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KnoxLife 36 March 2020


It’s summer and time for wandering Happy 2020!!! We ended 2019 with a whirl of very enjoyable occasions. The Children’s Christmas Party is always a great way for residents’ grandchildren and team member’s children to have a good old-fashioned fun afternoon. The day is made even more special with Maylene’s wonderful visiting “zoo” – always a real highlight. We have also completed a repaint of many of our shared areas and the furniture in the main lounge and Reception is also to be recovered over the next few months. We are also

upgrading our generator and, once installed in March, this will provide emergency power to the whole site.

Sunflower Competition Resident’s Art Expo Children’s Christmas Party Quiz, sign language and EOTC: A summer of learning Volunteers and team news

In our last KnoxLife newsletter I referred to dissatisfaction being a healthy thing in an Eden Alternative home as it challenges complacency and that has certainly been the focus in these first weeks of 2020. The Knox community has embarked on a commitment to review our Mission and Values through weekly Community Conversations and we are combining this with a reinvigoration of our focus on stories which will commence in March. KnoxLife36 | 1

Parking Please drive no faster in the Knox carparks than walking speed and do not leave vehicles unattended in the porte cochere (main entrance). This area is only for picking up and setting down. Increasingly cars are being parked there unattended for lengthy periods, this area must be kept clear for all other vehicle including emergency vehicles. Please note – this is also our fire egress and parking blocks exit in an emergency.

The Community Conversations are on Tuesday at 1pm include residents, team, volunteers and family. You are very welcome at them.

Storytelling and Community Engagement – why? 1. Storytelling draws in more voices, young and old to share experiences and views in their own words 2. Storytelling creates connections and we discover shared experiences, interests and passions with those we may never otherwise connect with 3. Stories build empathy – our own views are opened up to new ways of seeing the world and we are given space to reflect on new possibilities. Putting a human face to a different world view changes how we view differences 4. Story sharing reveals common values. Stories provide a common language about future direction. They can reveal common values that bind communities and they also highlight disconnects and contradictions between individuals and groups 5. Stories teach us the consequences of our actions – showing how communities change over time and they deepen our understanding of what’s important to our quality of life 6. Stories give us hope for the future – they give us a way to speak about our aspirations and to connect others to that 7. Storytelling transforms planning – activities can be fun, accessible and convenient 2 | unique and loving it

8. Storytelling is action – through telling our story and listening to others we have an impact on our surroundings, we take a stand, we matter and we participate in our community.

Our stories become a part of the living community story The Pukeko and Ruru households in Puriri Home are now home to many new residents and the sense of community is lovely. I extend a warm welcome to all new residents to Knox. The Building Consent for Puka Home is pending and it’s with relief I report that the Resource Consent has been granted this week and earthworks will start at the end of February. I wish to acknowledge residents who contribute time and energy to subtle, positive but sustainable change at Knox. This can be seen by the energy and commitment of residents on the Food for Thought Committee and the Residents Committee with a very high level of trust.

Residents’ Family meeting The Residents’ Family meeting is to be held on Monday 23 March 2020 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm in the MultiPurpose Room. This meeting is an opportunity for us to have a chat about Knox and our commitment to the Eden Alternative and the next stages of Knox Development, the review of our Mission and Values and it’s also a great way to get to know each other better. JILL

Donations of DVD’s Amongst our residents at Knox, we have many movie buffs who regularly enjoy afternoons watching films together, both modern and old classics. We have a large collection of DVD’s available at Knox, however, we are on the lookout to expand the assortment of these (as you can imagine an extremely diverse selection of tastes are entwined amongst the 200 residents living at Knox). If you have any DVD’s in good condition and in particular more recent releases, please bring these in and give to someone in the Lifestyle and Leisure team to adopt.

Lost & Found We have a collection of hats, bottles, scarves, glasses, money and more in the Reception Lost and Found box. If you are missing any items, feel free to come visit us at Reception and provide a description of your lost item to see if it matches the unclaimed stock. This is also a good time to remind residents and families that clothing items should to be clearly labelled to prevent these from being misplaced. You can speak to your homes about this service offered at Knox.

