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Assalam-o-Alikum! After its debut last year, LITTLE WRITERS speaks of the consistent efforts of all those who contributed towards making this dream a reality. This is the forum for my young writers to express effectively their ideas and views which is undoubtedly vital for their intellectual development. Attainment of any noble aims or goals is possible only if we uphold the values of life. Values are deep-seated beliefs or emotional rules that govern our behavior, attitudes, rather our entire life. They are inner illuminations in whose light we see justice and injustice, good and evil, means and ends. Values are critically important as they drive our choices and actions and make us what we are….as a person… a community……as a nation. I congratulate my little writers for achieving good academic results. Keep striving hard and shine out from amongst the rest. I would like to thank my editorial board who put their best efforts and extended their maximum co-operation in bringing this magazine on time. With love, Editor.


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Hippos are fat and clumsy They can do many things that children cannot, Hippos never, Put on their boots in rainy weather, To slosh mud in their ears, It brings the joy and cheers, They loved to be messed up, They don’t play being dressed up, s In fact mud pool is an A+, If you were a hippopotamus!

My grandma is wise and caring With us she is polite Her hobbies are reading, knitting and gardening In summer she is cooking and in winter she is knitting She tell us tales every night 4.5 is her height It’s the mice she is scared the most She is a very good host




Whatever you cross, whenever you in pain,

(She makes this poem by her observation in the kitchen)

There will always be sunshine after the rain

One little fruit fly sitting on the wall

Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall, But ALLAH is always ready to answer your call

Wondering where those bananas are all

He knows every heartache, sees every tear,

Another little fruit fly come along

A word from Him can calm every fear

Wondering what is taking so long

Your sorrows may linger throughout the night, But suddenly vanish in dawn’s every light

Because Mom throws rotten bananas in the can

The Savior is waiting somewhere above,

Fruit flies wondering where they went

To give you His grace and send you His love

Then Fruit fly flew away Searching for food in another place



Never Saw Never Heard AMAMA TARIQ

onaisa TARIQ

Harp sponge, a meateater plant was discovered last year by American Scuba-Divers. It does not have a trunk. Its branches comes from its roots and in unique way they go up to down, so simply whatever gets stuck in the branches is the dinner for this unique plant.

Water is main source for living things. A chart is given below showing how much you








Water needed/day

20C (68F)

1 Litre

25C (77F)

1.2 Litres

30C (86F)

2.5 Litres

35C (95F)

5 Litres

HAMMAD JAWED Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company. (Ali R.A.) Obstacles are those frightful things you


see when you take your eyes off your


goal. (Henry Ford) The elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. It has four strong legs and feet that are almost round. Its skin is grey and wrinkled. The elephant has two very large ears. It has a long trunk and two pointed tusks. Its tail is thin.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but

if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. (Abraham Lincoln) You need power, only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done. (Charlie Chaplin)

The elephant eat grass, leaves and fruits. The elephant use its trunk to put food and water into his mouth. A baby elephant is called a calf. An elephant can live for about 65 years.




The Quran, the last revealed word of Allah, is the primary source of every Muslim s faith and practice. It deals with all the subjects which concern human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, transactions, law etc., but its basic theme is the relationship between Allah and his creatures. At the same time, it provides guidelines and detailed teachings. The Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) by Allah in the month of Ramadan. Allah also revealed three more books called Taurat to Moosa A.S, Zaboor to Daud A.S and Injil to Esa A.S. The Surahs which were revealed in Makkah were called Makki Surahs while the Surahs which were revealed in Madina were known as Madni Surahs. Quran has 30 Paras. Each Para contains many chapters call Surahs . Surah contains many verses which we say ayat . The Quran has seven stations which are called manzil .The Quran has 114 surah altogether. Ninety three Surahs were revealed in Makkah, while the remaining twenty-one were revealed in Madina. It has 6666 ayats. It also has 30 juz. It has 14 sajdahs .The first revelation that the Prophet received was Surah-Al-Alaq. The last verse sent down to the Prophet was: ‌.this day I have perfected for you your religion and completed my favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion‌. [Quran-5:3] The Quran s first surah is surah Fatiha and the last one is surah Nas. The Quran s longest surah is surah Baqra which is Madni and has 286 verses. The Quran s smallest surah is surah Kausar which is Makki and has only three verses. The revelation of Quran was completed in 23 years. The Quran is the way of life for everybody. The Quran will keep you safe. Allah revealed the Quran so Muslims could know more about Islam. Quran teaches the spiritual truth of Islam. A true Muslim always tries to recite a minimum of one juz per day. We should try to recite the Qur'an every day. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: "A person who doesn't read the Quran is like a ruined house."


Golden Age Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) Family:

governor for 20 years. He was known to his people as The Silver Tongued Ameer. Silver-tongued is an expression used to mean

Ameer Muawiya Bin Abu Sufyan (R.A.) was one of the most respected companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was born in

that someone exhibits the power of fluent and persuasive speech. The one, who is silvertongued, expresses himself readily, clearly and effectively.

the year 602 A.D. He was the son of the Quraish leader Abu Sufyan Bin Harb (R.A.). He belonged to the clan of Banu Umayya which was the second most powerful family in Makkah after the Banu Hashim to which the

Love of Holy Prophet: Once the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to house of Umm ul Momineen Umm Habiba (R.A.) and found that Ameer Muawiyah (R.A.) was also present there in her house. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked Ummal

Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) belonged.

