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Saturday, March 19, 2011 Ohio Beef Expo Columbus, Ohio

The Premier Chianina Event

Schedule Thursday, March 17 of Events:

0 a.m. - Chi Sale Cattle Check-in - O’Neil Building 1 1 p.m. - All Sale Cattle in place - O’Neil Building

Friday, March 18

2 - 4 p.m. - Sale Cattle on Display - O’Neil Building

Saturday, March 19

8:30 a.m. - 1st Annual OBE Chi Connection Sale Event Manager:

American Chianina Assoc. Stan Comer, Chief Executive Officer Tanner Winter, Director of Marketing & Performance Programs

P.O. Box 314 Harrod, OH 45850 (419) 230-3450

Ohio Chianina Assoc. Kent Schmid, President Gib Kleman, Vice President Robin Herman, Secretary/Treasurer

Auction Staff: Auctioneer: Ron Kreis... (740) 683-3235 Richard Carmichael........ (615) 584-0997 Mark Murphy.................. (937) 459-2530 Mike Reindel................... (419) 235-3607

Sale Committee Gib Kleman Dr. Bob Buell Craig McNall Troy Chester Gene Rowe

Real Time Internet bidding available from DVAuction. Please visit to register to bid. Buyer Registration and Settlement All perspective buyers must register for a buyers number prior to the sale. Buyers numbers will be available on Friday during the sale cattle display as well as on Saturday prior to the sale in the Voinovich Center. A valid drivers license must be presented to register. Settlement must be made at the clerks desk before health papers and insurance may be picked up unless other arrangements are made before the sale. Absentee bidding and trucking If you can not be present on sale day but have an interest in the offering please feel free to call one of the sale staff as far in advance as possible. We will work with you to find affordable trucking to deliver your purchases to your ranch or to a central location. ON-SITE TRAILER PARKING FOR BUYERS ONLY On Sale Day – Saturday – Only…Buyers with trailers may enter through the Eleventh Ave gate for access to special trailer parking within walking distance of the sale areas. This parking is available to buyers only. Exit Interstate71 at Eleventh Avenue and follow the sign.


BALD Penelope 3X 2CM Heifer 11.2% Black Polled Calved: 5-17-2010 ACA # 353013 Heat Seeker Point Taken OHL Cool Whip 307N Ladies Man BALD Shady Lady 300N WEBC Let Her Rip









Offered by Jeremy Baldwin & Weber Show Cattle

This white flanked beauty exemplifies the kind of cattle I try to raise, females that are functional and fancy! Penelope will grab your attention with her attractiveness, balance and shag but will have you falling in love with her power, body and soundness. Penelope is a maternal sister to the high selling female from the 2009 Ohio Beef Expo Maine sale and her pedigree traces back to several successful show females including a past ACA National Champion. It’s been my experience that the cattle from Highmore only get better with age!


FSC Naught 2 Obvious 8X 1CM Heifer 12.13% Black Polled Calved: 4-22-2010 ACA # 349989 Heat Wave TFR Naughty Pine TFR CAxAnxSM GF Kadabra FSC Kadabra 6807 Bar M Kem G8E5









Offered by FSC Show Cattle, OH; John (440) 478-0782

This powerful female goes back to a great 6807 donor. Naught 2 Obvious placed 2nd in a large, tough class in Louisville. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get in on these cool ChiMaine genetics.


KLEM Livia 410X 1CM Heifer 5.76% Black Polled Calved: 4-11-2010 ACA # 352614 CTR Success 02K DLDJ Analyze This N9ET Green Valley Jolene 930J BFW Whiskey For My Men KLEM Lexi EBB Strictly Business

Offered by Kleman Show Cattle; Gib (419) 615-7656

This Analyze This heifer will find her way to the backdrops this fall. Livia has that “can’t miss” body shape and style with a long spine and a great front end. This heifer is structurally sound on both ends and has super hair to work with. The Analyze this daughters have done well for us and went on to make profitable cows.


ALW Google Eyes 1X 1CM Heifer 13.65% Black Polled Calved: 3-4-2010 ACA #353459 DVMM Jazz Pale Face Pannell Miss 4241 Miles Sun Seeker Heat Seeker BW








Offered by Weaver Show Cattle & Harris Show Cattle, OH; Andy (937) 726-0199

This Pale Face daughter has done nothing but get better with age. This female is good bodied and fluid on the move, and has a gentle disposition. If your looking for one to show and ultimately turn out into the front pasture, then this is one to take into consideration.


