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Yes, You Can! HOME IMPROVEMENT. It’s become a family endeavor. We all like to jump in and get our hands dirty, and when the job is done, we love to admire our hard work with a healthy dose of pride. The Women’s Choice Award® Best for Home Buyer’s Guide is an easy reference tool to inspire and assist you as you strive to make your home not just a house, but a haven. What makes this guide so special? We’ve done the legwork for you. Women across the country have vetted their favorite and most relied-upon brands and awarded them with the Women’s Choice Award designation. We showcase them here—along with practical, insightful tips—so you can condense the research phase and dive right into the home-improvement fun. The Women’s Choice Award gives a powerful voice to women and offers a selection of top products chosen by the people who use those products most often. As you peruse the pages, remember that you are viewing products and services from the top-rated brands in their categories. Want to add your voice? Sign up, vote, win prizes and, ultimately, help other women in their home-improvement endeavors. Our interactive digital guide has links and videos. Click the links for special offers, product information and availability. View the videos from our trusted partners to find tips and how-tos. Let’s complete our projects and dive into new ones with the best brands as rated by women.

AT THE HOME DEPOT, we have witnessed the explosive growth in home-improvement projects championed by women. It only makes sense to carry Women’s Choice Award brands in our stores. Alongside these leading products, you have the backing and support of the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, The Home Depot. ·F  ind tips, best uses and special offers for products profiled in this guide. Look for these icons in the following pages:

·A  ttend our weekly in-store Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Workshops—and Do-It-Herself Workshops. ·V  isit The Home Depot service sites for decorating, measuring, and DIY project ideas. ·D  o more on the go. Get the mobile app to buy products, view inventory, read and submit product reviews or scan in-aisle to access detailed product information. The Home Depot is your place, partner and guide for home improvement. We support and encourage women in building, creating and imagining their homes as retreats where they have placed their hearts and hard work. More saving, more doing.

Let’s build it together. Warm regards, All the best,

Delia Passi Editor-in-Chief Founder, Women’s Choice Award

Mike Hogenmiller Mike Hogenmiller Merchandising Vice President Kitchen and Bath The Home Depot




速 T heT homas vi l l e速 Cabi net r ycol l ect i on,avai l abl eex cl us i vel yatT heHomeDepot .

Dream KITCHEN Before you tackle your kitchen renovation, you’ve got a vital question to answer: WHAT’S YOUR KITCHEN PERSONALITY?

YOU’VE DECIDED. IT’S TIME. You’re finally ready to take that plunge and make over your kitchen exactly the way you want it. But then one day you take a look at Pinterest and you’re suddenly overwhelmed. How exactly do you want it? Are you making the right choices? What if your taste changes? What if you’re not being practical enough? Or what if you’re not being you enough? The dream kitchen isn’t just a dream. It can be a reality. Your reality. The way you really live every day. The key lies in tuning out what others might do or think and discerning what will best suit your tastes and lifestyle. If you’re a true gourmand, for example, you’re going to want a pragmatic, no-nonsense kitchen with everything you need at hand. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo aesthetics, but it does mean you’re going to need a surgically

precise space, the right cabinetry and smart storage, with everything carefully thought out. Or what if you’re a busy mom who loves to cook but who has kids doing homework at the counter or playing on the floor while you’re whipping up dinner? The dream kitchen for the growing family will probably look a bit different from that of the professional chef. And if it’s just you and your partner sharing a kitchen, perhaps you don’t need all that space. Maybe you want to focus on having the very best appliances (that Viking stove!), custom built-ins and a galley kitchen that functions like a luxury charter ship on a permanent voyage to the Bahamas. There’s also a chance that you’re a combination of a few of these profiles. Use this personality guide to help you decide—and then to design your way to your perfect kitchen.

YOUR KITCHEN MAKEOVER CHECKLIST Figure out your own kitchen personality, establish your budget and make a plan:  iscern your kitchen D personality Establish your budget Choose: •








 ire a reputable H contractor you trust







You’re serious about getting things done, but you know that to do so (without losing your sanity) you need a relaxed, fluid approach to life. You may have kids. You may not. There’s always something being made in this kitchen—and perhaps left behind: the kids’ toast crumbs on the counter, a smattering of French press grounds as you dashed off to work. Your kitchen is organized and (mostly) clean but unpretentious. You appreciate beauty and warmth, and you’re ok when life gets a little messy and unpredictable. You love warm woods, repurposed or upcycled items, soft colors and unique things that are both useful and beautiful. Your dream kitchen is fresh yet lived in and welcomingly rustic.

