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JB Mauney goes to work at the Dixie National Rodeo in Jackson, MS. PRCA ProRodeo photo by Darlena Roberts.

Humps N Horns

March 2023

On The Cover - Flint Rasmussen leads the crowd at a PBR Unleash the Beast Tour event. Rasmussen will leave the dirt as the Official Entertainer of the PBR at the end of the 2023 Unleash the Beast season. Photo provided courtesy of PBR. · 4 · March 2023


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Welcome to the March issue of Humps N Horns Bull Riding Magazine.

In this issue we cover a variety of topics from the bull riding world.

I, like many of you, was sad to hear the news about Flint Rasmussen‘s retirement. He has brought smiles to faces of rodeo and bull riding fans for many years. While we will miss seeing him on the center stage, we certainly wish him the best in this new phase of life. Thankfully, we will still see him on the PBR broadcasts.

On the opposite end of their careers, we have a new feature called Rider Rundown from the students at CAC Media Group. In each issue, we will get to meet a young bull rider who has his sights set on becoming a professional bull rider.

We also have the privilege of introducing you to Kevin Midkiff. I first met Kevin when he was about 4 or 5 years old and billed himself as the world’s smallest rodeo clown. Kevin is now 10 years old and had a growth spurt. He is no longer the smallest rodeo clown but still an awesome young man who does a great job of entertaining crowds every chance he gets.

We hope you enjoy!

Until next time, Terry · 6 · March 2023
Letter from the Editor

Talking “Bull” with Brayden

Hi my name is Brayden Hollywood Brown and I’m a Jr bull rider. Today I’m going to be talking to you about some of my most serious injuries in bull riding. Bull riding, as I’m sure many of you know, is one of the most dangerous sport there is. As much as injuries suck they do come with the excitement and adrenaline in bull riding. So let’s get into it.

About five weeks ago (as I’m writing this article) I was on a bull by the name of Night Thief. Night Thief is a taller but skinnier black bull that normally comes out one or two and turns back to the left which would have been into my hand. That day, however, Night Thief had a little bit of a different trip where he wanted to keep moving forward. The first jump out he came around and I looked good on him. I was trying to keep my arm pried over into my side when he kicked, but on the fourth jump he shot forward and sucked me back off my rope. I tried pulling myself back to the front, but not even my feet could save me when I was that far back.

The next jump I got jerked right down on his head, the last place any bull rider wants to be. When I hit the ground I was concious, but I wasn’t all there in the head. I crawled out of the arena and realized that my right knee was burning. I sat down and rolled up my pants to see that my knee cap was swelling up at a rapid pace. I knew something was wrong but we weren’t sure what. I went to the doctor the next day to find out that I had a pretty bad concussion along with a broken knee cap. The back side of my knee cap was broken in three different places, putting me out for a whole month. I’ve got a week left before my brace comes off and I can start back at what I love.

All the way back in 2017 I was at a practice pen and was having a good night. I had gotten on three and I rode every one of them. I had one more to get on before I went home with a very successful practice. My last was on a little black steer. He was nothing special.

I had ridden him before and I was ready to strap him again.

He acted up a little in the chutes but when I finally got out on him he just jumped and kicked down the pen. I rode him and went to get off. When I jumped off, my leg hit wrong. I tried getting up but I couldn’t. My dad and one of the contractors picked me up and carried me to the truck. It was like my leg was on fire. We rushed to a hospital where they told me that I had broken my femur. I was only twelve and I didn’t shed a tear until they put me in traction(traction is where they straighten your leg out). I had to get a rod and screws put in my leg. A couple years later they removed the two lower screws. The rod remains in my leg to this day.

I was out almost that whole year, needless to say it wasn’t my favorite year in bull riding. I did end up still qualifying to the MBR world finals and placing number three in the world.

Thank you for reading. To find out more about me all of my social media braydenhollywoodbrown.

Thank you, · 7 · March 2023

“Perfection is a Pursuit, Not an Arrival”

“Perfection is a pursuit not an arrival”. - My Quote

Up Your Game Men!

I am offering private Bull Riding Schools at my Arena in Elk City, Oklahoma. 6-8 students for 2 days with lots of one on one attention.

Dates Include:

April 15-16

13 years old and Up

May 23-24 13 years old and Up

June 7-8 13 years old and Up

I am willing to do some during the middle of the week for guys who are rodeoing on the weekends.

This is a great opportunity to spend some time with me. If interested please call me at 580-729-1962

Jesus Loves You!

To get your name on the list contact Nikki Schalla - 505-927-2487 · 8 · March 2023

Ky Hamilton Hits a Hot Streak at RodeoHouston

Hamilton swept Super Series II at RodeoHouston, cinching his spot in the Semifinals.

Round 1 - 88 points on Bailey Pro Rodeo’s Pendleton

Spilled Whiskey

Round 2 - 83.5 ponts on Cervi Championship Rodeo’s Moses

Round 3 - 86 points on Cervi’s Magnum · 9 · March 2023
Photo provided courtesy of RodeoHouston

Vastbinder reflects on effort, attitude ahead of World Finals push

PUEBLO, Colo. – There’s never a bad time to earn your first victory on the premier series tour, but for 2021 Rookie of the Year Eli Vastbinder, it may have come at just the right time.

