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8.8 For this project I was given a coffee cup lid to base my collection around. I had initially made th e obvious association: Caffiene > Coffee > Tea > Cafés. It was the impetus to go to London, to hunt for Coffeeshops and Tearooms ( love for Earl Grey knows no bounds.) 38 Cafés later, realised the lid itself didn't fit within my photographic collection. I then thought about accumulating written prefrences of how people like to drink their tea or coffee, not only was this idea 'a little' invasive, but again, It was conceptual and didn't tie in with my object. I then considered basing it around things that voice something about the person that owns them. Coffee cup lid -the commuter, the caffiene lover. etc. I finally decided the origin of my collection would be the diameter of the lid, measuring (an awkward) 8.8 centimeteres. I found the majority of these objects in other peoples homes, odd markets, and shops. Most were a task to find. Some, just conveniently the same size (i.e McDonalds McFlurry, Fillet-O'-Fish, and Cookies. 3 down...) Struggling to find an interesting link between my objects, I searched the meaning of the word 'Circle'. It derives from the Latin word 'circulus' meaning ‘small ring,’ or circus ring, ironically, since the progress of my collection was comical! I considered this whilst designing my book, stating the obvious in a somewhat sarcastic tone: That all of the objects I collected, suprisingly do measure 8.8 centimeters.

THE Coffe Cup Lid: The initial object I was given to inspire my collection. Measuring 9.3 centimeteres in diameter

A tin can, found in my kitchen cupboard

A tea coaster, found in my kitchen

A ceramic plate from Morocco, gifted to my mother

An upside down Jostick holder, found at my aunts

Ornamental porclean plate, bought from a Charity shop in Aldgate East

This is the lid to a decorative container, found in my mothers room

Betty Crocker Cake Mix lid, found in my aunts baking cupboard

The ugliest souveneir, ever. An 'I love London' ash tray from Camden Market

A lemon holder, found in my kitchen

An apple shaped candle, found at my aunts

A rubber tea-coaster bought from Camden Stables Market

Happy Birthday Lollipop, found in Topshop

Stained Glass window ornament, found (stolen) from my aunts

'One Love' patch Camden Market

Japanese-style stiched cloth, found in a box of off-cut materials

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Patch, Camden Market

Childrens sponge stencil, found in a toybox

Toy float, found in a toybox

Childrens sponge stencil, found in a toybox

21st Birthday Badge, bought from Birthdays

Smiley face belt buckle, Camden Market

Bouncy ball, found in a toybox

Subway 'Rainbow Cookie'

A crumpet.


Wispa Mc'Flurry

Baby Tomato plant