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Lost in a Rhyme The Reign of Queen Mary By Holley Wilkes

Lost in a Rhyme The Heir of King James II By Holley Wilkes

Mary was given the morbid name Bloody Mary as a consequence of her Queen

actions. The daughter of King Henry VIII had a

quite commonly known among her associates as having a contrary nature. reputation

Morbid telling’s of how queen Mary, so devoted to her Catholic faith and

how she

does everything to uphold her religion. As someone living in her country, your faith was chosen by her to be Catholic. Her gardens as the were named referred to the graveyards horrifically increasing and

growing in size,

filled with the bodies of those who dared to continue to practise the Protestant faith.

With tortured souls to spill secrets she intended to destroy the Protestant faith.

Silver bells used as instruments of

torture cruel believed to be thumb screws

and these crushed the thumbs between two hard surfaces and cockleshells were believed to be instruments of torture which were attached to the genitals.

Mary wished to control the Protestant faith

and a far from pretty method was

beheading. Guillotine’s were first known as

maids, victim’s unwillingness to die meant nearly all were chased in and around the scaffold, then finally hacked at by the executioner. This called for

a mechanical

invention, Mary then ordered the building of guillotines row upon


I felt the truth and blood in nursery rhymes would intrigue you reader. Origins and theories are written in history about royal plots, battle truths and religion. Such innocent characters in children’s rhymes uncovered, but in the end it’s your choice what you choose to believe, I am merely stating my findings.


The Reign of Queen Mary By Holley Wilkes The Heir of King James II By Holley Wilkes reputation quite commonly known among her associates as...

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