Personality: Ameer Muawiyah (R.A.) was tall and was fair and handsome in appearance. He was eloquent

Momineen Umm Habiba (R.A.) whether she loved Ameer Muawiyah (R.A.). She replied that he was her brother and she definitely loved him. Hearing this, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smiled and said that Allah and his

in speech and was noted for his forbearance. He was a man of dignified bearing and good manners. He was a shrewd politician and diplomat per excellence

messenger also love Muawiyah. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once prayed for Ameer Muawiyah (RA) like this: O Allah! Make

Acceptance of Islam: When Makkah was conquered by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 630 A.D, the family of Abu Sufyan Bin Harb (R.A.) accepted Islam. Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) had already accepted Islam in his heart before the conquest

him a leader of the people and make him a guide through whom might be guided.’’ (AlTirmizi) The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said:

of Makkah but he did not disclose it to anybody. He hid his faith like Abbas Bin Abdul Muttalib (R.A.).

The first group of Muslims to make Naval Jihad will be the inhabitants of Heaven. (Al-Bukhari) History bears witness to the fact that the first

Writer of Revelation:

Naval Jihad in the history of Islam was organized and lead by Ameer Muawiya (R.A.).

After the conquest of Makkah, Ameer Muawiya

Patience of Muawiyah (R.A.):

(R.A.) served as Secretary to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and was the Writer of the Revelation.

One of the qualities of Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) was that he was the very personification of patience. Once after becoming the Caliph,

Silver Tongued Ameer:

Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) was sitting in his court along with all his eminent courtiers which included Companions like Amr Bin Al-Aas (R.A.) and Mugheerah Bin Shuba (R.A.). A man came in the court and started abusing Ameer

In wining wars Ameer Muawiyah (R.A.) relied more on the use of the tongue than the use of the sword. He was loved and respect by the people of Syria where he served as the


had seen how good a governor he was to his people. Furthermore, he was able to defend the land of Islam, maintain strong forces and gain the upper hand against the enemy. The Prophet said in his authentic Hadith that he was a man with good knowledge of Islam and its law. The Prophet also mentioned in a Hadith narrated by Umm- Haram (R.A) that in his region some forces belonging to his community would travel by sea as a kings reclining on their couches. This certainly took place.

Muawiya (R.A.) and giving him bad words. All the courtiers were shocked at such indecent behavior but none of them spoke a word. After the man went away, Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) was asked why he was silent and why didn’t he order them to punish the man. The answer that Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) gave at that time was glorious. He said: If my patience would have

failed in front of such abuses then I would have been most ashamed of myself. Muawiya (R.A.) received a letter from the Qaisar of Rome, it said: I know that your

brother Ali Bin Abi Talib (R.A.) has caused you a lot of trouble so if you wish I will send a large Roman army to help you against him. In

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) Prayed for Muawiya (R.A):

reply to this letter Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) wrote: O Qaiser! Don’t try to take advantage

The Prophet (PBUH) prayed Muawiya (R.A) more than once. In one of them, the Prophet is quoted to have said: My Lord, give him

of the differences between me and Ali (R.A.). I know that you want to fight the Muslims but beware if you send an army against us, the first person to come out from the army of Ali (R.A.) to behead you will be Muawiya.

guidance and make him a source of guidance. (Al-Tirmizi) In another prayer, the Prophet said: My Lord,

teach him the Book (i.e. the Quran) and arithmetic and protect him against suffering. (Al-Bukhari) Needless to say, when the Prophet prayed for

Muawiyah (R.A.) As a Caliph: Muawiya (R.A), who had ruled over the whole of Syria, as governor, for over 20 years. He was appointed first by Umar (R.A), and confirmed by Usman (R.A), and continued to be the governor during the reign of Ali (R.A), but

anyone, his prayer was answered in the clearest and most comprehensive way.

Companions of Holy Prophet Appreciated Muawiya (R.A.):

the two were in confrontation and fought a battle at Siffin. In order to avoid another confrontation and to spare the community, ALHasan concluded an agreement, relinquishing his own claim to be the caliph. The result was

Saad bin Abi Waqas (R.A) is quoted to have said: After Usman, I have not seen anyone

who judges justly better than Muawiya (R.A). Ibn Abbas (R.A) remarks: I have never seen a man better suited to rule than Muawiya (R.A). Ibn Taymiyah said: Muawiya’s policy in conducting the affairs of his people ranks among the best of all rulers. His people loved him. The Prophet is authentically quoted to have said, the best of your rulers are the ones with whom you have a relation of mutual love and those who pray for you and you pray for them.

that Muawiya (R.A.) became the caliph. AlHasan and all the Prophet’s companions agreed to this and pledged their loyalty to him. This is the reason for naming year 41 of the Islamic calendar as the Year of Unity. Justice Abu Bakr Ibn Al-Arabi comments on this appointment, mentioning some qualities that made Muawiya the right choice.

If someone asks whether there were any person who was more suited to be the caliph than Muwaiya, we acknowledged that there were many. However, several qualities made him a very suitable choice. Umar (R.A) placed under him the entire Syrian region, after he

Muawiya’s (R.A) rule was one of the best in our history, second only to that of the four rightlyguided caliphs who were his predecessors. May Allah be pleased with him and all other companions who are the pillars of Islam. (Ameen)





ey! I am a mango, the King of all fruits. I am

I have many varieties; hardly any other fruit has. In Pakistan I come in varieties like Chaunsa, Sindri, Desehri, Anwar Ratole, Alphansu e.t.c. I am not left on the tree to fully ripen and will fall

the most awaited and loved fruit in summer season. People start waiting for me since the

sign of spring appears. Who can stop from eating

on the ground and be damaged. When I show first

me when the delicious smell of me fills the air? The

sign of ripening, then me and my friends are

very thought of me make people‘s mouth watery.

removed. I am a rich source of vitamins A, B and C.

