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On The Cover - Stetson Wright rides Bar T Rodeo’s Angels Landings for 90 points in Round 8 of the Wrangler NFR on his way to the All-Around and Bull Riding World Titles. PRCA ProRodeo photo by Phil Doyle. · 4 · January 2023 · 5 · January 2023 Features 9 Stetson Wright Caps Epic 2022 Season 12 Stetson Wright All-Around & Bull Riding World Champion 16 Brady Oleson The Lows and Highs 20 Martinez Bucking Bulls A Family Tradition Also In This Issue Bull Pen 20 Classifieds 28 Country Kitchen 15 Inspiration Point 14 Livestock Layovers 28 Outside the Arena 9 Practice Pens 28 Talking Bull w/ Brayden 7 Through My Eyes 8 Where’s the Beef 25 HUMPS N HORNS® BULL RIDING MAGAZINE PO Box 34172 Fort Worth, TX 76162 325-500-BULL (2855) ADMINISTRATIVE Stacie Blake Publisher/Owner Terry Blake Editor in Chief/Owner ADVERTISING CIRCULATION FEATURE STORY WRITER Barbara Pinnella PHOTOGRAPHY Andy Gregory Director of Photography CONTRIBUTORS Georgia Akers Andy Gregory Justin Felisko Phillip Kitts Barbara Pinnella Kelly B. Robbins Keno Shrum Andy Watson Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine reserves the right to alter, edit or reject all advertisement or editorial for it’s content, clarity, and/or length. Viewpoints expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine. No material may be reprinted or reproduced without first obtaining permission from the publisher and/or editor in chief. All advertisement, editorials, letters, and press releases are accepted with the understanding that the representative, advertiser, and/or advertising agency are authorized to publish the entire contents of submitted material. Not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertisement. Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine will not assume responsibility for any late publication due to the printer, the USPS, or an act of God. Under no circumstances will Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine be held liable for acts of privacy, plagiarism, copyright, or trademark infringements. Material submitted for publication becomes the property of Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine and will not be returned unless prior arrangements are made. USPS #022-617 Periodicals Postage Paid at Fort Worth, TX and additional offices. Postmaster: Send address changes to Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine, PO Box 34172, Fort Worth, TX 76162. ISSN1554-0162. Publication Number 022-617. ©All rights reserved. Humps N’ Horns® Bull Riding Magazine 2015

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that we have already closed 2022 and are starting another one. They say time flies when you’re having fun so we must be having a really good time.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association crowned their 2022 World Champions at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo last month. Stetson Wright continues to re-write the record books for money won in a single season and added to his stash of gold buckles as he won the coveted All-Around Cowboy and Bull Riding championships.

I have to admit that I really enjoy seeing a roughstock rider able to accomplish the milestones that he has been able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time. It is certainly a throwback to the era of the late 80’s and early 90’s when

the All-Around race was dominated by guys such as Dave Appleton, Lewis Feild, and Ty Murray.

The PBR will continue its 2023 race for the world championship as it begins its run of events though some of the biggest events of the year in cities such as New York, Chicago, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. Thankfully, there is never a shortage of bull riding and rodeo action for fans to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Humps N Horns Bull Riding Magazine and we wish you and your family nothing but the best for 2023.

Until next time, Terry · 6 · January 2023
Letter from the Editor

Talking “Bull” with Brayden

Hi my name is Brayden Hollywood Brown and I’m a junior bull rider. Today I’m going to be recapping the top three bull rides from each round of the National Finals Rodeo, NFR. So let’s get into it.

In round number one Josh Frost rode Chandler’s Dream for 88 points. This big slow bull came out and took two long jumps before turning back to the right away from Josh’s hand. Josh’s foot got picked up half way through the ride, but he shoved it right back down to finish out the ride and get a solid score. Jeff Askey rode Stir Crazy for 90 points. Stir Crazy is the dream bull for right handed riders. He is one jump out around to the right, no tricks, just a big strong bull that always gets you a lot of points. Jeff picked up Stir Crazy right from the get go and at the end gave him the money chops. Tristen Hutchings rode Party Animal for 90.50 points. This was not an easy ride for Tristen at all. Party Animal came out one and was around to the right away from Tristens hand. He did not have a ton of kick but he was really fast. Every corner Tristen had to fight to get around but the battle was worth it for the round one win at the NFR.

In round number two Ky Hamilton rode Super Tramp for 77.50 points. Ky got out of position a few times at the end. It wasn’t a

pretty ride or the best score but still good enough for second in the round. The round two winner was Stetson Wright who rode Pookie Holler for 88 points. This is not an easy bull to ride away from your hand, but Steston made it look pretty easy until right at the end when his hand popped out. Luckily he was still holding his tail at the eight second mark. This was not the highest score for a round win but good enough.

