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On The Cover - Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas will be the site of the PBR World Finals for the second time in 2023. The race for the coveted gold buckle is one that could very well come down to the Championship Round. · 4 · May 2023


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I trust that this issue finds all going well for you and your family. We are excited that the month of May has finally rolled around. That means it is only a few short days until the PBR World Finals kicks off in Fort Worth, Texas.

We have a great team of writers that contribute to Humps N Horns and they do a great job of sharing the stories of those who make bull riding the greatest sport in the world.

This month, Kelly B. Robbins celebrates a couple of milestones. His preview of the PBR World Champion Bucking Bull race is the 150th article that he has had published and his poem in Western Wanderings is the 50th poem that he has had published. We want to say “Congratulations!” to Kelly!

Barbara Pinnella also gives us a look back across some of the highlights of the 2023 PBR Unleash the Beast season. If there is one thing that stands out to me, it is the effect that injuries have

had on the world standings this season. We realize that injuries are always a part of bull riding but several of the top contenders have missed a significant number of events.

The end result is that the race for the PBR World Championship is one of the closest that we have ever seen. It should keep things interesting until the last bull is bucked at the PBR World Finals.

We also have the chance to meet another young bull rider who is from Australia. Katlin Truelsen, from the CAC Media Group, shares her conversation with Cade Ferguson as we see how bull riding is the same, but different in the United States and Australia.

We hope you enjoy!

Until next time, · 6 · May 2023
Letter from the Editor

Talking “Bull” with Brayden · 7 · May 2023

How Will You Handle Your Setbacks?

Smooth and easy is not the best path to success, as a matter of fact it’s false path to success. The path of least resistance is a huge opportunity to become complacent in pursuit of the final goal. Take setbacks as a motivation to work extra hard at the small things (and there are a ton of small things that mustn’t be ignored) leading up to your final goals. Setbacks taken in the wrong attitude turn into dream wreckers. Taken in the right attitude and mentality they will propel you to the top.

There has been a million guys with a ton of potential that took the path of least resistance in setbacks and watched the ones with less natural abilities pass them up and reach the goals that they themselves wished for because they didn’t go the extra mile. Confidence is golden for success but setbacks are the best motivators to go beyond your natural potential. There is nobody who follows every persons setbacks only their success.

As a Bull Rider you are pretty much alone in your setbacks so you have to be accountable only to yourself, (no coach or trainer in your ear every day). You must find the discipline and motivate yourself. If you don’t you’ll be on the sidelines watching others make history while you find a ton of regret in the way you dealt with the setbacks you’ve experienced.

Looking back now on my whole 21 year career I see where the setbacks handled correctly made me better and at the same time the setbacks handed wrongly kept me from greater success in certain stages of my career.

Go the extra mile in setbacks with no regrets.

May 12-13-14

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May 23-24

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Call Cody Custer (580) 729-1962 · 8 · May 2023
Cody Custer Bull Riding Schools

Cade Ferguson

Australian bronc and bull rider, Cade Ferguson shares what it is like to rodeo in Australia along with some of the challenges he faces. After meeting with him at the Junior World Finals in Las Vegas, I was curious to know what some of the differences were between riding in Australia and riding here in the States.

KT: So, starting off, can you give me a little background of yourself, your age, grade in school?

CF: I am 16, and I am a senior.

KT: How does that work exactly? How are you a senior if you are only 16?

CF: Well, I am not sure how it works over there, but here we have elementary which goes until grade six and then up to grade twelve is considered high school. Grades eleven and twelve are known as seniors.

KT: Okay, so not the same as us.

CF: No, it is a bit different. What is also different is that in the big cities they have elementary school separate but out here, we do all the grades in the same school. So elementary all the way up.

KT: And how many kids are in your class?

CF: In grade 11 I think we have 14 kids but there are only two in grade twelve.

KT: Oh wow! That is different. We have about 130 kids in my class. · 9 · May 2023

CF: That is like our whole school!

KT: What have you ridden more of bulls or broncs?

KT: What part of Australia do you live in?

CF: I live in Queensland, which is in the very Northwest. There are a lot of deserts out here. The town over from where I live now is apparently the world’s biggest rodeo in the Southern hemisphere.

KT: So, how far away are you from your typical rodeo?

CF: Depending on where you guys are in the U.S., you drive about 15 minutes to yours, we drive about 16 hours for the closest one.

CF: I have only ridden about 20 broncs or so. I have been riding bulls a lot longer. I have easily been on over 1,000 bulls, so it was disappointing not qualifying with the bulls.

KT: What is your tie to bull riding? What does your family do?

CF: My dad was a bronc rider, he did some bulls, he really did a little of everything. And my mom was a barrel racer and breakaway roper. We have always had rodeo in the family.

KT: What age did you start riding bulls?

KT: How do you manage your time going to rodeos? How do you manage school with that?

CF: Well, it’s hard, I miss quite a bit of school for rodeos. We will leave like a day or so before to get there on the weekends. I would say though I keep up with school pretty well. Sometimes we fly, which is so much easier.

KT: What did it look like for you to qualify for the Junior World Finals?

CF: Last year, I went down to New South Wales and rode my bulls and my bronc and qualified for both. This year we were supposed to have another qualifying rodeo, but that did not happen, so we had to send in videos of qualified rides and what we achieved. I believe it will be the same this year. There will not be a qualifier for 2023 but hopefully it goes back to normal in 2024.

CF: I would say I started riding on my own at about nine years old. My dad would put me on when I was about three years old, and I went along to all the rodeos. · 10 · May 2023

KT: When we talked to you in Las Vegas, you said your family was working hard to promote the rodeo industry in Australia. What is going on with that?

CF: It is going good for the juniors. I am not super involved with that part of it but I know it is good for us.

KT: What are some of the biggest challenges with rodeo?

CF: Well, we have had a lot of the events been canceled. Down in Victoria, calf roping is no longer allowed, they have changed it into catch and touch. They also banned mutton busting everywhere. Minis have been banned everywhere. Just last year we had a group of people tie themselves up in the area with chains. It is pretty hectic over here.

KT: Is it hard to transition on bulls from the ones you ride there to riding here in America?

CF: Harry Potter.

