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On The Cover - The Ariat Texas Rattlers celebrate their World Championship on the stage inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media · 4 · November 2023

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Letter from the Editor

I hope this issue of Humps N Horns finds all going well for you and your family. The month of November is one that we typically think of taking some time to give thanks. The first opportunity is Veterans Day where we say “Thank you!” to all the veterans who have served our country. Without you, we would not have the freedom that we have in this great land. Thanksgiving Day is another day that we have set aside to give thanks to God. I know that I have been blessed so much more than I deserve and am grateful for everything He has done in my life. I hope you have are able to take some time, take a deep breath to relax, and know that no matter how difficult things may be at this time, there is always something for which we can be grateful. The PBR Team Series Championship concluded its run in Las Vegas. The Ariat Texas Rattlers came out as the 2023 World Champions. Congratulations to Coach Cody Lambert, the bull riders who gave their heart and soul all season long, and those

who work behind the scenes to make sure it all operates as it should. As always, I want to encourage you to check out the Where’s The Beef section and find some events that you can help support. It will be good for you and also good for the bull riders, the producers, stock contractors, and the communities they support. Katlin Truelsen and the CAC Media Group bring us another Rider Rundown where we get to meet Brett Hopp, a young bull rider from the great State of Illinois. We hope you enjoy! Until next time, Terry · 6 · November 2023

Cody Jesus takes care of business as the Texas Rattlers earn the title of PBR Team Series World Champions. Jesus rode Tijuana Two-Step (Blake Sharp / Michael Floyd) for 88.75 points in the Championship Game. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media. · 7 · November 2023

What Are You Doing? What exactly are you doing for success in your Bull Riding career? How many hours of your day are dedicated to doing drills? Are you studying films of the greats in the sport? Do you have a gym membership and how often do you work out? What time do you get up in the mornings and what time do you go to bed at night? Have you written your goals out so you can keep them fresh on your mind? Are you practicing a good diet and eating habits? Who are you allowing to have influence in your mindset towards your career? How many practice bulls do you get on per week? How many of those practice bulls do you dominate and walk away from practice with greater confidence? Do you have a plan for your career or are you just treating it as a hobby? These are all questions that can only be honestly answered by you. Hopefully these questions will make you look at what you’re doing a bit differently.

Your window for real success gets smaller every day. In the end no one really cares how your career goes. I hope you care and do something about how it will go. Talent is one thing and at some point that talent starts going backwards. If your work ethic doesn’t outweigh your talent don’t plan on anything great happening for your career. Talk is cheap but settling for mediocrity is very expensive. Real bull riders are making a living off of those who treat it as a hobby and settle for being mediocre. Whatever you do or don’t do during the week toward your bull riding career will be exposed during competition. This whole article has nothing to do with me but everything to do with you. It’s really none of my business how your career goes but it must be your business. Show us! Jesus Loves You Cody Custer · 8 · November 2023


Brett Hopp By Katlin Truelsen CAC Media Group

While the weather may be getting colder here in Iowa, some of our riders are still getting in on the rodeo action down south in Oklahoma and Texas including this month’s rider, Brett Hopp. Hopp is a native of Illinois, about an hour and a half from my neck of the woods in Iowa, and I had a chance to chat with him while he was riding in Mesquite, Texas at the World Championship

Miniature Bull Riders World Finals. Here is what he had to say. KT: Hey, Brett, thanks for making time to chat today. Can you please tell our readers your name and grade? BH: I am Brett Hopp, I am a junior and I am 16 years old. KT: Where are you from? BH: I am from Toulon, Illinois KT: What is the size of your school? BH: There are about 60 kids in my class, which is pretty small. KT: How does it feel to be one of the only kids that rodeos around you? BH: It’s pretty cool. It’s hard because they don’t understand how big the rodeo is, even my teachers don’t get it. Right now, I am in Texas riding, and they don’t understand exactly how big of a deal it is and what I have to put into it. But the school is good at shouting me out on the announcements for some stuff, which is cool. KT: That is cool. I don’t think most of the teachers at my school would understand that either. Can you tell us how did you got into rodeo if it isn’t big in your area? BH: We have such a small town, and most kids show livestock. Nobody has really grown up with rodeo like I have. I have been around livestock and farming my whole life, but my cousins rode bulls, which is how I got into it.

Brett Hopp - 16 years old - Toulon, Illinois · 9 · November 2023

KT: Why are you riding down in Texas? BH: I qualified with the Steiber Cattle Company. They have a WCMB membership, and they have been great for us this summer. KT: Walk us through what is going to happen while you are down in Texas. BH: Tonight is the back number ceremony. The peewees and