Kicking things off in round number three was Creek Young riding Melanie’s Dream for 86.50 points. This was a big muley bull and Creek made a jam up bull ride away from his hand that I think could have been way more points. Melanie’s Dream took one jump out and cranked it around to the left away from Creeks hand. Creek opened up and started spurring with his outside foot towards the end. JR Stratford and Garrett Smith split the round three win. JR rode Curly Bill and Garrett rode Evil Intentions both for 90 points. Curly Bill came out one jump to the left into JR’s hand. JR did a great job coming to the front every jump and keeping his feet down. At the end of the ride Curly Bill jumped out of the spin which gave JR an excellent opportunity at a good get off. Evil Inventions made Garrett fight the whole ride. It wasn’t the cleanest of rides but it was one heck of a ride.

Trey Kimzey rode Spy Glass for 87.50 points. Spy Glass came out, faked left, then went back around to the right into Trey Kimzey’s hand. Trey did a great job of throwing his hand up over his head. This bull threw everything but the kitchen sink at Trey. Trey handled it like a champ. Trevor Kastner rode Gold Rush for 89 points. Gold Rush exploded out of the chute to the right with a lot of speed and kick. This could have been a ninety plus point ride but as the ride went on Gold Rush didn’t kick as much and lost some speed. No one was better in round number four than Stetson Wright

who rode Belly Dump for 92 points. Belly Dump had an outstanding trip coming out two jumps and then coming around to the right away from Stetson’s hand. This bull was jumping in the air and kicking as hard as he could. Stetson was diving off into every round that this little bull made and his outside leg kept him from falling into the well. This was one of my favorite rides of the event and a well deserved round win for Stetson.

Trey Kimzey rode Crash Cart for 87.50 points. Crash Cart fired out of the chute which caused Trey to get a little behind as Crash Cart turned back to the right into Trey’s hand. Going into Trey’s hand was ultimately the wrong move for Crash Cart. Trey instantly caught back up and made a good bull ride. Josh Frost rode OLS Tubs Sunny for 88 points. This big behemoth of a bull took one long jump out of the chute before turning back to · 7 · January 2023
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Tristen Hutchings won Round 5 of the Wrangler NFR with a 90.5 point ride on Frontier Rodeo’s County Jail. PRCA ProRodeo photo by Click Thompson.

The Most Important Message

The most important message the Father wants our world to hear, in my opinion.

“The Good News of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ finished any and all work on our behalf that needed to be done in reconciliation for sin (Missing the Mark of Perfection) to the Father. In Christ we stand in perfect relationship with the Father. This is a gift to you. The effect of a gift only comes when you receive the gift”.

“This includes you who were once far away from God. You were his enemies, separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions. Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault. But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the Good News. The Good News has been preached all over the world, and I, Paul, have been appointed as God’s servant to proclaim it”.

(Colossians 1:21-23 NLT)

The truth and assurance is that in Him we are no longer separated because of our thoughts and actions but we are reconciled to Him, holy, blameless and without a single fault, because of Him.

Now That’s Great News.

Jesus Loves You! Cody Custer · 8 · January 2023


LAS VEGAS – Stetson Wright capped his Wrangler NFR season for the ages Saturday night.

Wright set the single-season PRCA earnings record ($927,940), all-around single-season record ($758,829), bull riding singleseason record at $592,144 and bull riding earnings at the NFR at $271,545, counting ground money before 17,788 spectators at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge.

“This year has been the best and the hardest year I have had in the PRCA,” said Wright, 23. “It started off really hot, moving to No. 1 in the world in broncs and bulls. And it kind of didn’t slow down from that point on. But I had a few injuries where I had to have surgery, sit out and miss some rodeos. When you are missing stuff like that, you don’t feel like you are doing your best. I had to learn a lot of patience. I had to trust everything my mom and dad said when I needed to sit out. I learned that if you wait and get healthy, you will do a lot better.”

The Milford Utah, cowboy now has seven career world championships – four in all-around (2019-22); two in bulls (2020 and 2022) and saddle bronc riding (2021).

Wright also placed in 15 out of the combined 20 rounds he competed in saddle bronc riding (seven) and bull riding (eight) at the Thomas & Mack Center. Wright finished fourth in the saddle bronc riding PRCA | RAM World Standings with $335,797.