Producing a flawless 3-for-3 performance at the PBR Express Ranches Classic, presented by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including an impressive 90.5-point ride atop hometown favorite Tulsa Time to cap off his productive weekend, the Statesville, North Carolina, native had something to build on.

While Vastbinder had logged a quality showing in Chicago earlier this year, courtesy of a 3-for-3 effort, his 87 points aboard Pookie Holler during the short round weren’t enough to get the job finished.

When he selected to compete against a talented bovine the next time he entered a championship round, he wouldn’t settle for anything less than the title.

“Anytime you can stay on three is a great accomplishment and then to come out of there as the winner, it’s even better. I had a slow start to my season and was kind of fighting things there for a while, so it was nice to be able to get that win.”

“This whole sport is about confidence and riding that momentum, so any time you’re on a heater and riding good, everything is firing on all cylinders, any time you can look back on those weekends and pick apart the good from what happened those weekends, it gives you a little bit of confidence,” Vastbinder said.

The victory has served as a bright point in Vastbinder’s campaign, but has been sandwiched between his slow start to the year and now three consecutive buck offs after getting banged up a bit in Tulsa and adding some ailments the following weekend in Eugene, Oregon.

There are a lot of directions riders can potentially ponder exploring when not finding success. Often times the situation begs the question: What can one change? Or, better yet, does one change anything, at all?

Never an easy question when there’s so much on the line.

“It shouldn’t change … things shouldn’t change whether you have a little good luck or bad luck. You try to keep the same mindset and the same thing every single time, but it’s hard,” Vastbinder admitted. · 10 · March 2023

“This is our livelihood, this is how we make a living, this is how I feed my family and give us the things we need and want, so anytime things aren’t going good, it’s hard not to change things. It’s hard not to think about it, hard not to wonder what you’re doing wrong.

“With that comes a winning attitude. All winners have a winning attitude, but you can’t dwell on it. You look at what you did wrong and fix it and go on, not sit there and dwell on it.”

Currently ranked No. 18 in the Unleash The Beast standings heading into this weekend’s PBR Brew City Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vastbinder isn’t worried about the standings. He’s just focused on keeping a clear mind and riding his bulls.

“I don’t even look at them, especially with this last year I’ve had,” Vastbinder shared, referencing the unfortunate streak of injuries the 31-year-old has endured.

“For a while there, if I heard about the standings or seen the standings, it just hurt, so I didn’t look. There are different times when you look, but you either get excited or you get nervous, one of the two. The only time I seem to look is when I’m getting close to No. 1 or close to No. 35.”

'You look at what you did wrong and fix it and go on, not sit there and dwell on it.'

Quite literally in the middle of the two referenced positions, the experienced professional has boiled his approach down to two key factors.

“All I can control is my effort and attitude, really,” Vastbinder said.

“I have to keep a good attitude and keep faith in myself, and then I have to have that effort: In the arena and at home, I have to put out the effort to be a World Champion and do the things I need to do to get me there, so as long as I keep those two things above everything else and only worry about them, I’ll be just fine.” · 11 · March 2023
Arricle provided courtesy of PBR. Photos provided courtesy of Andy Watson / BullStock Media. Vastbinder and Tulsa Time (Cord McCoy/Kelly & Cami Heath/McCoy Rodeo) combined for 90.5 points which lead to the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour win in Tulsa, OK.

Blayde Verdin

Louisiana bull rider Blayde Verdin is fresh off his first trip to the Junior World Finals in Las Vegas where he placed 8th overall in the world. He is using the momentum he gained in December to kickstart the 2023 season. This past month, Verdin sat down with Katlin Truelsen of the CAC Media Group to talk about Vegas and how having the right mindset will help him to make sure he earns another trip to the finals this year.

KT: Okay, Blayde, can you start out by telling me a little about mindset and how it plays a part in bull riding?

BV: Mindset is really important. It is one thing that you must have if you want to ride bulls.

KT: So how has your mindset changed since you started riding?

BV: It has changed a lot. When I first started, I was just doing it for fun, but now I have really gotten into it, my mindset has grown along with my skills.

KT: And what situations would you say are hard that test your mindset when riding?

BV: Whenever I have breaks or I am playing another sport like soccer that gets in the way of bull riding, and I do not practice as much, which makes it tough when I get back on and ride again. I have to shift my mindset from one to the other.

KT: Does this make it difficult to transition from the practice arena to an actual event?

BV: When I am in practice, I try to take on any bulls that I think will make me a better rider but when I am riding in an event, I have to focus specifically on the bull I draw and shift my thinking to positive self-talk about how I can stay on that bull for eight seconds. · 12 · March 2023
RUNDOWN with...

KT: And what happens when the ride does not go as planned?

BV: I try to get up and shake it off and just hope for the best on the next one. When I go home, I watch videos of the ride to see what I can do better and try to keep my head up.