KT: What’s your favorite color

CF: Turquoise

KT: What’s your favorite food?

CF: Tacos. Australian tacos. Homecooked Australian tacos.

KT: Do you do any sports?

CF: I have played almost every sport when I have the time, tennis, swimming, basketball and rugby. I have always found rodeo more fun.

KT: What’s a piece of advice you would give to a up and comer

CF: I have noticed quite a difference in the bulls. Our bulls here are very large and muscular, almost slow but very strong, whereas the bulls in the U.S are very small but fast. They are quick. It’s a bit of a difference.

KT: Does that give you an advantage coming over here then if you want to go pro?

CT: Yeah, it does. If I want to go pro though I am at a bit of an advantage because the PBR bulls are large and slower. They do it because there are not as many rodeos for the juniors, so if you want to ride, you go from steers to open bulls.

CF: I would say just don’t quit, keep trying, you will get better.

KT: Any final fun facts about Australia?

CF: Only thing I really would say is we have way better food, but I wish we had free refills on soda like you guys.

KT: Looking a little bit further than bull riding, what is a future career you want if you don’t bull ride?

CF: I was hoping to be an electrical engineer depending on how the bull riding goes. My brother is an engineer and I have already done a lot with the electrical side of it, so it looks like fun.

KT: This interview was a lot of fun, and we certainly want to wish you the best on qualifying for next year’s Junior World Finals. For more information about your favorite high school rodeo stars, you can check out the National High School Rodeo Association or the Junior World Finals on Facebook. Be sure to look for a new bull rider in next month’s Rider Rundown.

KT: That’s all I have for bull riding, let’s talk about some fun things about you. What is your favorite movie?

Katlin Truelsen is a member of the CAC Media Group and specializes in digital and print media. She is currently a high school sophomore and lives with her family on a diversified grain and livestock farm in Eastern Iowa. · 11 · May 2023

Cooper Davis is now a locker room veteran chasing his second world title at the 2023 PBR World Finals on May 12-21.

When Cooper Davis showed up on the PBR scene in 2015, he was a self-proclaimed chubby kid.

“When I first got here, I’d come from the rodeo world, I’d been to the NFR, and never really had to work at it to stay on bulls,” Davis said. “But you show up, and you’re getting on the rankest bulls every weekend, and it’ll show you really what it takes.”

He was blanked in his first five premier series events that season, going 0-for-11 to begin the year. But he famously started a strict diet and exercise regiment and lost 24 pounds in two months that fall.

“At the time, I wasn’t putting in the work, and it was showing,” Davis said. “I was struggling just to stay on tour. I wasn’t riding some of the bulls that were the easiest. After putting the work in, I turned into… this.”

Considering he immediately won the 2015 PBR World Finals and 2015 Rookie of the Year honors and followed that up with the 2016 World Championship the next year, that’s not a bad thing.

Of course, his world-title season wasn’t a fairytale, even though it had the fairytale ending.

“There were a lot of ups and downs in 2016,” Davis said. “I had high expectations. I’d just won the Finals, and the beginning of the season didn’t start off too well. I was a little bit hurt and kind of struggling, and it seemed like, by the time I got things lined out in the second half, I broke my collarbone in August and rode through events with it broke, not knowing it was broke, and rode pretty well. I think that’s the best I ever rode in my career, is with a broke collarbone. I was so scared to take any jerk from it that, fundamentally, I was doing everything correct.”

He underwent surgery on Sept. 14 to repair his broken clavicle. He was back in action just 17 days later, missing only two events. Thirty-two days after his surgery, he regained the world No. 1 ranking.

Fifty-three days later, he won the world title.

“I remember waking up in the hotel room the last day of the Finals and just having this feeling that I was going to win,” Davis said. “Thinking it into existence. It worked out.” · 12 · May 2023
Veteran Davis is a far cry from the boy he was when he won the 2016 world title

These days, as the PBR celebrates its 30th anniversary, Davis is in the conversation of the Top 30 bull riders of all time.

“It’s pretty special,” Davis said. “I think, when you first start a career like this, none of that goes into thought. It’s just wanting to show up every day and give it your all. So I guess to see that people think that your career has been that good, it means a lot.”

But Davis is humble regarding his ability and achievements, confidently selecting Justin McBride, J.B. Mauney and Jose Vitor Leme as the three greatest riders in PBR history.

“I wish we could all put them in their prime and make them ride against each other because they were just amazing,” he said. “There’s no bull that you knew it was a slam dunk when they got on them. You feel like they could ride anything. Those are the GOATs.”

These days, Davis is a 28-year-old veteran in the locker room, no longer the fresh-faced phenom he was back in 2016. It’s a very different role for him, but one that he says he enjoys.

“It goes fast,” Davis said. “I remember being the kid that was scared to talk to my heroes in the locker room. Now I’ve got kids that come in and tell me they’ve been watching me since they were 13 years old. That’s weird to me. It’s a fun role to play, but sometimes you wish you were still the kid.”

Being older and wiser, however, has its advantages.

“You know how to approach it mentally a little bit better,” he said. “You don’t let your feelings get too involved. But your body’s not all there either sometimes, so you’re dealing with a bunch of injuries, and that weighs on you.

“If I had all the knowledge that I have now and the ability I had then, you might be talking about me as one of the GOATs, too,” he added with a good-natured smile.

Davis is still out there keeping up with the kids. This past weekend in Billings, Montana, he won his second event of the season at the PBR Wrangler Invitational, presented by Cooper Tires, going 3-for-4. While he has doctored out of the mid-week event in Everett, Washington, he is ranked No. 4 in the Unleash The Beast standings with the PBR World Finals on May 12-21 in Fort Worth, Texas, just over three weeks away.

“We’re still chasing Jose,” Davis said with a chuckle. “My plan this year is to keep my foot on the gas, and I’m still close enough to catch them. If I could win another world title, do that, and go another couple of years. Hopefully, after I’m done (with my riding career), I get to commentate and talk about these guys.”

Whether he has another world title in his future this year or not, Davis has no complaints about his career and who he’s gotten to spend it with.

“I’ve gotten to live the dream,” Davis said. “I’ve got to travel with my family, and I’ve got to do most all this stuff with them. So to be able to do this with my little boy and my wife, it’s what every kid dreams of.”