“I didn’t think it was,” said Wright when asked about winning more than $900,000 in one season. “I feel like I have shocked myself a lot this year. It came with patience and trusting that everything would be all right. That was what this year was about.”

Wright was quick to point out he has no plans of taking his foot off the gas pedal.

“I love breaking my own records because that means I did better than I did the year before,” Wright said. “That’s my goal to be better. I feel like what I have done this year, I feel like I can do even better if I stay healthy and don’t miss anything. I really feel like I can do better and break more records.”

Article provided courtesy of PRCA Media Department. · 9 · January 2023 · 10 · January 2023 · 11 · January 2023

Unstoppable Stetson Wright wins fourth straight All-Around Title

Stetson Wright entered his fourth Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge with high expectations after shattering the PRCA record for the most money won during the ProRodeo regular season.

The Milford, Utah cowboy carried that momentum over into Las Vegas and then some.

Over the course of 10 days, Wright placed on 15 out of his 20 rides in saddle bronc and bull riding. He won four rounds between the two events and added $380,489 to his name in the all-around.

After just six rounds of competition in Las Vegas, Wright clinched his fourth PRCA All-Around World Championship.

That makes him the first cowboy to collect four all-around titles in a row since ProRodeo Hall of Famer Trevor Brazile accomplished the feat from 2012-2015. Brazile, known as the King of Cowboys, won a PRCA-record 26 world championships, including 14 all-around gold buckles.

Wright said his success in 2022 didn’t come without challenges.

“This year has been the best and the hardest year that I’ve had in the PRCA, saidWright, 23.

“It started off really hot when I moved into the No. 1 spot in the world in bulls and broncs. It didn’t really slow down from that point on. But then I had a few injuries, where I had to have surgery and sit out for a while.

“When you’re missing rodeos, you feel like you aren’t doing your best sitting at home. I had to learn a lot of patience. I had to trust everything my mom and dad were saying when I needed to sit out. I think it paid off because this was my best year yet.

Wright missed a majority of the coveted Cowboy Christmas run this past season recovering from wrist surgery. Even though he had to miss time due to injuries during the ProRodeo regular season it didn’t stop Wright from making history once again in the all-around.

For the second straight season he broke the PRCA AllAround single season earnings mark, finishing the season with $758,829. In 2021, he wrapped up the all-around title with $585,850. He said there’s no greater feeling than breaking records you already own and he’s looking forward to the challenge of doing it again next season.

“I love breaking my own records because that means I did better than I did the year before,” he said. I’m always trying to be better than I was and know I have things that I can really improve on.

“I feel like with what I’ve done this year I can do even better with a healthy year, where I don’t miss anything due to injuries. I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store.” · 12 · January 2023
Article provided courtesy of PRCA Media Department. · 13 · January 2023
Bullfighters step in to save the day during Round 9 of the Wrangler NFR. PRCA ProRodeo photo by Clay Guardipee. Trey Holston won Round 9 of the Wrangler NFR with an 89.5 point ride on Salt River Rodeo’s Belly Dump. PRCA ProRodeo photo by Clay Guardipee.

Inspiration Point

A Strange Way to Save the World

“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

I don’t blame people for missing what happened in the small town of Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. Who would have thought that the Lord of heaven and earth would come into the world as a child born in a stable?

We just closed the book on 2022. Today you might find yourself remembering some of the triumphs and trials of the past year. Even if you have had some wonderful successes in the past twelve months, you can probably remember some low points as well.

As you enter a new year, I hope you can remember that God’s plans have always been to prosper his people. He can transform ordinary events and difficult trials into key moments that help his plans to prosper. He is not out to harm us, but the dark moments we experience can be part of the most important lessons to help us grow nearer to him.

God has a way of saving his world that we may find hard to understand. He introduced his Son into the world and brought about our salvation in a way that could easily be overlooked— and yet he has changed the world, and his kingdom keeps growing. That same God comes into our lives and draws us into his plans for a hope-filled future!

Lord, my life is in your hands. I praise you for the joys you have brought in the past year, and for the ways you refine me through the trials in my life. Prepare me to be part of your work in the year ahead. In Jesus, Amen. · 14 · January 2023

Spicy Sausage and Cornbread


• 1 lb Hormel spicy sausage links

• 2 pkg cornbread mix

• 1 can cream style corn

• 1 c grated cheddar cheese

• 1/2 c jalapeno, sliced

Send us your favorite recipe to


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Prepare cornbread mixes according to directions, then add cream style corn and cheddar cheese to the mixture.