My ripen fruit is usually yellow but colour changes

I contain water, protein, sugar, fats, fibers and iron.

from yellow to green to orange and even red as

I am mostly eaten fresh as a dessert. I am also used

does my size increases. My name ‘Mango’ is taken

in making Ice-cream, milk shake, juice, jelly, jam

from a Tamil word ‘Mangkay’ or ‘Man-gay’.

and murabbas. When I am unripe, I am used to

I am the national fruit of Pakistan, India and

make chatneys and achars.

Philippines. I am grown in about more than 90

I hope you all enjoy my sweet taste and would not

countries in the world. My average production is

resist from licking your lips after having a bite of

over 25 million tones every year around the world.


I am the second major fruit crop of Pakistan after



LET’S MAKE A QUEUE WITH ME! AMAMA TARIQ HELLO! I am an Ant. My name is Antony. I am brown in color. I have two antlers from which I can feel danger or food. I have six legs and prickly hairs on them so the food can get stuck. I am an exoskeleton which means my skeleton is outside my body. I must say this, “Humans are very careless; many of my friends are crushed by them every day.” Some creatures (including human) call me hardworking and industrious. I gather food in all 3 season and in winter; I enjoy my vacations which means I stay in my cozy home having my stored food and have lot of fun. HAAOE (yawn)! Now it’s my nap time. See you soon. GOOD BYE!


Similes to Remember RAMLA TARIQ (NURSERY)

 As Ignorant as a Child  As Lazy as a Lobster  As Honest as a Mirror  As Small as an Atom  As Ugly as a Scarecrow  As Regal as a Juno


My mother name is Aliya Shahid. My mother is good woman. She is a house wife and takes good care of all family members. She cooks delicious food. She helps me in doing my homework. I love her a lot.


This is a Mango. It is yellow in colour. It has big one seed. It is sweet and sour. I like to eat mango very much.

My First Day of School ARQAM SHAHID (2 GRADE) ND

I wake up early in the morning. My mother was there to help me in dressing up. She gave me yummy breakfast and delicious hot chocolate milk.

It was my first day of school. My school name is Usman Public School. When I entered in the school, I got nervous and felt shy. My class was Pre-Nursery Tulip. Teacher asked the names of all students and gave us jelly. Then we went out to play in the ground where I made MudCastle. My teacher, Miss Hina appreciated me. In the class, she told us an interesting story. After that, the off-time bell rang and we went out of the class. I saw my parents and ran towards them. I told them that how much I enjoyed and I want to come here daily.


Once upon a time there were two friends, Yahya and Ali. Ali was very rich but Yahya was not. They were studying at same school. Ali liked to show off his fancy and costly stationary to Yahya but Yahya used to ignore these things. One day the teacher announced that the school was collecting donations for the flood victims. Ali brought fancy clothes, shoes and a large amount of money. He was telling to Yahya proudly that his donation is best of all. Yahya became sad because his donation was not so expensive.


When teacher heard their conversation, he recited the Quranic Verse: “And Allah Do not like prideful boasters” (57:27) Ali accepted his mistake and realized that Allah do not see whether things are expensive or not, he judge his people by their intensions. He asked forgiveness to Allah, his teacher and Yahya too. Yahya forgave them and they became friends again.


A plant needs good soil, sunlight, water and air to grow well .Tall and strong plants are called TREES. Plants give us food. Plants give us flowers. Plants give us medicines .plants are living things. Plants are very useful for us.

My School Zannira WASEEM (MONTESSORI) 1. The name of my school is Shamsi Society Model School. 2. My School has a library. 3. My School has a computer lab. 4. My School has a garden. 5. My School is very big.

Answers (Brain Teasers) 1) Butler was the killer because there is no school on Sunday. 2) None. Both are of same weight. 3) All months have 28 days. 4) Survivors could not bury. 5) Stomach

Wonders Of The World

Tuvalu, formerly known as Ellice Islands is located in Pacific Ocean, midway between Hawaii and Australia. It comprises of four reef islands and five atolls (total nine islands). In terms of physical land size, it is just 26 square kilometers. It is the fourth smallest country in the World.

HISTORY: The first inhabitants of Tuvalu were Polynesian people. In 1819 the island of Funafuti was named Ellice's Island. The island came under Britain's sphere of influence in the late 19th century. A referendum was held in 1974 to determine whether the Ellice Islands should have its own administration. As a consequence of the referendum, Ellice Islands ceased to exist on 1st January 1976 and the separate British colony Tuvalu came into existence. Tuvalu became fully independent within the Common wealth on 1 October 1978.

SYMBOLISM: National identity is symbolized by a flag, a national anthem, a seal and an Independence Day. The flag devise for independence, represents each of the nine islands with gold star. It also spots the union jack in the upper corner, symbolic of membership in the Common Wealth and a reminder of the British Colonial presence.

WEATHER AND CLIMATE: The climate is throughout is tropical maritime. Seasonal variations are slight, though wet and stormy conditions occur from December to February. During the rest of the year easterly trade winds predominate. Rainfall is heavier almost throughout the year.