Article provided courtesy of PBR. Photo courtesy of Josh Homer/Bull Stock Media.

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Our mission is to assist Western Athletes both while competing and after. · 13 · May 2023

Inspiration Point

This is how God wants us to run back to him. No matter what we do, how far away we fall, how much we disgrace His name, God always wants us back. He welcomes us back with a warm, loving embrace. We fall on our knees because we can never understand the limitless love that He has for us. We think, like the son, that we are no longer worthy to be called a child of our father.

We are welcomed back into God’s family every time we run away, no matter how far we run from our pain and our brokenness, there is redemption and love. God celebrates our return. The father in the story throws a party for his son because it didn’t matter what he did in the past, the important part was that he was there now.

Party with the Pigs!

“My son,” the father said, “you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” Luke 15:31-32

Running away from pain is the default reaction for a lot of people. If you do something horrendously embarrassing and hurt yourself, you leave the scene of the crime. You run away from the pain. You think that getting away from that dreaded spot will bring healing.

Pain happens all the time. Emotional pain is sometimes worse than physical pain. The emotional pain we bring onto ourselves stings a little more than someone else hurting us. We screw up. We make mistakes. The phrase “human error” is too real for some of us.

That brings us to the story of the prodigal son. This beautiful depiction of what so many of us do to our heavenly father. We take what we need and what we want, and then run away. His life turned upside down as the pleasures of wealth and “wild living” dwindled down. He was living among the pigs and was near starving when he decided to go back and become a servant of his father.

There’s the image of the son running into his father’s arms. The father warmly and earnestly welcomes back his son. It didn’t matter what the son did. It didn’t matter the disgrace he brought his family. It didn’t matter that he exploited the money of his father.

None of that mattered. The father still opened up his arms and invited his son in. His past transgressions didn’t mean anything. None of it mattered. All that mattered was that he was home now; he was with his father who loved him.

The redemption that came to this family is only available to us freely through Christ. It doesn’t matter what we have done in the past. God just wants us home with him.

Go today in relinquishment of pain and run to your resting place that is in Him, Christ Jesus. Allow his love and redemption to transform you into being a beloved child of God. · 14 · May 2023
Guest article submitted by a HNH reader.

Blooming Quesadilla Ring


• 20 soft flour tortillas

• 4 cups finely shredded colby and monterey jack cheese

• 3 cups shredded cooked skinless boneless chicken breast

• 1 yellow bell pepper seeded and diced

• ½ cup finely diced sweet yellow onion

• ½ cup finely diced red onion

• ½ cup salsa

• 1 cup taco sauce

• 2 cups finely shredded cheddar cheese

• 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro chopped (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Put a large, wide mouth glass jar in the center of the baking sheet.

2. Using a cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the tortilla’s in half. Cover the halved tortillas with a clean dry cloth and set aside.

3. In a large mixing bowl, combine the shredded cooked chicken, diced yellow pepper, finely diced yellow and red onion, the salsa and the taco sauce. Stir well until all of the ingredients are

completely incorporated.

4. Sprinkle 1 ½ to 2 tablespoons each of the shredded colby monterey jack cheese and the chicken mixture.

5. Roll each of the halved, filled tortillas into a cone shape. Be careful not to squish out the filling. The small, pointed ends of the cones need to touch the wide mouth jar and form a ring around the jar.

6. Once you have made a complete bottom layer, about 12-13 cones, sprinkle 3/4 cup of the shredded cheddar cheese on top of the ring.

7. Repeat the ring of cones for a second layer, and top with 1 cup of the colby and monterey jack cheese.

8. Repeat for the 3rd and final ring. Remove the glass jar from the center of the cones.

9. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the edges of the cones are golden brown and the cheese is melted. · 15 · May 2023
Submitted by Shelly R. - El Reno, OK

The Road to the PBR World Finals

It’s just about that time again! After seven months of competition and 22 events, the PBR Unleash The Beast Tour will culminate in the PBR World Finals at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. The Finals are held over two weekends; May 12-14 and May 18-21. This also marks the 30th anniversary of the PBR.

Stop 1 – Tucson, AZ

It was Brady Oleson who struck the first blow, going 3-3, including a big 90.75 score in the Championship Round. He partnered with Pickle Moonshine, owned by Shuler Bucking Bulls.

Oleson was followed by Thiago Salgado, Keyshawn Whitehorse, Andrew Alvidrez, and Boudreaux Campbell rounding out the top five in the world in this first event of the 2022/2023 season. But as you will see in this recap, there are a lot of changes that take place this road to the Finals.

Stop 2 – St. Louis, MO

2016 World Champion Cooper Davis took over the very early lead for that Gold Buckle. Like Oleson in the prior event, Davis also went 3-3. But thanks to his dance partner Woopaa, owned by Barker Bulls/Hookin W Ranch, he was marked the highest ride in the thus far short season; a 91.75.

After several injuries, Cooper was contemplating retirement during the 2022 season, but it was the team competition riding for the Carolina Cowboys that stoked a fire in him, and he must be glad he stayed. Davis moved up to his top spot from sixth place the prior week.

Oleson failed to cover any

of his bulls, but only dropped one slot to second. Salgado moved down to third, Whitehorse to fourth, and Luciano de Castro and Daniel Keeping tied for fifth position.

UTZ BesTex Legend, hauled by Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Garrett Carey won the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event. He was awarded a bull score of 46.75.

With a ride that gave him a score of 87 points, Silvano Alves notched his 1000th career out on the PBRs largest stage. He joined two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney, 2008 World Champ Guilherme Marchi, and 2004 World Champion Mike Lee in this achievement.

Stop 3 – Minneapolis, MN

This event saw Daniel Keeping take the event win. After riding 3-3, Keeping moved up from fifth to first, only 28 points ahead of Davis. Daniel caught fire last year in the team competition, riding for the Texas Rattlers, and continued to show he is the real deal.

To win the event, Keeping had to ride his bull to a score of at least 90.50. Not only did he ride the Parker/OK Corralis/Gordon/D&H Cattle Co. bull Flapjack, but was rewarded with a 92.50-point score in the process!

After the third event, it was Keeping on top of the Unleash the Beast standings, with Davis second.