KT: Looking ahead to this season, what are some rodeos you are looking forward to this year?

BV: I want to go back to Las Vegas for sure and to the WCMB.

KT: Why those rodeos? Why do you want to go back to them?

BV: Because they are bigger rodeos than what I am used to

riding in and they help me to become more professional and teach me how I should carry myself.

KT: What are some things you are working on to help you get back to rodeos like Las Vegas?

BV: I have to stay on top of riding and keep my head up.

KT: You mentioned earlier that you are playing soccer. Do you use your time on the field as a break from bull riding to help you refocus?

BV: Yes, it gives me a chance to rest up and it is a mental break too.

nervous about having so many people ask for autographs and stuff, but he was really nice to everyone.

KT: So, to wrap up, can you tell us some fun things about you, like maybe your favorite food?

BV: My favorite food is mozzarella sticks from Sonic.

KT: Favorite movie?

BV: Eight Seconds

KT: And lastly, what is your favorite vacation spot?

KT: Turning towards the future, what role do you see bull riding playing in your life?

BV: I plan to keep trying my best and eventually want to ride professionally. I am thinking about college, but I don’t know for sure if that will be my next step.

KT: And who is a professional rider that you look up to?

BV: I would have to say Mason Taylor because of the way he carries himself. The first time I met him I could tell he was

BV: Rodeo arenas for sure!

KT: Thanks for giving me an interview, Blayde and we wish you the best in this 2023 season. For more information about your favorite high school rodeo stars, you can check out the National High School Rodeo Association or the Junior World Finals on Facebook. Be sure to look for a new bull rider in next month’s Rider Rundown. · 13 · March 2023

Inspiration Point

We do not have to go about the spiritual cleaning process alone, though. When we bring our burdens to the Lord, He walks alongside us. Through Him, we can become clean again and find forgiveness. In addition, reading His Word can help us to become stronger in our faith. According to Psalm 119:105, the Word acts as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Ultimately, spending time with the Lord and reading His Word are the only tools we need in spiritual spring cleaning. Through self-evaluation and spending time in prayer, God can reveal to us the areas of our lives where we need improvement.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

Psalms 51:10

Spring is here! Outside, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. The fresh air and warmer temperatures lift our spirits and energize us. During this time of year, we may experience the urge to “spring clean” and create a fresh start.

While spring cleaning is commonly associated with cleaning one’s home, it can also be applied to our hearts. In the same way our homes become disorganized and cluttered, we may lose sight of what is important and stray away from spiritual discipline.

So, how do we go about spiritual spring cleaning?

It is important to evaluate ourselves and identify the aspects of our spiritual walk that need improvement. Is the way we think honorable to God? Is He pleased with our actions and the way we treat others? Colossians 1:10 says, “So as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

When the Holy Spirit is at work within us, we can demonstrate the fruits of the spirit, such as love, kindness, gentleness and selfcontrol. If we are lacking in these things, it may be because we are not spending time with the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us.

James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

Once we have identified our shortcomings, we can work towards eliminating things in our life that may be hindering us spiritually. For example, worry, selfish ambition and impurity can hold us back in our walk with Christ.

So, during this season of spring, I encourage you to renew your walk with Christ and draw closer to Him. Spending time in prayer and in God’s Word allows us to align our hearts with His and live in a way that is honorable to Him. · 14 · March 2023

Tropical Fruit Smoothie


• 1 ripe banana

• 1 cup diced fresh or frozen pineapple

• 1 large ripe mango, pitted, peeled, chopped (1 1/2 cups frozen diced)

• 2 cup ice cubes

• ½ cup coconut cream

• 1/2 cup gold rum, optional

• 1/4 cup seedless fresh or frozen passion fruit purée (or undiluted orange juice concentrate)

• 1 or 2 tablespoon fresh lime juice

• several drops pure vanilla extract

• skewers with fresh fruit, for garnish


1. Put everything except garnishes into a large blender (or blend half at a time). Process until smooth and frothy.

2. Serve in chilled glasses. Garnish with skewers of fruit


Submitted by Marie B. - Sarasota, FL · 15 · March 2023
us your favorite recipe to
Jose Vitor Leme tangles with I’m Legit Too (Hart Cattle Co / Hale) who notched a bull score of 44.75 points in the Championship Round of the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo provided courtesy Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media.

PBR Official Entertainer Flint Rasmussen to Leave the Dirt at End of 2023 Unleash The Beast Season

Pueblo, Colorado – Flint Rasmussen, the official entertainer of PBR since 2006, has announced he will retire from his on-the-dirt role at the end of the 2023 Unleash The Beast season. Rasmussen will join the sport’s television broadcast as a commentator for the PBR Team Series season that begins later this year.

Rasmussen, one of the most recognizable and enduring personalities across professional sports even while not competing in the events, is credited with reinventing and modernizing the role of “rodeo clown” into a multi-hyphenate entertainer combining singing, dancing, fan interactions, off-the-cuff commentary, and impromptu comedy.

