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REMEDIATION We employ project management, construction, demolition, on-site treatment and transportation services to not only stop or reverse an environmental problem but also generate revenue for our clients.

Demolition Sometimes the best choice in remediation is to demolish the abandoned or contaminated property to clear the way for new developments that create jobs, increase surrounding property values and enhance the tax base.

Transportation We offer comprehensive transportation services across North America for every type of waste. All transportation personnel comply with DOT regulations, have met OSHA training standards, and they are covered by American Environmental’s “A” rated liability insurance.

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Tank Cleaning We approach each tank cleaning as a unique job. We plan more, but ultimately the job is less labor intensive, more cost effective, safer, and the waste is handled in professional manner.

Degassing Our “unique approach� enables us to manage high concentrations of vapors from storage tanks, vacuum trucks, exhausts, pipelines, sumps, ships, marine barges, soil, groundwater and odor control.

Pneumatic Excavation Pneumatic excavation can be the most efficient and versatile process for removing waste products. In our hands, and with our approach of each job as singular, this is usually the outcome.

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TANK WASH We offer both truck, rail tank and washing services, and we can handle everything from a typical roll off container wash to a “dig out.� Each tank is purged of any product residue and vapors before cleaning begins, and the residue is drummed to be recycled or transported for approved disposal. Only after residues and vapors are removed do cleaning technicians inspect the condition of the tank interior and begin the cleaning process. We know that downtime is crucial, and we are committed to doing the job right and getting your rail or truck tanker back on the job and earning for you.

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ank cleaning involves the removal of sludge and residual products from the interior of storage tanks to allow inspection repair, and/or product changeover. American Environmental offers customers turnkey services that will assist in meeting stringent federal, state and local regulations. These regulations pertain to emission reductions, waste minimization and required inspection/repair intervals. American Environmental’s services include desludging, extraction of solids, gas freeing, temporary storage of sludge, sludge processing, waste transportation and tank demolition. American Environmental has API-Trained Tank Entry Supervisor Project Managers that understand the critical nature of tank cleaning


that pertains to API standards.

TANK CLEANING EXAMPLES: • Robotic Tank Cleaning • Mechanical Waste Removal • Hydro Cutting (cold cutting) • Seal Removal • Roof Jacking and Removal of IFR and EFR’s • Pontoon Removal • Leg Drilling and Resetting • Fluidization of Solids for Fuels Blending • Auger and Belts for Solids Removal • Sandblasting • Dry Ice Blasting

merican Environmental can clean any size tank and process the associated sludge. Several of the more unique processes are described in more detail below. Tank cleaning is usually approached with a “you’ve cleaned one tank you can clean any tank” attitude.” At American Environmental, each tank is evaluated as to what is the least labor intensive, most cost effective, safest and professional approach to cleaning. This “each job is unique” approach is the cornerstone of our business. Through planning and commitment, we will find the safest and most cost-effective solution.


merican Environmental has extensive spill response capabilities for both oil and hazardous materials. Response actions are pre-planned and rehearsed for a variety of scenarios. These include storage vessel leaks, tanker truck spills, derailments, marine spills, pipeline ruptures and accidental discharges to waterways. Response team members are 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER trained.


THE KEY TO EFFICIENT AND COST-EFFECTIVE CONTAINMENT DURING AN ACTIVE SPILL IS TIME. With its North American network of response teams, American Environmental can pull together large response teams capable of expeditiously containing and removing a variety of spilled materials.

Features and Benefits: • 24-hour emergency response • North American network of Response Teams • 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER trained personnel • Containment, treatment, removal and transportation capabilities for turnkey response actions

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 requires many industrial companies to have a spill response plan in place. American Environmental has the expertise to assist with planning and implementing such response programs.

ir-moving, or pneumatic conveyance, is a very efficient and versatile process for removing materials or industrial waste contained in tanks, containers, surface impoundments or process vessels. Using controllable suction velocities of up to 150 mph, air-movers can convey almost any material that will fit through an eight-inch hose over a distance of up to 1,000 feet, depending on the material’s weight. Material or waste is deposited into truck-mounted collector modules, drums or other intermediate containers (e.g. vacuum-tight rolloff containers) for transportation to its ultimate disposition.


Some air-movers have augers, sludge pumps, cyclone separators and pneumatic unloading systems (often referred to as “blow-off systems�) for a variety of specialized applications. Using a cyclone separator unit (either a stand-alone unit or one built into the air-mover itself), material collected by the air mover can be either drummed or bagged for specialized disposal requirements.