juniors are on Tuesday, and the older guys like me ride on Wednesday morning and Thursday with the short go on Friday. I am feeling pretty good since some of the bulls here I got on this summer and last winter when I won the International Miniature Rodeo Association (IMRA) World Finals. KT: Who else do you know out there? BH: The Singleton boys are out here, and they are really good. Chase won the world championship last year and I really look up to him. He is younger than me, he is pretty cool to be around. I like to say if you surround yourself with winners, you will become a winner. KT: That sounds like good advice. Where are you riding after this? Are you riding out to Vegas? BH: We are not this year, we wanted to try something new, so we headed down to Texas. We pick one big rodeo to go to each year and this is what we picked. We can get some pretty big prize money for winning here. Up to $25,000, I think. KT: Is that money in the form of a scholarship or do you just win it as prize money? BH: A little bit of both, I think. I have been working to get a scholarship, but the money would be nice too. I ride with Bode Spence, Cade Smith, and Hadley Harris and there are some college coaches in Iowa who are keeping an eye on us. I think I have a chance at getting a scholarship someday. KT: Where have you been looking for college? BH: I have been looking in quite a few places all over, Iowa Central, Fort Scott, Kansas, Odessa, Texas. KT: Could you tell us a little bit about how your summer went? BH: Well, It started off good. I won four rodeos in the Extreme Bull Riding Tour, which was great, but then I broke both of my legs over the summer, and I was out for six or eight weeks. I broke them about four weeks apart, which was pretty miserable. KT: I would imagine that was a pretty big setback. BH: Yeah, it was. I was really ready to get back after I healed up, but I do think that little bit of a break helped me get my mindset back into riding. When I was just back, I got on a really good bull and rode him all the way to seven seconds. I wish I could have hung on one more second, but it felt really good to be back and to do well on a tough bull my first ride in. KT: Could you talk about that mindset piece and what you went through those weeks you couldn’t ride?

Brett Hopp rides at a T&A Rodeo in Jacksonville, IL.

BH: I feel like if you train your mind to be patient and take it · 10 · November 2023

easier on your body you will come back stronger and want to win more. You start to crave it, which you don’t do as much when you are riding all the time. And when you start to think about it and you can’t do it, you start to break it down and really think the process through. When I couldn’t ride bulls, I watched videos of some of the best riders and learned from them and then started with my stationary barrel, just getting back to the basics, and keeping it simple. KT: And now that you are back, do you feel like you are riding better than before? BH: I do feel like I am riding better. I feel like I matured, and I am thinking about riding in a different way. KT: I am glad you were able to make it back and get on some bull for the end of the year. Where does Texas play into everything for the junior riders? How do you rank Junior World Finals compared to High School Finals and where does everything else fall? BH: I personally think it is way cooler and bigger to compete at Vegas compared to the high school finals. You get to be around the bigger guys who are riding in the NFR at the same time that you are riding in the Junior World Finals. It is a cool experience. I never qualified for the high school finals, but I did qualify for Little Britches, which is kind of the same thing. We quit doing the Little Britches and the high school rodeos because there was no money involved. You pay an $80.00 entry fee and if you win you only get ten to twelve dollars back. You are losing a lot of money. KT: It makes sense then that you would want to ride in the jackpot rodeos. Especially since you are the only one in your school to compete. Okay, at the end, we always wrap up with some fun questions, so here it goes. What is your favorite movie? BH: I would say the documentary “The Last Dance.” It is about Michael Jordan, and it is really good. KT: Favorite sport to watch besides rodeo? BH: Probably MMA or UFC boxing. KT: That is a new one. What about your favorite food? BH: Steak

Brett Hopp wins the Novice Bulls at a T&A Rodeo in Carrolton, IL. BH: “Winners do winning things” by David Berry. We stopped at David Berry’s place on our way down. He puts on the coach’s practices, and I got on four at his place to get everything right before I rode down here. KT: Thanks for chatting with us this week, Brett and we wish you the best of luck as you wrap up your season in Texas! BH: Thanks for interviewing me. It was fun. KT: Be sure to catch next month’s issue when we catch back up with all the riders over the past year in our Rider Rundown Recap: Road to Vegas 2023. To hear from more of your favorite junior bull riders, you can check out the National High School Finals Rodeo page or the Yeti Junior World Finals on Facebook.

KT: Okay, not a new one. Favorite restaurant when you are on the road traveling? BH: Whataburger. We eat there when we are down in Oklahoma. KT: Never tried it. I will have to check it out. Lastly, tell us a motivational quote that you find inspiring and who said it. · 11 · November 2023

Katlin Truelsen is a member of the CAC Media Group and specializes in digital and print media. She is currently a high school junior and lives with her family on a diversified grain and livestock farm in Eastern Iowa.

By Darci Miller

2016 World Champion Cooper Davis announces retirement from Unleash The Beast Tour PUEBLO, Colo. – Earlier this week, 2016 World Champion Cooper Davis announced a new direction for his career. Having achieved everything possible for an individual, he is retiring from the Unleash The Beast to focus on winning a PBR Camping World Team Series Championship with the Carolina Cowboys. “I have been blessed with a career beyond my wildest dreams,” Davis posted on Instagram. “I was able to rodeo with some of my heroes & best friends, making the NFR 1x, winning rookie of the year in the PRCA, going to the PBR Finals 8x, winning the Finals my rookie year, and a World Champion in 2016. The only thing left to accomplish is to win a PBR Teams Championship, which is why I’ve made the decision to designate the rest of my riding career to just riding in the PBR Team Series. I want to be able to give my team 100% and feel that it will extend my riding career several more years.” It’s a shocking announcement from Davis, a perennial world title contender who’s finished outside of the Top 10 just once

since 2015 (2022, when he competed in just four premier series events due to a broken neck). He was ranked No. 9 in 2023 with two event wins. Still just 29 years old, Davis has 297 career premier series rides, 37 of which were for 90 points or more, and 13 event wins, including the 2015 PBR World Finals. His highest-scoring ride – 94 points on Chiseled – came in 2021, when Davis finished No. 3 in the world standings. In fact, seven of his nine highestscoring rides have come since 2020. Davis, however, has been frank about the toll the demanding PBR schedule has taken on him – he took a month off following his win in Billings, Montana, in April to recuperate before the PBR World Finals in May, where he went a disappointing 1-for-7. After the summer break, however, he came roaring back to be the most valuable rider for the Carolina Cowboys this season, finishing No. 4 in the regular-season MVP race thanks to his 15-for-25 (60%) season. · 12 · November 2023