Fresh flowers. Bright white. Subdued accent colors. Your dream kitchen is harmonious and beautiful, a kitchen fit for a royal princess. You’ll serve up regal yet sensuous fare here. The consummate ladylike hostess, you feel at home in this kitchen because everything has a place and every sweet detail has been attended to. Any person whose crystal wine glass you fill will feel serene, comfortable and relaxed in this space. As you well know, relaxation is best achieved when there is a sense of order and innate pattern in place. This kitchen is for the person who loves to entertain and charm her guests, her family and herself—from day to night.

Your mornings are hectic at best. Your evenings are jampacked, too. The kids are off at soccer practice, and you’re finally having a moment to yourself. You love your crisp, white surroundings. At once classic and Zen in nature, your kitchen evokes a sense of calm amid the hustle and bustle. You’ll love being able to cozy up to the counter and linger over a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. Your kids can make cupcakes with their friends while you chat with a neighbor. Your classic dream kitchen is form meets function in a cheerful white that’s both timeless and modern.

As you plan Don’t be too fussy. Look for textures, hardware and colors that reflect the way you really live: freely! Avoid shiny surfaces; instead opt for matte textures and muted colors with popping contrasts, like an oriental rug or a counter backsplash.

As you plan Create a neutral backdrop with a few opulent touches­—pink, gold or white with Old World and traditional styling. Use curves to your advantage with a curvy faucet and sink to blend with the neutral palette.

As you plan Domestic productivity begins here. Look for a blend of strength and subtlety for a timeless design. Inspired by sophisticated yet simple woodwork? Center panel detailing and a natural wood finish create a timeless look that welcomes everyone home. The beauty lies in its simplicity.

GET IDEAS. GET ORGANIZED. Thomasville Cabinetry and The Home Depot have a planning guide to walk you through the process. From inspiration to installation, you’ll find tips, checklists, budgeting tools and more!




ARE YOU THE ARTIST? Artists revel in color. In the unexpected. In raw materials and free form. Your dream kitchen is all your own and unlike any other. You’ll find a funky and fabulous old sink at a salvage yard and, at the same time, you’ll choose exquisite designer cabinets and custom flooring. Your idea of heaven is a blend of eccentricity, style and self-expression. Your dream kitchen is a colorful, magical place from which you can draw inspiration for the other aspects of your life, as well as create amazing culinary delights for friends and family.

ARE YOU THE MODERNISTA? Denmark. Sweden. Norway. These are your dream-kitchen roots. Your dream-kitchen personality is minimalist, perhaps even a bit stark. You can add accents and pops of color but, for the most part, your kitchen is spartan, purist, uber-modern and clean. Every surface shines. Nothing is out of order. Everything has its place. Your space is open and free of clutter. Not unlike that of the ordered yet dreamy Romantic, this dream kitchen frees your mind to be creative while you work.

As you plan

As you plan

Mix and match cabinet stain/ color for an eclectic mix. Add a pop of color with wallpaper or texture with grass cloth wall covering. Try pairing neutrals with glossy finishes and a little metallic bling to round out your artistic approach to design.

Look for sleek finishes with a monochromatic color palette. Structured cabinetry, hardedged countertops, sleek stainless steel fixtures and hardware give a modern flair. Add concealed storage for easy, out-of-sight organization.

Keep It Clear No matter which kitchen personality defines you, you’ll enjoy your new space much more if it’s well organized. For ingenious and discreet ideas, visit and click on the “Organization & Storage” tile. Thomasville Cabinetry, available exclusively at The Home Depot, landed the 2015 Women’s Choice Award as “America’s Best for Home Kitchen Cabinetry.”