3. Brown sausage links and drain on paper towels.

4. Grease large cast iron skillet and pour cornbread into skillet.

5. Arrange browned sausage links into the shape of spokes in the cornbread.

6. Bake 20-25 mins or until done.

7. Serve with your favorite beans or tamales. So good on a cold winter evening. · 15 · January 2023
Submitted by Susan M.- Three Rivers, TX

The Lows and Highs of Brady Oleson · 16 · January 2023
Brady Oleson rides Shuler Bucking Bulls Pickle Moonshine for 90.75 during the championship round of the Tucson Unleash The Beast PBR. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media.

Brady started out riding calves and steers, and seemed to be on the road to the rodeo world. When he was about 12 years of age, he saw the PBR Built Ford Tough Series in Nampa, and that was when he decided he wanted to ride with that organization and make his living in rodeo. He had already been exposed to the Western lifestyle a bit earlier on.

“My stepdad rode bulls, and my mom had horses. She ran barrels, that sort of thing, so it’s kind of in the family.”

But when he was still a teenager, a fork in the road set him down a different path. He is very open to speaking about it, because he feels that his alcohol addiction and subsequent recovery is an important part of his story.

“I was about 17 years old the first time I drank. I was a little late, compared to most,” he laughed. “I really stayed away from that for the longest time, and it was when I was in college where I really took a turn. Partying for sure, but I think just getting away from home. I had a little freedom, I guess you could say.”

But over the years things just got worse from there. Drinking was no longer about the parties. Then in 2018, just when he was on the brink of really making it in the PBR, he had to undergo two different surgeries, one on the wrist of his riding hand, the other on his left shoulder. Those two surgeries kept him out of the bull riding action for quite some time. That led to depression and more alcohol to try to bury the depression. His life became a downward spiral.

‘There were a lot of times that people tried to help me before I was ready. I think that’s what is important about that deal. The person who is in it has to be ready to just be done.

Ultimately, Brady put himself into a program.

“I didn’t have many other options at that point, it was looking pretty dark. That seemed like the best choice, I couldn’t take living that way anymore. My family was thrilled with that decision, but they are still pretty cautious and worried. It’s one day at a time, and you never know for sure. But it’s been a good change for everyone, no doubt about it.”

I made the comment to just look where he was now, and he remarked, “Yeah, pretty crazy, right? But that changed my whole life. Bull riding is starting to turn around for me, but I changed as a person. My attitude towards everything is different.

“And there are so many people that are affected by it, not just the ones that are drinking, but the others that are in their lives too. I didn’t see it then, but now that things have cleared up, I can see the effect on others.”

It is not too hard for Brady when some of the other men want to go out and have a good time. He surrounds himself with

people that support him, in a sense. The people I hang around with, we have a lot in common, as far as our goals and where we want to go, so there’s not too much worry of that.”

For the moment, Brady is happy with where he is, but pointed out that they always want to take the next step. Still, he is pleased with the direction his bull riding career is headed.

Another thing that he is happy about is the team competition. He is aware that while most of the bull riders are excited about it, many of the fans still are not enthralled. Still, being on the Texas Rattlers team and coached by Cody Lambert was a big thrill for him.

“For me it’s been a great experience,” he said. “I did question it at first whether it was a good thing or not, but for the first year I definitely like it. I think it’s beneficial to me as a bull rider. Look at the coaches, they are legends. They are guys who have kind of been in our shoes at one time. They have a lot of knowledge.

“When you get put on their team you get all that knowledge and experience. That has been huge for me, and Cody has · 17 · January 2023

been such a big help. I don’t know where it’s headed in the future. I do like the team series, and I also like the individual, because that gives you the chance to win a gold buckle.”

Right now, Brady does not have many hobbies. He told us his focus has changed since the teams, but now he is going into the individual.

“I come home for the week, and basically prepare for the next. But when I do get a chance I like to golf or go fishing,”

He generally travels alone to events, but sometimes he will room with Bob Mitchell. He is content to be by himself,

and quipped, “It’s not the worst thing.”

It takes a lot of guts to get on a 2000-pound bull and attempt that eight second ride. But it takes even more determination and bravery to accomplish what Brady has been able to do; overcome his demons. We at Humps N Horns magazine wish him all the best this year and the years to come. · 18 · January 2023
Brady Oleson rides Braun Bucking Bulls' Hard Candy during the first round of the Tucson Unleash The Beast PBR. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media. Photo provided courtesy of BullStock Media.

Throughout history, Texas and the development of the American cowboy lifestyle have been greatly influenced by Mexico. Texas was part of Mexico until 1836. The original cowboys were the Mexican vaqueros. The vaqueros were rounding up stray longhorns for food and for profit long before the Texas trail drives of the 1860’s and 1870’s. The vaqueros were also the original rodeo cowboys,

who competed to determine the best of the best. That influence continues even today.

