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Humps N Horns March 2021

On The Cover - Colten Fritzlan completes a perfect 3-for-3 weekend in Okeechobee, Florida with an 87 point ride on Zero Time (Paradigm Bull Company) in the championship round.

Photo by Andy Watson / BullStock Media

Humps-Horns.com · 4 · March 2021

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Letter from the Editor

By the time you read this issue of Humps N Horns, it should be the start of the spring season. As I write this, that is hard to fathom as much of the country is being hit by a cold spell marked by record low temps, snow and ice, and power outages for many homes. Even though we have been having lows in the single digits – which is very uncommon for us in Texas, I have to admire and respect those of you who live in places with much harsher winters than this and still get up every day to make sure the cattle are fed and cared for no matter what the conditions are like outside. Thank you!

I hope that all will continue to be well for you and yours. Enjoy reading this issue of Humps N Horns and learning about some great people who are giving it all they have to pursue their dreams. Until next time, Terry

One of the first casualties of this cold streak was the PBR Unleash the Beast stop in Del Rio, Texas which had to be canceled on Sunday due to the inclement weather. Hopefully things will improve as the PBR continues its tour of American Roots in some great outdoor venues across the country.

Humps-Horns.com · 6 · March 2021

Talking “Bull” with Brayden

Hi, my name is Brayden Hollywood Brown and I’m a miniature bull rider. Today I’m going to go over why I haven’t been riding bulls here lately, what I have invested my time into, and tell you how my life has changed. So let’s get into it. Let’s kick this off with why I have not been riding bulls. Actually there are a few reasons. One is because I have grown a LOT. I’ve grown so much that it is harder to balance. Most of y’all know I broke my femur in 2019. I was determined to not let that hold me back. I worked hard to rehab and was ready for the 2020 season. We had our first MBR, Miniature Bull Riders, event in February just before covid hit and even though I did not win the event, I felt like it was going to be a good year. Then Covid shut everything down. I did not know when or if I would ride again in 2020. Finally in June we had the greenlight for another event with the MBR. On the first of five rides of the weekend I broke both bones in my riding arm. I convinced my parents it wasn’t “that bad”, switched my riding hand and toughed it out for the rest of the weekend. When I went to see my ortho, Doctor Brown in Southlake, Texas, he put me in a cast and advised that I have two of the screws removed from the rod in my leg because they were sticking out too far. I still did not give up on finishing the year. Then came the growth spurt. My parents and the doctors became a bit concerned that with my recent growth spurt and the previous injuries that it was in my best interest to call it for the year. I had to agree that for my age it just was not worth it to risk breaking any more bones. I don’t want anything to affect my career in this sport later on, so I felt it was the best choice. Now, you may be wondering two things... one, are you ever going to ride again and two, what have you been doing since you’re not riding. Well, I can definitely see myself riding bulls again in the near future. Even if I did stop riding I would find a way to be involved in this sport. Since I haven’t been riding

I have been doing a LOT more. You would be surprised how much time you have when you’re not chasing yellow lines to the next rodeo every weekend. To sum it up, here are a few things I have been doing. I still work out everyday and I probably always will. I mean, just because I’m not riding bulls right now doesn’t mean that I will ever stop being athletic or competitive. I’ve been spending time with my family and friends doing other fun things with them. Like going to the Red River to ride around in the CanAm and taking the boat out anytime it’s warm. But the best thing that I’ve been doing is learning how to make money in a way that will allow me to continue to chase my rodeo dreams. I have partnered up with a team of folks that have taught me about starting, building and running a business. The best part about it is that it’s completely online which means you can work on the road if you need to. Better yet, you could stick around after the rodeo to see the sights and not worry about rushing back to work. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not good on a computer”. This is so easy to understand and if you struggle they give you the tools you need to succeed. I’m excited about this opportunity to work with them. My parents have been so supportive. They are helping me build out my idea. My website is not up and running just yet, but I think y’all will love it! In the mean time, I put a link at the bottom of this article to give you access to the same opportunity. Whenever I get everything completely up and going I’ll only have to work an average of 3 to 4 hours a day and I’ll be making a more than decent living if my business is a success. So guys and gals, I think this will be a life changer and I highly suggest that you click on the link below to go check it out, but only if you want to make money while living your rodeo dreams. Everyone has to start somewhere and I already chose to start my journey. The only way to finish is to start... make today the day. Thanks for reading, I hope that you go check out this amazing program. Search online for: Hollywood.EverythingRodeo.com Brayden Hollywood Brown.

Humps-Horns.com · 7 · March 2021

Winners Have a Plan Where are you going in your bull riding career? What are you doing to get to where you are going in your bull riding career? Do you have short term goals? Do you have intermediate goals? Do you have long term goals? Are you focused on attaining your goals or are you just chasing around without a plan? Some things for you to think about. If you don’t have a strategy in your approach toward your bull riding career you are leaving something on the table. Those with a plan will have an advantage over those with no plan. Jesus Loves You! Cody Custer

Humps-Horns.com · 8 · March 2021

Your donation can change a life. Western Sports Foundation focuses on supporting total athlete wellness for those competing in Western Lifestyle Sports. Our program focuses on five areas of wellness: Mental Wellness • Physical Wellness • Life Skills Financial Planning • Education and Career Planning Western Sports Performance Clinics WSF offers the only training of its kind for Western Sports Athletes. These three-day clinics include one-on-one sessions with a Sports Neurologist, Nutritionist, Financial Planner, Life Coach, Crisis Manager, Sports Psychologist, and Personal Trainer. Be a part of the growing community that supports health and wellness for all western sports athletes. Visit westernsportsfoundation,org to become a Friend of the WSF and learn more. Donate today at donate.onecause.com/wsf/donate

Our mission is to assist Western Athletes both while competing and after.