Stop 4 – Manchester, NH

Andrew Alvidrez not only went 3-3, and recorded his highest score on the PBR Unleash The Beast tour, but notched his first ever victory. That big score was made on the Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd bull Yellowknife – a 91.75. That outing moved him from11th place all the way to third in the standings.

There were two winners for the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event. The first was Magic Mike, owned by Blake Sharp/ · 16 · May 2023
Brady Oleson

High Voltage/Wetzel/Knott, as well as Hoka Hey, owned by Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Garrett Carey. Both these good bulls received a bull score of 44.75.

Davis overtook Keeping to move back into the lead for the UTB, pushing Keeping into second. As mentioned earlier, Alvidrez was third, with Rafael Jose de Brito fourth, and Oleson fifth.

Stop 5 – Albany, NY

Lightning struck twice for Alvidrez, as he won his second consecutive UTB event, in Albany, NY this time, and had ridden his last six bulls in the process. These two victories also moved him from fourth place into the lead for the World Standings.

So, the personable Alvidrez was on top. Davis was second, behind by 68.50 points, followed by Keeping, de Brito (who held onto his fourth spot) and Mason Taylor, who made a nice move from 10th to 5th.

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event was Top Dollar, scoring a big 46. That bull is owned by Hookin’ W Ranch/DeHoff/ VanCleave.

Stop 6 – New York, NY

Staying in New York, NYC this time, it was the two-time World Champion Jose Vitor Leme, making his return to the tour after recovering from broken ribs, and made his first 2023 appearance a winning one. He went 3-4, and scored a huge 92 as well, after besting Cliff Hanger, a Cord McCoy/Pioneer Bulls/McCoy Rodeo bull. This performance rocketed him into 10th place in the standings.

While Alvidrez, Davis and Keeping kept their spots for that World Title race, fourth was now held by Salgado, with de Brito holding fifth.

Two bulls tied for the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event. They were the reigning Yeti World Champion Bull Ridin Solo, owned by Cord McCoy/Bill McCarty/McCoy Rodeo and Dennis the Menace, owned by Viducic Bucking Bulls/White Trash Buckers. Both bulls garnered a score of 45.50.

Stop 7 – Chicago, IL

Not to be outdone by Alvidrez wining two consecutive events, Leme did it too, adding Chicago to his New York City victory. And just as he did in NY, Jose picked Cliff Hanger as his dance partner in the Championship Round. This time he scored an 88.25, but it was good enough for the event win. He also rose eight places into number two in the World.

Alvidrez still held onto that top spot in the World standings, with Leme in second.

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event with a 46-point score went to Blue Duck, a bull owned by Cord McCoy/Grin/ Jacobson/Davis Rodeo Ranch/McCoy Rodeo.

This event also held the first 15/15 Bucking Battle of the season, and was won by Dalton Kasel riding the K-C Bucking Bulls’ Roc Wit It. Leme was second, Alves third, and Alvidrez fourth. They were the only four to cover their bulls.

Stop 8 – Duluth GA

The 2018 World Champion Kaique Pacheco went 3-3 to win the event. Two-time World Champ Jess Lockwood made his return to the UTB tour a big one, winning second and receiving the highest score of the event, a 92. He went from not being listed to the number 23rd man.

Alvidrez still maintained his hold on the World Standings, with Leme holding on to second. By virtue of his win, Pacheco jumped from 12th place to third. Davis was fourth, with Keeping rounding out the top five.

Stop 9 – Indianapolis, IN

Daniel Keeping won his second event of the season. He had been in a two-man race for that victory until an injury to Tate Pollemeier left Tate unable to take his re-ride. Keeping himself was shaken up after being bucked off in the short-go, but was able to grab the win.

Even though he only rode one bull, Alvidrez remained in the lead · 17 · May 2023
Vitor Leme - Chicago, IL
Andrew Alvidrez - Manchester, NH

in the World Standings, and Daniel moved up to fourth with his event win.

Twenty-year-old Casey Roberts was the only man to ride in the Championship Round. Paired with the Universal Pro Rodeo/ Rachel & Dustin Powell bull, Spotted Demon, Roberts scored an 88.

The second 15/15 Bucking Battle saw Pacheco post a super score of 93 to win the Battle. He was able to cover Ricky Vaughn, owned by D&H Cattle Co/Buck Cattle Co. Right behind him was Kasel. He put up another big score of 92 after riding Tulsa Time, owned by Cord McCoy/Kelly & Cami Heath/McCoy Rodeo.

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event was Ridin Solo, owned by Cord McCoy/Bill McCarty/McCoy Rodeo Solo received a 46.50 score.

Stop 10 – Sacramento, CA

Four riders went 3-3, but that consistency was the most important for Jose Vitor Leme. Posting his third victory on the UTB tour, Leme took over the top spot in the standings. Behind Leme in the World Standings was Alvidrez, who had led for several events, Davis in third, and Pacheco in fourth.

The third 15/15 Bucking Battle was won by Kasel, making Dalton the king of the Battles this season with two out of three wins. He covered his re-ride bull, the great Chiseled, for a score of 88.25. That bull is owned by Flynn/D&H Cattle Co.

Stop 11 – Tulsa, OK

Going 3-3, Eli Vastbinder was able to get his first Unleash The Beast victory. He solidified his win by choosing to give the McCoy bull Tulsa Time a try, and it paid off in spades. He scored 90.50 points, his first 90+ ride since back in April 2022.

Leme remained in charge of the UTB World Standings. Although unable to compete in Tulsa, due to injury, Alvidrez held on to second. Pacheco moved up one spot into third, while Davis dropped to fourth.

In Tulsa, the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event went to

Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Garrett Carey bull, UTZ BesTex Legend. Legend scored 46.50 points.

Stop 12 – Eugene, OR

It was an exciting weekend for Rafael Jose de Brito, as he won his very first PBR Unleash The Beast event. He went 3-3, as well as receiving the highest score in the Championship Round, a 91.

It is safe to say that the weekend did not go as planned for Leme. He was unable to ride in the Championship Round, but still remained on top. Alvidrez returned, going 2-3, and held on to his second place. Pacheco stayed in third. With his great showing, de Brito moved up into fifth.

