Hum Magazine

Hum Magazine

Houston, United States

HUM is the buzz about uzz…

Houston exemplifies cultural diversity. This city is a veritable melting pot that charismatically welcomes, embraces, and inspires people from all over the world to live here and revel in their unique identities. HUM was birthed on this premise.

HUM is a monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates through thought-provoking articles, profiles, homes and living stylishly, interviews, feature stories, opinions, news and views, food, travel, health, fashion and the latest trends, humor, education, business, society, arts and culture, the wildly prolific and cosmopolitan spirit of Houston. Every month we pledge to color our canvas with the words of erudite scholars, savvy writers, and witty wags, highlight the lives of this city’s movers and groovers, offer intriguing vignettes of the burgeoning social scene, and engage you in au courant conversation.

HUM means we or us in the Hindi language, or buzz universally.

Our city, our lives, us…