Edward Martinez grew up on father, Tino’s, bucking bull ranch in Mexico. Tino loved bulls since he was a youngster. In the early 2000’s, traveling and hauling bulls to events in Texas and back was becoming dangerous. In 2005, Tino decided to sell his holdings in Mexico, and move to Texas and start over there. He purchased a ranch in Texas, and Martinez Bucking Bulls was born. They bought two bulls from Terry Carter and were on their way.

“We had a lot of help to get started,” Edward observed. “David Weidner and Chuck Griffin really helped us get started and opened doors for us in the PBR. In 2007, Cody Lambert let us haul six bulls to an event in New Orleans. That was our start, and we’ve never looked back!”

“Our bulls all buck in the PBR,” Edward continued. “They buck on all levels there, including the new Challenger Series that runs with the new Team series. We don’t buck any bulls in the PRCA. I sold three of our bulls earlier this year, and they all ended up at the PRCA 2022 NFR. Right now, we have 80 rodeo cows we breed yearly. We raise about 30 to 35 bulls each year, but we buy a lot of bulls as well. We have bought a lot of bulls in the past, and we’ve had good luck with them.”

“We are located in Sunnyvale, Texas,” Edward shared. “We have 480 acres and an arena on our property. The arena is used to train the young calves. The bulls are all treated like the amazing bovine athletes they are. Each morning, the bulls eat before we do. They each get 10 to 12 lbs. of grain. In the evening, they each get 12 to 15 lbs. of hay.” · 20 · January 2023
By Kelly B. Robbins
Tino and Edward Martinez

“We really don’t do much with the older bulls except see to their regular vet check-ups,” Edward divulged. “But we work the younger bulls during the day. We run them through the chutes and let them learn how to find the out gate so they will be calm at an event. Our goal is that the younger bulls will know what they are doing when they get to an event.”

I asked Edward if he had a favorite bull. “My all-time favorite bull is 31 Far West. He was a scrappy little bull with a big heart. I happened to see him buck at three different events in one weekend. He truly bucked as hard at the third event as he did the first one. I talked to the owner, and we cut a deal. When he was delivered, my dad thought I had lost my mind. He was so short, you couldn’t see his head in the trailer! But that little bull had 70 PBR outs and went to the PBR World Finals three times. He just never had a bad out. He was usually in the championship round and was picked first a lot. I wish I had a trailer full like him!”

“We raise and train all levels of bulls,” Edward said. “There is a big, big demand for bucking bulls in Mexico now. We have been exporting bulls to Mexico for seven or eight years. Some of the

bulls we raise are not up to the PBR level here. By exporting them to Mexico, and selling them there, it gives these bulls new life in Mexico. We sell them to some really good ranches in Mexico. We typically haul bulls down to an event, let them buck there, and then sell them to the ranches there. We actually purchased a small ranch in Mexico a couple of years ago, to handle our exporting of bulls to Mexico. The demand is high and the market is wide open.”

‘We have always strived to breed better bulls,” Edward revealed. “Bulls that have a chance to win at the ABBI level. We’ve always had pretty good Classic bulls. Our bull Top Notch was the Reserve Champion Classic Bull in 2009. We want to raise bulls that last in the ABBI and then go on to become great bucking bulls in the PBR. We have been blessed to have bulls at the PBR World Finals every year since 2007. Our bull Night Hawk was the 2022 PBR Bull of the Finals. We really love the way everything runs in the PBR.”

“We are not a big outfit,” Edward concluded, “but we have quality bulls. The bulls we haul are trained, chute broken, and ready to · 21 · January 2023
Cabo Wabo vs Keyshawn Whitehorse. Photo courtesy of BullStock Media.

buck. We’ve worked hard and take nothing for granted. We really appreciate what the ABBI and the PBR have done to improve and advance the bucking bull industry.

The ABBI has paid out a lot of money to the stock contractors.

That makes the contractor’s bulls worth something. And the PBR is at the highest level. The PBR offers the best bucking bulls and the best riders in the world. Every stock contractor wants to compete at that high level. Every contractor wants to raise a world champion bucking bull. Our ultimate goal is to raise a world champion bucking bull here at Martinez Bucking Bulls.” · 22 · January 2023
Capone vs Cooper Davis. Photo courtesy of BullStock Media. Edward and Tino Martinez Con-Air vs Mason Taylor. Photo courtesy of BullStock Media.