ARE YOU THE URBANITE? This is not your grandmother’s kitchen. This is a serious kitchen for serious people. Masculine in feel, it employs dark, rich colors that contrast sleek, metallic accents. Sparkling backsplashes invigorate the depth here, and there is a strength in the calm. More at home in the city, this dream kitchen is for the erudite, sophisticated and cultured. You’ll delight guests, you’ll pour only the finest wines, and you’ll serve only the finest cuisine. Most of all, you’ll revel in this kitchen every day from the depths of your soul.

As you plan Dark wood cabinets, wroughtiron accents, exposed brick, ducts and pipes, and subway or green glass tile fit your urban sensibilities. Complete the look with a neutral base color accented with pops of color and edgy art.

Brought to you by

2013-2015 WINNER

Women’s Choice Award Winner




A BETTER BATHROOM EXPERIENCE • Endless warm posterior and feminine water washes • Dual stainless steel adjustable nozzles with sterilization • Adjustable warm air dryer and deodorizer • Gentle-closing heated seat and “sittable” lid • Save hundreds of dollars per year by using 75% less toilet paper

Millions of People Love These Toilet Seats

AFFORDABLE LUXURY • Illuminating blue LED night light • Adjustable heated seat (three heat settings) • Gentle-closing seat with sturdy “sittable” lid • Simple, intuitive controls • Fits all standard toilets

A Better Kind of


As much of the world can attest, using a bidet toilet seat boosts cleanliness, comfort and even the planet.

FRENCH INVENTORS GAVE US THE V8 ENGINE, the rabies vaccine, the modern pencil and, perhaps just as groundbreaking, the bidet. Popular in Europe, Japan

Brought to you by

and parts of South America and the Middle East—and catching on in North America—bidets and bidet seats use water to cleanse the body after toilet use and work well for any age group and gender. Unlike traditional bidets, which are a separate fixture, bidet seats attach to nearly any toilet and employ a warm-water

2015 WINNER Women’s Choice Award

spray nozzle for cleaning. While they may seem unusual (and a little intimidating) at first, most people are sold after just a few uses. Here’s why:



Water is the best way to clean just about anything. Using a bidet minimizes the use of your hand, which in turn reduces the number of germs transferred to your hands and other surfaces. This is especially helpful for children, some elderly people and others who may have trouble with wiping or hand washing. It also leaves your private areas cleaner and fresher than if you just use paper.

Never again plunk your bum on an ice-cold toilet seat in the middle of the night—the best modern bidet seats are heated, and some even offer a drying function. Bidets also greatly reduce the need for toilet paper, an especially welcome benefit for people who experience paper-induced skin breakdown and irritation because of medical problems such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids or incontinence.


CLEANS LIKE A CHAMP The Brondell Swash bidet seat—a 2015 Women’s Choice Award winner—boasts a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating. Other accolades under its belt include an Electronic House magazine’s 2011 Product of the Year designation and a 2007 Home American Building Products Award.

Americans use an average of 34 million rolls of toilet paper per day. If you consider the paper production process, that equals 221,000 trees, 225 million gallons of water, 88 million pounds of greenhouse gases and 161 million kWh of electricity—per day. Meanwhile, using a bidet seat usually reduces toilet paper consumption by at least 75 percent. And while it does use water and electricity, the net amount is less for the bidet than for processing toilet paper.



The percentage of homes and businesses in Japan that have a bidet seat installed, a trend that started there in the 1980s


The percentage of American residential toilets that can accommodate a bidet seat

34,000,000 Number of toilet paper rolls Americans use each day


The percentage toilet paper use would drop if everyone used bidet seats

25 to 45

The average number of seconds required for an effective bidet cleansing




A Superior


Powerful showerheads. Be prepared. Waterpik® showerheads with OptiFLOW® can improve water force up to 30% for a more powerful and invigorating shower experience.

The right showerhead will leave you not just clean but also rejuvenated.

THE AVERAGE PERSON SPENDS 13 minutes a day in the shower, which translates to 80 hours per year and 260 days over a lifetime. With that kind of commitment, you want to ensure that every moment is as refreshing and enjoyable as possible. Your main concern? A quality showerhead that suits your style. To find it, you first need to think through what’s most important to you—here we walk you through the process.



clean, modern look or you need to keep it out of the reach of children. TIP: Make sure the showerhead has a pivot mechanism, so you adjust the spray direction.