A fully rested and healthy Davis will be an extremely dangerous piece for the Cowboys in the years to come. But that’s not to say Davis won’t still be a staple on the Unleash The Beast this year. It was also announced earlier this week that he joins the CBS broadcast booth alongside Craig Hummer and two-time World Champion Justin McBride. “I am happy to let everyone know I will be joining the broadcast booth for the upcoming UTB season!” Davis said. “I am grateful for the career I’ve had so far and looking forward to what’s to come.” Tune into CBS Sports Network on Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. ET to see Davis make his debut during the PBR Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

While he’s not on TV, Davis will take the season to spend some well-deserved time with his wife, Kaitlyn, and 8-year-old son, Mack. “I’m also looking forward to being home with my family more and not missing out on watching my little guy grow up,” Davis said. “I would like to thank all of my sponsors that have stuck with me and believed in me throughout my career. I would also like to thank (Kaitlyn) for always pushing me to work harder, being the voice of reason when I need it, and for all that you do. I would like to thank my family, friends, and fans for all of the support through the years.” Article courtesy of PBR. Photo courtesy of Josh Homer / Bull Stock Media

Cooper Davis rides Chiseled for 94 points in the PBR Unleash the Beast Caterpillar Classic in Kansas City. Photo provided courtesy of Andy Watson / BullStock Media. · 13 · November 2023

Inspiration Point

Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Change Doesn’t Have to Wait for New Seasons Whether this new season has presented you with blessings, challenges or both, remember that God promises to be with us every step of the way. In fact, we do not have to wait for the start of new seasons to begin again, because the Lord’s mercies are new every morning.

Changing Seasons

Lamentations 3:22-23 says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. — Ecclesiastes 3:1 In life, new seasons often bring about new changes. With transition, there are often many changes and you might be experiencing mixed emotions. Leaving something behind can be hard, but starting something new can be exciting. How God Prepares Us for New Seasons And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. — Romans 8:28 It is important to remember that when we enter new seasons, this is in preparation for how God is going to move in our lives. While God may have led you away from a place you were comfortable in, he has a purpose in where he has placed you now. The beginning of a new season can present the perfect opportunity to start fresh in different areas of your life. Maybe you want a fresh start in school or work, or you want to start fresh in some of your relationships by centering them on Christ. Or, maybe you are looking to renew your faith and grow in your spiritual walk. While change can be scary, we can find hope in remembering that as children of the King, the changing seasons in life have purpose. In addition, God is ultimately the one who is in control of our lives. While we may make our own plans, God’s plans are ultimately the ones that endure. · 14 · November 2023

Taco Hashbrown Casserole Crock Pot Recipe INGREDIENTS


• 1 lb ground beef • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1 packet taco seasoning • 1 can cheddar cheese soup • 30 oz frozen shredded hashbrowns • 2 cups shredded taco style, divided

1. Cook the hamburger meat in a skillet with taco seasoning and garlic. 2. Mix all ingredients except 1 cup of shredded cheese. 3. Add remaining shredded cheese on top of all other ingredients. 4. Cook on high for 2 hours or low for 4 hours.

Submitted by Jimmy F., Taylorville, IL

Send us your favorite recipe to · 15 · November 2023

By Barbara Pinnella


2023 PBR TEAM SERIES CHAMPIONS In an exciting Finals to see who would become the PBR Team Champions, the Texas Rattlers took a bite out of the Austin Gamblers that proved to be fatal. Winning each of the four games they played, they were spearheaded by Coach Cody Lambert and Joao Ricardo Vieira, who ended up being the PBR Teams Championship MVP of the Event. It was close though, as he was able to beat out Brazil’s Felipe Furlan by a mere 3.25 points for that title and the $10,000 check! People love to talk about Joao’s age, but at 39, he proved yet again that he can hang with all of the young guns out there. He rode as if he was 19 this weekend, and showed no signs of slowing down. Coming into these Finals in the third position behind the second-place Kansas City Outlaws, and the leaders and their eventual foe for the title, the Austin Gamblers, Texas was considered the underdog, having lost to Austin in three out of four meetings this season. But they didn’t care about things like that. Lambert believed in his team, and for good reason. The Rattlers did not just win, they dominated their competition.

Also instrumental to the team were Daniel Keeping, Brady Oleson, Brady Fielder, Cody Jesus, and Eli Vastbinder. After the fireworks and champagne had cleared, we had a chance to speak with Coach Lambert, Joao, and Daniel to get some of their thoughts. And let me just say, with regard to Cody, we got to see two things from him that we very rarely see; smiles and emotion. He was so excited with this victory. How the Rattlers did it On Friday night Texas faced off against the eighth-ranked Missouri Thunder in game 3, and they were victorious in that game, 174-84.50. Joao won with a score of 89.50 after he covered Mr. Excavator, a bull owned by Cornwell Bucking Bulls/PCP Bucking Bulls. The Rattlers’ Brady Oleson and Furlan of the Missouri Thunder tied for second with scores of 84.50. Oleson rode the Farris Cattle/Big Schott Rodeo/Triple T Livestock bull Taylor’s Cowtown Throwdown. Furlan covered Rank Frank, a Jenkins Cattle Co. bull. On Saturday in game 5, Texas went up against Oklahoma Freedom. The win went to Oklahoma’s Casey Roberts, with an 87 score after he covered Smooth Over It, a Shuler Bucking Bull. But unfortunately for Freedom, that was the only score they put on the board, leaving the door wide open for the Rattlers, who barged right through it, and became the first team to move on to the Championship Round. · 16 · November 2023