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the right away from Josh’s hand. OLS Tubs Sunny had a lot of up and down. Josh almost came down a little early at the end but held in there to take second in the round. Tristen Hutchings rode County Jail for 90.50 points and the round five win. Tristen’s feet kept getting picked up but he refused to buck off. Tristen just kept shuffling and shoving his feet back down. County Jail had his uasal outstanding trip in the gate around to the right. This ride showed a lot of grit from Tristan to get past this big black veteran bull that not many people can get by.

Trevor Kastner rode Megalomaniac for 85.5 points. Megalomaniac had a decent trip around to the right into Trevor’s hand. This bull had a lot of drift and hang time in the air, which generally makes the bull easier to ride. I still think this could have been a few more points, but I’m no judge. Stetson Wright rode Bit A Bad News for 86.50 points. This was looking like a pretty good bull ride around to the right away from Stetons hand until around the seven second mark. At about the 7.22 second it looked like Stetson slapped. The judges didn’t review it and Stetson got a score. Tristen Hutchings rode Caddyshack for 88 points. This fast little white and black speckled bull came out and went around to the left into Tristen’s hand which was a mistake by Caddyshack. It then became a game of how high could he rake his leg up to spur this bull. He got a few good money chops in getting him some extra points towards his third round win of the NFR.

Josh then let go and hoped he didn’t get run over. Stetson Wright rode Black Magic for 75.50 points. This was about to be a big score but Black Magic jumped out of the spin at six seconds. Stetson got rocked out of his hand and was on the side for the last two seconds just trying to get to the whistle. Black Magic was previously unridden. Trevor Kastner took the round win on Midnight Rider for 90.50 points. Midnight Rider hop skipped around to the right into Trevor’s hand. This bull had a ton of air time. It was one of those rides that just gives you chills because you know it is about to be a big score.

Trey Kimzey rode Let’s Gamble for 86 points. This bull took a big jump out, looked left then went back right into Trey’s hand.

Trey threw a hail mary after hail mary over his head. I think this deserved to be more points than it was, but still a real solid ride for Trey. Stetson Wright and Ky Hamilton split the round with matching 90 points bull rides. Ky rode Bubba G and Stetson rode Angels Landing. Bubba G came out around to the left and had a nice trip with a few belly rolls. Ky sat up and got around each corner being careful not to get dropped down in the well. Angels Landing had bucked Steson off earlier in the year and this rematch didn’t disappoint. Angels Landing stretched out and came around the left into Stetson’s hand. Angels Landing just kept trying to move out from under Stetson causing him to get sucked back off his rope, so Stetson had to open up with his outside leg just to stay on. If Ky’s ride was 90 then Stetson’s easily could have been 92. Not to discredit Ky but Stetson had way more bull under him.

Ky Hamilton rode OLS Tubs Ugly Wish for 88 points. This big brahmer bull fired out of the chute then stretched out before turning back to the left, away from Ky’s hand. Ky got a little behind a few times but in the end made it all worked out for a great score. Tristen Hutchings rode GR Trailers Lil Loco for 88.50 points This bull faked to the right so hard even the camera man thought he was going right. That was until Lil Loco came back to the left into Tristen’s hand. From there it was just the Tristen Hutching’s show. Trey Holsten rode Belly Dump for 89.50 points. We saw Stetson Wright be 92 on this bull to win round number four. It was Trey’s turn on Belly Dump and Belly Dump had a little bit of a different trip with Trey. He was in the gate to the right away from Trey’s hand. Trey did a great job of shuffling his hips and keeping his free arm under control. Belly Dump didn’t have as good of a trip with Trey but he still brought him to the round win.

In round ten the only qualified ride was Tristen Hutchings winning his 4th round of the NFR. Tristen did the dance with Twilight Zone for 89.50 points. This bull took a long jump out of the chute and acted like he was going to go right before he decided to go left into Tristen’s hand. Tristen showed a ton of aggression all NFR but especially in the round. In his first NFR Tristen left the Tomas and Mack with four go round wins and over two hundred and fifty two thousand dollars.

At the end of it all the top three in the standings 3rd in the world

Tristen Hutchings, 2nd in the world Josh Frost, and your 2022 PRCA world champion Stetson Wright.

Thank you for reading. To find out more about me all of my socials are braydenhollywoodbrown. · 23 · January 2023
Trevor Kastner won Round 7 of the Wrangler NFR with a 90.5 point ride on Midnight Rider (Pete Carr Pro Rodeo). PRCA ProRodeo photo by Clay Guardipee. Cody Webster gets up close and personal at the Wrangler NFR. PRCA ProRodeo photo by Click Thompson.