S&S Naomi 095 Heifer % Black Polled Calved: 6-4-2010 ACA # PENDING Who Made Who REE Heights Heat Wave G&L Avalanche FD Nother 955H Meyer’s High Drive

Offered by Tim & Emily Schaeffer, IN; (765) 541-0738 Sire of Lot 5

If your looking for an ultra competitive super complete heifer that will compete in a different division, Naomi is one to look up on sale day. This complete designed, well balanced, sound structured female has all the pieces to make a compelling show heifer. In addition to what she can do in the show ring, this heifers best attribute will be down the road as a cow. Naomi is out of one of my best donors and exhibit’s the stout features, soundness of skeleton and plenty of rib and dimension to be a front pasture cow. Dive in, this one will be enjoyable.


DRFF Point Maid 2CM Heifer 15.69% Black Polled Calved: --2010 ACA # 353447 Heat Seeker Point Taken OHL Cool Whip 307N VooDoo DRFF 113 Angus BW








Offered by Rhoades Cattle, IN; Nathan (260) 341-0325

This one is out of a fantastic cow. Her mother is one that people always ask about and Point Maid is made a lot like her. She is extremely cool headed, neat necked and flat shouldered female that has tons of rib shape and depth. This one is truly the kind that will make a good show heifer in the fall and then an even better cow. It is hard to sell one like this but sometimes you’ve got to put your good ones out there for people to see!


GCC Miss Candlelight 103X 1CM Heifer 7.97% Black Polled Calved: 4-21-2010 ACA # 353005 B&D 700M Grizzly Hotmail x Simm Monopoly GCC Miss 825 GUY MAxAnxCA 300









Offered by Guyer Cattle Co., IL; Dave (812) 243-1676

Hot looks and a cool pedigree, here is a heifer you need to look up on sale day! Miss Candlelight has a killer profile and is smooth on the move. This heifer has the style to be a major show winner.


FSC Whiskey and Champagne 939X 1CM Heifer 6.2% Black Polled Calved: 4-28-2010 ACA # 353031 TFR Naughty Pine HARV Shoes To Fill HARVS Jade 06N Irish Whiskey FSC Ellies Whiskey Girl OGL Osage Ellie 939

Offered by FSC Show Cattle, OH; John (440) 478-0782

This female is moderate framed and stylish as we have come to expect from Irish Whiskey Genetics. Her granddam has produced show winners for us at all levels and progeny have sold from $6,000-$15,000. This one is smooth and stylish!


CKG Darla 002X 2CM Heifer 10.87% Black Polled Calved: 3-16-2010 ACA # 349832 Cowan’s Ali 4M CKG Muhammed 705 VF Jeane Ann 426 RDD New Direction 123N CKG Darlene 807 CKG Danielle 607









Offered by Ventura Farm, MI; Ken (517) 230-8502

Darla is one of our favorites from the 2010 calf crop. This one is a very sound investment for a family with young children that want to start breeding a herd. Impeccable disposition and has already been shown, standing third in a very stout, large class at the 2010 ACA National. Her dam, CKG Darlene 807, was a first calf heifer and we could not have asked for more. The maternal granddam is a full sister to Annie. This is our first set of calves by Muhammed and we are extremely please. Although her dam is a NH carrier, Darla has been DNA tested NH free.


GMEG Bangles 021X 1CM Heifer 6.89% Black Polled Calved: 4-6-2010 ACA # 353256 BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Heat Wave FAWL MAxANxCA 100 Carrousels Pure Power EXLR Rebecca 797S EXLR Rebecca 7130M

Offered by Megan Greenwalt & Brian Goettemoeller (937) 763-0931

Bangle’s dam “Becca” was successfully campaigned by Megan Greenwalt. In 2007, she was in the top 10 at several BEST shows. Included in her winnings was Grand Champion Limousin Female at the North American as well as Overall Reserve Champion heifer at the Scarlet and Grey.


BG Hannah 148X 1CM Heifer 14.94% Blue Roan Polled Calved: 5-20-2010 ACA # 349915 Who Made Who Hannibal PJWC Total Play x Angus JM Vortec Sally’s Vortec DD Sally

Offered by Black Gold Cattle Co., MI; Lori (734) 807-0456 Dave (734) 576-0387

BG Hannah is super structured with a wide rear end. Hannah was shown in Lansing at the Michigan Winter Classic and was Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Shorthorn Plus. This female has a super disposition and can be shown as a Chi or a Shorthorn Plus.