Vastbinder was second when he scored an 86.25 with Lone Star, a Diamond Bar/L&B bull. Joao did his job again, coming in third after posting an 84 score. He rode the Blake Sharp/UB Buckin’ Company bull, Kodiac. This was a particularly satisfying placement for Eli, who had only been with the Rattlers for a month. He explained this at the press conference. “Anytime you win it feels good, but to beat a team that kind of gave up on you, it definitely feels good to send them home,” Eli said. “When it comes to bull riding, I just sit back and listen to everything my coach (Lambert) has to say; about styles, the bulls, technique. He is super smart about it all, and this is the only job he’s ever had.”

“I’m so happy for this time. I wait for this time for 11 years, and I work so hard for this. It was a fantastic weekend. I don’t believe I’m the MVP with these young guys. I’m just a blessed guy for this weekend. God give me this and I’m so proud for this time. I work hard for this and stay in good shape. I try hard every time on these bulls, and I’ve stayed healthy.” Joao Ricardo Vieira With regard to his great record in Las Vegas, Vastbinder said, “There definitely is something, for as long as I can remember, every time I’ve come here it’s been good for me. Yeah, I wish all of the events were here,” he joked. The Rattlers dominated the semi-final game against the Arizona Ridge Riders, as the Ridge Riders failed to put even one score on the board. JRV got another win, this time with a score of 88.50 on his re-ride bull, Red Scorpion, owned by Lari Crane/Gene Owen. Another member of the Rattlers, Brady Fielder, was second with an 86.75. He posted this score after covering Thunderstruck, owned by Risen Cattle Co./ Blue Ridge. The Lone Star State was well-represented in the Finals, to be sure. Both teams sent out their top guns to start things off, with Joao opening up for the Rattlers, and putting up a score of 88.75. He rode the Big Sky Bulls, LLC/McCoy Rodeo bull, Outlaw. Dalton Kasel was not so lucky for the Gamblers, as he bucked off Roc Wit It, a K-C Bucking Bulls/Jo-Z Bucking Bulls athlete, but wound up on the ground in 4.19 seconds.

That bull is hauled by Cooper/Scruggs Bucking Bulls. But Rafael dos Santos answered back, covering the Blake Sharp/ High Voltage/Wetzel/Knott bull Mike’s Motive for a big 89.50. They were now one bull ride behind by 86.50 points. Brady Oleson was next for Texas, but he bucked off the Dozier Cattle Co./Martinez Bucking Bull, Hunter, in 5.48 seconds. Austin took advantage of that, as Lucas Divino put up an 86-point ride on Skippy, owned by Skippy & Linda Johnson/ Hookin’ W Ranch. This ride did not take the lead, but gave the Rattlers a mere 0.5-point lead. Team Texas extended that lead again, as Cody Jesus was able to get the eight seconds on Tijuana Two Step and received 88.75 points for his efforts. Two Step is owned by Blake Sharp/ Michael Floyd. Ramon de Lima failed to cover his bull, D&H Cattle/McWhorter owned Short Circuit, for Austin. With only one rider from each team to go, Keeping had the chance to put the game away early. All he had to do was cover the Ty Rinaldo Bucking Bull Red River to make it impossible for the Austin Gamblers to get the victory. Not only did Daniel do that, but he was given a big 90.50 score for those efforts.

“Joao has been riding bulls for 23 years. He’s been riding in the PBR for 11 or 12, but been riding bulls for 23. Some of the guys are not even 23 years old now. He is the hardest worker I know. He keeps himself fit, you don’t have to remind him. He let’s his riding do his talking for him. I am just thrilled with my team and what they have accomplished.”

Fielder put up the second consecutive score for the Rattlers, after his ride on Ah Hell was good enough for an 87.25 score. · 17 · November 2023

Cody Lambert

(With regard to just how far the PBR has come, with Cody one of its founding fathers.) “It has been amazing. It’s hard to come to Las Vegas without speaking about many different things. For me, it’s all personal; and my family…this is an emotional time for me. I get emotional, yeah. It’s my son’s birthday today. At the first PBR Finals he celebrated his eighth birthday. He is 37 today!” Cody Lambert

The Gamblers elected to let their final man get his way and take his bull, so Jose Vitor Leme climbed aboard the Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Carey Brothers bull Sugar Smack. Leme closed out his season with another qualified ride, and a score of 89.75, and clinched the 2023 PBR Teams MVP for the season as well.

Caden Bunch and Keyshawn Whitehorse stepped up for their teams, Oklahoma Freedom and Arizona Ridge Riders, respectively. Keep an eye on young Qynn Anderson from Australia. He is another real trier who looks as if he just needs to mature a bit more. He was the 2022 PBR Australia Rookie of the Year.

Other Highlights

And some teams who on paper looked as if they should have done well lost many of their key players due to injuries. Don’t count out anyone for next year. Everybody will come back hungry, hopefully healthy, and ready to play the game for season three.

