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“I’m first at the gym every morning.” There’s so much to do with the rest of the day.


aden thinks he deserves a break at 92 after decades of cattle farming in Dargaville. But that doesn’t stop him from contributing to anything he can. He feels he’s well supported by Knox, which gives him the freedom to help community groups, join Knox friends on outings to events, win Housie games, indulge in his love of dark chocolate and get to the gym. He has just enough time to fit in visits from his family too.

Each crease on your face tells a story of rich experience that goes with a life well lived. Knox Home gives you the opportunity for that story to well and truly continue – because aging is less about decline and more about continuing to grow. At our place there’s a little more understanding and care. There’s more companionship and joy. There are more new opportunities and worthwhile experiences to enjoy. Knox allows you to share in our busy community and simply relish more living. We are a charitable trust founded after Elizabeth Knox left a bequest in 1908 to provide support, care and dignity to those in need. That’s over 110 years of service, expertise and loving care. Knox is home to over 200 subsidised and feepaying private residents, elders and younger adults living with physical disability in Epsom, Auckland. The Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care dedicated to placing elders at the centre of all we do, uniquely guides us to transform the lives of our residents and team. Every day is a gift. Our mission is to make sure we add more to the fulfillment and enjoyment of every single one. We are unique and loving it.

E l iz a bet h Knox Home & Hosp i tal


our eden Living life a little alternatively A decision we made back in 2009 to adopt the Eden Alternative means that we have a different DNA to other care homes. The core concept of the Eden Alternative is simple: Care environments are habitats for human beings that should promote health, wellbeing and growth rather than facilities where the frail and elderly stagnate and decline. Essentially, the Eden Alternative philosophy contributes to preventing and eliminating the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

An Eden Alternative home also commits to creating an environment where life revolves around continuing contact with children and people of all ages, contributing to variety, spontaneity and curiosity. Visiting children from families, friends, schools and community groups significantly enhance Knox life through intergenerational activities. We maintain strong relationships with neighbouring schools with many older students becoming part of our volunteer team.

The Eden Alternative approach is encapsulated in ten principles that form part of a rigorous learning, implementation and registration process overseen and consistent with the international, not-for-profit Eden Alternative organisation.

Every day is an opportunity for continued growth, wellbeing and meaningful experience

Since adopting the Eden Alternative, Knox residents have had a higher level of wellbeing and we experience lower staff turnover. Knox is much more lively and spirited. There is continuing evidence of more spontaneity, increased care and family engagement.

We know life for our residents can be much, much more than may be considered possible elsewhere. There are many small differences at Knox that make a big difference to the lives of residents. Primarily, we’ve challenged the structure of traditional care homes and hospitals. Residents are central to everything we do.

Close and continuing contact with plants, animals and children Gardens for many residents have always been part of their lives, so they should continue to be at Knox. We have invested in inviting and accessible green spaces for residents to enjoy. They are not show places, but natural retreats for everyone to relax in or to grow wonderful plants and produce.


Animals are important members of the community contributing to companionship and a sense of home. Knox is home to cats, dogs, chickens and birds and our hairdresser often brings along a selection of her farm animals. Residents are encouraged to consider bringing their pets to Knox. We mutually agree suitability and an appropriate plan for their care and support.


“I do it for pleasure, not work.” Passions should be indulged.


eil’s a father of four who spent most of his career in the building trade. He’s always been a provider who loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing. There isn’t much he doesn’t know about building clinker dinghys and flounder fishing either. But gardening is another story. A talent he picked up from his mother living out amongst the market gardens of Mangere, it’s no wonder he has the gift of green fingers. At Knox since 2008, Neil has grown and nurtured masses of fruit and vegetables throughout the seasons. And what he doesn’t grow himself, he still likes to head out to market gardens to pick more tomatoes and onions for chutneys and pickling. That’s yet another story.

E l iz a bet h Knox Home & Hosp i tal


more eden alternative

E l iz abeth K nox H ome & H osp ita l


our care Residents can trust that our care is uniquely tailored to their needs. Our care model is a working partnership with residents and families, where we support and enable residents to continue discovering their potential while promoting wellbeing. Every day should be lived as fully as possible.

Rest home care

Respite care

Knox is home for our residents and we never forget that. Residents are encouraged to be as self-sufficient as possible within a friendly, safe and well-supported environment; always knowing that they have ready access to comprehensive clinical services should they be required.

Knox provides short term stays according to the needs of the client and the client’s caregiver at home.

Care Partners focus their efforts on strengthening each person’s capability and independence. If residents want to do their personal laundry, make refreshments, bake, or have personal projects there are facilities, spaces, resources and assistance available.

Hospital care

The Knox nursing team are experienced registered nurses supported by the Care Leader.