A Sea of Sunflowers and soil, were given the challenge to bring these to life. Residents were very enthusiastic to initiate their growth. Once sprouted, along with some volunteers from the Ernst and Young Indirect Tax team, they spent an afternoon together carefully planting their newly grown seedlings into the earth. The tax team commented on having such a great day, treasuring their time spent getting to know some of the Knox community and stating that their “memories of the day will last for a life time!”

If you’ve visited Knox recently, you’d find it hard to miss our various gardens and courtyards scattered with the vibrant faces of beautiful sunflowers; the result of our annual sunflower growing competition! Each home, kitted with a simple pack, including some seeds

Resident artists go on tour Congratulations to our exceptionally talented residents Pam and Joy who have been involved in the Toi Ako mentoring program’s ten workshops facilitated by the wonderful artist Lucie from Connect the Dots. Each week Lucie came to Knox equipped with many art supplies and keen support for our residents to experiment with various art mediums. Throughout the course, residents dabbled in stenciling, pointillism, abstract, watercolours and more! We witnessed how these sessions, along with the enjoyment of many chats and laughs, were such a remarkable opportunity to support Pam and Joy to continue their engagement with and passion for art. The results and master pieces created along the way speak for themselves! The exciting news is that the wider public will have the chance to see some of their pieces

Special note to the following homes for winning the three judging categories for the competition: Weka Home produced the tallest sunflower. Nikau Two Home produced the sunflower with the biggest face and the most unique sunflower! Principle Two of the Eden Alternative: ‘An Elder-centered community commits to creating a Human Habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with people of all abilities, plants and animals. It is these relationships that provide the young and old alike with a pathway to a life worth living.’

As summer progressed, the homes nurtured and tended to their flowers with water, some TLC (and rumors of some secret fertilisers), all of which evidently paid off. Judging of the flowers took place early February, with measurements being made whilst giving space to the bumble bees hard at work pollinating them. All homes involved did a fantastic job, some working with some particularly tough soil conditions.

Joy channelling her best Kandinsky

in a touring exhibition. The Exhibition Opening will take place on Saturday 7 March at Papakura Art Gallery and be open until 18 April; before setting off around the country. We want to extend a huge thank you to Connect the Dots Charitable Trust who continuously work to connect our elder community with the arts, greatly contributing to improvements in health and wellbeing for our elders in Auckland.

Lion Foundation Donation Thank you to the Lion Foundation who have generously contributed funding to towards the purchase of a power chair which will be used to help us provide better care and mobility options for the residents.

KnoxLife36 | 3

City Mission donation drive The generosity of our Knox community really shone through during the Christmas period when a donation drive was organised for the Auckland City Mission. Jointly, residents, family, volunteers and staff kindly contributed an enormous amount of non-perishable food items. Many boxes packed to the brim of cans, rice, pasta, spreads as well as soaps and shampoos were then gratefully collected by the Auckland City Mission. Thank you to everyone who were able to contribute, your kindness and generosity would have no doubt been far reaching and gratefully appreciated by many families and individuals over this time of year.

Gingerbread making contest Each home at Knox is kitted with a full kitchen providing the perfect opportunity for residents, families and volunteers to whip up a cake or a favourite dish. These also come very much in handy during the festive season for Christmas baking. The smells of spices and melted butter drifted through Knox as homes together created their entries for a gingerbread making competition. Well done to all of the homes who participated, baking some wonderful creations. A big congratulations to Kowhai Home who won the prize for best gingerbread – determined by an impartial judge of course! 4 | unique and loving it