Certainly, some big things came from other teams as well. As mentioned above, Leme was the 2023 PBR Teams MVP for the season. He was absolutely amazing, and certainly earned that MVP for himself and his team, the Austin Gamblers. Wingson Henrique de Silva got the highest score of the Finals. He posted a huge 92.50 for the Carolina Cowboys! His dance partner was Flyin Wired, owned by Tommy Julian/BS Cattle Co. Kade Madson and Furlan both posted scores of 90 in the same round, Last Chance, Game 2, and for the same team, Missouri Thunder. Madson covered No Cigar, owned by D&H Cattle Co./Payson Parker. Felipe got his big number when paired with Flapjack. That bull is hauled by Parker/OK Corralis/ Gordon/ D&H Cattle. This was a career high for Furlan. Both he and Kade shined for their team all weekend.

Final standings from top to bottom: Texas Rattlers, Austin Gamblers, Arizona Ridge Riders, Missouri Thunder, Kansas City Outlaws, Oklahoma Freedom, Carolina Cowboys, and Nashville Stampede. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO THE PBR TEAM SERIES CHAMPIONS, THE TEXAS RATTLERS!!

“This just feels like a blessing, really. It’s all God’s timing. I had a little rough time for a couple of weeks and a couple of starts, but I’m so blessed that we’ve got the guys we do that were able to carry the team when some of us were having a bit of difficulties. Again, our staff, coaches, our managers, and God above gave us the opportunity and the chance we need. And I love this team format, I really do.” Daniel Keeping · 18 · November 2023

Jose Vitor Leme rides Sugar Smack (Blake Sharp / Chris Utz / Garrett Carey) for 89.75 points on Day 3 of the 2023 PBR Team Series Championship in Las Vegas, NV. Leme and the Austin Gamblers came up a little short as they fell to the Texas Rattlers 355.25-265.25 in the Championship Game. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos provided courtesy of Andre Silva

By Kelly B. Robbins

922 FLYIN WIRED 2023 ABBI Classic Champion Bull

922 Flyin Wired is your ABBI Classic Champion for 2023! Congratulations to owners Brandon and Kenzie Stewart of BS Cattle Company and Tommy Julian and Staci Addison of Julian Cattle Company. Flyin Wired went into the ABBI Finals in first place, taking the event title, the Classic Championship title, and the $110,000 payday after a season long “classic” struggle with 5G Flapjack (owned by D&H Cattle/ Parker/OK Corralis /Gordon). “Flyin Wired came from behind after chasing Flapjack all year long,” Brandon revealed. “We finally passed him at the second to the last event before the Finals. I knew that in order for Flying Wired to have a chance at winning the Classic Championship, we would have to go into the Finals in first place.” “It’s an incredible feeling to have Flyin Wired finally win,” Staci

explained. “He’s been consistent all year, but Flapjack has been on his tail the whole season. They’ve been less than one point apart. When he finally won, there was a wash of relief and joy at the same time.” “It feels really good to have Flyin Wired win that championship,” said Tommy. “He was kind of little as a three-year-old. We held him out of some events and tried to feed him so he would be bigger and stronger for this year. He’s been a good bull and he is very explosive off the ground.” “To look back and realize what Flyin Wired’s season was like,” Brandon shared, “and what he accomplished by winning the Championship, is amazing! This is a dream come true. I’m 27 years old and I became passionate about bucking bulls when I was 10 years old. To win the ABBI Classic Championship · 20 · November 2023

Wingson Henrique da Silva rides Flyin Wired (BS Cattle Co / Julian Cattle Co) for 92.5 points in the 2023 PBR Team Series Championship.

is nothing short of a dream come true. It’s been a dream and a passion, but to own a bucking bull business and win this championship is really special.” Flyin Wired is an exceptionally talented, athletic bovine. He holds the Futurity world record as a 2-year-old with the highest out ever recorded at 96.33 points. “It was just a year ago that Flyin Wired had his first out with a rider on board,” Brandon shared. “In the year since that first ride, he has won $190,000, had 8 classic wins, won the ABBI World Finals Classic event, and won the ABBI World Classic Championship.”

Staci Addison and Tommy Julian

Flyin Wired went into the ABBI Finals at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas in first place. On Thursday night Flyin Wired battled newcomer Trace Redd but was flagged for a reride. He barely hipped himself coming out of the chute, and there was no bull score given by the event judges. However, the ABBI judges scored Flyin Wired 90.96, good enough for first place and a move to the T Mobile Arena and Round 2, bucking for the PBR Camping World Team Finals. The top twelve bulls advanced. Six bucked on Friday night, and six bucked on Saturday night.

Tilden, Kenzie, and Brandon Stewart · 21 · November 2023

“In Round 1, Flyin Wired barely clipped the chute gate post,” Brandon observed. “When they threw that reride flag, I felt my heart sink to my stomach. But he was able to buck long enough to showcase his talent and the ABBI judges gave him a good score, which sent him to T Mobile for Round 2.” In Round 2, Flyin Wired went head-to-head with Wingson Henrique Da Silva. Wingson hung on for the full eight seconds and a score of 92.50. Flyin Wired was given an ABBI score of 89.44, which was enough to claim the championship. “Flyin Wired only has one gear,” laughed Brandon. “He has an electric bucking style and a great attitude. Wingson had ridden Flyin Wired at the PBR World Finals back in May, so there was a good possibility he would ride him again. That 92.50 score really said something to me about the heart of Flying Wired. That score was the high marked bull ride of the entire PBR Team Series season!” Brandon, Kenzie and 2-1/2-year-old Tilden live in “The Cowboy Capital of the World”, Stephenville, Texas. “Kenzie is such a big part of what we do here,” Brandon said. “She’s amazing! If I can do it, she can do it!” Brandon and Kenzie are doing really well as bucking bull breeders, trainers and owners. Their 2-year-old futurity bulls 29 The Intimidator (co-owned by 5G Farms/ A&E) and 45-J2 All Magic (co-owned by Bob &