Choose a fixed-mount showerhead if you prefer a

Handheld models are best for uses such as washing kids or •

pets, and they can also make it easier to clean the shower itself. A 5-foot hose is usually adequate, but you can find up to 8-foot hoses if you’d like it to stretch farther.

For the best of both, try either an adjustable showerhead that allows you to easily change the fixture’s height or opt for a two-in-one dual model that includes both a fixed and a handheld showerhead in one unit. TIP: If you’d like to use both showerheads at once, select a model with a three-way diverter valve. •

Rain spray. Rainfall showerheads feature a wider surface and more spray nozzles for a refreshing flow that drenches your whole body at once. Massage. This is the most affordable alternative to your own personal masseuse. Look for adjustable settings such as circular, slow and pulsating. Combo. If you checked “all of the above,” you’ll want an adjustable-setting showerhead. Some models offer a variety of settings. TIP: Before you buy, make sure it’s easy to switch from one setting to another. Our recommendation: An EasySelect® model from Waterpik®, a Women’s Choice Award–winning company and a market leader for more than 40 years. Visit for details. •

MYTH BUSTER MYTH: A low-flow showerhead

Brought to you by

means a weak shower.

FACT: Once upon a time, this

2013-2015 WINNER Women’s Choice Award The Waterpik® Medallion® series, available exclusively at The Home Depot.®

To learn more, go to



was indeed true. But today’s technology—such as the EcoFlow® line from Waterpik®—conserves water without sacrificing an invigorating shower experience. Bonus: Low-flow options will also invigorate your wallet as you save on utility bills.


Brought to you by

2013-2015 WINNER Women’s Choice Award

Wood. Wood has a distinct aesthetic, but it’s usually about twice as expensive as asphalt for roughly the same durability. Also, some fire codes, especially in the West, don’t allow wood shingles. In that case, you might consider asphalt shingles designed to look like wood. •

Slate. This gorgeous, extremely durable (think 50-year life span) shingle style has long been a favorite in the Northeast, thanks to the availability of slate from regional quarries. It’s often prohibitively expensive, however, and can be too heavy for some roofs. A possible solution: a proprietary material from Women’s Choice Award winner GAF called TruSlate. It uses genuine, topgrade, hand-cut slate, treated with a waterproof material. The result: It cuts the amount of slate needed in half, greatly reducing cost and weight. •


Shingles can dramatically enhance, or detract from, your home’s aesthetic (and monetary) value. This guide will help you get it right. THE LOOK OF YOUR ROOF changes the look—and worth—of your entire home. Follow this four-step checklist to determine the ideal shingle style to keep your house attractive, safe and marketable for many years to come.



First, know what questions to ask: Is the contractor licensed by your state (or province)? Adequately insured? Does the roofing company have a proven reputation for reliable, quality work? Is it committed to ongoing professional education? One way to ensure that the answer to all these questions is “yes” is to use a GAF Master Elite contractor, who had to pass these and other stringent tests to earn the Master Elite seal.

Not every material is suitable for every roof. Consult with an expert contractor you trust before you set your mind on a particular style. Here are three popular options you’ll find:

Asphalt. The most common and usually most affordable roofing material, asphalt shingles are versatile and durable (look for a lifetime limited guarantee). •

‘TRY’ BEFORE YOU BUY Get a feel for how various shingle colors and styles will look on your home by uploading a photo to the Color & Style Guide. Unsure which exterior colors match your design tastes? Upload your photo or use the gallery in our Virtual Home Remodeler to select the perfect exterior for your home.

SELECT YOUR STYLE. The style of your home—ranch, colonial, mountain, modern and so on—will likely be the greatest determining factor of your shingle style. You may want to cruise nearby neighborhoods to assess styles you like and don’t like on similar homes. See ‘Try’ Before You Buy for other style-selection strategies.

CHOOSE YOUR COLOR. Personal style is important—do you prefer subtle colors? Bold hues and stark contrasts?—but be sure to weigh other factors, too. For example, lighter shades reflect sunlight, which keeps your home cooler, while darker shades warm it up by absorbing light. Color mixes and trendier hues are appealing but may go out of style sooner. Also, think about complementing not only the color of your house, but also accents such as brick or stone walls or porches.