After embarking on a farewell tour during the remaining 14 events of the Unleash The Beast regular season, Rasmussen’s final elite series performances will be at the PBR World Finals in Fort Worth, Texas May 12 – 21.

A special “retirement party” will be held for Rasmussen in conjunction with PBR’s “Dirty 30 Anniversary Celebration” on

May 17 in Fort Worth during PBR World Finals.

Fans can then expect to see him in roles both in front of and behind the camera, including PBR Team Series coverage on CBS Television Network, CBS Sports Network, and Pluto TV later this year.

“I am a blessed man,” Rasmussen said. “I have had an amazing career in rodeo and continued to find my identity with the opportunities afforded me by the PBR. I worked my first World Finals in 1997, so I do not take this decision lightly, nor am I making it without being completely sure. But physically and emotionally, it is time to move on. Making the decision now gives me time to weigh all my future career opportunities, including joining the television broadcast of the PBR Team Series later this year. My goal is to continue to be a strong influence in the growth and preservation of our Western lifestyle.”

Continued on Page 24 · 18 · February 2023

Kevin Midkiff Rodeo Clown

Kevin Midkiff is a rodeo clown who dazzles the crowds every week on Friday and Saturday nights at the Fort Worth Stockyards Championship Rodeo. He preps the fans before the rodeo there at the Cowtown Coliseum, with a preshow dance to “Uptown Funk”. He works the mutton scramble, the calf scramble, and helps with the free T-shirt giveaway. Kevin loves the rodeo, and he loves being a rodeo clown. By the way, Kevin is just ten years old!

I interviewed Kevin and his dad, Jason. Of course, I asked THE question: How did Kevin get involved as a rodeo clown at such a young age? “I won a couple of tickets to the Stockyard Championship Rodeo,” Jason said. “I took Kevin

with me. He was about 2-1/2 years old. He fell in love with bull riding and wanted to be a bull rider. We got him a little vest and some clothes. Well, we went back and Kevin saw the bull fighters. Now he wanted to be a bull fighter. His big sister, Kelsey, made him some baggies for his bull fighter outfit. Next, Kevin met rodeo clown Cody Cooper, and Kevin decided he wanted to be a rodeo clown.”

“By then he was three years old,” Jason continued. “His great grandma sewed him a shirt. We got him overalls at Wal Mart and fixed him up an outfit. Kevin would run out with the bull fighters at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo. He was introduced as the “smallest rodeo clown in the world!” · 19 · March 2023
Photo by James Phifer,
By Kelly B. Robbins

“I love being a rodeo clown,” Kevin revealed. “It’s very fun to do. I want to be a rodeo clown like Brinson James some day. He and Flint Rasmussen of the PBR are my favorite rodeo clowns. My dream is to do what Flint does for the PBR someday.”

Jason said that Kevin has had no formal training other than watching rodeo clowns on YouTube. “But he has gotten a lot of pointers along the way,” Jason explained. “He has a good friend, Jesse Vick, who is a bull fighter at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo. Rodeo clown Robbie Hodges has helped him a lot. He also got some pointers from Matt Merritt (PBR Velocity Tour entertainer) and John Harrison. Brinson James gave Kevin some tips on how and where to move.”

“He’s been to a lot of rodeos besides the Stockyards,” Jason shared. “When he was just four years old, Kevin got to do a commercial dance at the Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas for radio station 99.4. He’s been to rodeos in Mesquite, Texas, May, Texas, Paris, Texas, and Mercedes, Texas. He also works with youth rodeos at the Cowtown Coliseum. Last month Kevin did 14 performances at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. He got to work with bull fighters Dusty Tuckness, Nathan Harp, Evan Allard, and Weston Rutkowski. His next scheduled event away is at the Ellis County Stock Show and Rodeo in Waxahachie, Texas, March 24 and 25.”

“I went to the Houston rodeo just as a fan,” Kevin added. “I got to sign autographs with Leon Coffee, one of the best and most famous rodeo clowns in the world!”

“I love going to Billy Bob’s Texas,” Kevin declared. “I got to be on stage and talk to the crowd at Billy Bob’s with Stoney LaRue. I also used to sell coffee mugs there with my picture on it.”

I asked Kevin about his clothes, his makeup, his sponsors, and his preparations before an event. “I don’t get nervous before a show,” Kevin shared. “I do all my own makeup, except the star on the side of my face. My dad does that. I do the same face makeup · 20 · March 2023
Kevin - age 3 Kevin works the barrel during the Mutton Busting at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Photo by James Phifer,

design every week. I do some stretches before each event. I try to stretch my legs. My shirts are all hand-made by my great grandma Pat Brothers. My overalls are from Wal Mart. The boots I wear everyday are Justin boots.”

“Kevin really doesn’t have any sponsors,” Jason said. “He wears a Billy Bob’s Texas patch on his shirt because he gets into Billy Bob’s for free. Justin boots gave him two pairs of boots for free when they sponsored a mutton busting event he

was working on. So, he wore a Justin boots patch on his shirt. And he only wears American Hats thanks to Danny Adams of The Best Hat Store in the Fort Worth Stockyards.”