CULTURE: The traditional community system still survives to a large extent on Tuvalu. Each family has its own task to perform the community such as fishing, house building or defense. The skills of a family are passed on from parents to children. The traditional music of Tuvalu is performed at community events and to celebrate leaders and other prominent individuals. The Tuvaluan style can be describes as a “Musical microcosm of Polynesia�.

12 20

FOOD: The food of Tuvalu is based on the many species of fish found in the ocean and lagoons of the atolls and the staple of coconut. The traditional foods are Pulaka, Bananas, breadfruit, coconut, seafood (coconut crab, turtle and fish), seabirds and pork.

SPORTS AND LEISURE: A traditional sport played in Tuvalu is Kilikiti which is similar to cricket. A popular sport specific to Tuvalu is Ano which is localized version of volleyball. Common sports such as football, rugby and volleyball are also played as recreational activities.

TRANSPORT: Transport services are limited. The roads are unpaved. Tuvalu is among a few countries that do not have railroads. Funafuti is the only port. The single airport is Funafuti International Airport.



Tuvalu is basically a chain of low-lying coral Islands, with its highest elevation being 16 feet or 5 meters above sea level. With total land area of just 9 square miles, Tuvalu is not only a teeny tiny island in the Pacific Ocean; it may not even exist in the next 20 years if sea level continues to rise. Even if the sea level does not rise, other problems such as population growth and coastal erosion still make Tuvalu a very vulnerable country.

Capital: Funafiti also Tuvalu’s largest city Area: 10 square miles (26sq Km) Location: South Pacific Population: 12,373 Official language: Tuvaluan and English Currency: Australian dollar, Tuvaluan Dollar Basic Economy: Fishing & Agriculture Ethnic group: 96% Polynesian, 4% Other Literacy rate: 99.0% Independence: 1st October, 1978


Sara Khalid

Ramla Tariq

Yousha Abdullah

Ayesha Khalid

Asim Khalid

Zainab waseem Zaneera Waseem



Little Kitchen


Ingredients:     

1 standard-sized bread roll, cut in half Tomato sauce Shredded mozzarella cheese Toppings like diced green pepper, chopped onion, or chopped tomato (whatever you like) Seasonings like oregano, parsley, and pepper

Directions: 1. Preheat the oven to 325° F. 2. Spread tomato sauce on each, bread rolls half. 3. Sprinkle the shredded cheese all over the tomato sauce on each half. 4. Add your favorite toppings. 5. Put a light sprinkling of seasonings on each half. 6. Put your bread halves on the baking sheet. 7. Bake in the oven on low heat for about 5 to 8 minutes. You'll know they're done when the cheese is bubbly. 8. Let cool for a minute, and then enjoy your tiny pizzas!

Nutritional analysis (Per serving):


210 Calories 9 gram Protein 4 gram Fat 34 gram Carbohydrate 2 gram Fiber 11 milligram Cholesterol 633 milligram Sodium 144 milligram Calcium 1.9 milligram Iron

Cover Story

Drawing: Hammad Jawed

As humans with responsibility, we need to make sure to keep our environment clean. I mean, look around you! Almost everywhere I see trash like Cigarettes, aluminum cans, bottles, wrappers... Will this trash ever come to an end? Climate change is in the news. It seems like everyone's "going green." Environmental protection is a major concern in today's society. There are many environmental issues facing our green world today. We, the new generation owe the basic responsibility of protecting our green world. Some of the issues which we can focus on to improve the earth's environment are mentioned below:

Conserve Water The natural world around us needs water just as u h as e do, so e a ’t sa e the environment without saving our water supply. It’s e who waste it, pollute it. The simplest ways to save water are: Turn off water taps after use. Use only as much as water necessary. Do not dump garbage down a storm drain. Whe you isit a ea h, do ’t spill food or dump waste around. Do not pollute rivers by dumping garbage, sewage or other waste material in them.

Save Fuel Save Energy The biggest issue, the world faces today is our dependence on oil. This dependence is so strong that, we have started wars for oil. It is time we do something about it and try to save fuel. Because soon this problem will be too much for us to handle and by then it will be too late. Do not drive in low gear. It consumes more fuel that way. Do not accelerate and brake very often. More fuel is exhausted this way. When you stop at the signal, turn the ignition off. Take the shortest route to the venue, you are saving fuel and thereby reducing air pollution this way.

Our growing need for energy is one of the problems facing the world today. When you are using electricity, think about where it comes from and how you can use less to take the strain off of the environment. Turn off the A.C. when not in use. Refrigerators and water heaters consume a lot of powers so use them scrupulously. Switch off the lights and fans in your room before leaving it. Make sure the electrical appliances are not left on (unless necessary), when leaving the house. Your computer is one of the most used gadgets. Do not keep it switched on when no one is using it.


Reduce, Reuse,

Save Animals


Minimize the use of animal products. Animal fur and ivory are excessively used products. Animals are pouched for their skin. They are used in scientific research. They are being killed in large numbers and are under the threat of extinction. Resolve not to hunt animals. Discourage those who do so for amusement. Discourage animal pouching. Make yourself and those around, aware of the effects of animal extinction. Do your bit towards saving them. Donate to animal welfare schemes, work for animal shelters, and adopt pets only if you are going to be able to take good care of them.