Outside the Arena with...

Cattleac Cattle Equipment By Georgia Akers

When I think of a cattle ranch, whether it be beef cattle or bucking bulls, you think of the animals, you think of the pastures and fences but do you ever think of the other types of equipment that it takes to run a successful operation? I figure the first equipment is the tractor with all the accessories. Probably the most important equipment if you have cattle and especially bucking bulls is a squeeze chute. Horses will normally stand still while the farrier works on their feet or if they need a shot. Can you imagine a 1700-pound bucking bull being docile? No way! Thus, the chute is really a very important part of the ranch. We have one and I have seen it in action to doctor a bull with a serious cut on his leg, trim a bad hoof, brand them, doctor them, trim their horns and even to help calve for a young heifer that had no clue. The animals were safe as was the operator. Chutes are awesome. It amazes me all the things they can do and to me are essential to a ranch.

Brothers Jackie and Mitchell Haynes and Jackie’s son, Brody, own Cattleac Cattle Equipment. They sell all kinds of cattle equipment but especially chutes. I became familiar with their product when we needed one for our bulls. When we got it installed, I was amazed at all the things the chute could do compared to the one that was on our ranch in the 50’s which was wooden and had a manual lever to squeeze the cow’s head to keep it from moving about. That was about all it could do. Their chutes are truly the Cadillac of chutes. (Sorry about the pun) They are a work of mechanical genius. I was able to interview all three of these men at the same time, so the interview represents all of them. Tell us about yourselves. Our dad was a Ranch Manager in West Texas, and he moved us to Henryetta to manage a ranch there when we were kids. We spent most of our childhood in Weatherford, Oklahoma, where we got into Rodeo. We’re now 4 generations in ranching and rodeo. (Jackie) I am married to Ladonna and have two children, Brody, who is part of the business, and Hattie. (Mitchell) I am married to Dedee and have two children, Melissa and Hattie. I have a degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State in Industrial Technology which comes in handy in our business. (Brody) I am married to Taylor. We have no children.

Humps-Horns.com · 10 · March 2021

How did you get into the cattle equipment business? (Mitchell and Jackie) We both worked for another company, but we’d always wanted to be self-employed. We grew up in ranching and rodeo and being involved, the interest has always been there. So, with our knowledge and experience, we decided as a family to come together and start our own company. Cattleac has been trademarked for 28 years. You know, we’ve been around since 1993. Since day one, we’ve specialized in custom building our products to meet our customers’ individual needs. We started this as a family business, and after all this time, that’s what we still are. I mean, our product line may grow and evolve, but we build a quality, American Made product. We are so blessed to be living in the USA, and so proud to be a part of the industry that the West was won on. We’re so appreciative of the beef industry, and the whole livestock community. We are honored to be a part of keeping the Western heritage alive through our rodeo line, and we look forward to what the future will bring. What is the purpose of a chute and how many kinds of chutes are there? Doctoring and processing, really. Providing a mechanism for doctoring and overall wellness of the animal. We have 3 models of chutes, for stocker, cow/calf, and bulls, even rodeo livestock. Each model is for a different purpose. We have the option of tip chutes, which makes it easier to work on their feet, portable unit with electric winch or lift kit for mobilizing to different facilities. We customize to fit ranchers, sale barns, feed lots, rodeo livestock, bucking bull contractors, sales barns, vets, everything. We meet the needs of the customer and although the chute may be similar, the needs of buyer may be different as to the options they need or do not need. It depends on the operation. The hydraulic chute limits the physical work of the operator and creates less stress on the animal because it is faster. We also set to a PSI that has a release valve that is pre-set to protect the animal.

Cattleac Bull Chute

How long can a chute last? Depends on how much it is used. Are you running a few hundred head or thousands? It also depends on how well taken care of and keeping up with the maintenance just as you do with any other machine. How have they evolved throughout the years? Well, even back in England, before the US, they would use natural points - rocks or trees - and push the cattle up against it. Early chutes were simple and homemade, consisting of using a corner of the corral. Chutes replaced the cowboys having to cut, rope and heel cattle. The idea just evolved from there. Today the chutes are quiet, reduce animal stress and provide protection for the operator. You have been in business for almost 30 years. What changes have you seen and how do you stay viable?

Cody Hebert uses a Cattleac chute to brand one of the bulls from Hebert Bucking Bulls.

Innovation doesn’t skip over the livestock community. We’ve seen chutes get heavier, more options, more versatile, for different sized cattle. One thing we get complimented on a lot is keeping our chutes simplified, and still having the craftsmanship and quality. We have customers in Canada, Florida and all over the United States from east coast, west coast, gulf coast and the middle. We personally deliver 75% of our chutes but we also have trucking

Humps-Horns.com · 11 · March 2021

Is the animal harmed in a chute?