Children’s Christmas Party A ton of fun was had at the Knox Children’s Christmas Party held for the grandchildren of residents and the children of Knox team members which took place on the afternoon of Saturday 7 December. As with each year for this great occasion, we were provided with brilliant weather and fabulous fun. If smiles are the measure of pleasure then the 100+ children, families, team members, residents, volunteers and our friends next door at Vintage Kids clearly had a great time! Our main lounge, dining room, courtyards and carpark were jam-packed with face painting, a bouncy castle, piñata, crafts, yummy food for children, a BBQ and many activities for families to enjoy. Not to mention our awesome hairdresser Maylene who kindly bought along an assembly of farm animals to be patted and played with. Santa as always, did not disappoint, generously delivering gifts to all children who attended the party. Thank you so much to the

collective contribution of many people involved in making this event possible - both in the planning and running of it; particularly our keen and energetic group of volunteers who so generously and energetically supported this wonderful day. We’d also like to extend our thanks to Hunter Creative who kindly made a donation towards the presents Santa distributed on the day! The enjoyment and delight experienced by our whole Knox community for this event is so truly special.

KnoxLife36 | 5

Learning outside of the classroom Our weekly Te Reo Māori language class, taught by Pomare from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, also extends residents educational opportunities into the community. An informative trip to Bastion Point was enjoyed on a sunny December morning which included a lovely picnic lunch and stop for ice cream at Mission Bay. Early in the New Year, another trip to the wonderful trip to the Botanic Gardens in Manurewa was arranged where a tour of the gardens was very much enjoyed. We are grateful to be given these meaningful opportunities - our residents really look forward to recommencing our learning of Te Reo Māori in 2020!

NZ Sign Language classes Several workshops were recently facilitated by teachers and interpreters from Merge NZ at Knox who taught us about deaf culture, current Deaf issues as well as providing useful communication tools we can use in our Knox community. Residents, team members and volunteers who attended enthusiastically took this opportunity to increase their learning about the third official language of Aotearoa; New Zealand Sign Language.

You’ll Never Guess Who 1. Who are our three sets of siblings living in Knox? 2. Which resident used to be a motorcycle speedway rider? 3. Who was a primary school teacher for children with reading difficulties and taught in China for a year? 4. Which resident was a part of the Indian Merchant Navy for 20 years? 5. Who was a fish monger and owned a fish and chip shop in Christchurch? Answers on the back page. 6 | unique and loving it

Quiz afternoon From science, royalty and music to geography, movies, literature and sports; the diversity of expertise our residents and team members collectively possess was certainly trialled and tested at our quiz afternoon. What a few hours of fun and laughter that was had amongst everyone who joined on the day which involved a few drinks, nibbles and some friendly

competition. A big congratulations to highly knowledgeable winning team‘Trevor and the Roosters’ who received the most points taking out first place. We’d also like to thank a kind member of the public who donated a large number of small puzzles that her late father had cleverly handmade himself. These beautiful puzzles were then sold at a small price amongst our community to raise funds for this event which brought much joy, connection and meaning for our residents.



Volunteers New Weekend Volunteer Coordinator

100 hours volunteers A warm welcome to both Angelic and Ben to our Knox 100 club! They have both achieved over 100 hours of volunteering at Knox Home. Angelic is one of our amazing reception volunteers in the weekend, and you will often find Ben helping out in our Rummikub Club – he has been a loyal and respected member since June 2018!

Titia Schamhart has recently joined the Knox team as our new Weekend Volunteer Coordinator. She moved to New Zealand from the Netherlands after dreaming about moving here for over 20 years. During the week she is doing a PhD in Hamilton, where she’s trying to figure out a way to help the New Zealand bats (yes, bats!), that are struggling a bit because our cities are getting bigger and the forests are getting smaller.

She brought her two lovely dogs with her from overseas, that you can find hanging out in the Volunteers’ office on most weekends and are always up for play and a cuddle.

Hi from Greta, our new receptionist Hi everyone! I am really enjoying getting settled into my new role as Receptionist. Having begun my journey here at Knox first as a Care Partner, it has been great getting to continue the interaction with residents and families as well as step into the new challenges that this role brings. The Children’s Christmas Party last year stands out as a highlight and was a great opportunity to get to know the Knox community. Having finished up my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in July 2019, I look forward to what this year at Knox will bring. Outside of working at Knox,

a couple of hobbies of mine include walking my two terrier dogs and playing netball. Thank you everyone for making me feel welcome, I look forward to meeting you soon if I haven’t already or seeing you around Knox. Please feel free to stop by and say hello whenever you are stopping by the front desk!