Wherever and whenever you can, this is the best measure to save the environment. A simple way to do this is to reduce the use of rubber and plastic. Instead, use paper bags and cardboard containers. Buy products that you can reuse. You can reuse daily-use items like old wood, scarp paper and old clothes (you can donate them to the needy or make other cloth items from them). If you a ’t redu e your o su ptio s or fi d a way to reuse a product, recycling is a better choice than simply throwing something into trash. Recycling is changing old products into new ones so they can be resold. The well-known recycled materials are glass, paper, plastic and aluminum.

Create Awareness This is one way in which anyone of us can help save the environment. Read and encourage those around you to read about the importance of saving nature. Put up posters or banners in the neighborhood, in your school, college or work place. Organize an environment awareness campaign. These things help create an awakening in the masses about how grave environmental problems are and what we can do to solve them. Organize small activities like planting trees, cleaning an area in the locality, visiting an animal shelter or volunteer for an organization which works towards creating environmental awareness. Seek prior permission from concerned authorities for doing any of these things.

Plant Trees and Protest Deforestation Trees play a critical role in keeping our environment clean, both by releasing oxygen into the air and by trapping carbon. The more trees we have, the better our air quality. Planting trees is an excellent step to take towards saving the environment. This is the reaso ; they are ofte referred to as Lu gs of the Earth. It is also important to take stand against deforestation (cutting of trees). By removing large forests for the purpose of development of industries, we are losing millions of trees that would otherwise be cleaning the air for us. Protesting deforestation, both through activism and by refusing to buy products that are created at the expense of the world’s forest, can help slow and even halt deforestation.


So as a conclusion to all of this, take the extra step to make sure that you go green, and help to save the Earth. Though e do ’t realize it, it’s a tually i our ha ds. Little ha ges i our habits and way of thinking can go a long way in saving our e iro e t. It’s ti e e take steps to create environmental awareness and resort to simple means like these to save the environment. After all, we only have this one home, and once it's gone, it's gone.


Sports Time

One of the world’s oldest games is also one of its fastest-balls travel up to 110 miles per hour and most dangerous. Man and horse work in partnership to get a ball through a goal while using every possible strategy to prevent the opposing side from doing so. Sometimes it is called “the Game of Kings”. Players score by driving a small plastic or wooden ball onto the opposing team’s goal using a long-handled mallet. Polo is played professionally in 16 countries. It was formerly, but it is not currently an Olympic sport.

The other basic defensive play is called the bump or rideoff. It’s similar to a body check in hockey. Like in hockey and basketball, fouls are potentially dangerous plays that infringe on the rules of the game.

Polo Ponies: The mounts used are called ‘Polo ponies.’ The term pony is traditional and the mount is actually a full-sized horse. They range 14.2 to 16 hands high and weigh 900-1100lbs. The polo pony is selected carefully for quick bursts of speed, stamina and agility. Temperament is critical. The horse must remain responsive under pressure and not become excited or difficult to control. They are trained to be handled with one hand on the rein and to respond to the rider’s leg and weight cues for moving forward, turning and stopping. A well trained horse will carry its rider smoothly and swiftly to the ball and can account for 60%-75% of the player’s skill and worth to his team.

Short History: A game of Central Asian origin, polo was first played in Persia at dates given from the 6th century B.C to the 1st century A.D. Polo was first a training game for cavalry units, usually the King’s guard or other elite troops. To the warlike tribesmen, who played it with as many as 100 to a side, it was a miniature battle. In time polo became a Persian national sport played extensively by the nobility. Women also played the game as indicated by reference to the queen and her ladies in 6 th century. From Persia, the game spread to Arabia, then to Tibet, to China and to Japan. In 13th century, it was introduced in India by Muslim Conquerors. The sport of polo remained popular with the nobility and royalty. Because of its oldest origin, it is known as King of Games.

Players: Polo must be played right handed. Each team consists of 4 mounted players. Each position assigned to a player has certain responsibilities. Number One is the most offence-oriented position on the field. The Number One position is generally covers the opposing team’s Number Four. Number Two has an important role in offence, either running or scoring goals. Defensively, they will cover the opposing team’s Number Three, generally the other team’s best player. Number Three is the tactical leader and must be a long powerful hitter to feed balls to Number Two and Number One as well as maintaining a solid defense. The best player, usually wielding the highest handicap. Number Four is the primary defense player. They can move anywhere on the field but they usually try to prevent scoring. The emphasis on defense, since they know that they will be covered if they lose the ball.

Rules: The rules of polo are written and used to provide for the safety of both players and horses. Strategic plays in polo are based on the ‘line of the ball’, an imaginary line created by the ball as it travels down the field. The ‘line of the ball’ changes each time the ball changes the direction. The player who hit the ball generally has the right of way, and other players cannot cross the line of the ball in front of that player. Most fouls and penalty shots are related to players improperly crossing the line of the ball. The defending player has a variety of opportunities like hooking to gain possession of the ball. A player may not purposely touch another player, his/her rack or pony with mallet.


Father: Ammara, go outside and play with your whistle. Your father a t read his paper.

Sara: My brother is on a sea food diet. Farah: Really?

A it.

Sara: Yes the more he sees food the more he eats. …………………………

ara: wow, I

o ly 8 a d I a read

………………………… Marya , said her tea her. You a t bring that lamb into school. What about the smell?

Mother: How was your first day at school? Son: it was all right except for some man called Teacher who kept spoiling all our turn. …………………………

Oh, that s all right, Miss, replied Marya . It ll soo get used to it. …………………………

Why did the child study in the aero plane?