Cattleac CIII chute

No. A chute is designed to minimize movement for the safety of the animal, and the operator, for examining and treating. It creates less stress on the animal. Cattle have autistic characteristics, so restraint is safer. It calms the animal, which requires less doctoring. Hydraulics increase safety, so the chutes we sell are hydraulic. What are some of the most common uses of a chute? Chutes are usually purchased for doctoring, vaccinating, and processing, but they even extend to artificial insemination, pregnancy checking, semen testing, things like that.

companies that will deliver and we have some customers that come to our office and pick up their chute. We stand behind our product and that is why we get repeat customers. We also stock parts for our product.

Are there any accessories or changes coming in the future for chutes? (I asked the questions to Jackie, Mitchell, and Brody together. This is how they responded, talking to each other)

We have been the official chute for ABBI since 2004. We make a premium product. (Author’s note: our chute is approximately ten years old and still doing its job!) What is your most popular chute and why? It depends on your operation, but I would say our CIII Cattleac Special, because it’s for cow/calf and bulls. (go to their website to see this chute) You custom make cattle equipment. unusual request?

What was your most Cattleac Tip Chute

There are so many. There’s been all kinds of challenges over the years. Life’s a box of chocolates.

Jackie – well, they’ve improved so much today. Mitchell – It’s an ever-changing world, but we’ll keep up. It’s why we’ve done what we’ve done with these chutes. Brody – Innovation will proceed. I know some chutes are portable and on wheels. What is the purpose of a portable chute? So many ranches are scattered out today. It’s easier to haul the chute to the cattle, than the cattle to the chute. Which is why they’re so handy for the vet out in the field. How is a permanent chute installed? Do they have to be inside? What electricity is required?

Old squeeze chute from the 1950 era.

No, they do not have to be inside. For power, we have our electric power unit, but we also offer a gas power unit. They can even be run off a tractor.

Humps-Horns.com · 12 · March 2021

Mason Taylor Rides Mr. Right Now for 89.25 points during Round 1 of the 2021 Built Ford Tough Invitational. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStock Media

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Inspiration Point

2,700 later, a royal seal was found bearing Hezekiah’s name. In a news article published October 2, 2020, Professor Tom Meyer, a theologian at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, was quoted saying, “Other seals bearing Hezekiah’s name have been known to archaeologists from the black market, which can sometimes bring their authenticity into question, but this is the first-ever discovery of any Israelite king’s seal found during a proper archaeological excavation.”

by Keno Shrum

Standing the Test of Time Archaeological finds are amazing ways to not only catch a glimpse of the past, but to also solidify our thoughts, ideas and beliefs about those who lived before us. Many people look to them as proof of historical figures, towns, battles and more. Time and time again, those who have tried to disprove God and his Word have instead been convinced that the things written in the Scriptures are indeed true. I’d like to share an example with you taken from an article written by my brother, Keden Shrum. Throughout the Old Testament, one can see the ups and downs of God’s chosen nation. In times of obedience, they were taken care of, protected, and blessed; but when they chose to turn their backs on the Lord, they saw what it was like to face a dying world without the protection of a loving God. Humbling scenes are portrayed for us in the pages of the Holy Writ. Scenes of sadness when those that should have trusted the Lord walked foolishly into their own demise. Scenes of rejoicing when some would recognize the travesty of their ways and turn to cry out to God. Scenes of humility when a forgiving, compassionate God heard those cries and delivered His people time after time.

As for where the seal was found, the location is known as “Ophel.” Meyer described the location as a “raised area between the City of the David and the Temple Mount…a refuse dump next to the remains of what was at one time likely a Judean royal administration centre near the Temple Mount.” This small seal, just over a centimeter in diameter, was discovered by a technique known as wet sifting. Meyer explained wet sifting as “a form of advanced analysis to separate coarse or abrasive material with high pressured water to perchance discover a small artefact that would have otherwise been encased within a clump of earth and missed by the naked eye.” There is said to be an inscription on the seal that bears Hezekiah’s name and reads: “Belonging to Hezekiah (son of) Ahaz king of Judah.” In a 2015 article from ScienceDaily.com, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem reported, “The discovery of King Hezekiah’s Royal Seal impression in the Ophel excavations vividly brings to life the Biblical narratives about King Hezekiah and the activity conducted during his lifetime in Jerusalem’s Royal Quarter.” This seal is just another example of how the Bible stands the test of time when it comes to historical accuracy. If you’d like to learn more about God and His Word, please, “Come and let us reason together...” (Isaiah 1:18) In His Love, Keno

While many failed in the way of obedience, some succeeded. They undoubtedly had their flaws, but they still earned a place in Scripture as ones who possessed a godly character. Among these were people such as Moses, Joshua, Ruth, David, and Hezekiah. Imagine being described as “very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.” That is the exact description given of Moses in Numbers 12:3. David was referred to by the Lord as “a man after My own heart” (Acts 13:22). But what about Hezekiah? While he is often not the first to be thought of when reflecting on the great biblical men, he too was described by the inspired writer as an exceptional king. It is recorded of Hezekiah, “He trusted in the LORD God of Israel, so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor who were before him. For he held fast to the LORD; he did not depart from following Him” (2 Kings 18:5-6a). Hezekiah was the thirteenth king to reign over Judah. Scripture tells us he was “twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned twenty-nine years in Jerusalem” (2 Kings 18:2). Most scholars believe his reign begun around 715 B.C., lasting until 686 B.C. This would put Hezekiah in Jerusalem roughly twentyseven centuries ago. Why is that important? Because in 2015, some