A wide range of materials can be handled: wet, dry, non-hazardous and hazardous. Consistency can range from fine powder to bricks. Specialty applications include the unloading and reloading of tower packing, process vessels, reactors and water treatment vessels. MERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL uses a vacuum-tight roll-off system to be used in combination with the air-mover. This system allows the air-mover to remain in virtually continuous operation, which can be especially important with large volume projects. Under this process, the air-mover loads the vacuum-tight roll-off containers, one after another, while a roll-off truck transports the full containers to disposal sites or storage areas. This system can decrease elapsed project time by up to 60 percent in comparison to using an air-mover on a stand-alone basis. These roll-off containers can be used for specialized waste handling or for material recovery. American Environmental uses a process for inserting a polyethylene or polypropylene liner inside of the vacuum-tight roll-off container


in order to capture material recovery or fulfill specialized disposal requirements. These specialized liners can hold up to 40 cubic yards by volume and, reinforced with lifting straps, can accommodate up to 10 tons of material.

merican Environmental utilizes vacuum-tight roll-off containers to further enhance the productivity of an airmover or pneumatic conveyance. This complementary system was designed to provide customers with an efficient, cost-saving method of removing, transporting and disposing large waste volumes. The air-mover/roll-off combination can reduce the time of performing a service by as much as 60 percent. Vacuumtight roll-off containers can be used for loading, storage and/or transportation of reusable materials such as perlite, tower packing, ion exchange resins and other recyclable materials. In addition, the vacuum-tight roll-off boxes can handle hazardous and nonhazardous wastes as well as corrosive and flammable solids.


In addition, American Environmental utilizes a process whereby material is collected in large-volume polyethylene or polypropylene liner bags (up to 40-cubic yards). These liners are installed inside the vacuum containers, allowing material to be collected for either product recovery/storage or to fulfill specialized disposal requirements such as odor or dust suppression. Reinforced with straps, these bags can hold material weighing up to 10 tons.

American Environmental has a wide variety of other roll-off containers: • SLIDE-TOP, SEALED CONTAINERS are used for materials requiring air-tight storage, such as NESHAP-regulated benzene. • Open-top sludge boxes are also available. Capacities of these roll-off containers range from 20 to 40 cubic yards. Each container is capable of handling both dry waste and sludges.

Features and Benefits: • Our Roll-off equipment includes three-axle bobtail trucks for delivering containers and in-plant services. • OUR Tractor/trailer roll-off combinations are used for economical transportation of loaded containers to disposal sites. • All roll-off equipment operators are qualified under DOT and OSHA regulations for handling hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes. • Increased productivity of air-moving equipment for large volume projects. • Enhanced material recovery capabilities.

merican Environmental offers a broad range of services to industrial facilities. These include costeffective alternatives, single-source solutions, turnkey programs (minimizing the required number of contractors) and outsourced capabilities from customer facilities. These services include civil and environmental contracting services, pond and landfill construction, utility construction, pipeline rehabilitation, fabrication and code welding services. American Environmental employs skilled and seasoned craftsmen to ensure a safe and professional project completion.


Our mechanical knowledge combined with our extensive environmental experience allows us to manage environmental and construction projects from day one to completion. • Shutdowns • Pipe Fabrication • Structural / Civil

• Maintenance Crews • Specialty Services

merican Environmental provides total transportation services across North America. American Environmental is permitted to transport both hazardous and nonhazardous waste in most states, including those requiring authority for intrastate hauls. We have a large variety of equipment, including liquid vacuum tankers, liquid vacuum trucks, end-dumps, vans, flatbeds and other vehicles.


American Environmental’s transportation services are an alternative to third-party transportation contractors and offer our clients environmentally sound, safe transportation. iquid vacuum tankers provide economical transportation of bulk liquids to off-site destinations. Some are stainless steel to handle acids or other corrosive materials. In addition to liquids, we transport drums, ash, and other waste. All transportation personnel comply with DOT regulations and have fulfilled applicable OSHA training standards, ensuring proper management and control of loads while in transit. Further, American Environmental carries both contractor’s pollution and transportation liability insurance with an “A” rated carrier.



neumatic Excavation includes both surface and subsurface

utility locating services. Pneumatic excavation can be the most efficient and versatile process for removing waste products. In our hands, and with our unique approach to each job, we remove the waste efficiently and completely.

Our customers benefit FROM significantly reduced construction delays and contractor CLAIMS OTHERWISE CAUSED by unexpected conflicts with utilities during construction. This technology is most effective when used during the preliminary engineering phase on projects where utility conflicts are likely to occur.

PHASES: • The first phase of surface locating utilizes techniques and instruments developed and perfected by the geophysical prospecting industry, allowing technicians to identify the horizontal trace of the line prior to actual digging. • The second phase of subsurface locating utilizes a highly specialized method of Pneumatic Excavation which exposes the utility line, enabling an exact visual determination of its location with little disruption to existing land uses or highway traffic and no damage to the utility line itself.

emolition is often the best option for abandoned or unusable assets. The demolition of a contaminated or abandoned property can clear the way for new developments that create jobs, increase surrounding property values and enhance the tax base. However, removing a sizable structure requires planning and preparation before the first piece of equipment enters the worksite. We always consult with the site owners and managers that know their property best, and we utilize this knowledge for a safe and seamless site transition.