This week, the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event was Cool Whip, who scored a 46 points. Cool Whip is owned by Julian/Staci Addison/D&H Cattle/Crooked W.

Stop 13 – Los Angeles, CA

2019 Rookie of the Year Dalton Kasel won his first event of 2023, going 2-3. Kasel has earned the nickname ‘Mr. 90 Points’, and scored another in Round 1. He rode WSM’s Time in a Bottle, a bull owned by WSM Auctioneers/Clay Struve/Dakota Rodeo/ Chad Berger. In the Championship Round he selected Cool Whip. The bull won that contest, but Dalton had won the event before he even rode.

Both Leme and Alvidrez had an off weekend, but they still managed to hold on to first and second place, respectively. Kasel moved into fourth.

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event in LA was Chateau Montelena’s Montana Jacket, owned by Diamond Willow/Clay Struve/Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger. This bull scored a 45.25.

Stop 14 – Little Rock, AR

Dalton Kasel liked winning his first event in 2023 so much that he stayed consistent and did it again in the very next weekend. Riding 3-3, Kasel made his highest scoring ride in the Championship Round, earning a 91.25 on the Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Garrett Carey bull, UTZ BesTex Smokestack.

Continued on Page 22 · 18 · May 2023
Rafael Jose de Brito Dalton Kasel

World Champion Bucking Bull Contenders

The 2023 PBR Unleash the Beast World Finals is just around the corner as the PBR continues to celebrate its 30th anniversary season. The race for the PBR YETI World Champion Bull is closer and more exciting than ever. 35F Cool Whip has been “grazing” in the top spot for a while now and seems quite comfortable and willing to remain in the lead with his world average score of 45.97. But hold on folks, reigning 2022 PBR YETI World Champion Bull 612 Ridin’ Solo has recently bucked his way into second place, and 5G Flapjack moved into a tie for second place after the Billings PBR UTB event this weekend, where he bested Brady Turgeon in 2.61 seconds, for a bull score of 45.75. Both Solo and Flapjack have a world average score of 45.53 points and will certainly give Cool Whip a run for the money!

Close behind these amazing bovine athletes are 118 UTZ BesTex Legend, and 99G Ricky Vaughn. Legend has a world average score of 45.47 points. Ricky Vaughn is right behind with a world average score of 45.28.

I asked Slade Long, of, who he thought would come out on top in the race for the PBR YETI Champion Bull for 2023. He answered, “I think it’s a dead heat. All the top bull

averages are so close, you can’t predict who will win the bull championship. I think it will depend on how high the judges score bulls like Ridin’ Solo, who has had four re-ride disqualifications this season, but got a bull score anyway. I’d sure keep my eye on 827F Domino. I don’t know if he’ll be eligible this year, but he’s been coming on strong. His last out was 47.75 at Nampa. That is the second highest bull score ever in the PBR!”

The 2023 PBR Unleash the Beast regular season runs through May, culminating with a seven-day championship spanning two weekends of bull riding. The first three rounds of the 2023 PBR World Finals will be held Friday, May 12 through Sunday, May 14, with the final five rounds to be held Thursday May 18 through Sunday, May 21.

The 2023 YETI World Champion Bull will be the bovine athlete with the highest average bull score from their top-eight regularseason outs and the best two out of three outs at the PBR World Finals. The top seven bulls going into the Finals will be guaranteed three outs in the Finals.

35F Cool Whip is currently in first place with a world average bull score of 45.97. Cool Whip is owned by Julian/ Staci Addison/ D&H Cattle Company/ and Crooked W. Cool Whip has had 18 outs and 18 buckoffs in 2023. Cool Whip has earned the YETI “Built for the Wild” Bull of the Event title in Chicago, Eugene, and New Orleans so far this season.

Julian Cattle Company is partnered with D&H Cattle Company and coowns Cool Whip. “Cool Whip is my favorite bull right now,” Tommy Julian revealed. “Cool Whip was the ABBI Derby Reserve Champion two-years ago, and he was the ABBI Classic Champion last year. He also won the · 19 · May 2023
35F Cool Whip

Women’s Futurity World Championship in 2021, with co-owner Staci Addison flanking him. He has earned a total of $325,000 so far in his career. He’s got a good shot at winning the PBR Champion Bull title this year. We sure hope he wins the title!”

Co-owner HD Page of D&H Cattle Company has three bulls in the top five, and five bulls in the top ten! This past Sunday in Billings, CBS commentator Justin McBride said, “There are a lot of athletic bulls in the running. None of them are as consistent as Cool Whip.”

612 Ridin’ Solo is in second place, with a world average bull score of 45.53, and is tied with 5G Flapjack. Solo is the reigning 2022 PBR YETI World Champion Bull. Ridin’ Solo is owned by Cord McCoy and Bill McCarty and was the 2018 ABBI Futurity Champion. He has 16 outs this season, with a 15-1 record. His

buck off percentage is 85.71% and his average ride score is 89.92. Ridin’ Solo shared high bull score honors with Dennis the Menace at Madison Square Garden in New York back in January. He also earned the YETI “Built for the Wild” Bull of the Event title in Indianapolis in January, and in Albuquerque in March, where he tossed Josh Frost in 2.86 seconds for a bull score of 47.25, and in Sioux Falls in April.

“I think the chances are real good for Ridin’ Solo to repeat as World Champ,” Cord declared. “He did not participate in the team series, so he’s basically had just half a season to build his points average. He misfired a couple times early on, but by the Albuquerque event he started dropping off the low

scores and building momentum. Nobody realizes how tough Solo is. We came home after Albuquerque and picked up a fresh load of bulls for Sioux Falls and Ridin’ Solo. Then we came home after Sioux Falls and picked up a fresh load of bulls for Nampa and Ridin’ Solo! He outlasted two sets of bulls!”

5G Flapjack is tied with 621 Ridin’ Solo for second place with a world average bull score of 45.53. Flapjack is owned by Parker/ OK Corralis/ D&H Cattle Company and has had 12 outs this season, with a record of 10-2 and an average ride score of 92.06. Flapjack tied with Erik the Red for 45.50 points in Minneapolis last December for the high bull score. He was named the YETI “Built for the Wild” Bull of the Event in Tulsa in February by bucking off Caden Bunch in 4.11 seconds for a bull score of 46.50.