Humps-Horns.com · 14 · March 2021

Pineapple Meringue Pie INGREDIENTS


Pie Filling • ¾ c sugar • 2 T butter • 2 whole eggs, separated • ⅓ c cornstarch • ½ t vanilla extract • ½ c plus 2 T water • 8 oz canned crushed pineapple • 1 whole 9-inch pre-baked pie crust

For the pie, cream sugar, butter, and egg yolks in a saucepan. Add cornstarch and vanilla. Add water and crushed pineapple. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thick. Pour into a 9” baked pie crust.

Meringue • 2 whole egg whites (use from separated eggs for pie filling) • ⅛ t salt • ¼ t Cream of Tartar • 6 T sugar • 1 t vanilla

For the meringue, whip egg whites until they begin to get foamy. Add the remaining ingredients and continue to whip until the meringue has reached soft peak stage and is smooth and glossy. Place the meringue over the cooled pie. Brown at 400ºF for just a few minutes. Store in the fridge until ready to serve. Tastes great warm or cold.

Submitted by Ruth C. - Valdosta, GA

Send us your favorite recipe to bullnews@humps-horns.com

Humps-Horns.com · 15 · March 2021

Colten Fritzlan The New Kid on the Block By Barbara Pinnella

OK, PBR fans, store the name Colten Fritzlan in your memory, because this is just one of the latest of great young bull riders on the move. He competed in his first ever Unleash The Beast event the end of January, held in Okeechobee, Florida. Fritzlan went three-for-three and grabbed the victory. But being successful is nothing new to this 20-year-old. At the 2020 National Finals Rodeo, Colten rode seven out of 10 bulls and finished fifth in the World Standings. Because of those seven rides, he also became bull riding’s NFR average winner, and was named the 2020 Resistol Rookie Bull Rider of the Year. Not too shabby!

PRCA Prorodeo photo by Alaina Stangle.

Obviously, this year holds a world of possibilities for him. He can choose which tour he wants to ride on, or he can do both. He shared with us what he plans on doing.

“I’m going to do both,” he said. “Right now, I’m gonna go to these PBR’s and some of the bigger pro rodeos, but my main focus right now is on the PBR. Come summertime and once the break is on for the PBR, I will go do pro rodeos. I’ll just let the chips fall where they may. But right now, PBR. “Doing the pro rodeos during the PBR break also keeps you seasoned. I’ve been rodeoing for the last three years, and it’s done good for me. So, I’m looking forward to it.” To say Colten’s family was involved in rodeo just might be an understatement. “My dad rode bulls when he was younger, and rode bareback horses in college and high school. He also bulldogged. That is what he ended up doing was bulldogging for a little while. There were also members of my family who rode broncs. They were all around cowboys, really. “Then on my mom’s side, same thing,” he continued. “They were a ranching family. My uncle rode some bucking horses. So I was really just born into it, and picked it up at a young age. But my dad is pretty much the guy who got me started in it. We started buying bulls when I was about seven, and I started getting on about five or six practice bulls a day. I also got on horses. “I rode bareback horses when I was really little, ponies and stuff. But then in high school I did ride broncs. I also roped and bulldogged. But riding bulls was my main focus when I got out of high school and that’s what I put all my time into.” There was a short time when Colten thought about something other than rodeo. He began wrestling at a young age, and did that through high school. But that thought was very short-lived.

Humps-Horns.com · 16 · March 2021

Fritzlan has a three for three effort in Okeechobee, Florida including this 86.75 point ride on Two Socks (Owens / Wyatt). Photo by Andy Watson / BullStock Media.

“No, rodeo and ranching are the only things that I’ve been around since I was born. If I wasn’t rodeoing, I was riding horses at the house or going to pick cows or something. It’s just something that’s always been there.” But don’t look for him to start back up riding broncs for the possibility of the All-Around title at the NFR. Since riding broncs was never his favorite thing to do anyway, he is much more content to keep his focus on bull riding. He does have some time right now to indulge in some hobbies. He likes to hunt and fish, and ride horses. He also likes to act as a pick-up man with broncs. “That’s my main hobby; I love to pick up. Right now, I am also working on getting a few horses put together and maybe get some amateur rodeos going. Wherever I can go and get the horses seasoned, and have some good pick-up horses is great.” Colten might be new on the tour, but since he has known

Mason Taylor for a long time, they traveled to Okeechobee together. “He texted me when we were going to that event, and we got on the same flight, and got a room. We will go to Del Rio together as well. As far as pro rodeo, I haven’t really looked into it yet. With the winter you don’t go to a lot, so it’s kind of on yourself.” When it comes to bull riding heroes, the first name that came out of his mouth was one many would mention. “J.B. Mauney would definitely be one,” he said. “His mindset for the sport is definitely second to none. Kody Lostroh is another one. He was a phenomenal rider. So absolutely those two, for sure.” Colten might watch a video or two of a bull, or chat with someone who had been on a particular bull, but he really doesn’t study them in depth.