Stick TO IT Successful DIY projects often hinge on finding the right adhesive for the job. Use this guide to make sure you have what you need—every time.

FEW THINGS CAN put a damper on a project like discovering you don’t have the proper adhesives or tools to do it right. Fortunately, we’ve got your back— here’s a checklist to ensure your workshop is stocked with everything you need to get the job done.

INTERIOR WOOD GLUE Water-borne wood glues are the strongest option for wood-based gluing projects. The temperature of all components must be above 55° F when gluing. The glue starts to harden after about 10 minutes but should usually set for about 24 hours before handling. Sample projects: indoor furniture repair, wood craft projects

EXTERIOR WOOD GLUE This glue is designed to withstand outdoor weather elements such as temperature and moisture. The temperature of all components must be above 55° F when gluing. As with interior glue, it starts hardening after about 10 minutes but should set for roughly 24 hours. Sample projects: exterior furniture, flower boxes, cutting boards, any wood surface exposed to moisture

MULTISURFACE GLUE Use this to attach a porous surface (wood, concrete, drywall) to a nonporous surface (metal, glass, ceramic). Buying tip: Most multi-purpose glues are made of polyurethane, which means during application they



produce a big, foamy mess that is hard to manage and can stain your hands. Solution: Try Elmer’s ProBond Advanced®, which provides an equally strong bond with zero foaming. It’s also waterproof with a translucent, paintable finish. Sample projects: making a bathroom-mirror frame, installing glass door panels

CRAFT GLUE This is ideal for surfaces such as fabric, paper, cardboard, foam board and photos.


Water-borne wood fillers are designed for filling holes and gouges, and you can find them for interior or exterior use. They come ready to use, and do Ever wonder not require mixing. They why… can be sanded, and then …there’s a cow on the Elmer’s logo? It’s stained and painted with how the company latex- or oil-based paints. got its name. It was originally part of the Borden corporation, which introduced the first commercial white glue in 1947. Borden started as a dairy company, with Elsie the Cow as its iconic corporate symbol. When Borden ventured into glues, it introduced her spouse, Elmer, as its spokesbull.


Sample projects: furniture repair and restoration; touching up baseboards, cabinets or decks

EPOXY Epoxy cement offers superior outdoor performance with structural strength. It is resilient, durable and

Not sure which adhesive to use for which project? Take the guesswork out with the Elmer’s Glue Guide app for your iPhone.

adheres to a variety of surfaces. Epoxy requires premixing resin and hardener before use and has limited working time after mixing, typically 15–30 minutes. It may start hardening after two hours but will take 24 hours to attain full strength. Sample projects: filling holes, dents and splits in wood on decks and outdoor furniture; building missing wood in rotted areas

CLAMPS You’ll want a variety of sizes. Also, make sure you have some padded ones for surfaces you want to protect, as well as clamp tape for unusually shaped surfaces like rounded chair legs.

Gluing Basics · Clean dirt, grime, oil and all dried glue from the surfaces you’ll be gluing. · Parts must fit snugly. · Coat one surface with a liberal dose of glue. · Fit parts tightly together. · Wipe any excess glue off with a clean, dry cloth. · Clamp together, anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, depending on the project. · Wipe up excess glue squeezed out after clamping. · Then you’ll usually want to let it set for even longer, up to 24 hours depending on the glue and types of surfaces used.

DID YOU KNOW? Brought to you by Only Elmer’s has stainable wood glues on the market. Elmer’s—a Women’s Choice Award Winner — also sells stainable wood filler for furniture touch-up and other restoration projects.

2015 WINNER Women’s Choice Award




The only wood filler that tells you when it’s ready.

A Spray of All

TRADES Even avowed “non-ironers” might want to stock spray starch in the pantry. Here’s why.

STARCH MAY SEEM LIKE A PRODUCT FROM your grandmother’s time, but there are plenty of reasons to make it part of today’s domestic arsenal. These are five of our favorites.