“Kevin’s mom and I are excited for him, and we completely support him in this,” Jason concluded. “We would like to see how far he’ll go!” · 21 · March 2023
Kevin (age 3) with bullfighter Jesse Vick. Kevin Midkiff celebrates with the winner of the Mutton Busting at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Photo by James Phifer,

February 18, 2023 Springtown, Texas

Women's Futurity · 22 · March 2023
# Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1 H2-3 L Always Been Crazy 01 Cattle Co / Harrison 22.3 23.5 45.8 1,160.00 $ 2 H10 R TBR's Mr. Brightside TBR Bucking Bulls 22.4 22.9 45.3 890.00 $ 3 089 R Showbiz TBR Bucking Bulls 22.1 23 45.1 650.00 $ 4 35 L Work Release 8-K Bucking Bulls 22.2 22.8 45 5 H04 R You Got It 01 / Jango Bucking Bulls 22.2 22.5 44.7 6 918 R Mr Knox Garrett Cargill 22.1 22.4 44.5 7 00 L 00 Lidgard 21.7 22.5 44.2 8 84 R Red Rum Tomaski Rodeo Company / SS Buckers 21.8 22.2 44 9 A2 R Drilled Cowtown Shannon Strange 21.75 21.5 43.25 10 64H- L 64H- Double K Cattle Co. 19.5 18 37.5 11 570 L Crazy Eyes Bullseye Cattle 19.6 17.5 37.1 12 01X R Venom Holt Cattle 0 0 0 February
Wall Street Ranch - Springtown, TX Derby # Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1/2 149 L 149 Bart Futrell 22.2 23.5 45.7 2,415.00 $ 1/2 113 L Cannonball BS Cattle & Partners 22.7 23 45.7 2,415.00 $ 3 187 R Rougarou BS Cattle & Partners 22.25 22.9 45.15 1,845.00 $ 4 2162 L 2162 Lonnie & Amy Austin 22.6 22.5 45.1 1,420.00 $ 5 123 L War Machine Rafter KL 22.25 22.8 45.05 1,065.00 $ 6 TM 567-J L TM 567-J BS Cattle & Partners 22.5 22.5 45 850.00 $ 7/8 126 R Shelstad 126 Tyler Shelstad 22.1 22.5 44.6 675.00 $ 7/8 874-J L Spunky Energy BS Cattle & Partners 22.3 22.3 44.6 675.00 $ 9/10 212 L Peanut Butter & Jelly Ricky & Connie Peterson / Shannon Madden 22 22.5 44.5 535.00 $ 9/10 193J R Seaborder BS Cattle & Partners 22.6 21.9 44.5 535.00 $ 11 BMC 123 R BMC 123 BS Cattle & Partners 22 22.4 44.4 425.00 $ 12 133 R 133 BS Cattle & Partners 22.3 22 44.3 380.00 $ 13 167 L Crash BS Cattle & Partners 22.25 21.9 44.15 355.00 $ 14 212 R Pinocchio Joe TBR Bucking Bulls 22 22 44 325.00 $ 15/16 119 L Red Wasp Stacy Hatcher 21.6 22.1 43.7 142.50 $ 15/16 2117 R On the Rocks Wild Cactus Ranch / 2H 22.2 21.5 43.7 142.50 $ 17/18 J7 R Shake & Bake Rafter KL 21.8 21.8 43.6 17/18 DBC 103 L DBC 103 Rafter KL 21.9 21.7 43.6 19 38 L Master Blaster Wilson 22 21.5 43.5 20 2208 R Hulk KL3 / 2H 22.1 21 43.1 21 791 L Motley Crew Wilson 21.5 21.3 42.8 22 16 L Deano Double K Cattle Co. 21.6 21 42.6 23/24 409-J R Clyde Rockin M Cattle 22 20 42 23/24 4J L 4J BS Cattle & Partners 22 20 42 25/26 421 L Milk Man Ricky & Connie Peterson / Jason Cowan 21.8 20.1 41.9 25/26 78j R 78j CO Cattle 22.1 19.8 41.9 27/28 197 R 197 Bart Futrell 20.5 21.3 41.8 27/28 5801 R Beaver Nuggets Wylie Kennedy Bucking Bulls 21.8 20 41.8 29 J5 L J5 8-K Bucking Bulls 21.75 20 41.75 30-32 192 R Meshach J&L / 2H 21.3 20.3 41.6 30-32 187 L Risen 187 Risen Cattle Co. 21.6 20 41.6 30-32 J13 R Burn The House Down Rafter KL 21.4 20.2 41.6 33 128 R 128 GT Bucking Bulls 21.25 20.3 41.55 February 18th, 2023 Wall Street Ranch - Springtown, TX TBBA Futurity # Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1 102 L Cherokee War Dance Savanah Saxton / Tomaski Rodeo 22 22.4 44.4 900.00 $ 2 2168 R 2168 Lonnie & Amy Austin 21.8 22.5 44.3 600.00 $ 3 2150 R 2150 Lonnie & Amy Austin 22.1 22 44.1 4 32 L TBRs Rumple Minze TBR / Tamatha Brito 21.7 22.3 44 5 1-1 L Swamp Show Double K Cattle Co. 21.9 22 43.9 6 225 L 225 Wall Street / Big Gun / Taylor Davino 20.25 20.5 40.75 7 SM 17 L SM 17 Storie Sharp / S&M Cattle Co. 20.2 20 40.2 8 SM 110 L SM 110 Storie Sharp / S&M Cattle Co. 19.6 18.5 38.1 9 40 L I'll Fly Away 8-K Bucking Bulls 19.2 15 34.2 10 62 L Hell or High Water Double K Cattle Co. 22.2 22.5 0 February 18th, 2023 Wall Street Ranch - Springtown, TX
18th, 2023

