterdon County from farms to towns, from old to new. The photos will be compiled and the best images published in the Chamber's magazine Hunterdon Living.

“ The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce is excited to participate in this project that will showcase some great sights and destinations that make up the unique and special character of our County. The talent that is abundant here in Hunterdon County through our local photography community is something that we are want to support and by participating in this project we are able to highlight so many great artists,� said Chris Phelan, President of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce.

The photographer with the most outstanding images will be profiled and have an article written up about her or him in the magazine's premier on-line edition. Other outstanding photographers will also receive special recognition in the magazine and have their images featured. All the photos that are submitted will be published in an on-line gallery and become part of the historic archives of Hunterdon County. Depending on how and when we recover from the pandemic a print exhibition may also be mounted.

This is an opportunity for photographers to create photos for a purpose, be recognized and leave a legacy. To participate in this project all photographers need to register at: Photographers.Group/barns-bridges-buildings/

Registration ends July 15th.

Tax Tidbit:


In response to the economic fallout from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic, the IRS has automatically postponed the filing and due dates for all Federal income tax returns and related payments due on April 15, 2020. The filing and payment date for these income taxes have been automatically postponed to July 15, 2020. This includes individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, and estate/trust income taxes. The 1st quarter 2020 estimated taxes that would have been due on April 15th have also been automatically postponed until July 15th. In addition, the due date to make a 2019 IRA or HSA contribution has been automatically postponed from April 15th to July 15th. These changes in filing and payment dates are obviously welcome news to both individual and business taxpayers. Affected taxpayers are not required to file for an extension on Form 4868 or 7004, to receive the benefit of the automatic postponement from April 15th to July 15th. Please note that this automatic postponement in the due date for filing and paying income taxes does not apply to all Federal taxes; it only applies to income taxes. For example, payroll taxes, excise taxes and informational returns are not included. Also note, the due date of 2nd quarterly estimated tax payment that has a normal due date of June 15th has not been changed. In addition, states are not obligated to follow the IRS with respect to the filing and due date of income tax returns. The New Jersey Legislature has passed legislation to automatically postpone the April 15th filing date until July 15th. These Federal and State law changes are of the writing of this article. There have been modifications almost every day to these rules considering the day-to-day changes in the devasting health and economic effects of the virus. Please visit our website at for recent news updates. Please contact us on how these rule changes impact your specific tax situation at BKC, CPAs, PC (908) 782-7900 or visit to learn more.


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Hunterdon Chamber Radio Webinars The Chamber has begun hosting live webinars in regards to COVID-19 topics of interest that were provided by local businesses in response to the recent business conducted survey. To date, we have recorded three and are continuing to schedule additional webinars. Managing Your Business was aired live in partnership with Jim Barnoski of Sandler Training Business Resources was aired live in partnership with Marc Saluk, Hunterdon County Economic Development Manager

Employment Law was aired live in partnership with Flahive Muller Law Firm in Lambertville Special guest John McWeeney of the NJ Bankers Association , discussing banking relationships, lending and business options during these challenging times. You can access these recorded and future live webinars via the Chamber’s social media as well as our website at and click Chamber Radio.

FYI - MEMBER NEWS - HATS OFF Old York Cellars Winery hosted Virtual Spring Festival on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd which featured live musical acts and was viewed by over eighty thousand people on Facebook. Norris McLaughlin, P.A., is proud to announce that Chambers USA, one of the most prestigious legal listings, has named the firm and three of its lawyers to its list of leading law firms and lawyers in New Jersey for 2020. Edward A. Hogan and Martha N. Donovan, Co-Chairs of its Environmental Law Practice Group, were ranked Band 1 in the Environment section. Jeffrey M. Casaletto was ranked as “Up and Coming” in the Environment section for helping drive the firm’s growth. Daniel R. Guadalupe, a Member of law firm Norris McLaughlin, P.A., and Co-Chair of its Litigation Law Practice Group and Diversity Committee, has been named in the “Mentors” listing of the New Jersey Law Journal 2020 Professional Excellence Awards for his leadership both within and outside of the firm.



The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) requests continued support from the larger community as we provide transformational substance use and mental health treatment for pregnant or parenting women and adolescent girls and their children, men and families impacted by trauma, abuse and neglect. During COVID-19 The Center for Great Expectations continues to safely serve over 200 individuals every day. Building on the success of last year’s community-wide Baby Bottle Brigade, this year we are organizing a virtual Brigade Between the Chambers. Challenge Goal - $7,500 Your donation will be doubled! Thanks to a generous CGE supporter, if we reach a combined total from all donations of $7,500, an additional $7,500 will be donated. Your dollar is doubled. Together we can raise $15,000 to help the moms and babies of CGE! Questions: Veronica Finlay, 908-963-9156,


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