An irate girl burst into the aker s shop a d said: I se t y rother to bring two pounds of cookies this morning but when I weighed them there was only one pound. I suggest you to check your s ales. The aker replied, my dear, I suggest you to weigh your rother. …………………………

He wants higher education! ………………………… Duad may I have some money for the man crying outside? Mom: What crying man? Duad: The one that is crying Ice-cream! Ice-cream ………………………… A: Hey, man! Please call me a taxi.

Teacher: Why are you so late?

B: Yes, Sir! You are a taxi. …………………………

Pupil: Well, I was obeying the sign that says, “ hool ahead, a d go slow! …………………………


Story Time THE DAY I FORGOT MY WAY Nusaiba Khalid Whe you forget your ay, ask a yo e or you ill e i trou le. O a loudy e e i g I as goi g to tution centre with my mother. She had to buy the grocery so she took me to the market. There I saw many different toys at the stall. When I turned to ask my mother, I saw that she was nowhere. That was a very frightening moment. I failed to understand why my mother had forgotten me while I am her eldest daughter. My heart beat increased. I was in a daze. I was standing in the centre of the market. I was looking here and there but there were strangers all around. There were no relatives so that I could atleast go home with them. Because I was standing all alone in the centre at the market, suddenly a kind hand was on my shoulder. I turned; he was a kind looking old man. He asked A y pro le y hild? I told him that I had lost my way and this place is unknown to me. He said that where do you live? I told him the address. He helped me to get out of the market. I thanked him and ran to tutions. On the other hand my mother was worried. She called the tution teacher and calmed that I was safe. Wonder that if I would have lost so hat had happe ed. I should ’t forget this a ide t.

MARIA JAWED If I would be a president of Pakistan, I would manage my country with power of my hands. I will give money to my people so they able to live comfortably throughout their life. I will give charity to poor people to help them. People in my country would never fight with each other. I would advise them to be a good citizen. I will solve major problems of my country e.g. load shedding, water shortage, terrorism, illiteracy to make my country prosperous and powerful. I will give my people opportunities to polish their talents and skills. I will provide them with good books to educate their minds. I will convince my people not to do unfair in their dealings. I will try to become a true and faithful leader. MAY ALLAH BLESS MY COUNTRY WITH PEACE AND PROSPERITY (AMEEN)


Ayesha Khalid

I am feeling very excited for my summer vacations which are just two days away. I hope the season would be great in these vacations. These two days are too hard for me and it seems that these are the two longest days of the year. I don’t find any interest in my studies and want these two days to pass quickly so I can enjoy my all plans for the summer vacations. My family has planned to go to Shamsi Farm House these vacations. We will go from dawn to dusk. We will make B.B.Q, will paint beautiful pictures and will go for swimming. My plan is to complete my summer vacation home work as soon as possible. Then I will go to my aunt’s place to stay for a week.

Most of all, as Ramadan is coming in my vacations so I am happy that I will be allowed to fast this time, and will enjoy eating dates in iftar. After Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr would come. I am very excited about it as my mother will invite my cousins and will enjoy delicious food and desserts. On the fourth shawwal, we will be back to school. On the first day of school we will have an Eid Millan Party and celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with full zeal and zest. I wish you all creative and joyful vacations.


Hamid was a good and intelligent boy but he had one thing bad about him that he never let anyone work with him. One day, his teacher, Mr. Amir gave a science project to his class. He distributed students i groups ea h o sists of fi e stude ts. Ha id said rudely to his group ates, I a do it yself. I do ’t eed your help. Tha k You! the he a e a k fro school and started to ake his proje t. “i e he does ’t a t to take a yo e’s help, his proje t took a lot of his time. On the next day, Mr. Amir asked the whole class to show their projects with their prese tatio to hi . Ha id’s i for atio as ot authentic and he missed some major reasons in his presentation. Rest of the students of his group was brilliant and prepared ut due to Ha id’s istake, they lost their arks. Whe all of his lass ates oy ott hi , he realized his mistake and accepts it mistake infront of the class. Now he changed and understood the ea i g of this pro er , MANY HAND“ MAKE WORK LIGHT


1) A man is found dead on Sunday morning. He was killed while his wife was sleeping. The wife tells the police, she tells them that the cook was cooking breakfast, the maid was cleaning and the butler was going to drop his son to school. The police immediately arrest the person who is responsible. Who is responsible and why? 3) In a year there are 12 months. 7 months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?

2) Which is heavier? A pound of feathers, or a pound of rocks?

4) A plane crashes on the border of the U.S. and Canada. Where do they bury the survivors?

5) Unscramble the word which is related to your body.



SQUIRRELS It is estimated that millions of trees in the world are accidently planted by squirrels that burry nuts and forget where they hid them.


BLUE WHALE The Blue Whale’s whistle is the loudest noise made by an animal. The heart of a blue whale is as big as a car and its tongue is as long as elephant!

During your life time, you’ll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that’s the weight of about 6 elephants!


ASTRONAUTS In space, astronauts cannot cry properly because there is no gravity, so the tears can’t flow down their faces!

We actually do not see with our eyes. We see with our brains. The eyes basically are the cameras of the brain.

PENCILS About 170,000 pencils can be made from an average sized tree.

BLOOD VESSELS There are 62,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body; laid end to end they would circle the earth 2.5 times!




The smallest bird in the world is the Hummingbird. It weighs 10z. It is the only bird that can fly backwards.

SOUND ENERGY If you yelled for 8 hours, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.


Fishes talk to each other. Some of them communicate by making noises in their throats by rasping their teeth; other use their swim bladders to make sound.