Humps-Horns.com · 17 · March 2021

“I don’t look too much into that though, because then you think about it. They are athletes as well, so they can do something different. My main concern is just to get my job done,” he told us. “Whatever it takes. These are bucking bulls, so you have to adapt to them. They are not gonna do the same thing every time. I just want to do my job; it doesn’t matter what it looks like.”

As the old saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ There is certainly nothing broken about Colten’s riding success, and from all appearances we should get to watch him for a long time to come. Humps N Horns magazine wish this young man the best of luck this season, and in the seasons to come!

Top- Fritzlan rides Brahma Boots Chrome (Outlawbuckers Rodeo) for 87.50 points in round 10 of the 2020 NFR to secure his place as the NFR average winner. PRCA Prorodeo photo by Alaina Stangle. Bottom- Fritzlan wins round 3 of the 2020 NFR with an 89 point ride on Angel’s Landing (Bar T Rodeo). PRCA Prorodeo photo by Clay Guardipee.

Humps-Horns.com · 18 · March 2021

By Kelly B. Robbins

One might ask what baseball and bull riding have in common. Well, ordinarily not much. But if you take a young Beau Mills growing up in a professional baseball family, add in a childhood spent living in the small, agricultural California town of Visalia, and throw in a few rodeos here and there, you might begin to see what’s cooking with baseball and bull riding! Then you mix all that with a passion for baseball, which led to a professional baseball career. Next add a pinch of love for the sport of bull riding and sprinkle that with an addiction to competition and a respect for professional athletes, even bovine athletes. Finally, you toss all that together with a desire to share it with other folks, and you will discover that Beau Mills and his Red Laces Cattle Company are what’s cooking!

Beau had an exceptional baseball career at Golden West High School and Fresno State. He is the son of Brad Mills, a professional baseball player and a professional baseball coach and manager for the past 43 years. Beau was the first draft pick of the Cleveland Indians in 2007. He was with the Indian’s organization until he retired in 2013. In 2009, while still playing baseball, Beau started purchasing bucking bulls as an investment for the future. He had them boarded, trained and hauled to events by several bucking bull contractors. “Whenever I get into anything, I want to be the very best at it,” Beau explained. “When I started buying bucking bulls, I did a ton of research about the industry and the rodeo world. The more I learned, the more my love for bull riding and raising bucking bulls grew!” “Professional baseball players are addicted to competition,” Beau said. “We feed off of that competition. Many of us love the outdoors, cattle and the rodeo world as well. When I started wearing buckles I had won, it sparked the interest of some fellow baseball players. I had a grand idea in my head that bucking bulls are great athletes. I wanted to provide a way for my fellow athletes to be able to own these bucking bull athletes and be a part of the rodeo world too.” After retiring from baseball, Beau worked on his father-in-law’s dairy farm for a while. Then he bought a moving company and managed that for three years. During this time, he continued to buy and own bucking bulls that were kept at other bucking bull ranches. Finally, in 2017, he and wife Alisia bought an 80-acre horse ranch in Granbury, Texas. They moved the family there and converted the ranch into a bucking bull facility.

Beau and Alesia Mills and family.

“I’ve always wanted to be ‘hands on’,” Beau revealed. “Brandon Stewart of B&S Cattle Company, Stephenville, Texas has been my mentor. He really showed me the ropes and we have multiple phone conversations every day. All of my life experiences have just melded into what we have today at Red Laces Cattle Company.”

Humps-Horns.com · 20 · March 2021

“We have an outdoor arena and a covered arena,” Beau continued. “We host ABBI events and several of our own events each year. We also lease our facilities to other folks for their events. We’ve got about 75 bulls and 75 cows. About 50 of the cows are mama cows. Last year we had 42 calves, and 28 of those were bulls.” “I continually learn about the bulls and what they need to get them ready,” Beau revealed. “I’ve learned how to feed them, train them and flank them. Each bull is different. But these bulls are 1,600-to1,700-pound athletes. I believe that from the top performer to the least performer, they are all good. My job is to get the most out of every bull that I have.” The Red Laces Cattle Company website says, “Since the inception of the PBR, the rodeo circuit has only grown in popularity as a lucrative investment opportunity. Following years of owning and breeding bulls, Red Laces Cattle Company has a well-rounded and insightful outlook on how to properly breed and raise pedigreed yearlings to reach their full potential.”

Yellow Feather

“That first year, out of my first calf crop, I took a yearling bull named High Hustler to an open yearling event in Duncan, Oklahoma,” Brad said. “He scored 92.6 points and won the event! I’m really proud of that!” “Our bull Miller Time really put us on the map and moved us to a new level,” Beau revealed. “At the Cowtown Showdown on August 23, 2020 in Fort Worth, Miller Time broke the world record for two- year-old Futurity with a score of 95.2 points! We now co-own him with A&E Bucking Bulls.” Another special bucking bull born and raised by Red Laces Cattle Company is Yellow Feather. He is currently owned by Oilfield Outlaws. “We house, train and haul Yellow Feather for them,” Beau shared. “He is making his debut in the PBR Unleash the Beast series in the 15/15 Bucking Battle in Del Rio, Texas this coming weekend. That’s really something special! He will also be going to Pecos on February 20 & 21, and then to Longview on February 27 & 28.”

