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JESUS FOR OUR TIMES : AN INTRODUCT ION TO LIBERATION THEOLOGY A Workshop For Christian Activist Date: 10th June [Start 6pm sharp] 12th June [End 4.30 pm] Venue: APC, KL (Stay In Programme) Objectives:

i. Lay people need to discover the theory and spirit of the Theology of Liberation ii. To reflect on this spirituality in the context of Malaysia iii. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vatican II by reinvigorating the church community iv. To inspire greater activism for change within the church and the larger society Target Participant : 40 participants Cost per person

: RM120(food, lodging cost, secretariat cost)

Organised by

: Community Action Network (CAN) -The Malaysian movement for Pax Romana ICMICA International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs)

Resource person

: Fr. Fabian Dicom : Ms. Yong Teng Jin (tbc) : Mr. Paul Sinnapan (tbc)


: Jerald Joseph : Eric Bryan

Programme Draft: 10 th June 2011 [Friday] 6.00pm : Registration /check in 6.30pm : Dinner 7.30pm : Introduction 8.00pm : Session 1: Our World Today - Jesus for our Times [Fr. Fabian] -Sharing and Videos on Malaysian Reality Q: what will Jesusdo today if he was here? -Social analysis of Malaysia [Jerald] 10.00pm

: Prayer reflection on Jesusfor our Times


: Supper

11th June 2011 [Saturday] 8.00am : Breakfast 8.45am :Prayer Reflection Songs 9.00am :Session 2: Historical Journey : How did we arrive here today? -Trace ideologies, belief systems, vicissitudes and events that had an influence on the socio-economic, political and cultural aspects of the world in the last century and analyse the effects. (Colonialism, Capitalism, Marxism, Socialism, Globalisation, Neoliberalism, Democracy, Environment, IT …) [Paul Sinnapan] 10.30am



:Session 3: Method in Theology. A short introduction on how to do theological reflection – an inclusive way of doing theology [Fr. Fabian] :Lunch


2.00pm : Energizers/ songs 2.15pm :Session 4: What is Vatican II.. is it a big deal? -Church history and significant milestones… (Fr. Leo Mali] 3.45pm :Session 5: The new direction of Church Teachings and theology a. The Church in the Modern World. Similarly, trace the changesthe church was going through during this period, highlighting events that led to the convoking of Vatican II . The focus here will be Gaudium et Spesto highlight the shift in the thinking of the church. b. Catholic Social Teaching. A brief overview of the social teachings of the church, stressing the fundamental principles and the reason why these teachings emerged - Basically as a response to uphold the dignity of the human person in the wake of it being threatened. [Fr. Leo Mali] 5.45pm :Rest 7.00pm :Sunset Mass 7.45pm :Dinner 8.30pm :Session 6: Liberation Theology.. its emergence. The situation in Latin America and the emergence of Liberation Theology. An introduction to Gustavo Gutierrez’s A Theology of Liberation (this would be the main part and it can take more then one session, references can also

be made to other liberation theologians e.g. Jon Sobrino, Leonardo Boff and others. [Fr. Fabian] 10.30pm


12th June 2011 [Sunday] 8.00am :Breakfast 8.45am :Prayer Reflection Songs 9.00am : Session 7:Other Forms of Liberation Theologies An Asian Theology of Liberation (Aloysius Pieris and others), Black theology, Feminist Theology, Minjung Theology; Personagesin History: E.g. St. Francis of Assisi Martin Luther, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero and others. [Teng Jin] 11.00am

:Tea break


: Session 8: My theology‌.the People’s Theology -discussion and review [Jerald/ Eric]

1.00pm :Lunch 2.00pm :Energiser/ songs 2.15pm Session 9: Resistance to Liberation Theology -what are the Churches saying about this today? -Community response [Paul Sinnap 3.45pm :Closing -Prayer -Evaluation 4.30pm End/ Kuih-Muih

Liberation Theology Program  

Organised by: Community Action Network and Pax Romana

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