Animal World

Spiders are arachnids, not insects Abandoned spider webs is called Cobwebs

Seen in corners, scurrying across ceilings and on the back of your neck right now, the spider is extremely poisonous and hateful. Nothing in the history of the entire world is more feared and hated than the spiders. No one has ever been able to actually get close enough to study the spider but it is believed that they wear their skeletons on the outside. This is called exoskeleton. It is highly likely that spiders have acid for blood as well.

The largest spider in the World is the Giant Bird-eating Spider.

BODY: Spiders may be of all different shapes-short and fat, long and thin, round, oblong or flat and one even looks like a stick insect. Their legs can be short and stubby, or long and thin. Spiders are most commonly brown, grey or black but some species have beautiful colors. A spider has no bones and its tough skin serves as a protective outer skeleton. Hairs, humps and spines (bristles of skin) cover the bodies of most spiders. The spider’s body has oil on it to keep the spider from sticking to its own web.


A fear of spiders is called Arachnophobia

All spiders have fangs! And yes, they almost all have venom in them. Lucky for us, most spiders’ poison will not harm people because it is quite weak. Most spiders use their venom to paralyze its insect victim long enough to devour it. There are some spiders with poison strong enough to cause pain or even some nerve damage in humans. If it left untreated, death could result.

SMOOTH AS SILK: All spiders produce silk. Silk is used for climbing, to create webs, to build smooth walls in burrow, build egg sacs and wrap prey. But where does it come from? They have 4 or more glands on their abdomen called Spinnerets. When they release the silk, it looks like one thread. As soon as this liquid silk hits the air, it hardens. Surprisingly, silk is so strong that some There are about spiders use it for travelling. They will hang onto the end and let the wind carry it 34,000 species away! Just like SPIDERMAN! of spiders. Did you know that spiders will recycle their silk? Yup, they eat Spiders lay 2up when isn’t useful anymore and start over with fresh stuff.

1000 eggs at a time



Only the female spider has a poisonous bite.

Many spiders build webs to catch prey but there are lots of spiders who prefer to hunt and they use their webs for other things. All spiders are born to spin. They don’t need their parents to teach them how. Many spiders build their new webs every night. Others just keep repairing their damaged webs. Their webs are designed to catch food. Since spiders do not have great eyesight, they usually use the vibrations of the web strands to locate their prey. They wrap their prey with silk until it is covered. Then they poke their fangs into the insect and shoot poison into it, which turns its guts into liquid, the spider then sucks out the liquid. YUCK!!!

WHAT ARE SPIDERS AFRAID OF? Because they are small, spiders have many enemies. Large animals such as birds and lizards hunt them but they are also used as food by many smaller creatures. One of the spider’s worst enemies is the Spider-Wasp. It will paralyze the spider by stinging it. Then it digs a hole and put the spider and an egg into it. When the egg hatches, the baby wasp will eat away at the paralyzed spider. We, human are also enemies of spiders. Besides stepping on them, the pesticides we use control other insects can kill spiders.

Spiders usually have 8 eyes but still they cannot see that well.

WHERE THEY LIVE? Spiders can survive pretty much anywhere in the world. They live in high mountain regions to deep down in the ocean, from the freezing cold of Antarctica to hot deserts. Different species of spiders will live in underground burrows, in trees, in cracks of rocks and in your house.

Certain female species of spiders sacrifice their bodies as a food source for their offspring.

AS MENTION IN QURAN: “The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah is that of the spider, who builds (to itself) a house; but truly the flimsiest of houses is the spider’s house, if they knew.” (Surah Al-Ankaboot: 41) In Surah Al-Ankaboot (means The Spider), Allah has given the example of the idolaters who revere gods besides Allah. The idolaters hope that those gods will assist them, provide for them and they turn to them in times of hardship. In this regard, they are like the spider’s house, in its weakness and frailty because by clinging to these gods they are like a person who holds on to the spider’s web and does not gain any benefit from that. Had they Spider silk is known this, they would not have taken protectors other than possibly the Only the female Allah. This is unlike the Muslim believer, whose heart is strongest material spider has a devoted to Allah and in addition does well in following Allah’s in the world. poisonous bite. decrees. The Muslims has grasped the most trustworthy handle, the one that never breaks because of its strength and stability.


Fun And Game


Out of y ay! Out of y ay! He’s o i g, he’s o i g….. I: Wait a i ute. Who’s o i g? Jerry: TOM! Look behind you! He is coming on his bike to make my burger. I: Okay! Calm down and hide somewhere. (Jerry hurriedly dived into my pocket) Jerry (from my pocket): I’ll o e out he y mission 105 is complete. (Tom, rushing towards Jerry, suddenly a cracking sound was heard) Jerry (peeping out of my pocket): Hoorray! My mission is accomplished. See tom is hit by the wall, and is now lying on the floor. (I made Tom sit on the sofa) I: Can I ask you some questions if you promise me not to fight again? Jerry (wickedly smiled): Yes! I promise. Tom nodded his head. I: Why you both are fighting all the time? Jerry: Because I like to tease tom. Tom (angrily pointing towards Jerry): And I like your yummy burger. I: Jerry’s urger??? Tom: Yes! I read a recipe of making mice zinger burger few days ago. Last night I was hungry so I wanted to try it. Jerry: That’s hy your sto a h as aki g stra ge sounds last night and I was thinking that someone outside is playing with fireworks.