Beau and his dad, Brad.

“We’ve got a bull team for the PBR Velocity Tour,” Beau said. “Austin Patterson is my invaluable right-hand man. He takes the bull team to the Velocity Tour events. I take the young ones to their competitions and I’ll haul the bulls to the PBR Unleash the Beast events this year.”

Humps-Horns.com · 21 · March 2021

Red Laces Cattle Company invites regular folks who are bull riding fans to take the next step and become a bull owner. The website says, “Invest in the experience of professional competition. This is professional bull raising. Buy into the lifestyle, sit back and enjoy the performance and the results.” “We have partners from California to Florida, and everywhere in between,” Beau proudly claimed. “Baseball’s Taylor Hearn and Cody Allen both own bulls in our program. We also have a clothing line, and that has really helped to get our name out there as folks buy our merchandise and wear it where they live. Our partners love to come and watch their bulls buck in competitions!”

Miller Time

The Red Laces Cattle Company website sums it up quite well. “Breeding and raising a prizewinning bull is like any other great athlete, it begins with genetics. However, without the right accommodations, nutrition, and training, even the best born calf ’s future in competition is compromised. At Red Laces Cattle Company, we put in the time and discipline needed to keep our stock healthy and on top of the game. Winners are born, but success is a choice.” “I love this industry,” Beau declared. “I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. If anyone wants an opportunity to own a bucking bull, please contact us. We can be reached at: 559-901-8195, or our website at www. redlacescattleco.com or by email at redlacescattleco@gmail.com.” For all you fans of bull riding and all you bucking bull owner wannabes, if you’re hungry, be sure to check out what’s cooking at Red Laces Cattle Company!

Photos provided courtesy of Red Laces Cattle Co.

663 The Tribe

Humps-Horns.com · 22 · March 2021

Yellow Feather (Oilfield Outlaws Bucking Bulls / Red Laces Cattle Co) posts a bull score of 46.50 points against Lucas Fideles Souza in the Championship Round of the PBR Velocity Tour event in Cedar Park. Photo by Andre Silva.

Humps-Horns.com · 23 · March 2021

Dustin Boquet Claims San Antonio Xtreme Bulls Win

Winter Xtreme Bulls events have treated Dustin Bouquet well. For the second year in a row, Boquet won an X Bulls competition in Texas, the latest coming Sunday when he captured the title at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Xtreme Bulls. Boquet won the Division 1 Xtreme Bulls event in San Antonio with an 87-point ride on 4L & Diamond S Rodeo’s Ferdinand in the finals at the Freeman Coliseum. “This feels great,” said Boquet, 27. “I’ve always wanted to win this bull riding. I’ve never done well at the San Antonio Xtreme Bulls. I always fell off and then did well at the rodeo. This year when I woke up (Sunday morning), I told myself that I was going to stay on some today at the bull riding and it worked out. I just kept telling myself to stay on them and let my ability take over and do what I know how to do.” On Jan. 22, 2020, Boquet won his inaugural Division 1 Xtreme Bulls event with 175 points on two-head at the SWELS – Xtreme Bulls in Fort Worth, Texas, at Dickies Arena. “It feels great to get a win like this again in the winter, especially with a bunch of stuff getting canceled (because of the COVID-19 pandemic) and you really don’t know what this year is going to hold,” Boquet said. At San Antonio, Bouquet set his victory in motion with an 84.5-point ride on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Lonesome You in the long round, which qualified him for the eight-man finals. Bouquet was quite familiar with Lonesome You. He won Round 6 at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo on that bull with an 89.5-point trip at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, Dec. 8. “He (Lonesome You) kind of surprised me going left like he did away from my hand,” Boquet said. “I just picked him right up and finished him off. It felt really good.” In the finals, Boquet matched up with Ferdinand, the same bull Boudreaux Campbell was on when he won the X Bulls in San

Antonio last year with an 89-point ride at the AT&T Center. Trevor Kastner had an 89.5-point ride on Ferdinand to win the final round and the average at the Dodge City (Kan.) Roundup Division 1 Xtreme Bulls event July 28. He left town with $9,458. “I got on Ferdinand a few years ago in Fort Worth and he made pretty short work of me to be honest,” Boquet said. “I got a little measure of revenge. I was ready for him. When I saw my name against his, I tried to stay loose and cool and ride him jump for jump.” Boquet earned $6,300 for his ride in the finals. He left town with $6,550 by placing sixth in the long round. “When they clean slate the (finals) like this (in San Antonio) all you can do is stay on and let the good Lord put you where he wants you,” Boquet said. Boquet was second in the Feb. 8 PRCA | RAM World Standings with $11,511 and might edge past leader Josh Frost. Boquet has qualified for the NFR twice (2018 and 2020). Boquet joins Fletcher Jowers (Austin, Texas) as the two winners on the 2021 Division 1 X Bulls Tour. “I just have to keep taking advantage of every opportunity that the good Lord puts in front of me,” Boquet said. Courtesy of PRCA

Humps-Horns.com · 24 · March 2021


*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night (E)EST · (M)MST · (P)PST Information Subject to Change Without Notice Date