RNAB Palmyra 9X 1CM Heifer 10.54% Black Polled

Calved: 3-11-2010 ACA # 353052

Palmyra is a Copyright daughter with a bright future. Her dam, WEBC Peaches, was a ACA National Division Champion and has produced a bull that was Grand Champion at the Ohio State Fair as well as a Division Champion at the ACA National Show. Also, Peaches has produced a steer that was in the Reserve Grand “Pen of Three” in Louisville. This outstanding female has the design and breeding to continue her families winning tradition.


DUFF Outlook 472 DUFF Copyright 6626 OCC Headliner 317K FJH Black Ice 10F WEBC Peaches 201M 1CM WEBC Dotsie 502E 2CA Offered by Dr. Bob Buell & Family, OH; (614) 207-2948

CCC Zenyatta 110X 2CA Heifer 37.21% Black Polled

Calved: 1-23-2010 ACA # 348206

CCC Zenyatta is a super stylish show heifer and cow prospect. This female has a great hip, a clean front and tracks well on the move. Come and see this one for yourself. BW








RDD Destiny’s Ace STC Git R Done PCC Carolinas MS America PCC Flash Magic KS Magical Queen 427N HB Queen 547G Offered by Comer Cattle Co., IN; Terry (765) 914-5567


HAGS Gidget 3X 1CM Heifer 12.45% Black Polled Calved: 3-22-2010 ACA # 349021

Gidget is a clean fronted, hairy show heifer with great bone. She will make a super Jr. project and great cow when she is done. This cow family never misses.









Offered by Hagemeyer Farms, OH; John (419) 308-7682 OR (419) 352-6230

BG Lizzabeth 147X 1CM


Jayhawk Hard Core CMAC Dandys Samantha BCSN About Time KCC Shasta 025 1CM CTLK Seilie 638F 1CM


BG Mia 129X 1CM

Heifer 6.89% Black Polled Calved: 5-8-2010 ACA # 349918

Heifer 10.64% Black Polled Calved: 2-4-2010 ACA # 349917

BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Heat Wave FAWL MaxAnxCA 100 Meyer Ranch 734 Princess 17 Angus

All About You BCSN About Time BCSN Cheyanne 49 Meyer Ranch 734 Princess 17 Angus

















BG Mia and BG Lizzabeth are maternal sisters out of our donor Princess 17. Mia is a natural calf and Lizzabeth is an ET calf. One look at these heifers and you will know they are sisters with a little twist here and there from the sires. Both of these females have great dispositions and loads of hair. A maternal brother to these heifers was Grand Champion Chi and second overall at the Michigan Jr. Beef Show, Grand Champion at the Blanchette Preview Show and was Reserve overall at the county fair and champion bred and owned.

BG Mia 129X

Offered by Black Gold Cattle Co., MI; Lori (734) 807-0456 Dave (734) 576-0387


PUPS Expected Earning 88X 1CM Bull 4.13% Black Polled Calved: 2-25-2010 ACA # 353030 Heat Wave Monopoly Hazel (Touchstone Angus) Northern Improvement PUPS MS Improver ROWES MS Habenaro 42FJ

Offered by The Power Up Syndicate, OH; John (440) 478-0782

This bull backed into this world at birth but it’s been full speed ahead ever since! You will not find a softer made bull that moves as fluid as this one with a killer look. Expected Earnings is backed by the $82,000 Frozen Gold High Seller, ROWE MS Habenaro. This bull is good enough to be promoted. This is the kind of investment that will make you money time and time again.


DRFF Return 426X 2CM Bull 15.29% Black Polled Calved: 2-23-2010 ACA # 349884 Our Turn DKAA My Turn 01R OHL Hollywood 425P Eagle Scout 2CA DRFF 426 HXC Lydia 931G









Offered by Rhoades Cattle, IN; Nathan (260) 341-0325

At Rhoades Cattle, we are excited about how these My Turn’s are working for us. They are just awesome. This one is backed by one of the best cows we have ever owned. The mother of this bull is out of a Playboy cow from the Horsley Cardinal program and the legendary Eagle Scout, a combo well known in this breed. This cow is an ‘04 model that has averaged $4,300 on her calves. DRFF Return is going to ad muscle and eye appeal. He is stout made and long fronted and will breed that way. Come and see this one on sale day!


