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It’s the coolest product in your kitchen.

HUMITECH BIOSMART NEW “SUPER” FRIDGE FILTER All New powerful benefits! Kills off Staphylococcus & E. Coli on contact! Now ceiling mounted in seconds with

“All New Anti-Bacterial Tray” * Eliminates 85% of all airborne Bacteria

All New Size 11” x 14” x 2” (27.9 cm x 35.6 x 5.1)

* Simple clean rapid fixing method to ceiling or walls * All new non-woven polymer bag housed inside a life long Anti-Bacterial plastic shell. * Plastic tray specially engineered to kill off “Staphylococcus and E.Coli should it come into contact with it inside the fridge. * Now with increased absorption of moisture and Ethylene Gas.

All good chefs know....... It’s not the food you store in your fridge that counts, it’s the “Quality of the food when you come to take it out that makes the difference. Find out how to turn an ordinary fridge into a the safest, most energy efficient food storage container it’s possible to have. Humitech UK Ltd

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Does it get any “Greener” than this? 100% Natural Product No wires - No batteries - No maintenance, Recycled Month after Month - No Waste Product. Starts Paying for itself from the first day it’s used. and does all this........ *Saves up to 30% on energy running costs *Keeps fresh food fresher up to 3 times longer *Reduces Fridge Maintenance costs by as much as 60% per year. *Eliminates up to 85% of all airborne bacteria inside the fridge. *Eliminates hot spots in the fridge *Eliminates cross contamination of food odours. *Dramatically reduces meat weight loss saving money. *Eliminates all foul odours in the fridge *Drastically reduces food spoilage *Reduces time needed for cleaning the fridge and reordering of food. *Exceeds the highest standards of HACCP requirements. *Can keep food up to 12 hours longer in the event of a power cut

Our customers are our biggest fan base and here is a small selection of what they have to say!

Shane Osborn - Chef / Owner of the acclaimed Pied a Terre, London ‘I think this product is a breakthrough, it’s one of those wonder products that do everything. It’s good for the environment, good for the fridges and good for the food.’

Antonin Bonnet – Executive Chef, The Greenhouse Restaurant, ‘The Filters have made a big difference to me. No more smells, no more


“My first experience of this incredible product was in witnessing the extra shelf life condensation and the ice on the evaporator has completely gone. Can you of fresh cauliflower & broccoli. A staggering see a friend of mine; he should really have these in his fridges as soon as 3 weeks with the produce remaining possible.’ perfect.With practically no humidity in the fridge the cleanliness was really great. I would Yvonnick Lalle – Executive Chef, Mortons, London have no hesitation in recommending this ‘We are saving over £200 per month in fresh herbs and the quality of my product as a vital tool in HACCP meat couldn’t be better, less trimming, improved cook weight and colour. don’t just recommend these filters I think they should be in every fridge.


Eliminates 85% of all airborne Bacteria. Now ceiling mounted in seconds with “All New Anti-Bacterial Tray”

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