At American Environmental, we believe that it is paramount that we work with the customer and their staff to establish project-specific timetables and projections. With every demolition, environmental stewardship is a priority. We estimate the potential value of scrap metals and recyclables to ensure a cost-effective and environmentally friendly project. Anticipating and executing plans to address the surrounding community’s concerns, such as dust suppression, is a vital part of every demolition. We will work with the owner or manager to adjust any procedures or add polices that ensure safe surroundings.

• Concrete Demolition • Asset Recovery

• Onsite Crushing • Decontamination

hoosing the right contractor for any project is important, but when the project is remediation of soil, water or vapor, selecting the right vendor is essential. Our on-site supervisors are experienced veterans who know how to keep a project on track and avoid time consuming delays and downtime.


Each day that your tank is out of service means lost revenue for your company. Each degassing project should be planned in advance to assure that all regulatory requirements will be met and to establish a schedule for completion of work. There are new laws that require you to maintain certain levels of safety and air quality when emptying or cleaning tanks containing volatile organic chemicals. The vapors left inside the tanks are hazardous to personnel health. Proper degassing is a must.

Our “unique approach” enables us to manage high concentrations of vapors from storage tanks, vacuum truckS, exhaustS, pipelines, sumps, ships, marine barges and soil. • Chemical Degassing

• Inert Gas Service

• Pipeline Pigging

• Gas Service

emediation is project management, construction, demolition, on-site treatment, and transportation services applied to solve environmental contamination problems. Remediation can range from simple soil excavation and disposal to complex programs requiring a combination of decommissioning and characterization or remedial technologies. Combined with investment recovery, American Environmental’s remedial services not only solve environmental problems, close facilities, or reduce wastes – they can generate revenue for our clients.


Remediation varies greatly depending on the type of contaminant, the media that is contaminated (soil, sediment, groundwater), the regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the site, the regulatory framework under which the work is performed (CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, voluntary action, UST regulations, etc.), the customer’s environmental and risk preference, intended future use of the site and many other criteria. Remediation work is typically performed in accordance with site-specific work plans, sampling plans, quality assurance plans, and health & safety plans conforming to local, state and federal requirements, and the work

Some of the specific remedial services American Environmental offers include: • Building demolition • Civil and Environmental Contracting Services • Design of closure plans and post-closure monitoring programs for landfills, impoundments and waste piles

is usually subject to regulatory agency oversight and review.

• Industrial facility cleanup and construction management, on-site observation and testing for medial action or new

For these reasons, an experienced remediation team is essential to ensure proper completion. American Environmental has

facility construction

implemented remediation projects and installed remedial systems for soil and groundwater contaminated with a wide variety of petroleum products, low-level radioactive waste, heavy metals, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides and mercury. American Environmental’s experience includes both established remediation methods and innovative techniques that can save the customer downtime and money.

• Excavation and disposal • Rapid response studies for uncontrolled spills of hazardous materials • Groundwater treatment and product recovery

ludge pumping solves difficult sludge conveyance problems. American Environmental’s pumping systems can move large volumes (up to 3,000 gpm) of highly viscous liquids with high solids contents (20 to 40 percent solids by volume with particle sizes of up to 4 inches in diameter). American Environmental has both stand-alone and self-contained units that can be driven directly from the hydraulic system of an air-mover.


The following are examples of materials conveyed using sludge pumps: • Fly ash slurry • Black or green liquors • Coal fines • Hydro-thickener sludge • Lime slurry • Municipal sewage and lagoons

• Paper mill sludge • Alum sludge • Sand • Clarifier and lift station sludge • Oil storage tank bottoms

merican Oilfield Services is a full service oil field provider of oil and gas field services on the gulf coast. At American Oilfield we define success as delivering more than just ordinary service to our customers, rather delivering seasoned professional with practical solutions to the most difficult problems related to field activity. We deliver the most up to date fleet and technology to our customers and provide qualified and safety trained professional to see that projects are performed in a safe and economical manner with budget and deadline in mind.


Trucks and equipment: • • • •

Roll off trucks Flatbeds and lowboys Winch trucks Vacuum tankers

• Boom trucks and cranes

• Chemical pump trucks • Bobtail vacuum and pump trucks • Frac tank and roll off rental • Ground penetrating Radar(GPR) • Track hoes, dozers, backhoes

Services provided: • • • •

Roustabout crews Welding and fabrication Tank cleaning 24 hour spill clean up

• Pump replacements • Tank battery construction

• Production waste disposal • Flow line installation and testing • Pneumatic and hydro excavation

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