Flapjack bucked off Keyshawn Whitehorse in 4.27 seconds in Billings last Friday, for a bull score of 44.75. RidePass correspondent Kate Harrison interviewed owner HD Page of D&H Cattle Company while waiting for Flapjack’s out. “Flapjack has kind of come out of nowhere,” HD shared. “We weren’t expecting what has happened. I really think he is starting to like his job!”

Flapjack is a son of three-time PBR World Champion Bull 32Y Bruiser and was named the 2022 ABBI Classic World Finals Event Champion. He has so far earned $297,195 in his career. · 20 · May 2023
5G Flapjack 612 Ridin’ Solo

118 Utz BesTex Legend is in fourth place with a world average bull score of 45.47. Legend is owned by Blake Sharp/ Chris Utz/ Garrett Carey and has had 16 outs this season, with a 14-2 record. Legend was the YETI “Built for the Wild” Bull of the Event in St. Louis last December, where he dumped Dalton Kasel in 2.75 seconds for a bull score of 46.75. He again claimed the YETI Bull of the Event title in Tulsa in February, where he bucked off Joao Henrique Lucas in 1.62 seconds for a bull score of 46.50.

“I think Legend’s chances of winning the championship are very good,” owner Blake Sharp said. “But he will have to have some outstanding outs.” I asked him if he had a preferred rider in mind for Legend in the Finals. Without hesitation he told me Jose Vitor Leme.

99G Ricky Vaughn is in fifth place with a world average bull score of 45.38. He is owned by D&H Cattle Company and Buck Cattle Company. Ricky Vaughn has had 11 outs this season for a 10-1 record. In his PBR Unleash the Beast debut, Ricky Vaughn dispatched Kyler Oliver in Duluth in January in 3.01 seconds for a bull score of 46.75 and the YETI “Built for the Wild” Bull of the Event title. He was ridden for 93 points by current number one PBR UTB Bull Rider Kaique Pacheco in Indianapolis in January, for a bull score of 45.25.

We would also like to pay tribute to the newly retired bovine superstar and 2021 PBR YETI World Champion Bull, 124 Woopaa. He was starting to record some lower scores, so owners Larry Barker and Laramie Wilson made the decision to retire Woopaa right away, so he could go out on top. Although Woopaa had a

short career, he made a lasting impact on the history of the PBR! Woopaa had a total of 38 outs in his career, and 27 of them were for a bull score of 45 points or more. He was ridden 16 times, and 15 of those rider scores were for 90 or more points! His average rider score was 94.42 points! He was the 2020 ABBI Classic Champion and the 2021 PBR YETI World Champion Bull. His 48.75 bull score is highest bull score in PBR history, and that ride with Jose Vitor Leme at the 2021 PBR World Finals produced the highest marked rider score in PBR history of 98.75 points.

We say thank you Woopaa for the excellence you brought to the arena and the thrills and excitement that was generated every time the chute gate opened and you did what you were born to do! · 21 · May 2023
Photos provided courtesy of BullStock Media. 99G Ricky Vaughn 118 Utz BesTex Legend

The changes just keep coming for the World Standings. Leme is still in the lead, but by a mere 56.50 points. Kasel made the big leap from fourth place into second. Alvidrez is holding third, Pacheco fourth, and Davis fifth.

But there are other riders who, at this junction, were making a bit of a run. And as we know, anything can happen. Dener Barbosa cracked the top 10, coming from number 19. Joao Ricardo Vieira moved from 22nd into the 16th spot.

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event was won by Fastfire, owned by Glover Cattle/D&H Cattle Co. He was awarded a 46.75 score from his performance in the first round.

Stop 15 – Milwaukee, WI

The only rider to go 3-3, Pacheco once again grabbed an UTB victory. With this win, Kaique become the fifth man to win more than one Unleash The Beast events this season. Winston Henrique de Silva made a nice move, from 20th in the World to 11th.

Leme still has the lead, but Pacheco vaulted over Kasel, who did not compete, to be in the second spot, knocking Dalton to third, Alvidrez fourth and Davis fifth.

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event in Milwaukee was the Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Garrett Carey bull, UTZ BesTex Smokestack. The four-legged athlete was marked a 45.75.

Stop 16 – New Orleans, LA

Jesse Petri made his presence known in New Orleans, winning the event. He covered his first two bulls, but bucked off his bull in the Championship Round. It made no difference, as he scored high enough to take the buckle home.

Kasel remained hot, spurring his way to a big 90-point ride to win Round 1 with Raven. That bull is owned by M Rafter E/Rockin’ L Bucking Bulls. Kyler Oliver made a nice little move at this event, moving from 26th to 19th. In the standings.

Leme was still holding fast to that top slot, but Kasel moved past

Pacheco, pushing Kaique to third. Alvidrez was fourth and Davis fifth.

This time that Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event once again went to Cool Whip. His bull score was 46 points.

Stop 17 – Albuquerque, NM

At The Pit, it was Colten Fritzlan who won his second UTB event of his career. He did not have to ride his short-go bull; he had already won before the gates cracked open for him. He did come down from UTZ BesTex Smokestack, but that did not tarnish his victory too much. He made a big move from 35th to sitting 20th.

Kasel was unable to get on his bull for the Championship Round, and Campbell was hurt in Championship Round. With Leme out with an injury, Pacheco overtook Kasel for that second spot. Alvidrez was fourth, and Campbell moved up a slot to be in fifth. But it was becoming clear that injuries were most likely going to play a huge part in the Finals. Four of the top six men were out as they headed into Sioux Falls; Leme, Kasel, Campbell, and Davis.

In the 15/15 Bucking Battle, only two men covered their bulls and both posted scores of more than 90 points. Dener Barbosa put up a big 92 to win, while Joao Ricardo Vieira scored 91.50. that was indeed a battle!

The Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event was again won by Ridin Solo. He was given a big score of 47.25.

Stop 18 – Sioux Falls, SD

It was a rather unfamiliar name who took home all the gold, and no wonder. Guilherme Valleiras had made his UTB debut just one week earlier! He was the only man to ride two bulls.