FEBRUARY Feb 26-27 Kingsville, TX Feb 27 Marshfield, MO Feb 27 Uvalde, TX Feb 27-28 Longview, TX MARCH Mar 5-6 Mar 5-6 Mar 5-6 Mar 6 Mar 6-7 Mar 6-7 Mar 12-13 Mar 13 Mar 13 Mar 13 Mar 13-14 Mar 20 Mar 20-21 Mar 20-21 Mar 20-21 Mar 20-21 Mar 26-27 Mar 26-27 Mar 27 Mar 27 Mar 27 Mar 27 Mar 27

Odessa, TX Abilene, TX Poplar Bluff, MO Hempstead, TX Arlington, TX Green Ridge, MO Vernal, UT Dayton, OH Buchanan, TN Lake City, FL Glendale, AZ LaGrange, TX Ladson, SC Kansas City, KS Greenville, TX Pensacola, FL Congaree, SC Wheeling, WV Enid, OK Ambrose, GA Lake City, FL Marshfield, MO Wills Point, TX

APRIL Apr 2-3 Apr 9-11 Apr 10 Apr 10

Ivins, UT Sioux Falls, SD Lake City, FL Buchanan, TN

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NPBR Buck Wild Series Ultimate Team Challenge BR Series PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

West Texas Bull Invasion PBR Touring Pro Division PRCA Xtreme Bulls and Bands Ribbons & Bows Bull Riding RFD-TV The American Rodeo Amped Up Productions BR School PRCA Xtreme Bulls PBR Velocity Tour Milam’s Indoor Arena Series Buckin Crazy Saddle Series PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Buck’n for Connor IPRA Bulls ‘N Broncs PBR Unleash the Beast Tour Women Professional Bull Riders PBR Velocity Tour IPRA Bulls ‘N Broncs PBR Velocity Tour PRCA Xtreme Bulls Extreme Bull Challenge Bullride Buckin Crazy Saddle Series Buck Wild Series Ultimate Team Challenge BR Series


$300 $2,000


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YOUTH BULL RIDING EVENTS MARCH Mar 6 Mar 6 Mar 6 Mar 6 Mar 6-7 Mar 13 Mar 13

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Texas Outlaws Youth Bull Riding South

Built God Tough Roughstock Series Ribbons & Bows Calf Riding 12&Under IMBRA/ Tumble I Mini Bull Riders Bohon/LaBeth Bull Riding School Built God Tough Roughstock Series TYBR

Mar 17-18 Thomas, OK


Cody Custer Bull Riding School

Mar 19

Thomas, OK


3rd Annual Spring Bull Bash

Mar 20 Mar 27 Mar 28

Saginaw, TX Ambrose, GA Whitney, TX


TYBR Extreme Bull Challenge Bullride Central Texas Jr Bull Riders

APRIL Apr 3 Apr 10 Apr 17 Apr 18 Apr 23-25 Apr 24 Apr 25

Cuero, TX Broken Arrow, OK TBD Talala, OK Lenapah, OK TBD Whitney, TX

Postmarked by 3/8/21 3/22 7pm 3/21 6-9pm

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903-754-1034 254-715-7402

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Texas Outlaws Youth Bull Riding South

IMBRA/ Tumble I Mini Bull Riders Built God Tough Roughstock Series IMBRA/ Tumble I Mini Bull Riders Zane Cook Bull Riding School Built God Tough Roughstock Series Central Texas Jr Bull Riders


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BUCKING BULL EVENTS FEBRUARY Feb 27 Uvalde, TX Feb 27 Longview, TX MARCH Mar 5-6 Mar 6 Mar 13 Mar 13 Mar 20 Mar 20 Mar 20 Mar 27 Mar 27 Mar 27 APRIL Apr 3 Apr 3 Apr 9 Apr 10 Apr 17 (Tentative)

Apr 17 Apr 17 Apr 24

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Practice Pens


JACKSONVILLE, NC - Aleck Barnard, Elite Cowboy Rodeo Assoc., Onslow Rodeo Arena, 6pm Every Other Sunday, Call First, 910-381-8597

NEW MARKET, AL - EC Hunt, 5:30pm Sun., 256-683-8169 BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, Anytime, Call First, 870-307-9923 CONWAY, AR - Mark Lindsey, Ride & Shine Cattle Company, Anytime, Call First, 501-730-4557 ELFRIDA, AZ - D Davis Bucking Bulls, 4pm Sat., Call First, 520-642-3737 LINCOLN, CA - B Bar Ranch, B Bar Indoor Arena, Rain or Shine, All Rough Stock, 916-206-4059 MARYSVILLE, CA - PacWest, 5pm Wed., Steers & Bulls, Call First, 530-751-6643 FRESNO, CA - Toro Bravo Arena, Thur. by appt., Call First, 559-577-2445 ELIZABETH, CO - Tuff Garcia, Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Mon., Rain or Shine, 970-846-0788 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO - Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Wed., Apr-Nov., 970-846-6828/3354 ALDEN, IA - Circle C Rodeo, 6pm Wed., Rain or Shine, Call for alternate dates 641-373-3625

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WOODBINE, IA - Tom & Kristina Kelley, every Sun. (weather permitting). Beginner - rank bulls. Call 712-5922493

