Page 1 Explains Benefits of Portable and Highly Functional Crane Humidifiers in Your Child’s Bedroom explains the benefits of using a portable and highly functional Crane humidifier in your child’s bedroom. The range of adorable Crane drop shape and mist humidifiers provides additional comfort for cold symptoms and dry skin conditions that may be a health concern for your child. Apart from being portable these humidifiers operate on low power consumption, providing a minimum of 11 hours of maintained moisture levels from a removable one gallon water tank. When the weather conditions are extremely dry and causing skin problems, humidifiers provide great comfort by dispersing a sufficient amount of moisture into the air. stocks a range of portable, yet powerful, humidifiers for a good night’s sleep when the conditions outside are extremely dry. Crane Cool Mist portable Humidifier emits a cool and soothing mist to provide additional comfort. These humidifiers, apart from being portable and powerful, are also energy efficient and use less energy than a standard household light bulb. It has a one-gallon tank and can mist up to 2.1 gallons of moisture a day in rooms with a measurement up to 250 sq. ft. It also has an automatic shutoff safety sensor which automatically shuts off the humidifier when the tank is empty. This humidifier is perfect to carry from one room to another and humidify the air in every room. The range of Crane baby humidifiers they offer provides moisture for nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, dry skin and can help any child from these complications. It also has a whisper-quiet operation for an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep.

About - Housh Inc. is one of the nation’s fastest growing e-commerce companies, and parent company to,,,, and This family of stores comes from three generations of HVAC expertise, starting back in 1954 when the current owner's grandfather began a local heating and cooling company out of his garage. What started as a small town HVAC business has now turned into a thriving ecommerce company driven by over 60 years of integrity, innovation, and family values. Housh Inc. strives to redefine the HVAC e-commerce world by promising to make their customer's lives a little easier with a wide assortment of products, free shipping and returns, a “365-day Guarantee" and a helpful, friendly customer support line. To know more about them, please visit or just call them at 1-800-707-8159. Explains Benefits of Having a Whole House Humidifier, an online store from the renowned heating and cooling company Housh, Inc., recently shared the benefits of having a whole h...

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