BETTER-LOOKING CLOTHES. Not concerned about stiff collars? Even so, you could easily become a spray-starch fan after just one use. It lends an attractive crispness to clothes without being too rigid. A few starching tips: • Spray lightly. Using too much will cause build-up on the bottom of your iron and make your clothes too stiff. If you prefer stiff, use two light applications (with a round of ironing after each) instead of one heavy one. • Use moisture. Spray and iron the clothing item when it is very slightly damp, or use the steam setting on your iron. This helps the garment absorb the starch and will minimize any residue on the fabric. • Consider the fabric. For natural materials like cotton and linen, spray the garment in sections as you iron. For man-made fabrics and blends, spray the whole item, roll




it up loosely and let it stand for a few minutes first. If a garment says “machine washable” on the label, then it should be safe to use starch. • Let it set. Place the garment on a hanger immediately after ironing, but don’t put it in the closet right away. Let the starch settle into the fibers in the open air first.

CLEANER LAUNDRY. Dust, sweat and other contaminants stick to starch, which means they come out of clothes more easily during the wash cycle.

Brought to you by

2014-2015 WINNER Women’s Choice Award

easier to take down—simply peel off and then wipe down the surface.

CLEVER CRAFTS. Spray starch is a versatile crafting tool, allowing you to stiffen string, turn powders into paint, make unique mobiles and Christmas ornaments, mix up homemade silly putty, crispen quilting and sewing fabric, and much more. Pinterest has a bevy of ideas to get you started.


STAIN-FREE SHOES. Apply spray starch to athletic shoes, including canvas and nylon sneakers, to block stains.

CREATIVE DÉCOR. Use spray starch to easily attach fabric to walls, the backs of cabinets and other areas of your home for a decorative touch. Bonus: It’s even

It’s easy to remove residue from the bottom of your iron: Make a paste using equal parts baking soda and water. Use a rag to rub the paste on the iron’s soleplate. Wipe it off with another rag. Then turn the iron to “steam” for a few minutes to clean the vents; you can also use a Q-tip.


The following brands were voted #1 most recommended by women across America. Find them at The Home Depot!




Behr Corporation

Interior Paint


Insect Repellent

General Electric Company Light blub, window AC Unit, light dimmer switch


Food Dehydrator


Insect Control

Rain Bird Corporation

Sprinkler System


Weed Killer


Closet System


Steel Wool/Soap Pad

Saran Wrap

Plastic Cling




Upholstery Protectant


Steam Mop


Heavy Duty Staple Gun


Laundry Detergent


Window Cleaner Spray


Lawn Fertilizer


Wood Floor Cleaner


Disposable Plastic Cup

Martha Stewart Living Patio Furniture and Artificial Christmas Tree


Safety 1st

Safety Gate


Barbecue Grill and parts

Zwilling J.A. Henckels LLC

Luxury Cutlery


Robotic Vacuum


Outdoor Deck

Keurig Green Mountain Inc

Single  Serve Pod Coffeemaker

Armstrong World Mountain Inc.


Bushnell Outdoor World Industries, Inc.


The Coleman Company Inc


Dupont Corian

Kitchen Countertops


Alcaline Battery

George Foreman

Indoor Grll and Griddle

Master Lock

Door Locks

Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker and Paper Coffee Filter Minwax

Wood Protector Sealant


Silver Polish

Anchor Hocking

Casual Glassware

Armor All

Leather Cleaner

Belkin International, Inc. Home security camera. Powerstrip, surge protector


Floor Mop


Garbage Disposal


Toliet Paper

Rust足Oleum Corporation

Blacktop filler and sealer


Paper Towel


Portable Generator


Dishwasher Detergent

Black & Decker

Steam Iron


Dishwashing Liquid

Black & Decker

Toaster Oven


Water Filter

Black & Decker



Outdoor Fire Pit

Black & Decker Electric

Electric Can Opener


Kitchen Garbage Bag


Engine Oil


Wireless Router


Slow Cooker


Bathroom sink, toilet, shower massage wall panel, shower massage head, kitch and bath hardware

Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven, Pressure Cooker, Waffle Maker Kingsford




Honeywell Home Security Camera, Home Safe, Humidifier, Air Purifier, Electric Fan, Space Heater, Airconditioning Filter


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