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22 Years Old


4th Year Student

My mother always said that she knew I would be an architect. I wasn’t always so sure. When I first came to Drury, I thought I wanted to go down

a different path. I chose to study for a career that guaranteed a successful future, with a sizable salary, benefits and potential to prosper as a young


professional. After a year of accounting and finance classes, I decided that it was not for me. I would rather pursue a career that I am passionate about,

Drury University Class of 2019

that uses a skill-set I have developed since I was a child, than labor through classes that barely peaked my interest. Placing my future financial stability on

Major: Architecture - 5 Year Accredited Master of Architecture

the back burner, I switched my major. My mother was right; I was destined to be an architect.

Minors: Fine Arts & Business Administration

Creativity came naturally to me. I never really grew out of my childhood imagination. Throughout grade school I remember my teachers

reprimanding me for spending my time drawing during their lectures. Looking back, I think those classes are what helped me develop my skills as an

Drury Center in Greece - Semester abroad Spring 2017

artist. I had no idea that the practice I was being scolded for would actually come in use as a student in the Hammons School of Architecture. Now, I cannot


imagine going a day without exercising my abilities with a pencil and paper. I can attribute my passion for design and creativity to my time spent with just my pencil and notebook.

Architectural Internships

Dale Peer - Home Design - Springfield, Missouri: Summer 2017 - Current

Being able to draw and interpret anything that I could imagine was essential to the cultivation of my creativity and I still use that skill today.

Studying as an architecture student has helped me develop a passion for design and sustainability, giving me a platform for expression of my own creative

China Academy of Art - Hangzhou, China: Winter 2017-18

ideas. My time here has also helped me to realize my own potential, understanding that my talents can someday be used to make an impact on the environment and society. Whether it is on a large, or small scale, it is important to me that my designs can improve people’s lives.

Software Skill Levels

I understand that I still have a lot to learn and I intend to interpret the ideals of my professors, peers and professionals during my schooling in a

way that helps me grow and flourish as a designer. I’ve always thought that knowledge is power and the key to expanding my own mind is by listening to the teachings and experiences of others. Creating good design that has a positive impact on society is my new passion. I intend to use the skills I develop during my years as a student and an intern to do just that.

Hunter Brauer AutoCad








3Ds Max

Spring 2016



Hangzhou, China Economic Industrial park & Plaza


Springfield, Missouri Adaptable City Market & Event Space


Athens, Greece Health Center & Plaza Redevelopment


Chicago, Illinois Exhibition Center & Pedestrian Bridge

06/ FLOATING COURTYARD The mayor of Jinhua, China commissioned the China Academy of Art to design an economic park that could facilitate a very diverse program. The vision involved creating a new central city economic hub, which would tower above the existing mismatched late-90’s architecture of the city. When designing the Floating Courtyard concept, I believed that it was important to take into account Chinese culture, even in spite of the rapid industrialization that had almost diminished it from the city fabric. The challenge with Chinese Mega Cities and architecture is preserving the connection to a serene exterior and offering the solace of a courtyard and green-space, which has been integral to historic Chinese architecture. The Floating Courtyard offers a centralized tower for office space and folds the ancillary program into the perimeter of the plaza space, which also boasts a variety of activities for the community. Cantilevered connections are provided, creating elevated outdoor space that can offer opportunities for gardens on the surface and shading below.





08/ F A R M E R ‘S M A R K E T The beautiful and historic Commercial Street District of Springfield, Missouri has a farmer’s market that struggles to compete with a weekly covered market on the southern side of the city. The Commercial Street City Market is held seasonally, in a parking lot that is centrally located near numerous restaurants and adjacent to the most historic footbridge in the city. In order for the market to thrive, it needs a dynamic structure that helps to celebrate the district’s rich history, as well as expand seasonality. The adaptable event space/ farmer’s market offers storage space, vendor stalls and ADA accessibility to the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge. The upper deck provides additional market or event space as well as opportunities for train watching. The interior space can be open air, allowing for passive cooling in the summer, or enclosed during cooler months. Parking is reorganized and situated behind the structure, allowing for a conversion of the parking lot into a pleasant common-space with greenery and water features.






Meeting Points Directionality Reinforced by Linear Material Differentiation

HEALTH CENTER PUBLIC PLAZA Metaxourgio is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece that was greatly impacted by the financial crisis. In years prior to the Euro-crash, the area had been up and coming as a new arts district of the city. Now, few cafes and bars remain in the perimeter of the plaza and a museum struggles to attract visitors. The area desperately needs a community health center to provide services to families in the area that might be struggling to make ends meet. Keeping the historic envelope of an existing building on the square, my health center responds to a need, while preserving the integrity of the neighborhood. The plaza itself was designed intentionally to create spaces that celebrate the history of the neighborhood and draw attention to the classical architecture. Facilitating safe, engaging, beautiful and functional spaces within the public plaza will help to attract new exhibitions and festivities that will bring the neighborhood back to life.

Hard Surfaces Dominate the Center of the Square - Focal Points Kept to the Edges

Square Entrances - Creating Clearly Defined Entrances Promotes a Sense of Enclosure, As Noted in Many Traditional European Squares




12/ EXHIBITION CENTER FOOTBRIDGE The Chicago Exhibition Center was designed in order to house the next Biennale of Architectural Innovation. Situated directly on Lake Michigan, adjacent to Lakeshore Drive, the Exhibition Center folds elegantly out of the landscape. With the site currently within a no-build zone, it was important that the structure becomes a part of the view and scenery, rather than an obstruction. The green-roof structure is completely walkable and serves as comfortable outdoor space with spectacular views of the nearby harbor. A footbridge was also designed as a parabolic load-bearing structure in order to cross Lakeshore Drive connecting the Maggie Daley Park to the site. The skeletal structure wraps around pedestrians in a constant variation and frames views of the city, as well as the lake.



Hunter brauer spring18 portfolio  
Hunter brauer spring18 portfolio