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Dura Soft Gym Tiles Gym tiles are an excellent choice for your gym areas as well as indoors. They provide you with slip-resistance, stability, comfort, and safety. The material of choice for these gym tiles is recycled rubber which is a harmless eco friendly material. These interlocking rubber gym mats provide a cushioning effect which insulates the floor form high impact forces and can prevent injuries ranging from minor bruises to fractures and tooth avulsions.

Dura Soft Gym Tiles • The jigsaw interlocking design of these gym tiles ensures ease of installation. They are effortless to set up and their maintenance is also quite simple and doesn’t require much time. The interlocking design of the rubber gym tiles is especially useful for installation in areas that are non-rectangular in shape and so they can also be easily moved from one place to another. Click here for more information

Dura soft gym tiles