Jeri Adams/ TM Cattle Company) placed third and fourth in the world. Yearling 08K (co-owned by Outlaw Livestock) won the Maiden Yearling Championship, and 269 Pop Pop (coowned by Ace in the Hole/ 5 Star Ranch) placed third. Tommy and Staci call Broken Bow, Oklahoma home. These folks are doing really well, too. Staci and Tommy’s Futurity bull 182J Plowboy took both rounds and was crowned the 2023 Cowgirl Futurity World Champion. This is Staci’s third championship in five years. Classic bull Erik the Red (coowned with D&H Cattle Co.) took fourth place in the Classic Championship World standings. They also co-own Cool Whip, Manaba, Brusta, and Alakazam with D&H Cattle Company. “It is so important to have great partners like Tommy and Staci,” admitted Brandon. “Flyin Wired would not have accomplished what he did this season if they hadn’t partnered with us. They had faith in Flyin Wired and me and hung in there and kept going. We sure appreciate them!” “Our next goal is to win the PBR World Champion Bull title,” Brandon concluded. “922 Flyin Wired is currently number one in the world as we head into the PBR Unleash the Beast season.” Stay tuned all you bull riding fans! This should be a fun PBR season!

Wingson Henrique da Silva rides Flyin Wired (BS Cattle Co / Julian Cattle Co) for 89.5 points in Round 4 of the 2023 PBR Unleash the Beast World Finals. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media. · 22 · November 2023

By James Youness

By the Numbers: PBR Camping World Teams Championship takes season two to the nines

PUEBLO, Colo. – Depending on what team you were supporting or how well your favorite rider did during last weekend’s 2023 PBR Teams Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, there are a variety of takeaways from the second-ever postseason tournament inside T-Mobile Arena. From whether bye weeks are actually beneficial to what the perfect formula for forging a successful squad looks like. And whether or not that formula even exists. Are veterans the most reliable, talented riders for the 5-on-5 format? Or will the wave of youthful excellence pave the way for the future of these organizations while stealing the limelight today? Two things that we do know now that the dust from the seasonending gauntlet has settled: The Texas Rattlers were absolutely dominant. From Round 1 onto Championship Sunday, they posted a perfect 4-0 record en route to capturing their first PBR Teams Championship. Not taking any shortcuts, either, just the way Head Coach Cody Lambert would want it.

Watching on as veteran Joao Ricardo Vieira completed his flawless 4-for-4 showcase en route to both securing the PBR Teams Championship MVP honors and granting his team an early lead during its Championship Game matchup against the No. 1 Austin Gamblers, it’s far from the first time Lambert has been proud of his ace. “He leads by example. He works. He’s the hardest worker and he’s so strong and fit,” a rarely emotional Lambert shared on the dirt following the win. “He’s so hardworking and humble and he loves the mentality of our team because we want to be tough cowboys that get the job done and don’t talk about it too much.” Well, the box has been checked, coach. And the Job is complete. The second main takeaway? That the series has cemented itself as one of the most entertaining sporting spectacles to grace the Western world. Expanding the tour’s footprint, growing team-based rivalries and continuing to engage fans and communities around the world with the exciting new format, year two has been one hell of season for the PBR Camping World Team Series. · 23 · November 2023

This weekend’s dramatic playoff showdown? The perfect topper to what’s become quite the tasty cake. Had we told the average bull riding fan (even just five years ago) that they’d be lining up outside some of the greatest venues in the country waiting for pictures and autographs with the world’s best riders sporting the exact same jerseys, sponsors and beyond, they would’ve had some questions. Bring up the idea that they’d be combining their scores with others, executing training camps and team retreats and pouring their all into the grind while helping to usher in the NEXT generation of bull riding talents? They’d have said it was a pipe dream. And maybe, five years ago, that’s all that it was. But the reality of the situation is that PBR has stumbled upon a gold mine. With plenty of prospectors around the professional sporting world, the carts, and more crews, are destined to start heading west as the PBR Camping World Team Series prepares to shift gears towards the 2024 season. Enough of the big-picture rambling though, as the 2023 PBR Teams Championship featured a whole lotta rank rides, shattered records and big checks. With year two of the electric 5-on-5 tour officially in the books, we’re taking a quick look back at some of the numerical takeaways from the 2023 PBR Teams Championship in this week’s By the Numbers! 4-0: With three days of action-packed, postseason action, including two enticing Last Chance Games, there were a lot of routes in which the eventual champions can take in earning their spot within the winner’s circle. Entering this season’s PBR Teams Championship with the No. 3 rank, courtesy of the team’s 16-12 regular season record, the Texas Rattlers got right to work on Friday night, with the No. 1 Austin Gamblers and No. 2 Kansas City Outlaws watching from afar. Defeating the No. 8 Missouri Thunder 174-84.5 during opening night’s Game 3 showdown, the Rattlers went on to make it two in a row on Saturday, later securing a 170.75-87 victory over the No. 4 Oklahoma Freedom. With their Top 4 finish solidified, they continued their perfect run, eventually sending the No. 5 Arizona Ridge Riders to the tournament’s Third Place Game via a sound 175.25-0 win. When Sunday afternoon’s Championship Game rolled around, the Rattlers found themselves squaring off with their instate rival Austin Gamblers. But after making quick work of their first three opponents, not to mention defeating Austin just two weeks prior during the Rattlers’ homestand event, Lambert and company weren’t backing down from twotime PBR Teams MVP Jose Vitor Leme and company.