Knox Home and Hospital is recognised as a provider of high quality hospital care for those with high level health and care needs. Not only do residents have 24/7 access to the knowledge and expertise of Registered Nurses, they also benefit from assistance of the Knox Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy teams.

Knox nurses actively participate in a continuing education and training programme. Members of our medical team are present each week day providing both urgent and planned reviews of residents. Residents’ health really benefits from Knox Home’s occupational therapy and physiotherapy services which focus on improving individual strength and mobility. We believe both to be vital for our residents to have as much independence and activity as possible into the future. So much so, that this service is included at no additional cost.

Young disabled care Knox has been providing care for younger adults with physical disabilities for many years. Specialised services include physiotherapy, a well-equipped gymnasium and meaningful activity.

Day care Knox can also support those living at home. We offer flexible options for spending partial or full days in our friendly and supportive environment. This provides elders with additional social contact, interest and activity to their days while allowing necessary time-out for those caring for them. Day visits can also be a helpful first step towards longer-term care. Day visit fees are privately funded.



Some respite care clients return regularly and soon see Knox as their second home. Staff warmly welcome their return and most enjoy the chance to again meet old friends among the residents.

Carer support

Round the clock care

Considerable emphasis is placed on maintaining excellent staffing levels to ensure the best possible care and for this reason average staff to resident ratios for hospitallevel care are 1:5.

Respite care clients enjoy all the advantages that long term residents do including access to physiotherapy, participation in occupational therapy and visiting doctors.

The Carer Support scheme is partially funded by the Ministry of Health to provide support to home caregivers. Clients are generally eligible for 28 days care per year in a residential facility such as Knox Home. Such clients enjoy all the advantages that long term residents have.

Post-operative stays Knox welcomes anyone in need of a privately funded period of postoperative recuperation. Usually for just 1-2 weeks we can support a return home by focusing on your wellbeing and independence.

Palliative care Knox Home and Hospital has expertise in providing high quality palliative care. Knox Registered Nurses are trained in managing pain and other symptoms. Specialist palliative care nurses from the Auckland District Health Board and Hospice also work closely with our team. Knox follow the Last Days of Life Pathway, an international gold standard for care of a dying person. Families of residents are made very welcome at Knox and are especially supported by the nursing team when their loved one is receiving palliative care.

“My everyday care requires a huge amount of trust.” So does jumping out of a plane.


laire has a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped her ticking one more thing off her to-do list. Back in the 1980s Claire enjoyed solo skydiving and she had been reminiscing about it with residents and staff. A challenge from a counselling service to participate in their ‘Jump for Courage’ fundraiser saw Claire jump at the opportunity. She raised $1200 in pledges for the charity and thoroughly enjoyed the day with family, friends, residents and staff supporting and cheering her on.

E l iz a bet h Knox Home & Hosp i tal


more joy Meaningful events and spontaneous activities improve the quality of everyday life. There’s more joy in an environment where the unexpected can happen.

more community

more companionship

Our Cultivate programme develops links and relationships with a wide range of community groups and organisations so that Knox residents can be meaningfully involved in the world they live in.

Being lonely is the single most important source of suffering among elders. We are creating a community of companionship with other residents, staff, volunteers, children and animals.

more independence We don’t all have the same level of mobility but we can all thrive by keeping as much physical independance as we can. Knox residents benefit from daily physiotherapy.



there’s more to our place more connectivity Keeping up with technology with WiFi access and technical assistance on digital devices allows residents to stay connected with relatives while enjoying the benefit of easy access to information.

more days out The Knox van opens a world of opportunity for residents to go out, explore and to participate in the life of their wider community.

more future Our home is constantly evolving and future developments ensure that we remain both commercially and clinically sustainable in the years to come.

E l iz abeth K nox H ome & H osp ita l


We know having a purpose is essential to human life. Our care is much more than attending to day-to-day physical needs. It is catering to each of our resident’s unique interests and aspirations. Age should never be about decline but an opportunity to continue pursuing dreams and enjoying life.

Living busy and being engaged The Eden Alternative encourages an environment in which the unexpected and unpredictable can take place. There is something different happening at Knox every day and there is always the opportunity to try new things that other residents enjoy and find meaningful. There are a range of residentdriven projects including the Gardens of Knowledge, Food for Thought group and the Knox inclusion project, Cultivate. Residents also have group activities including crafts, concerts, exercise, housie, board and word games and bowling, among many others. We make every effort to assist residents to pursue any activity they wish inside or outside Knox.



Events like dances, competitions, theme days and celebrations around major calendar events always add plenty of fun. Regular outings are also made to a wide range of destinations such as church, shows, art galleries, museums, the zoo, beaches, shopping and many more.

Community engagement Growing old or changes in physical ability shouldn’t prevent anyone from connecting with others, contributing to the community or continuing to grow. Everyone can give and receive. Like everyone, Knox residents have interests and ambitions, bucket lists and dreams. Our Cultivate programme brings together the opportunities for them to do what they want to. It may be a regular thing or a one-off arrangement but every experience makes a big difference to the lives of those participating.