Bette On Hing PURIRI HOME Born in Masterton, Bette was one of six girls and two boys. Her family owned a fruit shop in town, next to the baker, and she helped out from a young age. After her mother passed away, her sister and brother-in-law took over the business. It was at this time that Bette discovered her complete lack of culinary talent, when she was in charge of feeding the family and workers every Thursday and Friday. She had to encourage meals out or takeaways until she was skilled enough to cook basic foods. In a search for new business opportunities, her brother-in-law and nephew visited Rotorua and ended up buying a 39-unit motel. She joined her sister and nieces in the move to Rotorua, but did not expect the smell and took a while to get used to. It was there that her brother-in-law tried to get Bette cooking again, this time for guests. However, she soon found out that her talent lay in helping to manage and run the motel, not the kitchen. They had room for development and thereafter, found themselves developing a new 300 room hotel! After that, Bette moved to Auckland to help her brother-in-law with his next business venture, at the Rose Park Motel in Parnell. It was here that she finished up her working years and discovered her love of sewing. Bette has enjoyed cross stitch and quilting, having made two quilts for her nieces. She is still working on some needle work projects on canvas and is keen to meet fellow sewing enthusiasts! KnoxLife36 | 7


You’ll Never Guess Who Answers

1. Bronwyn and Roger Hoy, May Mackey and Norma Chester-Nash, Alma Tongahai and Ikimautama Ikimau 2. John Shaw (Weka) 3. Cherie Murray (Puka) 4. Jose Ferrao (Puka) 5. Gordon Roberts (Puriri)

The Eden Alternative 10 Principles 1. The three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom account for the bulk of suffering among our Elders. 2. An Elder-centred community commits to creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with people of all ages and abilities, as well as plants and animals. It is these relationships that provide the young and old alike, with a pathway to a life worth living. 3. Loving companionship is the antidote to loneliness. Elders deserve easy access to human and animal companionship. 4. An Elder-centred community creates opportunity to give as well as receive care. This is the antidote to helplessness. 5. An Elder-centred community imbues daily life with variety and spontaneity by creating an environment in which unexpected and unpredictable interactions and happenings can take place. This is the antidote to boredom. 6. Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health. 7. Medical treatment should be the servant of genuine human caring, never its master.

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8. An Elder-centred community honours its Elders by de-emphasising top-down bureaucratic authority, seeking instead to place the maximum possible decision-making authority into the hands of the Elders or into the hands of those closest to them.

facebook.com/ ElizabethKnoxHome

9. Creating an Elder-centred community is a never-ending process. Human growth must never be separated from human life.

Knox Home Trust Board Members Dr Alastair MacCormick CHAIRMAN

Mr Warwick Peacock Dr Bruce Foggo Mr Bal Matheson Mr Andrew Smith Ms Marika Eastwick-Field Ms Kim Wright

10. Wise leadership is the lifeblood of any struggle against the three plagues. For it, there can be no substitute. The core concept of the Eden Alternative™ is simple: Care environments are habitats for human beings that should promote health, wellbeing and growth rather than facilities where the frail and elderly stagnate and decline. The Eden Alternative™ shows us how companion animals, children and plants help in providing an opportunity for meaningful contribution and care, and how the Eden Alternative works at preventing and eliminating the aged care plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom. For more information on the Eden Alternative, please visit edenalt.org

more wifi or less 10 Ranfurly Road Epsom Auckland 1023 Telephone 09 523 3119

knox.co.nz 8 | unique and loving it

Knox WiFi: More opportunities for a better life here ... or less if you prefer.


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Knoxlife 36  

Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital Newsletter – March 2020

Knoxlife 36  

Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital Newsletter – March 2020