Injuries continued to show why they were playing a huge part at this event. Three of the top five men in the World Standings were out as well as half of the top 30 riders. Those who were still riding are also battered and beaten.

With Leme being one of those men out due to injury, Pacheco jumped to the top of the heap, bumping Jose to second. Kasel was · 22 · May 2023
Jesse Petri - New Orleans, LA
Continued from Page 18
Kaique Pacheco

third, Campbell fourth, and Brito was in fifth place.

This was the last 15/15 Bucking Battle of the season, and it was dos Santos who took the honors. He scored a 90.75 with Manaba, owned by Joe & Nina Webb/Julian/D&H Cattle Co.

It is getting easy to type Ridin Solo. We have a lot of practice. He was once AGAIN the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event. This time he scored an even 46.

Stop 19 – Nampa, ID

By way of being the only man to ride all three bulls, Ramon de Lima fought his way to his first UTB event win in the 2023 season. He took a chance in the Championship Round, keeping a very low 61.25 score, but he was aware of just how many of the men were out due to injuries. That gamble paid off for him. His last event win was right here in Nampa last year.

And still, the shifts and moves continued. Leme and Kasel were still out of competition, as was Campbell. With his victory, de Lima moved up to 20 from his previous place at 33. Pollmeier rode 2-3 and moved from 22nd to 14th in the World. Ezekiel Mitchell moved up to 25th from 37th.

Pacheco could not increase his lead, but did hold it. Leme remained in second. Kasel was third, Alvidrez fourth, and Davis in fifth.

Another bull burst through the dust, and his name is Domino. He posted the highest Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event score of the season, a huge 47.75! D&H Cattle Co/Buck Cattle Co own this super bull.

Stop 20 – Billings, MT

Cooper Davis managed to crack the top five in the race for the World title with his win in Billings. He was able to ride three of his four bulls.

Things have stayed a bit crazy for the bull riders, as so many are still on the injured list and not competing, while the others continue to be stiff, sore, or worse. Leme was still not riding, nor was Kasel. Pacheco is in the lead in that World title race. Even though still out, Leme had managed to stay in second place, and Kasel, also out, in third. With his win, Davis moved into the 4th spot, and Alvidrez, who also did not compete, is fifth.

For the second event in a row, it was Domino who took home the title of the Yeti “Built For The Wild” Bull of the Event. His bull score for this week was 46.50.

Stop 21 – Everett, WA

Eduardo Aparecido had reason to celebrate his UTB event win. This was his first win since March of 2018. He rode two out of three, and moved up from 10th place into 7th.

Despite the fact that he did not cover a bull in Washington, Pacheco remained on top of the World standings. Leme is still out with a groin injury, but continued to hold second. Kasel is still out as well but in third, Davis remained in fourth, and Alvidrez is fifth.

Stop 22 – Tacoma, WA

Chase Dougherty won his first ever premier event, going 3-3; the only rider to do so. He went from not knowing whether he would even make the Finals, since he was sitting in 44th place, to finding himself in 26th.

The World Standings stayed the same; Pacheco, Leme, Kasel, Davis, and Alvidrez. But with Leme, Kasel, and now Davis out with injuries, Kaique had a big chance to really extend his lead, but while he did increase that lead a bit, he did not really separate himself from the pack like he could have.

To make matters worse for Pacheco, he was injured at the end of the Championship Round when, after bucking off his third re-ride bull Razzmatazz, he was stepped on.

Final Thoughts

With one event left (as of this writing) until the World Finals, Leme has missed the last six events, and Kasel has missed the last four. As of the Tacoma event, Davis is also out. Now it remains to be seen whether or not Kaique will be able to compete in Missouri.

The shakeup might come with the number of bull riders we most likely will see in Texas. Will Pacheco win yet another title? Or will someone unexpected catch fire, and give us a surprise with a new World Champion? It looks to be an interesting Finals! · 23 · May 2023
Photos provided courtesy of BullStock Media. Domino - notches a bull score of 47.75 points in Nampa, ID Chase Dougherty - Tacoma, WA

WHERE’S THE BEEF? · 25 · May 2023 Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event BULL RIDING EVENTS APRIL Apr 28-29 Del Rio, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls Apr 28-29 College Station, TX PBR Velocity Tour Apr 28-29 Fort Worth, TX PRCA Resistol Rookie Roundup Apr 28-29 Queen Creek, AZ PBR Touring Pro Division Apr 29-30 Louisville, KY PBR Unleash the Beast Tour MAY May 3 Harrison, ID PRCA Xtreme Bulls May 5 Atoka, OK PRCA Xtreme Bulls May 5 Atoka, OK PBR Challenger Series May 5-6 Uvalde, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls May 5-6 Corpus Christi, TX PBR Velocity Tour Finals May 6 St. Jo, TX $1,500 5/1 580-276-7151 Nocona Bullfest May 12-13 Alexandria, MN $12,000 4/30 5-9pm 320-226-1487 NFPB May 12-21 Fort Worth, TX PBR World Finals: Unleash the Beast May 17 Redding, CA PRCA Xtreme Bulls May 20 Woodlawn, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls May 20 Buffalo, WY PRCA Xtreme Bulls May 25 Fort Worth, TX PBR Challenger Series May 26-27 Evansville, IN PBR Challenger Series May 27 Brookfield, MO Purse $3750 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America May 28 Yates Center, KS $2,000 EC 5/22 6pm 620-228-1795 BRI May 29 Manti, UT PRCA Xtreme Bulls JUNE Jun 1 Fort Worth, TX PBR Challenger Series Jun 2 Kalispell, MT PBR Challenger Series Jun 2-4 Ocean City, MD PBR Challenger Series Jun 3 Pender, NE Purse $5000 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America Jun 3 Great Falls, MT PBR Challenger Series Jun 3 Newman Grove, NE Purse $4000 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America Jun 6 Weatherford, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 7 Gladewater, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 7 Sisters, OR PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 8 Fort Worth, TX PBR Challenger Series Jun 8 Union, OR PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 9 Decorah, IA Purse $4800 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America Jun 9-10 Deadwood, SD PBR Challenger Series Jun 19 Comstock, NE Purse $4000 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America Jun 10 Twin Falls, ID PBR Challenger Series
*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice


*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice · 26 · May 2023
Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event Jun 10 Pampa, TX 806-367-4089 Kooper Zane Preston Memorial BR Jun 15 Fort Worth, TX PBR Challenger Series Jun 15 Reno, NV PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 16 Diller, NE Purse $3000 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America Jun 16-17 Bismarck, ND PBR Challenger Series Jun 16-17 Sebeka, MN $6,000 6/5 5-8pm 651-248-2663 NFPB Jun 17 St. Roberts, MO Purse $2000 6/5 417-292-8899 Bullriders of America Jun 17 Marion, IL PBR Challenger Series Jun 17 Allegan, MI $2,500 6/12 6-9pm Txt 269-908-9020 NFPB Jun 21 Clear Lake, SD PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 22 Fort Worth, TX PBR Challenger Series Jun 22 Greeley, CO PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 23-24 Mill Spring, NC PBR Challenger Series Jun 23-24 Sullivan, MO $1,000* 6/12 5pm Txt 573-823-2569 NFPB Jun 24 Binford, ND PBR Challenger Series Jun 29 Fort Worth, TX PBR Challenger Series Jun 30 Cody, WY PRCA Xtreme Bulls Jun 30 Fullerton, NE Purse $6000 TBD 712-374-6053/402-657-8904 Bullriders of America Jun 30-Jul 1 Rocksprings, TX PBR Challenger Series JULY Jul 7-8 Gallup, NM $10,000 6/22 (9a-12p) 6/23 (9-10a) 505-863-5402 30th WildThing Championship BullRiding YOUTH BULL RIDING EVENTS MAY May 6 Hugo, OK Tue 9am-Thu 9pm 903-754-1034 Built God Tough Roughstock Series May 6 Thayer, MO WCMB / Ozark Family Rodeo May 6-7 Dayton, IA Mon prior 319-939-4547 PYRA email:


*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice

Events highlighted in yellow have ads in this issue of Humps N Horns for more information. · 27 · May 2023
Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event May 13 Gordonsville, VA 540-569-0606 WCMB May 20 Thayer, MO WCMB / Ozark Family Rodeo May 27 Powhatan, VA 540-569-0606 WCMB May 27 Lakeland, FL Mon 6pm - Wed 10am txt 863-450-8820 IMBA May 27 Whitney, TX Call/text 254-715-7402 Central Texas Junior Bullriders May 29 Delaware, OK Call/text 918-331-8301 WCMB / PYRA JUNE Jun 3 Lake City, FL 5/22-24 5-9pm 850-672-0101 IMBA / Torres Ranch Invitational Jun 4 Thomas, OK $5,000 Text 505-927-2487 IMBA / WCRA - Spring Bull Bash Jun 9 Okmulgee, OK $200/class 6/4 6-9pm 918-822-0722 PYRA / Junior Patriot Jun 9-10 Mountain Grove, MO WCMB / Ozark Family Rodeo Jun 10 Gordonsville, VA 540-569-0606 WCMB Jun 10 Pampa, TX 806-367-4089 Kooper Zane Preston Memorial BR Jun 17 Blackstone, VA 540-569-0606 WCMB Jun 17 Whitney, TX Call/text 254-715-7402 Central Texas Junior Bullriders Jun 17-18 Dayton, IA Mon prior 319-939-4547 PYRA Jun 24 Lakeland, FL Mon 6pm - Wed 10am txt 863-450-8820 IMBA Jun 24 Thayer, MO WCMB / Ozark Family Rodeo BUCKING BULL EVENTS MAY May 5 Fredonia, PA 724-421-5601 ABBI Sanctioned May 5-6 Mt. Orab, OH Cristy McElroy ABBI May 6 Springtown, TX 4/24-5/1 ABBI May 13 Duchesne, UT 5/1-5 208-550-0229 ABBI Sanctioned May 13 Fort Worth, TX 4/24-5/1 ABBI / UTB Classic May 19 Fort Worth, TX 4/24-5/1 ABBI / American Heritage Futurity JUNE Jun 3 Springtown, TX 5/22-5/31 (12pm) 218-349-1861 TBBA Jun 3 Archdale, NC 5/22-29 ABBI Sanctioned Jun 3 Grantsville, UT 5/22-26 208-550-0229 ABBI Sanctioned Jun 7 Strathmore, AB 5/30-31 ABBI Sanctioned Jun 9 Duncan, OK 5/22-29 ABBI / American Heritage South Jun 16 Mt. Orab, OH Cristy McElroy ABBI Jun 17 Duncan, OK 6/5-12 ABBI Sanctioned / Claim A Bull Jun 17 Mt. Orab, OH Cristy McElroy / Keith Shamblin ABBI Sanctioned Jun 24 Lloydminister, AB 6/13-26 ABBI Sanctioned

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Jun 16-18 Decaturville, TN

Sep 15-17 - Anthony, NM

Nov 22-26 - Alba, TX

WINNERS RODEO SUPPLY - Gary Leffews Dare to Be Great DVD $45.00 or I am Hot DVD $35.00-free shipping. Also some remaining Hotman and Lostroh bullropes plus all other bullriding gear. Gold Buckle Rodeo Supply 320-328-4000 Dealers wanted !!

RENOWNED HIGH QUALITY BULL ROPE, PO Box 18, Elk City, OK. 73648, 1-580-225-3208, Be Blessed.


Raymond Branch, Custom Braider Maker of World, NFR, & PBR Champion Bullropes Strictly custom-braided to your specifications.

(928) 289-9611 · 29 · May 2023
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Western Wanderings

a cowboy’s prayer

A cowboy’s life is rough and tough Hidden dangers do abound He works from can to can’t see And covers a whole lot of ground

There’s hardly a day goes by anymore That he don’t bow his head, hat in hand And thank the Lord for all that He’s done To give him a life so grand

He don’t use a lot of fancy words He jest tells Him what he needs The Range Boss on High, He listens real good And answers most times with speed

One day he might ask for the good Lord’s help To quiet that hornets nest Or to help that little newborn calf To nurse at its mama’s breast

He might ask for strength to fix that fence Or for wisdom to deal with a bull Other times he’s content to just say thanks And ride on with a heart that is full