Volunteers We have a fantastic team of volunteers who are an essential part of the Knox community. The residents truly love volunteers and the special skills, support and personalities they bring. We know that many firm friendships and bonds are created, contributing to a richer life for both residents and volunteers.

“I haven’t had one unhappy moment.” Not one.


oy spent most of her life in a quite and remote part of the Gisborne district. East coast landscapes were always an inspiration for her creativity but she didn’t always have the time or encouragement to paint. Now she loves the opportunity to make the most of her creative talents with other residents, staff and volunteers. The transition to life in Auckland has been much easier than she thought it could be – Knox is just so homely. She has both the inspiration and freedom to do so much that she is never bored. Joy may be helping migrants learn English one day; a day out, the next.

E l iz abeth K nox H ome & H osp ita l


more living



our way There’s much more to a home than walls and a roof. For Knox residents, it means being heard; owning their wellbeing and maintaining as much independence and self determination as they want. If it matters to them, then it matters to us.

Giving and receiving Residents contribute to innovation and a more effective management of Knox. Their involvement brings more satisfaction to all at Knox. By actively engaging in the life of Knox, residents retain more control of their own lives and ensure that the collective voice of residents is presented to management and the Board of Trustees. We acknowledge the substantial collective experience of residents; so residents are asked to be involved in discussions related to planning, opportunities and aspects of service provided by Knox Home. Residents participate on our panels for the employment of staff. Menus are regularly reviewed with residents too. The Food for Thought group’s valuable feedback contributes to a greater variety of satisfying meals.

Just the way we like it Knox Home sits on an expansive site of landscaped gardens in a leafy corner of Epsom. We are close to both Manukau Road and Newmarket shops, restaurants and amenities.



It’s a very social environment where there’s plenty of interaction and support, but residents can always find their own quiet spot too. Every Knox household has comfortably furnished open plan lounge-living rooms with kitchens and family style dining. There’s TV and spaces to entertain guests, take part in activities or simply relax. Even though all meals are catered for, residents have full use of their household’s kitchen to prepare drinks, snacks or complete meals if they choose. Residents socialise around the dining table or barbeque as a group or invite their own families or friends in to share. Knox ‘Street’ includes a small shop, hairdressing salon, volunteer hub and self-help Olive Café for the perfect place to catch up with friends and a family.

“I didn’t want to rock the boat.” She didn’t have to.


ajorie felt there was too much sun streaming through the windows in the lounge that she likes to be in. Hoping to cool the space down she did just what she would do in her own home – organise some blinds. Knox CEO, Jill agreed and teamed her up with an interior designer to turn her ideas into reality. It’s never forgotten that Knox is our resident’s home and they should share decisions and maintain as much control as possible.

E l iz abeth K nox H ome & H osp ita l


our future New and prospective developments Some of the current Knox home was originally built in the 1970s. There has been, and continues to be, extensive refurbishment and development of new facilities. The Knox Home Trust Board has committed to a progressive programme of development to provide the necessary resources for Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital to continue to be one of New Zealand’s most dynamic providers.



Award-winning aged-care environment Nikau Home was the winner of the 2015 New-Zealand Aged Care Association ‘Built and Grown Environment’ Award. It presents a new way of living in hospital care with maximum flexibility of space, dementia design input and bathroom innovations. The homely surroundings and contemporary features enable the care team to provide residents with just the right level of care and support

for living as independently as possible. We’ve made light and bright indoor spaces, views, gardens with easy access to the outdoors a priority. Puriri Home, opened in 2019, and planned developments are built on this legacy. We have maxmised the use of areas so that generous shared living spaces flow and reflect the design of present-day homes. Some rooms have unique features such as private decks or double suites for couples or siblings who both need care.

We are privileged to work in a place residents choose as their home. Residents do not choose to live in our workplace.

Join our caring community

Informing your choice

Resident’s needs are at the heart of Knox life. With a dedicated team, continuous improvement and the spirit of optimism, Knox is transforming the standard of elder care.

You’re invited to ask our Care Administrator any questions you may have or visit us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital. You’ll soon see and feel the difference.

Our place is unique, and we love it.

Residents are income and asset tested by Work and Income NZ and may be eligible for partial or full subsidies. If you, or someone you care for are interested in rest home care and are unsure about how to access it, or the impact on your finances, you will find helpful information on the website: seniorline.org.nz

E l iz abeth K nox H ome & H osp ita l


unique and loving it

10 Ranfurly Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023 PO Box 74060, Greenlane, Auckland 1546 Telephone 09 523 3119 info@knox.co.nz E Q uI P

Knox Home Trust



Not-for-Profit Charity GIVING MORE SINCE 1911




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