Texas 87 Futurity

Texas 85 Futurity

Youth Futurity


For more information, please visit · 23 · March 2023
# Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1 199 R Prophet J&L / 2H 21.5 22 43.5 540.00 $ 2 167 L Crash BS Cattle & Partners 22.25 21.9 42.85* 360.00 $ 3 HC 12 R HC 12 5AR Cattle Co 21 19.7 40.7 4 111 L Shelstad 111 Tyler Shelstad 19.7 19.4 39.1 5 194 R Lights Out Rockin H Cattle Co. 20.25 0 20.25 6 144 L All In 5AR Cattle Co 0 0 0 *Texas 87 Slide Penalty Wall Street Ranch - Springtown, TX
# Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1 126 R Good News Champ Camp 21.4 21.3 42.3* 840.00 $ 2 187 R Shadrack Hookin H Bucking Bulls 21 21.9 42.1* 640.00 $ 3 148 R 148 Gangster Tom Rockin' KR Bucking Bulls 21 20.7 41.7 470.00 $ 4 106 R Chokehold Rafter KL 20.75 19.5 40.25 5 119 L Cleveland TBR Bucking Bulls 19.8 18.8 38.6 6 181 R KL Kemosabe Burks 19.7 18.3 38 7 105 R 105 Rafter KL 19.2 18.5 37.7 8 02 L Warthog Bobby Peterson / Kim Merket 20 16 36 9 135 L 135 Rafter KL 19.6 16.2 35.8 10 214 R TBRs Jokester TBR Bucking Bulls 17 16.2 33.2 11 106 R 106 Rafter KL 16.25 16 32.25 12 B2 L Roughneck II Shannon Strange 16.2 15 31.2 13 213 L TBRs Perfect Peter TBR Bucking Bulls 0 0 0 *Texas 85 Slide Penalty February 18th, 2023 Wall Street Ranch - Springtown, TX
# Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1 122 R 122 CO Cattle 21.7 20.9 42.6 500.00 $ 2 754j R 754j CO Cattle 21.1 20.5 41.6 3 126 R Mr Misunderstood Madison & Payson Tomaski 21 20.4 41.4 4 2012 R Frost Hookin H Bucking Bulls 20.1 20.8 40.9 February 18th, 2023 Wall Street Ranch - Springtown, TX
# Del Bull Name Contractor J1 M Litteral J2 M Harbor Score Earnings 1 227 R 227 BAD Sons / Mike Massey 21.7 20.4 42.1 1,375.00 $ 2 133J L 133J S4 / Circle S* 21.2 20.8 42 1,175.00 $ 3 N229 L N229 Nathan Foyil Bucking Bulls 20.5 20.4 40.9 930.00 $ 4/5 HC 24 L HC 24 5AR Cattle Co 19.2 20.6 39.8 562.50 $ 4/5 2240 R Allie J&L Ranch / 2H Buckin' Bullz 20.1 19.7 39.8 562.50 $ 6 HC 2-2 L HC 2-2 5AR Cattle Co 20.25 19.4 39.65 295.00 $ 7 21J L Black Jackin Tomaski Rodeo Company 20.8 18.7 39.5 8 L55-2 L Poco LoLo Cody South 20 18.9 38.9 9 800-2 L Mayday Cody South 19.25 19.5 38.75 10 239 R Hard 8 Tomaski Rodeo Co / TBR 19.75 18 37.75 11 X25 R Tak Mashido Champ Camp 18.3 17.3 35.6 12 2721 L 2721 5AR Cattle Co 18.2 16.3 34.5 13 2241 R 2241 Lonnie & Amy Austin 19.1 15 34.1 14 25K L JKH 25K Jon Henry 19.6 13.1 32.7 15/16 2214 L Diamond Connie Peterson 18.5 14.1 32.6 15/16 2234 R Aleaha J&L Ranch / 2H Buckin' Bullz 17.2 15.4 32.6 17 2204 R 2204 Lonnie & Amy Austin 17.5 15 32.5 18/19 210X L N229 Nathan Foyil Bucking Bulls 18.1 14.1 32.2 18/19 227 L Cashapult Tull Bucking Bulls 18.1 14.1 32.2 20 2223 L 2223 Lonnie & Amy Austin 20.3 0 20.3
Pre-Futurity 18th, 2023 Wall Street Ranch h - Springtown, TX

With a string of markets important to Rasmussen’s career coming up on the PBR Unleash The Beast schedule, including Sacramento in Northern California this weekend, the award-winning entertainer wanted to announce his plans now to acknowledge and thank the fans for their supportive role in his legendary career.