355.25: Coming into the postseason with a reputation of being one of the league’s deepest, most talented rosters, the Rattlers ended up using all eight riders who traveled to Las Vegas. A true team effort. But when the Championship Game rolled around and just five opportunities remained, it was Joao Ricardo Vieira, Brady Oleson, Brady Fielder, Cody Jesus and Daniel Keeping who were tapped to compete for all the marbles. Knowing they needed at least three or four rides to defeat their skilled opponents, Lambert again tasked his team with riding all five. And they damn near did. Kicking things into overdrive once the final battle of the season began, the Rattlers not only went on to defeat the Gamblers but solidified their spot in the PBR record books. Posting a 355.25-265.25 win over Austin was the obvious goal, but recording the most points of any game in the tournament was an added result. With Oleson’s 5.48-second buckoff challenged by Hunter representing the only ride to not go the distance, Vieira (88.75 points), Fielder (87.25 points), Jesus (88.75 points) and Keeping (90.5) combined for one of the industry’s most exciting bull riding competitions to date. Second-Best: For as dominant as the Austin Gamblers have been through the league’s first two seasons, posting a 1612 record in year one before setting the new record for most regular season wins at 19-9, the organization is now just 2-3 all-time in postseason competition. Dropping a second-round showdown to the 2022 PBR Teams Champion Nashville Stampede during the inaugural tournament, they went on find themselves eliminated a few hours later, losing in the Last Chance Game the Rattlers as their 2022 season ended. Nearly a year later, the Gamblers successfully defeated the Missouri Thunder on Saturday, representing their first win in the playoff format. Doubling down against the young team, they again beat Missouri on Championship Sunday after the Thunder navigated its second Last Chance Game of the weekend but came up one ride short at the end of the day. Seeing a lessthan-perfect version of Jose Vitor Leme during this spring’s 2023 World Finals: Unleash The Beast, the two-time World Champion showed up in Las Vegas, going 3-for-3 and doing his part. With Jose doing his thing and both Lucas Divino (2for-3) and free agent signee Rafael dos Santos (3-for-3) coming alive, it likely makes it even more frustrating having needed one just more rank ride. With “Mr. 90 Points” Dalton Kasel (13-for-29 on the year) ending the season on an 11-out buckoff streak as he continues to deal with injury, the Gamblers will have to wait until 2024 to see if they’ve got what it takes to complete a legendary run of their own. First-Round Exits: Coming into the second season of 5-on-5 competition, the Austin Gamblers were one of the two squads found atop many preseason rankings. Making a quality run in both the regular season and playoff gauntlet, they came up just 90 points short of their ultimate goal, but at least got pretty close. The other team eiyh high expectations, the No. 6 Carolina Cowboys, found themselves eliminated on Friday · 24 · November 2023

night after dropping both of its games. Putting up a quality fight in the first, they ran into a red-hot Arizona squad, which recorded 344 points to Carolina’s 265.5. With 2022 World Champion Daylon Swearingen returning to the lineup for the first time in over a month, he logged a nice 88.75 point-ride abord Lights Out in Game 1, but failed to cover Whiplash in the Last Chance Game. With Cooper Davis and Sage Steele Kimzey complementing Swearingen early, they were on the opposite page of Josh Frost, who nearly willed the team to a 4-for-5 go against Arizona, but was bucked off in 7.2 seconds. Later serving as the only Carolina rider to go the distance in the Last Chance Game, scored 89 points on I’m Him, Frost and company will spend the offseason making some tweaks, but are primed to enter year three, again, among the league’s favorites. Six Games: Missouri shocked the world not once, but twice, this past weekend, riding a lot of bulls in six total games. As we mentioned, there are a lot of paths to Championship Sunday, and Missouri wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty to get there. Which is good for the young squad. Experience, alone, on the world’s biggest stage is key, but picking up a pair of wins and advancing to day three’s explosive slate is a HUGE accomplishment for a team that was 8-20 and finished as the regular season as the No. 8-ranked squad. Selected No. 4 overall during the 2023 PBR Teams Draft this past spring, Kade Madsen is a star in the making. Helping his squad pick up a pair of wins, the talented 18-year-old ended his first postseason with a stunning 4-for-6 record as one of just three riders to record four qualified rides. Continuing to evolve as their young team figures things out, the Thunder watched on as fellow youngster Felipe Furlan ripped off a 4-for-5 record of his own as he flashed inside T-Mobile Arena. While Madsen is expected to miss the next two seasons for Missouri, opting into a two-year retreat in the greater Nashville area, Furlan will rejoin the Thunder season as the team continues to build for the future with its “dynasty” approach. Top 3 Again: It’s not where they wanted to finish, but the Arizona Ridge Riders continued to turn it up a notch for another lengthy playoff run. Finishing last year’s inaugural tournament as the runner-up, they exited the 2023 iteration as the champions of the Third Place Game after defeating the Missouri Thunder, 344.75-0. Had it not been for the Rattlers posting their potent scoring contest in the finale, Arizona would own the two highest scores of the tournament with 344 and 344.75-point efforts. Despite coming up short, we can’t end this thing without calling out the heroics of one Eduardo Aparecido, who enjoyed a 3-for-4 record in Las Vegas. Now 7-for-8 all-time within PBR Teams postseason play, he’s one of the many established veterans who continue to remind riders, and front offices, that true competitors get the job done in the biggest of environments. At any age. Had the team been able to tap injured riders Nick Tetz and Colten Fritzlan, they very well could’ve been the victors, but will have to wait until next

season, where they’ll return with a healthy and talented group of men. Article courtesy of PBR.

