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It happens atleast once or twice a month.

He creeps in everytime unnoticed, but he hasn’t tonight.

He got what he came for, but so did I. I followed him as he left the room

I caught him off guard must have at least broken his nose.

I made sure to get that gun away from him.

He got the upper hand and threw me across the room.

And took off the same way he came in.

His bloody nose left an easy trail to follow.

I followed him up to the roof. He stood under the light of the helicopter.

Brandishing a shining blade, He wasn’t going to go quitely.

He didn’t

give up.

Completely silent and motionless, His time was up and his luck had run out.

There was one last thing I needed to know.

It didn’t matter how long I stared at that face. It wasn’t going to change anything.

Somehow he and I were the same, down to the minuest detail, this could’nt be possible.

Nothing but confusion hit me, I couldn’t understand how this could evenhappen.

But that didn’t matter I had to find the reason beind my doppelganger.

Christopher Hunt

The officer  

graphic novel for graphics

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