CKG Infinity 004X 2CM Bull 9.60% Black Polled Calved: 3-19-2010 ACA # 349834 Cowan’s Ali 4M CKG Muhammed 705 VF Jeane Ann 426 BPJV Hotline CKG Luanne 1R VF Dream Annie 810 1CM









Offered by Ventura Farm, MI; Ken (517) 230-8502

We have been waiting a long time for the right bull to name “Infinity” and this is him. The possibilities for this one are immense. He is as good of ChiMaine bull as we have ever produced. His sire, CKG Muhammed 705, was at the side of his mother at the 2007 ACA National when they were selected as the National Champion Cow/Calf pair. His dam, CKG Luanne 1R, is a Hotline daughter out of the famous Annie cow. Luanne is also a full sib sister to the dam of CKG Dino 609, the high selling bull at the 2008 National Western Maine-Anjou Bull Sale selling ½ interest to Carrousel Farms, Wisconsin for $12,000. Selling full possession and retaining ¼ semen interest.


GUY Mr. Grizzly 5286X 1CM Bull 6.88 % Black Polled Calved: 3-10-2010 ACA # 353206 B&D 700M Grizzly Hotmail x Simm SIC War Eagle 11M GUY Ms War Eagle GCC Ms 5286

Offered by Guyer Cattle Co., IL; Dave (812) 243-1676 Grizzly • Sire of Lot 20

This is a powerful herd sire prospect by the GCC calving ease bull “Grizzly”. Mr. Grizzly 5286X is thick ended, big bodied, good footed, stout and has a killer look. All of this backed by a super milking War Eagle cow!


CKG Watch Out 007X 1CM Bull 3.64% Black Polled Calved: 3-23-2010 ACA # 349835 OCC Legend 616L BC Look Out 7024 Gibbet Hill Mignonne E37 Cowan’s Ali 4M CKG Reanne 811 VF Dream Jeanne Ann 426









Offered by Ventura Farm, MI; Ken (517) 230-8502

Based upon 007’s pedigree and parental track record, we feel confident this is a very good prospect for first calf heifers. He calves unassisted out of a first calf heifer. An added bonus is if you need to put a bit more growth and performance back into your cow herd. Adjusted weaning weight of 855#. BC Lookout is presently one of the most legitimate “muscle” bulls in the Angus breed. CKG Reanne 811 is a full sister to CKG Muhammed 705, who is the sire of two of our consignments to the Ohio Beef Expo Chi Sale.


GUY Mr. Heat Wave 260X 1CM Bull 6.89% Black/White Polled Calved: 3-20-2010 ACA # 353207 BHCS Heat Seeker 23 Heat Wave FAWL MAxANxCA 100 Meyer Ranch 734 GUY 32731 DHD Traveler 6807

Offered by Guyer Cattle Co., IL; Dave (812) 243-1676 Dam of Lot 22

Here is a black and white son by Heat Wave out of one of the top producing donors at GCC. This bull truly has “Power in the Blood” especially coming from the bottom side out of the great 32731 Meyer donor. Mr. Heat Wave 260X put is all together in a thick, cool looking package.


RSRS Moment of Valor 636X 1CA Bull 20.17% Black Polled Calved: 4-29-2010 ACA # 350097 JSC Crush 847N JSC Momentum 74T JSC Playmate 40G OCC Explosion FBF Explosion Valor 8G Queen Valor 290 of A Bar









Offered by Sheets Chiangus, IN; Rob Sheets (765) 426-3398

Moment of Valor is a really complete bull with a stacked pedigree. Valor’s sire is the $21,000 JSC Momentum 74T that is just starting to emerge as a star. Valor’s sire has produced multiple National Champions as well as high sellers for over $20,000 for Foster Bros. in TX and Trennepohl’s in Indiana. Take advantage here.


HAGS 313 Edition 313X 1CM Bull 5.66% Black Polled Calved: 4-3-2010 ACA #353437 OCC Genesis 872G DUFF New Edition 6108 OCC Dixie Erica 814G SANC Playboy HXCMS Aristocrat 313F CAX MM Aristocrat Event 313









Offered by Hagemeyer Farms, OH; John (419) 308-7682 OR (419) 352-6230 Granddaughter of 313F

The next Great One from the Matron of the famed HXC Aristocrat family. This bull is deep, clean fronted, and great structured, with a Super disposition. Royally bred. Load this one!