Your donation can change a life. Western Sports Foundation focuses on supporting total athlete wellness for those competing in Western Lifestyle Sports. Our program focuses on five areas of wellness: Mental Wellness • Physical Wellness • Life Skills Financial Planning • Education and Career Planning Western Sports Performance Clinics WSF offers the only training of its kind for Western Sports Athletes. These three-day clinics include one-on-one sessions with a Sports Neurologist, Nutritionist, Financial Planner, Life Coach, Crisis Manager, Sports Psychologist, and Personal Trainer. Be a part of the growing community that supports health and wellness for all western sports athletes. Visit westernsportsfoundation,org to become a Friend of the WSF and learn more. Donate today at

Our mission is to assist Western Athletes both while competing and after. · 25 · November 2023

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ABBI $1M Qualifier #2

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NEW MARKET, AL - EC Hunt, 5:30pm Sun., 256-683-8169 BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, Anytime, Call First, 870-307-9923 CONWAY, AR - Mark Lindsey, Ride & Shine Cattle Company, Anytime, Call First, 501-730-4557 ELFRIDA, AZ - D Davis Bucking Bulls, 4pm Sat., Call First, 520-642-3737 LINCOLN, CA - B Bar Ranch, B Bar Indoor Arena, Rain or Shine, All Rough Stock, 916-206-4059 MARYSVILLE, CA - PacWest, 5pm Wed., Steers & Bulls, Call First, 530-751-6643 FRESNO, CA - Toro Bravo Arena, Thur. by appt., Call First, 559-577-2445 ELIZABETH, CO - Tuff Garcia, Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Mon., Rain or Shine, 970-846-0788 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO - Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Wed., Apr-Nov., 970-846-6828/3354 ALDEN, IA - Circle C Rodeo, 6pm Wed., Rain or Shine, Call for alternate dates 641-373-3625

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WOODBINE, IA - Tom & Kristina Kelley, every Sun. (weather permitting). Beginner - rank bulls. Call 712-5922493

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JACKSONVILLE, IL - Lazy C Rodeo, 10am-3pm Sun., Rain or shine, Call First, 217-245-8280 · 28 · November 2023

CHANDLER, OK - JAM Bulls, 2pm Sun., 7pm Wed., Call First, 405-570-9010 SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hour notice, Rain or Shine, 307-461-1741 EAGLEVILLE, TN - BF Cattle Company, 2pm Sun., Jackpot, Call First, 615-336-4313 EMORY, TX - Oakes & Greene’s, 7pm Wed., 903-348-8630 LORENA, TX - Rocking S Ranch, Tue., Jackpot, Call First, 254-716-0779 MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, 4pm Sun/6pm Wed., $5 at the gate to ride as many as you want, 817-223-3692 SIMMS, TX - Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 7pm Every Other Thur., 903-543-3025 PETROLIA, TX - Norris Dalton, 7pm Wed., 940-733-3020 DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, Call First, 940-393-3730 NOCONA, TX - 4x Arena, Call First, 501-944-1907 NOCONA, TX - Locke Bucking Bulls, Call First, 940-872-0733 WILLS POINT, TX - Austin Arena Bulls, Barrels, & Poles. $10 per ride/run or $25 for all you can ride. Bulls for all ages. 214-7265799

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BOX ELDER, SD - Gus “Duane” Aus, Lazy Heart O Ranch, 605-923-3426 BUCHANAN, TN - Parsons & Milam 731-642-8346 CLARKSVILLE, TX - Brian Agnew, BA Livestock, 903-669-9189

DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, 940-393-3730 SIMMS, TX - Near I-30 Texarkana, Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 863-381-2799 CHEYENNE, WY - Floyd & Ann Thomas, TTnT Ranch, 307-778-8806

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Miscellaneous WINNERS RODEO SUPPLY - Gary Leffews Dare to Be Great DVD $45.00 or I am Hot DVD $35.00-free shipping. Also some remaining Hotman and Lostroh bullropes plus all other bullriding gear. Gold Buckle Rodeo Supply 320-328-4000 Dealers wanted !! RENOWNED HIGH QUALITY BULL ROPE, PO Box 18, Elk City, OK. 73648, 1-580-225-3208, Be Blessed.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BULLROPES Raymond Branch, Custom Braider Maker of World, NFR, & PBR Champion Bullropes Strictly custom-braided to your specifications. (928) 289-9611 · 29 · November 2023

Western Wanderings a bull rider’s glove The bull rider’s glove is his help and his hope To keep his grip tight on that cowboy’s bull rope That old leather glove is truly a wonder As he rides on bovine lightning and thunder There is resin on his glove, and resin on his rope A good, sticky bond helps that cowboy cope As he’s flung up and down, with huge twists and turns That old, gloved hand begins to burn The question becomes: how long can he stand Before that bull rope is ripped from his hand Whether he rides without getting hurt Or ends up having to eat some dirt It’s a sure thing the next time he climbs in the chute That bull rider’s glove will help him handle that brute

Illustrated by Mike Aemmer

By Kelly B. Robbins

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