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KENDALLVILLE, IN - B Bar A Bucking Bulls, Heidi Speicher, 7pm Every Thur, Call First, 260-564-5864/Troy

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JACKSONVILLE, IL - Lazy C Rodeo, 10am-3pm Sun., Rain or shine, Call First, 217-245-8280

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CHANDLER, OK - JAM Bulls, 2pm Sun., 7pm Wed., Call First, 405-570-9010 SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hour notice, Rain or Shine, 307-461-1741 EAGLEVILLE, TN - BF Cattle Company, 2pm Sun., Jackpot, Call First, 615-336-4313 EMORY, TX - Oakes & Greene’s, 7pm Wed., 903-348-8630 LORENA, TX - Rocking S Ranch, Tue., Jackpot, Call First, 254-716-0779 MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, 4pm Sun/6pm Wed., $5 at the gate to ride as many as you want, 817-223-3692 SIMMS, TX - Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 7pm Every Other Thur., 903-543-3025 PETROLIA, TX - Norris Dalton, 7pm Wed., 940-733-3020 DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, Call First, 940-393-3730 NOCONA, TX - 4x Arena, Call First, 501-944-1907 NOCONA, TX - Locke Bucking Bulls, Call First, 940-872-0733

Livestock Layovers BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, White River Rodeo, 870-307-9923 RAYMOND, IL - Randy Littrell, Shop Creek Cattle, 217-556-0551

CLASSIFIEDS Livestock Layovers MARYSVILLE, KS - Gary Hershey, 4H Bucking Bulls and Marysville Sale Barn, Call First, 785-292-4952 LAKE CHARLES, LA - Keith Strickland, Deep South Rodeo Genetics, 337-304-1493 SALEM, MO - Hwy 32 & 72, Salem Livestock Auction, 573-729-8880 HELENA, MT - Jim Horne, Bull Horne Ranch, 406-459-5706 FERNLEY, NV - Nathan Pudsey, Circle P Bucking Bulls, 775-750-2168 CLAYTON, NM - Justin Keeth, Lazy J 3 Bucking Bulls, 575-447-0877 BETHESDA, OH - 15 Miles off I-70, TCB Ranch, 304-281-4530 SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hours notice, 307-461-1741 BOX ELDER, SD - Gus “Duane” Aus, Lazy Heart O Ranch, 605-923-3426 BUCHANAN, TN - Parsons & Milam 731-642-8346

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WINNERS RODEO SUPPLY - Gary Leffews Dare to Be Great DVD $45.00 or I am Hot DVD $35.00-free shipping. Also some remaining Hotman and Lostroh bullropes plus all other bullriding gear. Gold Buckle Rodeo Supply rodeo@wk.net 320-328-4000 Dealers wanted !!

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CLARKSVILLE, TX - Brian Agnew, BA Livestock, 903-669-9189

14 World Champions and counting! Learn the guru’s winning techniques: Bull riding drills and mental tricks for a smokin’ hot career!

DUBLIN, TX - Mike Godfrey, Godfrey 4X Cattle, 817-235-2852


MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, JC Knapp Rodeo, 817-223-3692 MIDLAND, TX - Ted Norton, Norton Bucking Bulls, 432-413-8433 DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, 940-393-3730 SIMMS, TX - Near I-30 Texarkana, Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 863-381-2799 CHEYENNE, WY - Floyd & Ann Thomas, TTnT Ranch, 307-778-8806

FMI and to register for school, visit 2021 Schedule Cave Creek, AZ - Mar 12-14 Locust Grove,OK- Mar 19-21 (918) 798-8357 Monahans, TX - Apr 2-4 ​Grantsville, PA - Apr 16-18 (610) 780-4201 Elberton, GA - Apr 23-25 Greenville, TX - May 19-23 Jasper, AL - May 28-30 Saltillo, Mexico -Jun 22-26 (844) 255-3838​ Elgin, IL- Oct 8-10 Greenville, TX - Nov 24-28

Humps-Horns.com · 29 · March 2021

RENOWNED HIGH QUALITY BULL ROPE DickCarrBullRopes.com, PO Box 18, Elk City, OK. 73648, 1-580-225-3208, Be Blessed. Custom Bull Ropes www.jwebullropes.com John Eddleman 575-388-3346 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BULLROPES Raymond Branch, Custom Braider Maker of World, NFR, & PBR Champion Bullropes Strictly custom-braided to your specifications. (928) 289-9611 www.mypqb.com

Western Wanderings be cowboy It’s not so much the hat you wear Or chaps and boots and spurs Or if you ever sat a horse But what’s inside that stirs Some doubt that we’re authentic While others like to say That cowboys are a dying breed But no, we’re here to stay Authentic cowboys have a code That beats deep in the heart Toughness, courage and honor Are where they get a start Then hard work, trust and loyalty Round out the Cowboy Way It beats in hearts from sea to sea We’re alive and well I’d say! The PBR has said it best So remember, and enjoy Be badder, be braver, be bolder… Be Cowboy!

By Kelly B. Robbins

Silvano Alves rides Bread Basket for 86 points during Round 1 of the PBR Unleash the Beast tour in Del Rio, TX. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStock Media

Jess Lockwood Rides Skull Crusher for 87 points in Del Rio, TX on his first bull after returning from a broken jaw. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStock Media

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