Jan 6-7 Lexington, KY

PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 6-8 New York, NY PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Jan 7 Portland, OR PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 9-11 Denver, CO PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 12-14 Harrisburg, PA PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals

Jan 12-14 Great Falls, MT Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals

Jan 13-14 Des Moines, IA PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs)

Jan 13-14 Chicago, IL PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Jan 13-14 Charleston, WV PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 14 Spokane, WA PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 17-18 Fort Worth, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Jan 19 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division

Jan 20-21 Greenville, SC PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 20-21 Reno, NV PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 21 Raleigh, NC PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs)

Jan 21-22 Duluth, GA PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Jan 26 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division

Jan 27 Rapid City, SD PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Jan 27-28 Kalispell, MT PRCA Xtreme Bulls & Saddle Broncs

Jan 27-28 Rainsville, AL PBR Touring Pro Division

Jan 27-28 Grand Rapids, MI PBR Velocity Tour

Jan 27-28 Kalispell, MT PRCA Xtreme Bulls & Broncs

Jan 28-29 Indianopolis, IN PBR Unleash the Beast Tour


Feb 2 Fort Worth, TX

PBR Touring Pro Division · 25 · January 2023
Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event
Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice

Date Location Added $ Open Time

Call-In # Assn/Event

Feb 3-4 North Charleston, SC PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 3-4 St. Paul, MN

PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs)

Feb 3-5 Sacramento, CA PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Feb 4 Bakersfield, CA PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 9 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division

Feb 10-11 Reading, PA PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 10-11 Tulsa, OK PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Feb 10-11 Palm Springs, CA PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 11 Lufkin, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Feb 16 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division

Feb 17-18 Cedar Park, TX PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 17-18 Eugene, OR PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Feb 18 Columbus, OH

PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs)

Feb 18 Memphis, TN PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 19 San Antonio, TX PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Feb 19 Okeechobee, FL PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Feb 23 Fort Worth, TX PBR Touring Pro Division

Feb 24 Grand Island, NE PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Feb 24-25 Guthrie, OK PRCA Xtreme Bulls

Feb 25 Hampton, VA PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 25 Worcester, MA PBR Velocity Tour

Feb 25-26 Los Angeles, CA PBR Unleash the Beast Tour

Feb 25-26 Moline, IL PRCA Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo (Bulls & Broncs)



Jan 14 Cleveland, TX 832-233-4625 WCMB/ Bryson’s Birthday Bull Bash

Jan 15 Egan, LA Tue-Wed prior, 5-7pm 337-658-7050 WCMB/PYRA Bulls & Broncs Showdown

Jan 22 Egan, LA Tue-Wed prior, 5-7pm 337-658-7050 WCMB/PYRA Bulls & Broncs Showdown

Jan 29 Egan, LA Tue-Wed prior, 5-7pm 337-658-7050 WCMB/PYRA Bulls & Broncs Showdown


Feb 5 Egan, LA

Tue-Wed prior, 5-7pm 337-658-7050 WCMB/PYRA Bulls & Broncs Showdown

Feb 18 Natural Dam, AR Sun prior 479-883-7319 PYRA / Jesse James Chute Out Series · 26 · January 2023
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*-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice · 27 · January 2023 WHERE’S THE BEEF? *-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night Information Subject to Change Without Notice Date Location Added $ Open Time Call-In # Assn/Event BUCKING BULL EVENTS JANUARY 2023 Jan 10 Springtown, TX 1/10 940-255-6474 Wall Street Ranch Bull Team Event FEBRUARY 2023 Feb 7 Springtown, TX 1/10 940-255-6474 Wall Street Ranch Bull Team Event Events highlighted in yellow have ads in this issue of Humps N Horns for more information.


Practice Pens


NEW MARKET, AL - EC Hunt, 5:30pm Sun., 256-683-8169

BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, Anytime, Call First, 870-307-9923

CONWAY, AR - Mark Lindsey, Ride & Shine Cattle Company, Anytime, Call First, 501-730-4557

ELFRIDA, AZ - D Davis Bucking Bulls, 4pm Sat., Call First, 520-642-3737

LINCOLN, CA - B Bar Ranch, B Bar Indoor Arena, Rain or Shine, All Rough Stock, 916-206-4059

MARYSVILLE, CA - PacWest, 5pm Wed., Steers & Bulls, Call First, 530-751-6643

FRESNO, CA - Toro Bravo Arena, Thur. by appt., Call First, 559-577-2445

ELIZABETH, CO - Tuff Garcia, Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Mon., Rain or Shine, 970-846-0788