(Tom stood up to hit Jerry, and again I had to calm him down) I: And what are the outcomes of these civil wars? Jerry (quickly replied): Usually tom is found at corners with tears and most of the time we see To ’s sti ker o grou d. (Hehehehe) Tom (frowned): And usually your tail is cut out or you get stuck in the mouse catcher. Jerry: A d you……! I: OK stop! Tell me your hobbies? Tom: Ha ha! My hobby is to catch my favorite enemy, little Jerry. Jerry: My hobby is to teach a lesson to Tom, as a professor, by completing my missions Tom: He’s lyi g. He’s ot a professor. He is the mouse in the house. Jerry: He’s just a old at ith o hat o his head. He’s out of tri ks. Tom: I a the aster of all ats. I’ll pro e it to you. I (worriedly): Can you please stop it? (After a few seconds) Now, one more question. Can you describe each other in 3 words? Tom: Yes! I’ll tell you, He’s silly, u i g, little ouse. Jerry: A d To is o ard, o ard a d o ard. Tom: I’ll sho you ho o ard I a . (Tom started running after Jerry and Jerry was finding a place to hide. I saw both of them fighting and smiled because they can never be friends.



How Telephone Was Invented?

Communication has certainly changed a lot over past 150 years. The modern telephone is the result of work of many people. Alexander Graham bell was, however, the first to potent the telephone as an “apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically.” Telephone history begins at the start of human history. People have used smoke signals, mirrors, jungle drums, carrier pigeons and semaphores to get a message from one point to another. Graham Bell was always interested in the education of deaf people because his mother was deaf. This led Bell to invent microphone and speaker. He began experimenting with electrical signals for telephone. At first he was calling the telephone the ’harmonic telegraph.’ It was based on the concept that several notes could be sent simultaneously along the same wire if the notes or signals differed in path. To attain success Bell and Watson needed only to build a working transmitter with a membrane capable of altering electronic currents and a receiver that would reproduce these variations in audible frequencies. In 1876, Bell was able to obtain a patent for his invention, the telephone. Alexander Bell invented the telephone by accident when he was trying to invent a device that could send more than one telegram at the same time. Mr. Watson and Mr. Bell were both practicing their musical instruments in separate rooms. Bell spilled some polishing liquid on him and said over the telephone, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.” The first telephone didn’t have a bell, so the caller had to tap the phone with a hammer to let the receiver know a call was being sent on them. It was Thomas Watson who invented the bell. Modern day telephones are now quite small, but when first invented, the telephone was rather large. As the time progressed, the telephone was improved little by little. Eventually the Bell Telephone Company was created. Today, every country has a vast network of telephone lines. The world has become very small.


My summer vacation has been started and my parents decided to visit Makkah and Madina to perform umrah. I was very happy to hear about our visit. On 2nd July 2013, we went to Madina. We stayed in hotel near the Masjid e Nabwi. Masjid e Nabwi was very big and beautiful. It has many doors; we went into the female portion. It was all nicely decorated and carpeted from inside. People from different countries were offering salah and reciting Quran. I sat there with my mother and read Quran and prayed for my nana and dada. My father told me that Allah gives us more sawab for offering salah in Masjid e Nabwi. We visited Masjid e Nabwi many times. The next day we went to Jabal e Uhad, there I climbed the mountain with my mother. My mother told me that it was a place where the Ghazwa -e- Uhad had been fought, the fight between Muslims and Kuffar .Then we went to Masjid e Quba (the first mosque) and Masjid e Qiblatain. When we came back to hotel I was very tired and hungry, my father brought Al-Baik chicken for us. That was so yummy mmmmm. On 4th of July we went to Makkah. Everyone in the bus was wearing ehram (cloths necessary for umrah). It was 5 hour journey to Makkah. When we reached Makkah I was very tired but was desperately want to see Kaaba (Masjid ul Haram). As we reached in hotel room I was soon fall asleep. The next day we went to Masjid ul Haram. Masjid ul Haram was very big. There were so many people. My mother was holding my hand tightly and I was wearing a name tag so that not to get lost anywhere in the crowd. There was Kaaba in the center of Masjid ul Haram. People were performing tawaf there (taking 7 rounds around Kaaba). My mamoo came there to meet us and to perform umrah. Me and my brother really had fun with him. He brought a cute doll and nice shiny earrings for me and toys for my brother. We stayed 4 days in Makkah. I perform tawaf only once. I saw Safa and Marwa mountain and drink lots of Ab-e-Zamzam. I prayed for all my cousins, amma, dada, nana and nani. I really enjoyed our trip to Makkah and Madina. It is my dream to go there again n again. May Allah take all of us there.


Word Agility Boasters Bubbly Devour Infringe

Pg No. 18 11 15 24 18




Quickly moving, liveliness, alertness


Declare o e’s achie e e ts ith excessi e pride


Cheerful, lively, sparkling


Engulf, destroy, take in greedily


Break, violate, disobey




Angry, enraged




Salt-water lake separated from sea by sandbank




Miniature representation




Official document conferring right, copyright, exclusive rights




Image, characterization, representation, embodiment




Powerful, strong, persuasive




Magnificent, royal, noble




Give up, surrender, resign




Thoroughly, careful to avoid doing wrong



Run hurriedly, scamper, rush


Tear, cut out, least amount


Clever, sharp, smart, wise


Splash, hit heavily, spill

Scurrying Shredded Shrewd Slosh

15 8 5




Accidently lurch forward or have partial fall, speak clumsily




Easily wounded, harmed, open to attack


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