“More than anything, on behalf of the entire Western Sports industry, I want to thank Flint for bringing joy to millions of fans, for always being a thoughtful advocate of our PBR brand and for his countless contributions to our sport inside and outside of the arena,” said PBR Commissioner and CEO Sean Gleason. “He is leaving the dirt but not our sport. We are all fortunate in being able to continue to experience Flint’s love of our sport, his passion for entertaining fans, and his inimitable point of view, which is part of the soul of PBR, on future CBS broadcasts.”

In addition to his role at PBR, Flint is an eight-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Clown of the Year and eight-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo barrel man.

Since 2006, Rasmussen has been the master of ceremonies, ondirt quarterback, sultan of sarcasm and chief instigator of both the mischief and the unfiltered musings playing out across PBR events. The former schoolteacher done up in clown makeup has been patrolling the dirt as if it’s the maple wood stage floor of Carnegie Hall and making jokes that sound like Eddie Murphy crossed with Larry the Cable Guy.

Before he joined the gold standard for entertainment in Western sports, Flint had always been funny, but unlike so many bull riders who knew exactly what they wanted to be from the time they could walk, he didn’t grow up planning for life clowning in the rodeo, let alone reinventing the role.

In his hometown of Choteau, Montana he wasn’t a show-off or the class clown. But he liked to have fun and get a reaction. A collection of his mother Tootie’s old Christmas letters sent out annually in the late 1970s has a recurring theme: “Flint still entertains us.”

He was a regular in school plays and sang in the choir, getting a taste of adulation from an appreciative audience and feeling a constant “pull” to be in front of crowds performing. Growing up in the Western culture, there was always place drawing crowds eager to be entertained –rodeo.

When Flint was 19, during the summer, first on a dare, he began working amateur rodeos in Montana, getting nervous like he did as an all-state high school football player, but having an absolute ball in making people smile and laugh. He was no longer an athlete. But being out on the dirt performing in front of people during a rodeo competition was scratching an itch. It felt good. It was fun.

Flint treated rodeo like a summer job; the plan was to get through college and then teach. After graduating University of Montana Western, he landed a job teaching high school math and history. But he kept getting phone calls. Rodeo organizers who had caught his act saw potential. Promoters know their crowds, and he was busting them up. This Flint Rasmussen character just might make a name for himself if he gave it a chance, they said. He quit teaching school at 25 and began performing at professional rodeos.

During one slow period in the fall, a rodeo in Hibbing, Minnesota called. Their regular rodeo clown couldn’t make the event because his trailer caught fire on the highway. Could Rasmussen come?

Flint did his thing, impressing one of the stock contractors, who recommended him to legendary rodeo promoter, Jerome Robinson, who happened to be planning a few winter shows. Robinson was producing PBR’s first events in the 1990’s and used Rasmussen there as well. One man’s very unlucky trailer fire lit the fuse, so to speak, for Rasmussen’s rise. But truth be told, with the simmering powder already in place, it’s hard to imagine he would not have been “discovered’ to play much bigger stages.

Rasmussen’s next stage will be the television cameras beaming an international broadcast of a sport he continues to love for fans he’ll continue to entertain. · 24 · February 2023
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Article and photos provided courtesy of PBR. · 25 · March 2023 Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event BULL RIDING EVENTS MARCH Mar 2 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division Mar 3-4 Little Rock, AR PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Mar 4 Knoxville, TN PBR Velocity Tour Mar 10-11 Vernal, UT PRCA Xtreme Bulls Mar 10-12 Bangor, ME PBR Velocity Tour Mar 11 Dayton, OH PBR Velocity Tour Mar 11-12 Milwaukee, WI PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Mar 12 Decatur, TX $1,000 940-232-0731 BRI / Spring Fling Bull Riding Mar 15 Mercedes, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls Mar 16 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division Mar 17-18 Wheeling, WV PBR Velocity Tour Mar 17-18 New Orleans, LA PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Mar 18-19 Fresno, CA PBR Velocity Tour Mar 23 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division Mar 24-26 Albuquerque, NM PBR Unleash the Beast Mar 25 Oakland, CA PBR Velocity Tour Mar 30 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division Mar 31-Apr 1 Greensboro, NC PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs) Mar 31-Apr 1 West Plains, MO PRCA Xtreme Bulls, Broncs, and Bands Mar 31-Apr 1 Alva, OK $10,000 3/27 5pm 918-467-0067 BRI / Alva Bull Battle VII Mar 31-Apr 1 Aberdeen, SD $8,000 3/20 12-6pm 701-674-3214 BOA Mar 31-Apr 1 Lawton, OK PRCA Xtreme Bulls Mar 31-Apr 2 Sioux Falls, SD PBR Unleash the Beast Tour APRIL Apr 1 Casper, WY PBR Velocity Tour WHERE’S
*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice email:


BEEF? · 26 · March 2023
Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event Apr 7-8 Nampa, ID PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Apr 7-8 Fort Dodge, IA $3,000 3/27 6pm 712-374-6053 BOA/ Extreme Bullriding Tour Apr 9 San Angelo, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls Apr 14-15 Rochester, MN $5,000 3/27 6pm 712-374-6053 BOA/ Extreme Bullriding Tour Apr 14-16 Billings, MT PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Apr 15 Decatur, TX $1,000 940-232-0731 BRI / Spring Fling Bull Riding Apr 15 Grand Forks, ND PBR Velocity Tour Apr 19-20 Everett, WA PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Apr 21-22 Prescott Valley, AZ PBR Touring Pro Division Apr 21-22 Williston, ND PRCA Xtreme Bulls Apr 21-22 Mason City, IA $3,000 3/27 6pm 712-374-6053 BOA/ Extreme Bullriding Tour Apr 21-22 Cedar Rapids, IA PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs) Apr 22 Wichita, KS PBR Velocity Tour Apr 22-23 Tacoma, WA PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Apr 26 Clovis, CA PBR Touring Pro Division Apr 28-29 Perry, GA PBR Touring Pro Division Apr 28-29 Del Rio, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls Apr 28-29 College Station, TX PBR Velocity Tour Apr 28-29 Fort Worth, TX Resistol Rookie Roundup Apr 28-29 Queen Creek, AZ PBR Touring Pro Division Apr 29-30 Louisville, KY PBR Unleash the Beast Tour
BULL RIDING EVENTS MARCH Mar 11 Willcox, AZ EC 3/8 432-517-0521 IMBA / PYRA Mar 11 Brownwood, TX EC 3/8 254-485-1806 WCMB / PYRA SR Bucking Series Mar 12 Kellyville, OK 918-752-7556 PYRA / KW Mini Bull Bash Series Mar 12 Decatur, TX 940-232-0731 BRI / Spring Fling Bull Riding JR Bulls Mar 18 Natural Dam, AR Sun prior 479-883-7319 PYRA / Jesse James Chute Out Series Mar 31-Apr 1 Kaplan, LA 3/6-17 337-384-1486 PYRA / WCMB / IMRA APRIL Apr 1 Alva, OK $4,500 3/26 6pm 918-519-5729 PYRA / Alva Bull Battle VII Apr 1 Bunker, MO Mon prior 5-8pm 573-247-4847 WCMB / PYRA Blake Skaggs Mini BR Apr 8 Center, TX Tue 9am-Thu 9pm 903-754-1034 Built God Tough Roughstock Series Apr 15 Decatur, TX 940-232-0731 BRI / Spring Fling Bull Riding JR Bulls Apr 15 Bunker, MO Mon prior 5-8pm 573-247-4847 WCMB / PYRA Blake Skaggs Mini BR Apr 22 Natural Dam, AR Sun prior 479-883-7319 PYRA / Jesse James Chute Out Series Apr 29 Delhi, LA Tue 9am-Thu 9pm 903-754-1034 Built God Tough Roughstock Series
*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice
BULL EVENTS · 27 · March 2023
Amount Is For
Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event Mar 3 Lilttle Rock, AR 2/13-2/20 ABBI Classic / UTB Mar 4 Springtown, TX txt 218-349-1861 TBBA Mar 15 Springtown, TX 940-255-6474 Wall Street Ranch Bull Team Event Mar 18 Canton, TX 3/6-3/13 ABBI Sanctioned Mar 24 Amarillo, TX 3/6-3/13 ABBI Mar 31 Sioux Falls, SD 3/13-3/20 ABBI Claasic / UTB APRIL Apr 8 Springtown, TX 3/27-4/5 12pm 218-349-1861 TBBA Apr 14 Billings, MT 3/27-4/3 ABBI Classic / UTB Apr 15 Springtown, TX 4/3-7 ABBI Sanctioned Apr 22 Duncan, OK 4/3-12 ABBI Apr 22 West Sunbury, PA 724-421-5601 ABBI Sanctioned Apr 29 Perry, GA $25,000 4/10-17 ABBI
Each Night
Subject to Change Without Notice

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a cowboy’s dust cutters

When I ride out on the dusty trail And work the drag a while Water is how I quench my thirst My canteen becomes my pal

Though the water might be somewhat warm And smells like an old piece of wood It sure wet’s my whistle going down And still tastes mighty good

Lemonade was a treat when I was young Sarsaparilla was a later desire But when I thought I was ready for more That first whiskey burned like fire!

So, beer became my drink of choice Whenever I visited town Until I got some hair on my chest And could keep the whisky down

At the end of the day, I ride into camp

I’m tired and I’m thirsty and sore Cookie hands me a cup of his glorious brew Sometimes laced with something more

My hand gets warm wrapped around that cup The coffee tastes strong, black, and hot Cookie’s added splash of whiskey Most surely hits the spot.

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