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO - Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Wed., Apr-Nov., 970-846-6828/3354

ALDEN, IA - Circle C Rodeo, 6pm Wed., Rain or Shine, Call for alternate dates 641-373-3625

WOODBINE, IA - Tom & Kristina Kelley, every Sun. (weather permitting). Beginner - rank bulls. Call 712-5922493

KENDALLVILLE, IN - B Bar A Bucking Bulls, Heidi Speicher, 7pm Every Thur, Call First, 260-564-5864/Troy

JACKSONVILLE, IL - Lazy C Rodeo, 10am-3pm Sun., Rain or shine, Call First, 217-245-8280

Practice Pens

JACKSONVILLE, NC - Aleck Barnard, Elite Cowboy Rodeo Assoc., Onslow Rodeo Arena, 6pm Every Other Sunday, Call First, 910-381-8597

CHANDLER, OK - JAM Bulls, 2pm Sun., 7pm Wed., Call First, 405-570-9010

SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hour notice, Rain or Shine, 307-461-1741

EAGLEVILLE, TN - BF Cattle Company, 2pm Sun., Jackpot, Call First, 615-336-4313

EMORY, TX - Oakes & Greene’s, 7pm Wed., 903-348-8630

LORENA, TX - Rocking S Ranch, Tue., Jackpot, Call First, 254-716-0779

MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, 4pm Sun/6pm Wed., $5 at the gate to ride as many as you want, 817-223-3692

SIMMS, TX - Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 7pm Every Other Thur., 903-543-3025

PETROLIA, TX - Norris Dalton, 7pm Wed., 940-733-3020

DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, Call First, 940-393-3730

NOCONA, TX - 4x Arena, Call First, 501-944-1907

NOCONA, TX - Locke Bucking Bulls, Call First, 940-872-0733

WILLS POINT, TX - Austin Arena Bulls, Barrels, & Poles. $10 per ride/run or $25 for all you can ride. Bulls for all ages. 214-7265799

Livestock Layovers

BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, White River Rodeo, 870-307-9923

RAYMOND, IL - Randy Littrell, Shop Creek Cattle, 217-556-0551 · 28 · January 2023
Do You Have a Livestock Layover or Practice Pen? List it for FREE in the Classifieds. Call our office at 325-500-BULL (2855) For More Information on listing your facilities

Livestock Layovers

MARYSVILLE, KS - Gary Hershey, 4H Bucking Bulls and Marysville Sale Barn, Call First, 785-292-4952

LAKE CHARLES, LA - Keith Strickland, Deep South Rodeo Genetics, 337-304-1493

SALEM, MO - Hwy 32 & 72, Salem Livestock Auction, 573-729-8880

HELENA, MT - Jim Horne, Bull Horne Ranch, 406-459-5706

FERNLEY, NV - Nathan Pudsey, Circle P Bucking Bulls, 775-750-2168

CLAYTON, NM - Justin Keeth, Lazy J 3 Bucking Bulls, 575-447-0877

BETHESDA, OH - 15 Miles off I-70, TCB Ranch, 304-281-4530

SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hours notice, 307-461-1741

BOX ELDER, SD - Gus “Duane” Aus, Lazy Heart O Ranch, 605-923-3426

BUCHANAN, TN - Parsons & Milam 731-642-8346

CLARKSVILLE, TX - Brian Agnew, BA Livestock, 903-669-9189

DUBLIN, TX - Mike Godfrey, Godfrey 4X Cattle, 817-235-2852

MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, JC Knapp Rodeo, 817-223-3692

MIDLAND, TX - Ted Norton, Norton Bucking Bulls, 432-413-8433

DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, 940-393-3730

SIMMS, TX - Near I-30 Texarkana, Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 863-381-2799

CHEYENNE, WY - Floyd & Ann Thomas, TTnT Ranch, 307-778-8806


Livestock Layovers


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Miscellaneous Schools

Western Wanderings

a cowboy’s brand

A cowboy marks his cattle With something called a brand This keeps his cattle count accurate And ensures that his ranch will stand

Now branding is a hot, tiring job And it stays with you, you can bet When the “iron man” wields that red-hot iron The smell you will never forget!

Branding time is a fun time too A roundup of every ranch Cows are sorted, counted and calves branded Nothing is left to chance

The “ketch hands” rope the little ones And drag them to the fire Where “flankers” stand to catch them And hold them for the wire

The “iron man” comes and brands them With an iron glowing cherry-red The males are relieved of their privates And the “Docs” spread their gooey meds

The brand is important, you can bet It’s an icon of the old west It clearly shows which cows are yours And that’s ranching at its best!