ACLM Get It 5X 1CM Bull 3.46% Black Polled

Calved: 4-30-2010 ACA # 353044 Doctor Who HF Get It Done HF Hot Diva Heat Seeker Miss Heat

This Club Calf designed bull is sound with a great front end. This sire prospect is well balanced with body depth and plenty of muscle.

Offered by Amanda Liffiton, OH; (419) 303-3316


MSFC Sabre 04X 1CA Bull 20.90% Black Polled

Calved: 4-18-2010 ACA # 349809

Sabre follows a long list of full sibs who have excelled including RSRS Flashy Venus who was the Reserve Grand Champion Chi Angus Female in Louisville in 2005, RSRS Victoria who was a Louisville Division Champion and Tennessee State Fair Grand champion and last but not least, RSRS Veronica who was the Kentucky State Fair Reserve Grand Champion. This bull puts together an outstanding pedigree and a great disposition to make for a excellent opportunity.

RITO 9FB3 of 5H11 Fullbk Dameron OSU Ransom OSU Lady Promise 804A CJB Flash RSRS Aphrodite WDF Miss Venus 7J CAX BW








Offered by Marion Smith & Family, IN; Marion (765) 874-1665

Terms: Cash or check made payable to the sale clerk immediately after the sale and before any cattle are loaded. Invoiced (absentee) accounts are payable in full within 10 days of the sale or are subject to a 2% finance charge on the tenth day. A fee of $50 will be assessed to all returned checks. Liability: All animals and merchandise will be at the buyer’s risk as soon as bid off but will be cared for by the seller(s) for a reasonable amount of time during and immediately following the sale. Neither the owners, auctioneers, sale manager or other affiliated personnel may be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. Humphrey Agri Marketing Solutions, LLC. acts only as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock or merchandise. It is to be clearly understood Humphrey Agri Marketing Solutions, LLC and its representatives act only as a medium between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure on the part of the same to fulfill any obligations set forth in this sale or for the truth of any warranties expressed or implied. Neither does Humphrey Agri Marketing Solutions assume any financial obligations to collect or enforce the collection of monies between buyer and seller. This sale book has been created by the sale manager from information provided by the seller(s) and is assumed accurate as presented to us. However, Humphrey Agri Marketing Solutions, LLC will in no way guarantee age, pedigree, or reproductive status of the animals selling. All exceptions taken and adjustments made are between buyer and seller. Registration and Transfer: All registered cattle sell with complete registration certificates which will be transferred to the new owners following the sale. Announcements: Any announcements made from the sale block by the owners, auctioneer, or sale manager take precedence over anything printed in the sale book or advertisements. Health: All animals will be accompanied by a health paper valid for interstate shipment. Buyers should make themselves aware of their respective state’s health requirements prior to the sale. Guarantee: All animals sell with the standard guarantee endorsed by the ACA. For more information, contact the ACA office at 816/431-2808.


LBG Top Gun 52X 1CM Bull 13.99% Red Polled Calved: 5-2-2010 ACA # 349893 Heat Wave Monopoly Hazel (Century Touchstone Angus) WYR Impulse STCC Maddy 2CA STCC Maude 1CA









Offered by Larry Garrett, IN; Larry (765) 969-0154

What a genetic powerhouse! Monopoly and WYR Impulse worked well here adding lots thickness, bone and hair to this cherry red bull. Check out the birth weight on this Monopoly son.


BMW KLEM Who’s All In 119X 1CM Bull 21.19% Black Scurred Calved: 1-19-2010 ACA # 349639 Who Made Who ASHW Who Da MAn CA x MA x SM RDD Destiny’s Ace MS RockN Ace 259R BAR T Shedaisy









Offered by Kleman Show Cattle, OH; Gib (419) 615-7656 Full sib to Lot 28

This January bull is a full brother to the AI sire Who’s Destiny. Who Da Man semen is virtually impossible to get and is commanding $1,000+ per straw price tag. Don’t miss this chance to own a part of the Who Da Man bloodline.

P.O. Box 314 Harrod, Ohio 45850 USA

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Ohio Beef Expo • Columbus, Ohio

2011 Chi Connection  

Saturday, March 198:30 a.m. Ohio Beef Expo

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