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How To Inspire Your Child To Learn It would be helpful to believe that kids are actually smarter than what adults think about them. Kids can actually do anything with the right motivation. No matter how old or how smart your child may seem to be, he or she is capable of doing anything they put their mind to. The problem is, what is their mind on? Kids know the difference between right and wrong. They might not always show it, but if it comes down to it, kids could tell you what’s really right and what’s really wrong. Every person, every child, has some sort of talent in some area or another. It just depends on how you use it. I think, more than anything, kids today just have no motivation to learn. They’re apathetic. So here are a few tips to help you inspire your child to learn.

1. Respect them and yourself This is more for teenagers then for kids, but the same rule still applies. They want to be treated with respect. As I said before, most kids honestly do know the difference between right and wrong, they just need to be empowered to chose for themselves. Just yelling and commanding them to do their chores, or homework, or whatever it is they’re needing to do wont inspire them to do it with good intentions. If anything it can cause rebellion. Rules without relationship will alway bring rebellion. The book, “Loving Our Kids On Purpose” is about respecting your kids. Great read! Strongly encourage it!

2. Read with them This one is more towards kids then teenagers, but yet again, the same rule applies. And theres something about reading in general that just inspires learning. Books are great for influencing kids to learn and get new ideas. Kids can do incredible things! Look at the movie “Home Alone”, that one kid made all those traps and gadgets. Now, of course, I realize that’s a movie and a little unrealistic. If anything the should have installed some home alarm systems. Something that would have actually protected their home. Kids need to feel safe when they’re at home. An alarm system would actually benefit that environment. We should create a culture in our home that in encourages creativity. Maybe we should let our kids dream big. Let them have an “unrealistic” goal until THEY find which parts can actually be attainable.

3. Don’t ask what you won’t do Practice what you preach. Your children know when you’re lying. Be honest. Try working with your kids, not just commanding them what to do. It’s all about relationship. So if they were to come to you needing help with a project, or help with anything, instead of just telling them how to do it, show them and work on it worth them. When you you show them how to do something it allows your kid to actually think and figure things out for themselves. But remember, it means nothing to learn something unless you know how and where to apply it. So keep inspiring your kids to apply what they’re learning, because that’s what makes it fun. About the Author David Michael LeMarr is a musician, blogger, public communicator, and future architect – follow him on Twitter // Facebook // WordPress

How to inspire your child to learn  

It would be helpful to believe that kids are actually smarter than what adults think about them. Kids can actually do anything with the righ...